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inspiron 15 7567 i5 duplicate display working but extend display not working on external monitor

Q: inspiron 15 7567 i5 duplicate display working but extend display not working on external monitor

Recently got i5 7567....GTX 1050 Ti ...I have an old AOC monitor which supports VGA input....through HDMI to VGA adapter connected my laptop to monitor... On duplicate screen mode and second screen only, it works.....but the monitor goes blank saying "input not supported" on 'extend display '.
display settings has detected the external monitor...while intel hd graphics setting and nvidia control panel are not detecting the external monitor...
Need help folks...!

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Preferred Solution: inspiron 15 7567 i5 duplicate display working but extend display not working on external monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a new Inspiron 7567 gaming laptop; it has two graphics cards, the integrated Intel HD 630 and the 'semi-discrete' Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti.
Yesterday, I tried plugging it into my HDTV using an HDMI to HDMI cable. I have done this many times with my previous laptop, a Dell Inspiron n7110, and have had 0 problems. With the 7567, however, the TV just flickers for a moment and says "No signal". The computer reacts in a few different ways when the TV is plugged in:
In the Windows 10 "Display Settings", options appear for multiple displays such as "Extend Display", "Duplicate Display", etc., and with Windows + P I can choose these, however, only one screen is shown (which changes from 1 to 1/2 when HDMI is plugged in) and when I click on "Detect" it says that no other display is detected. Additionally, an extra Monitor (Generic PNP Monitor) appears in Device Manager when the display is plugged in.
In the Intel Graphics Settings control panel, there is no change when the HDMI display is plugged in. There are no multiple-display options, and "Detect" does not detect any other displays.
Finally, in the Nvidia control panel, when there is no external display plugged in, the only section in the left-hand tree menu is "3D Settings". One of the items under it is "Set PhysX Configuration", which shows "Laptop Display" connected to "Intel HD Graphics 630" with a line, inside ... Read more

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Hi, My p50 display just stopped working out of the blue yesterday. When i connect an external monitor or HDMI (TV)  the screen pops on the tv or external monitor. Everything works fine. It's just that the screen on the p50 is just blank. To make it more complex, the touch is working fine. Just to be precise. The black screen is also during post and boot of windows so i don't believe it's a driver issue. The only thing i can think is that the display is broke but don't understand why touch works. Is there a way to reset perhaps bios to default or does anyone have a good idea before i raise a RMA?. The p50 is working still fine but just the screen. Thanks  Ivan

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Need help.
I dis-assembled the laptop to clean the cooling fan assembly as the fan was running continually.
After cleaning and re-assembly the fan works great, however te display does not work.
I checked the connector and it is connected correctly.
Any suggestions

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When I put my laptop to sleep, the display would not turn on.  However, the HDMI output still works with an external monitor.  I reset Windows and the display worked fine again.  Then, after putting the computer to sleep, it went black again.  I don't want to reset Windows as there appears to be some type of bug in the BIOS/Windows drivers/Intel drivers.  Has anyone experienced this type of issue and been able to resolve it?

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I googled this issue and many people seemed to have this problem after switching to windows 10.
However none of their solutions worked for me.
I tried updating the video driver, with no luck.
The Duplicate displays option is just not there. Also, selecting the duplicate in Win+P changes the resolution of my laptop display to 4/3 and no output for the tv I connected via hdmi.
I am using an Asus N76VZ, if it makes any difference.

A:Duplicate display not working since W10 upgrade

I'm assuming your connection is from HDMI to HDMI. Is your tv screen set for HDMI as well? Also, the resolution change on your computer is not unusual. I get a similar change when I connect my laptop to my computer club's Casio projector.

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Quick question, why when I choose "Extend" do I lose my icons, start bar ect.. on my main computer(everything shows fine on the HDTV) but when I use "Duplicate" everything is there on both screens? I would like to use the "Extend" option for this way I can setup viewing options for each separately. Also sometimes in "Duplicate" after a few minutes the main computer screen goes black yet the HDTV screen is just fine. To get out of this I have to go to the TV and Quick question, why when I choose "Extend" do I lose my icons, start bar ect.. on my main computer(everything shows fine on the HDTV) but when I use "Duplicate" everything is there on both screens? I would like to use the "Extend" option for this way I can setup viewing options for each separately.
Also sometimes in "Duplicate" after a few minutes the main computer screen goes black/asleep and will not come back but if I go to HDTV screen the desktop is there and operational, the only way to get the desktop or anything back to the Computer Monitor is to set the main computer monitor to be the only "1" viewing the desktop.

As i wrote this my display was set to "Duplicate" and the monitor shut down forcing me to go to the TV and finish this post.. any one else run into this problem?? (Running windows 7 updated nVidia Drivers)

A:Problem using Extend & Duplicate options for display.

I've not personally experienced the 'Shutdown' you've mentioned but as far as your main display is concerned have you got your TV set up as your 'Main Display'? (see pic)

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Windows detects the card, detects the non pnp monitor.
I select number 1 monitor.
I tell it to duplicate onto number 2 monitor.
The primary monitor goes black and turns green led to yellow led
The svideo stays black.

All I can do is push power button to force reboot.

I can install the catalyst driver, but dont want to. I want to see windows 7 do this.

Any ideas?

Anyway to get a video signal back without pulling the plug on the PC?

A:duplicate display to svideo not working unless I install CCC

after numerous attempts, I gave up and installed Catalyst software.
Now the TV is working off svideo duplicate of the main monitor.

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Since the actual display is disappointing as the reviews says, are you planning to add the IPS FHD (1920x1080) display configuration on this model?


A:Inspiron 15 7567 display

On an Alienware or perhaps XPS - maybe.  On an Inspiron - no.  Inspiron buyers won't pay the premium.

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I bought an Inspiron 15 3542 a few months ago. I connected it an external Acer 27' monitor via hdmi cable. It didn't  work. However, I could connect the same monitor to my older Acer Laptop via same hdmi cable without any problem.

I installed the latest video driver from dell.com, setup with 60p HZ, and the monitor only worked fine for a few seconds then went black (same as before). However, when I changed the display setting to 60i HZ, the monitor worked but the display was a little shaky/blinking.  Please help.

A:Inspiron 15 3542 can not display correctly on external monitor.

You may want to take a look at this article on setting up and troubleshooting multiple monitors in Dell laptops.  While it doesn't sound like you're using the FN+F8 key to set up multiple monitors the basic concepts of how to adjust display settings, how to tell the system to display onto external monitors, etc., are the same. 
Let me know if this helps or not.   It could simply be that the resolution and refresh rates of your monitor are outside the range of what the laptop is currently set up to handle.   Have you tried the on-screen setup utility that comes with most monitors?  Try resetting the monitor to default (factory) settings and see if that helps.

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Hello, I just purchased this i5759-8836SLV (Windows 10) laptop that produces a very poor display on an external HD monitor (HP 22VC) when connecting via the HDMI port. It has an integrated Intel Graphics 520 and an AMD Radeon R5 M335 (4GB) dedicated graphics card.
The contrast ratio is very poor and the colours are dull when comparing to the laptop screen, with both displays set to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
I have switched HDMI cables and even monitors, with the same results. When I attach the same monitor to a different Dell laptop, the display works just fine. The image is very crisp and the colours are very bright and default factory setiings.
I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers, tried adjusting both monitor and graphics software settings without much success, the display still doesn't look as sharp and bright.
I have tried explaining the issue to Dell tech support, but without much success. The believe it is a monitor issue, as the laptop's built in display is working fine.

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This small 2-in-1 works using the HDMI port when connected to my (older, 17 inch) external flat panel monitor, in this case using an HDMI to VGA converter unit. If I connect it to a somewhat old (CRT, not flat panel) Samsung TV using a standard HDMI cable I cannot get it to display to the TV. I have another (work supplied) larger Dell laptop (Inspiron 15 3000) that can display to this TV, using the same HDMI cable that won't work with the Inspiron 11. Both laptops have Windows 10.
The HDMI port on the 11 works, as does the cable.
The TV can work with at least some laptops, since the 15 can display to it, and I must have the TV input selection correct (HDMI2).
Do some laptops simply not work with some TVs? For example, maybe the Inspiron 11 can't be set to a correct resolution that matches what the TV needs, but the Inspiron 15 can? Maybe I need some kind of driver update for the 11, or have not found some setting I need to change?

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So i bought a Dell Inspiron 7567 last week - TN model with the 1050TI and 1 tb hdd model. I have win10 home , i installed all the drivers(nvidia, intel graphic ...). The problem is when i connect to an led display . The led display is a Samsung 27 inch S27F350 . The problem is that it's all blurry, the text, the colors are not there and i cannot change the sharpness,gamma for my screen at all it's like the driver blocked me , only the brightness of the screen , that i can change. When i put the led  on the eye saver mode i can change the contrast, the sharpness, but not the brightness of course, because it's the yellow light and yeah in the eye saver mode where the sharpness exists, it's all more clear the text, the images  . I have native settings on the screen.
I connected to a TV that's full hd 1080p, i cannot see the edges of the screen. I think the drivers are not set correctly and the problem is with in the driver of nvidia or intel graphic. If you know the solution please help ?

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What is the full name of the native display panel model B156HANxx.x?

A:Display Panel AUO AHVA B156HAN (Inspiron 7567)

You need to be more specific about what you're asking.

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I have a problem with the display of my laptop. When I turn on my laptop, there are two beeps (from AC adapter), but nothing shows on, the display remains black all the time. I've checked the connections and everything seems to be ok. Can you help me with any idea about what I should try? 
Thank you!

A:Inspiron N3010 Display not working

If the laptop boots up but the screen remains black, connect to external monitor.

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I am just about to make a purchase on the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (7567). I would like to use this with external monitors via the HDMI port (and leave the laptop CLOSED). I have seen that some people have experienced issues with this: 
-lag/stuttering on the external monitor
-black screen on the external monitor
-video drivers crashing

Has anyone else hooked up external monitors via the HDMI port? Have you experienced these types of issues?

It would inform my decision to buy or not.

Thank you,


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few weeks ago, I have bought Dell 7567 in following configuration:
CPU:  Intel Core i7 7700 HQ
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
HDD: 1TB 5400rpm

Although the notebook seems to be powerful enough, I am having problems when it is connected to the external monitor (via HDMI, I have tried different monitors and cables):
1) When the notebook lid is closed (or the Windows Display settings is set to "External only"), Windows is very slow, all the animations are lagging. When both notebook screen and external monitor are on (set to "Duplicate"), everything is fine.
2) In games, I have a noticable FPS drop (up to 20 - 30 FPS in Witcher 3) when playing on external screen (even on "Duplicate" and "External Only" modes). I can have full FPS just when playing only on notebook screen.
I was not able to solve this problem (probably it's some bug in drivers from Intel). I have tried more different drivers (from Dell and also stock Nvidia/Intel) but without success. Currently I am using the latest ones from Dell website. 
I would be very happy if someone could help me to solve this problem as it drives me crazy to not be able to enjoy full (gaming) performance of this laptop.

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Although the notebook seems to be powerful enough, I am having problems when it is connected to the external monitor (via HDMI, I have tried different monitors and cables):
1) When the notebook lid is closed (or the Windows Display settings is set to "External only"), Windows is very slow, all the animations are lagging. When both notebook screen and external monitor are on (set to "Duplicate"), everything is fine.
2) In games, I have a noticable FPS drop (up to 20 - 30 FPS in Witcher 3) when playing on external screen (even on "Duplicate" and "External Only" modes). I can have full FPS just when playing only on notebook screen.
any solution?

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I have a problem on my new laptop Dell Insiron 5559.It worked well for some weeks, but now, the integrated screen doesn't work.
The led twinkle white and orange; and the computer seems to work fine except the screen. An external monitor connected by HDMI is working perfectly, but it is "alone": windows doesn't even detect the integrated display.
I also tried some tests procedures:
From the dell support website, every display test is performed on the external monitor.
The tests triggered at start (when pressing Fn + Power) also use the HDMI screen, and detect an error:
Error Code: 0415Validation Code: 121740Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
The strange thing is that when I start the other test procedure (by pressing D + Power at start), it is the integrated display that is used, and shows perfectly the different colors.
Can someone say what's wrong with this computer?

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Dear all

I am running Bloomberg and need the picture to extend on to two 24" full HD LCD screens. Including the integrated screen of my current laptop, I use three panels at once. Can I do that with the Z30 1 CZ? Will I have to buy a docking station for that?

At the moment I am using an ultrabook from a different manufacturer but I am not satisfied for reasons that have nothing to do with the display. Currently I use a docking station where one screen connects by DVI and the other by VGA cable.

With the Z30, can I just use the VGA and the HDMI ports of the laptop to get the same solution?
Best wishes,

A:Portege Z30 - need to extend display to two external screens

From my knowledge the display out ?feature? depends on the graphic card/chip.

Usually you can use either the VGA or HDMI output.
VGA (RGB) port provides analogue signal, HDMI provides digital signal and as far as I know you cannot use both at the same time?

However, you could purchase an "usb hdmi adapter? adapter which would allow you to use two external monitors simultaneously.

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I've got a XPS 15 R2 with a NVIDIA GTX 970M and a Dell Monitor (SE2417HG). They are connected using a HDMI cable.
Videos from Windows 10 apps like Netflix of TMN Go aren’t shown when they are displayed on the external monitor, but they are displayed on the laptop screen. I’ve tried with the latest NVIDIA driver from Dell support web page ( and from NVIDIA web site (372.70).
Is there a video setting or configuration that I’m missing?

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Hello there,
I have been trying to connect my xps 13 9350 to a Hanns.G monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 using a DA200 adapter without success. The display is detected, but the built in monitor just goes blank and the external monitor shows nothing.
Has anyone had any success connecting this laptop to an external monitor?
Many thanks in advance.

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So, I upgraded my setup from 2 Benq 20.1" to 2 Acer 21.5" (better resolution, and they were cheap on newegg). So I'm selling one of the monitors in a package deal to my dad (with a comp) and the other went to my girlfriend so she can have 2 monitors.

She has an old HP running XP MCE, it has an AGP FX 5200 with VGA and DVI outs. I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that that meant she could run 2 monitors like I do. It seems she can only clone or expand (horizontally or vertically) the desktop instead of extending. Expanding wouldn't be too bad, except that both of the monitors she has are different resolution. So extending is really the only usable option.

Is the FX 5200 just incapable of doing that?

I think this is something that should be handled outside of the Nvidia Control Panel, since in every computer I've seen a display 'extended' on was able do do that just in the regular display properties.

I have at my disposal a PCI Radeon 7000 with VGA and DVI and a AGP GF 7800GS. I don't know if the 7000 will do what we want, and I know the 7800 will, but I don't think the 7800 will fit in the HP case, and it seems unlikely the HP PSU will survive very long with the 7800 in there. So before I go through cleaning out the Nvidia drivers to install a PCI 7000, I'd like to see if anyone knows if its a physical limitation of the card.

A:Can a GF FX 5200 even extend display to another monitor?

I thought the,"extend desktop", was a function of the driver, and not of the card. or (?)

That said, Nvidia shows a very current driver in association with your card and Win XP; http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_175.19_whql.html

Disclaimer: Dual monitors annoy me, for this very reason, as does the new 16:9 aspect ratio, and the fact you can't run one monitor horizontally and one vertically from the same card.

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Problem in short:  My laptop display is not working; however an external monitor is working via HDMI.  Interestingly, the touch screen capabilities still work despite there being nothing displayed. (The touch motions register on the external monitor because i have it set to 'clone display'.)

Long version:  This past weekend, after a Windows update, upon the next boot, my display was no longer working.  I get nothing; no boot screen info, windows login screen, nothing.  I can use an external monitor, which I am doing right now, via the HDMI connection, so I am certain that my video card hardware is functioning.  I just performed a full Dell diagnostics and everything passed.  I have tried the following:
-  Update to latest BIOS (A05)
-Update to latest Intel video drivers (receive error trying to install)
-Tried rolling back video drivers, but was unsuccessful due to (what I think) is inability to enter Safe Mode
-Perform a system restore to a save point prior to the last Windows Update (unsuccessful again, due to the fact that upon System Restore initiated restart, I cannot select options due to having no usable display).
At this point, I think my my display might have simply gone bad and I must get a replacement.  I am under warranty still and plan to contact Dell directly to address the issue.  In the mean time, are there any suggestions on other potential solutions?
Thanks in advance for any help or comments.

A:Dell Inspiron 14 7437 display stopped working

Have you had this resolved?  Interesting that no one has responded or questioned this.  I am having a similar issue with two out of three of my 14 7000's.  Both have dead video's.  
Now I find out Dell has stopped selling or even offering the 14 7000.  Here today, gone tomorrow without a peep.  Has me wondering if this is a bigger problem than I first thought.
Any help on your end would be appreciated.

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Hello All. I'm new to this forum, so my apologies if something like this has been treated already. I couldn't seem to find it, so I had to start a thread myself. I purchased a brand-new Dell Inspiron 5556 laptop quite recently. It comes with Windows 10 software already installed. During my first use, I noticed the audio wasn't working and the display neither dimmed nor brightened when I pressed the appropriate buttons. I searched online and the solution from most users was to upgrade the concerned drivers (audio and display). So, I went to Device Manager and upgraded.the display driver from Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (or something like that) to Intel HD Graphics (Windows said it was the latest update). DId the same for the audio, and everything seemed to work fine. But a few minutes later, bam! BSODs started. All sorts of errors (kernel check security failure, iqrl less or equal, dps watchdog bla bla bla). The point is these blue screens popped up repeatedly and my system had to restart everytime
I panicked and went online to check the source of these errors, and the consensus was that it was the upgraded drivers: they were either corrupt or outdated. I tried every fix suggested, and another blue screen error appeared. I tried rolling back the drivers and upgrading again. It was still the same story of BSODs. So I restored my system back to the original point where the audio and video weren't working.
I asked some IT guys, and they said rather than upgrad... Read more

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I am Kamal from Chennai, India. My monitor is not working. But the CPU process is running smoothly. Monitor is displaying as blank. It's not getting the green light on. Initially some seconds it's on green, again back to orange after start the CPU. Could you please help me?


A:Monitor display is not working...

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I connect external display via vga, but it show's that there is no signal?!
what can I do to make external monitor work?!

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I've been searching this and other forums looking for answers. Any help is appreciated. I've got a ThinkPad P50 and I'm attempting to connect it to a Sceptre U405CV-UMS 40" 4K HDTV and get a 60Hz refresh rate. Currently, all I get 30Hz. Some more details;The HDTV has HDMI v2.0 PortsI've tried a variety of cables, and am currently using a USB C to HDMI Converter, plugged into the Thunderbolt port.I'm using a new HDMI Cable rated High Speed with EthernetI've seen people looking to get dual external displays working (at 4k 60Hz). But, haven't seen any problems with just one. Am I being greedy trying to get a HDTV working as an external monitor? Thanks for any help.

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This happens several times a day, please see the error message in the screen shot -"Display driver ha stopped working and as recovered"
The weird thing is that it mentions Windows 8 when I have Windows 10 running on the machine. I have also removed the display driver and installed one from the support dell web site. Also updated BIOS from the same place.

A:Display Driver has stopped working and has recovered - Inspiron 7359 2-in-1

Had the same problem with a XPS 15 9530, to the point it was driving me crazy. I can confirm that for a couple of days it's been fixed by installing the Intel beta driver. You have to uninstall the Dell driver from the Device Manager, restart, and then install the beta driver.

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I have two BENQ GL2250 monitors connected to my Lenovo H535s via VGA. On bootup the Lenovo logo displays on monitor #2, and not on monitor #1. Then my usual display comes up on monitor #1 and monitor #2 goes to sleep.

Tried HDMI leads too and a combination of HDMI+VGA, still having the same issue. Drivers are up to date according to AMD software. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:Can't extend display onto second monitor, black screen

Are you in Extend mode? Windows logo key + P select Extend.

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Hi, I am using 3005pr  USB 3.0 Port Replicator with my laptop. Now i would like to extend the display of the laptop with the monitor that has been connected to the port replicator via HDMI. Tried to extend via display settings in laptop but it couldnt detect. Could someone help to configure it ? Thanks in Advance. Suresh 

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Ive been using an external monitor along side my winxp HP laptop for months via a VGA cord. I decided to connect my tv to my laptop using the same VGA cable and it didnt work. so i plugged it back into my laptop and that no longer worked as well!
took 30 seconds for my monitor to become useless.
Ive bought two other VGA cables thinking maybe my tv fried the cable, but still nothing works.

i don't think its drivers because it worked fine one minute and didn't the next. No signal is going to the monitor at all. no sign of the monitor even being connected.
anything i can do? Thanksssss.

A:2nd display monitor stopped working?

It sounds that more than likely the VGA port going out from the laptop was switched off during one of the changes. Most laptops now have a shortcut to turn this port on (since I believe it is off by default to save power) For example, mine is Fn+F5. What kind of laptop you have will determine this shortcut key. What is the model of the HP laptop are you using?

There might also be something wrong with the monitor though that is very unlikely. Does the monitor power on still and simply go into standby due to no signal? If the monitor has multiple inputs, it could be trying to find a signal from one of the other inputs. There should be a menu option to make sure the monitor is on VGA.

This is likely what was wrong with the TV as well, either it was looking at the wrong input or your laptop wasn't giving the proper output.

Hope this helps.

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My monitor is not displaying any image. I have tried using another monitor but I still get the same problem. I know that the monitors I have tried work, because I have used them on my other pc.
The problem first started after I restarted my computer one time.
I have tried replacing my graphics card with an older, but still working card. This still did not fix the problem.

If anyone can help I will be very gratefull.

A:No display image, but working monitor

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Hello everyone, Good day!

I have a problem with my computer. This is what happened, it was unused for a day - the next day, I can open and use it in the morning. After 5-6 hours of being used, the monitor wont display anything but the CPU is on - fan is working, all lights are on.

I tried to move the CMOS battery since I cant remove it - it worked but next few hours the problem will occurs again. I also tried to change the RAM from a working computer but same problem occurred.

I am thinking that the problem is on the CMOS battery but Im not really sure. Can someone help? Thank you so much!

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I have 2 old acer al1716 monitors and I got a new PC a couple months ago. I have tried to connect both of them to my new PC. One of them works properly and the other one just flickers the screen for 1 frame and then turns black again. It shows the 1 frame every time I turn the monitor on. The light on the monitor stays green. This model has a yellow light that usually displays when there is no signal. Does anyone know anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem?

A:Old VGA monitor not working - blank display

The resolution is set to high set it very low with the working one then try

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Hello, I was using my samsung tv as an external monitor using a USB-C -> HDMI adapter without any issues since the day I got my T470.Since a few days, when I plug in my adapter, nothing happens anymore, as it is no longer recognized at all, using the HDMI port works fine though.I tried with a different USB-C -> HDMI adapter and got nothing either, so I assumed it is an issue with the port itself. Here are my thunderbolt options in the BIOS :   Then I checked in the deviced manager to see if the Thunderbolt controller is showing, it's not.  I redownloaded the Thunderbolt software from T470 support page and reinstalled it, version is I downloaded the Thunderbolt firmware update (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/id/fr/downloads/DS121681) and ran it in Administrator mode.The update fails with this message "no thunderbolt controller found, or thunderolt software is not present in the system"  I saw in that similar post (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/Thunderbolt-TB3-NOT-found-in-device-manager-f...) that turning off the option "Thunderbolt BIOS Assist mode" in the BIOS made the thunderbolt controller appear in the device manager, but this option is not available in the T470. Everything is up to date according to Lenovo System update software.Trying to restore windows to a previous point failed at each attempt.My current windows 10 build is 1607 (14393.2214) I'm running out of ... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1012 running Windows 7 Starter SP1 and I've got it hooked up to my Protron 42" LCD screen with HDMI cable. I changed the flicker rate to 70 Hertz without checking the Proton's maximum flicker rate - yeah, that's really SMART - so now I've got an issue with my external display.

It worked okay for second but then my laptop screen turned black and the external display reads "Signal Out of Range" (duh, the Protron works only up to a 69.8 Hertz flicker rate, which I SHOULD have checked BEFORE changing it, but what's done is done -_-).

Now, when I plug in the HDMI cable, my laptop screen goes to black and the external display still reads that same message. I can't change the flicker rate without seeing the menu on my laptop screen.

Any advice on how to change flicker rate back to 60 Hz?

A:External Display NOT WORKING - Need to reset flicker rate

Hi mc4wit and welcome to seven forrums, I would connect the hdmi cable and press and hold the windows key and press p once and then press the enter key. Now you should see your laptop screen. Now you can change the flicker rate. Hope this makes sense

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I recently received an XPS 12 9250 and a WD15 dock. I have followed the driver installation and troubleshooting steps as outlined in the 2 sticky posts. I have gone back and updated ALL the available drivers that are labeled "urgent" and "recommended". Everything seems to be working EXCEPT external monitors. I have 2 Dell U2414Hb monitors that are DP daisy-chained. I am using a miniDP to DP cable from the dock to the DP input on the first monitor, then a DP to DP cable from the DP output on monitor #1 to DP input on monitor #2.
Currently I have a Dell mouse and keyboard, a 1TB Western Digital external HDD, a charge/sync cable for my mobile phone, Creative Labs speakers, and a CAT5e/RJ45 ethernet cable attached and all appear to be working normally.
I would appreciate some insight.

EDIT: I should note that I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that was working using the same monitor setup.

A:WD15 -> XPS 12 9250: Everything seems to be working except external display (miniDP)

Have you tried plugging in Headphones and then playing a video?  I'm currently seeing issues where the audio drops and then video is interrupted.  When i unplug the headphones, sound works fine from onboard speaker.

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Hello Community, I am looking for your assistance regarding a topic with the external display I am currently using. I am running a Windows 10 on my laptop and after an update of the nVidia drivers - I have an issue with the signal going through the HDMI cable. While the External display is plugged in - it is using the Intel Integrated. I have came across a similar topic in here:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Lenovo-Z50-70-HDMI-not-working-when-connecting-... And I have done almost everything except the "RESTART" option. I have checked the HDMI cable and it is High speed - and yes, I am sure - the issue first appeared when I updated the drivers. Now I have reverted to older version of the drivers but still experience the issue.

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I have been searching in several forums but have not been able to fully fix this problem. It was fixed temporarily and failed again.
This the system I have:

HP TouchSmart tx2 tablet pc with Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (Home Premium) x 64 bit
AMD Turion (tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-82, 2.2 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

I have been working for over a year with an external display Dell ST2310 flat screen monitor and working fine with the "use external display only" setting . From one minute to the other both screen went black so I forced a restart and again the same problem. I decided to manually disconnect the external display by unplugging the VGA cable from the laptop which automatically switched back to the main display as it would if I disconnected the display. When I plugged the VGA cable back in again the same issue both screens were fully black. I disconnected once again the VGA cable so I could change the settings in Windows Mobility. I plugged back in the VGA cable after changing the settings from "external display only" to "mirror monitors" and after playing for a bit with the Windows Mobility Center I got the external display to work back again to my regular settings: "external display only". This solution lasted for a day and now the main display works and the external display screen is fully black.

Solutions I have tried unsuccessfully:
- Changed VGA cables, still experiencing the same issue.
- Tested monitor ... Read more

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Warranty of my Dell Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition expired in Jan 2017. The display suddenly started giving problem  - it has black border and grey blank screen and some times blank screen. When you restart / boot, you get the DELL logo which means display is working. . Works perfectly with external monitor though HDMI port. This problem is appearing from last 2 months

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Hi,I recently purchased a inspiron 15 (7567). It has the combo 3.5 jack. My headset is a Hyper x Cloud which also is a 3.5 jack. I am getting the popup when I plug in the mic but I can't find any traces of the microphone and can't get it to work at all. Any help would be appreciated.Alex

A:Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567, Headset mic not working

If it has the 3.5 jack and you aren't using an adapter, make sure it is plugged in so you see none of the barrel.  It may take some extra pressure.
If you have it plugged in, pull up the Playback devices window from the speaker icon and let us know if it shows "Speakers/Headphones" or just "Speakers".

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 Hi  I have recently picked up a T460 , but when its docked and the lid is closed down the external display monitor connected doesnt workI have to have the screen open on my laptop for the external screen to work Any ideas please ? Thanks In Advance Alan 

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I have Dell Inspiron 5547 laptop (Touch Screen, 15 inches, 16 GB RAM and i7 4th Gen processor, Out of Warranty). Some days back, suddenly the display went dim and anything is hardly visible. After some initial investigation, the display chip (may be VGA or LED display chip) on the motherboard appears to be burnt out (may be due to voltage surge). Even the numbers printed on the chip is not readable because of which it is difficult for the local repairing shops to repair this problem.
I think Dell India Service Center doesn't deal with chip level repair and hence replacing motherboard is the only way they can fix this. This will be very costly (considering that the laptop is not under warranty so will have to pay for warranty extension, motherboard replacement and repair service) and time consuming.
Hence, to avoid all this I have come here to seek some assistance.
If there are anyone using the same laptop (Inspiron 5000 series 5547 Touch Screen Display with i7 4th Gen Processor and 16 GB RAM) then could you please take a clear picture of your laptop's motherboard or if you recognize the display chip then only that should be sufficient. In this case, I can read the chip related number from the image and try to repair it.
What are the charges for buying a warranty for the laptop, motherboard of my laptop and repairing charge? 

Request your response and help.

Rohit Kumar

A:Display Issue - Dim Display for Dell Inspiron 5000 (Model 5547) - Touch Screen Display with i7 4th Gen Processor and 16 GB RAM

You'll have to call Dell about the possibility of a warranty extension;  in the US, it's sometimes possible but will likely run over $300 -- or about what a board replacement would cost.
If you're getting video, the GPU is OK -- and it's more likely the power circuit to the backlight that's bad.  It'll likely cost as much to repair as to replace the board -- though you'll still be putting $300-400 into an out of warranty system, so replacing the system may be a better idea (if you do this, consider buying a 3-year warranty with the next system).

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I was playing a video game on my laptop around 4:30, when the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The mouse still functioned, so I tried clicking around to see if it was just a problem with the game. Then at 4:32, the mouse stopped working, too. I decided to try turning it off, but neither holding nor pressing the power button worked, so I unplugged the laptop from the charger and left it to run out of power on it's own. At 4:35, the display froze. I know this, because up until then the clock was still working. Currently, the vent fan is still running, and the screen is frozen. No keyboard buttons work, and neither the built-in trackpad nor an HDMI mouse is working.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or do I need to send it in?The laptop was a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series, with Nvidia GeForce GTX and an Intel Core i7.

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Can Yoga 520 extending to monitor by using USB3. to HDMI Display Adapter like this one ?Because I currently used HDMI port to extend the monitor, but I would like to extend to one more monitor.  Thanks

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