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Lenovo Silent Install Driver in Background...WRONG!!

Q: Lenovo Silent Install Driver in Background...WRONG!!

https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/HELP-lenovo-modern-imcontroller-pluginho... hzfdbd"Lenovo Employee Posts: 267Location: CNViews: 111Message 46 of 55Re: HELP! lenovo.modern.imcontroller.pluginhost is it a virus??06-28-2018 02:30 AMThis was silently installed by the system interface foundation driver in the backgound when reboot system or resume from sleep. And a reboot is required to re-load the new version of plugin to take effect."I do not want Lenovo to have a secret backdoor to my P51 to "silently install" any updates, drivers or programs without my prior express knowledge and approval.How do I really know what Lenovo is putting in my Computer ie. key loggers, spy ware, viruses? I am not accusing Lenovo of doing anything neferious. Just give me the option to say yes or no prioron my to having anything installed on my PC. It's my machine not yours. To Quote kriegaex.." "I want to see a protocol of what was installed where and when.How does a group policy I am not even aware of help with that? And even if I use that group policy in order to deactivate the updates, this is not what I want. I want to have a choice and information, not completely disable the updates." Lenovo...Please No Secret Updates...Altoid666

P51, 1535M Xeon, 512GB SSD x2,64GB DDR4 ECC, Nvidia M2200M, Win 10 Pro, 4K IPS , Intel vPro, Sierra EM7455, WWAN, Model 20 HH.T530,Core i7-3820QM,16GB Ram, Samsung 850 SSD 512 GB, Blutooth 4.0,Ultimate-N 6300, 15.6 FHD, Nvidia NVS 5400M., All software current.,Windows 10 Pro x64 , Office 2013 Professional

Preferred Solution: Lenovo Silent Install Driver in Background...WRONG!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Lenovo Silent Install Driver in Background...WRONG!!

This was silently installed by the system interface foundation driver in the backgound when reboot system or resume from sleep. And a reboot is required to re-load the new version of plugin to take effect."

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I have a little bit of a hardware problem that i could not resolve. The driver installs fine and works flawlessly, but after reboot, the hardware disconnects and is disabled.

Solution is to run the driver setup again, but it doesn't install anything (duration: only 2-3 seconds), just seems to enable the hardware again and it's working. Until the next reboot.

I wanted to automate this driver "installation", because it's a couple of clicks through the install dialogue every time and annoying. Is there any way to silently run the driver upon windows start and skipping all the dialogs? Like put the driversetup.exe shortcut into the startup-folder and run it with "-silent" or something similar?

PS: Before somebody asks - no, there is no newer/better driver for this, it's not supported anymore.

A:Silent driver install on Windows start?

Hi ... Could you Please Post you System Specs ... The Link below will help you achieve this ...
System Info - See Your System Specs
Which Device are you having the issue with ? ...

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Hoping for some assistance Intel Bluetooth Driver is not functioning well when deploying the driver as an app via MDT Task Sequence.   I am running into issue when using MDT Lite Touch 2013. Even though I have been able to import this driver as an app the outcome is still not good. I imported it as an appI am using silent syntax "InstMultiPkg.exe" /silentThis installs as a mandatory application for model 840 G3.I can verify the install is successful from my MDT log with return code 0. Once 840 G3 does final restart, i log on, i verify in Device Manager and it says "Generic Bluetooth Adapter". I am not sure what I am missing. I am not sure if there is some dependency of installing some other HP application though I have tried this manually and it works just fine. 

A:840G3 Intel Bluetooth Driver - Silent Install - MDT - Not Wo...

I extracted the files and run it as an msi, made an install.cmd with the command. msiexec.exe /i "Intel Bluetooth.msi" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qb- Use version 18.1.1508.0538 for our 840 G3 and have it as a package in my customsettings.ini

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I have been experiencing a few misc problems with this laptop and I am well aware that it is dying but I would like to know if any of this I can do a quick fix to help holding off till I finally can afford my gaming rig. 1. Restarting and shutting down can cause all audio and brightness control to no longer work. Usually after a a little while videos stop playing as well when audio goes out. Restarts usually a guarantee to do this when not fixing something. I go to device manager and unistall the audio parts and restart to fix that. I manually install a different driver to get my brightness control back whenever it stops working. I used to have this issue with my mic but that turned out to be damage from switching to windows 10 and back which is fixed now. 2. Background returned to windows 10 default as windows 8.1 . This only happened once but my background randomly changed from my game character to windows 10 default. Original picture was even missing from where I placed it. Re-downloaded and hasn't reverted back to windows 10 default background so far. Mostly curious if the picture randomly corrupted. 3. Random things in recycling bin. I randomly noticed StarCraft2 saves in my recycling bin. The problem is I had to google the game to even know what it is. Only thing I came up with is that maybe it's the account I'm using though I may be an idiot when it comes to this. As a handme down laptop I never bothered making a new profile and use it when logging in to... Read more

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I have Dell n5010
From the dell support page it shows that the driver for my laptop is "AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650/5470/4200/550v Graphics Driver"
but I have already downloaded ATI Mobility 4650 driver and installed it.
Did I install a wrong driver? Should I download a new one from dell support?

A:Did I install a wrong Graphic driver?

Nevermind this

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hey guys

Why does windows update want to install, driver update for NVIDIA nForce 590/570/550 Serial ATA Controller, when i have a nforce 680i m/b?
should i ignore it?
Or have i just got my numbers mixed up.

A:win update wants to install wrong driver...or not

I dont let windows update any mobo drivers. If you want to update the mobo drivers go to thier website. (this is only personal preference).

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I was trying to install Windows 7 ultimate on a Lenovo b570 that had Windows 7 Home Premium, I Gparted the drive to all unallocated, and started the W7 install, at 57%, it hangs for three hours, I take the disc out, notice fingerprints, used a CD cleaner, and cleaned it, I put the CD back in, waited for it to spin up, before hitting "try again" with the "No disc in the drive message" after hitting "try again", instead of it continuing like normal, it kept saying "The wrong volume is in the drive" despite putting the SAME disc in. No matter how many time I try to click, "try again", I get the same "The wrong volume is in the drive" message. If I hit "continue" I get a "Windows was unable to complete the installation" the computer restarts, but now I get a "Bootmgr is missing" Won't even boot to CD, not even Gparted again!
Any ideas on a fix on these various problems with installation?

A:Cannot install Windows 7 on Lenovo B570 "The wrong volume is in the drive" 57%

Hi. Is booting from a USB flash drive an option? It would be a lot more reliable, faster and one could even inject all current updates to the install wim file (a little over 7GB to date).
Just create the bootable drive
Extract the image to the root of the drive
Boot from drive and install
If all USB ports are 3.0 or better... one may have to configure BIOS to enable legacy and use a USB 2.0 drive as there may arise a driver issue when trying to install. One may pybass these errors by also including the secure boot option to Windows 7 installer.

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Hope you guys can help me as I'm going nuts! This is my system:

EVGA 790i FTW, Core2Duo E8400, EVGA GTX295 181.22s, 2x150gb WD Raptors, 2x200gb SATA, 4gb G.Skill DDR3 1600, OCZ 700W PS, HP DVD-RW, X-Fi 64mb Pro, 22" NEC Fe2111SB, Vista64 SP1

I have all of a sudden found that at my res of 1600x1200 I can no longer have any refresh rate over 60MHz. The Nvidia Control Panel sees the right monitor name but Vista does not. I try to install the drivers for my monitor and Vista says that the general pnp ones are best and won't let me. In the NCP I can see the refresh rate of 85MHz for my resolution, which I always could use until recently, but when I switch to it the resolution drops down to 800x600! I've tried refreshforce and refreshlock programs but they won't work as I have the dumb "General PNP" monitor for my monitor. The flickering is annoying and gives me a headache after a while so I hope someone can help me here. Thanks!

A:Monitor Driver Won't install/Wrong Refresh Rate

Are you sure you are using x64 drivers for your Monitor? Even if they say Vista compatible, it may just be for home 32 bit and not x64.

I have an Acer AL2216w and the only way for me to be able to use the Acer profile on Vista was installing the x64 drivers from a newer and different model, otherwise, Device Manager was showing me only Generic PnP Monitor drivers and the same error when I tried to install the drivers that came with the monitor's CD.

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Okies, working with a Compaq Presario V5000 here.
Did a fresh install of windows XP home edition and proceeded to install the chip-set drivers, successfully. Following this I attempted to install the Video Controller driver. It gets halfway through the installation, at which point it blackscreens and I have to hardboot the PC.

The driver in question Intel 945GM Express Family Chipset, and so far I''ve used the Rev.A ,, and the Rev.A versions unsuccessfully.
I've downloaded the drivers through the manufacturer, the intel website, and driveragent.com; So its not an issue with 1 of the driver installers being corrupt. I have also tried different resolutions while installing the drivers in case the PC was incapable of handling the higher resolution it was set on during the install, after the install.

So my question is, whats causing this, and does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can successfully install the driver?

Notebook: Presario V5000 p/n: EZ429UA#ABA with windows XP home.

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Hi All,

Not quite sure if this post should be in here but it is Windows XP related.

I'm currently trying to install a piece of software on a machine using setup.exe /s\setup.log this seems to be the only switch which works for a silent install which is fine....however when we get our PC's delivered there is an older version of this software which is installed (hence installing the new version) and half way through the silent install there is a message box comes, "Version Conflict would you like to override the existing files". As this software only has the one silent switch I was wondering if there was a possible registry entry which could be changed so that if it ever gets a Version Conflict that it will always override/overwrite?



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Noob question...what is silent install?how make software to silent install?

A:Silent install....

I could never explain it as good as Wikipedia, so here's an extract from Installation (computer programs) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Quote: Originally Posted by Wikipedia

Silent installation
Installation that does not display messages or windows during its progress. "Silent installation" is not the same as "unattended installation", though it is often improperly used as such.

Unattended installation
Installation that is performed without user interaction during its progress or, in a stricter sense, with no user present at all, except eventually for the initial launch of the process. An installation process usually requires a user who "attends" it to make choices at request: accepting an EULA, specifying preferences and passwords, etc. In graphical environments, installers that offer a wizard-based interface are common. However these installers may also provide command line switches that allow performing unattended installations.

Answer file
Some unattended installations can be driven by a script providing answers to the various choices such as the answer file which can be used when installing Microsoft Windows on a large number of machines.


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What is Silentinstall.exe??? Its in my zone alarm so should I X or allow???

A:Silent Install?

Did you try to install RSI-Shield ?

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I recently had to reinstall a windows 7 recovery disk and recovery driver disks that were sent to me from Lenovo support saying my warranty was good until 2015 sometime. Any way little did I know that I was in the think pad department and I have an idea pad Y570 0862 any way I explained to them in detail what my system was and they still sent me the recovery disk for the wrong machine. so I did the install not knowing it was for a think pad and now realize that there are things missing plus it is supposed to be win 7 64gb and the baseband drivers are not installed and I can't get them installed. well they won't transfer the warranty from one department to the other and say that I cannot get an extended warranty through the right department because it shows there that it is expired any way I have installed the drivers that are ment for my system to the best of my ability but I'm sure there are drivers installed for the wrong system and if I run test every thing says it is OK but I'm not sure I trust that plus I have a 32gb win 7 installed when I should have 64gb and I cannot find my blue ray info in device manager it just appears that I'm stuck unless I fork out more money for there mistake and I just don't know where to go from here or what to do! I hope this post is not offensevie in anyway I just have learned to trust this forum and respect the views and help I have received so if any one has any input please by all means let me know. Sorry again if this post is improper!

A:Complete wrong Windows recovery disk and driver disk sent by lenovo!

Hi there ... This seems all wrong to me you now have a 32 Bit OS which wont support your 8GB of Ram .. How ever you should have a Product COA Key it should be some where under your Laptop .. If this is the case you could do a Clean Install of windows with the 64 Bit OS .. But if i was you i would be seeking Legal Advice ...

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I plugged my Lenovo Tab s8 to my PC and Windows tried to install the MTP driver via Windows update. It found the driver but when want to install it show me installation failed :(
In device manager it show me "Lenovo MTP interface" with a yellow sign. How can I solve it? I download a driver from Lenovo support and installed it too but problem not solved :(
Any idea?


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I am developing a set of tools in Microsoft Visual C# 2010. I absolutely hate the Microsoft publishing tools in it so I want to create my own installer using Inno Setup. The problem is that most of the target audience for these tools do not even know what .NET Framework is, so I need to be able to launch a silent install in case they do not have it. How can I do this? Are there arguments that can be passed to the redistributable?

A:NET Framework 4 silent install

Hmm....this might work....add these to the redistributable's exe....

/install /x86 /x64 /ia64 /parameterfolder Client /q /norestart

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Does anyone know how to get Nero 9 to do a silent install also known as an unattended installation ?

A:Nero 9 Silent Install

Not without going through more trouble and aggravation than its worth...

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Im am trying to install Silent Hill 2 for the pc, and I keep getting kicked out. It starts to install and gets to about 75% done and then it pops up with this error message....

Component Tranfer Error
Component: Program Files
File Group: Data Files
File: D:\data3.cab
Error: The parameter is incorrect

I thought it wanted a different cd, so i tried again, but it does'nt ask me for a different cd. Any help would be nice..

[email protected]

A:Silent Hill 2 Install

Browse that CD through Windows Explorer and se if you can copy the data3.cab to your hard drive. Chances are you won't be able, but try it anyway.

Sounds like a transfer error bewteen CD and hard drive. Could be a scratched CD or a dirty CD-ROM, so clean those as a first step.

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I am working on a "program" of sorts for a friend of mine. This is the first time I've ever "coded" something this intense. Is a silent install what I think it is?

-Installs something without any user input, and the user having no idea it is being installed-

If that's what it is, how would I get NetSupport to install silently. The code I have in my not-yet-compiled batch file is:

Start patchingfiles.msi (renamed to not look like NetSupport)

It does work, when I run it. Everything else works in the code, but I need to know how to make the installer be "silent."

Thanks, Nova

A:NetSupport Silent Install?

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I am trying to setup this Java version for a mass deployment I have followed the following instructions but every time I run this command the following "Windows Installer" box appears every time!

I download the jre-1_5_0_11-windows-i586-p.exe installation bundle.

Run the JRE installation bundle with the additional flags "-a -r -f1filename.iss", where filename.iss is the name you want to use for your setup.iss file. For example:

jre-1_5_0_11-windows-i586-p.exe -a -r -f1C:\setup.iss

A:Java silent install

Try using another one of the switches listed there. I guess after clicking ok java installs? Maybe try the quiet and n switch there to get rid of prompts and UI. That should toss the message.

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I'm trying to silently deploy the ATA gateway on some of my Windows Server 2012 R2.
Here's the command line I'm using:
"Microsoft ATA Gateway Setup.exe" /quiet NetFrameworkCommandLineArguments="/q" --LicenseAccepted ConsoleAccountName="[email protected]" ConsoleAccountPassword=somePassword
With task manager opened, I see the tasks come up for 3-4 seconds and then it disappears.
I believe I have all the requirements checked on the server, but I don't know what's causing the install to fail. Also, I didn't see a way to log the install process.
Also, anyone using Configuration Manager to deploy the gateway? If so, what detection method are you using? Looks like there is no MSI anywhere.

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hi guys...
if you have google chrome ....you see that when you double click on it for installation , it does not show any window for installation just install
i want to use this method( i searched for it and i found it called "silent install") for other programs for example for mozilla firefox?

A:create silent install of softwares

no one has my answer????

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to install "HP Hotkey Support" silent? It currently requires admin permissions after rebooting.It was exactly the same problem with Quick Launch Buttons earlier but there were at least "KbdHook" parameter that solved problem.

A:Silent install of "HP Hotkey Support"

Try installing the latest HP Hotkey support software from the following weblink:ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp53501-54000/sp53547.exe

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When I extract there is no msi file or inf file.I checked in temp folder and also in swsetup folders. Can anyone provid eme with msi file.

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Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong forum, if it is and there's a better suited one, let me know and I'll repost. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a silent install switch available for the HP Support Assistant? I have a number of machines that I need to install it on and it would take a long time to go around to all of them and install it and also, the machines are usually in use so if I could schedule the install for out of hours that would be great. Has anyone come up with a way? I just want the basic install to happen, no custom modification other than installing silently. Thanks

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I am having to install IE 11 on 300 remote systems.  My ONLY option to do so is via a batch script as the systems are very locked down (so please don't tell me all the other ways I should install it).  These systems are Windows 7, 32-bit (Service
Pack 1) and the download I have for them is EIE11_EN-US_MCM_WIN7.EXE.  As per the /? option, a /Q should be a "quiet" install, but it does NOT do a quiet install - it requires user interface.  I need a switch that will install this file
silently and without any user interaction as this update will take place overnight at 3:30am on these systems.  Unless someone knows of another IE 11 install file that will work with these operating systems AND have a silent switch?

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hello to all.can somone helo me with this?i install this driver for the original website of lenovo, but the adapter not recognize at all.what shold id do? 

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Hallo Lenovo Forum, i have a Lenovo thinkpad t460p and i would like to know, after a fresh install, what i do first ? No Internet connectivity, disable Windows Automatic Updates, connect to Internet, install Lenovo Updates (which First ? ) After installied Lenovo Updates, install Windows Updates, Right ?

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Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been posted/solved somewhere else. I am trying to install applications from a server onto our local machines. The biggest goal being to be able to run installations 100% silently so that the end user doesn't even know it happened. Is there an easy way to find out which applications take which parameters/switches on the cmd line?

for testing purposes i am trying to install ccleaner and the first box that appears is to select your language. how can i find out what the actual name of this field is so i can provide the value before it even asks.

\\server\share\ccleaner219.exe [LANGUAGE = ENGLISH]

i'm assuming it is something along those lines but that doesn't work. If somebody could point me in the right direction i'd really appreciate it. thanks

-keep in mind i am new to batch file scripting-

A:Silent Application Install with Batch Files

The installer would have to support using command line switches.
You can try progname.exe /? or progname.exe -? to see if it will list any, or contact the author to see if it's supported.

If you know what installer the program is using, you can check their website for info.

Microsoft Windows Installer

Doing a search for ProgramName command line switches or ProgramName command line parameters will often locate the info.
For example, ccleaner command line switches finds the above link as the first one.

So for CCleaner you would use:
ccsetup222 /S /L=1033
to silently install to the default path in English. (222 is the latest version)

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Just got SILENT HILL 2 for the pc (I own all 3 games for the playstation already) But when I try to install the game, i get a Error message (0x80040707) I have already read all the posts I could find about that error (Turn off print spool, verify the USER SHELL FOLDERS in the regedit) andeverything is in fine order...But this game won't let me install at all! If I click OK and try to bypass the error, i get to the EULA screen, but only see the box, all the text of the EULA does not appear...Likewise with the next screen, the sound config...it tells me to pick a option, but no options appear...then it goes to the install screen and the error message shows up again and it closes down.

If anyone has had this problem please post so i can get some idea how to fix it.,,Konami is no help, I've sent several E-mails, none answered, as well as tried to call them, only to get a answering machine.


A:Silent Hill 2 Install (Error: 0x80040707)

Hi Dirge, I had a similar problem with C&C Renergade. I found out the problem was that the cd was loading in a different letter than what the cd rom was, in other words my cd drive letter is D: but the renegade cd was not seeing it as that only as E:. What i did is change the letter on my cd drive to E: and it worked great after that. After loding the cd i changed the letter back to C: seeing most applications etc....see it as C drive. To change the letter of your C drive do this...go to start-settings-control panel-administrative tools-computer management, then click on storage and then disk management. Look for where it says cd rom and right click on that. You will see a small box appear and look for where it says "change drive letter and paths" click on that and change it to the letter you need. {NOTE} this is for Windows xp home, i don't have xp pro and don't think 98 or others let you do it that way. hope it helps. If that doesn't work try going onto the manufactures site and downloading drivers for the game. Take care.

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Hi guys, I'm reinstalling my Operating System, and installing drivers are boring lol. I was wondering if I could create a single file which installs them all, I have a secondary hard drive which has all of it on, so they will stay in the same place at all times. I don't particularly want to have to deal with any command line because I'm not that experienced. But some form of application to build a single install would be nice thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment them below

A:How Can I Create a Silent Install for Multiple EXE or MSI installers?

Anyone got a solution :S

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Hi Guys

It's about time I laid to rest my old XP AMD 64 3400 box and built a new system. I would like to build myself a dvd player-looking system to fit right at home with the rest of my AV kit however, with this in mind I would also like it to be totaly silent.

Now we all know hard disks are not too quiet to say the least so, I thought about maybe installing Vista to a memory card of some sort. I quickly found out that although they would have the capacity it appears the fastest I can find is x133 which is roughly 20mb/s sustained -no where near fast enough.

My question is this, if you wanted to build a noiseless system without hard disks (the storage is done over the network) that didn't need much storage i.e. just enough to install plain, no frills Vista, what would you do?

The box will need to be fast enough to play 1080p video by the way.

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Vista Install for HTPC on Silent storage

Hi Stuza

I think you can be confident of silent running with nearly any new hard drive that uses the newer "liquid-bearing" technology. The flash-drives just don't seem ready-for-prime-time quite yet (especially not in any price-effective manner). If you wanted to get fancy, you could use a super-quiet notebook drive (via an adapter) - which would allow you to have the quietest, slower-spinning 5400rpm drive - yet have enough speed to transfer the picture smoothly. I'd expect that your biggest noise issues will be fan-noise (power supply, cpu, system, graphics --- these all have affordable solutions, mentioned at the popular HTPC and QuietPC sites).

Just to have a look at an example of a fellow who succeeded in building his own Vista-based HTPC rig, here's a link --- http://www.ocmodshop.com/ocmodshop.aspx?a=839
Another example of a successful build --- http://www.engadget.com/2007/05/21/i...rt-2-perfecto/ ----
and some reviews/comparisons of Vista HTPC Cable-Card boxes compared with the latest Tivo offerings --- http://www.engadget.com/2007/05/21/v...-want-to-know/ --- http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/battlemod...s-3-262359.php

At one point, some sites were recommending store-bought HTPC solutions, because of issues with licensing specifics relating to "Cable Cards". Other DRM issues have been brought up, notably (and exhaustively) by Peter Gutmann, in his cost analysis of Vista's built-in DRM --- http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut00...ista... Read more

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We are deploying Lightweight GW to all our DC's ( a lot of them) and want to make it happen automatically when new DC is provisioned. So SCCM is to help.
There is problem with user credentials - for successful deployment it must have ATA center Admin role credentials in plain text included. ( which is major issue!) 

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plz help me as my sound driver realtek is not getting installed.
my laptop is lenovo and my OS is MS windows XP professional

A:I'm unable to install Realtek sound driver on Lenovo laptop

Are you running XP SP2 or SP3?
> If you're still SP2 you may be missing a Windows driver you needed for High Definition (HD) audio that comes in SP3. It's required by the Realtek HD driver will work

If SP3, see if Windows can find and install the right driver for you. Open Device Manager. Do you see your sound card? (Probably listed with a yellow icon) right click it, select Update Driver and let Windows search for the right driver

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I bought a new ideapad 320 and installed the drivers, all of them installed properly except for the ACPI Driver from:https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ng/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/300-SERIES/320-14IKB/80XK/downloads... The installer extracted the setup file to C:\Drivers\ACPIDriver but I can't start the setup file, if I click it, it does nothing and I checked Device Manager and the ACPI Driver is not installed.

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hello, i bought a Lenovo today for professional using. The system which based installed is Windows 10 Family. I want to install Windows 10 Pro. But at the step to select the hard drive where I want to install system, i have a message about it can not find driver for disk... The disk is not recognize trought diskpart and i tested also under ubuntu 16.04 : gparted did not saw the local drive. But when i launch the OS pre installed, the system is functionning perfectly. Is anyone could help me to install Windows correctly ? Thank you

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Hi, I am using windows 10 on my Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 520-15IKBand I can't install the nvidia driver not with windows update, not with system update, i tried installing it manualy. It gets stuck at system check. When i go to device manager it only shows the Intel graphic card. What do i do?

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I coudn't install driver for Nvidia Geforce mx 150 on my new LENOVO 320-15IKB 81BG00HGBM.I tried from GeForce Experience, but I got message that coudn't continue.

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Does anyone know the best way to automate a silent uninstall of Outlook 2000 and install Outlook 2003? Would MST files be used in this scenario?


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We have to setup a ton of computers all with Extranet Access Client. The entire setup is double click the setup and next next next next all the way through. Is there any switch to do this silently? The file I am working with is eac501d.exe the problem is I do a /? in there and it gives me no information. If I try /s then I get the prompt but then get no screens afterwards and a reboot shows nothing extra added and nothing is listed in the process lists.

Anyone know of any command line switches to make this install without prompting? I don't need it entirely unseen I just need it automated without third party tools like auto-it and things like that.

BTW someone mentioned sendkeys with VBS I would like to steer clear of this suggestion if at all possible. I don't care for sendkeys and the people running this install I can't trust to leave the machine alone while its installing.

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I want to create a disk or ISO image with they keys already in the install. That way when I install images in my VM environment I won't need to key in the install key every time.

Anyone know how to set this up? Is there a way to put the keys in the install image?

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Hey all, I'm brand new to the forums, but I've used the site countless times to help solve problems I've had with various computers.

I'm usually not one to directly ask for computer help, being the acclaimed "Computer Guy" in my circle of friends and family, it takes a little too long to get an answer if I need to fix something fast, but this case is a little different.

A few weeks ago my friend bought a brand new Lenovo Ideapad Z710 laptop pre-installed with Win8. I "Upgraded" to Win7 for him, as neither of us can stand the new OS. Usually I have no trouble reinstalling drivers after installing a new OS, but for some reason his touchpad driver will NOT install.

I'm using the official driver for his computer, it's apparently a synaptics driver and it says it should work completely fine with Win7, but when I try to run the installation, I get the error "Synaptics Device Not Found!"

There are a few issues that I believe are related to the driver not being installed that may tell you guys something. When he closes his laptop lid and open it again, his mouse jumps over the screen endlessly, and he cannot use the computer until he restarts. Also, he can't turn his touchpad off, which I assume is a function that comes with the driver.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated, if you need any more information please feel free to ask.

Thanks again,

A:Friend's new Lenovo Ideapad Z710 refuses to install touchpad driver.

Hello and welcome Yui download the driver for 64bit 7 from here and see if it rectifies it.
Drivers and software - IdeaPad Z710 Notebook

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Hi everyone. 
I want to create a batch file(*.bat) that can auto install some of my programs from my CD silently. Actually i own a cyber-cafe and i format my computers once a week. After formatting and re-installing XP, i install some programs like Adobe reader
10.1.1, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2003, File formats converter, google chrome, mozilla firefox which you know is a necessity for a cyber cafe user. Installing a program one by one takes a lot of time and somehow frustrating. So i want it to be automated.
I am posting a screen-shot so that it would be easy for you to figure out the issue. 

Thanks & Regards, Amol . Amol Dhaygude

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I'm talking about: mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe, which is in essential a few msi's (mp_ambits.msi, msse.msi and some other files).
I can do a silent install by using the switch /s /runwgacheck

I'd like to create a silent install with custom settings (Schedule Day/Time).

What is the best way to do that?

Regkey's: I find the custom regkey's (ScheduleDay.reg, ScheduleTime.reg) but I can't import them after the silent install (I think it's only possible by the system account?)
Can I use transformfiles?
Best regards,

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I have an odd one here.  I'm attempting to set up a deployment task for our T460 laptops.  I can extract the latest BIOS file and manually run C:\Drivers\R06UJ66W\winuptp64.exe -s without issue.  However, when I add it to a task sequence in MDT, it spits out an error in the log like what you see below: [2019/5/3 12:48:47] version 30.16
OS = Windows 10 64bit
Driver Loading....Driver Loading failed !
[2019/5/6 7:46:23] version 30.16
OS = Windows 10 64bit
Driver Loading....Driver Loading failed !
[2019/5/6 14:0:18] version 30.16
OS = Windows 10 64bit
Driver Loading....Driver Loading failed !
[2019/5/6 14:27:5] version 30.16
OS = Windows 10 64bit
Driver Loading....Driver Loading failed ! As you can see, I've been poking for a couple of days...  Every time, it fails via the deployment, I can successfully run it manually!  I just keep rolling back so I can keep testing it.  Any ideas?

A:Failing Silent BIOS Update Install for T460 via SCCM/MTD

I just had another customer report this problem and the solution was to change the Task Sequence to use a package instead of "Download Package Content".  The "Driver Loading Failed" error happens when the .sys file in the 64Bit subfolder is missing.  Not sure why SCCM struggles with this but you aren't the only one seeing it.

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I would like to be able to silently pass a software GUID to this diagcab, which is located here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
I am our Endpoint Engineer and need to deploy software via SCCM. I have a very troublesome application that the previous crew packaged that I cannot silently uninstall by normal methods (msiexec /x {guid}) because of the way the MSI was manipulated. The
FixIt tool will however remove this software for me perfectly. 
Ideally, it would be something like this: "Program_Install_and_Uninstall.diagcab" /GUID {guid} /silent
Can I pass this GUID via command line to the tool?

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Just to start things off on the right foot. I run Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed. However, I just finished cleaning my system of the Haxdoor trojan (not sure which variant). Sometime while my computer was being bent over something was installed or values were changed.

First, all my shortcuts on my desktop were deleted/removed (except my computer, IE, Recycle bin and my documents).

Second, anytime a shortcut was put on the desktop a copy would be made and it would be unerasable.

Third, my background went to some flashing spyware thingy. That has been cleaned but now my background is just black.

Fourth, my background cannot be changed. The display buttons are all greyed out. I cannot change my background at all.

Fifth, I have run Norton Antivirus, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, TrojanHunter, Microsoft Anti-Spyware, CCleaner, and several others and nothing seems to be working. I can post my HijackThis log if it will help.

I have no idea what to do. Please help.

A:Something is seriously wrong with my background

I would recommend trying a System Restore first, the reason that you would be unable to change your backround would be a form of spyware or malware actually.

I had the same problem on Win2k3, ran all the spyware tools I could get my hands on and still idn't solve the problem.
Funny enough I couldn't do a restore because that option was also turned of for some reason (sarcasm).

if that still does not work, have you tried submitting a HiJackThis log?
BleepingComputer has some of the best analysts

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