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(Laptop) Model number 6133 AJP laptop - new case/processor needed

Q: (Laptop) Model number 6133 AJP laptop - new case/processor needed

Hello all - first time poster on this forum.

I have a bust up fairly old Intel Celeron 600mhz laptop which could do with a new case/shell (not a bag, it needs the equivalent of a new desktop tower) but I don't know where to find one. I believe this is just a clone of similar laptops made around the same time and the model number is 6133. I was wondering if anybody knew somewhere I could purchase replacement shells/cases and if they stocked a case for this computer.

Everything on the laptop works fine except for a dodgy monitor cable (which would be fixed by moving everything into the new shell) so I don't intend to sell it for parts. I'm also quite experienced in fiddling with computers (my dad's a PC engineer so I've picked up quite a bit from him) and he is willing to help me get this laptop into tip top condition again.

I was also wondering if it would be possible to upgrade the motherboard and processor. At the moment it's a 600mhz intel celeron but I'd rather go with an AMD athlon of some sort as I believe them to be generally better. If anybody knows where I can purchase laptop motherboards to fit certain needs any help there would be gladly appreciated (am looking for a socket A motherboard). If the upgrade to Athlon is not possible I would like to know what the upgradability of my current motherboard is - I shall be looking inside the laptop within the next few days and can probably provide a number for it.

I think that with a few adjustments (new case, new processor, more ram and a bigger hard disk) I can get this baby up to a high standard rather than forking out a grand on a new PC.

Thanks for the help.


Preferred Solution: (Laptop) Model number 6133 AJP laptop - new case/processor needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: (Laptop) Model number 6133 AJP laptop - new case/processor needed

Howdy and welcome to the Forum.

Have you contacted the Manufacturer regarding replacement parts? That's where I would start.

BUT to be honest, although you do not give all the specs of the PC, I'd be willing to bet that you could replace the whole thing with a new laptop cheaper than replacing parts like case, MOBO, Processor, RAM, and HD !!!

So unless there is some "sentimental value", like the case broke stopping a bullet shot at you by terrorists...I'd shop for a new unit.

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I have the Serial number of an HP Laptop. I do not have the laptop in my possesson. How do I find the Model number if the only information I have is the Serial number?

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Hi Team , Could you please let me know how to know my PC model number, I want to install drivers in my PC, In system information tab I can find only System Model. Thank you.

A:How can I know my laptop Model Number

@Rajesh18? This should help. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108 REO

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I'm needing to reformat my laptop due to numerous software issues. Reinstalling Vista now, but I don't know my model number. I know the laptop is a Gateway, M series, and the model number is listed as 5A6. But that doesn't correspond to anything Gateway wants to pull up. I can't use the hardware tool from gateway as I don't have internet on it (it wasn't even booting anymore before).

Any help on how I can find the model number to get the necessary drivers would be hugely appreciated. I will answer any question I can to get this fixed.

Edit: Through the Gateway warranty lookup and the SNID, I was able to determine that the laptop is a M73. Wish it would say that ANYWHERE on the laptop itself, though...

A:Solved: Laptop model number

it wasn't even booting anymore before.
Please explain.
Any help on how I can find the model number to get the necessary drivers would be hugely appreciated. I will answer any question I can to get this fixed.

The model number should be stamped on the back of the laptop

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I have a gateway T series laptop, and I cannot find the exact model, the stickers on the bottom are worn off, and it wont boot windows. Anyone got any ideas for me?

A:Find Laptop Model Number

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 I just bought a new custom made HP laptop and there is no manual in box and there is no tag on bottom of laptop like my old . So i do i find out model number and product krey for OS? I have called HP and they said to take out battery and they said it was there. Sadly to say there was nothing and i eventually hung up because person on other end was clueless. Any ideas.

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Please help me to identify my friend's old Laptop model number.
he gave some information that may be useful.

CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 Notebook CPU
Graphics : ATI Radeon 512MB DON'T KNOW THE MODEL
Toshiba Satellite
Manufactured nearly 2008 or 2009.
Has a Webcam as others.
16" Screen size.
Factory Bundled OS : Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
Charger Model : Toshiba PA1650-22
Piece Number : PA3714E-1AC3

The Laptop started to show large horizontal lines when installed an unsupported OS , Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
Is that Laptop is one of the following models?
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834114623 or
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834114606 ?

If not please let me identify my friend's Laptop model number.
I uploaded many photos showing all those.

Thanks in advance.

A:Don't know the Laptop Model Number Correctly.

The model number should be on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker, it may even be under the battery.

It may also show the model number in the BIOS, try F2 as soon as you turn it on.

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I spilled coffee on my laptop today and it went blank, i need to save my info and tried locating a model number, but there is no name, no model number, no serial number, no service tag, nothing, absolutely nothing.

There is a white sticker on the back and when i peeled it off, it just says Service Tag label 71.5x5.5mm
This is the most astounding stupid thing i have ever seen from a tech company and I have been in IT for over 20 years.
Its unbelievable and I want someone at Dell to respond what an ordinary person in an emergency who has lost everything in an accident would have to do to find this secret bit of information, the model number of my laptop.
I cannot find anything except a big DELL logo on the top of the lid, thats it.....it wont turn on, or I could have gone into the BIOS etc...now what do I do?

A:I cannot find any Model number on my Dell Laptop

I don't know about your laptop, my Dell Precision M6300 and Dell Latitude D531 and Dell Latitude D620 all have the model numbers clearly printed on the laptop case.

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i have buy a new laptop model number- hp 15 be003tu but there is no driver on your website. pls provide me the all diver 1.Audio driver2. wireless, lan driver3.video, screen touch driver, graphics thanks in advance 

A:i have buy a new laptop model number- hp 15 be003tu but ther...

@gaurav0429? Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75973.exe Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75508.exe Intel Wireless LAN Driver http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp76001-76500/sp76133.exe REO

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I want to increase RAM of  my hp Laptop Model number r015tu having 4GB RAM, which is out of warrenty Now. I am currently using this machine for Web Devolpment purpose. That's why I want to increase RAM of my Machine. If it possible to increase RAM of this Machine, then please suggest me how much RAM i can incerease (Means upto 8GB or 12GB or 16GB) so that System should be Compatible and with which OS. Personally I want 16GB RAM for devolpment purpose, suggest me is it possible?

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Hello, I got my HP Laptop a few weeks back from the repair shop. It was working fine, no lags, viruses, etc. So.......one day i decided to check system information to check if my laptop was compatible run a game. I was going through the information and i saw this: System model: HP Envy Notebook 4 (ITS ACTUALLY 6) My laptop was showing the serial number some R000000000000 and the serial number written back of my laptop is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Now i'm beginning to feel a little suspicious about what the heck happened to my laptop. Laptop: ENVY Sleekbook 6-1090ee Any help would be appreciated  Regards,Sijo (sorry if my english is bad)

A:Laptop showing ANOTHER serial number and model in system inf...

Hello Sijo, Press fn+etc key together to check for the serial number and model number on Windows  you our may even download HP support assistant to see which serial number is correct.  All the best #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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This is to share with you that despite giving this laptop for repair on 6th Augustin Ambala there was no resolve in India despite having international warrantee and we collected back the unrepaired laptop on 20th august(as per agency the required part was not available in India), as my daughter was to leave to Canada on 28thaugust for studies. After reaching Canada she contacted Canada HP number provided on international warranty card but they have refused to entertain. I once again request you to please escalate the matter to HP international for a resolve in Canada(I will provide the address and mobile number of daughter Vasudha once you confirm some development). It is also beyond my imagination that how Canada HP can refuse to repair a laptop which was purchased paying extra money with international warrantee from Kuwait. Please help or advise the further course of action. There is Big Big question mark on after sales service despite paying extra money for international warrantee. My daughter is staying in Winnipeg studying in manitoba. It is very difficult for her to do her assignments without laptop. Through this form i expect speedy resolve. regards...

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Hi to All! I have Lenovo Flex 2-15 (model 20504). My charger is broken. I need new one. The original charger coming with the computer is ADLX45NCC3A - 45W 20V 2.25A But now I found on Lenovo website another information: charger for this model is0a36258 - 65W 20V 3.25A What is exactly charger model number for Lenovo Flex 2-15? Thank you.  

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I am looking for the actual part number for the bottom outside cover of a HP Envy m7 17" Notebook. The product number is M1W07UA#ABA and a search of that product reveals that it is an m7-n101dx. Howver I cannot find a link on HP site to locate the actual part number of the bottom cover. It is aluminum molded around plastic. I accidently laid my elbow on it and dented and cracked it. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have seen some used ones on ebay but I want to make sure I get the right part before buying or bidding on one since i will be stuck with it once I buy it. Thanks in advance for any help. 

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so..how do I identify the firepower a processor, for example, the I5-4210U Dual Core Processor? I'm looking to buy a new computer in the fall and I REALLY dont want to settle for processing power less than my current 2.40ghz intel I3 in my current system.

A:identifying processor firepower based off model number

Just write designation of "your processor" vs "another processor" in Google search, you'll get many hits with graphs and everything.

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A:Is it possible to extend the existing RAM size of the dell inspiron 15 3567 model laptop with i3 7th generation processor?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the ram size; only increase the amount. Below are the memory specs.
MemoryTable 1. Memory specificationsSlots Two SODIMM slotsType DDR4
Speed 2133 MHz
Configurations supported Per memory module slot 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GBTotal memory 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, and 16 GB

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I just got this new Toshiba and when I turned it on the first thing that popped out was a black screen with a blue square in the middle asking me for a password, and the person that I got it from said she doesn't knoe the password that goes in there, that she used the laptop for like 4 times and this screen showed up and doesn't knoe how to unlock it so im trying to help her unlock it but I need help I don't knoe what to do either if anyone has any ides how to unlock it let me knoe.

A:Toshiba Laptop Model L735D S3102 Bios Password Tech Support Needed

Sorry, we cant really help with Circumventing passwords.

Your best bet would be to get a hold of Toshiba Support

Official Toshiba Support | Toshiba

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I want to download a Users Guide and check for newer drivers for this laptop, but the model number area is worn off on the bottom. I can see the Service Tag number, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to use it to find my model number.

A:Model Number Worn Off, How Do I Find Model Number

Hi, Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as soon as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu, then select f10 to enter the Bios Menu. The first tab should list both the Model No. and Product No. - enter either on the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ Regards, DP-K

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how to track a stolen laptop with serial number,My laptop has been stolen 15-ay011TX ALL     SN:  CND6262QR9Serial No CND6262QR9

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I need help turning my number pad on and keeping it on at start up. It's a brand new laptop and I can't get it turned on.

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I just finished disassembling my first laptop ever which had a broken screen due to a drunken neighbor and am wondering if / what I can use the acquired parts for? This is the laptop that I disemboweled:

Samsung NP300E5A-A01UB Review & Rating | PCMag.com

which has a better processor than the current, newer one that I am using. I also recently purchased a desktop but I definitely need to increase the size of the hdd and am wondering if the laptop hdd can be used with the desktop? I have attached pictures of what I have pulled out of the Samsung. I look forward to your responses and really appreciate the helpful knowledge and / or advice. Thank you!

(I will attach the pictures right after this post. I took them on my phone and will upload from the win7 forums app. Am currently on laptop)


A:hdd, processor or RAM from laptop usable in my desktop or newer laptop

Hopefully images attached to this.




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M82 ThinkCentre - Type 3302.  Model number:  3302F2UThis machine was originally purchased with the Windows 7 Pro operating system.  I took advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade when it was available over a year ago. A few days ago I had to replace the motherboard.  The computer is running fine.  However, when it first boots there are 2 short beeps with an EEOC error.  This error referenced the BIOS containing invalid Model Number and Serial Number.  When I access the BIOS the following entries are seen:1) Machine Type and Model                            INVALID2) System Brand ID                                           Lenovo Product3) System Serial Number                                 INVALID4) Asset Tag5) System UUID                                  &... Read more

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Hi20CH model helix device, I changed the motherboard.But I can not enter the serial number.Block # 84 is giving the error.I try on software as C0 but it gives EEPROM error.The software is Thinkpad Maintinance Utility 1.08.If there is a solution please help?

A:Helix serial number and model number update

Take it to a dealer.  The Maintenance disk is only available to dealers and warranty servicers.

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.I reprogrammed my laptop Samsung with the model code NP-N102S-B02NG. so when I'm connecting my laptop to the wi-fi i cannot connect because it has no driver for Ethernet and Network Controller driver. so I waana ask how can I have those driver?
I need your help so that I can already use my laptop. thankyou

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I have a warranty with a company called WarranTech. I've been renting a PC from Badcock, a Dell Inspiron 15-3521, but the serial number on the bottom of the laptop has been scratched off as I've had the PC for some time now. The PC also had a liquid incident that fried the motherboard so there is no way for me to find the SN/MN by using command prompt or otherwise, are there ANY solutions so that I can get this PC replaced? Let me know if i need any additional information. 
Here's what I can see listed underneath the battery
Reg Type No: P28F001 
A lot of random alphanumerical codes, Japanese characters that I cannot understand, company names, and one address - Raheen Business Park - Limerick, Ireland
Also if this is in the wrong place can somebody refer me to someone or some forum that can help with my situation? Thank you in advance.

A:Model Number and Serial Number help me!

Either the warranty company or rental company will have the service tag number.  Contact them.

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Hi, I recently was trying to help my mom with something that involved downloading ITunes, but i didn't have enough space. I think my mom deleted everything off of my HP, literally everything. The screen will light up, and the HP symbol will come on, and roughly 30 seconds later it shuts off, and does the same thing over again. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

A:my laptop won't work and i don't know what model it is

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer is to try the suggestions listed at the link below to recover your PC. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961 Your model's support page is below... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Stream-11-y000-Laptop-PC/12499227/model/12716818

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can i install windows 8 in my laptop or not.

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Hey, I am just wondering how I can check my laptop's mobo, model SX20S by samsung support intel core i3 and other hardward, thank you

A:Laptop's mobo model

What is happening which makes you want to check your motherboard?

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I was resetting ,my laptop but when it was 2% down,I pushed the power button as it was taking to longer period of time.After that when I am opening my laptop it shows only the HP logo and nothing happening.

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Hello, I recently purchased this new laptop (model is above) and found that it's very difficult to find the manual online by searching my model number. I plan on upgrading it in the near future, so it would be nice to have the manual on-hand so I know how to open it and where everything is inside. Thanks.

A:Manual for Laptop model

Hi: Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook... http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05087748

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My laptop hinge is broken. Where can I get a hinge for my laptop model online? I want to buy

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I have a Toshiba laptop - a Satellite A105-S4079 model. It's an older laptop, so the fan I want to replace is hard to find and expensive. Is there any way a different model fan could be used in its place? Perhaps just an A105 without having to match teh S4079 part? Or even a non-Toshiba fan altogether?

Problem is that although the computer starts up fine, after a few moments it shuts down. My sources tell me that it's almost certainly a fan issue, that to keep it from overheating it just shuts it down. I've seen the Youtube videos of what it takes to replace the thing, and I'm not confident enough in myself to take the entire computer apart to swap it out. But I don't want to pay full retail for a fan, either, that a repairman will charge. So I thought I see if I could just buy the fan myself at the cheapest rate, then get a repair guy to swap it out with me only paying a labor charge.

Btw, what kind of rate would I expect to pay for a laptop fan replacement? I have no idea.

A:Fan replacement for laptop - does it have to be the same model?

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I need to buy a powerful laptop for presentation and discussions with customers at exhibition: - touch screen to show and zoom on 3D CAD models- add zoom on functionality - used to run animations- possibility to connect to large TV screens (eventual reccomendation for the TV screens too are welcome)- of course, high speed processor,  Nvidia Quadro card (which is specific for 3D) and lods of RAM ( 110 Gb and more) thank you!

A:Need to by a laptop for presentation, which model?

The machine you envision does not exist. No laptop has 110 gigs of RAM.  The Zbook 14 seems to have everything else you want and maxes at either 32 or 64 gigs of RAM which will be plenty for anything you want to do.  http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/business-solutions/hp-zbook-14-g2-mobile-workstation-%28energy-star%29...

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As the topic says..

I'm a Dell fan.. Dell Inspiron 8100

A:If you were going to get a laptop.. what brand/model would you get?

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my laptop is identifying as different model EX.its hp pavilion and when entering the site for identfying it reads thats HP envy

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i cannot for the life of  me figure out what model of laptop this is so i can search for the correct drivers. only markings on the laptop are pavilion . the sticker on the bottom says x18-82072 and the serial number is 584048-001. i have never worked on a laptop that was so hard to identify. way to go guys. thank you in advance

A:i cant find what model laptop i have

@techguy420 That number is part of your COA sticker. If you have a removable battery look under it for the model or product number. REO

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Hi Everyone Sorry if I have put this in the wrong place but I struggled to find anywhere suitable to post a question like this. My girlfriend has purchased a pavilion 15 series laptop in blue, model number 15-au71sa. The laptop she received shows a model number 15-au71na and this appears to be the same laptop but why do they have difffernt model numbers? She hasn't booted it up yet as it may need to go back as were expecting to get 15-au71sa. What I  would like to know is why are there two separate model numbers and if these are two different laptops then what is the difference. Hp site does show both products but going through the specs they appear to be the same so why are there two separate model numbers? to me it just doesnt make sense. I have phoned  pc world, which is the  company we have purchased this from but they keep saying we can't find it on our website, and then they fob me off. I am hoping this is a simple question but if anyone has any ideas please let me know. THanks in advance.  


View Solution.

A:2 model numbers for the same laptop?

Hi, Thanks for posting back. They actually are 2 different profucts: 1. HP Pavilion 15-au071na (ENERGY STAR)(W9V60EA):        http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=12237209#!tab=specs 2. HP Pavilion 15-au071sa (ENERGY STAR) (W9V61EA)      http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-15-au000-notebook-pc-series/10862158/document/c05204687 Looks like they are 99.9% the same and as mentioned on my previous reply, they are sold on 2 different markets in this case one from online store and one for normal shops. Regards.

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I need to write and draw ( free hand )  with precision on the screen  and the outcome needs to be very fine outlines .   I want the best digtal stylus that will produce this result.   Thanks 

A:I need the stylus pen for my HP laptop with MODEL HP 15 No...

Hi, What is your HP 15 ? Does it support pen ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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Hello all
Please be gentle with me, It's my first time on here.
I bought a new-ish laptop as my old one is dying through lack of ram.
The new one does not have windows xp - the old one does
how do i transfer the xp from the old one to the new one?
i have the product code - but no discs
would really appreciate any help with this, am going nuts trying to do it on my own
many thanks


ps i'm not very technical

A:Help needed transfering xp from laptop to laptop

Welcome to the forum!

I don't understand your comment dying because of a lack of RAM. They don't die, they will just be slow.

Bottom line is you can't. You will need to buy a retail version of XP.


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hi where can i download version F.05 Rev. A for my hp omen 17-w033dx
i am currently on f.26 an having the same framerate drop
i seached the hp site an could only find F.25
please help!!!

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hi guys,

need to replace a keyboard on a toshiba laptop but dont know what model i have
the sticker is smudged off cant see anything

right click on computer
personal computer
no model

looked in bios

any ideas?

does toshiba have some type of detection tool i dont know about?


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How do I get my new Acer Laptop Model # PB71205 to boot to a DVD or USB device?  F2 gets me to BIOS Setup. Thank you.

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Dear Sir, Greetings of the day !!!!!!!! Please help me my  loptop ka colling fan kaam nhi kr rha. or laptop hang ho rha h. loptop model no :- 5CD3142X7K

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This is regarding Lenovo laptop G40-80 Type 80E4(Model 80E400EFAX) RAM upgrade. Currently it is having 2+4 GB. CPU is of Intel core i5 5200U. My questions are:1. I am planning to replace 2 GB with GB. Then it will be 8G + 4B. Would you please suggest suitable 8GB and whether it is good combination or not.2. Can you suggest suitable 8GB RAM witch which I can replace existing 2GB RAM Thanks in advance and let me know if require more details.

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Hi, I'm trying to find out just how much memory I can add to my laptop, it's Inspiron 17 model 3737, it has Kingston PC3L 12800S, 1600 MHz, 204 Pin, 4 GB install from dell and I was wanting to add 8 more GB to laptop to make it 12 GB, in reading thru some things on the computer it says it can support up to 16 GB of memory. But after reading in some of the forums people are saying that you can only add 4 more GB of memory.
I would hope some one out there can help me and tell me that yes 16GB is right, and just adding 8BG to have 12GB is fine,


Hello, well I did some checking and to me it seemed I could add more than up to just have a total of 8GB of memory, so I ordered 1 stick of Kingston PC3L 12800, 1600 of memory the same brand of the 4GB memory the Dell 17r model 3737 came with, I wanted to stick with the same brand,So for the heck of it ordered and installed and well low and behold when I went in and checked system it is showing that I have 12GB of memory. So what it says of what I read on the computer was right, I can go up to 16GB if need be. But I think 12GB is more than enough memory for what I'm using my computer for, most web, and 2010 Office loaded like a champ with no problems. And is Duel Channel DDR3L SODIMM. So if anyone else is looking to up grade their memory look into your system and it will tell you.
But 30YEAREXPERT Thank you anyway for trying to help me and I do appreciate you time and help.

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Hello.I have a little funny probem.So my laptop see himself as a "Notebook HP Pavilion g6-2214so" [BIOS ]While under battery is writing its model : G6 2117EO+ One of graphic card doesn't work. [ Windows don't even see secound graphic card [ 0 unknown devices ]]In Bios i do not see option with dual graphic [It could be reason of that bios] So can i somehow fix it ?Like force install old bios from G6 2117eo ? Greetings!

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