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Firefox 3, QuickTime Plugin

Q: Firefox 3, QuickTime Plugin

Does anyone have trouble installing quicktime plugin for firefox3?
It tells me that the "Install Missing Plugin" I click on it, it fails, but gives me the option to manually install it. which i did.
When i go back on the site, it still sais missing plugin.

Is there a solution to have it working?

Preferred Solution: Firefox 3, QuickTime Plugin

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Firefox 3, QuickTime Plugin

try installing apple quicktime instead of the plugin...

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Running Firefox, when I try to access a video clip that works with Quicktime in IE7, Firefox acts like it doesn't know what to do with the clip. Following links to the plugin takes me to the Apple download page but I've already got Quicktime Pro 7.4.5 installed, yet Firefox doesn't find a plugin. Can anyone advise?

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Something is up with my Quicktime plugin for firefox. I cant view anything at any sites. Where I should I get a Quicktime logo that looks like its ripped in half or something. I really want to get this fixed so I can see the Live 8 webcast (well more specifically Pink Floyd) so if anyone knows anything please help...

A:Firefox Quicktime Plugin Help

Try using alernative quicktime. This is what I use for quicktime files. There is also alternative real player so you don't have to run that intrusive player on your computer.

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Firefox keeps nagging me to install Quicktime plugin when I am on facebook and receiving chats. Windows 7 has the ability to do what quicktime was needed for, how do I get Firefox to use the build in capability and stop nagging me to install Quicktime? I don't like Apple software.

A:Firefox Quicktime Plugin

It's because Facebook had the smart idea to replace or add a mp3 file for the popup sound when you get a message. Not sure if they actually replaced the swf file that had the sound in it, but I sometimes get the same error message with Firefox asking for Quicktime and sometimes not... and I never installed quicktime or Itune on Windows 7.

look around on google for mp3 and facebook chat, you'll find plenty of people complaining for the same problem. fixed it by blocking the mp3 file using Adblock here.

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Yeah, that's basically it. No matter how many times I reinstall Quicktime, it doesn't matter, but it says the same thing! Can anyone help me?

A:I have Quicktime installed but Firefox keeps saying I'm missing a plugin.

Type about:plugins in the Firefox address bar. Scroll down to QuickTime Plug-in. What version is it, and what is the .dll filename? Is there more than one entry for this plugin?

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First let me tell you my setup.
OS: Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bit version)
Browser: Firefox 3.5.7

Now let me explain my problem. I have installed the latest version of Quicktime on my computer, and it automatically installed the QT plugin for Firefox. The plugin will play online MP3 files with no problem at all in the audio, but instead a problem in the player control onscreen display. You know how it displays a play button, and positon slider, etc, in a little embeded QT control box on the screen when an onlien MP3 file is loaded in as the page? Well my little QT control box is COMPLETELY BLACK, with no visible controls at all. The actual standalone QT player has no problems though. I took a screencap of the problem and uploaded to Photobucket so you can see for yourself what the problem is exactly. Picture is FULL screen size so it won't fit in the forums embedded. I've instead linked to it here for you to see.

A:Quicktime plugin for Firefox not fully working

did you check to see if the plugin is compatible with this last version of firefox? even if it is, try using firefox 3.5 and install the plugin manually before you install QT software

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I uninstalled, reinstalled to NO AVAIL. I always get a quicktime icon with a ? in the middle/

A:Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and IE 6.0 Quicktime plugin not working

You have Quicktime set to play Flash media. Open Quicktime, either from Control Panel or Start Menu. Click on File Types tab, click the + beside Miscellaneous and make sure that the box is not checked beside Flash media. Apply and OK. Restart your browser and see if it works. You may have to down load Flash Player if you don't have it.

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I have a problem in my server which involves combination Firefox+QuickTime plug-in. Namely, our web server provider moved their servers and now uses DirectAdmin, though still Apache. And after that QuickTime plugin on Firefox plays .mp3 files only for about 4 seconds. Everything is fine on IE and mp3's are fully functional (and lasting much longer than 4 sec ).
The problem seems to be serverside, because no user with these applications is able to listen these audio files. I have tried to add MIME type to Apache (audo/mpeg .mp3) with no result. I guess solution might include some server configuring or adding scripts to server, but unfortunately I lack knowledge in that area.
If anyone is familiar with that issue, any suggestions would be great.

Best regards,

A:[SOLVED] Firefox Quicktime plugin problem

I found this thread while googling for solutions to the same problem I'm having. Just wanted to add to the thread to see if anyone has any solutions. This is becoming very frustrating and no one seems to be able to come up with an answer.

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Baisically I have the following problem: Whenever I attempt to download any files that can be played with apple quicktime player, quicktime somehow manages to have the file streamed instead making it impossible to actually download the file.
It is worth mentioning that I only use firefox. (God knows what i did to my internet explorer, but it does not work.)
Does anybody have any Ideas how to simply stop quick time from doing anything and letting firefox make it's download?

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I have this come up with nearly all of the websites I visit. It only happens on Firefox and according to the Options Menu/ Content/ and File Type .. everything is using the Quicktime Plug-In 7.1.5, but obviously its not working.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Quicktime Plugin?? [PIC]

Quicktime is taking over flash.
Reset your MIME settings.
What to do if QuickTime takes over playing your Flash files

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The quicktime plugin isnt working... I keep getting this error "The plugin was found, but an error in the plugin occured." Is there a better plugin i could use, or how do i fix it?

A:Quicktime plugin help

dont know if your using IE or firefox but heres the link for the quicktime plugin for firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/plugins/ and heres a link to troubleshoot plugin problems

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i use firefox and i have quicktime pro and whenever i go to a site that require quicktime plugin like this page

i get black screen that says [no video] on all the spots where the video is supposed to be. i only have quicktime for the plugin and it won't even work. how can i fix this?

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hi, im new here, so i really didn't know were to put this at, but since i have xp, i thought i put it here. you see, when trying to watch clips and listen to music using the quicktime software, this message kept popping up saying plugin error and the plugin has been found, but an error has occcured. i've been to albinoblacksheep.com and tried the help there, but it still didn't work, i even re installed the software and yet it still does not work. a friend reccomened i come here to get help to fix this problem, so if there if any help at all you can give me to fix this problem, that would be very appericated

A:Quicktime Plugin error help

I was going to suggest you uninstall quicktime and install quicktime alternative instead, but I just noticed Apple seems to have requested all links to that great program to be removed.
I hate it when they do that... but hey, it's their right
I haven't yet found statements that it had been judged illegal so you can still try to find quicktime alternative elsewhere (they still have it on free-codecs.com). Any moderator remove this line if you find it goes against the forum rules.

What's your current version of QuickTime ? Since when do you have that problem ? Were you able to play those videos correctly before ?

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Hi, i recently got emaild a set of MOV files, but don't have QT, so i was going to dload it, but its like 35MB and im on a 56k dial-up connection. I'm looking for a QT plugin for WMP, or a *.MOV player (Shouldn't be more than 1-2MB)


A:Solved: re: Quicktime plugin for WMP

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im not sure if this is the right place to ask this so please advise if so.

i have quicktime movie clips at Metaphors @ Guygar.com?

and some of them come across with many artifacts but when i play them in local files on my pc the artifacts are absent!

what could be causing this? and how do i resolved it?

should i change something in QT Pro options panel?


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Ive had this problem before, before I reinstalled XP, but now its doing it again, and I've only had my machine back up for less than a week, it worked fine when I downloaded it and then about 2 days after it started to not play mp3's entirely, but would play less than 5 seconds...I know this has happened to other people but why is it happening and how do I stop it?

I have also seen something in the quicktime plugin folder called deleteme1.exe, what is this?

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Keep Getting Errors In Regard To Quicktime PlugIns When Trying To DOwnload Various Video Files.
Why Is This And How Do I Resolve IT?????

A:Quicktime Plugin Errors


Is it possible for you to give us an example of one of these error?

It makes it easier to pinpoint.



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does anybody know if there is a way to loop a movie in the QuickTime Plugin for Internet Explorer ?

or if there is a way to set preferences in general for the QuickTime Plugin ?

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I already have quicktime installed so is there a way i can go back and like maybe check and option that will put the plugin for mozilla on? or do i have to redownlaod it

A:quicktime plugin for mozilla

Here is a guide on installing quicktime in Mozilla.

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I have a Vista64 Home Premiun PC. I use Firefox with the NASA Night Launch theme. When I try to watch a video or listen to an audio sample that is supposed to be run with Quicktime, the audio/video plays, but the bar with volume control, play/pause, time seek, etc. is black. I can estimate where the controls are and press them. I tested IE7 and found out that the problem also occurs on there. Can anyone help?

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Hi Forum.

Im trying to locate in my library the QuickTime folder but its not located anywhere.

I read in a forum to remove the plugins which is causing issues in my Adobe system programs. and saw the following:

Remove all third-party QuickTime importers and exporters from the Library/QuickTime directory and restart the application.

where is this folder?! I have only found this one here in my: program files. Quicktime (x86)>plugins
PS: my url image for some reason wont appear...

A:Removing Quicktime plugin

this is what is in my plugins.

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I get a broken Q logo when a video (and audio) attempts to play in Netscape. It works fine in IE. Any suggestions?

A:Quicktime Plugin Not Working in Netscape

It works no that I've switched to Firefox!!

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just curious. I'm trying to look at a couple of movie trailers (ghost rider & spider-man 3 to be exact) that are on the quicktime website but when the page with the player pops up I get a big Q with a question mark in it. in the older version of quicktime it would display a broken strip of film. the plugin version I am using is 7.1. why can't I view these trailers and how can I fix whatever is causing the problem, if it can be fixed?

A:quicktime browser plugin problems

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Hope someone can help...
I am going to a website and downloading a .tiff file that I would like to save to my hard drive. I have a new computer, and on this system when I click on the link to open the file it starts a java script and opens in a new browser window. It loads with a quicktime plugin and there is nothing I can do with this picture. I cannot right click and save (that just brings up the quicktime options) and when I try to print it gives me a blank page with just the header and footer info.

I tried opening this file on my older computer, and the other computer downloads the file and opens the .tiff in paint shop pro, which I had set to handle those file types. I checked Tools, Internet Options, Advanced to see if there was something in there that I could check/uncheck to make my new computer handle the tiff files differently. That's when I came across the "Manage Add-ons" and starting looking through the plugins. My old computer had some java plugins and an adobe acrobat plugin that the new computer did not have. I went to those websites and downloaded their files to install the plugins. This still did not work. If I disable the quicktime plugin the tiff file comes up as a red x and there is a link at the bottom to manage the add-ons.

How do I get another plugin to handle the tiff files or have quicktime stop interferring with the files? I right-clicked on the tiff file and it opens the quicktime options, which I unchecked the box for it ... Read more

A:Quicktime Plugin In Internet Explorer

Check your file association by right clicking on the Tiff file and looking at Properties. If the association is not what you want, you can change it from that dropdown menu; be sure, after choosing, that you check the little box at the bottom so all files of that type are changed.

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I have windows xp, and today I tried to download a video file from the web onto my desktop as a shortcut. The file went through a synchronization process, which to me, should have meant that the video file would have been viewable offline if I clicked a desktop shortcut. However, the video simply became embedded on my desktop without a shortcut, so that it wants to play everytime I come out of sleep or hibernate or restart my computer. There's no way to delete it, and I can't find the file anywhere on my computer. It's not as if it's listed under desktop files, it's just part of my desktop now. It's an mp4 file, if that helps. What to do?

A:Help! Quicktime Plugin embedded in desktop

Try changing your wallpaper.

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This problem applies for nearly every website. Yahoo, imageshack, you name it.

Anyone know what i may be missing. I alraedy have the newest quicktime installed btw.

A:YouTube and Missing Quicktime Plugin..

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So I've confirmed that it's not just my computer that has issues with quicktime playback in vista. If you have vista+firefox+adblock plus(extension)+quicktime, then you likely will not be able to play embedded quicktime videos (either crash browser or get illegal operations). If you disable the adblock plus in the "add ons", it works fine. Now I'm not sure if the problem is with the quicktime plugin or the adblock plus. For now I've disabled adblock plus and installed adblock instead, not as good, but at least it blocks the evil intellitxt with some configuration. Just thought I'd share what I found since I believe this is a common problem. If you want some quicktime to test your playback, go to apple.com/getamac and view some quicktime videos. I'm not sure if this combination always causes this issue, but it did on a new install of vista as well as on my machine. I know xp works fine when using ff+adblock plus to play quicktime. Any comments welcome to further discuss the cause or if you are having the same problem.

A:Confirmed Problem: Vista+Firefox+Adblock Plus+Quicktime= No Quicktime Video Playback

Vista64-Adblock-Adobe Flash

Read your report...I am not running Quicktime at this time, had the same fault and was gone when I dumped Adobe Flash, sounds like Adblock need to do some revisions.

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On certain websites that use the Quicktime plugin the Quicktime video doesn't work in Firefox 1.0. It tells me that additional plugins are required to view the media, and tells me I need Quicktime 6.5.1. I click it and it says it's not available. I already have Quicktime 6.5.1 on my computer and I'm using Windows 2000 Pro.

I went to about: plugins and here's what it said about Quicktime:

File name: npqtplugin.dll
The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/sdp SDP stream descriptor file sdp Yes
application/x-sdp SDP stream descriptor file sdp Yes
application/x-rtsp RTSP stream descriptor file rtsp,rts Yes
video/quicktime QuickTime Movie mov,qt Yes

So finally I went to manual install a the Quicktime website, despite the fact that I already have Quicktime 6.5.1. The download page doesn't come up and where it says "Your download will start automatically. If it does not, click this link:", there's no link! What's up with that?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's run into this - anyone know how to fix it?

A:Quicktime 6.5.1 plugin doesn't work with Firefix 1.0

I use Quicktime Alternative with Firefox & it works quite well with web pages that have Quicktime content.

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After having it freezing now its crashing here's the crash report,the only plugin that i have is the shockwave flash 1500189,ff version:33.1 this happened on older versions too

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: plugin-container.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 545c0a59
Fault Module Name: mozalloc.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 545be5ee
Exception Code: 80000003
Exception Offset: 00001425
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Event viewer:

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 11/12/2014 11:07:21 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Aurora
Faulting application name: plugin-container.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x545c0a59
Faulting module name: mozalloc.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x545be5ee
Exception code: 0x80000003
Fault offset: 0x00001425
Faulting process id: 0x6ac
Faulting application start time: 0x01cffeabbd755cc2
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\mozalloc.dll
Report Id: 204817ac-6a9f-11e4-847b-9cd24bab57fb
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://s... Read more

A:Firefox crashing (plugin container for firefox has stopped working)

Go to Index page ? mozillaZine Forums ; on the right-side of the screen, in the search box for Boards, enter "plugin container crashes" (without the quotation marks) and read some of the threads, which may lead you to the solution.

My quick look at a few of those threads indicated that hardware acceleration may be the culprit; if you need help with that, do another search for that subject.

There was an amusing incident on mozillaZine recently concerning hardware acceleration: One person posted a vituperative message blaming the moderators for frequently suggesting turning off hardware acceleration on the grounds that doing that had never helped a single person.

The very next thread I read was from a person thanking the moderators: He had been told to try turning off hardware acceleration, he did so, and his problem was solved.

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I was having problems with too high physical memory usage(highest was 73%) causing my PC to respond slower even during winexplore. I started uninstalling unnecessary programs and disabling unnecessary processes, when I noticed that plugin-container.exe is taking up 23,xxx KB memory while firefox takes up 400,xxxKB. Is this normal? Is there any way I can tone Firefox down to further lessen my PC's physical memory usage? As of now, it's down to 36%.

I usually run either Fraps, Skyrim, or Azureus Vuze while using Firefox. Current active plugins for Firefox are:
Quicktime plugin
Java Platform
Java Deployment toolkit
Shockwave Flash

A:Plugin container for firefox and firefox eating up memory

Unless you're very limited in ram, its nothing to worry about. I've stressed FF to eat up to 4GB or ram and another 4 for the Plugin Container.

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how to play .ram files in website in Firefox?

I don't want to installl real player. I just want to add plugin

Note: I can play .ram in internet explorer but not in firefox

A:firefox plugin for .ram

since I didn't get a reply. I download real player and check that I have real plugin but I still can not play .ram file in firefox

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Is it possible to install the VLC plugin on Firefox 46.0.1 (64 bit) ? Perhaps manually, somehow ?
I installed VLC 2.2.3 (64 bit) and enabled the plugin for Firefox, but it is still missing from the Firefox plugin list.
It seams that this plugin is working only on 32 bit versions.
However I need the VLC plugin for Firefox, because many streaming video sites use this plugin. Or perhaps there is an alternative.
Thank you.

A:VLC Plugin for Firefox


Select the Mozilla Plugin when installing VLC Media Player. The installer will then automatically detect your browser and install the plugin.

Uninstall VLC, restart the computer and reinstall VLC, during the install, be sure to put a check box in Mozilla FireFox pluggin. It runs on 64bit Windows as well as 32bit

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For some reason my firefox browser can't play the wmp videos in webpages. My friend said that I probably don't have the WMP plugin. How do I add that plugin to my firefox? I've already had wmp10.

My OS is XP.


A:Firefox and WMP plugin

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Hello everyone,
Does anyone know of a midi plugin for firefox anywhere on the web--i have searched everywhere with no luck so far, or is there a midi plugin for this firefox version?

A:Firefox Plugin

The only reference I was able to find was on mozillaZine site and it states:For the most common formats found on the web (like mp3, midi, mpg, wav, etc.) you will need to install and configure Quicktime or Quicktime Alternative. The Quicktime guide contains instructions for this: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=206210

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Is it possible to install the VLC plugin on Firefox 46.0.1 (64 bit) ? Perhaps manually, somehow ?
I installed VLC 2.2.3 (64 bit) and enabled the plugin for Firefox, but it is still missing from the Firefox plugin list.
It seams that this plugin is working only on 32 bit versions.
However I need the VLC plugin for Firefox, because many streaming video sites use this plugin. Or perhaps there is an alternative.
Thank you.

A:VLC Plugin for Firefox


Select the Mozilla Plugin when installing VLC Media Player. The installer will then automatically detect your browser and install the plugin.

Uninstall VLC, restart the computer and reinstall VLC, during the install, be sure to put a check box in Mozilla FireFox pluggin. It runs on 64bit Windows as well as 32bit

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Recently I added a plug-in for Firefox that enabled it to act as does Internet Explorer. (I believe it permits active X content on Firefox but not absolutely sure) Unfortunately, my hard drive died and I had to replace it, losing all information on that drive. I have reloaded everything, except for that plugin, which I cannot recall the name of and cannot find. I have an insulin pump for my diabetes that requires Internet Explorer to load and review blood glucose values. I am one of those that absolutely hates internet Explorer. I have had to use it with my pump until I installed that plugin for Firefox. The plugin worked great. Does anyone out there know the name of it, or where I can download it? Thanks very much.


A:Firefox Plugin or Add On

I think this is what you are referring to.

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just installed firefox 1.0 & when using video get message can't install plugin

A:firefox plugin

hey there, i see this is your first post, but we need to know more...
we need to know some computer specs, and what you are trying to view(mpeg, wmv, avi).

I havent seen mozilla use the browser as a video projector. usually it is 'real player,' 'win amp' or 'quicktime' etc...

mozilla can download them... and than you find the download to open and view... I use mozilla for my default browser, and downloaded some plugin's:
Shockwave, Flash, Java... etc(whenever i see the download the plugin)

i hope i have helped, and if not, we just need to know more information

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when i try to watch live webcam from the pittsburge zoo. i get this pop up. does any know how i can get firefox to view this? and yes i know but i dont like IE or NetScape

A:Solved: FireFox plugin Help

stupid me. i just remembered about the IE plugin. and it worked.

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I like to visit Gamespot forums and when trying to watch videos on the site I get the firefox missing plugin thing. So I clicked on it and it said "Unknown Plugin" I tried to manually install it and it goes to Windows Media Player 10 on Microsofts website... but I already have Windows Media Player 10... so I tried downloading the Netscape plugin and it acted like it was working and all except the videos don't buffer correctly. If there anyway I can get Firefox to reconize Windows Media Player (The right one not netscape I'm assumeing) as my default media player on Firefox so I can watch the videos on Gamespot? I know thats Windows Media Player doesn't read MPG videos but these videos are WMV I believe.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Firefox Plugin Messed Up

You can see if the WMP is recognized in Firefox by typing about:config in the address bar and hit Go. You can check and see if you have the correct listing here, Embedded Windows Media in Firefox. If any of these entries are missing, the Windows Media Player plugin is not properly installed and you can scroll down and follow the guide to restoring and configuring the plugin for Firefox.

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Thanks for stopping by, been lookin for this answer in the forums but haven't seen it.

Can you explain why each time I attempt to download the Java runtime plugin for firefox a box comes up to tell me the "parameter is incorrect"
How can i overcome the problem and successfully download l the plug.

Thanks so much. D

A:Java plugin for firefox

Have you tried the download it from here:Java Plugin

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I want 2 things, a program that will take a webpage and cache all the links on said page. This way I can save 100 craigslist ads for offline viewing with 1 click.

The 2nd thing, is automatic picture retrieval. I want to be able to do a google image search for 1920x1080 images (over 4,000 currently) and automatically save all of these images.

A:Looking for a WebCrawler app or Firefox add-on/plugin

don't make me write an auto-it script for this.... I'm lazy! :P

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Hi I have notice that this plugin container.exe file is using too much resources of my computer. Can I turn it off??

A:What is plugin container in firefox?

What is plugin-container

edit: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/704242

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I was running a mozilla plugin check( http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/ ) and I saw this thing called Motive Plugin. The text underneath said as follows "Motive Plugin for Mozilla Browsers". So since I didn't know what it was I pressed the research button. I then clicked the first link( http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1911413 ) and ran the scans. None showed up with infections. (Note I couldn't run the spybot search and destroy on my computer or get it installed). I was then redirected for specialized malware removal help. My OS is windows 7 SP1. My browser version is firefox 4.0.1 . Any help on if it's safe and if I should remove it would be greatly appreciated.

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Recently when I use Firefox to surf on the Internet, I always have like 5-6 tabs opened. After 5-10 minutes, the browser is running very slowly and sometimes at the top bar it says (Not Responding). It is like a performance drop, changing tabs is slow, scrolling down a page is slow. I check the Task Manager it uses like 1907.23 MB of Memory and it shows 99% of Memory used.

I always have to end the Firefox process and open it again and restore my last session. It always use 150-180 MB of Memory at the first minute. But the longer I keep Firefox open, even on Minimize, my computer slows down and again it use 99% of Memory so I have to end process again. This happens over and over again. And when I check my Crash Dumps folder, I saw a lot of plugin-container dump files.

So how do I solve this issue? It's not a big deal though but I want a solution.

EDIT: Firefox is my preferred browser, I don't really like Chrome and not to mention Internet Explorer.

A:Firefox plugin-container

First, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox ie. 38.01
Next, right click on the Title, and select Menu Bar. From the Menu, click on Help->Restart With Add-Ons disabled to see if you experience the same problem.

If the problem is gone then go to Tools->Menu->Add-ons and disable all the add-ons then re-enable one by one until you experience the same problem then you might have a bad add-on.

If the the problem still persist. Tools->Options and create a SYNC account and sign-in. This will save all your Bookmarks, Add-ons etc...
then uninstall Firefox completely.

Next, download and install Firefox again then sign in to SYNC to get back all bookmarks, add-ons etc...

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Hi, my main problem is i'm, trying to install flash version
i need this version exactly, i have it on another computer on firefox browser,
is there a way i can export or backup that exact flash plugin and install it on my firefox browser?

A:is there a way to export a plugin from firefox?

Hi Shayx

Have a look here - just be aware that that version has security issues.

Hope this helps and regards

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I have firefox 3, and everytime a plugin is needed, I click to install, and it never works. I always have to install manually.

Any ideas?

A:Firefox Plugin issue

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