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Install vxWorks BSP on a Motorola MVME3604

Q: Install vxWorks BSP on a Motorola MVME3604

I don't expect many responses for this one.... but I have an extremely specialized question. Does anyone know how to install a vxWorks BSP on a Motorola MVME3604 VME board (circa around 1998), or know anyone who does? If you know anyone who does know how, my company is willing to pay for qualified help.

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Preferred Solution: Install vxWorks BSP on a Motorola MVME3604

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Will Wind River VXWorks IPnet TCP/IP STACK Vulnerabilities
remediation may affect Windows OS in any way?


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My boss has a new Motorola DROID phone through Verizon. Just this weekend when plugging in the USB cable on his DELL windows XP Pro desktop computer, the USB install program automatically starts up... again and again. It gives me two choices 1) repair the installation which does not solve this problem and 2) uninstall the driver which removes the driver but tries to reinstall next time the phone is plugged in. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

A:Motorola USB driver 4.6 keeps trying to install

Have you tried installing the driver from the CD that came with your phone?

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Hello - trying to do Android app development using Adobe Flash CS5.5 and a Motorola Milestone phone. Plug and play doesn't recognize the phone, and the 64 bit Motorola drivers won't install either, I keep getting an error that the installer doesn't recognize the OS. Anybody else trying to use a Motorola with Win 8?

A:Motorola USB Drivers won't install on Win 8

Hi mspanish, Welcome to the forum

Try right clicking the installer and selecting trouble shoot compatibility this will give you two options you can try.

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Our local cable company came out today to install a new cable modem. They ran all new wiring and hooked up my computer to the modem. They couldn't get the computer to accept the modem driver. They told me to call their tech people. When I did, they couldn't figure it out either. I'm hoping someone here can.

After they left, I went through the entire setup again, but still can't get it to load the driver. I then tried to download a new driver from Motorola, but it still won't load.

The driver I downloaded was which is supposed to be the driver for a Motorola SURFboard SB5101 USB Cable Modem. The message I keep getting is as follows:

There was a problem installing this hardware:

Motorola SURFboard SB5101 ISB Cable Modem

An error occurred during the installation of the device
The system cannot find the file specified.

Any suggestions?

A:Motorola Cable Modem install problem

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I am new to this forum and decided to post my problem after reviewing a number of the forums and seeing very good advice and follow through by the members. I hope you will be able to assist me.
I am running a Dell Latitude 6400 laptop with XP Professional. Several weeks ago I started getting periodic BSOD which, after running ckdsk and series of drive diagnostics, narrowed down to a dying hard drive. I was able to clone the drive to a new one and replace. Everything was working fine and I was thrilled that the laptop was running better than ever. I only mention this as background as I don't believe the current problem is related, but you never know.
Current problem and reason for the post is that several days ago I installed a driver for my Motorola Razr phone from nodevice.com (based on Motorola Tech Support advice that this was where to download the driver) to enable USB charging of the phone from the laptop. Towards the end of the install I got a momentary odd flashing of the screen but the laptop went on to indicate the install was successful.  Not much later, upon reboot, I started getting BSOD or  GSOD (seems to alternate between the two) and have been unable to boot to Normal or any Safe Mode. I am able to boot to CD and run Repair and Restore functions but without success. When I reboot to either Normal or Safe Modes BSOD remains. It seems pretty clear that this is a driver conflict issue. Problem is, I don't ... Read more

A:Install USB Power Driver Motorola Razor-Now BSOD & won't boot even to Safe Mode

Do you have the operating system installation disk? Can you use that to boot?
Keep us posted

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heyy i have an ic902 nextel phone and im tryin to us a USB to charge it..i need to find the software for it..can someone please help me

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the PC hangs every time I access the fax modem (phone dialer or Internet dialing). The modems takes COM3. and every thing is seams to be good and no conflict.

A:motorola fax

Motorola makes poor dial-up modems - out of all the modems I have installed, motorola's offer the most problems and slowest connection speeds.

Have you tried to uninstall the driver, move to the modem to a different slot and install the latest driver?

If that fails thats where I would stop and buy a new modem, either a USR or one with a Conexant Chipset.

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Im wondering if it is at all possible to connect my ps3 to my Motorola XOOM.If anybody can help I would be extremely thankful. Hope to hear soon. Terye.

A:PS3 to motorola!

To do what with?

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I have a Motorola L6.
Can anybody tell me what I need to download pictures of phone to my pc?
I run on win98.
Where can I obtain driver,and what else will I need,i.e.phone manager,etc.
Many thanks

A:Motorola L6

Try here

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i have a Motorola Q1p6416-2 version DVR from Verizon. I'm trying to find out if i can record from the DVR to my computer. Any help would be appreciated

A:motorola DVR

Call Verizon and ask. That functionality is dependent on the provider.

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I was wondering if anyone can offer some advise, I am currently working in KSA and I use 'Go' as my ISP. The service is Wimax and the Rx'er is a 'Motorola CPEo 450', the problem is that 'Go' every few hours Tx something and that removes my firewall settings and enables port 8080 and most of the time removes my password. I have been trying to find a Switch with a firewall that isnt rack mounted and costs less that 100.00. If there is an AP that I could use that has at least 2 RJ45's that would also be good. Any ideas anyone BTW I did email Motorola twice asking if there was anything i could do to stop the ISP from hacking the router and I have yet to receive a reply

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Hey guys! Can i run the Motorola SB5101 USB Cable modem when i upgrade my Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit? Reply plz.

A:Motorola SB5101...

Hello Surfplays,

Yes you can, but you would have to use the Vista USB drivers since there are no Windows 7 drivers for it.

Support and Downloads for Current and Discontinued products

If you are able to, you should use a ethernet connection from the modem to the LAN (ethernet) port on the back of your computer. This way you will not need a driver installed for the modem, and you will get better throughput.

Hope this helps,

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Hey last night i was plugging my USB in my modem and i accidently stuck it in the Earthnet part and i did not mean too. But know my earthnet part is not work i think i moved the pins or something but i am wondering is there anyway to fix this? Becuse i really need my Earthnet port to work

A:My Modem for Motorola

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I have just got a motorola c550 and i am looking for the software to upload my images from the phones built in camera also if anybody knows of any games that i can download for it.

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I just purchased a Motorola SLVR L7c from ebay and received it yesterday. I found the driver and installed it. What I want to do is transfer songs to my mp3 player from my computer. I don't know what software to use to do this and when I go to my computer the device shows up as removable device and when i click it, is says "Please insert disk into Drive E". I know it is something simple that I'm not doing. Btw, I am a noob to this. Please help!!!

A:Motorola SLVR L7c

Hey, fellow Sl7c owner here, you need to get your hands "motorola phone tools" Its motorola's file transfering application (Much like apples Itunes for Ipod.) I've seen freeware thats much the same (Such as All Mobile)

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I know this is not really related to "computation" per-se... But I have a Motorola Razr which has a tendency to hang up while I'm on hold in a call... After a certain amount of time, it will just end the call. I assume this is some kind of idle sleep function, but I haven't been able to figure out how to shut it off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bundle !


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Can anyone tell me how to erase the crappy ringtones and pictures that come stock with the phone? They do nothing but get in the way of my searches and take up space. Help would be much appreciated!!

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I am building a new PC as follows:

- ASUS A8N SLi Premium motherboard
- AMD athlon 64 FX 57 processor
- ASUS Extreme N6800GT graphics
- 2 GB DDR 400 memory
with winXP pro.

I added a Motorola SM56 PCI Fax/data modem as I only have dial access to my ISP. The modem installed fine as did the drivers supplied with the modem. The modem queries fine, and I have known good dial tone on the end of the rj11 cable. However the modem does not dial out at all. It looks like it is attempting to dial out but after about 30 seconds indicates that the modem could not establish a connection. I have split the dial tone onto a phone that lights when the line is in use so I know that the modem is never pulling dial tone.

I checked for new drivers and I have the latest. WinXP is at SP2.

Any ideas??


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Hi to all...
I have motorola modem which is connected on usb port, because ethernet connector didn't work. I use windows 7 ultimate x64, and i cannot find drivers for it.
Is there some drivers which work on x64 OS. Thx

A:Motorola Sb5101e

Motorola doesn't seem to have Windows 7 drivers. The site does not recommend using USB on a 64bit system. Check the Readme for the 5101 modem on this site:

Support and Downloads for Current and Discontinued products

Your best bet is to find a new ethernet adapter. There are plenty of inexpensive adapters out there,

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Is It working on windows 7 on USB port ? It`s work for Motorola SurfBoard SB5101E ?????

I`m waiting for an answer on this question..and to do Format on my PC and start to use Windows 7 if Motorola surfBoard works on Usb port on Windows 7 ..

A:Motorola SurfBoard

Have you checked on Motorola's site for Windows 7 drivers (they have Vista ones that should work if not)?

Also why not use the ethernet connection?

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I purchased a used 6141 and then later sold it because I had another one. The person I sold it to said the cable company will not add the MAC from that modem to his account because it is already attached to another account. The original user is unknown.

Is there anyway around this issue so that the new person can use it?

A:Motorola 6141

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Hey i have a driver problem with my motorola v180 phone - my system can't find a driver for it. could anyone one knowing the ware abouts of such a driver please give me the location or if you probably have it please send it to my email - [email protected] 0r [email protected] thanks, i'd appreciate it fellas.

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Hi, I have a problem with my mobile phone not being recognised by the computer once plugged in to the USB port.
The phone type is a Motorola V220. The USB is in working order but the phone just doesn't get detected.

Could anyone help me out with this as I has some images that require downloading.


A:Motorola V220

I recommend going to howardforums.com An excellent site for anything to do with mobile phones. We can give you some answers, they'll give you detailed answersMark

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does anyone know the sim unlocking code for a motorola v3,i wish to use different sim card than the assigned service provider.

A:motorola unlock


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Is it possible to use the motorola H500 bluetooth headset with my computer? I have service pack 2 for XP.
If it is possible, do I need to download software and where can I get the software?

A:Motorola H500




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A:Motorola Razor V3

Well, it would go into the SD card reader slot, if your laptop has one. I'm looking at the spec sheet for that laptop, and it doesn't list an SD reader. You'll probably have to buy a USB card reader.

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... ok heres da problem it has a mini usb thingy so i can hook it up to my pc.. and its a video phone so u can listen to mp3s and watch videos but when i hook it up to my computer all i get is a new hardware thingy and i try to install it but it jus frezzes on me and exits evry thing i didnt buy the usb and cd cause i jus assumed that i could get the driver and stuff like that online but i havent found ne thing...if usm1 could help me find it or a program that would be very helpful..

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I have a brand new motorala router that is hardwired (through ethernet cable) to desktop. Everything was fine until today when the power went out after a storm.
I contacted Comcast and they re-sent a signal to the modem and said everything was fine but I still don't have internet access.
I also have a wireless router, that when plugged into the modem (via ethernet) works and sends the wireless signal to my laptop, HOWEVER the hard wired internet still doesn't work.
Can anyone help please?
I've tried different ethernet cables. I've also tried to hard wire the laptop which I will add was also a failure.
Is there something in the modem that needs to be reconfiged to sent the wired signal to the pc?

A:motorola sb6121

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Does anybody know how to get the P2K driver loaded without having to run Motorola PST? I am trying to run Advanced P2K Seem Editor without having to run Motorola PST first to load the P2K driver, it's an extra step I would like to skip.


A:Motorola P2K driver


MOTODEV > Documentation & Tools > USB Drivers

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Hey mates sorry if this question was already asked. What are some trustworthy apps and/or services to protect Motorolas? Pricing isn't a concern.

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Nedd driver. Where do I find it?

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Motorola MG7550 is it approved by Comcast? Resiatration?

A:Motorola MG 7550

Motorola MG7550 (cable modem with built-in wireless router)

Scroll down to "Features & Specifications" and then read the first paragraph.


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Anybody familiar with the Motorola SBG900? I had my first experience with one of these just the other day. According to the modem it serves as a modem and a wireless gateway with built in DHCP, Firewall, etc.

The problem I'm having with it is running 1 wired machine and 1 wireless machine off of it. It clearly says on the back of the box it is set for a Class C network with a supported 253 devices at once.

As far as the menu options go the DHCP section is set to start at with a maximum of 245 clients and this number for some reason cannot be changed. I tried to change it to 50 and a few other smaller numbers and it said it was invalid. ]

What happens is there is one desktop machine hardwired and 1 wireless machine now with them both connected to the modem after a clean power cycle which ever one grabs an ip first works fine. The other gets 169.254.x.x or it will get a proper ip but will not have any rout past the modem.

After looking through the menu options with both machines connected I noticed that the WAN ip for some reason changes to a

This is a customer's setup I was working on. The desktop is a standard use pc and the lap-top is a work machine that needs VPN access.

Just thought I'd see if anyone else has had any experience with this modem/gateway.

A:Motorola SBG900

Nope, but if it's connected correctly, I can't imagine it not allowing two connections. I'd have to see the IPCONFIG /ALL results from the two machines to know much more.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 594103 MB, Free - 539376 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corp., Base Board Product Name
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I run around 7 PC's and 5 Apple Mac's on my home network. PC's use XP Pro, Vista, OS 7 - Mac run 10.4 10.5. IP is comcast cable. All computers are wired except Toshiba laptop runs os 7 wireless. of late my wired pc/s are running below 8mbs download and my wireless Toshiba is running 29mbs. Question: comcast has tried to help but don't know what is causing the slowest of the wired pc's. Can my modem has a virus that could relate my slowest on the wired pc's or any suggestions, my system has worked will for sometime but of late appears so slow. thanks for any suggestions.

A:motorola sbg6580

It's a first to see wireless be more faster than wired on this modem.

Have you tried a factory reset to the modem? If you disconnect all but 1 Ethernet (wired) computer, does it have slow speeds?

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I bought a MOTOROLA CPX 8000 at a gov. auction,only because it was dirt cheap but honestly I have found very little info on it and I am not sure what I can do with it "if anything". If someone knows anything about this I would be very greatfull for some info. If you need to know anything about it just let me know . thx for the help

A:Motorola CPX 8000?

Anyone even know what this might be used for only info I found said for instant messageing in a small business, but thats all I seen.it's a

MOTOROLA CPX8000 COMPACT CHASSIS MODEL CPX8216 that's just like it.

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G'day all. Well I got windows 7 RC to install sweetly, however, the problem is that now that I have it installed, I am unable to get my modem to work with windows7.

The modem is a Motorola Sb5100 cable modem, with usb/ethernet connection. I realise that my modem is ancient, however it still works (with xp anyway), and as a result I was wondering if there was a way to get it working for windows 7. I'm hoping that there is a workaround one of you may have come up with that could potentially work for this modem.

Is there a way to get XP drivers to install AND run correctly in Win7? Win7 picks up the modem so much that it realises it is connected, however Win7 can't get the modem to run without the drivers, and my attempts so far to get the drivers to install have failed (the driver installation executable fails to run, whether done in compatability mode for XP sp2 or 3, or vista, or no compatability mode).

SO does anyone know of a solution/workaround? or is it time for me to bite the bullet and upgrade my modem? The only thing stopping me from upgrading, is the possibility that even upgrading to a newer modem will result in similar issues of refusal of drivers to install, thus wasting money upgrading the modem :P

EDIT: If it matters, I'm using 64bit version of RC, whereas I was using 32bitversion of WinXP. Could it be possible that using a 64bit OS, is the reason why the modem drivers aren't properly working? since the disc is as old as the modem itself, which was made b... Read more

A:Motorola sb5100, can it work with W7?

Hello Chobbo, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I have the Motorola SB5101 that would use the same Vista driver for yours at Motorola for a 32-bit OS. However, they recommend in the readme file that for a 64-bit OS, you should connect the modem using ethernet instead of USB. This way you will not need to install any driver for the modem.

Hope this helps,

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i know this may not be the correct forum to ask such things but plz help me.

how do i install themes into my Motorola Rokr E1?

i used P2K commander and P2K tools

both say its NOT connected

how do i connect them?

I followed instructions





please please.how do i fix it?

A:Themes on Motorola phone

I have never used the software, but I have used other software to transfer ringtones, games, and wallpapers to my motorola phones. Motorola phones are locked. did you unlock the phone before trying to connect? whatever software you are using, if it is designed to transfer data to a motorola phone then it would require an unlock phone feature that would have to be used before trying to connect with the phone.

also what model motorola phone do you have? I noticed that the guide states you cannot use their program if you have a V series phone.

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I have a Motorola Q9h that won't connect to ActiveSync 4.5. I just installed ActiveSync on my computer and it simply says it cannot find the device.
The ActiveSync troubleshooter comes up with this:

ActiveSync Troubleshooting Utility version: 4.5.5096.0
Date/Time: 2008/12/29-05:25:46.624
Analysis started
Operating system has been qualified as Windows XP (Home or Professional) SP1 or greater
Current operating system is supported
Current version of IE is supported
ActiveSync version found is 4.5.5096
Outlook 2007 found
Current version of Outlook is supported
Exchange server not found in Outlook profile
PC is qualified
RNDIS driver has been detected.
Net start - %s
Net start - These Windows services are started:

Net start -

Net start - Apple Mobile Device

Net start - Application Layer Gateway Service

Net start - Ati HotKey Poller

Net start - Automatic Updates

Net start - AVG8 Firewall

Net start - AVG8 WatchDog

Net start - Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Net start - Bonjour Service

Net start - COM+ Event System

Net start - COM+ System Application

Net start - Computer Browser

Net start - Cryptographic Services

Net start - DCOM Server Process Launcher

Net start - DHCP Client

Net start - Distributed Link Tracking Client

Net start - DNS Client

Net start - Error Reporting Service

Net start - Event Log

Net start - Fast User Switching Compatibility

Net start - Help and Support

Net start - hpqwmiex

Net start - HTTP SSL

Net start - iPod Service

Net ... Read more

A:Solved: Motorola Q9h and ActiveSync 4.5

Solution found. Turns out my Moto had multiple relationships setup without my knowing about it and activesync wouldn't recognize it.

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I have the Motorola DCT 2500 digital cable TV box, with two SP/DIF outputs. One TOSlink and one RCA-COAX. The TOSlink goes to the stereo receiver and works fine. I want to use the COAX one to go to my computer.

My computer has a Soundblaster Live 5.1 card, with an addon board by Hoontech to allow it to receive digital connections. The Hoontech board screws into a separate slot on the back of the pc case, but does not occupy the pci slot on the motherboard. It connects to the soundblaster card with a cable. It has inputs and outputs for both TOSlink and RCA-COAX. When I try to receive sound via the RCA-COAX cable from my digital cable terminal, my computer just hears a very loud fluttering sound, like a dragonfly from hell.

The Soundblaster-Hoontech rig is able to output digital sound to my stereo receiver; I tested that. It just cannot receive digital sound from the digital cable terminal.

(I am using composite video to my computer, and s-vhs to the TV. Both work fine simultaneously)

I am testing using two applications, ShowShifter, which is basically tv-tuner software, and Mediostream NeoDVD, which can capture audio and video on the fly and encode and author into MPEG2/DVD. While both get the video just fine, they both just hear the loud flutter, and do not receive the proper sound signal. Both allow me to select SP/DIF as the sound input. Selecting anything else gets no sound at all.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks so much in advance,


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I have a Motorola Surfboard to access the internet via Cable modem. I have 3 different PC's in my house but only one of them is connected at a time, i have no switch or hub. With the first two, i have no problem connecting and accessing the internet, i just plug the PC's ethernet cable to the surfboard and surf the web. however when i switch to the third computer which is the new one, i get a message: network has limited or no connectivity. the settings on the 3 PC's are identical, DHCP, and everything automatic. somebody told me that it was due to a MAC address table that the modem keeps on its records. i think there is a MAC address number limit, which would be only 2 in this case, but i don't know how to access it or erase it, and how to allow the 3 PC's to access the internet and not having to erase it each time i want to connect a different PC. please help!!!

A:Problem with motorola surfboard

this may not work try
do a search for your ip address type that in that may bring up the modem
call your provider they will tell you how to read and reset
I would suggest a cheap'o router as this things should not be unplugged and replugged repeatedly
or setup ICS with a coupla more nic's in the fast machine

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Similar problem.
Installed Motorola Phone Tools on Acer Travelmate (Vista).
Worked fine until I rebooted then keyboard was completly unresponsive, also battery icon showed battery not detected.
Uninstalled MPT and all is good again.
Reinstall and same problem again.

Any ideas greatly apreciated.

A:motorola phone tools

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Hi,I am having a problem with the USB drivers for the Motorola RAZR v3 phone.The error message I am getting is "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"Thus far I have downloaded the most recent drivers from Motorola and installed the but the problem persists.I was thinking that there may be a virus or malware problem and ran combofix but the problem persists.Anyone out there have experiencs with this problem.ThanksEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Motorola V3 Driver Error

hello are you running XP?Go to Device managerTry...Uninstall the driver, and then click Scan for hardware changes (located under action) to reinstall or upgrade the driver.

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I hope this is in the right forum...sorry if its not. My question is this....I own a copy of the program " motorola phone tools" It is like version 4.23 or something like that..After the first install it then upgrades itself with automatic updates to the newest version...however this is a very tedious process..and the program is very touchy..I took me at least 3 tries the first time i tried...I had to uninstall..then reinstall, it was very difficult to do. Anyway..once I was able to get it right, the program seems to be very stable with the latest version. What I would like to do is to make a bootable or a reistall disk with the latest version installed on my pc right now. Is this even possible?? I am planning on changing my OS to windows 7 pretty soon and would love to just have the latest version on a disk rather than have to go through this process again. I am somewhat familiar with ISO files and making bootable disks...so Im not completely in the dark on this subject, but I could use a hand on this....plus..I think this could come in handy for me in the future for other programs....Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
O by the way...I already know that MPT is not compatible with windows 7 as of yet...will be waiting on the patch before I upgrade my OS.

A:Motorola Phone Tools

I would guess you could slipstream the updates as you would Windows Updates to a Windows CDYou might want to check outhttp://www.howardsforums.com

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i recently purchased a motorola V180 cellphone and i've been told that you can actually add mp3s as your ringtones. i've noticed that my phone has some sort of usb port. i've searched the net for an answer and i havent had any luck so far.

i know this might not be the right board to post anything like this, but i'm pretty sure that someone will have an answer or some ideas for this problem or rather this question.

if it's of any help my phone is a motorolav180, and im with Tmobile. and i dont think i have that 'internet' thing on my phone.

A:mp3s on motorola V180?

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My cable provider internet plan is 50gb download and 5gb upload. I have a Motorola 6121 already and just got a used 6141 from someone. Since both modems can handle the speed I was thinking of selling the 6141. The only major difference that I can see is the bonding for the 6141 has 8 and the 6121 4.

Do you think that the 6141 would be any faster than the 6121?

Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk

A:Motorola 6121 & 6141

Are you getting the ISP's advertized speeds with the 6121? If so, the 6141 will not be any faster for your current service.

I use Speedtest.net (computer and iOS) for such tests; there is also an Android App.

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