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Transfering data from desktop to laptop without turning desktop pc on?

Q: Transfering data from desktop to laptop without turning desktop pc on?

Is it possible to transfer data from my desktop pc to my laptop pc without turning on my desktop pc? My desktop pc does not work and needs a new motherboard. I know I can take my PCs in to Best Buy and have them transfer the data for about $100. I'm hoping to do it myself and cheaper. Is there any specific equipment I can rent or buy to do this myself? The data I need transferred is from my old desktop is from a Dell Dimension XPS T500 to my new Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Transfering data from desktop to laptop without turning desktop pc on?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Transfering data from desktop to laptop without turning desktop pc on?

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Is it possible to transfer data from my desktop pc to my laptop pc without turning on my desktop pc? My desktop pc does not work and needs a new motherboard. I know I can take my PCs in to Best Buy and have them transfer the data for about $100. I'm hoping to do it myself and cheaper. Is there any specific equipment I can rent or buy to do this myself? The data I need transferred is from my old desktop is from a Dell Dimension XPS T500 to my new Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. Any ideas?
Thank you.

A:Transfering data from desktop to laptop without turning desktop pc on?

yes.............dont duplicate post!

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I have a custom built desktop at an office, it was running Windows Xp pro with the license glued on the side. At a later time a full license was purchased for windows 7 pro oem, and glued on the side of the computer. The system was wiped and Windows 7 pro freshly installed (not upgraded).
Now a new system with Windows 10 pro was bought to take it's place.
My question is there, the office has a Windows XP Pro laptop, that must be upgraded to Windows 7 pro. Am I able to use that license from that old desktop for Windows 7 Pro on this winxp laptop to install Windows 7 pro? If so, how would I go about doing it? Just an upgrade and use that product key?

A:Transfering license from desktop to laptop, and throwing desktop away

The laptop license will be an OEM copy of the OS, this is managed by the OEM of the laptop and would not be transferable to the new system. the additional win7 laptop is also an OEM license but in this case the support would be the responsibility of your Company IT department.

You need to purchase a new license for the laptop, but, if you can get one an upgrade license would be OK as the XP pro to Windows 7 is a valid upgrade

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I would like to transfer some ebooks from my desktop pc to my laptop, but the website I downloaded the reader software from says I can only read it on the computer I originally downloaded it to (which is my desktop pc.) Is there any way to get around it like moving the files to an external hd then trying to read it on my laptop???? If not that means I'm going to have to keep my desktop pc just so I can read these books! Also is there a way I can use one monitor with a desktop pc and a new powermac g5??
If I can do these things please please tell my how to do it.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

fyi I am using windows xp on both pc computers & tiger os on my mac.

thanks, Vini

A:transfering file from desktop pc to laptop

Why can't you install the reader software in the laptop as well? Is it a shareware program that only allows one installation per purchase? If so, does it allow a license transfer to another PC? I mean, what if you bought another to replace an obsolete original? Otherwise, you may have to buy another license.

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your Mac question except for the possibility of looking for a monitor cable splitter.

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ok i need help connecting my laptop and desktop so i can transfer all my pictures videos and documents to my desktop, i have a double ended Ethernet cord, i heard that was the easiest way, but i can seem to get it to work right, i plug the ethernet into both computers but i eventually get an error saying both computers are running on the same IP and it wont work, please help!

A:How EXACTLY can i connect my laptop to my desktop for transfering files?

You need an ethernet crossover cable to network two pc's

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I have a HP pavilion dv5 laptop with a broken monitor, so I took apart/disconnected the lcd panel with my laptop. I am running on an external monitor without having the actual lcd panel (from the laptop) connected right now. I was wondering if this will cause some electrical problem? Any advice would help thanks.

A:Turning Laptop into desktop ?

I personally don't see why it should, you should be able to run from an external monitor permanently on a laptop if you want to.

You may be able to replace the LCD anyway, have you checked ebay and the like for the same model, possibly going cheap as spares / repair or even looking for replacement new LCDs?

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Hi I want to clone all my apps, user settings, personal files, data, etc. from my laptop to my desktop. I want everything to be exactly the same on both of them. So basically cloning the whole thing. I have an external hard drive big enough to fit the whole hard drive of the laptop - including the free space. So I'm thinking copy laptop > ext. HDD > desktop?

They are both connected via LAN. So will that be faster?

But there are some questions,

How will the drivers work? No drivers would result in BSOD?

What program can I use to do this?

Thanks a lot if you can help me. =D

A:Copying all my data from laptop > desktop?

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HELP!!! My boss' laptop died over the weekend and he has charged me with trying to recover the data from his hard drive. All I have is the Hard Drive...I need to find some sort of cable to link it to my desktop to pull all of the data off of it. It's an IBM Travelstar Drive, ATA/IDE, MODEL# DBCA-204860

A:Data Recovery from Laptop HD to Desktop

Do you have another laptop you can connect to? Or a desktop machine with PCMCIA slots?

There are some PCMCIA adapters made to power up and copy laptop hard drives - you can see one here:

But to hook one up to a desktop... I've never seen it. The laptop drive takes power through the data cable, unlike a desktop drive.

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I just bought a new dell laptop, and want to export all my old music, software, etc from my old desktop to it. I'd say it will be about 7-10 gigs of data. The laptop is winXPpro, and the desktop in win98SE. I have a cross-linked cable, so I plan on just hooking the two computers up to each other with it and transfering the data directly between them. I have some network experience, but it's nothing special. I was wondering if someone can give a basic walkthrough of what I should do to transfer the files. I should mention that the desktop has bad sectors on it, and does not run too smoothly (that's why I want to move the data). Thanks.

A:exporting data from old desktop to new laptop

Computer #1:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Computer #2:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Turn off all firewalls.
Can you ping one computer to the other? If so they are communicating fine.
Moving your MP3s and most of your other files should be easy. When it comes to moving programs that are install is where the problems usually occur. While most programs need their respective registry settings to work some do not. If you really want to move the programs that are installed you might want to try http://www.alohabob.com/. I've never used it but I've heard good things about it.

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My sons Toshiba Tecra M2V-s330 will not boot up to Windows XP. Tried all the "Help" stuff as far as trying to boot in Safe Mode and DOS command mode but it still won't go. Called the Toshiba "TECH SUPPORT" line and was basically told the Recovery DVD would have to be used to reinstall the system which would FORMAT the harddrive and of course he would lose everything. Of course we could bring it to a service center to back up the hard drive but I'm assuming they would charge an arm and a leg to do it.

So my question is: Is there a way to backup his data to my desktop hard drive even though his system can't be booted up. I'm running XP pro and have plenty of harddrive space but just don't know if it's possible.

Would appreciate any help or suggestions somebody can give me.

A:Backup Laptop data to my Desktop

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

Yes, that should be possible, and there are a few different ways to do this.

The first is to get a bootdisk which has the correct drivers to load the filesystem (if it's ntfs) and support network in DOS. Connect the laptop to the desktop with a network cable (use cross-over cable if you don't use a switch/hub) and share a folder on the desktop where you can copy the contents.
Next you probably want to mount the shared folder as a drive, as it'll make it a lot easier to copy the files.

Then just copy every file you want to save to the mounted drive and you're done.

Alternative 2.
Remove the harddrive from the laptop (should be modular and easily done). Then open the cover so you can access the harddrive. It's just like a regular harddrive, only it's 2.5" instead of 3.5". Take it out of the casing/cover and connect it to the power and IDE cables in the desktop. (Remember to disconnect the power from the desktop first!)
Then you should be able to boot into windows as usual, it should find the new drive and you should be able to backup anything you want.
Just make sure that when you connect the drive, that it's set to slave and pref. not on the IDE1 channel, as the desktop might then try to use it to boot instead of the regular drive.

Lastly you you can use an external USB drive instead of the network as I outlined first. For information on how to load the usb drivers,... Read more

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My old laptop is about to bite the dust and I am in the process of buying a new PC. It will come preloaded with XP. I will want to transfer my documents folder and some of my programs to the new one. Would one of the new flash keys be appropriate? Also would I be able to select the entire folder for transfer without breaking it down to individual files? I am only going to transfer about 65MBs. The flash key for this only cost $40. If I sound unsure,that is because I have never done anything like this.

The way I understand this procedures is that my laptop will recognize the flash key as another drive.

Any input would be appreciated.

A:Transfer Data From Laptop to Desktop

Your documents can be transferred easily enough but as for the programs you will need to reinstall them on the new drive. Most don't transfer.

I don't know much about the Flash Key but I'm sure someone will on board here and help you with that part.

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hello guys i wanted to ask that how can i copy data from my friends laptop to my pc via cable or something else because i dont have a much larger usb and i usually copy large amount of data like 44gb of games etc from his laptop so how can i copy directly from his laptop without removing my desktop's harddrive or his laptops harddrive?is there any way of doing something via a cable or something your help will be appreciated very much

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I have created a VM with Windows 8.1 64 bit ISO. After the VM created at some times, File explorer and Internet Explorer links in the task bar is broken and the desktop background has became black. And no Videos, Pictures or other libraries working. 

As soon as the OS installed, I automated a bat file which would do the following things.
* Disable UAC Policy
* Disable IPv6 by changing the registry.
* Delete local Admin account by logging into domain Administrator account(In AutoUnattend, I will do a auto login command, which do a auto login with domain administrator and run a bat file which will do these steps)
* Determine OS version (This to identify whether the installed OS version is higher than Windows 7.  If it is higher than Windows 7, I will invoke a auto installation of our party software)
Now, Could you please let me know why the libraries are not functioning properly and what is the reason behind broken links? I am confident that it is not happening due to the batch file or is it so?
Also, I have checked the Ease of Access Center under Control Panel.  Remove Background images check box is not selected.
Thanks, Please let me know this as soon as possible.

Sukumar PK

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I purchased Outlook 2010 out-of-the-box and am authorized to install it on two machines. It's been running on my desktop (duo-core Intel/Win7 64bit) for months now, and I've just gotten around to installing it on my Toshiba Satellite (Athlon/Win7 32bit) laptop.

So far, so good, but I don't want to have to manually and tediously set up my email accounts again. let alone copy my calendar and notes, etc. How do I transfer all that data over? It'll be especially important when synchronizing the two machines. I tried copying over the C:\User\...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook folder with contents and the C:\User\...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook folder as well. No apparent effect.

It used to be that copying Outlook.pst would do the trick, but no longer, apparently. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:How to transfer Outlook 2010 data desktop to laptop

Refer to my post later on in this thread on transfering outlook contacts and calendar items. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-d...itunes-app.htm

Hope this helps

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thanks for all the help. You guys are the best.

My old computer is:

IBM Thinkpad 365XD with windows 98

No USB ports.

I have an external 3.5 floppy drive which can't connect to my new computer.

New computer:

toshiba satellite C650D windows 7
I bought a prolific USB to Serial adapter and added a mini gender changer to connect to old computer.

I have (through much trial and error) gotten both computers to accept the driver install and in device manager they are both looking like the computers have excepted the port connection.

the old is on port 5 and the new is on port 3.

What I can't do is actually transfer files. Or at this point have no clue what to do next. I thought some extra drive would show up or some sort of tranfer software would start like when you download pictures from a camera or something.

On the new computer I go into devices and printers and it says that the prolific USB to Serial Port is unspecified.

I really don't know what else to tell you. I hope you can help. The old computer is really on its last legs and want the files before it crashes for good. I am now constantly having to reset the time and date for the computer (not windows) and it has been saying there is registry errors in windows when I first start. When I reboot everything is fine.


A:transfering data from old laptop to new

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Hi all,

I bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex with Windows 7 a few years ago, not a brilliant PC but it was cheap and did the job for me. I used my own TV as the monitor so it was connected via VGA.

One day when I turned it on it made a series of beeps which at the time I didn?t panic about. So I turned the power off and back on and this time it started up as normal.

Later in the day I had left for a short while but when I came back the TV?s sleep mode had kicked in and I couldn't get the computer display back on at all. So I turned it off at the power again and back on and this time it made the series of beeps again (6 in a row I believe) and it did this every time I tried powering off and on again.

I looked it up online and found that the number of beeps was a code and 6 beeps was something to do with the video card/display I think so the main suggestion was checking for dust which I did.

I also then replaced the VGA cable but got the same issue.

Knowing it wasn?t the TV/Monitor I thought I?ll try replacing it anyway to be sure, we have another TV exact same model in the house so tried it with both the VGA cables but same again.

A colleague in work recommended a product to me ?Asus GeForce 210 Nvidia Graphics Card (1GB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, HDMI, DVI-I, DVI-D, DisplayPort, DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.2, Dust-Proof Fan)' this had a VGA and HDMI port on it so I tried both of these but still the same.

Somewhere along the line as well the computer no long... Read more

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How would I go about connecting two separate desktop PC and then transferring the data from one to the other. Both have windows XP on them. If someone can tell me where to find the info, it would be deeply appreciated.
Can they be connected with a serial cable, CAT5, USB or other cable without setting up a whole network?

A:Solved: Transfering from one Desktop computer to another

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I have a user in which I had to rebuild his account (Windows XP SP3). He had a Custom Toolbar created and used all the time. I need to transfer the Toolbar file from the old profile, to the new profile but I cannot seem to find the location of the file. Does anyone know where this file resides within the profile.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


A:Custom Desktop Toolbar..Transfering to another profile

Hi Mahew,

You might want to ask him if he used a style program to create the toolbar, if so go here and download one yourself..


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I set up a user profile given I'd been using my administrator user profile all along. Now how do I copy my desktop and browser, files to my user profile? I have Windows 7 Home Office Professional on my PC

A:Solved: Transfering desktop/files from Admin to user profile

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Hi. I'm a Windows 8 newbie, so go easy on me .

I'm trying to RDP from my new Windows 8 laptop to an XP desktop, both of which are on my home network. When I try, I get the below error...

Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:

1) Remote access to the server is not enabled
2) The remote computer is turned off
3) The remote computer is not available on the network

As best as I can tell, none of the conditions above is true. Here is what I have looked at so far...

- On the XP machine, in System settings / Remote, "Allow users to connect to this system" is Checked. I have successfully RDP'd to this machine in the past, but this is the first time I've tried from the Windows 8 machine.

- From the Windows 8 machine, I can ping the XP machine, and I can access a shared drive on the XP machine. In fact, I've been moving files between the XP machine and the Windows 8 machine, in both directions, all day.

- Just to eliminate another potential issue, I have set the username and password on the Windows 8 machine to match that on the XP machine.

Incidentally, XP machine is running XP Pro, 2002, SP3.

Thanx in advance for any suggestions to diagnose and resolve this.


A:Cannot Remote Desktop FROM Windows 8 laptop to XP desktop

Kari explains about the tricks and problems associated with remote desktop. > problems connecting to the Win 8 laptop from Win 7

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Go to Solution.

A:All in one desktop keeps turning itself on

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
A little more information as to the Lenovo model you own would be helpful to those responding.  Also does this happen at any particular time of day or at a set time ?  Does this occur after a power outage ?

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So, ive got this HP DC7700 tower thats been giving me issues for a few days now, starting with the hard drive killing itself. Im currently sitting here watching the Diagnostic LED blink three times, indicating there isnt a CPU installed on the motherboard, I have a Core 2 Duo E6600 installed in the socket and locked down. I have no idea why it would do this other than the motherboard being shot. Hopefully some of you can shed some light on this before i pull out an older backup machine

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Hi There, My computer is turning on and I see the HP symbol on the screen and the wheel for a bit then nothing.....it dows not then show my desktop at all!  Panicking! Please help, Kirsten

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So, ive got this HP DC7700 tower thats been giving me issues for a few days now, starting with the hard drive killing itself. Im currently sitting here watching the Diagnostic LED blink three times, indicating there isnt a CPU installed on the motherboard, I have a Core 2 Duo E6600 installed in the socket and locked down. I have no idea why it would do this other than the motherboard being shot. Hopefully some of you can shed some light on this before i pull out an older backup machine

A:Desktop not turning on

Hello, I would suggested trying to reseat the processor to see if that might resolve the beep code. Really beyond that, this appears to be hardware related, and more than likely is it either system board, CPU, or CPU socket related. However, reseatting the CPU might help. I know this sounds ridiculous, but also clearing the CMOS on the system can also make a difference with these older desktops. Hope this helps! Sincerely,Wendy_R

I am an HP Employee.

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Everytime I turn on my PC, it flashes the hp logo for about 5 sec, then goes black. It does this again and again and never stops until I turn it off. I've had this computer for about a year and a half and this is the first time it happened. Anyone know what to do?

Edit: not sure but it might be my monitor causing it. not sure though

A:Desktop turning on and off repeatedly

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I'm using an HP pavilion desktop, and an apple airport. Whenever I connect my desktop to the router, it stops sending its signal out. It simply stops appearing on the list of networks. It comes back if I restart it, but then will disappear again after 10 or so minutes. I'm using windows 7, and a Belkin USB adapter. The problem appeared after doing a factory reset. While it is not broadcasting, there is a green light still on on the front of the airport, and I can see other wireless networks.
Other computers, phones, and ipads have no effect on the router. Only the HP is shutting it down.

A:Desktop is turning off my router

Shot in the dark. Try turning off UPNP support on the router. UPNP allows the the client computer to control the router.

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I have a Windows 7 desktop that is turning on unexpectedly. Some facts:

- My goal is to keep WOL configured and to prevent the unexpected starts. I do not wish to permanently disable WOL.
- I don't know how long these unexpected starts have been occurring. I do know that they have been occurring for at least 3 days.
- I have 2 NICs configured in a Team
- I have WakeOnLan configured in the BIOS and on 1 of the 2 teamed NICs
- As expected, the system wakes properly when I send a MagicPacket.
- I have a Windows 10 Desktop (different hardware, but same configuration). It does *not* turn on randomly.
- I have ruled out virus, malware, etc.
- I have no customized tasks, however I am unsure how to check if any default tasks may be causing the issue.
- I have used powercfg to check for any WakeTimers and there are none.
- When I run "powercfg -devicequery wakearmed", it only returns the one network adapter with WOL configured, as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions? One specific question that I cannot find an answer to: Are there any Windows logs that will tell me exactly why the system started? (ie. WOL, manual Power On, etc).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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(1)i got a windows XP S2 desktop pc. i turned it off, then it goes to ...
"windows shutting down..."..and it's stuck in there...please help. it doesnt shut the whole thing down. i need to press the power button on my tower to shut it down - and it isnt good if i do it often. when restarting the pc, its just fine.

(2)another problem is that when i turn on the pc, then it goes to windows screen after BIOS has been loaded. the pc will perform a check disk..then says goes to infinite loop that goes like this "replace ..... on file 9875.." something like this...so i have to make sure to skip the chkdsk to move forward to welcome screen.

PLEASE help... email me at [email protected].thanks a bunh..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

A:problem when turning off desktop

I faced similar problems, but not exactly the same one.

If there is a software level problem, presumably a virus, you should try formatting the Hard Disk and re install XP.

If the problem persists, and you face it the first time when you turn off PC after fresh install of XP, then you have a more serious hardware problem.

In my case, it was defected motherboard and the seller had it replaced. It could be attributed by other hardwares such as RAM or the Hard Disk itself.

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Hello Everyone, My desktop's (HP Envy 23 Touchsmart) screen is not turning on. The computer itself turns on but the screen doesn't. I have tried a hard reset, which didn't work. I have been having problems since I installed the latest windows update which was yesterday 7/16/16, I then uninstalled those updates and it began working fine again. I went away for a while then came back and the screen wouldn't turn on. Can someone help me out. Also if you are also having this problem, whether it be from the windows update or the screen problem, please share so they know.  Please note that I have seen the following as well.  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bph04760 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02217843

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my dell optiplex blinks with amber orange light and can not power on, How do i go about with this critical state

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I have user & desktop folders on two partitions (i.e. two separate sets of each). I want to change the default desktop and also the default partition selected when I save a file.

My ACER came with the disk divided into C: and D:, labeled as Acer and Data, respectively. All my programs and boot are in C; I want all my data in D: I want the desktop that appears when I boot up to default to the desktop in D and for the computer to default to D when I save files. (Currently the computer defaults to the desktop and save path in C.) I want the boot, OS, and apps to remain in C (unless someone advises differently). Disk Manager gives the following info:

C:Simple, basic, NTFS, healthy (system, boot, page file, active, crash dump, primary partition)
D: Simple, basic NTFS, healthy (primary partition)

Vista Basic Home, 32-bit.

Thank you!

A:How make data partition default for desktop and filing data?

richc46 has just replied:

I think that this should help you saving to a default location
User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Forums (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/18629-user-folders-change-default-location.html)
Works equally well with Vista

Thank you, RichC46.

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I have an HP Windows Vista Computer and just bought the verizon jetpack: wireless internet that you can connect your devices to. My computer connects to the jetpack but not to the internet. I talked to a verizon tech guy and he said that data is going through from the jetpack to the computer but no data is being sent out. He said it could be a firewall or something that is preventing it but I don't know my way around computers enough to find what could be stopping it. Please help!

A:Desktop is connected to internet and data is coming in but no data is going through

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So I bought my ENVY Phoenix 850-065se a few months ago and noticed that when I power the machine on, the phoenix light in front goes on and you can hear the system turning on, then it seems to shut off for a few seconds and then turns on again and completes the boot. I did a clean install on the system to make sure it wasn't any of the programs that I installed.  I then measured the boot time it takes just to get to the HP emblem, which has consistently taken about 1 minute and 30 seconds.  From the HP emblem to login it takes another minute and 30 seconds.  Three minutes for a full boot doesn't make sense on a clean install and factory settings with an SSD. Here are my current system specs: Model:              850-065seProcessor:      Intel Core i7-5960XRAM:                 12GBSystem Type:  64-bit I'd love to know if anyone is experiencing something similar and if there is a fix for it.   

A:When turning on desktop, it seems to shut off briefly, then ...

Hey @Jedaiken,  Before I provide troubleshooting documentation for you to use, I would like to take a minute to welcome you to the HP Support Community! I understand that your HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop - 850-065se CTO is starting very slow.  Note: please make sure that the power adapter is not plugged into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source. It should be directly into a wall outlet. Please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. Do you happen to have a 2.2 (or larger) TB USB hard drive attached?Are you receiving or did you receive any error messages?Did you try to do a hardware test in the BIOS?Do you have anything attached to the PC? You had said that the boot time is slow despite trying to do a fresh install. Here is a document called Computer Is Slow that may help you resolve the issue. In this document it will tell you about Microsoft Fix it. I have seen the Microsoft Fix it Solution work for others in the past. You can also try Using Automated Troubleshooting. You will this document says "This document describes how to use the Windows 7 automated troubleshooting tools. These tools use a combination of installed and online applications to detect and resolve many PC problems, such as problems with networking, system performance, and hardware devices." If you require further assistance, I would be... Read more

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Hey! So to give a brief summary of what's going on... Yesterday I noticed that after putting my computer in sleep mode and leaving and coming back to it... It was off. I figured that was strange and turned it back on without any problems ( it seemed like it took a while to boot to the desktop but that could have just been me). Anyways after turning it off last night and waking up this morning I attempted to turn it on to no success. Here's what happens : . Any help would be appreciated. I tried a different outlet, one without a power strip. I tried a different power cable and to no success either. This is a bad time for this to happen as I'm fully enrolled in college and most of my classes have homework due. Oh, my PSU is a Thermaltake 750W Toughpower Gold 80 Plus.

A:Desktop computer not turning on... PSU failure?

Hello PleaseHelpMe456,

We could do with knowing the following;

Are you ok with working inside of a computer.

The model name or number for the MB, CPU, the RAM (including the amount) and add on video card if one is used.

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Hey there guys,

I have my network as follows:

1. Desktop (Windows XP SP2 PRO) :
2. Laptop (Windows Vista Business) :
3. Router :

I have created a network bridge to gain access to internet by bridging my LAN with Wireless Connection.

I wish to listen to music files and watch videos stored on my desktop as if it is STREAMING AUDIO and VIDEO.

I also wish to make it a web server with port 80 open for using my web applications stored on my desktop, so that when I type "", I should be presented with WAMP server's home page, which I have installed on my desktop...

Thanks in advance.........

A:Turning Desktop into server Windows Xp Sp2

Uh, thanks in advance for what? I'm not trying to be funny; you haven't given a clue as to what the network bridge is all about (in what computer? between what connections? why?) or what your problem or question is.

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Ok..... So i don't like disturbing you guys(cauz it looks like you guys has lots to do) but here i am, cauz of that irritating computer of mine... It shows the welcome screen, goes to desktop( then it remains at a good speed... But after a minute or two it gets stuck... Especially firefox not responding( smthin i use 90% of the time... Is it the computer, firefox, my antivirus or am i infected( already scanned, found things&deleted them,but the problem still occurs) uuh i ask with much respect 4 u guys to help me... ;) uuh and what do you guys need from me to help??... Your help appreciated! Thnx!!.. ;)

A:Windows hangs at desktop after turning pc on

Oh and it aint slow in safe mode...

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I'm just wondering where to find the settings that would adjust/turn off lights that are on my tower.  Or am I stuck using a winter hat to cover it up for the rest of my life, lol.  Thanks.

A:Turning off lights on my desktop tower

Hi, From the following front, which ligh or lights are you talking about ?               Source: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03135882 Worse case, a black piece of tape (such as electrical tape) could fix it/them Regards.

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when i plug the desktop in the power indicator blinks but the system will not turn on

INFO: (Brand) dell (model number) DHM

A:Solved: Dell desktop not turning on

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So my pc has been working for a year and out of nowhere it just stops booting up usually when it boots up I hear hardworking fans and a beep then my display turns on but now it's just silent fans and my gtx970 lights up and fans go but no boot up. It isn't my display so that's out of the question and I've done testing to see what the problem is I unplugged it held the power button for 30-seconds to a minute and the first time I did that it turned on and was fully working but I turned it off later and tried turning it back on and it doesn't work again so I redo the power drain and it doesn't work even after letting it rest. So then I try unplugging my graphics cards pci cables and plugging them back in and that worked after 3trys of doing that and turning it off it doesn't turn back on and so then I try checking my ram sticks in diffirent orders and with one out at a time so I finally get it to turn on after removing the first one and leaving the rest in so then it boots 2 times in a row and I thought I figured it out but nope it hasn't booted after that and I don't know what to do it seems it's just by chance if it turns on. (Sorry for typos it did this on my phone)

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Norton antivirus popped up with an error message and said it had to restart system due to errors. When it restarted, all my internet shortcut icons were globes. What the heck happened? This is on a freshly loaded win8 system. Hasn't even installed updates yet.

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Is it possible to turn off the LED lights of fans/ case fans with put turning off the fan or turning off the computer and unplugging the fan from the mother board?

The two fans are big cooler master fans that have small connectors (each has three wires (red, white, and black).

A:turning off led lights of desktop fans

Standard fans use 2 or 3 wires. Two of the wires are power, the third is for RPM sense.

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for about a week now I've been getting white screen when turning on my pc, it starts up white then flashes about 3 more times but stays white, I press the reset button and it all boots ok with just a white screen at the start, I'm able to use the computer all day without any problems even while reset but every morning turning it on 1st time the white screen pops up.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 412501 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5N73-AM, 2.XX , MT7087K11409785
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:White screen when turning on desktop

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If I want to save a word doc or a downloaded program whatever it is to my desktop that is where it goes, except all of sudden it doesn't, Take a word doc and it just did it for a program to. when the word doc is done I go to file>save as>the make sure desktop is in the dropdown box and clicked on and then name the doc and click save. I have did it a million times, but now, instead of showing up my desktop I have to go into my computer>C drive> my documents>owner> then desktop and there it is, I can cut and paste it back to the desktop but why all of a sudden is it saving it there?

A:Solved: Windows XP SP2-save to desktop-saves it to the desktop folder not the desktop

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My Dell 530s running Vista Home Premium is turning off after it goes into sleep mode. Dell techs say I need to reinstall Vista, which I don't want to do. Any thoughts.

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They also become unclickable. I have looked up this issue, but it seems nobody has the exact same problem.
Every time I restart my computer, it takes around 10-15 minutes before it turns black again.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7349 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8670D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 914 GB (421 GB Free); D: 15 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: MSI, 2AE0
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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desktop wallpaper location: network drive s
OS: windows vista home basic 32-bit (was upgraded from xp to vista)
my desktop picture keeps dissapearing after each logon

A:My Desktop Picture keeps turning black after every logon

Hi there Logan.
Maybe you have a box checked in your Control Panel under Make the computer easier to see.
Here is how to do it.
Go the Control Panel
Then click Make the computer easier to see
Scroll down and find Make things on the screen easier to see
Then UNCHECK the box that says Remove background images(where available)

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