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Reliability of DVDs

Q: Reliability of DVDs

How reliable are name brand DVDs (eg. TDK Gold) +or- R for long term storage when stored correctly? Some reports say many years but I see the occassional comment saying don't use them???
I want them for a fall back system image and archiving data.

Preferred Solution: Reliability of DVDs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Reliability of DVDs

Flash drives are the most reliable media storage currently being marketed. But backups need about 50-70 GB's, so until they're affordable and available, I read that Memorex combines a 24-karat gold reflective layer, high performance dye and its innovative DuraLayer(TM) scratch-resistant technology to create Memorex Pro Gold Archival CD and DVD Media.

But Memorex's reported quality isn't the greatest, so I'd recommend "archive quality" disks from one of the better reported Mfgr's, ref...



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My computer will play DVD burned on disc, but will not play the ones I buy from the store. It used to. Now it won't even recognize they're there.

A:Computer won't recognize original DVDs; Will recognise 'burnt' DVDs

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I have a Mashita 842s DVD-RAM superdrive in my Toshiba M400 notebook. I am running XP w/SP3. I don't recall whether or not in the past I've tried to play movie dvds on it using such as WinDVD and Windows Media Player 11. However, recently I've had the need to do so. Unfortunately, although data DVDs (both those I've burned myself and software discs) and audio cds can be read without a problem, movie dvds are not recognized as even being in the drive. The lack of recognition includes Windows Explorer, WinDVD and Windows Media Player. Because the other type of discs work fine, I'm assuming this a software or configuration problem. I've used both Windows and a third party utility and both say the driver(s) are the most recent. I would appreciate any and all assistance in diagnosing and correcting this problem. Thanks.

A:Data DVDs OK, but movie DVDs not recognized

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System Requirements Lab. This site is mentioned in several posts here but I hestitate to follow recommendations listed on the SRL site until I hear that it is reputable. If your game does or doesn't meet minimum requirements, they have a 'recommended' list page which then leads to a site to buy the recommended item(s). Is this truly a good site and the way to go?

There's so much I don't know about computers but my Dell is only 2 years old and was bought with the object of playing games. It is supposedly built for game playing and top of the line for that purpose. However SRL is always saying that I need upgrades. I realize that computers change in the blink of an eye but surely game designers want their games to play on as many different computers as possible?

Thanks for any info or suggestions.

A:Not sure about reliability of

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hi i am concerned about buying an ssd drive ( OCZ vertex III 120GB for operating system), for my new pc, i've heard that they have quick reads but slow write speeds. and thus are unreliable, am i correct? isn't someone out there fixing these problems?, what should i do? thank you .(please don't email your reply as it is down)

A:ssd reliability?

SSDs are probably more reliable than mechanical hard drives. They are best suited for an OS and programs. As such, you will never notice the 'slow' write speeds. I have 5 of them and am quite happy with them and have had no problems. There have been some issues reported with the Vertex III firmware. I don't know if it has been resolved or not. My best suggestion is go to a place like Newegg and read the user reviews. They are the best judge. I'm not sure where you are, but even if you don't buy at Newegg, it is still a good place to research.

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I see lots of problems come by in various forums related to marginal/bad RAM. It is somewhat surprising that more people don't spend the small additional price for ECC memory, which a vast majority of PC chipsets support today. The $20 you save on 512mb of memory is small potatoes to the hours of work and debugging you may spend trying to determine what's going on with your system. I've been equipping my PC's with ECC or parity memory since the '386 days, and I've yet to spend any time debugging memory issues. In the worst case, you get a parity error indication, for most transient errors, ECC will correct them on the fly invisibly to the user. Don't you have better things to do with your time than shoot mystery crashes?

Next time you're buying new memory, consider stepping up to ECC RAM.

A:RAM Reliability

ECC stands for Error Correction Code. It is similar to Parity, but more advanced. It can detect multiple errors in data returned from memory and actually correct a single error. ECC memory has 8 extra bits to support the ECC. The System board to be used must support ECC, and all of the memory in the system must be ECC for it to be actively supported. Your system board specifications will tell you whether or not you can use ECC.

More about memory here

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Test your SSDs or risk massive data loss, researchers warn

New study finds 13 of 15 flash-based solid-state drives suffer data loss or worse when they lose power.

Companies adopting flash-based SSDs as a cornerstone to the data center storage systems are risking "massive data loss" due to power outages, according to a new study titled "Understanding the Robustness of SSDs Under Power Fault" by researchers from the University of Ohio and HP Labs. In exposing 15 SSDs from five different vendors to power loss, researchers found that 13 suffered such failures as bit corruption, metadata corruption, and total device failure. The paper did not specify which vendors' drives were used.

The researchers' conclusion: "SSDs offer the promise of vastly higher performance operation; our results show that they do not provide reliable durability under even the simplest of faults: loss of power."

Test your SSDs or risk massive data loss, researchers warn | Solid state drives - InfoWorld

It certainly pays to have a complete disk image at all times.

A:SSD Reliability

And always use a UPS on your systems.

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· OS - Windows Vista 
· x86 (32-bit) · What was original installed OS on system? Vista· Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system)  · Age of system (hardware)  2009· Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?  2009  no· CPU  Intel® Core™2 Duo [email protected]· Video Card  AMD Radeon HD 5450· MotherBoard -  Dell   0RY007· Power Supply - brand & wattage · System Manufacturer  Dell· Exact model number    Inspiron 530

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Faulting application name: svchost.exe, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bc100
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16695, time stamp: 0x4cc7ab86
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Fault offset: 0x000cea27
Faulting process id: 0x1a64
Faulting application start time: 0x01cbcee72ad346db
Faulting application path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\svchost.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
Report Id: 4541f3eb-3b7d-11e0-b18d-5cac4cee3ad4

A:Reliability moniter

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I know every one as their own idea between Intel and amd processors but are there any reliability issues with phenom 9850 quad core for some minor games and more net searching and multi task work, Or as it got to be Intel quad do these give problems, Any problems i have is always down to my trying out a lot of freeware and when i remove it some times i will get trouble, but i just live with it as it is down to me. Thank's.

A:Solved: CPU reliability

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So I've heard Thinkpads were extremely reliable and had been recommended them by a couple of friends. Since then I've owned an X220 and a T430s. Reliability  is not the word I'd use to describe my experience. The X220 had issues because it never shut down, it would always reboot instead of shut down I believe this is a motherboard issue and is not something I would expect. The T430s had the latch of the screen break,. Also pretty strange considering I opened/closed the screen at most once a day on average, once to open it in the morning and once to close it in the evening. Before my Thinkpads I've had an Asus that lasted 5 years before having any issue (hard drive broke) and another asus vor about the same time. I find this very unfortunate, because the build quality is great, the hardware configuration guide is superb, and I love the trackpoint. I find this very unfortunate because I absolutely love them while they work, they just don't seem to work very well for me. I'm wondering if I'm the only one that is having these reliability issues and that I am just "unlucky" when it comes to thinkpads, or that reliability just isnt one of their characteristics anymore?

A:Thinkpad reliability?

The Thinkpad used to be my laptop of choice.  Now I am almost frustrated to tears with them.Of the more recent ones I have owned, my ThinkPad X220 acceptable, but the T450s I have now is a "hunk of junk".  My wife has an X230 which is greatly inferior to the X220. Lenovo has truly strayed from the path with the recent Thinkpads.  Maybe, just maybe something will come of David Hills Retro Thinkpad Project.  Until then, my next laptop will probably be a Dell or HP---or at least something like a TouchPoint.

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I had Google App do something funny on me today and look around and found out my computer been having two problems but I didn't know what the issues are. So I look in my Reliability Monitor and found two problems

Compatibility Appraiser -> I think is from an update and uninstall all Windows 10 stuff.
These updates --> Stop Windows Telemetry/Tracking/Upgrading to Win10 ? alaya:techne
So I believe this to be fixed.

Windows Explorer - This one is a little harder I think.

Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Explorer.EXE
Application Version: 6.1.7601.17567
Application Timestamp: 4d672ee4
Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll
Fault Module Version: 9.0.30729.6161
Fault Module Timestamp: 4dace4e7
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000000000001e1ac
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 435a
Additional Information 2: 435a7c32d55a94f4103d16cad775fc40
Additional Information 3: 85d8
Additional Information 4: 85d823c90eed69f678bdd93486193011

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 60748904
I also attach a BSOD stuff that I should run in case I get BSOD just in case someone would like to see if any information is there that is causing this problem.

A:Reliability Monitor Don't Get

Are you actually having a problem with your computer?.

Do you want to install Windows 10. If you don't want to install Windows 10, read through this forum website on how to disable it. Scroll down until you find Option 3 & then download the Disable Get Windows 10.

Get Windows 10 Icon - Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums

From what your post says it looks like your computer is being prepared for Windows 10, so disabling it should fix the problem.

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Hello everyone,
My name is George and I was the unfortunate owner of a Dell Inspiron 9300.
At the begining I let myself dragged in the salesman web of promises of quality products and outstanding customer support, but what I got was a system that performed lower than my 5 years laptop and I "enjoyed" the so called "award winning customer support  from Dell" which means being on hold and passed from one department to another.
The only thing I have to say is buy a Dell only if you want to get ripped off and enjoy staying on the phone with represantatives who are almost powerless!
P.S: I have another two friends with similar problems regarding desktops.

A:Dell Reliability

so are there any specific problems you might like help with or are you just venting?

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For the last week or so, Reliability Monitor has been showing the attached info periodically.
It makes no sense. There are 128 successful updates and 10 failures (5 pairs) each time, always the same.

The system seems to be operating normally.

Any suggestions?


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Hello, I am trying to determine how many VMs across how many regions and/or cloud platforms would be needed to reach five nines availability? Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Five Nines Reliability

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Hi all,

Just curious if anyone can tell me how reliability viewer is setup to view on remote win7 PC's.

I can go into Perfmon and connect to a remote PC, but when I right click on monitor to view reliability report it just opens my local machine report.

The RAC task is running on all PC, so the RACagent is up and going. I followed the technet instructions, but nothing I do seems to bring up the remote PC report. I can run the system diags on the remote PC and get all the correct info, so I know part of this is working. Its just reliability monitor that will not work correctly.


A:Reliability Monitor

I was curious so i played with this, and i see the Reliability Monitor history for the remote PC.
I started the remote Reliability Monitor program by typing reliability in the search box and clicking on View reliability history.

I'm a Home user, using TeamViewer free for remote access/help.

I connected from a Win 7 OS, to a remote PC running Win 7.
Your specs show Win 10 OS, i haven't tested with that.

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I have searched this site and applied the fix (settings) suggested to restore it's operation but mine is still not updating.Is there a current fix for this problem.OS Vista home premium sp2

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Hey guys,

I'm currently living in a country that blocks a good portion of the web. I've been using Private Internet Access to get around the blocks, but every 10 minutes or so, despite still being connected, the local censors seem to catch on. Anyone know what's going on?

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Does anyone know how RELIABLE flashdrives are? For example if I store files on them, then attempt to read the files 10 years later, will they still be readable? How about if I go through 10,000 cycles of writing and erasing info on them -- do they "wear out"?

For safety and reliability in recovering data, how do they compare to 1) a standard hard drive, 2) a floppy drive, 3) a zip drive, 4) a tape drive, 5) a C/D?

Are some brands better than others?

Would be grateful for any info....thanks!

A:Flashdrive reliability?

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i intend to purchase from one of these cdrw manufacturers : micro solutions, teac, spressa, que and magic writer. appreciate advise on your estimate of reliability and performance. (realize generality but any comment is welcomed)

A:product reliability

Having been the route of cheap cd roms, modems etc... My suggestion is to by a name you can trust for support. The TEAC or the Sony Spressa would be the 2 I would try to decide between.

Just an opinion.

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Is anyone aware of any articles comparing different brands of RAM and their reliability?

I have gone through two sets of RAM made by two manufactuers. One by Kingston , the other crucial. I seem to get failures every 6 to 8 months.

I am giving Corsair a try next.

A:RAM brand reliability

In my opinion Corsair, and Kingston are the best. Link me the ram that you failed with.

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Buying Reliability

This is an interesting article that covers how to buy reliable components for computers.

A:Buying Reliability

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i have just realized that the Reliability Monitor has stopped updating on my machine i have looked at the settings but it looks ok what is the best way to reset it and get it up and running again?

A:Reliability Monitor


This might help


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I have searched this forum--and others--for information on motherboard reliability. I found a posting on this forum by gotroordude going back to 2003, saying "...motherboard stability and reliability can almost be taken for granted these days." Didn't the bad capacitor problem show up about then?

However, what I would like to find is independent (of manufacturer) reliabilty test data--if it exits--especially if available online, although given the seemingly endless variations in products I suspect my quest is not likely to be satisfied.

I am particularly interested in comparing manufacturers (perhaps selected product groups), vs. specific products.

I would like to know if there is a knowledgebase available that provides some insight into past performance of today's primary manufacturers.

Even some anecdotal info would be helpful, although I realize it must be discounted.

No, I am not an attorney trying to find a potential class action suit--just a less than power user trying to evaluate bids for a new computer.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.

A:Motherboard reliability

I'm afraid whoever you ask will probably tell you differently. For me, Intel boards are the best but obviously they require Intel cpu's and you didn't state what you are looking for.
Next to Intel for me I have Biostar and lately Gigabyte followed by Msi. Least favorite for dependability which I will never use, Ecs, Pc Chips, Matsonic, mercury

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I am using a brand new LG burner with Nero7. With my old internal CDRW drive, I've burned CD-Rs of many brands, mostly TDK, Maxell, Sony, Dynex. I had a few coasters/bad burns with any brand I tried, the same % with cheap CD-Rs(Dynex, house brand) as with those costing twice(Sony). In fact, because of this, I only bought the cheap Dynex CD-Rs until I switched to DVD's.

Now I read not to use cheap DVD-Rs made in China, such as Dynex, Playo(which now goes for $4.99 - 60spindle at Staples). However, all brands are made in Taiwan it seems, and whichever are made in Japan either arent sold in major stores such as Circuit City, Best Buy, Staples, or are always sold out.
I wanted to stick with Dynex(50 DVD-Rs for $8.99) but picked up a spindle of 50 Nexxtech DVD+Rs at Circuit City for $7.99. Burned fine, and was verified by Nero. If that's the case, and I make 2 copies, why should I be worried that the DVDs will go bad in 3 years as I will re-burn them by that time anyway?

A:reliability of cheap DVD-Rs

Gomar said:

I wanted to stick with Dynex(50 DVD-Rs for $8.99) but picked up a spindle of 50 Nexxtech DVD+Rs at Circuit City for $7.99. Burned fine, and was verified by Nero. If that's the case, and I make 2 copies, why should I be worried that the DVDs will go bad in 3 years as I will re-burn them by that time anyway?Click to expand...

Under the conditions you've specified, no reason to worry at all.
To ease your mind, you might test a few you've burned for satisfactory performance on another drive if one is available.
Storing disks carefully is an important consideration, too. You can Google loads of guidance on best practice.
Don't stick labels on them!

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I recently dealt with some bad ram. That is all taken care of now though (I think my GPU might also be defective, but that is a different story).

I had a thread going here during this situation. The people here said that they thought the bad ram should have no effect on the OS install. I thought that it was a possibility, and now I'm back after realizing something.

I tried using the reliability history feature that Windows 7 has. During the screen where it is gathering information, explorer.exe stops responding and restarts. I have another partition on this HDD with Windows 7 that was installed on good ram. I only used it for testing for like a day, but I just started it up and tried a reliability history. It successfully started it up. There was no data because of how little I used the partition, but it still displayed.

Now my question is what could have caused my reliability history to always crash explorer.exe? Is this from an incorrectly installed OS, or is there really a way for this part of Windows to just flat out fail. I have very little on this partition. Just my games and some music.

I am perfectly fine with reformatting. I just don't want to do it if I don't have to.


Also, winamp freezes my OS. I uninstalled it and searched google. It seems others have this happen, but that is when they click "send to." Mine froze just plain randomly several times when I was using it.

A:Reliability history


"message is too short"

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Hey guys, I've been experiencing the brunt of vista-related problems recently and I can't seem to fix anything. My reliability rating has gone from a 9.5 to a 2.5 over the course of the last few weeks. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Memory intensive tasks (games/dvd burning/bittorent) hang 50% of the time when I try to close them and don't end until I restart my computer.Event Viewer tells me this:Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error

Faulting application Explorer.EXE, version 6.0.6000.16549, time stamp 0x46d230c5, faulting module unknown, version, time stamp 0x00000000, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0248d170, process id 0x52c, application start time 0x01c8506a7cc89230.

Explorer.exe usually freezes/restarts after the FIRST time I type anything while the start menu is open (searching).Event Viewer tells me this:Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error

Faulting application Explorer.EXE, version 6.0.6000.16549, time stamp 0x46d230c5, faulting module unknown, version, time stamp 0x00000000, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0248d170, process id 0x52c, application start time 0x01c8506a7cc89230.

I have AVG antivirus installed, it has not found anything
I run Ad-aware to check for spyware, and that has not found anything.
I use ZoneAlarm as a supplementary firewall.
I am pretty experienced with computers..so feel free to suggest anything. I can p... Read more

A:Help me fix my 2.5 reliability rating!

Just got a new error related to the explorer one:
Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 1/6/2008 10:09:44 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
The description for Event ID 1000 from source Application Error cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:


The substitution string for insert index (%1) could not be found
Looks like media center is corrupted..but I have no idea

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The Reliability Monitor of Windows 7 is a very handy tool for monitoring the history of when which applications have failed.

Being a developer, it is to be expected that applications that are "In-Development" will cause problems, which in turn negativly affects the scores of the Windows Reliability Monitor. I utility I'm creating (for personal use) crashes regularly when closed, but also only if it is run from within the RAD Studio 2010 IDE. If I run the compiled EXE from Windows Explorer, then it does not crash, so I suspect that it is some kind of incompatibility between Windows 7 and the Delphi Debugger.

As you can imagine, this scenario is seriously affecting my Reliability Monitor:

So what I'd like to know is whether or not there is a way for me to "exclude" the IGRAB.EXE from being monitored by the Windows Reliability Monitor, so that it can display only those failures that I'm interested in, without my own development projects from screwing up the scores?

I suppose I could attempt to debug what is causing the crash, but so far none of the normal debugging techniques have worked. As I said, the crash only happens if the Delphi IDE was used to launch the program...

A:Reliability Monitor

Sorry Peter, I did search for this yesterday, but was hoping someone else would have some info. I don't think you can exclude certain programs, or even certain categories, sorry. A Guy

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This is the second time in less than a month I have had a Maxtor hdd fail . Both different boxes . Anyone else having a run on bad drives from them ??
Is Western Dig any better ?



A:Reliability of Maxtor HDD's

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Hey guys due to some issues with third party app, I have to switch to IE9 as latest version of firefox is no longer compatible with the third party app. However, I am not sure if IE9 is a reliable browser which supports all sites.


As soon as I started using IE9, I thot I shud now keep updated version of Firefox as I no longer require old version of firefox because I switched to IE9, but when I tried downloading firefix 14 through IE9, the download didn't started. I repeated several times but no result. But when I used firefox 3, the same download started in an instant. I am not sure that this bug of IE9 will not affect other sites. Dam I am confused what shud I do..............

Keep using Firefox 3 or switch to IE9?



A:Internet Explorer reliability

Where did you get your firefox from? here are 3 good links to try



When using firefox, you'll need these addons for starters;
And https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-plus/?src=search

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After 4 days of data the reliability Monitor has stopped working. No entries recorded since 2/12/2009. I did find the WERSvc disabled in the services msc.
However I set the service to auto and started and still no entries in the Reliability Monitor for three days. I do no several apps should have been recorded in that time.

Any ideas on how to correct

A:Reliability Monitor Stopped

I had the same problem and the only way I could fix it was with a repair install.

Repair Install

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Its not working for me,ive followed the tutorial here to a T twice and both times it does seem to work then a while later all the old history is back,and yep thats after deleting inside them folders etc?

Am i missing something here?

A:I've just tried resetting reliability monitor but?

Hallo RT, lol I tried it on my initial install of 7 and thought i was missing something to
After a couple of weeks of finding my way around 7 i did a clean install & never really gave it a thought since as i dont seem to have had any botch ups since then.
At the end of the day i was the only one who looked in there anyway so i dont know why it bothered me
You might get a better result in finding an answer if you post at the end of Brinks tutorial or may even find an answer already there

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It would have been nice to have a Reliability Index Score like in Vista to see all your errors but I guess they didn't think we needed it

A:Windows 7 Reliability Index

That's in Vista Mr GRIM it's in the administrative tools.

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I have been hacking at this for awhile and I am out of ideas.

Win 7 Reliability Index not updating.
Checked RacTask -- It is enabled and will run
Checked services -- appears to me the appropriate ones are set to auto. But not sure exactly which ones are critical.
In Rac directory deleted old databases. Ran Rac test and it wrote new ones back. Still no update to index graph.
Looked in event viewer logs. Windows logs are showing entries that are current (dated). But in the Applications and service logs there are no entries.
If I call up reliability history via Action center it is empty. Some times It will have the message "If you have just installed Windows check back later". When I close the window and reopen it the message is gone.
SFC /Scannow shows no integrity violations. I could do a repair install but I don't want to upset the config I have. It's not worth it.
I know it takes 24hrs or more to level out from a clean start. I have gave it plenty of time over the last week.

A:Reliability Index Not Reliable

It's not exactly reliable as an indictator of anything other than umm well nothing. The only thing I can think of to fix it is a repair install, but since you don't want to do that, you'll just have to rely on benchmarks and such.

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After finding out that I have a Reliability Monitor I wa disappointed when opening it as there is nothing there. It shows me the reports when asked but there are no dates on the monitor itself. Can it be edited or setup to work properly or is my win7 setup faulty?

A:Reliability Monitor not working

Hi Stoo, do you have it enabled?:

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Socket 939 Motherboard just failed. Looks like some exploding capacitors ...

Haven't researched motherboards in years. Used to be ASUS and Gigabyte were reliable manufactures, but seems their stuff is just as cheap as FoxConn?

Is there a reliable manufacturer of motherboards (Brand?) and who does the best job?

What would be an economical replacement / upgrade motherboard / cpu / memory?

Say for 1) $50, 2) $100, or 3) $150?

Looking for opinions on good hardware. Have never owned ECS, but have a ASRock. Looked at Biostar, MSI, and PCChips?

A:Hardware (Motherboard) Reliability?

Asus and Gigabyte are still reputable. Not sure where you got that information from.

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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to look over my question.

My question is about the Reliability Monitor.

First, I am not showing any entries at all. Not even any blue update notifications, which have been there in the past. Is there any reason these entries are no longer being displayed?

Second, I understand that the Reliability Monitor will assign a stability index number, as an indication of how stable/unstable one's computer is. I have looked through the program, however I am unable to locate that numerical entry. If somebody could point me to where this can be located, that would be very much appreciated.

Reliability Monitor is an advanced tool that measures hardware and software problems and other changes to your computer. It provides a stability index that ranges from 1 (the least stable) to 10 (the most stable). You can use the index to help evaluate the reliability of your computer. Any change you make to your computer or problem that occurs on your computer affects the stability index.


Note: I do have this view set to Weeks, not Days- however there are no entries within the days either.

A:Reliability Monitor Questions

I don't know why you are not showing updates, I am. But I can answer the answer the question about the stability index. It is the vertical numbers on the left hand side. You might want to change the vew by to days rather than weeks and see if that shows more detail.

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hi can anyone point me in the right direction cheers. i have a problem with my xbox 360 disconnectiong from xbox live randomly what i need is some sort of software which i can leave running on my pc which will show if there is an internet fault with my pc as my xbox is pluged into my pc and my pc is plugged into a virginmedia modem 20gb. so when my xbox does get disconnected i can see if my pc lost connection too. that way i can find out if its my xbox or pc. thanks in advance

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Since I got my computer I have tried to keep it running as well or better than original, which was something I used the reliability monitor for. That being said, I cannot anymore. Whenever I open it up, I get an Internet Explorer error and below is a screenshot of the error. I also have a similar error with certain help programs. I've googled for months to no avail short of forums that say "Windows Vista seems to be acting up, which means it's acting as it should."

A:Reliability Monitor Issues

Sounds like something or someone may have been over-zealous in an attempt to "clean" parts of the OS, or perhaps the registry.

Try this from an elevated CMD prompt (run as admin):

Regsvr32 vbscript.dll
Regsvr32 jscript.dll

It'll reregister some of the script handlers that would be used by that Reliability Monitor page. Does it make any difference to the outcome?

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Hows your Vista Reliability 18 Months after the RTM release ?

A tutorial on finding and using the Reliability Monitor can be found here:
Reliabilty Monitor

A Guide on using the Vista Snipping Tool for the Screenshot can be found here: How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista

"Select All" at the top right before uploading a Screenshot for a complete view of the entire Vista Reliability period.

A:Vista Reliability Scores

Heres Mine

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in vista you get the "Reliability and Performance Monitor" under "Administrative Tools"

in the monotor section you get the 4 resource graphc,s "CPU Disk Network Memory"

In windows Xp you could ditach eather one of the 4 and have it run at the bottom fo the screen or on the taskbar

has any one been able to do this in vista 64 bit system ?

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Need help With Vista's Reliability Monitor. Here's the problem...
Past month having too many problems with Vista Extreme and dont know what is causing them. I went and opened the Reliability Monitor and as soon as it opens i also get a small window saying: Internet Explorer cannot download.The system cannot find the file specified. Also, on the big window where the Reliability Monitor opens,the bottom part of the window and right below the graph with all the red X's,it says:Navigation to the webpage was canceled.What you can try:Retype the address.
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and/or how to fix this issue? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Help Needed with *Reliability Monitor*

Welcome, sounds like corruption.

Try this to fix. In search type cmd, do not hit enter>right click run as administrator.
In the cmd prompt type sfc /scannow. You will get a report of any problems, In addition, the scan will try to make corrections. If errors are found run 3 times. Only one file at a time is fixed.

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There are 4 sections, CPU Disc Netowork and Memory, in my setup, in CPU there is maxium frequency, in Disc there is Highest Active Time and in Memory there is physical memory used. There are blue lines and there are green areas that change frequently. I know how to change the maxium frequency in the CPU column. I don't understand the relationship between the Disc usage in the Kb/s and the highest active time. It doesn't matter much but I am just trying to get effeciency out of my Intel Duo core 2, 3Mb/s, 4 Gb ddr3 1333mhz , vista home premium 64 bit OS. I am runing Raid 1-0, if that helps.
I am playing MW2 and it is hanging up at the beginning and lagging in the single player mode and driving me nuts.

A:Reliability and performance monitor

Originally Posted by Mikey674

There are 4 sections, CPU Disc Netowork and Memory, in my setup, in CPU there is maxium frequency, in Disc there is Highest Active Time and in Memory there is physical memory used. There are blue lines and there are green areas that change frequently. I know how to change the maxium frequency in the CPU column. I don't understand the relationship between the Disc usage in the Kb/s and the highest active time. It doesn't matter much but I am just trying to get effeciency out of my Intel Duo core 2, 3Mb/s, 4 Gb ddr3 1333mhz , vista home premium 64 bit OS. I am runing Raid 1-0, if that helps.
I am playing MW2 and it is hanging up at the beginning and lagging in the single player mode and driving me nuts.

Here is an artice that may help you to better understand just whats going on there.
Hope this helps you.

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An irritating problem occurs with the Graph in above which should,ideally, remain at 10. Mine does for about a week or so. Then suddenly Applications fail everywhere i.e. Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader and a host of others "stop working" The graph sometimes plummets to 6 and crawls at snail's pace back to 7 or 8. I am lucky to reach 9 most times. Is there anything there to worry about ?. Idid Google the matter. Two suggestions were offered ..(1) a complete re-install (rather drastic as I did one a few months ago) or (2) use Firefox browser instead of the troublesome Internet Explorer. Help appreciated. Other than that system is efficient and speedy.

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Hello Forum,

Has anyone noticed a most annoying scenario involving the above. I have recently had a Hard Drive replaced and ,from time to time, I keep an eye on the above monitor.
This commences at 10 on the graph naturally when first installed. A couple of days later their was a slight "blip" in performance dropping this value to maybe 8.64. It then, all things remaining equal, began to climb back, in small increments, towards 10. Weeks later, resting at about 9.84, it starts acting up. In my case, I could not turn off the PC in normal manner (mouse pointer froze) and there had to be a Disruptive Shutdown plummeting the graph to around 8.7. Climbing again then errors galore... "explorer stopped working", next "real player stopped working", Google Earth stopped working". I am now back from nearly 10 a few days ago to around 7.84..maddening PC is working fine and I suppose I am being overfastidious in this matter and I suppose these matters do not amount to much. However, very annoying. Views on the matter appreciated.

A:Performance & Reliability Monitor.

I am not trying to defend the variable readings from the performance, but merely give you my opinion on the subject.
When I check my monitor, I am glad that the readings change, it shows that the montior is sensitive to changes in the performance of the computer.
As you noted small changes are shown in the montior to indicate that during that point and time there is a problem.
The monitor is not suppose to be watched in lieu of enjoying the computer, but as a maintenance tool to help find solutions to problems.
If it were not sensitive to indicate changes in performance, how would you be able to use it as a monitoring tool when needed.
Especially,now, that you know that the fluctuations are not meaningful in real life situations, you could just ignore it. Look at it once a week, to satisfy yourself that the fluctuations are within normal limits. Use it when you continually freeze or have some other problem that you want to correct.

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Hi Forum,
I seem to be experiencing problems with the above graph which often
is slow to advance in it's daily manner.... I like to keep any eye on my performance levels.
I had a problem like this previously and was directed by a member to tackle it through Programme Data and RACAgent adjustments.. the latter under a Command Prompt. This seemed to resolve matters at that time but lately this problem has returned. I did try this remedy again but the graph is "freezing" again after advancing just a day.
It seems the only way I can get a daily report now is approach it through a RACAgent command prompt which is a little troublemsome. Any advice out there ?

A:Reliability & Performance Monitor.

Sounds like corruption. Try the easy way first.
A system restore from 3 days before the problem began.

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