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Paper tray is full,window keeps reading load up paper,will n...

Q: Paper tray is full,window keeps reading load up paper,will n...

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Preferred Solution: Paper tray is full,window keeps reading load up paper,will n...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Reading up on it, I found that this printer has an auto-duplex feature, which lead me to the question:

How damp is the paper going to be after printing duplex, especially if I print with 50% - 100% coverage?

My initial conjecture is that it wouldn't be wet or curled, as it would be counterproductive to Epson's image to provide a printer with an auto-duplex feature that would drench the paper.

After doing a little bit of research, it seems that it's largely going to depend on the ink itself. According to macworld.com, "pigment inks...are made up of tiny, encapsulated particles that sit on top of the paper, instead of being absorbed into a paper’s fibers, which is what happens with dyes." The article further goes on to state that pigment inks are primarily for the purpose of longevity. Well, I'm not particularly concerned about it's longevity but I am interested in whether it's ability to dry faster than dye ink is justifiable for an investment in pigment inks?

A little more research revealed that paper quality is also a major factor (duh). Only issue is, I've already purchased a bunch of cheap 20 lb, 96 bright white paper and don't want to purchase paper separately for this additional printer (when I mean "bunch", I mean that I possess cases of paper in the double digits). Another reason I'm hesitant to make any move towards better paper is that it seems that the higher quality paper is designed to ... Read more

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I have a REALLY bad paper jam... My printer is MF4350d. The paper jam troubleshooting outlined in the manual did not help. When I opened up the toner area and the back end of the printer, I can't see see the paper at all. It looks like the paper is jammed in area that I don't know how to access to (if I can, aside from taking the whole printer apart).

Does anyone know any way to fix this problem? :/ The paper that got stuck was a label paper. I know for sure it is stuck because the paper did not come out at all. The WHOLE paper got stuck. The label paper half half label peeled off. I am assuming that the reason it might have curled up in the printer is due to the disappearance of that half label? :/

The label paper is a regular size paper with 2 labels divided evenly on the paper.

Is taking the printer apart the only way? (is that even safe/good to do on my own part?)

Please help thank you very much.

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My 8630 lists the 2nd paper tray as "Photo Tray".  I have set this as the default and works most of the time, but often it gives me a size error and does not let me print.  How do I correct this?

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Upon opening sealed box from SAM's club and trying to set up, I found a paper jam when i tried to set it up with perforated paper. We don't have perforated paper in our new home so this was a frustration and surprise. I hope that HP will surprise me with compensation of a new black cartridge as this was obviously used before, refurbisheshed and sold as new.Thank you,Kitty1854

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Hey guys, I am making something, but I'd like to print something in a normal 8.5 by 11 paper, can anyone please tell me how much is that converted into pixels or cm.

NOTE: Plz don't say depends on your printer or something, it depends on the size of paper, and here I want 8.5 by 11 converted. Thanks

A:Photoshop - How Many Pixels is 8.5 by 11 paper, like the normal paper?

When you make a document you can make it 8.5 * 11 Inches. Once you have created it switch to pixels!!

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I think this is similar to the thread
HP 2575 Printer Paper Jam Error w/no paper jam
I was trying to print 2 sheets double sided (manually).
Side 1 printed, I reoriented the sheet, pressed OK, then the paper jammed.
I removed the jammed paper, which tore during removal
I tried to reprint the two sheets, and printed side one, then got a papre jam message before the reoriented paper was taken up!
I have tried powering off and disconnecting the printer, and now have a "permanent" paper jam message.
Can anyone tell me where the sensors are on this model? I suspect "chad" (yes, I really am old enough to know the problems chad can cause).
Unfortunately, I'm also partially sighted, so I need pretty clear instructions on where to look forthe chad.
Can anyone help please?

A:Solved: HP 2575 paper jam - no paper in printer!

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I have had an HP 4L Laser Printer for a number of years and it has provided me with excellent service up until today.

The printer was working perfectly yesterday, but when I went to print a document today, the printer, instead of making the usual warmup noise, gave off a louder noise (almost like something was vibrating), as if something was jamming, and then for a second went quiet before it repeated the louder noise as it went to lift the paper (I could also hear the noise it is meant to make as it lifts the paper). The printer then stopped operating and the orange 'Paper' light started flashing.

When I opened the paper tray, the paper had barely been lifted out of the tray and the left hand corner of the paper, where the printer lifts it from the tray, is slightly crunched.

I have checked out the printer and there is no paper jammed.

It seems that there must be something wrong with the paper feed mechanism so I'm hoping for some advice on how to fix or adjust it.

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I have a HP PSC 1350 All-in-One printer/scanner. It is fully loaded but when I go to print something I get an error message that tells me it is out of paper. It goes through the motions/sounds before the error message like it is attempting to print, but it appears it cannot read or the sensor cannot pick up the fact that there IS paper in the machine. Is this something that can be fixed (i.e. is there something that needs taken apart and cleaned) or is it time to get a new printer?
Side note: The rubber feed rollers have already been cleaned.

As always, any help is appreciated.
Thank you

A:HP PCS 1350 all-in-one not reading that there is paper

Try going here and select your Operating system and use there Trouble shooter. You can also get the latest Drivers from here. Worth a shot


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I have a HP 500xi that I am disassembling to clean ink that has run all over the bottom of the metal printer base. I have taken the unit apart to the paper feed/tray assembly which needs to be removed to clean underneath. It is not obvious to me how to remove this assembly. If anyone can help with some instructions I would appreciate it very much.
David Mason

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How do you remove the paper tray from this machine? That's all I need to know.

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I have a year old HP computer with Windows XP. I have a Lexmark Printer Platinum Pro 905.
Lately, when I go to print, and then click on "Properties" and select "Tray 2" for paper, my printer still uses Tray 1 for paper selection.
Any ideas?

A:Problem with LexMark Printer Paper Tray Selection

That usually happens when no paper is detected in the tray you selected, the printer will then automatically switch to the tray where paper is detected.

If you are sure there is paper in 'Tray 2', make sure it's loaded properly.

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I'm trying to print a Word 2010 document to a Xerox WorkCentre 5225. Whenever I go to printer properties of the Word menu, the default paper source is always 'recycled'. So instead of using Tray 1, it is using the tray with recycled paper. If I choose the correct option, it works. The problem is that it's quite annoying having to select each and every time the right one.

How can this be solved?

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Hey guys. I found a program called window paper xp that makes the desktop.ini file for you that changes the background image of a folder..

The annoying thing is the image is displayed in it resolution so if you make the folder smaller the whole thing wont show or if you make it too big the image will be tiled..

Do any of you know of any way to make it so the picture adjusts to the folder size?

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This white paper outlines the following:The hardware and operating system requirements for efficient full-text search performance.Full-text search architecture.Full-text search administration.How to monitor full-text search performance.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Word Reader




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My subject paper recently started acting weird.
When I try to load continuous paper and press load button, it retracts the paper.
It did happen previously and I used some compressed air to clean the printer and
everything worked fine. I believe there is a photocell somewhere in the printer,
which is supposed to sense the paper. I do not know where it is and also I do not
know why it is not working as it should.
Does any one have ideas about what to do except to trash the printer.

Best regards,

A:Citizen GSX140 printer would not load paper

Here's a link to a settup guide for you - hope it helps-> http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...+adjust+tractor+feed&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

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I'm using window 7 and HP 930C printer and whenever I shutdown my computer it ejects one blank paper before turning off. I have noticed that whenever I have printed something & then turn off computer this is what happens and few times even I haven't printed anything this happens. I have updated drivers for my HP930C printer and window 7. Pls help. Thanks.

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Hi everyone,

I have some problems with my new laptop and my parallel port portable printer.
firstable the lap top do not have a parallel port.. so I bough a parallel usb cable.. installed and my printer works. but every time that I plug the portable printer it reinstall the printer. so I ended with copies of the same printer and the problem that when installed the printer it puts a driver that doesn't work.
Also when I forget to put paper of course it let me know that there si not pepper with an error then when i put paper then start printing all type of characters..just junk even is i cancel the job it will still does that i turn the printer and reboot the laptop and sometimes still print a few pages with junk.
1- Is there a way to tell the lap top not to reinstalled the printer?
2- what si the deal with printing those characters?

Any comments would be appreciated.


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As the title says almost all my icon (to programs, like Opera, TrueCrypt) has been changed to an old fashion looking icon. A white paper with an explorer window inside. I have no clue what the problem can be. I restored my computer late yesterday.

Thanks :D

A:[SOLVED] Icons changes to white paper with explorer window inside.

Hi -

See if resetting the thumb cache helps -


Regards. . .



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I have a nice LaserJet 2500n, it has a dropdown tray labeled 1, and it has a 250 paper paper tray labeled 2. Everything is fine and dandy. I purchase an extra paper tray, unpack it, and set my 2500n on top of it. Now it keeps defaulting to the extra paper tray no matter what tray I specify in my apps, AND no matter what app I use (IE, Word, Notepad). The only way it will print to Tray2 is by pulling out Tray3! I've tried reinstalling the printer, then going into device settings and selecting 'installed' for tray3. But still nothing. I know the default is always tray 1,3,2. But I would think this gets overriden by the print job. Does this sound normal? Or should I be requesting an RMA? many thanks in advance!

A:I add xtra paper tray (tray3), now I can't print to tray2 unless I pull out tray3!

It sounds like normal hp printer operation to me. If one of the trays has a different paper size installed then it should switch automatically between the trays.

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Hi guys,
Together with 4 students we've to write a paper about Operating Systems (not about how they look like, but about their function between the OS and the hardware (the technical part)). We're all very excited and we were hoping if you got any tips for us (it
could be a good encyclopedia, website or something else). 
Thanks in advance!

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I was using the double  1 sided printing.  It only printed one side and paper jam occurred on my screen.  Removed the rear and found no paper jam.  I lifted the front where the ink was stored and saw no paper jam.  Checked all rollers found no traces of torn paper.

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I have my 2017 tax return transcripts in front of me..I actually requested these from the IRS. Anyway how can I get these on to a PDF file that I will need to email...Note.. I do not need to go to any tax sites .. I again have the forms right here with me.. Help?.

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printer has a paper jam. how to fix it 

A:how to fix a paper jam?

Hi, This article may help to fix the paper jam in general Regards,

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The easiest way for me to ask what I want is to show it by example. Let’s first select FILE -> PAGE SETUP. When the PAGE SETUP window comes up, select the PAGE tab. After you select “USE SPECIFIC PRINTER” the form automatically repopulates the SIZE and SOURCE combo boxes for that specific printer. I don’t care about the SIZE combo box, but how do you know what to put into the SOURCE combo box? This is AcPrintPaperBin, right? Finally, when you click on the OK command button, what are the VB commands that execute? Thanks -Ken.

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Shows the jam error even when there is no paper stuck and it can take 20 or 30 times of opening and closing to get it back working. I would like to figure out where it "reads" the problem that creates this error message. It happens if I use anything other than regular printer paper, even on the special papers designated by the mfg. as okay. This is a Samsung CLP 300 laser.

A:Paper Jam

I am a service technican for copiers and most printers. If I can find the service manual I can help.

I would look for paper debris and use a can of air. Where is the supposed jam is? Is there any error codes? If it's on your network, does the web ui show any indications?

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How do I fix a paper jam on my Canon printer PIXMA MP280

A:Paper jam

I assume you mean how do you reset the printer after the physical paper jam has been cleared. If that is the case, there should be a Stop/Reset button on the main controls, if so, press it. I have a different model PIXMA, so you might not have that button; if you don't, turn it off, wait about a minute (really wait a minute or it will not fully reset), then turn it back on. That should do it, if not, post back and I'll try to help you clear out the error state.

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how to print a b&W image on vellum paper using an Epspn 220 printer.

A:Vellum paper

Does this printer have a single sheet feeder. I know that some inkjet printers will print on vellum. I used one several years ago. The one I used was put out by Pacific Data and used an epson engine.

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The printer is hanging paper up, I will clear it by hitting the "on/resume" button and then it will draw in another piece of paper (no printing is occuring) and the paper will stop half way through and give me the same message.

I have reset the printer by disconneting the power supply, waited 60 seconds, and then plugged power supply back in and while lights are blinking press and hold the "on" and "size" buttons to reset defaults to printer.
I've already tried this one:
I have checked all helps that I could find about this issue, but cannot resolve it. Someone please help. As I'm not so good in English, please explain the easiest you can. Thanks!

A:Paper jam with hp psc 1315 all-in-one

There's a few steps here that weren't covered in your link... http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01577197&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en

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Whenever I try to print to my HP DeskJet 690 Series printer, it tells me it is out of paper. If I turn off the printer and turn it on again the printer then prints the page. There is plenty of paper so why?? I have tried reinstalling the drivers. Any Ideas??

A:Printer out of paper?

Problem solved!! Always remember to plug things in properly!!!

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A:Exam paper


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hello all, we've been running into problems with our Hewlett Packard Laserjet 5L recently, and i wanted to know if anybody knew anything about the thing. It used to work fine, but since about a month or so, it now eats all the paper in the paper feed. This is very annoying and forces us to feed paper sheet by sheet. I know this is a common problem, as we have had the same problem with several 5Ls without ever being able to resolve it. Anybody know how to fix this? i have not been able to find any info on it. Would kicking it do the trick?

A:HP 5L paper feed

Have you tried the HP discussion groups?

You could post a message there.....and see if they can help you out.


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I have an HP PSC 750. I was printing and after the first page it said I had a paper jam. It keeps saying there is a paper jam, I've cleaned all of the paper out of it, then pushed enter like it told me to, and it is still saying paper jam. I opened up the top and back and checked for paper jams. There is no paper jam, but it still says paper jam. I turned it off and then restarted it, it still says paper jam. Please help if you have any advice, I'd love help.

A:paper jam message

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Is there some way of rejuvenating the surface of the "feed Wheels" on an HP DeskJet (T-65) so that they grab the paper better. I tend to think that this is the primary problem in the relentless "paper Jamming" which I am recently experiencing. If I remove all the paper from the tray and feed one sheet at a time, it seems to work fairly well but not if I put several sheets in the tray and let it feed normally.

A:HP Paper Jamming!

Get some whales oil and Lube up the Rubber Pads so It will be almost like new but Whales oil is damn Expenisve can cost up to 500 for Canitser

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I have a Canon Multipass F20 and Windows Xp SP2
everything has been working just fine until today when my printer refuses to feed the paper. I do not see any thing unusual. It just grabs the paper and twists in on one side and jams up.
I have turned it off and on again
I have restarted my computer
I have tried one piece of paper at a time while watching it
I have tried 50 sheets in the tray.
All with the same result.
I don't know where to find the Canon Multipass printer test "module". I know it exists, because I used it when I first got the printer, but it has never been a problem until now and I can't find it. I don't know that it would help because as I recall it was all about color and density but .......
Any suggestions?

A:Paper will not feed

Could it be you've got something blocking the feed mechanism? Clean your printer and check for anything foreign.

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I have a HP desk top 3650 printer, i had a paper jam and i can't remove the paper from either end. I have tried unplugging the unit but the paper is really jammed in


A:Solved: Paper jam

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I have an HP deskjet 842c hooked up to an new Dell computer with XP . I've installed it according to the " Wizard " and tried to print a test page but nothing happens . It does say that the page has been printed but there is nothing . A flag pops up saying " Out of Paper " . There is lottsa paper . No paper jam . Brand new ink cartridges but the printer doesn't even grunt .

Any suggestions ?

A:[SOLVED] Out of Paper

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Nothing is printing. After several minutes windows give me a error message saying "Printer out of Paper". But there is plenty of paper. I'm stumbed...

Epson Action Laser 1000 (old printer... but it's been working great)
local printer (I'm on network but this printer is at my workstation).

So far I've check all plugs and cables.
I've been able to print directly from the printer by requesting a status sheet.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.


A:Printer out of paper???

There is a paper sensor switch, usually attached to a small lever, that may be broken. Remove the paper and peer down the slot to see if the sensor switch lever is there. If it is, then the switch itself may be defective.

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In writing letters does anybody know of any free sites that have a good selection of paper that is spyware fee ?


A:Mail (paper)

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Someone dropped off a seemingly not working HP Officejet 7100 All In One and the main issue is paper jamming.
The printer is noisy and it always lists a paper jam (looking inside I do notice parts moving oddly but the paper is definitely not jammed - it is coming through).

The two images are scanned using my other printer and they show what happens when I try and scan using the 7100.

Scan (Source)



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Has any one got any tips or procedures to replace a broken paper pick up arm ( RC1-3352-000cn) for tray 2 on a HP Laserjet 4350 printer. It would be very appreciated. Cheers.

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I've had my Canon Pixma MP600 for 4 years. It has always worked flawlessly. But I turned it on today, and it gave me a weird error message about some "incompatible device" being plugged in. There was nothing plugged into any port on it. I did a search and found where someone who had the same strange message said it was because of a stuck lever in the paper path, and the way to unstick it was to fold the top 1cm. of a heavy piece of paper, slide it in the back of the printer across the top rubber rollers with the folded 1cm facing up, then pull it out. Said I would feel resistance and a click when pulling it out, which I did.

So what did that do? It replaced the "incompatible device" error with a "paper jam" error. There is NO PAPER JAM!! I see from my search that this seems to be a common Canon printer problem going back to the low-number Pixmas, but I have not found a fix.

Anybody know what I need to do to fix this thing, other than taking it to a service depot and paying twice what a new one would cost to get it fixed?

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I have a 3 year old Compaq IJ600 that is currently refusing to feed the paper correctly. It jams every time on feed start-up on the right side where the feed roller is. Anyone know an easy fix?

A:Printer Paper Jam

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When I click on a flash paper document I get a script error and cannot open the document. I have downloaded the flash player and it tells me it's installed.

A:Flash Paper

Hi tlyne,What Browser do you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox...) and which version of Flash Player is installed?

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