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Counting Age Groups in an Access Report

Q: Counting Age Groups in an Access Report

I have a database for a senior center membership. Members are from a number of area towns. I am trying to write a report showing the demographics by town. ie gender, age etc. I have grouped a count of members by town, and now I want break that down by age groups. It would look something like this:
ANYTOWN 50-60 60-70 70+
members = 20 10 5 5

members = 10 3 3 4


I found a function on line that will compute ages from DOB and assign them to age groups. I use this function in a query that gives me the demographic info I'm looking for, including a column named "AgeGrps" My problem is "How do I get a count of each age group by town in the format shown above?" Any help will be greatly appreciated

Preferred Solution: Counting Age Groups in an Access Report

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A: Counting Age Groups in an Access Report

Ron, it may take 2 queries to do this, one to put them in to the age groups and then a second one to Group and count them by Town. Or you could possibly use a Crosstab to do the Grouping and Counting.

Can you post a zipped Access 2000-2003 copy of the Database for us to look at?

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I have a report with students
I have grouped them by age and now I want to count the number of males and the number of females and have it show on the report

A:Access 2000: counting in a report

I removed your extra post and renamed this one. Next time, you can EDIT this one using the Thread Tools dropdown.

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Hi. Lets say that i have a table that contains check boxes. My report lists all the checkboxes, and down in the page footer, I want to have a text box that counts the number of checked boxes. My checkbox name is called checkbox and i've tried many variations of =Sum and =Count and can't seem to get it to work. My textbox always ends up showing =Error when I run the report. Any suggestions?


A:Counting Checkboxes in Access Report

Have you tried this variation?


The problem with this is that you probably want a total just for the page in question. Access doesn't do this without a little more complexity than you might expect, but it does do it. This article from MS shows you how it works:

ACC2000: How to Create Page Totals on a Report

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I have an access report that I am having trouble formatting. I have a field of 13 characters and I want them grouped by the first 9 characters so that there is a line once the first 9 characters changes.

For example: If the data shows AAA AA AA.AA, then the next line is AAA AA AA.AB, I want there to be a bold line inbetween those rows on the report so it is easier to see when the sections change.

Is there any way to do that?

Thank you!

A:Solved: Add formatting to groups in Access report?

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Can anyone tell me how I reduce the line spacing in a group in reports. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Access 2007 report formatting in groups

Report Line Spacing is literally controlled by the layout on the Report, so reduce any space between lines and from the "Group Header & Footer".

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Hi all,

This summer I designed an Access 2003 database that tracked volunteers for an organization.

They've asked if they could create a report that provides a list of how many volunteers they had in a given period. They only want to count the person no matter how many sessions they've volunteered during the time period.

I've thought about grouping by Unique_ID and then counting the groups, but that leaves me with the question of what to display on the report. Also, I'd like to be able to display the inputted date range (obtained from the query) on the report, if possible.

any ideas on how to accomplish this?


A:Report Counting Volunteers

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Hi everybody,
ATA V. 1.9.7312.32791 - fresh install, no update
Just recently installed Microsoft's ATA. I only use lightweight deployment option for ata gateways on every domain controller available, no other ata gateways in use. So for my understanding I don't need any configuration of event forwarding since the lightweight
gateways are able to read any event locally.

I am not able to get a report about modifications of sensitive groups, it's greyed out. An informational message below it says: "No modifications of sensitive groups were observed, make sure that events forwarding is properly configured."
I changed many things about my sensitive groups for testing purpose btw.
Any hints?

Thanks, regards, tim

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I have what I hope is a simple issue in Access. I have a simple set of results of targeted email campaigns. I have a Access report grouped by Salesperson and within that group, each email recipient is listed with an indication of whether or not that person opened our email. Such as:
Smith, George Opened
Smith, John Opened
Smith, Sarah Not Opened.

I am looking for the proper function/syntax to count the total number of "Opened" messages in each group. I've tried a DCount function, but haven't gotten it to work. I know I can work with a count in a query, but I'm interested to see if I can do this right in the report and learn something new regarding functions.

A:Conditional Counting in Access

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I assume I need to use SQL. I know how to access a specific database and find the record count. Does anyone know how I access the MS Access DB and know how many tables are in that database? I need to export this count so another programming language (autoit) can pick it up.

A:Counting tables in a MS Access DB

If you can get record count, you can get table count.

dim db as database
set db = currentdb
debug.print db.tabledefs.count

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i have an access file that has two tables. one table lists all the foremen and the other has the inspections. i want to print a report that shows how many inspections each foreman has. some foremen will not have any inspections. the two tables are linked together already.

A:counting records in access

If the inspection table has the field references the foreman, then use the following select statement.
select foreman,count(foreman) from inspection table group by foreman

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I have a need to count the number of employees that are assigned to an associate director. I have them identified in the Employee Info Table as Associate Director ID = 24 and 9. On a form called frmDirectors Report Date, I have a choice to pick which Director, then the printer function calls the report and subsequent query to limit the data. One calculation on the report need to know how many employees in total are assigned to the selected director in a calc that figures average employee hours. I cannot figure out how to add the count to the existing query or any other way of approaching this issue. HELP. I have included the MDB for reference.

A:Counting Records In Access

I have already answered this question on your previous thread.

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I have a table with about a dozen Yes/No boxes. The Table has a column for each Yes/No choice. Each user will go to a form with 12 choices and can click from 1 to 12 choices. I would like to be able to have a report for each user that will show the number of selections.

User #1 picks 4 of 12, User #2 picks 8 of 12, and User #3 picks 12 of 12.
I would then like to be able to run a report that looks at at each row in the table and counts how many "yes" then divides that by the number of choices and displays a percentage.

Output on form would be something like:
User #1: 33%
User #2: 67%
User #3: 100%

What would be the best way to perform this task with me stating that my Access 2007 skills are in the beginner stages? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


A:Counting Yes/No Boxes in Access 2007

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I am trying to use "Count" to count each individual record in a Query. I only have 25 records in the database so far, and each time I run the query record #2 counts as "5". Everything else shows a "1". I have looked at my table setup, and all the records are set up just alike. I can't figure out what's wrong.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Help counting records in Access Query

What kind of query? A Totals Query I hope?
What field are you "counting"?
Are you SURE it's record #2 and not 5 records for that field?

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Access 2000, Windows XP OS

I need to sort records in groups using the fields:

1/5/05, LCD-Pro, LAB 101, JONES,

and get a count for the equipment used in the location field and a count of the equipment used by each instructor. In other words what I need to know is

1. How many LCDs were used in LAB101 between 1/1/04 and now.
2. How many LCDa did Instructor JONES use between 1/1/04 and now

The DATE-OUT field has records from 1/1/02 thru 6/9/05, I need to use all the records from 1/1/04 to now. I tried using >12/31/03 in the criteria box, but when I use the group by for the LOCATION and INSTRUCTOR I get separate dates. I just need the date range not each date. They need to be sorted by EQUIPMENT, which only matches any reference to LCD in the field and they need to be grouped by LOCATION, and INSTRUCTOR. When I use group by for the two fields LOCATION and INSTRUCTOR I get nothing. Please help. Thanks.

A:Access Grouping and counting records

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Hi there,

I have a query that currently displays all data from certain fields in my database when I run the query.

One of those fields in the query is 'Date' another field is 'Name of student' and the other is 'description of duty'. What this is showing is on a particular date, what students have to do which duties around the school.

I need to create another field in the query which will count the number of students doing a particular duty on a certain date.

So for example:
On the 28/11/2011, there are 5 students doing the duty of cleaning up the common room.

Currently when I run the query this is shown as a date in one field, the duty in another field and the students doing the duty in yet another field.

What I want is another field called 'number of students doing duty' which would show (for the example I gave before) the number 5.

Any help ASAP would be appreciated.

A:Record counting in Access 2007

madbull94, welcome to the Forum.
This sounds a bit like School or College course work to me.
This may take more than one query to do what you want, one query to Group the Date and Duty and then a second query based on the first query with the original table added and linked via the Date & Duty fields to count the number of Students.

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Dears,I have designed a database with many reports of certain importance. basically a report in my DB is one of two types; a Daily Report (requires a single criteria which is the date) and the second is a History report. To view or print a report, I have designed a Filter form to fill in with the report criteria and clicking a button to open the report.The first type (Daily R) work fine without problems. The second type (History R)has a problem. In this report, the criteria are two or three because a history report will retrieve data within a period, so I have to input (FromDate) and (ToDate)and may be adding another criteria which is called a company.In all history reports, the report header will accomodate the two input values of date and extract the rest of report items into the reprot detail area.The problem is, the desigened system doesnot respond well as expected. When I load the filter form to fill in criteria for a history report, I have input the FromDate and ToDate and selected the third criteria (if any), then, the reprot opens without data in it.on the other hand, I tried to load the report directly form opening it, inputing criteria, and it has worked fine without probelms.Would someone expect a key reason for this problem or dirtecly can solve this problem?Appreciate youtr support.Thanks in Advance.mhegazy

A:Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

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Is there a way to count the number of times a certain character appears in a string in access?

I have a field in Access containing the following string: "1_2_3_4_5_6".

I want to know how many times "_" appears in the string.

I tried:

count(instr(fieldname, "_"))

but that doesn't work.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Counting # of characters in string in Access

You can use VBA

vArray = Split(vString, "_")

vCount = UBound(vArray) - LBound(vArray)
where vString is your string variable

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I have a report, with 3 sub-reports in. It collects all the data for a particular SiteID. in Each of the sub-reports, there is a cost value. One for Hardware, one for Mobiles, and one for Phone lines. I have fields at the top of report which reflects the values and totals them up. Works great, except:
When i have a SiteID with one of the subforms being empty; i.e no mobiles on the site it displays fine in the report view, but when i go to print or publish as a pdf it strips out the subform with no value, and throws an error in my calculation. I need the calculation there, which means i need it to stop striping out the subform with no value. I however cannot see how to do this...its just bugging me, its fine inthe report view, just when you send it to print.

Would grateful for some help,

Thanks Mike

A:Solved: Access Report removing sub-report when printing etc.

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Not totally sure how to explain my problem, so I will start by explaining my goal:

I'm trying to add a new report to an existing database (the creator left the company, leaving no one who knows how to use Access). I've learned a lot, mostly how to mimic the existing items, and have managed to create a few queries and reports on my own...but this one has got me.

I have a "template" Excel workbook which I load into the database using a macro I wrote. It creates two tables, one for a "running total" (this is for a monthly report) and one "temporary" table which I reference for month-to-date stuff (year-to-date queries/reports reference the actual database's table).

This template consists of columns containing our companies divisions, each row capturing a specific transaction processed by that division, and a column identifying whether that transaction was "late" (via ones and zeros). See below mock-up for an example:

The goal is to use this imported data to populate a report, summarizing each divisions performance with a column for each specific transaction as exampled in the following picture:

I'm able to create queries that capture the number of transactions per division...but I'm having trouble translating the queries into a report. After trying for a few hours, I achieved the following:

But I'm guessing I need to build a query that can create a separate column for each transaction type? Or is t... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003: Grouping and counting for reports

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Is it possible to make Access put the text of the option selected in an option group in the table instead of the value? eg. options in an option group are Awaiting and Decision, when a user checks one of these on a form the word 'Awaiting' or 'Decision' is inserted in the relevant field on the table instead of 1 or 2


A:Option Groups in Access

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screenshot of irregularity"the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" displays simultaneously with an untitled notepad when clicking user groups in control panel. WHY?

A:can't access user groups - winXP pro

Interesting. Are you trying to access the groups with a user account or an administrator account?

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In Yahoo groups, I can't access adult groups in the UK or USA, although a small number in other countries appear under REGIONAL when I go through the browse groups menus. In general, the headings appear, but not the groups. I _definitely_ have the safesearch under general search options set to "off, do no filter adult content" and I cannot find any similar group-specific safe-search option. I am a member of a couple of adult groups, and these appear on my "my groups" page and I can access them OK. But if I seach for adult groups, the headings appear, but no actual groups. I am puzzled and would wecome any suggestions!
Many thanks

A:Yahoo - Can't Access Uk/usa Adult Groups

easy thing to try , control panel>add remove programs>remove yahoo messenger. go to yahoo site, http://www.yahoo.com/are you using version 7.0 or 7.5 (access this by selecting help>about) ?download the newest version (not ever a beta) and re-install. se if this helps first.generally, from what i assume your surfing habits would be like, sites from which i (again assume) you browse contain a ot of spyware and adware and have been known to corrupt, files,programs,reg keys. please try this first. and i suggest running an "adware, spybot" scan for malicious softare detection. you can download these from here----- www.download.comdave

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I have got into a bit of a pickle. I am setting up a lappy for a local charity. We have four users. 1. Admin and three standard users, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. I want to allow full access to some programs, folders and files for say two of the standard users and deny access to the third. Different programs will have different users having access. I have created one user Group and added two of the users but the third user still has access. If i deny access to that user it denies access to the other two. I have gone wrong somewhere. Is anyone prepared to help me out of this pickle please?
P.S. IThe lappy has Win 7 Professional installed so can handle "User Groups"!

A:Allow or Deny access to user groups.

It works as expected for me:

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I have data that I need to do a count. I need to get a total count for each deployed location. I also need the qty field which lists 1 of 7, 2 of 7, etc..... is there any way to get this to do this in Access.

I basically get a list of displays that are assigned to stores. But I need to know how many displays at each store and the count # for each item. (it does not matter what order for counting each display, as long as they are counted for a store)
Store 1 has 3 displays this is how it's listed out in my table (with other data about each display)

store 1 display a
store 1 display b
store 1 display c

so i need

store 1 display a 3 1 of 3
store 1 display b 3 2 of 3
store 1 display c 3 3 of 3

A:Access count items in groups

As far as I can see you can't do this with one query unless it has subqueries.
So initially I would create a query with a Group by Store and Sum the table's ID field to get an overall count ( the 3 in your description).
I would then have a second query that uses the first for the total and the second query counts the occurrences up to the 3.

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I am trying to implement security for the database I have created.

Obviously, for the admin user, I wanted to make it so that this user can have complete control over everything (editing, deleting, and designing). How do I ensure that this is set?

I wanted to make it so that the user accounts can enter information, but that theres no way to edit that information in the tables or forms once it is entered. How can I set this level of security?

I have used the wizard, and set everything so I thought it would implement these things, however when I logged in as Secretary (limited user level) it still let me change monetary amounts in the table unit payments.

A:Access Security User Groups

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I am having a hard time getting my mind around this so I will try and be clear with what I am trying to accomplish. I need to get a total of the hours for each InsCode per week. I then need to put that information in a report that shows the totals for one month. Only one group is showing in my example but there could be 10 or more.

Here is a visual of the query

I know that I can group and total data in the report but I need to have the Insurance Codes grouped and totaled first in the query (I think) before I can do the weekly grouping in the report.

Here is a visual of the Report

Any ideas?

[Edited by Talismanic on 05-17-2001 at 10:37 AM]

A:Access - Totaling groups in a query?

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I am using Access 2003 and want to put the file (database) name and the report name in the footer of my report. I'm using =CurrentProject.Name as the control source in a text box of the footer to get the file name. Is there a command I can use to add the report name?

A:Add report name in Access report footer

Hi Trilby

You could try this:

In the VBA code module (Class Module) for your report write a simple function (I've called it Get_Report_Name in my example):

Private Function Get_Report_Name() As String

Get_Report_Name = Me.NAME

End Function

In your report footer: add a text box at the position where you want to display the report name. In the Control Source property for the new text box enter: =Get_Report_Name()

This should display the report name when the report is run.


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I have a very simple data base 3 tables

Product table with 2 fields productid and productdescription

Sale1 is the basic information of a sale invoice number and who items are sold to

Sale2 is the details and shows qty , item, price, and GST charged if any (some people or organizations are tax exempt so it becomes zero.

I've got my form and subform to run correctly

I've got my report to print all items correctly but I can't total the value

the line value for each item is a textbox

=Sum([QTY] * [Saleprice])*([GST])+([QTY] * [Saleprice])

This does return the correct value for that line item.

HOW can I correctly total the sum of all items into the reporrt footer???

HELP please the sale is tomorrow through Sunday.

A:Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

Add a duplicate of your current calculating field and set it's "Running Sum" (under data tab) to yes overall.
Then in the footer use the new field as the totals Control Source.

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Exchange 2000 relies on Microsoft Windows 2000 groups and the Microsoft Active Directory directory service for both access control and distribution tasks. Familiarize yourself with the differences between Windows 2000 groups, distribution lists in Exchange Server 5.5 and earlier, and Microsoft Windows NT groups in this article. With careful planning, you can migrate your existing Exchange distribution lists to the corresponding Windows 2000 groups, while retaining their functionality

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Minimum Requirements - Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader




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Can anyone help please? I keep thinking that this should be simple and am I just missing something From the example attached, each group of records with the same shelfmark needs to have at least one record with an Ord Status of SV.
How do I find a group or groups with the same shelfmark (5678.000000 in this case) that doesn’t have at least one SV Ord Status against any of its records?

A:Solved: Filtering out specific groups of records on Access 2003

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Hi Guys
I am trying to open the Local Users & Groups on my Computer Mangement option. There is a red cross on it, and when I double click it I get the error
message,'Unable to access the Computer. Unspecified error.'
My computer runs Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3 and I am the Administrator of this computer.

Any help please from you good people?



A:Unable to access Local Users & Groups from Administrative Tools

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I'm trying to determine if one can use a mail enabled security group setup with mailbox access rights to a Generic Mailbox. The system is Windows 2003 server.

What I'm thinking is to grant mailbox access to the security group and then the members of that group would have the access inherreted from the group.
I've tried to test this, but only get the unable to expand folder error in outlook. I'm wondering if this is because it does not work, or if it is a delay in replication of the change across the servers in the domain.

Am I way of the mark or is this doable?

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I can sign into my Yahoo groups account but can only see the first page of groups (I belong to about 70 groups). When I click on "View all Groups" I get the following message:
"We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request at this time.

If you continue to receive this error for more than 48 hours, please contact our Customer Support staff. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I have tried from various workststations(home and at work), made sure cookies were turned on, dropped the firewall, etc. I even went to the lost groups locator utility, no result.

Yahoo tech support does not respond, I have tried many times in the last two months (I got what I paid for).

Any ideas?

A:Yahoo groups error can't view all groups

it's Yahoo,

there tech support are disgusting, I had major problems with one of the groups I run and you camn log a call but dont expect an answer !

example of an OXYMORON

TEch Support
Customer services

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I need to read and update a table that has thousands of records in it with multiple record types that need to be grouped. It's an EDI style format. The problem is I can't find a unique value to tie all of the record types together - so I'm thinking I'll just create a unique value for each group of records. Below is an example of the records. I'd like to create a unique ID for each group of Rec_Type 10-95. I was thinking I'd need to create some VBA code that reads the table and just updates a new field that stores a group ID. Here's the english version
Pseaudo Code:
Set counter to 1
Read Table
if rec_type >=10 and rec_type <95 then
Group = Counter
Otherwise If rec_type = 95 Then
Group = Counter
Counter = Counter +1
Else Group = 0

Update Group field on record

Loop - read next record
While I understand how to create modules and how to create update queries, I'm a little fuzzy on how to create the VBA to read through a table and evaluate each record for updating an attribute in that record. Thanks in advance for your help.
ID Rec_Type AllText
1 1 03833
2 10 11201
3 20 77003
4 30 01770
5 31 01770
6 40 01770
7 41 01770
8 50 01770
9 60 01770
10 60 02770
11 70 01770
12 80 01770
13 90 77003
14 95 00000
15 10 13101
16 20 K1367
17 30 01K13
18 31 01K13
19 40 01K13
20 61 01K13
21 61 02K13
22 70 01K13
23 80 01K13
24 90 K1367
25 95 01615
26 99 03833
27 1 03833
28 10 11101 ... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003 VBA - Read and update a table to create record groups

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I've read postings from OBP, Cristobal and others about the down sides of OLE, how it bloats a database and so forth. With that under my belt, I nevertheless have a need to inlcude Word docs in the Reports created by my Access 2003 database.

The spec is as follows:

The application is to provide a sales quotation tool. Users will add a quote by choosing the customer, adding parts to the quote and choosing pricing mechanics, Thats all easy to do and in fact is nearly complete. The user can then, by selecting one or more tick boxes, choose from a range of pre-formatted product literature which will be included in the output quote that is created as a report (then spooled to PDF). The pre-formatted product literature content is not needed to be visible in the form.

The product lit files are Word docs.There are about 30 or so of these different Word docs and they are stored on a central server (same path for each doc), so I see no problem in having a table containing the filenames as text file names with full paths.

So, when the report is run, the quote is produced, with full pricing and ALSO with the chosen word documents in all of their glory.

What is the best way to do this? Can it even be done at all?

Suggestions on a post card!


A:Access 2003 : Word Docs inside an Access Report

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Currently I'm working on an Access XP survey database. In one of the surveys are 2 questions that require the ability to 'Allow Multiple Answers". I have all the questions set up in an Option Group, but am having a difficult time changing the 2 questions to accept multiple answers. Is this possible? If not, what would be your recommendation on how to change the form and or database to allow for this ability?


A:Need "Allow Multiple Answers" ability in Option Groups on Access Survey Form

TMet, Option Groups only allow 1 selection, you can either switch to a List box or use Unbound Check Boxes which will be controlled by VBA, but you would have to decide how to store the results and how to then redisplay them later.
Or Have bound Check boxes, one for each "optional" answer.

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Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

A:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.

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I have a date field on a report. The format of this field is going to change depend on how frequently a deposit is due. For payments due on a quarterly basis the date would need to be in the format of, "Q" and for monthly payments the format is, "MM" so that I will have either the quarter number of month number.


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Each record in my report has a score.
I am wanting to display the average of all record scores in my report header.

How do I go about this. Obviously I need to put a text box in the report header but I don't know how to build the expression.

A:Sum in an Access DB Report

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I am using Windows XP. When running a report requesting info from my access database, I enter the person's name and date range and it will list info entered for that person. If there is no data entered for that person, I just receive a blank sheet. I would like it to print the name and date range that I entered as parameters even if there is no data to report. Is there a way to do that? Thanks for your help.

A:Access Report

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hi all of you

I want to generate report via VBA, i run my query and get result in record set, but now i want to print all record set in report, in my code i got only last entry in report i mean it print only one record and that one is last record my code is
strQuery = "SELECT contract.Vendor_Name, contract.Date_Of_Receipts_Of_Contracts FROM Contract WHERE contract.Vendor_Name = '" & strVendorNameOOReport & "' AND DATEDIFF('d','" & B & "', contract.Date_Of_Receipts_Of_Contracts) > '10';" MsgBox strQuery Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(strQuery, dbOpenDynaset) rs.MoveFirst Do While Not rs.EOF Me.txtCRVendorName = rs.Fields(0) Me.txtCRDateReceiptcontract = rs.Fields(1) rs.MoveNext Loop rs.Close Set rs = Nothing please help me i don't know how to generate report in MS-Access

A:Report in Access

I am not sure why you wish to do this using VBA rather than just using a query.
But the conventional way to do so is to set the Report's Record Source to your strQuery.
The other technique is to use a QueryDef which you replace with your strQuery.

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I am trying to create a database for my company. I have a database that an employee will input the number of parts a certain employee will do. They have many different parts. I am trying to create a report that will calculate the sum of the parts that a person did. For example an employee will work on part 1 and get out 30 and he will later come back to part 1 and get out 60 the same employee will all so work on other parts through out the week. I have the report Separating by employee then by part then by date. I have a calculation but it is giving me the sum of all the parts and employee does for the week. And then a grand total. I would like it to calculate the total number of part 1 an employee does and then part 2 and so on. Can anyone help me? Please post any questions you may have as I might not have explained this well.

A:Access Report

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I am trying to create a complicated report in Access without much success. I am getting records repeated and am not sure how to prevent this. My database stores dates and the report (produced by clicking on Produce Key Dates Report, entering a date range, choosing by date and office and entering an office), pulls through the correct data but it is duplicated.

Please can someone have a look and let me know if you have any ideas?

A:Report in Access

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I am having trouble getting a report to run from a query with a parameter box. If you open the DB to the main menu, choose veiw/add coaching, and click on the Individual report button, enter 1000056255 - that is the desired result. Now, if you click on the Team report, and enter Team 1 (which matches the test record) - it returns no record. It should return all records in a report that matches the team name entered (which in this case would be just 1). Can anyone offer a solution?

A:Help With Access Report

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Does anyone know how to create controls (text boxes to be exact) on an Access Report at runtime? Is that possible and if so how?

A:Access Report

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