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iomega external usb HD

Q: iomega external usb HD

I am trying to connect an external iomega "Home Network Hard Drive" 500gb. I am connecting this drive via usb. The drive is recognised by me PC which has Windows XP Professional SP3 (Local Disk G:\). When i try and see the content on this drive via Explorer I get the following message "G:\ is not accessible
The parameter is incorrect."

I have tried disconnecting and rebooting both PC and HD few times and same above error.

Any idea how I can read the content from this drive? appreciate your help..


Preferred Solution: iomega external usb HD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: iomega external usb HD

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I have an external HD Iomega 318686 model LPHD-UPC.
This drive I used without any problems. Then I decided to use it for my backup of my laptop via Windows 10.
First I did a complete format of the drive. When I connect this HD to my laptop, it is no longer recognized by my laptop. I tried to find a driver to download, but can not find the driver. Also I do not know if this is the solution. Also I don't know the difference between driver and pilot.
Is there someone who can help me to make this external HD Iomega 318686 model LPHD-UPC work again?
Thank you.

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I have a 80GB Iomega External HD. The HD has gone and I'm looking to replace it with a 200GB. I went down to my local shop and they said that I would need to find out if the HD was compatiable first. Does anyone know if I can replace the HD in the Iomega External HD with a 200GB ATA model?


A:Replacement HD for a Iomega External HD?

Is there anything unusual about the Iomega? Otherwise, if it is a 3.5" ATA and you are replacing it with a larger 3.5" ATA, can't see how you would run into a problem. I hava a couple of USB type external drives and you can switch the hdd without a hitch.

Opening external drive boxes can be tricky. Sometimes you have to use a round cylindrical something to release the clips.

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ok heres the sitch, my iomega hd was working for almost 3 months until last wik my brother borrowed it and plugged it in on a windows xp PC in their school and he said it doesnt work because there was a ballon pop up saying usb device cannot be recognized so i called him to bring it back home to try plugging it on other windows system (we have here windows xp, vista home, vista ultimate and windows 7). so we did the plugging...all windows systems says that usb cannot be recognized crap. its been a week now, been surfing in the internet trying to find a solution tried the plugging out power cord (Pc), pulling out of battery approx. 10 hours (laptop), device manager, system restore, disk management, uninstalling usb components, Tweak UI for win 7, USBDeview, and even tried opening my external HD(cant find the screws and shh***t, even under the rubber feet no screw) non of this methods work for me, i've even updated all the pc and laptops mobo and usb driver, even the service pack of windows...i even searched drivers for my iomega ego and found none, can anybody help??? these files inside of my hd are my lifes work my Thesis for my masteral is in there(well most of it).... anybody suggests any solution for this???

I don't know what information I could provide that would assist anyone in helping me. If you need more info posted, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help provided.

A:Iomega ego 320 GB external HD not recognized

Quote: Originally Posted by jerrick29

ok heres the sitch, my iomega hd was working for almost 3 months until last wik my brother borrowed it and plugged it in on a windows xp PC in their school and he said it doesnt work because there was a ballon pop up saying usb device cannot be recognized so i called him to bring it back home to try plugging it on other windows system (we have here windows xp, vista home, vista ultimate and windows 7). so we did the plugging...all windows systems says that usb cannot be recognized crap. its been a week now, been surfing in the internet trying to find a solution tried the plugging out power cord (Pc), pulling out of battery approx. 10 hours (laptop), device manager, system restore, disk management, uninstalling usb components, Tweak UI for win 7, USBDeview, and even tried opening my external HD(cant find the screws and shh***t, even under the rubber feet no screw) non of this methods work for me, i've even updated all the pc and laptops mobo and usb driver, even the service pack of windows...i even searched drivers for my iomega ego and found none, can anybody help??? these files inside of my hd are my lifes work my Thesis for my masteral is in there(well most of it).... anybody suggests any solution for this???

I don't know what information I could provide that would assist anyone in helping me. If you need more info posted, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help provided.

If... Read more

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I installed an Iomega external CD-RW, USB 2.0. After I installed it and rebooted, I couldn't complete startup. The desktop would go white and the computer would just hang. After several attempts I restarted in Safe Mode, uninstalled the Iomega software, then restarted just fine. Has anybody here had experience similar to this with Iomega?

I have an IBM, Pentium III, 255 MB Ram, Windows Me.


A:Iomega external CD-RW problem

One- This is more hardware related.

Two- Your positive the usb plug is in all the way?

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this is my first post
#i have a iomega external 1tb hd that wont install, ita bout 3 years old.
the 12v power lead lights up the light in the hd but on the pc desktop
my computer it does not now boot up. it worked for the first 2 years and then stopped.
my ac power lead is 12v but maybe not the iomega one that came with it( there all look the same except volts)
can anyone help me to get this working?

A:iomega 1tb external hd wont install

Hi and welcome to sevenforums gopher1,
so there is nothing showing in "computer"
and nothing showing as installing drivers when first plugged in?

try this....click start button, Right click on Computer and select Manage. On the following screen, click on Disk Management. In the tool bar, click on Action and then Rescan Disks.

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Problem with my Iomega 1TB external hard rive. It connects through USB. One day it just stopped loading up. It sounds as if it running but consistently stutters and wont fully boot up. I am looking for a utility to update all my drivers on my computer automatically to see if it helps with this hard drive issue. I've also tried connecting it to a different computer (Mac). My computer is a Dell running Windows Vista 32-bit.

A:Problem with my Iomega 1TB external hardrive

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I just bought & installed an iomega cd-rw/dvd drive because my 2 internal drive went kaput on me. But now I'm having a problem getting this new drive to read (launch) music cds and movie dvd ie matrix. I've already tried downloading drivers (didn't need to). The drive is connected to me computer via a USB cable. What do I do now????????? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


A:problem with external iomega cd-rw/dvd drive

Are you hooked up to ports on the front of the machine ? ?
On quite a few machines these are under-powered...try another USB port.
That or purchase a powered USB hub for your machine. DVD's require more power than other USB devices.


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Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with my iomega external hard drive. When it is powered on, it constantly clicks. I will like to extract saved items and documents. Please advise. Thank you

A:Iomega external hardware issue

Google for "click of death"

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I just bought this new iomega external 160gb hard drive USB 2.0.
My computer its not picking up anything from the hard drive.Nothing at all.
The USB port works fine because i have used it before many times and i have also have tried my other USB ports too.I have tried a few times to installing it but still no answer to my problem.
Can anyone help pls.

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I have an IOmega LPHD-UP External hard drive and it is not being recognized by my laptop. I can see it in the device manager but not in disc management. I have restarted my laptop, uninstalled it and reinstalld it, all with no avail, can someone assist please?

A:Iomega External Drive not recognized

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II N850 Triple-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 3
RAM: 3835 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 438985 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NALAE
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Iomega External Hard Drive

So, is that system working well for you?

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I have an external hard drive of 500Gb from iomega, and it stopped working recentely.
It is not detected in Windows 7 and from what I know so far this is what I realised:

- It appears on "Device Management" and it says to be working properly
- No message of windows on the bottom-left corner saying that the drive cold not be connected
- It does not appear on "My Computer"
- The above applies even if I start in "Safe Mode"
- BIOS detects it when I try to change how the windows is botted
- the Hard Drive light flickers normaly when I connect the power supply
- Already tried to change the USB cables but the problem presists
- Tried in other computers, with the same results listed above

The problem is that I have important data that I want to recover from the drive, so fromating the drive must be the last resort.

Thanks in advance for your time and sorry for my english

A:Iomega external HD not detected by any computer

Is it possible to open up the external Iomega caddy and remove the drive? The drive enclosure might be the problem, so removing the drive and trying a different enclosure or installing it into another computer might work.

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I have an Iomega 160 Gb external HDD (code LDHD160-u).
I plugged it into two different PCs, one running Windows XP and the other Windows 7 32-bits. The PCs are in different places, so the power sources were different too. I also tried 2 different USB cables and several different USB ports in both PCs.
In all cases, I didn't succeed in having Windows Explorer show the drive. When I switched on the HDD, the LED on the right side (from the viewer's point of view) turned on, but the one on the left stayed off. I also could not feel any vibration when I placed my hand on the HDD.
This is supposed to be a plug-and-play device, both in Windows XP and Windows 7. Some guys say this drive is Windows 7 compatible, though I could not find the code for this HDD in the list of Windows 7 compatible devices (there is a reference to an Iomega 160 Gb HDD, but it has a different code).
Is there any chance that I can get this drive back working?
Thank you very much!

A:Iomega 160Gb external HDD not working

Have you tried opening the case, removing the hard drive, and trying the drive internally in a PC? The drive should just be a standard SATA drive. Enclosures and hard drives die all the time, hopefully its just the enclosure and the drive is still functional.

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Just the other day my External zip drive stopped ejecting the disks. I press the eject button and it makes the ejecting noises and what not butthe disk moves a millimeter or so and thats it. Any ideas?

A:Iomega external ZIP Drive not Ejecting.

Try doing a software eject.

Right click on the drive letter. If not on your desktop, find it under "My Computer"

Click on "Eject Disk"

Also as a final backup most ZIP's have an emergency eject fallback method. On mine it is a pinhole in the back just above the power connector.

Must be fully powered down, removed and you stick a straightened paper clip into that hole and push.

See your instruction manual if such a procedure exists for your drive.

Finally you can gently push the disk in a bit more with your finger from the front loading slot and exercise it. It may be hung up on its ejection path. Jiggle may unseat and clear the path.

Best of luck

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Hi all,

I currently have Windows Home Premium 64-bit and seems to be working quite well. However, when I tried to connect my Iomega eGo external HDD to *every single USB port I have on the computer* the computer would "see" the HDD but not register as a HDD that I can access.

It will not show up in My Computer at all. The HDD has music files on it from a different computer, so it's not empty.

When I go to look at the USB connections, it shows up as a USB Mass Storage device, but again, I cannot actually get INTO my HDD.

As a side note, when I look at computer management, my external HDD shows up as Disk1. Perhaps I need to allocate a letter to it? How can I do that without erasing the data stored on it already?

I've been reading the forums, and there doesn't seem to be a solution that works for me.

Ideas? Thanks!!

A:Windows 7 will not let me access Iomega external HDD

try the suggestions in this article from Iomega ?

If you can take it back to the computer that recognizes it I would lift the files off then format it fat32 on your win 7 machine then drop the files back on and see if that works >

It looks like it might originally come formatted for mac so formatting would be my first suspicion ?

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Iomega Prestige Portable 500GB. (NTFS)
(Has a lot of my data. about 350GB)

OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit

DAY 1: ext.HD lost detection after rebooting comp. Also freezes comp on plug in.
My computer froze (a separate issue) and i had to unplug the ext.HD. after rebooting my comp (with system restore), it stopped detecting ext.HD. As soon as i plug in the ext.HD, the comp freezes, and nothing shows up on My Comp, Disk Management or Disk Devices. I scanned just my comp for viruses (using avast 5, MBAM, spybot) and it came out clean.

DAY 2: I plugged ext.HD to other PCs. the result was the same freezing and no detection.
Also plugged it to a mac. It couldn't mount it and i was redirected to Disk Utility. Explainable, since ext.HD is NTFS.

DAY 3: My comp began detecting it, but can't access it. GetDataBack (Date Recovery prog.) also froze.
I changed the drive letter and restarted. Then, it began showing up on Device Manager, Disk Manager, and My computer, but with just the name Local Disk D: . When i try to open it through my computer i get prompted to format before i can use it. when i try properties it freezes. And yea, the correct drive size still shows on Disk Management. So i downloaded GetdataBack, ran it, but it freezes while trying to detect the drive.

My guess is that the USB interface of the ext.HD is the fault. but i may be wrong, and even if i'm not, i have no clue how to fix it.

I plan to try a system restart with ext.HD plugged on. Or even a syst... Read more

A:Computer can't recognize iomega external HD

Mac shouldn't have any problem reading NTFS.
Remove this drive from the case and try attaching it internally or via USB adapter.

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i just want help on how to properly format an external iomega hard drive 30GB and change the file system from NTFS to fat32? what should i do and what do i use? thanks in advance.

A:format external iomega hard drive

You will have to delete and recreate the partition to go from NTFS to FAT32.

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I am thinking about getting an 'iomega (#34836) 1TB eGo USB 2.0 External Hard Drive to replace a much smaller one from a different manufacturer.

However, I have read a few reviews where some folks running Windows 7 had some problems getting it to recognize the iomega eGo External Drive.

Can anyone tell me of any of their experiences with this External Drive while using Windows 7 ... either 'pro or con'?

Thanks and regards,


A:iomega eGo External drive and Windows Seven compatibility

No personal experience, but until someone else replies. It is at least listed as compatible:


A Guy

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I accidently dropped my iomega 1tb external hard drive and now when i turn it on it says i have to reformat it, does that mean all my files have been deleted, if so is there any way i can retrieve them? please help me!

A:How to fix dropped iomega 1tb external hard drive?

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Hello , hope you can help . Have 2 iomega external hard drive's . Computer was down for a while , had one working yesterday . Turn my computer on . Today there gone . A friend sent me you link with the exact problem i followed your advice and i lost my second external hard drive . Ok, both were working on several computers . Had the main computer go for repair . Hook everything up . Turn on . Hook up my external hard drive , they light make noise , but dont blink and are not recegonised no hard ware found . Both these unit's are filled with my pictures doccument's and extencive movie library collection . If i can't get them to work , i'd like to be at leas be able to recover all my information . Any advice . Step by step instructions would be great . Appreciate the help !!

A:iomega 500gig external hard drive

is there any yellow alongside the usb listings in the device manager

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I have been spending some time trying to find a note about this problem, but i didn find any - just some, pretty close in subject.
I have problems with my Iomega ext. harddrive (usb2) and window xp.
first it could not see iomega and then after I updated window xp with sp 3 it wend bad and wrote this:----------------

[Window Title]
Microsoft Windows

[Main Instruction]
Du skal formatere disken i drev J:, f?r du kan bruge den.
eng: you need to format drive J before you can use it

Vil du formatere den?
eng: do you want to format drive?
[Formater disken] [Annuller]
I will not format my ext. harddisk and then lose all data on it.

further more it write this.................
[Window Title]
Placeringen er ikke tilg?ngelig
eng: location not availible
J:\ er ikke tilg?ngelig.
Disken indeholder ikke et genkendeligt filsystem.
Kontroller, at alle kr?vede filsystemdrivere er indl?st,
og at disken ikke er beskadiget.
disk system not known
you need to control that alle nessary files is loaded and the disk is not damaged
as you can see windows atleast regonize the drive letter J:

under properties it writes following and give my ext. harddrive a the name:

Samsung HM321Hl USB Device and it use thise driver default:
and i notice that it differend in the letters if thats any help...?

I think that my data is safe but I dont know how to get it back, if ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] USB Iomega external drive unknown

Did you install the software that came from Iomega and update it?

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When I plug in my 250G Iomega external drive to my USB port, the light comes on(steady) but the computer no longer recognizes the drive.
It was working on my windows XP computer when I left work.
No longer recognized on 2 home PCs (XP + Vista) and no longer on my work PC (XP)
It is not listed under Disk Management.
Can anybody help? thx

A:Solved: Iomega External HD no longer recognized by 3 PCs

Hi All,

I finally tracked it down to the on-board data port connector.
When I tried to connect yesterday the light did not come on.
As I wiggled it the light would come on and off.
As I tried to get it to a position where the light would come on, the connector became very loose.
I opened the unit and discovered it had separated from the board.
By hand and by trial and error, I was able to place the connector back on the board with the USB cable connected holding it in place, the computer recognized it.
I disconnected it.
The I decided to try clamp it on board with black paper spring clamp.
I took a med-large clamp, put tape on the inside so it would not short out anything.
I carefully placed the connector back in place until I had the computer recognize it again and then carefully placed the clamp on to hold the connector in place.
I have an electonics background. so attempting this wa snot intimidating for me.
I then transferred all data to another hard drive.
With the cost of new portable hard drives today, it is not worth paying to have this drive repaired.

Lesson learned - don't keep cables attached to your portable unit during transportation and storage.
I had this portable drive with the cable attached in my napsack that I take to work for times when I might need access to some personal files. The everyday movement and removing and storing of the unit, obviously put stress on the connector to the point where it weakened and eventually lost part of its co... Read more

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I have had this iomega 500gb external hardrive for about 11 months and it has been working fine, until two days before it was fell down from 1 feet. After that my computer cant find the hard drive now. There is a blue light indicating that the hard drive has power running to it (it has a separate power source to the computer) but there is no blinking light which usually comes on when the computer is reading it. I have made sure all the cables are in properly but the hard drive can't be found in either my computer or device manager. I tried the hard drive on another computer but same problem.
How to recover the data and make the drive in operating condition.?
I'm using windows XP SP3 ([email protected])

A:iomega external Hard drive is not recognizing

There are various softwares which can recover data, but the prerequisite for all of them is that the PC is able to detect the drive. That being the case, all I can suggest is to send it to a data recovery service, but that is mega expensive.

Important & irreplaceable data should never be stored on only one hard drive. I have four external drives, each one storing the same data.

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 468740 MB, Free - 195655 MB; D: Total - 468741 MB, Free - 205007 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, WG43M
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Ive had it nearly 2 months since then it's been fine, it has not had a bump or knock. But after i did Windows Backup it took too long and then i unplugged it from the usb port and now it isent recognized in My Computer or Disk Management i have tried other USB Ports it does not recognize their either, tried rebooting my computer, when i plug it in the led light still turns on though.

here are the specification of the drive:

Interface: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps
Format: NTFS

Is it safe to uninstall the Iomega driver (Toshiba) from my system?
If so when i re-connect it again will it find it and install the drive again?
it is recognized as 'TOSHIBA MK3259GSX USB DEVICE'

I have tried the Iomega 320GB External Hard Drive on a different desktop and it still didnt work (unrecognized, undetected)

I dont know how to partion/repartition it but if anyone can explain to me how if it needs it that would help

When i go on Command Prompt (As Administrator) when the external hard drive is plugged in and type

/chkdsk r
it says this

'C:\Windows\system32>... Read more

A:Iomega External Hard Drive Unrecognized.. Help!

Please do not double-post.


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A month ago, my father asked to take back the Mac he lent me, so he gave me his iOmega external hard drive to copy all of my information onto.

iOmega External Hard Drive
Model: EPHD-ME

I did so, and waited for a month before I realized I was better off moving the information onto my Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I took the USB, plugged it in, and the light on the hard drive turned on. But it didn't appear anywhere on my computer.

Not under Computer: NotUnderComputer - BlackEyeHawk's Sta.sh

Not under Disk Management: NotUnderDiskManage - BlackEyeHawk's Sta.sh

Not under Device Management: NotUnderDeviceManage - BlackEyeHawk's Sta.sh

And no, I don't believe the USB Mass Storage Device is the external hard drive, as it remains there after I unplug the device.

I'll provide whatever else information is necessary. I'm not a computer savvy guy, let alone know anything about PCs.

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I am trying to run an iomega Select Desktop Hard Drive, 1 TB. You can see it here (http://reviews.cnet.com/external-ha...-34147148.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;2r)

I cannot find any drivers or any info really for this device online.

I am running Windows 7 on a intel core i5 processor. I used to have no problem running it on this computer. It now will not show up in Disk Management or Device Manager. The blue light on the device is on and I have even tried a different power supply as well as a different port, and unplugging/restarting the computer.

The only other thing I can think of is the USB cord may be bad, but I don't have anything to try out. I am hoping that it is not completely dead - lots of files on this device.

Please let me know if you need any more info or if there is anything else I can try! I'm desperate! Thanks in advance

A:iomega External Hard Drive won't recognize

Does it work on another machine?

Has it been bumped or knocked or dropped?

Youu should have all your files backed up especially those on portable drives because they are the most likely to fail and lose all their files. All hard drives will fail.

If it doesn't appear in Device Manager, then the drive or its enclosure may be faulty (if not the cable). If it is under warranty, you should replace it. If not, you may need to remove the drive from its case and try connecting it to a machine through a USB adapter or connected internally to a desktop PC to see if it works without the enclosure.

The hard drive in your computer is in one of two states right now. It's
either going to fail or it already failed. Hard drives are inherently
fragile things with no built in redundancy.
-Chris PirilloClick to expand...

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I tried to run a system image to the "Backup" folder of my Iomega external hard drive three times, without success. The error message asked me to run chkdsk on both the source (my desktop) hard drive and the destination (Iomega) drive.

How can I run chkdsk on this external drive? I am willing to buy third-party software if necessary.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I did manage to create a system image in a different folder of the external drive, but am curious about the one that failed. It contains no data and has never been used.

A:How to run chkdsk on Iomega networked external hard drive

if you right click on your iomega in "computer" select properties and select the tools tab, there is an option to check the disc for errors.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and post that It was working fine without any issues. I have two external drive connected to it.

1. 1 TB Iomega powered drive. - now RAW
2. 2TB seagate external drive.

The 1tb drive suddenly became RAW and I wasn't able to access it. before it happened, I had removed some virus detected in the drive by the AVG antivirus. Post that once or twice it got disconnected and after that the drive became RAW. I understand the file system might have got corrupted since couple of times my system faced powercuts and before I could shut it down the system cut off from electricity as my UPS died on me.

I haven't formatted the disk at all, as I have all my important data in this HD as it was my backup drive for office and personal use.

Disk Management: shows the drive is RAW but a healthy Partition.

I opened the hard drive casing, tried connecting the drive directly to the internal sata cable but the same didn't read even then and still shows as RAW drive. I got a Storite USB to SATA adapter and tried that, the drive is now running fine(as it sounds) with intermittent kind of noise (clicking etc.,) for sometime and then disappears. After directly connecting the drive atleast the below softwares are able to read the data in the drive but unable to recover it.

I have tried recovering data using the below softwares.

1. EaseUS DAta recovery - took too much time to complete reading - 17% in more than 24 hours- stopped it.
2. M3 DAta recover... Read more

A:External 1TB harddrive(Iomega - seagate inside) RAW drive

My recommendation is to use [email protected] Recovery Pro. I had a similar situation (raw indication) on a drive a few months back and I tried several of the leading data recovery apps, and the one I recommended is the one that found the most stuff -- nearly everything. It took nearly a whole day to do an in-depth scan, but in the end, it was worth it. It's free to install and try out, but you need to buy a license to do any serious recovery work.

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Hi there,

My Iomega 1TB external USB drive has just started giving our Cyclic Redundancy Check errors when trying to access files and messages about the drive needed to be formatted.

The strange thing is, the drive works perfect in my laptop. Both machines are Windows7 64-bit.
I've tried different USB ports in my PC with the same results.

I tried to re-format the drive from my laptop in NTFS format, however it didn't wipe anything from the drive and I still have the same issue's.

Any ideas ?


A:Iomega external drive. Cyclic Redundancy in PC. OK on laptop

PS. This is a backup drive so Im not concerned about retrieving the data.

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I have had an Iomega external hard for a year now and it used to work perfectly, until suddenly, my computer (Mac) won't detect it anymore.

When I turn it on, the blue light comes on and I can hear the disk spinning inside, but there is no trace of any external device connected to my mac. I've connected through USB and Firewire with no success. Going to disk utility, only my internal hard drive appears.

It simply just stopped showing up on my computer. Does anybody have any advice to get my hard drive working again?

A:Iomega External Hard Drive stopped being detected

Try a different usb & firewire port physically on your mac & try a different cable. If no dice try it on a different mac or even on a PC, see if the other computer detects it. many times w/ external hard drives the enclosure fails but the drive is ok. worse case scenario the enclosure is bad & you can remove drive to put in another enclosure, or the whole thing could be hosed. try this, post back. thanks!

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This hard drive has worked fine with my computer for a while now. i recently reinstalled the os onto my machine, and proceeded to obtain all of the necessary drivers to get it back to normal again. however, all of my backed up files were on this external hard drive. when i plug it into the computer (via USB) it is recognized under disk drives in device manager. it still doesn't show up anywhere else, and i can't access it. i tried plugging it into a laptop, and it was the same story. Anyone got a fix? thanks

A:Iomega External Hard Drive Not Recognized By Computer

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hi all!

im awful at computer stuff and my hard drive has just stopped being recognized. my computer is saying it needs to be formatted. i have had it since Jan and it has EVERY picture, piece of uni work and also music on it.

Im desperate to try and fix it!

Please someone help!


A:IOMEGA external hard drive has just stopped working

Have you tried the drive in another computer?
Do you have any other external drives or USB devices and do they work ok?
What OS are you running?

I would definitely recommend taking the drive to a shop or tech to have a look, if you aren't familiar with data recovery.

The problem could be a corrupt partition table, or other data related - not physical, problem. A reformat will "fix" your drive, but you will lose data. In situations like these, taking the drive to an experienced person will be the best option to avoid making matters "worse", and as a worse case scenario, data recovery software should get your most if not all of your data back.

Most likely, the integrity of the drive has been affected, but the drive itself still holds the data.

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iv had my Iomega hdd for about a year at most and its been fine, yesterday the usb cable was accidentally unplugged from the hdd while still connected to my laptop. Now when the hdd is plugged in, it makes beeping noises for a few seconds and the green light indicated power but it doesnt have any motor running sounds and it is not recognised by my laptop. I tried it on my family computer and its the same problem. I have tried restarting and no changes. I have attempted checking the disk management and as far as i can see it is not there either, and when i run F:\ it is unavailable.
any help is very much appreciated, as usual in these cases theres lots of important files i need off it!!

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Hello all, I am at my wits end and i wonder if anyone can help. I have a 500GB external iomega hard drive. I had only used it a handful of times to back up such things as holday snaps and my itunes music and video library. This was basically to free up my laptops memory.
I then plugged into the usb port on my PS3 console and found it was in FAT32 so dragged game saves across to do the same thing for my PS3. I then used it to drag music to my iphone and left it for a week, however now the PS3 wont recognise it and nor will my computer , and i have no idea why not.
There is power to the hard drive via external 12v power source and the blue light on it shows that power goes to it, but when plugged to any other console or laptop it does not show signs of being read.
Any one able to shed light on this and help with an answer?


A:iomega external 500gb hard drive now not recognized!!

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Hi everyone
I'm new here and even though i have been reading a lot of usueful threads , i couldn't solve my problem at all.

Well i have an external HDD Iomega 2Tb , that after a while stopped to work entirely.
At first i would get "corrupted data " messages on windows 7, but now i can't access any of its content, even though as soon as i connect it to my pc it DOES get recognized and has a letter assigned, but i just can't do anything on it.

I tried formatting it via windows but the proccess fails before even starting( it looks like any pc i connect it to, detect it at first(like a couple of seconds) but then its connection goes off even though its usb cable is perfect and i also tried connecting with several different cables just to be sure.

Then i used several programs, like "hard disk low level format tool" which as soon as i start the formatting process gives error strings and doesn't even start the process at all( remains stuck at 0%)

I also tried to use "Hard disk sentinel" program which gives it a status of 0% health and suggests me to back its data up. Too bad i just can't access it at all. it also states "REALLOCATED SECTORS COUNT"

I tried booting my pc with gparted and seeing if it could somehow formatting it and assign a new partition but it's like each program can access for a very short amount of time( the hdd led blinks as well) then it can't be accessed anymore and "gets lost" (its led stops b... Read more

A:External Hard disk Iomega 2 Tb recognized by pc but can't be formatted

Welcome to SF gabriel,

I would double check the connection by trying another USB port and changing the cable and let us know if that helps.

Sorry you tried different cables I see, does the drive show up in the bios? Does the drive have an alternate connection like esata or firewire you could try?

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I am having some crazy issues with my computer. I had a plethora of BSOD's which led up to my computer crashing completely. I reinstalled windows by deleting the partition and putting it back on fresh and new but had to do it twice since the first time didn't work.

The first time gave me hell after I tried to drag my saved music files for itunes onto my new desktop. This led to the Explorer restart issue which was so bad that I just reinstalled the system again. I have had the system up and running and everything seems OK (lag in speed since I took out two of my 2 GB memory sticks after thinking they might have been the problem-PNY is sending me replacements) but now I am noticing that I am getting the EXPLORER HAS SHUT DOWN error when trying to open my folders on my Iomega drive. I have done a scan disc on this hard drive and it is totally free of errors. No errors have been found. The External drive is only about 7 months old. I have scanned it for viruses with AVG Internet Security 2012 and it has no viruses to my knowledge.

What can I do to save this drive??? I have almost 1.3 gb of important stuff on it!!! Help!!! I am not very computer savvy so this is really mentally exhausting and frustrating. I am thinking of getting a new system but I am scared something is up with the external drive that might ruin my NEW system once I try and put it on there.

ALSO, I should mention that my external drive folders open fine on my laptop...so, that has to mean something right? H... Read more

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I had to restart my computer after installing something, upon logging back in the light on the back of my external stopped working and it stopped recognizing. But I can still hear it spinning. Can I fix this? If not how do I recover my files?

A:IOMEGA External Harddrive stopped recognizing after system restart.

Hello Carbomb and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please post a screenshot of your expanded Disk Managment. It may give a clue as to why your external Iomega is no longer being recognized. Perhaps it no longer has a drive letter associated with it, or something else.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I am using a iomega prestige external hard drive. I have uses this for years with no problem. All of a sudden it as stopped working. It shows up in the listed devices but is inaccessible. It shows up as drive e in the device management. I have assigned another drive letter but with no success. I have removed and reinstalled with no success. It just will not show up in the my computer part. The drive makes no noise and the light does not flash but is receiving power. When I removed the item it did reinstall again no joy. I am now worrying as I have important data on it. My virus scanner also recognises the device and when I run this it finds nothing to scan. Can anyone help?

A:Iomega Prestige external hard drive stopped working

Use the Disk Manager to view the partition - - there should be some info if you click on the device. If not, the partition damaged.

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Hi, I currently have a computer running Windows 7 and I would like to transfer the backed up information on the iomega external hard drive to it and also I noticed an option to use Windows ready boost too to help speed up and increase performance. My concern however is that the chassis is quite small and that the computer specs may not enable these operations to complete properly. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Transferring data with iomega external hard drive and using ready boost?

I wouldn't advise enabling ReadyBoost on your Iomega hard drive.  You should only really use external flash memory with ReadyBoost, and that, only if you have a minimal RAM and you are desperate to speed up your computer.  See this to find out more about ReadyBoost.

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This new T470S will not load the drivers for the Iomega eGo 31923800 external USB hard drive.Tried this drive on older models of Thinkpads and it works fine.I cannot find any drivers for this iomega drive.Any idea's please?

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Hello, I'm CrazyKilla

I've had this external HDD for a while and it worked until a while back, when it just didn't show up on 'My Computer' anymore. Right now I need to use this HDD and I have to leave with it in 3 days.
The HDD does not show up in my computer.
Once connected it does not show up in 'Device Manager'
Once disk management is opened it is detected, if asked to initialize disk it prompts me with: "The Device is Not Ready".
I installed Iomega Encryption software (The HDD is an Iomega eGo) which has an option to erase the HDD. Once it detects the HDD if I attempt to erase, or change anything the HDD dissapears from Disk Management but appears in Device Manager as 'Unknown Device'. Yes every time I do this it happens, not coincidentally.
Everything I try, even using diskpart to clean the HDD it claims that something is out-of-date.
Yes, the HDD does not work on multiple PCs.
There is no external Power supply that it needs.
The HDD uses a Micro B cable and it leads into two cables, USB 3.0 and 2.0. I've tried both, neither make a difference.

If you could contribute any help, please do.

A:Iomega eGo external HDD not working and is "not ready"

I bought an eGo (I was a bit disappointed with it really). My laptop didn't give enough power so I had to use 2 USB to make it work. You could try that.

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I have an iomega external hard drive, or mass storage device. It was working fine and the blue light is still on, however my computer cant see the files. The USB port is working, I tried unistalling the driver and reinstalling, that did not work.

A:Iomega down

Try it on another computer and try another USB cable. USB drives frequently break due to the nature of their use, it's possible that either the USB part for the enclosure has failed/broken or the the internal drive has failed or broken. If you want the data off it or want to attempt to salvage it and not worried about warranty then you can disassemble the unit and remove the drive and try the drive internally in a computer, it's just a SATA drive inside, or attempt to use it with another enclosure and hope the drive is not dead.

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i have an iomega cd rw, and i've had it about a year but lately when i try to use it, it says " no supported cd rw available"..

when it happened the first time i just unplugged some wires and put them back in, and it said "new hardware detected" and it worked... but this time that wont work, i've tried going into my control panel and adding new hardware and it says that the iomega parallel port interface is not working properly and i have no idea what that means...
when i check the device tab it has a little exclamatiion point next to it...
i uninstalled the cd rw and all its software and re installed.. i've unhooked it completely and then put it back. and nothing works...
what do u think can be wrong?

A:iomega cd rw

Is it a parallel port external burner? If so, is your printer also parallel?

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My parallel port Iomega 100 Zip Drive won't work on Vista.
It reads it as IMG VP1.
Asks for the disk which I can't find.
Any ideas?

A:Iomega ZIP 100

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i purchased a usb zip drive by iomega and installed it; i'm running windows 95 and it DID warn me that only iomega products would now work in my usb ports....but i didn't know it would be forever! the zip drive didn't work right so i am returning it and have uninstalled the software, but now my device manager shows NO usb ports at all, and won't recognize the scanner. i un- and reinstalled the scanner software, but no go. i don't want to have to buy windows 98. can anyone bail me out of this one?

A:iomega ate my usb

You probably need to reinstall the Windows 95 USB support.

Get out your 95 CD and do a Find, File on it for USBSUPP - when you find it, double click on it to run the installation.

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