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Can't Format C Drive ??

Q: Can't Format C Drive ??

Working on a friend's Compaq Presario, XP Home, SP2.

Caught some really bad stuff, need to houseclean.

Not much on it for files or additional applications, so
decided much easier to transfer non-Windows things to
their D drive, reformat the C drive, and reload XP.

So, transferred things over, closed everything down I could
see on the desktop, status bar, etc.

But when I try to Format the C drive, it says it can't
because there's something running. So, checked Help.
Says the C drive can NOT be formatted becuz the system
is on the C drive, and there's a partition on the C drive.

The other part of the drive contains Compaq Recovery files
or some such.

What to do?

I don't imagine just Deleting Windows will accomplish cleaning
out the nasties?

Would it work to install Windows on the D (physically separate)
drive, make it the boot drive, and then could I format the C drive,
maybe after deleting the Windows that's on there? Or would that
still cause a problem with the Compaq Recovery files on I think it's
called the H drive that's on the same physical drive as the C drive?

Thanks for any info / help.

Preferred Solution: Can't Format C Drive ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't Format C Drive ??

Try making a boot disk for Windows ME (I know you don't have this, but it allows you to go into DOS), select support without cd, then type "format c:", and say yes, and then it should format the drive with no problems. Good luck :wave: !

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Hi everyone,

I recently accidentally formatted a hard drive. So, I quickly install a file recovery software (EaseUS Data Recovery). Then the result shows that most of SWF files are big in size. I think that lots of my files have been converted or combine with other files. So, how do I recover my files?

A:File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

This may not be the best answer, but I would recover the files first. That is you biggest concern right now. Then try to see what you need to do to fix them.

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I'm backing up everything from my C: drive to drive F: using ntbackup, but first, I'm formatting the F: drive. For the formatting part, I want my script (simple batch file) to make it just happen--I don't want to respond to two prompts before formatting each time I run it. Any ideas?When I do this:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"It prompts me to enter the volume label for this drive. Then it asks if I really want to erase the thing. I am thinking a "/Y" tacked onto the end will suppress the prompting about whether I want to erase it. What about the volume label prompt? I thought the "/v:"Backup_160"" was supposed to answer this question, but it doesn't seem to. Whether I remove the "/v:" parameter or leave it there, it always prompts. (Note that in this case, "Backup_160" was both the old and new name of volume F:; that's what I want it to always be called when I backup.)Also, what's the best way for me to overwrite the old backup file (Backup.bkf) each time with the new one, via batch file? Is this what the /T and /G switches are for--to overwrite an old backup file?Here's what I used last night:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"ntbackup backup c:\ /n "Backup.bkf created 10/16/2006 at 1:08 AM" /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /SNAP:on /m normal /j "Weekly System Backup" /l:s /f "F:\Backup.bkf"Thanks,Hotshot309

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Harddrive Lacie 250GB connected trough firewire 800:

XP says it's a RAW partition (used to be NTFS)

I have restored all the files from this drive (to another), and now I would like to reformat the drive to NTFS.

When XP tries to format it, it says ehh, " Error ..can't complete the format".

Anyone have any ida how to get past this problem:
I have Easy Reovery 6.03, Fix it utilities and more.

Any suggestions would be most welcome

System XP sp2 with all updates installed

A:PROBLEM: Xp reports RAW format, but I can't format the drive to NTFS,,,

I have run into the same problem except it is formatting 4.7 gig discs. If I find something that will help you, I will let you know. Let me know if you get a solution. It may assist me with my problem..........


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i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

A:how can i format my external HD drive into FAT32 format

Quote: Originally Posted by Waqas83


i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

Hi and welcome

um, why do you need to? there are several 3rd party apps that can but since win 7 knows NTFS, it will not format fat32. Just checked to be sure.

KEn J+

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Hello All,

I'm new to this forum seeking help for the issue below. I've searched for similar threads but all are either very old or not specific to my problem . . .

I/O Magic External USB Hard Drive (2007)
Seagate 250mb IDE
Initial problems appeared as the unit began to operate slowly, taking a long time to boot up and for folder to appear in Windows Explorer. Eventually the unit stopped working completely and would freeze up the host computer. Once the external was powered down the host computer would “unfreeze” and resume normal operation.
I attempted to determine if the external chassis might be the problem and removed the HD, mounting it as a slave in an older Dell running Windows XP (this unit had the correct IDE cabling). After correcting a “Don’t Have Permission to View Folder” error, I was able to see the drive. However, when attempting to open the drive in Windows Explorer, the drive at did not seem to respond at first. Eventually I got a pop up that said the “Drive is not formatted, do you want to Format Now?” I didn’t want to do this, so I ran Diagnostic Tools to try to Fix Disc Errors, and got the final message that the disc is in “Raw Format”, and that’s where I stopped.
This drive was a backup to the primary HD in my HP, whose motherboard died just prior to the problems detailed above. It contains ordinary personal data, but also my entire digital collection of music which I’d like to recover. I would rate my level of tech expertise abo... Read more

A:Do You Want to Format / Raw Format on External Drive

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I have a z575 with a SSD divided into a c drive and d drive. I just formatted the c drive assuming I could leave the d drive intact with the data. when I try a fresh install on the c drive with a Windows 10 disc, I get     Recovery     Your PC Device needs to be repaired     A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.     Error Code: 0xc000000f      Press Enter to try again     Press F8 for startup settings Enter does nothing.F8 does nothing.Each time I reboot hoping to snag the dvd drive, I get immeditatly sent to the Blue screen above. Should I be able to install windows 10 to the c drive regardless of the d drive?I have been running Windows 10 with no problems other than a long lag on boot up, I think because of an old Windows 7 installation. Any insight would be appreciated!Thanks!

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I want to prepare a factory fresh drive so that I can use it to save backup images. Soon I will have a second drive that will only be used to store data files. Neither drive will ever be used for the installation of an operating system. From what I've read, I see no advantage to having more than a single partition on either drive. I know I want to use NTFS.

This should be straightforward. I'm finding it is not. I cannot formulate a search that points me to the right tutorial or thread. Either I get hundreds of options to consider or, if I try to narrow the options, no answer is found.

Please point me to the right discussion. Perhaps the answer will help others who come after me, too.



A:Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

Do you know how to make a partition and format a drive?

You can do it all in Windows Disk Management.

You don't need to do anything special to the drive just because it is going to store images.
Treat it like any other drive.

Format it with a single partition.

Store your image files on it. Use a folder structure if you want to---perhaps naming a folder something like "Macrium image of C partition, 060714" so you know the date of the image.

Nor do you need to use a separate drive just for image storage.

Make your images and store them like ordinary data. Back up the images just like you'd back up any other important data file. That's what they are: important data.

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I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

A:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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Hey any help would this would be GREATLY apprciated.

One of the hard drives on my pc [250gb drive , drive E:\] has about 180gb of that data inside one folder. Today I went to open the folder and the pc locked up for a second and then said that DRIVE E:\ is not formated and asked if I wanted to format it. If I select no and try to access the folder again it does the same thing. I cannot risk loosing any of the data that is inside this folder on this drive. IF anyone could try and help me access the files inside this folder I would be so appriciative!!!

Someone please help....


All other folders on the drive open just fine...

A:Folder inside drive will not open - telling me to format entire drive..

It also says that there is 0 bytes in the folder when there should be over 110gb ...

Is there any sort of program that will repair something like this...

When I right click the drive in my computer and check properties it says used space 184gb...but then when I go into the E:\ drive and select all the folders and select properties it says there is only 74.2gb used ?

The other 110gb is in that folder that I am not able to access....

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format my hard drive for clean install of new windows 10 on flash drive

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i go into device manager and i see tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m .however device is unable to play any cd ,dvd or burn.problem also with usb2.0 drive says unable to format and cannot display any files however it does work on any other pc.I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve this.this forum is great by the way I didnt know barely how to turn on pc and thanks to this forum I AM MORE KNOWLEGIBLE ABOUT PC.THANKS IN advance.

A:my disk drive tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m also usb drive says unable to format

Uninstall the cd/dvd drive from Device Manager and restart Windows.

After Windows restarts the drive will be reinstalled.

If still having issue try the solution here

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Hey Guys,

I have a netbook which I want to recycle however it has been used for business purposes and I want to properly format the drive. The issue I have is that it does not have a CD drive nor does it have a working screen. I have connected the hard drive to external display and manually deleted all files from the computer but I know this is not really 'deleting' anything.

How can I format the drive from within Windows? Unfortunately I cannot get bios to display on the external display so I can not do anything from DOS or Bios simply because I can't see anything!

My latest attempt has been to use Active KillDisk to create a bootable USB however this is when I ran into the issue of the Bios and DOS not displaying, it will only display once windows has been loaded.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Help needed to securely format hard drive - no screen or CD drive

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

A:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/871411-possable-recover-formatted-drive.html

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Hi,I am using a windows xp sp2 and a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N cd/dvd driveThe problem is my cd drive is sometimes detecting the contents of a cd and sometimes not. I am not even able to find the pattern because the same cd when i insert it into the drive at times it shows the content and at times not.I want to format only my C drive using the windows xp cd. But the problem is when i am trying to boot from the cd, the os is not able read from cd.I checked the bios boot priority configuration and it is set to cd/dvd first.what is the other way of format my c drive other than by booting from cd ?i copied all the contents of the "windows xp installation disk" onto my usb flash drive and wanted to setup windows xp.when i double clicked on "setup.exe", i was able to go to the blue screen which had options of "collecting information, dynamic update, preparing installation, installing windows, finalizing installation". the problem is ..it has not asked me whether to just format c or format c,d,e drives.what will happen if i go ahead and format. will i lose all my data in d, e, f drives also..or by default it just formats c drive even if it does not ask us ?I am actually facing all these problems bcos...my pc is not booting from my cd.Please help me with answers.thank you

A:cd drive not reading contents of disk and does xp installation just format c drive ?


When this happens can you eject the cd? When it doesn't read it does it still sound like it is being read in the cd drive?

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I have an anternal media drive whith a number of hidden partitions which do not show up in windows. One of these partitions had become corrupted and unuseable and I would like to try re formatting it to fix the error.

In Partition Magic there are a number of drives listed. Some of the drives on the partition have assigned drive letters but the one I want to format has is greyed out and listed with a * infront of it. Partition Magic will let me enter the drive to view details and even gives me the option to format it BUT then wants to assign the drive the letter A:

If I do this then the media drive will be unable to work as it will have lost the file path it needs to record on to. I just wnat to re format this drive (with whatever freeware) and have the drive letter (wich is currently unassigned) untouched so that the media player never knows its been formatted.

File system is FAT32, partition size is 10gb, using Partition Magic, there are 2 partitions with assigned drive letters and 3 without on the 1gb HDD.

Any help or suggestions appreciated thanks.

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The other day i went to format a partition(called drive D) of a hard drive in dos mode. Just after i pressed enter for the format to begin i relised that in dos my partitioned drive D was actually called drive G and my other hard drive which was drive E was called D, so I was actually formatting drive E. I quickly pressed restart and once in windows tried accessing drive E but it wouldnt let me because it sais it needs to be formatted because it hasnt got a File System. Ive used getdataback to access it but I want to know if there is a way to give the drive a file system name without actually formatting it?

A:Hard drive problem.. Cancelled format now cant access drive

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Hi. My external hard-drive stopped working yesterday. This is what's happening:

I plug it in as usual, then it says "You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?".
I'm thinking it's more than likely an issue of having pulled out the usb cable without clicking 'safely remove'.

Yesterday I actually got it working again briefly by typing "chkdsk F: /R" into command prompt. Now when I do that it doesn't work, it says "The type of the file system is NTFS. Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted." And when I double click on F: drive in my computer it says "F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable".

Are there any other options besides using some sort of data recovery tool (I'd rather not do this just because it takes a long time)?

A:Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.

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I need to format my hard drive [D & C drive]

so i wanna know Will format the hard drive [D & C drive], delete the all file
in it? Like the software that i install [ C:\Program Files], will they remain there or
will be deleted?

i already make a back up to all my Document project [ on D drive as i shown above] but to be honest, i dont want the process to delete my " Program Files" folder [ C:\Program Files]& my Document project [ on D:drive]........

** I just reinstall my pc 4/5 days ago [ maybe on 20 or 21/3/2012 ]

A:Will format the hard drive [D & C drive], delete the all file in it?

Formatting a drive or partition will completly wipe it, delete everything.

Take note you will be unable to format a drive with Windows on it if you are using that installation, you need to use a boot disk. If using dual boot you can format one Windows drive from the other.

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I have a HP Pavillion laptop computer. I needed to replace my hard drive, the salesman at the store said I could buy an external hard drive and remove it from the case and use it as an internal. I did that. Now I get NTLDR is missing. I ordered recovery discs from HP but nothing happens when I try to use them. HP said I need to format the new hard drive but I don't know how. Can someone help a beginner?

A:Solved: how to format an external drive to be an internal drive

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I have a HD for the OS and a 160 GB HD for files. I replaced the OS HD by cloning while the data drive was disconnected and now my data drive is no longer seen as NTFS, disk management sees it as RAW format and wants me to format; it also indicates 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available; the size is also incorrectly displayed as being 30.03 GB instead of 160.

Have run the Samsung diagnostics which indicate no problems.

Put the original HD back but it also showed same results.

Did a fresh install of XP with data HD connected with same results.

Also tried moving HD to different PC with no luck.

Tried using Knoppix but it does not recognize the file format and does not see the data.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix?

A:RAW format...my drive is now RAW format...

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I have a laptop with a partition HD. I want to re-format the entire drive and delete the partition. The problem I have is that I do NOT have a floppy drive and only have a CD Rom drive.

I can find figure out how to reformat with out a floppy drive to boot from.

Please help me!!!!

Running XP now and want to re-install it after.

A:How to format a hard drive w/o a floppy drive

Simply boot from the XP CD. It should do the lot.
XP does not usually use a boot floppy.

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Hey sevenforums,
very sorry if this thread is a double, I have seen others with a similar problem but unfortunately none of their fixes have been able to help me.

I have upgraded my computer to use solid state drive for the operating system. as other walkthroughs have suggested I have removed my separate hard drive in order to do a clean install. windows installed fine but when I went to attach and format my secondary drive I ran into some problems. formatting from within Windows told me that the hard drive was already in use and I had to shut down other applications. then I tried formatting it from within the Windows 7 Installer and it told me that I could not because I had my system files and what not on there. then I tried to use diskpart but it told me the same thing when I ran the clean up it said I had my page files and system files and other things on there.

is it possible that my computer is confusing the new system files with the old? they both have installed the identical copy of Windows.

I have backed up my old drive so recovering the files off of it is not an issue at this point I would just like to do a big dirty format

sorry for the formatting and punctuation errors I am using my phone

A:Can't format secondary drive (old system drive)

You can use Partition Wizard free to wipe that old disk. If it doesn't do it inside windows, create the bootable media and boot into PW, format there.

Windows most probably just sees that system files etc/could be marked as active also and stops format.

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This computer had two hard drives and both have windows xp installed. The D drive is corrupted and I want to format it and leave XP off and just use it for storage. I cannot get into windows on this drive.

I don't want to touch the C drive as it has all the important files, etc.

How do I go about this? I don't remember XP asking whichhard drive to format.

Thanks in advance.

A:Format corrupted Xp D drive not XP C drive

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I have a second hard drive, which I recovered a deleted file into. I went into the find the recovered file, but it wasn't there, even though it used up a few gigabytes of space. I'm now frustrated, and I want to format the drive. It kept saying "being used by another process" or something like that, anyways, I went into the hard drive and deleted everything myself. The hard drive is now empty, but it still has about 16gigs of space being used, even though the drive is completely empty.

The software I used to recover my file was "Recuva". I uninstalled it, so it shouldn't be interfering with the formatting. Is there anyway to force format the hard drive???

Please help!

Thank you.

A:Cannot Format D-Drive (2nd hard drive)

Use your Windows install disc. When it gets to the point where it ask you where you want to install Win 7 indicate that drive. Then format the disc. Now exit the installation. If you cannot get that one to work then attempt it with a XP installation disc.

Another way is to go to your Control Panel and choice Administration Tools then go to Computer Management. From there go to Disk management. Once there right click on the Drive then click on Delete Volume. Once that is done, reformat. Hope this helps.

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I want to format my "c" drive i have done it in the past but have forgotten how can somebody help?

A:Format c drive

If you already have XP installed...
Go to My Computer, right click, format.

If you're installing XP, it should re-format when installing it.

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My system got infected with some kind of virus, which severely slowed down the PC and caused me a lot of frustration. So I simply installed Win 7 on my H: drive. Now I want to completely format the C: drive, the location of the previous Win 7 install. During the install itself, for some reason there was no option to format the C: drive and re-install the windows there. And now that I'm trying to format C: drive, I get an error message: 'Windows was unable to complete the format'.

How can I wipe clean the C: drive and keep it for general use, with the Win7 now on my H: drive? I'd appreciate any help.

A:Want to format C: drive

DId you boot to the W7 dvd or did you start the install from within Winidows?

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I would like to install a 2nd hard drive as slave. My pc detects the driver, but when I right click and try and format then my entire pc freezes. I tried scandisk, but received a message stating it's not available for RAW drives. I tried formatting it with xp cd, but to no avail. Please can anyone help...

A:Format RAW Drive

Sounds like the drive isn't actually empty, but has a corrupt partition (or one Windows can't read, like a Linux partition) on it. Go into Disk Management (right-click My Computer, click Manage, then click Disk Management), find the drive that has the file system listed as "RAW", right-click it and select "Delete Partition" from the menu (be careful not to delete the wrong partition, once it's gone it's gone). Then you can right-click it again and create a new partition, it'll give you the option of NTFS or FAT32, I recommend NTFS (it's more reliable). You can then format the partition. You can't format a RAW partition.

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hello,i am chetan maske.i want to format c drive only.not the whole laptop.so shall i proceed for system recovery or  minimized image recovery from hp recovery menu. laptop model,hp pavillion envy m6 windows 8.1 os 64 bits6gb ram750 gb hdd2gb gfx memory i have seen some videos on hp related to this topic but i am not confident enough!so please help me. thank you 

A:only c drive needs to format,,,,,,,,,

Hi,The answer to your question depends on why you need to format your C drive, I would advise in most situation the system recovery howerver as this will reset the whole laptop to factory settings which normally is the most effective tool at resolving system problems, and removing viruses James 

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I want to format drive C of my desktop and re-install all software.
Windows message is: "Windows was unable to complete the format"
The desktop runs XP with Service Pack 3.

Any ideas, please?

A:Format drive C


First thing, please post your computer hardware specs. Posting computer specs definitely helps troubleshoot computer issues more efficiently. May I ask, do you have a desktop or a laptop? Hope everything works out well for you.

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i received this computer from someone and it is only a 4 GB hard drive and the only free space i had left on it was about 565 mb .i freed up around 2 gb worth of space on it and then up graded to windows xp home edition.after doing this i literally had no space left.i found files on it still for windows 98 se and i deleted them and it freed up 1.17 gb .i have decided i want to format my hard drive and i tried by right clicking on my c drive and pressing format and i get a message saying that i cant format the drive.i went on all kinds of help sites and eventually found out i can try to format from a windows xp start disk so i tried that and it wont let me delete the partition .i am at wits end with this and if i dont get it the way i want it soon my foot may go through it . thanks for all your help!! : )

A:cant format my c drive

4GB is too small for Windows XP. Just the OS requires 1.5GB. If you install a few programs you're going to be out of space fast. I would also suspect that if that's the hard drive that came with the system, it's generally underpowered (processor, memory, etc.).

If you really want to try, boot from the XP CD, delete all partitions, and create a new one. If this doesn't work, provide specifics on what error message you receive.

You can't format the hard drive from within Windows. That's like digging a hole under the ground you're standing on. Can't be done.

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I am having virus problem, if i format the drive and then reload w2k professional, will it resolve the virus problem, if so how do I format the drive

A:how do I format the drive

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I have a pen drive which is 64GB kingston data traveler. I am using Windows Vista.When i tried to format it it shows a message
"Windows was unable to format the disk."
i can't understand how can i format my pendrive.
kindly help me to format it, and if possible that somebody know the software to format.

A:How to format a pen drive?

Try using this to format it :- http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/330a/HP_USB_Boot_Utility.exe

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hi all again...
i have a problem...
i have windows 7 installed on E drive and my C drive contains old vista...
now i want to delete vista and want to format c drive...
when i start win7 and try to format C drive by right clicking on it...it says "windows was unable to complete the format"
please help me....i want to format it,... i need some space in my pc urgently
make sure that my dvd drive is not working
thanks all...

A:not able to format C drive !!!

Download Gparted, burn to a cd/dvd and boot from the disc, and then format the drive
GParted -- Welcome

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Hello tech heads,

Perhaps someone here can help me.

I have a PIII running XP. I have the disc. I used to run Windows 98 and also have this disc and boot disc.

I want to format my "C" drive and re-install XP. I understand formating wipes my hard drive clean and i will lose all my data. I have tried using the boot disc that came with windows 98 but it will not allow me to format because "the volume is being used by another program" :...That is meaningless to me.

Is there a way to do a clean install? It says on the box of XP that I must have a previous version of windows installed to be able to install XP. If this is the case I can install 98 first then XP.

So, how does one format "C" drive then start the installation of the operating system?

May you never step in camel dung.

Any advice gratefully accepted

A:Format "C" drive

Hi Constantine to BCHere is an excellent tutorial on to do what you wish to do. Give it a read and if you have any questions, just ask.http://www.blackviper.com/Articles/OS/Inst...tallxphome1.htmMay the camel of your father's father not also be the camel of your mother's father.

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I have a home pc dell dimension 2400 its a few years old but was working fine until a month or so ago, started shutting down or freezing at different times. My son had got his mate to put in extra ram about a year ago and was a marked improvement. anyway his mate had a look at it for us and said he would have to reinstall the os. now when I switch it on it asks what operating system I want to start with and gives 2 versions of win xp pro, which is bugging me plus the picture on the monitor is absolutely massive. I went into display settings but it wont let me move the slider above 640 pixels.
I've been reading a bit about xp here before I registered and am confident enough now to think I can perform some of the tasks people have posted about. Here's what I would like to do
I'd like to format my C drive (to getrid of the 2 versions ofxp) and reinstall xp and get the picture working properly.
when reinstalling xp is there any common issues people come up against that I need to know about.
Thanks in advance for all the help

A:win xp format drive?

Restoring to Dell factory settingshttp://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...toggle=&dl=Your other problem was the video driverDrivers for your model:http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...tid=&impid=

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I have had problems with my Windows 7, which is shown in this part of the forum, so I want to fully format my hard drive to start over.

I have been told by a seasoned software professional with over 40 years experience, who states that this has something to do with a Windows 7 update due to the fact this problem is only recently happening to me, to format via command prompt but the system will not let me format the partition.

"System partition is not allowed to be formated."
Contacting Microsoft directly has proven useless and it seems I am not the only person complaining about this very same problem.

Since end of November 2015 my Administrator privileges are no longer sufficient to play games and an account called Administrator now shows on the log in screen, which I did not activate nor can it be deleted or protected by password.

The games I want to play installed fine and played fine until the end of November 2015, this Administrator account was never before seen on my log in screen before November 2015.

Event logs show no reference to Administraor log in except on 2 occasions when I logged into the account myself to see if I could delete it or create a password..

Can anyone help?

A:Cannot format C Drive.

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hi ..i wanted to get help. i am not able to format my C drive which initially had VISTA and now i have installed windows 7 in d drive ... i want to format my c drive .. i am not able to do that coz my lenovo x 61 doesnt have a cd drive so that i can boot up from the Xp or vista cd and format the c drive .. also . i am not able to boot from my USB flash drive and my external harddisk ,,i dont knw i found several sotwares online and some forums that told me how to make ur flash drive work i ve certainly not got help from any of them
can anyone help me FORMAT my C drive ... windows cant format it as m running windows 7 ..it shows that c drive is primary and i have another drive thats hidden thats 6 giga .. that has some inbuilt data recovery thingy ... i want my c drive all clean ...so that i can save my files in it ... i dont knw nothings getting booted up from flash drive .. is their any commands in Dos or Cmd that cn format the drive
pls help

A:Cant format c drive

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I have 3 HDD partitions, C,D and E
Yesterday my Windows got covered with High Risked Trojans, KeyLoggers and Spywares. Then i decided to install a fresh copy of windows.
i installed windows 7 on my E drive without any installation disk (As i don't have any DVD/CD Rom). Now there are two windows 7 in my HDD, One in Drive C and other in Drive E. Now i want to format drive C because its not usable now. Bt whenever i format it, it says "Windows was unable to complete the format".
Please Guys help me, how can i format this drive now? also if there are any softwares that formats drives , please let me know.

A:How can i format this drive now!?

Hi Dartz and welcome to the Forum.
You don't say how you installed the new copy of Windows 7. Were you running any A/V, Malware, protection when you got infected? How do you know the "E" partition is clean? Your specs show you have a very small hard drive. What size are the four partitions?

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Hi folks, ​
I am in real trouble, i can't worked it out. My pc was working fine. Suddenly without reason while i was trying to access into my d drive which is not my windows deive is asking to format. It is not external, an internal one!!?? Very strange to me. Never happened in my life. What i am thinking may be somerthing changed in registry? If anyone can help me on this topic i would appreciate that.​

|Thanks ​

A:Drive asking to format

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which format does usb flash drive need to be?
I like to install bootloader in this pendrive.

A:format usb drive

Did some sedarching for your question and found this article on tech republic web site click or type the attached url : Configure a USB flash drive for Windows 7 installation: Revisited | TechRepublic


USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Hope this helps.

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I just got an A31 (2652 J3U) from an IT guy who thought he was helping me by installing Tiny XP, a smaller, quicker version of XP, this OS is useless, so I want to install my legal XP Pro Corporate SP1, but I get a mesage that I cannot install it because my version is older than the Tiny XP currently on my A31. I assume that I will have to format my "C" drive then begin from scratch. I am not much of a techie, a newbie on the A31, so can you explain to me in simple point form how to format the "C" drive on my A31? I assume after the formatting that I will start my machine using F12, then select the CD as the first boot hardware, then the XP Pro install window ought to open up automatically from which I can begin the install process. I also got all the drivers  for this A31 model from the Lenovo site, assume that I will install those after installing XP Pro, then install all my security software, then install all the updates from Microsoft. Am I on the right track? Will this work? Thanks, Ken.

A:Format A31 "C" Drive

Any XP installation disk should have the ability to format the drive as a part of the installation process.

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Basically, I tried to reformat my verbatim 2GB USB drive from NTFS to NTFS by right-clicking it from my computer and using the format option on Windows Vista. For some reason, a popup message showed up after a while that stated that windows was unable to complete the formatting.

So, I went to Disk Management and tried to format it again. This time i noticed my usb changed from NTFS to RAW. I chose the formatting option in Disk Management and the formatting still failed, the same popup message showed up stating that windows was unable to complete the formatting.

Is there anyway I can format my usb? Is there anyway i can format from RAW to NTFS on vista?

A:Cannot Format USB Drive

It sounds as though either the drive or the USB caddy is faulty.

Do you really mean 2Gb???? That implies that someone has tried to format a FAT16 partition on that drive.
Open the DISK manager and look for your drive.

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Ok recently I bought a new hard drive for my PC. I installed Windows 7, and named the new hard drive N. The old hard drive kept its old name: C. Right now, the operating system is in N. Nevertheless, when I try to format the C drive, the computer doesn't let me, giving away the message: "Windows was unable to complete the format". In Disk Management, the option "Format" is not even available. What can I do?? What's happening?

A:Format an old C drive

When you boot to the newly installed Windows 7 its partition is given the drive letter N? I thought that with Vista and Windows 7 the partition containing the booted system is always designated C.

The problem with formatting the "C" partition may be that it contains the Master Boot Record.

How about explaining exactly how you installed Windows 7 and attach a screen shot of the Disk Management window. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

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Hi to all. Have Windows XP Prof (legal!) Everything is on my 40gb C: drive!
However I have a second hard drive D: drive 60gb which I keep movies, spare program and junk on!
I have moved or deleted everything from my D: drive and want to format it before I start using it again!
It wont let me! It says : "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disc utilities or programs that are using this drive and make sure that no Windows is displaying the contents of this drive, then try formating again"
I have checked everywhere and nothing shows on D: drive!
Any help please?

A:format D:drive !

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I have an external hard drive which I want to format in the FAT-32 mode, which I believe is necessary in order to use it as a source of audio files for my car stereo, which has a USB input (I'd be using an AC inverter to power it).

Can anyone give me any pointers on this?

Thank you,


A:How to format a drive in FAT-32?

just format the drive through disk management. You can format it as fat 32 there.

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