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Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

Q: Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

For any of you looking to revive your 435 try Win8 and a ASUS GeForce GTX 650 1GB DDR5 PCI-E Video Card. You can even keep your 360w power supply as this card outperforms the OEM Radoen HD 4850 and sips about 40w less power.
Win 8 set me back $15, and the GeForce can be had for about $125. For the first time i can run those Dell Video testing routines without stuttering. I haven’t bothered to overclock it yet but it comes with software that will easily change voltages, clocks etc.

Preferred Solution: Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

The only problem on this model is how Dell put the PCI Express X16 slot near the bottom of the case giving dual slot cards very little room to breathe. Hopefully, things stay cool enough for you. The GTX 650 is a pretty decent card and a good choice for the power supply. However, for the same cost, you can get the better HD 7770 which would work also. Those old 4800 series cards were real power hogs.

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Ok I have this Dell Studio XPS 435MT here is a link to show you
I want to upgrade the Dell Studio XPS 435MT.
I want to upgrade the case and memory and graphics card and power supply but the problem is how do i do this and is this possible?
Also can I install this : 24GB kit (8GBx3), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500 memory module
and a 800 watt power supply and ATI Radeon HD 5870 and this ARMORSUIT
is this possible??????????????????
can some one help me?

A:Dell Studio XPS 435MT help

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I have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop that I have been making some upgrades on. I have added new PSU, GPU and some additional RAM.

OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular High Performance Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandybridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom
MSI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIe w/HDMI Low Profile
Kingston HyperX 8GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model KHX1600C9D3K2 for 12GB Total.

I also replaced the motherboard as the machine was not working with previous one.

I have noticed the computer tends to run very hot and up to 70 Deg as listed by speed fan.

Is it possible to add a new heatsink? Is there one that would fit the tight confinements of this case. I was thinking about this heatsink.

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" Long Life Sleeve 120mm CPU Cooler Compatible Intel Core i5 & Intel Core i7

I'm assuming I have no room to add an additional case fan. I may also need to apply some new thermal paste to cool down CPU. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

A:Upgrading my Dell Studio XPS 435MT!

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Intel® Core™ i7-920 Processor (8MB L3 Cache, 2.66GHz)

3GB2 DDR3 Tri-Channel SDRAM3 at 1066MHz - 3 DIMMs

Hard Drive
500GB5 - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache

Video Card
ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB2

Physics Card

ViewSonic® VA1912wb 19" LCD

Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio

Cyber Acoustics AC-201

Dell Studio Consumer Multimedia Keyboard

Wacom Graphire4 4x5 USB Tablet (Blue)

Mouse Surface
Wacom Graphire4 4x5 USB Tablet (Blue)

Computer Case
Stock (Lol!)

I'd like to know what the best upgrades for it would be and which ones are the most budget friendly ($100 range total.) You may list all the upgrades but I'm thinking of just upgrading the video card and/or memory specifically for better gaming (not too hardcore, I play a couple of games like Skyrim and MMOs) and drawing (I draw in high resolutions.)
I'd also like to point out that I recently bought a laptop that is faster than this desktop and maybe I should just sell the desktop if it can't be too much better than the laptop. Here are the specs...



Inspiron 15R Notebook (Inspiron 5520)




3rd Gen Intel Core i7-3632QM 6MB cache, up to 3.2Ghz








... Read more

A:Upgrading Dell Studio XPS 435MT

100 USD is very little to upgrade. If you change just video card for similar latest generation say SAPPHIRE HD 7750 1GB already $110, it would not require upgrading power supply. Which windows you have, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Your memory is very small, if you have 64 bit Windows, however processor is still good, yes it is slower than your laptop, but RAM (memory) also counts, and Operating System? However your laptop would be difficult to upgrade for video card, if at all! Integrated video card in laptop would not allow you to play any serious games without lag and video issues.
Here little comparison for Skyrim only.
XPS 435 with addition of only Sapphire 7750 would allow you to play at Very High/Extremely High, however your memory is on the low side, if you have 64 bit OS upgrading memory is a must.
Laptop the way it is - Low / Medium settings. So Do you like to play your games with good video quality, or you don't care?
Very good detailed information on PC requirements can be found - at Skyrim:System Requirements.
So, if it would be me, if your XPS has 64 bit windows - I would keep it, upgrade video card and memory, spend definitely more than $100. If you have only 32 bit, I would think about it, but is is still possible and most likely would be more enjoyable than laptop play quality.

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Hello guys,

I would really appreciate any info on this subject if possible!

I have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT and I have seen a really good deal on a 120gb SSD drive and would like to replace my two 500gb HD's in RAID-0 setup, to hopefully speed up startup times and generally speed up the response of the PC, I also use it with Photoshop and 3D programs so I think this upgrade will help here too. I will probably just use each 500gb hard drives separately for storage or if possible set them up as RAID-0 again for storage but I guess just separately is safer.

My main question is how do I go about installing it?

I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit (Dell version). Can I just install this onto the new drive? Or do I have to uninstall from current set up first?

Thanks in advance.


A:Installing SSD drive to Studio XPS 435MT

Do you already have a RAID array set up? If you dismantle the RAID array you will loose all data on both drives and you will have to re-build the array fresh. The 120GB SSD can be used like any hard drive, alone or in a RAID array, but its speed would be wasted in RAID

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After trying 4 GiB DDR3 memory from G.Skill, Crucial and 2 sets of Black Diamond - and getting the dreaded "beep-beep" memory POST failure whenever I put more than 1 DIMM in a channel - I found memory that is recognized by the BIOS at the full 24 GiB.
I've been running with it for two weeks without a problem.  I've run memtest, and even have pushed it into heavy paging running some database tests in virtual machines.  (I have a fast OCZ Vertex 2 for pagefile.sys, so it can hard fault at an astonishing rate.)

Although this screen says 1333MHz, the OS and other tools say 1066MHz.

The DIMMs are Kingston KHX1600C9D3X2K2/8GX

Normally $120 per pair at http://www.frys.com/product/6516823?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG, but on sale in the Fry's stores for $89.99 per pair.  (Note that the page says that they are 1.65v, but that's for 1600 MHz.  The default is 1.5v at 1333MHz - look at the CPU-Z info below.)
CPU-Z info:
CPU-Z version   1.56
Northbridge   Intel X58 rev. 12Southbridge   Intel 82801JR (ICH10R) rev. 00Graphic Interface  PCI-ExpressPCI-E Link Width  x16PCI-E Max Link Width  x16Memory Type   DDR3Memory Size   24576 MBytesChannels   TripleMemory Frequency  532.0 MHz (2:8)CAS# latency (CL)  7.0RAS# to C... Read more

A:24 GB Memory working in Studio XPS 435MT for $270

EDIT:  Below is for a 435T/9000, which although released about the same time, is a different model than the 435MT.  However, both are X58 boards that have 6 tri-channel memory slots.  Memory that works in one will probably work in the other.  Try at your own expense/risk (although $67 for a 2x8GB kit or $35 for a single 8GB isn't bad - link)...
Stress testing 48GB in my 435T/9000 now.  So far so good.  BIOS and Pre-boot System Assessment memory test both recognize all 48GB.  Windows 7 Ultimate and HWiNFO recognizes 48GB.  Using 6 x 8GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600 CL9.  
Memory details:  Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) UDIMM Memory BLS2KIT8G3D1609DS1S00/ BLS2CP8G3D1609DS1S00
Bought 3 of these 2 x 8GB kits.  Will only run at 1066 in the 435T/9000, of course, but with good CL6 timings, I believe.
The large internet retailer that reminds one of a jungle has them cheap right now...

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Hello everyone. I bought this PC about a year or 2 ago and used it for gaming and some amazing multitasking. With new games coming out and others adding new expansions it doesn't quite cut it anymore. I have already added more advanced cooling systems and am waiting for more RAM to show up in the mail, but the main thing I want to do now is add a new Graphics Card and PSU(to power the new graphics). My budget will allow me to spend 200-300 dollars on total. I am a big fan of newegg.com . So I could really use some suggestions on what items to buy to make this happen. One of the major constraints of this PC is the small box size. I cant seem to find out the physical size of say a PSU that would fit into the box without causing any issues. Also say a PSU that would still allow for proper cooling in my system. Here is what I do know about my PC:


Thanks so much!

A:Upgrading a Dell Studio XPS 435MT

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Computer won't respond to on/off button unless I disconnect network cable from back of computer. Doesn't happen all of the time. Shut down prior appears normal. Change PCI Express card?

A:Dell Studio XPS 435MT--periodically won't turn on

Which Windows version and bit version is running in that Dell Studio XPS 435MT desktop?
It looks like it was designed for Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit.

What PCI Express card are you referring to?


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I usually leave my machines on permanently as they are set to download and install updates overnight, only switching off the monitors. Went on holiday and turned everything off but on my return the XPS would not respond to the power button - green light on the PS is on, but dim, amber light on the motherboard is on. Reseated the power cables, no change. Jumpered the green cable on the 24pin connector to a black one - PS fan starts up, but still no boot up. I suspect the PS is faulty but I am having difficulty locating an exact replacement - proprietary ones do not seem to have all the necessary cables.
I have found a 'Dell DW002 H750E-01 XPS 630 750W 24-Pin Power Supply' online - can anyone say if this will work in the XPS Studio 435mt?
Or can you suggest an alternative?

A:Replacement power supply for XPS Studio 435mt

A Dell OEM 475W Power Supply PSU For Studio XPS 435 MT / 8000 / 9000 Systems Part Number: F217J, VP-9500073-000, can be found Here:

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I have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop computer. It is running W7 on 64 bit with an I7-920 CPU. I am looking to upgrade the RAM from the current 6 GB it has installed.

It has 6 slots. Is the maximum capacity 12 GB or 24 GB.

It currently has 6 1GB sticks with PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz.

I also have tried successfully Two 2GB STicks of Kingston DDR3 1333, PC3 10600, 667 MHZ.

On Crucial it states:

DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800
Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 24GB
Slots: 6
Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800 with a maximum of 4GB per slot.*

Does 4GB work in one Module or is the max 2GB per slot. What RAM configuration would work best? I hope someone can give me a few answers to my questions. Thanks.

A:Compatible RAM for my Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop!

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Hi all, I own a DELL Studio XPS 435MT with an ATI radeon HD 4800 series that just died on me last weekend. I am mostly using my PC for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and a bit of Premiere. I am thinking of replacing the GPU by a Nvidia Quadro card. I am wondering if the K620 would be enough and suited for this computer? My other option is the K2000D. What would be the best? And, are those cards compatible with my PC? Thanks in advance for letting me know. Regards

A:Nvidia Graphic card for Studio XPS 435MT

K620 is nowhere near the HD4800.
K4200 would be the replacement.

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Hey everybody!

I have a 2009 Dell Studio XPS 435MT (MT = Mini Tower; see below), and it's current graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GT240, which is getting long in the tooth. I currently can't pony up the $800-1200 to replace it (and build my own), so I decided to upgrade the RAM from 6GB to 16GB, and slap in a kick-a** graphics card to last me 1-4 years.

The system has a stock PSU, which according to the spec page on Dell.com (PC is at home, I'm away at school for the week), it has a 475-watt PSU.

I already know the card will work with the Motherboard, the card is PCI-express v.3, but backwards-compatible with PCI-express v.2, which is what I have.

My question is about the PSU. Is 475 watts enough for that card, plus the rest of the components? According to Newegg, it needs a 450 watt PSU as the minimum. Plus, I don't recall there being a power cable for the video card attached to the PSU. My current video card, I just had to put into the PCIe slot, and I was good to go. Is there likely a place for me to plug a power cable into the PSU for the video card? Or am I gonna have to buy a new PSU as well? I'm trying to get as much info as possible, since I can't get access to the computer until Saturday..

A:GTX 660 Superclocked in a Dell Studio XPS 435MT - Impossible?

I remember reading not to long ago that dell power supplies although the connectors are the same as other power supplies the wiring is different, So if you are going to try and save money and use a supply thats not dell you may want to look into this (just in case im right) or you will brick the whole computer

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Is there a trick to getting this to work? I have seen where people get Xeon W36XX processors to work in the 435t.

Current set up...
12GB RAM 1333
BIOS 1.1.4

A:Intel Xeon X5687 in a Dell Studio XPS 435mt?

Its nowhere near simple.  The .32 micron tic toc means to me its NOT EVER possible.  There are also likely physical and pinout obstructions to doing this.  I also am unable to find ANYONE that has used a W3680 or any XEON period in the 435T.
Microarchitecture    NehalemPlatform    X58Processor core     BloomfieldCore steppings     C0 (SLBCH)D0 (SLBEJ)CPUIDs    106A4 (SLBCH)  106A5 (Q1H7, SLBEJ)Manufacturing process    0.045 micron
********************************************************************************************Core Model Type/ProcNo.     W3680Core Stepping     B1CPU ID String     206C2hCPU Socket Type     LGA1366

Processor number
Technology (micron)
Processor speed (GHz)
Bus speed (MHz)
3200 (QPI)
L2 cache size (KB)

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Hello all!

I wonder if anyone could help me shed some light on the best process for the above subject.

I currently have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT (Vista 64bit) running two HDD's in RAID 0 (as from factory) I need to install Windows 7 64bit and would like to also install it onto the new SSD I have bought (Crucial 128GB) as an upgrade.

Could I simply take the current HDD's out (after backing up essential data) to keep safe as backup plan and add the SSD into slot 0 and install Windows 7?? Then possibly add say a 1tb storage drive to the system later?

One solution someone has sent my way is to clone the two 500gb RAID 0 drives to a single 1tb drive then install Windows 7 onto the new SSD and have both drives on a multiboot? Could this work?

I have seen/heard many versions of how to go about this install but no real evidence of a true way?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

A:Dell Studio XPS 435MT - Installing SSD and Windows 7 64bit

It takes 3-500GB drives to give you 1.3TB of storage space because of formatting over-head. 2-500GB drives will be considerably less than 1TB. Keep the 2-500's in a single RAID array and set the SSD as a separate partition for Windows 7

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Hi, I have a 435MT and it's beyond maxed out: 1x BD-RE drive, 1x DVD-RW, 2x 640WD Caviar Black SATA HDDs, 1x OCZ Vertex 96GB SSD, 1x Radeon HD 5770, 1x SATA controller PCIe, 1x ATI TV Wonder HD600 PCIe. I notice my CPU cores (i7 920) ranges from 47~50C with normal use (according to SpeedFan) and the Radeon HD 5770 is idle about 57C and with gaming it'll reach about +8C (according to ATI CCC). To support all this, I already have a Thermaltake 500w PSU upgrade.
I really like the OEM cases as they are well thought out with lots of sound proof and vibration proof parts. I would like to know if I can move my Studio XPS 435MT internals to a Studio XPS 8100 or even an Optiplex 745/755 case? Has anyone tried other larger cases also? I really would like to do minimal to no case modification if possible.
I've done a swap of Optiplex GX280 tower into an Antec case long ago and it was a mess :( Don't want to go through it again. TIA.

A:Possible to swap change internals of Studio XPS 435MT with another Dell case?

Bump, anyone?

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Judging by Dell's current take on the overclocking subject, I imagine that it's true that the new i7 Studio XPS system cannot be overclocked even though other manufacturers using the 920 i7 solution report great results overclocking the i7.  Indeed, even CNET reviews such a system making the comparison between the Studio XPS pretty stark, given the similar specs elsewhere.  I believe they overclocked the Velocity Micro i7 920 system to 3.0GHz with no issues reported.
Is there a chance that Dell will be offering a BIOS upgrade that will allow the ability to safely overclock?  Or BIOS update to allow for 1333Mhz RAM to work as stated in the 435MT manual?
On a second issue, I've seen reports that the X58 chipset/board actually will allow for a maximum RAM of near 24GB, double the Dell's reported maximum of 12.  Will the Dell eventually allow for 24GB?  On the other hand, I've seen max 12 reports, too.  Just wondering where it will really fall for the ultimate upgrade.  EDIT:  Appears the 435T board will allow for 24GB (MT stands for Mini Tower and T stands for Tower).
Thanks for any insight here.
- kh

A:Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

I also hope a bios for overclock. Also the current one is too simple, even doesn't display the fan speed.

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Hi guys,
I am planning to get a new graphics card. These are the two cards that I am looking at -
Asus AMD/ATI R9 270X Direct CUII 2GB GDDR5 and Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R9 270X with Boost OC 4 GB DDR5
I am inclined to choose Asus, but the Sapphire card comes with 4 GB memory as compared to 2 GB of Asus. Which one should be a better option for gaming? The price of the cards are more or less same, so that's not a problem.

Thanks in advance!

A:Sapphire R9 270X 4 GB DDR5 vs Asus R9 270X 2 GB DDR5

There is almost no difference between the two GPUs, only 2%
AMD Radeon R9 270X Sapphire Dual-X 4GB OC Edition compare AMD Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II TOP 2GB Edition GPU
So either one is good, just make sure you have a good processor because of bottleneck.
Also if you're getting an AMD graphics card keep in mind that they get high temperatures and you need to have a cooling system.

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I am curious what settings are recommended for Windows 8.1 when using an SSD for the OS. I have 2 additional Seagate 750gb hybrid drives for storage (1 dedicated for media center recordings and 1 for everything else)

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I have a Dell Studio 1747 which has:
4GB Ram
2x500GB Hard Disc space (1/4 is full right now)
Intel Core i7 Inside Q 720 @ 1.60 GHz 1.6 GHz (1.6 Ghz is writte twice in the My Computer Properties)
By the way this is a Laptop!
It is a 2-years old computer and started to get VERY slow while opening or while just being opened for a while.
When the PC is shutten down for a long time it freezes while booting so I turn-off it from the Turn-On button...
And when the PC restarts it is fine but after a while (sometimes a couple of minutes and sometimes an hour) it slows down and eventually freezes.
I have checked and fixed all problems with "RegCurePro" but the PC is still doing the same thing.
Now... I tried to open the inside... There were a couple of screws at the bottom, I just took them out and the fan wasn't there. There were 2 hard discs and a couple of thing I dont know. There was this thing saying "WLAN" on it and there was a thing with many small Memory Card looking things attached to a bigger platform...
There was another piece to come out and it was attached there very tightly. I unscrewed the other screws to open that part which surrounds the keyboard... Where the mousepad is at... But I didn't want to damage my PC because it wouldn't come out that easy. I just closed it... But I saw dust in there and I know that dust makes computers slow SO I took a vacuum cleaner (I know it is funny but I did) and ... Read more

A:Dell Studio 1747 with Win8 Got REALLY Slow

Can you recall when it started to become sluggish? Such as after installing a program? When was the last time you scanned for malware and with what did you scan with? 
Please do the following: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/323892/publish-a-snapshot-using-speccy/

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Guys,Which will have better performance with my this config:
PRO:CORE I5 3470
Ram:8GB DDR3 1600mhz
GPU:GIGABYTE - Graphics Card - NVIDIA - PCI Express Solution - GeForce 600 Series - GV-N660OC-2GD
Can't set decide it.Help me guys.
I want to pay for performance not for brand.

A:GTX 660 OC vs ATI 7850 2GB DDR5 OC

AMD. The 7850 has 1024 Cores and the GTX 660 has 960 cores. What games will you be playing and at what resolution? Also what is your budget?

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does this videocard need a pcie power connector?
::Products - GT 740 (1024MB GDDR5) ::

A:palit gt 740 1 gb ddr5

The reference GT 740 doesn't but it depends. Some put a 6 pin power connector because of the additional components in the card (For Example, EVGA adds a bigger fan on that card so they will need to put a 6pin so the fan can fully run).

The card you shown us doesn't have it (Look at the upper right of the card in Palit's reference picture)

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Have Vista Home Premium OS and Google is dropping support to Chrome browser for this OS.  Can I install windows 8.1 and extend the operating life (is it compatible)?

A:Dell XPS 435MT

See this--windows.microsoft.com/.../upgrade-from-windows-vista-xp-tutorial
It has the upgrade assistant that will tell you if can run it.
But since you will have to buy the windows 8.1 upgrade why not consider replacing the computer. Have you tried Firefox?

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I have a Dell XPS 435MT and am trying to find some speakers for it. I haven't had any luck on Dell's website other than some cheap $20 jobbies. I don't need 4-7 speakers with sub woofer, etc as I have all that with my older XP system but, I'd like to find some decent ones for the newer system with Vista Home Premium. Can someone steer me in the right direction for speakers for this system? They don't necessarily have to be Dell.

A:Speakers for XPS 435MT

Apparently this is not a very popular forum. I've noticed quite a few post have been made days ago here and still no answers...oh well.

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Does anyone know if the processor on the XPS 435mt (bought in 2010) can be upgraded to a newer i7 3rd generation processor - or whether the motherboard would be able to accept anything newer than the 2.67Ghz I have on the board now -- it has slowed way down and I thought buying an i7 would at least keep me going for a few years.......?  Any ideas or suggestions?  If I have to replace the motherboard to upgrade the processor - has anyone attempted this with success?  What motherboard have you had success with.  I am using the computer primarily for video editing of home movies.... and some internet surfing ---just seems like it has really slowed down... thanks

A:Upgrading my XPS 435mt CPU

T Hutchems
Sorry to revive an old topic but I'm also wanting to upgrade my cpu from the 920 to the 965 (as listed above). Would this be simply a plug-and play exchange with nothing more to do? Well, after a BIOS update? And I'd love to transfer everything to a new, larger case.
T Hutchems
But, prior to installing the new processor, check that the latest BIOS version is installed.
When a heatsink or processor is removed, replaced, or reused, it is advisable to clean them both and reapply a thermal compound, as directed.
Directions for cleaning and applying thermal compound, are HERE.
Only a small tube of thermal compound is required, this can be purchased from any online, or local computer store.

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quick Q guys

currently running DDR2 ram, with a DDR3 graphics card(cant find it on nvidia's site, but im sure it is)

i take it mixing DDR's between RAM and GPU dont make a diff. so i can run DDR2 ram and DDR5 graphics?

A:RAM & Graphics DDR3 DDR5

Correct. One has nothing to do with the other.

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Hello, does this GPU need to plug in directly to the psu? or just at the motherboard?if yes can you tell me what cable it has? (4-pins or 6-pins). thank you.

A:Asus gt440 1gb ddr5

If you refer at this card: ASUS - Graphics Cards- ASUS ENGT440/DI/1GD5

It don't need to be connected to the PSU. He will take his power directly from the PCI Express slot.

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Hey, This would be my first post on Windows 7 Forums

I'm wondering i am currently running on Windows Vista Ultimate and i just have 1 question, i am thinking of buying windows 7 and i am just wondering will i get more FPS on Windows 7 then windows vista?

I'm playing games like Counter Strike: Source & Call Of Duty MW1 & MW2

A:ATi Radeon 5870 1GB DDR5 & W7

Are you building a system with that card or upgrading one?

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CPU = core 2 duo E7500 @2.93 GHz
Motherboard = DG31PR
Monitor = hcl. 1366x768 resolution.
SMPS = local made. 300Watt (getting a new Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU )

I m a casual gamer. I need a descent fps while gaming Also suggets any other graphic card. Budget 6k

A:Zotac GTS 450 or HD 6670 ddr5

Zotac GTS 450 will outperform an HD 6670 if it is the GDDR5 version, and Nvidia cards have better support for games in drivers.

GTX 550 Ti is also a good card, but remain on mid-end cards, because your processor is not so strong and it may bottleneck all.
My Core 2 Duo E6300 was bottlenecking a PNY GTS 450... Now I have a Radeon HD 4870 X2 and the CPU is slowing all down.

In my opinion, a GTS 450 will be a good choice for you. It is a very good card. If you want a little more CUDA cores and performance, go for a GTX 550 Ti.
If you want ATI cards, search for an HD 6770-6850, or HD 7770.

But be careful with PCI Express version: if you have a PCI-E 1.0 or 1.1 slot, then PCI Express 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 cards will work. PCI Express 2.1 and 3.0 cards could have issues with old PCI Express 1.0-1.1 slots. I tried to install a Radeon HD 5670 (which is PCI Express 2.1) on my pc (which is PCI Express 1.1) and the card didn't show signal on screen.

Then I read that PCI Express 2.1 and 3.0 cards are not full compatible with older PCI Express slots.
So, if you don't have at least a PCI Express 2.0 slot, don't go over Radeon HD 4000 series or Nvidia 400 series. So, in my opinion, a GTS 450 will work very well. For a bit more money you can buy a GTX 460 SE, which is faster than a GTS 450.

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So I have a few questions about whether or not I will be able to use this graphics card:
EVGA GeForce GTX 470 Superclocked 1280 MB DDR5 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card 012-P3-1472-AR

First, when I go to look at the specs, I see that GeForce website only has the specs for the normal GTX 470. Should I assume that they are roughly the same especially in power requirement?

Amazon has this posted from the specs in its description:

Currently, my PSU is only 250W and the specs for the GTX 470 requires a minimum of 550W. If I purchase a 600W PSU (or 650W PSU) and replace the one that I currently have, will I have complications with my CPU or anything else that uses the PSU? Also, what PSU would you recommend I look into getting?

Also, I have a PCI e x16, and the graphics card requires a PCI e 2.0 and I'm not sure what the difference is. I watched an unboxing video, and the PCI looks like a standard PCI e x16, but I'm not certain.

I also want to know if my computer will be able to even run this graphics card. I posted a topic on this the other day, but received no suggestions on what kind of graphics card I should look into getting. I will post the same pictures here so you can get a sense of what my computer currently uses and what it may be able to handle.

The graphics card comes with 2 DVI-I (dual link)and my monitor has a DVI-A (dual link). Will I be able to use a DVI-A (dual link) cord and connect it to the Graph... Read more

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Hey everyone! I'm trying to install a gt 730 2gb ddr5 card in a m81 sff. After installing and rebooting, I get no signal on my monitor. Pcie slot is perfectly fine. What is going on????? Specs:i5 24004 gb ram240w psuWin10 Pro OS

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Hey guys i'm all happy cause my new Video Card came in today

But now i have this doubt... when i go into GPU-Z it shows that the card is running at x1... check the attachment.. is this normal? shouldn't it be @ x16?

Nevermind, got it working at x16! i guess it was badly seated on the PCIe slot! I'll mark this as solved

A:Sparkle Nvidia GeForce GT 440 DDR5

congrats on ur new card..... cheers....

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hey guys,
new to the site and the computer tech world... i am learning quickly but i am no pro by any means.

Short story on comp history:
Bought the computer new, ran it for a year wanted a new vid card, went out and bought a Nvidia 9600GT... 2 months later trying to install VISTA service pack 2, my computer lost screen and just stayed on for 3 days (in the "installing updates do NOT shut off" stage) so i had no choice 3 days later, i shut it down. brought the computer to the store and the guy there told me the armature in my hard drive over-heated and stopped working completely; thus losing all my files and stuff *shrugs* what do i do now? get a new hard drive right? so he GAVE me a 250gig he had kickin around nice guy! and well i bought a 500 just to have extra space anyway. then i couldnt find the vista disk with the claims of HP puts it on the recovery partition of the hard drive LMAO! Sooooo im like "well the hard drive wont even spin let alone recovery partition anything" so i said F vista and bought windows 7 (great move on my part, its 100x better)

so about 1.5yrs goes by on the 9600GT then all of a sudden i kept getting these messages that "display driver has crashed and has successfully recovered" i said oh ok, so i need a new video card right? (turns out i was wrong) but i bought a new DDR5 GTX550Ti EVGA card anyway cuz im a parts changer lol. and i put it in, it runs GREAT for like 2 weeks. i found where the vid card was gett... Read more

A:BSOD after DDR5 upgrade on HP m9400f

Quote: Originally Posted by m9400f

hey guys,
new to the site and the computer tech world... i am learning quickly but i am no pro by any means.

Short story on comp history:
Bought the computer new, ran it for a year wanted a new vid card, went out and bought a Nvidia 9600GT... 2 months later trying to install VISTA service pack 2, my computer lost screen and just stayed on for 3 days (in the "installing updates do NOT shut off" stage) so i had no choice 3 days later, i shut it down. brought the computer to the store and the guy there told me the armature in my hard drive over-heated and stopped working completely; thus losing all my files and stuff *shrugs* what do i do now? get a new hard drive right? so he GAVE me a 250gig he had kickin around nice guy! and well i bought a 500 just to have extra space anyway. then i couldnt find the vista disk with the claims of HP puts it on the recovery partition of the hard drive LMAO! Sooooo im like "well the hard drive wont even spin let alone recovery partition anything" so i said F vista and bought windows 7 (great move on my part, its 100x better)

so about 1.5yrs goes by on the 9600GT then all of a sudden i kept getting these messages that "display driver has crashed and has successfully recovered" i said oh ok, so i need a new video card right? (turns out i was wrong) but i bought a new DDR5 GTX550Ti EVGA card anyway cuz im a parts changer lol. and i put it in, i... Read more

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I was recently thinking about upgrading my graphics card from my GTX 460 to something like a 650 and went to Microcenter.com to check out the products available. I found that their are minimal amount of choices for video cards as mainly everything they had was DDR5. So I started looking at motherboards and found that all of the ones I saw were DDR3 boards. Can you use a DDR5 card in a DDR3 board? I'm still a newbie to building pc's all help is appreciated.

A:DDR3 boards and DDR5 cards

Can you use a DDR5 card in a DDR3 board?Click to expand...

Yes. The type of RAM used in a graphics card is independent of the type of RAM the motherboard uses.

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Hi guys,
I recently decided to buy a new graphic card and go with Gigabyte Radeon HD 5850, but as I was going to purchase it, I stumbled accros the very same graphic card that was like 20 dollars more expensive but was called: GIGABYTE HD5850 1GB (256) aktiv 2xDVI HDMI DDR5 (instead of simply: GIGABYTE VGA ATI Radeon HD5850 1GB DDR5).
Now, I don't understand the difference really here. The first one has aditional DVI port right ? but there shouldnt be a difference in performance.. ? Since I'm no expert, I don't know what if I should buy the more expensive one since I dont know what would I use it for (I mean the advantage)...
thanks for any help !

A:Aktiv 2x DVI HDMI DDR5 issue

GIGABYTE's website GIGABYTE HD5850 only have one HD 5850 so im quite sure both of the cards your talking about are the same

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I have a xps 435mt. This computers hardware is more than capable to run Windows 10. I paid big money for this system to last and still going strong. I am disappointed in Dell for this statement.......Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected. This would be a realistic statement if this computers hardware was not capable of running Windows 10. So I guess with that said, no need to purchase another Windows based pc from dell.

A:Dumped by Dell Xps 435mt

Dell only test system models which are within their warranty period. This system was released at the end of 2008. Assuming at most the warranty was for 3 years and the system was sold 1 year after release date that takes you to the end of 2012...
Like most Dell systems sold after 2008 the system will run Windows 10 RS1 64 Bit fine.

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i have a dell xps desktop 435mt with intel core i7 920 cpu @ 2.67. and i seem to have heat problems ..
my temp sensors are showing me
CPUIntel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 56 °CBloomfield 45nm TechnologyRAM24.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-19)MotherboardDell Inc. 0R849J (CPU 1) 73 °CGraphics.
where is the sensor on the board for the motherboard?
and does anyone else think these figures are high??

A:Heat a problem?? XPS 435MT

it appears to be the southbridge that is running high temp i have 4" fan blowing in and it is now down at 49c

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My Motherboard will not use more than 4 gigs of ram.. BUT.. I was thinking about a way to cheat this.

I understand every time you go up from a DDR rating say from DDR1 to DDR2 with 2 gigs of ram.. its really like you are getting a 3 gig stick of ram if it were still rated at ddr1.

This is how the DDR thing was explained to me.

So If I have DDR2 now with 4 gigs.. and swap that for 4 gigs of DDR5.. wont that be like getting something like 6 gigs of ram effectively work/power wise? (like having 6 gigs of DDR2)

A:Upgrade system ram from DDR2 to DDR5 big difference?

Hi there
unless you are an inveterate gamer you'll hardly notice a difference in DDR2 / DDR5 RAM.

For 90% of "typical Users" the performance of your machine will be dictated by the speed of the HDD's.

Slowish Hard disks are usually always the cause of poor performance - assuming you have a decent amount of RAM in the system.

Getting an SSD will pay much better dividends in performance than upgrading your RAM to DDR5.

If you get an SSD put the system page file on this too. You don't need to have the OS on this drive BTW as once the OS is loaded Windows doesn't need to load a lot more. Putting the paging file (and any Photoshop etc Scratch / work files and database indexes on an SSD will speed up your system NO END).


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I am willing to upgrade my VGA from 5450HD to GTX550Ti , my main doubt is my mother board, will it support a DDR5 VGA? The current vga im using is DDR3

Also will a 550w powersupply will be enough for that vga?

Reply fast, thanks.

A:DDR5 vga's on G41d3b biostar mother board?

Any DDR2, DDR3 Motherboards will support low-end to high-end graphics cards as long as your motherboard have a PCI-E slot.

The answer to your question is yes but on the Power Supply, i don't know :S

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Hi Guys,

I have already gone through the forums looking for answers before posting but nothing has helped.

I've built a HTPC:

Intel i5 650
4GB Elite DDR3
Gigabyte GT240 1GB DDR5 (brand new as of today)
Win7 Ultimate 64 bit

Display: 42in 1080p
Connection: HDMI

My problem is as follows.

I have had my system built for a while, but no data on it, just getting it started and so forth.
I purchased a new video card, the GT240 1GB DDR5 and since then, nothing but dramas.

First, I got past POST and blue screened.

I thought instead of uninstalling previous drivers i would just do a clean windows install.
After this I have rebooted, and still BSOD.

I removed one stick of ram (reduced to 2GB) and I was able to get display. I installed the nvidia drivers on the disc and rebooted...now I get into explorer, but there is no display...i know i get into explorer because i was able to shutdown by pressing (start button on keyboard) > Left > Enter and after a small delay it shuts down like normal (no display however).

I want to have this system up and running asap and I have no idea where to go from here.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance.


A:GT240 1GB DDR5 - BSOD, now no display after boot??

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Hello everyone!
I have been thinking about upgrading my video card and since the launch of the GTX 1070 I have been thinking about it more.
I did read someone who fitted a GTX 780 (reference blower) into the 435MT case a few years back and just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the above?
If the 1070 fits does anyone see any issues with running it on the old 435MT motherboard? I know it has PCI express 2.0 and not 3.0 but from what I know this will only reduce performance buy a few frames. 
To note I have already upgraded my power supply to a EVGA Gold 650W after the original died.
System specs: 
i7 920 CPU
Original 435MT motherboard
24gb Kingston RAM
120Gb Crucial SSD
1tb WD Black HDD
EVGA Gold 650W PSU

Any info much appreciated!

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This is my first post to this site, but I've been reading for quite some time. Hopefully someone will know what's going on here.

I've got a Dell 435MT, it's the Core i-7, 6GB RAM, 3450HD Raedon video card.
I'm having a problem with a fresh install of windows 7 x64.
I've tried this with both professional, and home premium.

Here is what happens.

1.) Boot to CD follow prompts, choose "custom" for installation.
2.) Choose primary partition
3.) Click Install.
4.) the machine works, and reboots once, then comes back for the "completing installation" portion.
5.) At some point here, the monitor goes dark (and into powersave mode)and shortly thereafter will reboot.
6.) From here, when the machine comes back on, I see the "starting windows" screen, and then the monitor will go dark again (into powersave).

There are no further reboots after this, the machine just sits there. Powered on, and not responding.
Has anyone else seen this issue for this particular setup? Is there a known driver issue with this machine?
Any input is appreciated!


A:Dell 435MT OS reinstall issue


Any changes to the hardware configuration lately? More ram, etc. ?

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HI there all, i have a question.. i have a spare ddr5 HIS 5770 graphics card i was wondering if i could put it in my little dual core machine (old trusty) ,the card can run dvi or hdmi or is this overkill for such a small machine being a dualcore and all its an acer veriton 5700g 2 gig of ram,ps its running win 7 (dunno how i jammed it in there but i did), and if its possible would i need any hdmi drivers to help the board cope or is it just impossible all together? would be cool if i could turn it into a tiny freak machine ,hopefully i havnt left anything out ,cheers

A:ddr5 graphics card in dual core machine

also it currently runs a asus silent gt210 1gb card ddr3,and i have a spare 720 watt psu ,obviusly id need to add that to run the card also

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The Dell Specifications document for my 3650 (I3 6100) states that a GT 730 2GB DDR3 card is suitable but says nothing about the DDR5 version that requires more power. My PC has a 240W PSU with two 16A 12V rails. Since the I3 and 2GB DDR5 each appear to require about 50W max there appears to be no problem regarding total power but there may be other factors involved. Is any additional information about suitable graphics cards for the 3650 and later I3 7100 model 3668 now available? The 3668 spec even lists the more powerful GT 750TI that would be better for gaming.

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I just purchased a new graphic card for my system to play battlefield and COD4. When I installed the graphic card it after sometimes gives blue screen error and restarts. After a lot of search about blue screen error I assumed that it may be improper installing of card so I again installed graphic card properly with care but when I started system it again give me blue screen and reboots.

Since one week nothing happened but today I was working on photoshop and again I got same blue screen error and system rebooted and I lost all unsaved work. Can anybody help what is the problem as I think graphic card is OK because I've played battlefield 2 easily.

Here is my system configuration:

Processor : AMD Athlon 3000+
Graphic card: Palit GT 240 Sonic 1024 mb DDR5 graphic card

A:Blue Screen Error in Palit GT 240 DDR5 graphic card

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i7 processor extreme? (thats what Dell is calling it) 8core
6 1GB DDR3 Memory sticks
Gigabit Ethernet
Windows Vista Home Prem. 64bit upgraded to Windows 7 Home Prem. 64Bit

Ok in the original Vista and now in the Windows 7 the customer upgraded to it shows in the properties box and in task manager that 1.4 gb of memory is available. When I tested Ram I pulled all but 1 stick. in the Black slot closest to the proc I inserted 1 gb stick and booted. I get 2 beeps pause 2 beeps as if there is no ram inserted. I installed a 4Gb stick in that slot and get the beeps. in the next slot which is white it boots but says 4GB installed 1.4gb usable.
the i7 8core shows as a dual core.

I swapped out an i5 dual core and it shows a single core

I ran an MRI Hardware test on it (Eurosoft pc-check 7.03) and it shows no errors and ran as a 8 core. I pulled the heatsink to replace the thermal paste and checked the numbers. it is indeed an i7 extreme 8 core proc.

With all of that I am going to assume that the motherboard is hosed. I just am hoping for either a confirmation or a direction for testing.

A:Dell XPS 435mt Shows odd Memory and proc configuration

The Dell community (users helping users forum) would be the best place since there are people there familiar with Dell hardware.

The desktop hardware section would be the place to start.
Desktop - Dell Community

I used to work the Dell forums (10 years) and Dell's have had a history of memory compatibility with non-Dell branded memory. For that reason we always recommended Crucial Memory as it was guaranteed to work in Dell's. Other brands will work but its hit or miss.

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Hi guys, 
Dumb question alert...what are my graphics card upgrade possibilities for the XPS 8900?
Presumably, that's limited by the motherboard and other factors? 
Enlighten me! :-)
Why is it that when I buy a 1500 euro pc on the French Dell site, I can't have an easy upgrade path PRESENTED TO ME when I log on? I mean, I want to buy their products - does Dell not want that?! 
Don't understand it. It should be part and parcel of the pc-buying experience. 
6th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)
24GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz (8GBx2 + 4GBx2)1SR
2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive + 256GB M.2 Solid State Drive
NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 960 2GB DDR5

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