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Pc temperature increases - effect on room temperature

Q: Pc temperature increases - effect on room temperature

Can anyone confirm by how many degrees the room temperature would increase in an office if there were to be an increased number of PC's and Monitors?
I am assuming that this will be dependant on the size of the office, the temperature of the computers and the number of staff in the office.
Does an equation exist to work out the increase in temperature?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Pc temperature increases - effect on room temperature

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It is now getting pretty hot here in Korea so my room is getting warm too. How hot is too hot for the ambient temperature? Does it not matter as long as my computer isn't overheating? Is it the same for both laptops and desktops? I use my ultra thin laptop (like a ultrabook) to play Minecraft sometimes and it does get pretty warm to the touch on the keyboard in the summer when playing, but does that mean it's overheating?

A:How hot is too hot for ambient temperature in a room with a computer

Quote: Originally Posted by Computer0304

It is now getting pretty hot here in Korea so my room is getting warm too. How hot is too hot for the ambient temperature? Does it not matter as long as my computer isn't overheating? Is it the same for both laptops and desktops? I use my ultra thin laptop (like a ultrabook) to play Minecraft sometimes and it does get pretty warm to the touch on the keyboard in the summer when playing, but does that mean it's overheating?

I'll say something like 33?c/92?f start to raise the temps when in game or using hungry memory softwares. Better change the thermal paste on Desktop just before the hot days of summer. One can put a room fan too.

Also could be a good idea for a Laptop to have one of those cooler to put underneath.

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having just installed a zalman heatsink/CPU fan i've started looking into the temperatures inside my PC...

my CPU temperature goes from 38C to 45 C depending on if i have the CPU fan running or not,

my motherboard temperature goes from 43C to 48C likewise depending on the CPU fan... which is around 5C above the CPU temperature...

should this bother me?

(CPU athlon 1800, m/b ECS k7SEM)


A:motherboard temperature bigger than CPU temperature

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I have an AMD 955 CPU and ROG Crosshair III formula motherboard

When testing, I use both HWM Pro, AMD Overdrive and LCD Poster to watch out for the temps.

In both HWM Pro and LCD poster there is the CPU temperature showing.

I use AMD overdrive to look for Core temps...

The max temp is 62C...

Is that the max CPU temp or max CPU core temp???

While testing, Highest CPU temp was 53C (@3.8GHz, IntelBurn) and Core temp was 59C....

So which one shall I look out for?

A:Core temperature or CPU temperature?

''personally'' i watch the (CPU temp), the individual core temps fluctuate far too much for a constant temp reading.

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Software temperature monitor vs Hardware temperature monitor, which one give accurate temperature from overclocking and monitor your PC temperature?

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Hell Everyone...

Im Running Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit on my Acer Aspire Laptop which has a Core Duo T2350, 2GB of DDR2 RAM....

My CPU temperature when idle is around 60-65 degrees C. However, when i run any 3D programs or 3D games my CPU temperature jumps up to 85-92 Degrees C. is that normal, or should i get my laptop Checked out?? please help me out...


Extra Info.

Core Clock: 1862.24 MHz
Thorttle: 1862.24 MHz
FID: 14.0x
VID: 1.2625V

A:CPU Temperature!

Hello zombifier,
That does seem to be a bit hot, but in your part of the world its going to get hot.
I would clean all the vents and make sure the system fan is working OK.
Another option is to get a Laptop cool mat, this will reduce the temperature.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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my temperature for my computer is marked at 43'C 108'F is that normal for a windows XP home?


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Hello My City temperature is 48 C/ 119F.
And my room temperature is the same.

CPU Temperature is 72C/161F.
MB Temperature is 50C/122F.

I have 3 Simple Casing fans and 1 cpu heatsink fan.
So my question here is that if these temperatures can
have an affect on my computer? or any part of the computer?

Please also tells me how can I get solutions to any heat problem?

A:Is this Temperature enough for CPU?

Whoa, that seems way to hot and over time that can damage parts of your computer. IMO you should shoot to keep everything below 50c at the very least.

Have you checked to make sure your fans are blowing the right direction? Typcially you want air being pulled in from the front/sides and blown out through the back. You may want to upgrade to more powerful fans even thought hey tend to be somewhat loud.

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Hi my computer always freezes like 2min after i login to windows and in the biosthe cpu temperature is 64 is that bad and that could be the reason it might be freezing?

A:CPU Temperature

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The memory in my rig has a temperature around 48 degrees celsius on full load.

I've been searching around on the web but I couldnt seem to find any info or recommendations about temperature.

Should I start to worry and point a fan towards my memory sticks?

What's normal temperature of the RAM?

Will the last several years longer if I get the temp how many degrees down?

Thanks on forehand for any reply

A:Max temperature of RAM?

I don't think 48C is anything to worry about it that's the maximum. There is a rule of thumb about semiconductors, each 10C rise in temperature reduces the life by 1/2. However, I suspect that if the temperature normally runs in the 30's and only gets to 48C under full load, the RAM will outlive you.

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I have p5w dh deluxe and [email protected],7 and i'm using the ASUS Silent Square CPU Cooler ,and crucial [email protected] 4-4-4-12, and my cpu temp is 20c

everything running fine , also the games....
i don't know why my cpu temp 20???

anyone can help me?

A:cpu temperature

Well, 20c is quite cool actually.

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Hey guys, recently upgraded quite a bit of my pc, but still have lots of fans .

Usually my pc temperature of my CPU, motherboard are between 35 and 45 degrees and im sure this is normal. But in some cases after playing games the temperature rises to like 60 degrees for my CPU and usualy like 50 or 60 for my motherboard. I just really would like to know if this is ok or is it to high, and are there like any basic boundaries about whats too hot and whats too cold, cheers.

When i say degrees, i mean degrees celsius btw...

A:Temperature of Pc....

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What is the standard upper and lower control limits when setting up your CPU temperature controlers?

This is my current system:

Intel Pentium 4 511J

MotherBoard: ECS P4M800-M7 V3.1

Processor Temperature: 122° F
Main Board Temperature: 95° F

If you need more data please let me know.



A:CPU Temperature

122 degrees F is only 49 degrees Celcius, not that hot, a bit warm but ideal temp would be about 43 or less. And 95 F is only 35 C so that is no way too hot. Perfect for the motherboard in fact.

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My machine occasionally runs hot, is there anything I can do to correct this?
( temperature is so and so, past the critical stage ) What I've done in the past is simply shut it down. Operating Compaq Presario Windows XP Home edition. 2.07 gh AMD Athlon XP 1012 mb memory. Thanks. JimLord10

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Is there anyway to get the temperature of the GPU on my video card? I have a GeForce 6600 256MB 16x PCI express card.

A:GPU temperature

If it has a temp sensor it should show up in the nvidia control panel. If not you could try everest home edition. It has been discontinued but you can still get it at majorgeeks.com I think.

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Is a CPU temperature in the 70's with a max of about 85 too high for gaming when playing battlefield bad company 2.

I have a quad core i7 3630 cpu.

Will this high temperature damage my cpu? Should I be worried?

What kind of temperatures do you guys get?

A:CPU Temperature

Is this a desktop or laptop? If a desktop, what type of cpu cooler do you have installed?

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Hi i just bought and intalled all new parts: See below. I also did the auto overlock of 10 percent. My cpu now runs with a full load at 52 degrees C. Is this too high or am i alright.

Thank you
Amd 4200x2
Asus A8n Sli Premium
Geforce 7900 gt ko
2 x 512 mb ram and 1Gb ram for 2 gigs
600 watt xfinity Power supply
160 gb hard drive
windows xp home Ed.

A:Cpu Temperature

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Im still reletively new to this forum, and would like some general advice. My sister is currently at Uni and has a Desktop Pc with the following spec:

1.8GHz Processor, 80GB HDD, 1GB Ram and running Win XP Pro Sp2 on a ASUS Mainboard

Recently, it has started an awful occurance of halting after around 3 hours. There is no 'BSOD' and there seems to be nuthing to cause it to completly freeze. The only way to get it back is a reboot. I have checked the Temperature settings through the software released by ASUS for mainboard monitoring and, it seems the CPU is running slightly high @ Circa 40 Deg C. I do have another machine that is an exact match spec wise, and the CPU on this one sits around Circa 30 Deg C. In the offending PC, we do have an external chassis fan that is spinning at around 2900 RPM and we can feel that fan 'dragging' the air through the PC.

Im outa ideas. Can anyone help??


A:CPU Temperature

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I have a NVIDIA 6200 LE. My case has 2 120mm fans and one 80mm. I am using stock cpu fan. Everest shows that my gpu temperature is 60C/140C.
Is that normal? Any tips.
I haven't have a problem yet. it has been 3 days since I build this computer.

I havent overclocked anything. My CPU temperature is 33C and harddrive 81C.
I dont play any games.
Please help.

A:GPU temperature

Video cards run hotter,so that is still in the normal range.
CPU is good.
Your hard drive seems to be a bit hot.

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Hi nowadays my laptops touchpad warming so much. Then i installed everest and looked for temperature;

So is my temperatures OK?

A:Is my temperature's OK?

Your temps look fine ... Laptops are notorious for their heat buildup.. You may want to get a cooling pad and see if that helps..

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Can someone take a look at this.. are these temperatures normal?

Sorry if im over reacting a bit but i saw the flame sign and just used my common sense..

A:PC temperature

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Greeting forum,I have recently purchased this laptop with the intent to game from time to time. The issue i'm having is that the CPU temperature in idle-surfing fluctuates from about 40-60C which as far as i've read is normal. However the moment i start playing games like Xcom-2 or Fallout 4(which admitedly are CPU intesive), the temperature jumps to about 80-85ish. Room temperature 25C, using a E-Prance x4 Cooler. So i'm wondering if that is an acceptable temperature for gaming? Thank you in advance.

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I am not crazy! I was somewhere in the settings and saw an actual temperature! Not sure if it was the video card or the CPU, but something was 49 degrees I think. Now I cannot find it again to save my soul!! Anyone know where I was?

A:Where Did I See That Temperature?!

It could have been a s.m.a.r.t. system on one of your hard drives.

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Ok..i play this game and like 5 mins after i start it my computer restarts itself so i go to setup and it says that there is a problem in the hardware monitor and when i go there the cpu temperature is higlighted in red

A:CPU Temperature..HELP!

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I just built a new AMD system for the first time. Here's what I have then i'll get to my question: Asus A7N8X2.0 Deluxe motherboard, AMD XP Athlon 3000 with a thermaltake k7 volcano 11+ xaser edition fan for the cpu , 1024MB of kingston hyperx pc2700 ram, aspire 500W atx dual fan power supply, sound blaster audigy 2 platinum, dvd rom, cdr/rw rom, floppy drive, and a thermaltake xaser 3 super tower with 7 fans and fan control monitor/controller. Okay here's my question is the cpu temperature i'm getting good or bad or what should it be at? asus monitor says cpu temp 45C/113F but the thermaltake connector which I connected under the cpu says 57.6c/136.1F are these temps god or bad? The fan has adjustable speed control and I have the other 7 fans on high. If I let the cpu decide and just hook the connectors into it the fan is running at 4800 rpm's all the time and it sounds like my vaccuum really loud. Help please I don't want to destroy the computer since I just put it togeather.

A:CPU temperature ?

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Uh. Help? every time I look at my PC health status, the CPU temperature has raised. Just now, it was at 201 degrees F. -Any idea on how to lower the temperature?

A:CPU Temperature

Assuming the temperature reading is accurate, 94 degrees C means your CPU is in danger of dying. You should open the side of your case and verify the CPU fan is turning, and verify the heatsink hasn't fallen off the CPU .

Let us know and we will help with fixing the problem.

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Today, i just went into BIOS for some reason and checked the CPU temperature. It averaged about 51 degrees. I think this is way too hot since the Intel guide recommends a maximum temperature of 38 degrees. What do you think is the problem?

A:Is my CPU temperature too hot?

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I have the system thats below in my signature, and I was wondering what the temperature of the CPU and other parts are. I've tried downloading free programs, but it hasn't been working. I am using windows vista home premium, and I was wondering if a; there is a built in program to check the temperatures or b; if there is a good free one I can use with vista.

Thanks! I'm wanting to know how well my case is keeping everything cool...so in the future I can overclock!

A:How can I tell the temperature?

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i installed the Motherboard monitor 5, and it reads my case temp = 45deg, chipset = 40deg, CPU = 60deg. u reckon my CPU temp is too high? how to lower it? currently i only have 1 fan at the rear n a big fan facing down from the PSU. u guys reckon i should get a new casing(P180 antec) or get a cooler (Thermaltake Big Thypoon)??

A:CPU temperature

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Hi everyone.

I just got a new computer and I have downloaded PC Wizard 2007 to check the temperatures (I had an overheating problem on my old one).
This is the result: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/799/temperaturesxf9.jpg
(This is at mostly idle ... just a few IE windows open, Winamp etc.)

When I am playing games the Core temperatures go to 80-90C which I am guessing is way too much but the Processor (and Motherboeard) temp stays at 55-60C during that time. Also, the computer keeps behaving normally (no lag, programs launch quickly etc.)

So, which temperature should I keep an eye on ? Core or Processor ?
And why are Core temperatures so high ?
Another question is about the 12V Voltage that seems low but I have no idea what to do to up it to arount 12V ?

My system specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ - 3,0 GHz
NVidia nForce 590 SLI
Double NVIDIAŽ GeForce? 8800 GTX - 768 Mo, SLI
2 Mb RAM

Thanks for your help.

A:CPU temperature

Did you try downloading some other tools, like Everest or speedfan, I prefer speedfan because its pretty quick.

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Hi I have just built me a new pc and every now and again the computer will freeze completely, I cannot do anything so I have to tune it off at the mains. I was wondering if it as anything to do with the CPU Temperature

The temputers are taken from SpeedFan Software:

core0: 65c
core1: 68c
core2: 71c [B]CPU : 52C
core3: 72c

The current CPU fan is the retail one

A:CPU Temperature Help !!

Where is the prescribed info?

What computer?
What CPU?
What, what what?

Do what you're supposed to do if you want help.

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Can u tell me a good program for monitoring my hd temperature/cpu/graphic card etc?

I have speedfan.Anything else?

A:Pc temperature

Everest is a good program you should try... its free for home edition www.lavalys.com

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I know that the temp sensor doesn't read the actual temp. of a cpu since it doesn't touch.My question is--What is the maximum safe temp. for a socket a processor? Mine has read up to 119*f.Is that too bad?

A:cpu temperature

My k6-3 gets as high as 130 with no probs. Your OK there !

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I have a AMD 64 bit 3200+ and when i turn on my computer to check the CPU temperature its already at about 62 degree celcius. 62?!?!??! thats insane? i check my case temperature read out one one of my cd rom bays and it says the case temp is 24 C. which is pretty damn good. I was wondering is 62 degrees Celcius what the 64's are suppose to run at? also after leaving computer on/gaming it never gets higher than 67 degrees celcius.
I have a MSI MS-6702 K8t Neo motherboard. room stays cool and (since i bought the computer from a manufacturer) i assume the CPU was installed right.
Any info guys?

A:AMD 64 bit temperature?

62C at rest is a bit warm. Although it's not terribly out of spec with a athlon 64 with a stock heatsink.. If your planning on heavy gaming with that machine you may wish to invest in some better cooling equipment and paste..

AMD's white papers on the athlon 64's list normal operating temps 60C-65C..

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PC WIZARD 2004 shows:

Mainboard Sensors, Processor & Hard Disk (voltage, temperature, fans)
It ranges from 36c to 38c. But there is no help file to say if this high, low or OK.
Is that temp too high, just right or ???





You can rest easy my friend, those temps are excellent. Another factor you may want to look at is the temps under load or while doing a task that places stress on the computer. However, with your current temps, would guess that will be O.K. also.

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Hi I just built a computer for my friend.

I used a micro ATX motherboard (MSI K72NMG), which by the way is one of the best motherboards ive ever used.

put in a 333mhz AMD XP 3000+ and pc2700 512mb memory which i synchronized to a 1:1 ratio (cpu to memory).

I put all this great stuff in a nice gaming case, the GAURDIAN (http://www.atxcases.com/Cases/gaurdian.htm), and seem to have pretty good airflow.

Tell me if I have this airflow right - the fan on the side panel is an exhaust (sucking out hair), I then have to back fans (exhaust) which are vented toward the heatsink (in order to suck air directly from there). Then one fan in the front INTAKE, blowing in air. I think it is all working out pretty well,

i coulldn't believe the results on this thing!

CPU TEMP FULL LOAD.. no higher than 36 C

I used a COOLJAG heatsink with a 60mm fan blowing at 4400 RPM, copper base, and arctic silver 5 thermal paste.
I am jealous of my friends computer because my computer is usually around CPU TEMP 47 or 48 C, and thats on IDLE! reaches about 56C full load. It is not using arctic silver 5, but it is using some kind of thermal paste, so I have no idea why its so much hotter than the other one. Mine has an 80mm fan that blows 2200RPM, i just dont see how my friends that i built is SO MUCH cooler.

It doesn't even have a great power supply either, at least I don't think so, its a 400W RION power supply, while mine is RAIDMAX 350 watt ( i know raidmax i... Read more

A:cpu temperature - how did i get it so low!?

"Tell me if I have this airflow right - the fan on the side panel is an exhaust (sucking out hair), I then have to back fans (exhaust) which are vented toward the heatsink (in order to suck air directly from there). Then one fan in the front INTAKE, blowing in air. I think it is all working out pretty well," - Hopefully you do not have hair in your Computer

Yeah thats a good setup but usually so many fans are not even required.

Its hard to say why yours is running warmer. But different components yield different results - different CPU, heatsink, motherboard sensor(they are not exact). Different fans move different amounts of air and different heatsinks have different thermal properties. Check the air flow rating of your heatsink; the CFM. Sometimes its just a matter of re-applying better thermal paste. Also make note of the case/motherboard temp - a lower case temp will result in a lower CPU temp.

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Do you NEED a device that reads out the temp to tell what it is? Or is there some way to accuratley check if its high or low? Cause I am buying a new comp, with a 2500+ w/ stock cooling and heatsink, and a 9800pro, and will do NO overclocking, and am sorta worried about the temp.


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Hi! This is my first post in many time...

i would just want to know what is the normal temperature for the CPU to have... I was just cheking the BIOS and got to where it tells the CPU temp and it was around 40 degrees and i think it is a high temperature. does someone know the average or knows if the tep of my computer is high?


Specs.... (just in case needed)
Pentuim IV 1.60 Ghz
Windows XP professional
128 Mb RAM

A:CPU Temperature

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didn't even know about cpu temps. is there a program to find out the temperature of the cpu or do you have to do it manually?

A:cpu temperature?

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after playing a graphic intense game on my pc is about 112 F..

is this too much?

A:CPU temperature.....

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I'm running an Athlon XP 2400+ at 2GhZ and the temp is at a steady 50 degrees C when I monitor it in BIOS. Is this an accurate ready for when I'm in WinXP running applications and games, too? Or does my temp go higher than 50 when I start running programs? If so, how can I monitor my temperature for when I'm active?

Next, does anyone know/think the heatsink fan that comes with the XP cpus is good enough? Are there fans that are much better that will drop my temperature?

And finally, is 50 degrees C even that hot? What's the average user's temp with my specs? Thanks.

System specs:
Asus A7V8X mobo
AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ (2GhZ)
GeForce4 TI 4400

A:Cpu Temperature

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I just figured that my HDDs - IBM 40GB and Maxtor (written IBM here as well, sorry) 80GB 2mb - run at around 50°C each. I heard that the limit is around 45°C. I'm worried that it's a little bit too hot. Of course, it's summer right now, but I guess it's too hot anyway.

I have Athlon 1800+ running at 61°C right now. Couple days ago that reached 70. Well, this is not that bad I suppose.
I'm only afraid the HDDs might suffer condensation.
What's the min/max temperature they can stand?
Is it common to have a HDD cooler? Cause I don't have one.
Btw, just one simple case fan and a small case. CPU cooler with thermal grease.
Some suggestions would help as I have no idea. Perhaps the drives are always hot and I just didn't notice it before. Installed them in direct vicinity. I suppose one gets the heat from the other one as well.
Thanks in advance!

A:HDD temperature

I think your machine IS running a little hot.

Although I am not really sure that its about to explode in your face, or anything, I think that perhaps you should be investing in a better CPU cooler setup - because that's a lot hotter than my Ahtlon 2100+ XP which I guess runs about 40C or something. Maybe less sometimes. My cooler has a copper base. The default I tend to see in BIOSs these days for an auto-shutdown temperature is 70C or so, so its certainly not the best temp you have there, no.

As to the hard drives, my hard drives are very hot sometimes, especially in a machine packed with lots. You should try to think about at least cooling the hard drive that has your important data on it - but that's never any guarantee that a hard drive won't fail anyway.

I would recommend, if you really like adding to your machine and expanding it, and are concerned about heat and stuff, then think about moving all of your guts into a bigger case. Get a better PSU and more case fans and a nice better CPU fan and all should be sweet, I think.

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Hi guys anybody here knows a good CPU Temperature software for win 10, without having to download advertising crap with it?

A:Need CPU Temperature?

Originally Posted by silv55

Hi guys anybody here knows a good CPU Temperature software for win 10, without having to download advertising crap with it?

If this is a one time thing, check it through your BIOS:


if you need something more, I can't point you in the right direction but someone else might.

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my first post in iver a month... i was moving, and then i was extremely busy, so, now hopefully i shall return to my usual self... 20 posts daily

heard there was a crash here at TSG?

any wayz, my amd athlon XP is hot: 50C idle and 55C peak usage. im using a coolermaster zx26.8 (5500rpm), 2 case fans, and silicon based thermal interface compound.

room temperature is 15C.

i have ordered arctic silver 5. how many degrees centigrade drop will i notice?

A:cpu temperature ok?

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my pentium IV (2.4Ghz) reaches a 65 degrees celcius
I have this fan : coolmaster IHC-L71-socket 478

should I get anxious

A:cpu temperature

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My CPU temp is reading between 55dC and 58dC on Idle. I know the temp will go up when useing applications heavily. That makes me concerned about the idle temp.

I run lots of 3D games, Paint Shop Pro, and AutoCAD. If I'm running these apps, I'm afraid I might be overheating the CPU. I've noticed some random freezes, but after a reboot, the temp is at the tidle temp. So I don't that's the cause of the freezes.

I didn't build the computer, I bought it pre-built. I've only had it a couple of days, so I'd just like to make sure the computer is safe for longivity.

My NEW Antec power supply is 350W and has the standard fan in the back, and an additional fan aimed into the case. There is no other fans into or out of the case. I have, what looks like (a circle shape of holes under the PS), room for a case fan on the back of the case, but no room for a side case fan.

Would I need a new case with fans to lower my temp?

A:CPU Temperature

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