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Information of drives on a remote machine using powershell

Q: Information of drives on a remote machine using powershell

Hello All,

I wanted to know if there is a method that I can use to get the hard drive information of a remote server using powershell 1.0. The WMI class that has been introduced in Powershell 2.0 does have the option to fetch the same information but the server environment that I work in does not have the option for Powershell 2.0 on the servers..

I do have powershell 2.0 on the machine from which i want to execute the command and fetch the information.

What I am looking for is to have the information like free space, name of the hard drives on a remote server.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

Preferred Solution: Information of drives on a remote machine using powershell

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Information of drives on a remote machine using powershell

Hi rahul1911,

See if the following thread helps: Logical Disk Report - Remote Servers. I honestly don't know if the difference in versions will permit this or make no difference or if another method is required.

If not, search through the Powershell section of the newsgroup to see if you can find what you need: PowerShell - Vista Forums

If that also doesn't help, try some other Powershell-specific forums:




I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Hey guys, I was looking for an alternative to "diskpart" in Powershell, but all that I tried did not even work, can't imagine what I'm doing wrong. Just trying to learn, not super important if folks are busy. Here is one of the things I tried from Technet, along with many others:

1. Get-Partition
And tried it many different ways, get-partition, get-partition-0 etc, etc. many different ways.

2. I also used diskpart as regular user, but it would not allow me to "Select All" CTRL + C to Copy the Partition info. I had to Open CMD as Administrator in order to do this, is that Normal? Just want to make sure my system is working properly.

I was hoping for something simple, I saw some rather complicated Commands that I avoided for now but open to anything I guess. Seems like diskpart works very well, the output is very nice, but I find the CMD a little quirky compared to say Linux Terminal.

Thanks, Nasty7

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I need assistance on my Remote PowerShell running in Windows 7.  Suddenly, I am unable to do an Import-Module ActiveDirectory command.  I am getting a Warning: Error initializing default drive: 'Unable to contact the server.  This may be because
this server does not exist, it is currently down, or it does not have the Active Directory Web Service running.'  This is only happening on a specific Windows 7 computer.  Other computers can run the PowerShell command and also the script Get-ADUser. 
I can also run the Get-Module command:
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Import-Module ActiveDirectory
WARNING: Error initializing default drive: 'Unable to contact the server. This may be because this server does not exist, it is currently down, or it does not have the Active Directory Web Services running.'
tive Directory Web Services running.'.
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-Module
ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands                                                     ... Read more

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I need powershell 2.0 to be installed on my windows XP SP2 machine, Can any one help me with that ?
I couldn't find the correct link to download powershell 2.0 .
I have downloaded one msu file "windows6.1-kb2506143-x64" .But this msu file is not recognizing in machine? I didn't find wusa.exe in windows XP x64 machines..

Can anyone help me with these answer please ?

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Hi all,
I am having hard time locating any powershell module allowing me to query the state of the machine enrolled in ATP or security center . Can you point me to the right direction ?
The graphical equivalent would be : https://securitycenter.windows.com/machines
Thanks !

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I can't remove the management snap ins or disconnect from the remote host.
This is my personal home computer.
I just want to connect to the internet. The route shows I am connected to a spoofed network
then the internet. In otherwords all my communications email voip go to this host network.
Not only do they control my pc and home phone. They are able to influence my life in many ways. for example I am only allowed to email certain people . and only certain people are allowed to email me. if I try to meet someone online im only allowed to meet whoever the remote host wants me to meet. I know what services are supposed to run and what services are not needed. because I like to play games on my pc.
I don't need windows biometric service running and there are at least 50 services I don't need and can't disable.
I don't want my pc to allow remote connections at all. Please help.
I'm scared. I try to fix but always get messeges like access is denied.

A:My computer is being controlled by remote host using powershell wmi

I would hit f8 after the bios splash screen and try a system Restore Point. If that doesn't work, you could try to bring up MSCONFIG at Start/Run and look at what's autorunning at startup. Go to the Services tab, check "hide MS services" and see what's autorunning there.

If none of that works I would burn a Kaspersky boot disk and do an offline malware scan.

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Hello All,

 I am connecting Exchange 2016 server remotely via PS script to manage the Mailbox rules for
users, we have close to 1500 users for which we have to create/modify mailbox rules however when i run the script (from non exchange server) which first import the exchange session to powershell and then execute the commands to manage mailbox rules but it
fails after running properly for a few users with the message "Get-InboxRule/ New-InboxRule" is not is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable
program". i.e it is trying to execute the command before it imports the exchange cmdlet into powershell, please note when i run it for a few users only it will work properly.

i have also provided delay in the PS script just after import exchange session/cmdlets command but it didn't help.

sample PS script code:

$username = "xyz"

$password = get-content D:\password.txt | convertto-securestring 

$cred = new-object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $password

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri url -Credential $cred

Import-PSSession $Session

Start-Sleep -s 10

Rest commands to Manage Mailbox

 Note- i am using the proper url in -ConnectionUri, here it is not accepting url to be included in body so i am replacing my url with simply a name "url"


I have to call the script o... Read more

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kindly let me know powershell script to renmae a file or folder from LIST of remote computers

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how to check latest installed patches or software updates from remote  window 7computers via powershell for single and mutiple
how to check latest installed programs  from remote  window 7computers via powershell for single and mutiple machines

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Is there any way for me to map a drive from my home computer running Remote Desktop to my work computer? I noticed that when I go into Map Network Drive and click Browse, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services appears in the list, but nothing shows up (even though I'm connected to my home computer at the time which has shared drives on it.)

Any ideas??

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There are three machines in the house on one router. Only one machine exhibits the following.

In IE going to one specific url takes me to searchportal.information.com

In FF this doesn't happen

Clearly my machine is infected with something, but it's only to this one url (which I go to very frequently as I'm building a site there).

I've done AVG, spybot, adaware, CWShredder, and all draw a complete blank. I've also empted temp folder and recycle bin, and removed cookies and history from only user (Administrator)

Win XP, use GhostSurf proxy, have blocked cookies from information.com, reset IE to defaults

I enclose the HijackThis logs in the hope this might lead somewhere

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:35:44, on 09/04/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\... Read more

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samsung NP275E4V-K02

i need reviews, product page, will i be able to find drivers...etc

A:plz help me find information about this machine

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I have followed the following article but its failed to successfully allow me to run remote Powershell onto domain connected Windows 7 PCs:

I have done the following settings:
(1) Enabled the following GPO: Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Remote Management (WinRM) > WinRM Service :: Allow Remote Server management through WinRM = ENABLED * *
(2) Set Firewall rules to allow "Windows Remote Management"
(3) Enable Start Automatically "Windows Remote Management"
(4) Rebooted
But keep getting the following errors when trying different remote powershell commands:

Also I ran the following on the Windows 7 PC I am trying to remote to which apparently shows everything should be working OK:

If I run the powershell command on the Windows 7 PCs then everything works fine.  I just simply cant understand how I should have to push this command out when GPOs exist which should provide this setting change
Am I missing something when setting up GPO for this?

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Good Day All:

Quick question for fellow tech pros at bleeping computer forums, esp. XP Home and Pro. Have been able to solve most nearly all and any problems with XP Home and Pro, and have referenced and used many posts on this fourm to root cause and solve myriad XP Home and Pro issues. Thanks so much for all the tech pros sharing their hard earned expertise on this forum. Much appreciated. This is first time posting and just created user for that purpose to pose a question needing a solution for quite awhile:

Question: Has anyone on this fourm figured out a way to enable remote system information access between XP Home systems, or between XP Pro to XP Home systems? With XP Pro, no problem as long as User name and passwords between systems are synched and set as computer administrators. Let's leave firewall issues aside and assume firewall is turned off and that all systems are at SP2 and fully updated. Understand how to fully manipulate DCOM, WMI, and RPC settings, etc in registry and have not as yet figured out how to open access to viewing remote system information for XP Home systems. If anyone here has resolved this or can provide some targeted info to resolve, would be much appreciated.

Thanks Much and Sincere Regards, Skanders

A:Remote System Information Access On Xp Home

Hi .http://windowstipoftheday.blogspot.com/200...assistance.htmlhttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/mobility/rdfaq.mspxLogMeIn - Remote Access and Desktop Control Software for your PC - https://secure.logmein.com/home.asp?lang=en ultravnc Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool, Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access Software, PC Remote Control - http://www.uvnc.com/ It all depends on user preferences, IMO.Louis

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Today we released Security Advisory 2269637 notifying customers of a remote attack vector to a class of vulnerabilities affecting applications that load DLL?s in an insecure manner. The root cause of this issue has been understood by developers for some time. However, last week researchers published a remote attack vector for these issues, whereas in the past, these issues were generally considered to be local and relatively low impact. In this blog post, we?d like to share: TechNetInfo for the people, enjoyKarsten

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What is the difference between SATA and IDE? Also is it possible to install 2 SATA drives and 4 IDE drives?

Also is there a link that I can go to to find out more information?

A:Need Information on SATA drives

I can't tell you much about them but you can check out this link to find out:

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2017-04-20 10:35:38Successfully sent task to the Device Management Gateway 2017-04-20 10:35:44 Task has been retrieved by the Agent. 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Successfully configured BootCommand to "disable". 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Successfully configured WFType to "". 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Successfully executed ConfigWriteFilter task. 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Successfully executed common task. 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Map repository to: Master Repository 2017-04-20 10:36:18 Successfully sent task to the Device Management Gateway 2017-04-20 10:37:45 Task has been retrieved by the Agent. 2017-04-20 10:37:50 Deploy files using repository Master Repository. 2017-04-20 10:37:50 Successfully downloaded RenameTC.ps1 to C:\Windows\ from /Repository/Files/ToDeploy/Make a Change Template. 2017-04-20 10:37:50 Successfully executed DeployFiles task. 2017-04-20 10:37:50 Successfully executed common task. 2017-04-20 10:37:50 Successfully sent task to the Device Management Gateway 2017-04-20 10:37:56 Task has been retrieved by the Agent. 2017-04-20 10:38:06 Execution result (below): 2017-04-20 10:38:06 C:\Windows>powershell C:\Windows\RenameTC.ps1 2017-04-20 10:38:06 C:\Windows\RenameTC.ps1 : File C:\Windows\RenameTC.ps1 cannot be loaded 2017-04-20 10:38:06 because running scripts is disabled on this system. For more information, see 2017-04-20 10:38:06 about_Execution_Policies at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=135170. 2017-04-20 10:38:06 At line:1 char:1 2017-04-20 10:38:06 + C:\Windows\RenameTC.ps... Read more

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Hi all. Yesterday I started hearing some clicks from one of my hard drives, so I installed DiskCheckup to get some SMART info and I get a message that says "No SMART compatible drives detected"! Well as you can see from my system specs, all my drives are indeed SMART compatible.
I also installed HDTune and HDD Health and both of those programs are not displaying SMART info as well. I ran all of the disk software as administrator to no avail. SMART Monitoring is also enabled in the BIOS. My motherboard drivers are up to date also.
I would like to find out which drive is on the way out without having to disconnect all the drives (save the system drive) and reconnecting one at a time just to listen and hope I hear the clicking sounds. The sounds don't happen constantly, just periodically and at random. However it has increased slightly in frequency and of course will only get worse, but you all know this already I'm sure.

This is also from a generated system health report:

SMART Disk Status Top: of 1

Query Query Result
root\wmi:SELECT * FROM MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus WHERE PredictFailure = true

Can somebody tell me what this message actually means?

So finally, why is the SMART information not being collected or detected at all?

A:I am not able to retrive SMART information from any drives

You can try the WD diagnostics test on the WD drives, and the Samsung test for the Samsung drives. I'll provide the links. Just click download on the WD one.

WD Support > Downloads > SATA & SAS > WD VelociRaptor


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Running Windows XP Professional, SP2. I have a Verbatim CD-RW Drive and a TSSTcorp DVD-RW Drive. Upon start up Windows recognizes whatever disk is in either drive and displays all the information accurately. If I replace a disk with another one and allow the drive to spin down before accessing it, the disk information is not updated and it attemps to use the disc as the previous one.

For example, I have a DVD-rom with several video files on it upon start up. I replace it with a data disk, and once the drive has spun down I view the drive again. It still shows the video files, and even allows me to play them (though it tries to read off the data disc and obviously produces static and garbage.)

If I try to access the drive while a new disc is spinning up, it will refresh the directory information, although not the drive path information. Any suggestions?

A:CD Drives not refreshing disc information

Simple solution is to put the original disk in, go to "my computer" right click on the drive in question, and select eject from the list. This clears the directory.

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Hello All,

I have a situation where I need to map a network drive on a remote server so that a scheduled installation can tale place from the mapped drive. For scheduling the installation I used the Schtasks.exe which has an option to create the scheduled task on a remote machine too using :

Schtasks.exe /create /S <remote computer name>

What I am interested in knowing is if there is any EXE file that can help me map a network drive on a remote computer in the same manner as schtasks.exe as there is no option for doing it in net.exe that is used for mapping a network drive. To avoid confusion let me put up :

machine that I want to map the network drive upon : ABC
Server on which i need to map the network drive upon : XYZ
Network path to be mapped : \\PQR

A:Using Net Use on a remote machine

Hi rahul1911,

The procedure should be possible. Here's a tutorial that may help as it contains additional commands and addresses share issues: How-To Map a Network Drive using Windows 7, Vista or Windows Server 2008.

I hope this helps. If not, check to make sure the server is sharing properly and that permissions are set to allow this to occur (you aren't prohibited from Group Policy or Active Directory) and/or that you are using an appropriate username and/or password if required.

Good luck!

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Hello everyone. I joined the forum today and hope you can help me out. On my work desktop I am running Windows 7 and I want to upgrade PowerShell version 2.0 to 4.0 as a minimum or 5.0. I've read many articles on fixing Windows PowerShell issues but my case seems to be a little different.

To begin, I have the following prerequisites on my computer:
Windows 7 SP1
.NET 4.5
Here is the list of all .NET versions on my computer:
v2.050727 2.050727.5420 SP2
v3.0 3.0.30729.5420 SP2
v3.5 3.5.30729.5420 SP1
Client 4.6.01055
Full 4.6.01055

The version of PowerShell that I have access to is 2.0. When I try to install Windows Management Framework 4.0 (x64: Windows6.1-KB2819745-x64-MultiPkg.msu) I get the following message: "Update for Windows (KB2819745) is already installed on this computer." but when I look for it in "View installed updates" or "Uninstall or change a program", it doesn't show up. I've done searches for it on my computer and came up empty. Powershell does not show up in my "All Programs" list, Program Files / Program Files (86) or its Common Files, or in the local or roaming user files. The only place I see remnants of it such as the powershell.exe file is within C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-powershell-exe_31bf3856ad364e35_7.3.7601.933_none_3989ef6dcae7e4a9 and a few other folders like it within the winsxs directory. I don't even think the version 2.0 I am a... Read more

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Not sure what happened but this was double posted. Please see the other post with this title. Thank you.

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On our Nessus Professional Scanner, that is showing up.
Please, post the exact solution to it as below.
DNS Server Cache Snooping Remote Information Disclosure
The remote DNS server responds to queries for third-party domains that do not have the recursion bit set.

This may allow a remote attacker to determine which domains have recently been resolved via this name server, and therefore which hosts have been recently visited.

For instance, if an attacker was interested in whether your company utilizes the online services of a particular financial institution, they would be able to use this attack to build a statistical model regarding company usage of that financial institution.
Of course, the attack can also be used to find B2B partners, web-surfing patterns, external mail servers, and more.

Note: If this is an internal DNS server not accessible to outside networks, attacks would be limited to the internal network. This may include employees, consultants and potentially users on a guest network or WiFi connection if supported.
Contact the vendor of the DNS software for a fix.

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I just got 2 Maxtor 3.0Gb/sec 80 GB SATA Drives from a friend who pulled them from the Sirius Sattelite Radio servers (pulled because they were generating too much heat). Im not sure if there is anything i need to do before sticking them in in terms of pin settings or whatnot? im going to attempt to run 2 IDE drives and these 2 SATA drives in the computer permenantly.

Also if i wanted to run primarily off of my SATA drives now and use IDEs as storage space, how can i copy everything on my current IDE drives over to the SATA drives so i can boot my OS and everything else i have on my comp at the moment off of them?

A:How do i configure SATA drives? and hot to copy information from IDE?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3240 @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8108 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 441 GB (404 GB Free); D: 24 GB (23 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 02YRK5
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

My question is not related to my computer, but to some extra ATA Hard Drives I've accumulated over the years. I would like to clean the information off of them and sell them on E-Bay. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how I might do this without installing them in a computer? I have not worked inside a computer for several years, and am not familiar with the latest techniques. Any help appreciated.
Going South

A:How to clean off information on extra Hard Drives

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I cant seem to be able to remote desktop to an XP SP3 machine from my Windows 7 pro desktop. My colleague who has an XP desktop can remote desktop fine to the other XP SP3 machine.

I can also remote desktop from the XP SP3 back to my Windows 7 fine but not the other way round.

Can anyone help on this please?

Thank you

A:Remote Desktop from Win 7 to XP machine

hello and welcome,
did you already disable the firewall both of the OS?

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I recently switched my main computer over to Linux (from Win8), and everything is working fine, except that when I would remote into the computer from my other computer (running Win7), it was much faster when running Win8. Since I upgraded to Linux, I can connect, but the screen refreshes at a much slower rate, even over the same connection (LAN speed).

Anyone know of any settings either on the Win7 side or on the Linux server side that I can change to speed things up?

A:remote into Linux machine

Which Linux distro are you using ? There are some distros made specifically for older machines. For example, Fedora has it's flagship distro using Gnome, but it also has 2 lighter versions one using LXDE. and the other using Xfce.

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I have XP machine, which Im accessing Remotly, Im able to Record In my current machine. But when I try recording in remote machine the Recording Option itself is Desabled. Will I be able to record Remotly or Do I need to Enable same thing in remote Machine to save or Enable recording Option. Pls Suggest a Solution.

A:Not able to Record in Remote Machine

Record what? What software are you using? Is your remote connection by Windows Remote Desktop? i.e. more information is needed to give a helpful response.

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Helloo I'm having a problem with connecting my Windows 7 laptop to my Windows XP Pro machine. I have my router at home (where the XP machine is) port forwarded for Remote Desktop, I set up the XP machine completely for connecting to by allowing exceptions for the Remote Desktop.

When on my Win 7 machine I type in the IP address and port and it gets me to the log in screen where it gives me the username (Matt) and I enter my credentials (password). After entering it and clicking OK it brings me back to the log in screen. Over and Over. Does anyone have an idea of what I may have done wrong? I can post a link of the site I used to set it up.


A:Remote Desktop Win 7 to XP machine

Do you have RDP access turned on for user Matt? If not you will not be able to use RDP.

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I am interested in turning my PC to a remote machine (like a dedicated/rootserver) but to be able to start up and shut down my PC w/e I want remotely. Also I would like not to change my OS (windows) in order to achieve that, if it's possible of course. The whole thing has to do with my business trips (I have to travel around and change places) so I need to turn my home PCs into remote machines in order to be able to control them from my laptop. I searched a bit and I found this Home but I would like to find a way with windows.

Looking forward to your replies,

A:Turn my PC to remote machine

Mine have to be turned ON. But this is my favorite remote program.


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I have one very powerful PC that I would like to use as a VM server, and then I have a netbook and a HP pavilion dv2000 laptop that I would like access the VMs. My ideal setup would be to have my main machine running Windows 7 and have two virtual machines running Windows 7 that would be accessed and used by the netbook and notebook across the network, this would allow the two mobile PCs to make use of the main PC's sizable resources while still being three different machines that can be used by three different people. The reason I want to do this is that I have a lot of people who want to use the computer, but only one that runs Windows, has Office, and is very powerful. Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

A:Remote Virtual Machine

Problem: The VMs would not have office unless you could install it in each VM and that means a separate product key.

Also, each instance of Win 7 would need it's own product key since you can't run the same one in a virtual machine.

Other than that it sounds doable running Win 7 guests under Oracle VirtualBox. Just set the networks up as Bridged so they get their IP address from the same router, then setup port forwarding to a VNC server running in each VM. TightVNC is a good choice.

I don't think you will be very happy with the performance though. Even with Gigabit network adapters it will be slow.

It would be fun to try though.

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For some reason my Windows 7 Home Premium (32bit) PC is now refusing to operate the DVD ROM and DVD RW Drives. A suspect the latest update to iTunes as they were working fine till the automatic install for that failed. Had to do it manually & that went with some hiccoughs, needing to "Retry" to get it to complete successfully.

The problem is when I try and use a DVD drive you hear it react to the disc, but Autoplay does not run.

Checking in the Device Manager on the General Tab, there is the following message (for both drives)
<< Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (Code 19) >>

I checked this on the Internet and tried as suggested going to Device manager and Uninstalling both drives. Restarting my PC and letting the "Found New Hardware" re-install them.

Sadly this failed...
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S ATA Device Failed
TSST corp DVD-ROM SH-D 162D ATA Device Failed

I then checked whether the driver software for the Device was up to date. It reported that the software for the device is up to date.

Next I ran the Troubleshooter and tried re-installing the driver software which it suggested might fix the problem .... only to be met with <<Device Driver Software not Successfully installed>>
I have also tried running the Microsoft Fix It tool .... MicrosoftFixit.dvd.MATSKB.Run.exe
Still no luck :-( I have attached a file with the details of... Read more

A:DVD drives configuration information in the registry damaged (Code 19)

This is not a fix but should get you in working order. Do a system restore to a point in time before the iTunes update and see if that doesn't get it sorted for you.

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I dont think there is away for this, but can you connect to another machine that can still be used, but under a different setting on Windows XP Pro, like you can with Windows Servers?

A:Connect to another machine using remote desktop

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I have a Windows 7 machine that I'm trying to setup to allow Remote Desktop connections so that I can access my machine when I'm away from home. I used this method in the past with other machines and always enjoyed the convenience of working at my home PC when away on vacation, etc.

After setting it up, I can access the machine using Remote Desktop Connection from within the local LAN network using the computer name. However, I cannot access it using my external IP address which should be the router which should forward it to my personal computer. The error I get says "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1) Remote access to the server is not enabled, 2) The remote computer is turned off, 3) The remote computer is not available on the network."

Here is everything I've done so far:

I've enabled Remote Assistance connections via the System Properties and Allowed connects from any version of Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop services (3 of them I think) are all enabled and started.

I've checked and Windows Firewall is allowing port 3389 through

I have an Asus RT-N66R router which I've added a Port Forwarding rule to forward that port to the LocalIP of my personal machine.

A:Can't get Remote Desktop working on my machine - help

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums.

I understand i am not answering your question directly with this reply but have you considered using TeamViewer to do this task?
Download Here - TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings

It is free for personal use and i've never come across an issue using this method of a remote connection from outside my home in all the years i have used it (within my home i use remote desktop).

Is there a reason for needing Remote Desktop?


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Problem: As a member of the security team, I am not a member of the IT team. Therefore do not have access to physical lists of a given machine.

The easy solutions are-1. Ask IT for the list of machine names, 2. Ask someone physically at the location to look for the users cubical and tell me the machine name (located on the ID tag)

Issue: Examine the contents of a workstation somewhere on our intranet.
Known Data: Username, server, server profile, physical address (big deal), personal storage on the LAN. Every workstation on the intranet has a unique identifier assigned by IT and placed on label on the physical case. Connecting remotely is permissible for my position.

Question. Is there a way to look on the local server (remotely) and determine the IP or machine name from a profile stored on the server or any other identifying characteristics to help me map to this workstation.

The problem with my "easy solutions" are that IT is NOT security, asking anyone opens the door to multiple questions that cannot be answered during an active investigation, and the separation of management (which I am classified as) and the workers prohibits them from assisting. Last resort, if there is no way to virtually accomplish this, is to contact the manager of the office to physically look at the workstation.

Thanks for your help,

A:Solved: Need to find remote machine name

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I suspect that an admin user is accessing my Work Computer by \\Hostname\C$ and checking my documents. Is there a way I can track this down?

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I have an issue regarding the use of Selenium on one of my Servers. I am trying to take a screenshot over IE using Selenium, its returning with a black screen. The user is not logged on remotely on the server to perform this task. Do you have a fix/workaround
for this type of task?

Server version of IE: 11.0.9600
Selenium Webdriver for IE: 3.150.1
Windows Server version: Windows Server 2012 R2

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I am trying to RD into a machine that I can ping. RD fails with the generic "this computer can't connect to the remote computer" message. I checked and the remote machine does have the "allow other to connect to this machine via RD" checkbox checked. Furthermore I was able to RD to it about a month ago. Not sure what has changed since then. Where should I look? Thanks.

A:cannot connect to machine via remote desktop

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About a week ago I went on a trip out of town and left a box running a game server through Hamachi at home. I have done this countless times and never had a problem. TeamViewer is loaded on the box and has always connected and ran just fine remotely. However, on this specific trip, TeamViewer simply gives up on trying to connect. The iPhone version brings up an error stating 'Protocol negotiation failed.' The game server application no longer responds either. Also, both the remote and the local machine I am on right now are connected through Hamachi on a VPN. The interesting thing is the remote computer responds to ping, allows me to bring up shared folders in Explorer, and is listed as running in the Hamachi client. What it does not allow me to do is control it remotely in any way. This system needs a restart badly and I have run out of ideas on how to remotely access it. Seeing that I am a couple of hundred miles away, I cannot drive over and restart it in person so easy. Here are some further details:

Remote System:
OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
TeamViewer: Logged in and setup for unattended access - Shows up on my list with a yellow dot.
Hamachi: Connected with direct tunnel
Firewall: Comodo Firewall (older version) - Every program I've mentioned has been allowed through with no issue.

Local System:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
TeamViewer: Logged in and setup for unattended access
Hamachi: Connected with direct tunnel
Firewall: Windows Firewall
Things I have tried which h... Read more

A:Need to restart remote machine, TeamViewer down, only on a VPN now

Well I drove back home earlier than expected and fixed the remote computer in person. Turns out the system had run out of memory after being on so long and TeamViewer simply had no resources to initiate, or everything was just timing out from the system taking so long with any request. I'll be picking up more RAM after the 4th. I suppose no one had any answers on how else I could restart the system remotely, but I'll be marking this thread as solved.

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I have two windows 7 pro machines and 2 xp pro machines. Every once in a while I need to remote into the 2008 server at work. I can do that perfectly fine when I am using my XP machines. With my Windows 7 machines, I can remote into any workstation at work but it will not allow me to remote into the 2008 server. It asks me to enter my credentials (I try typing in the admin username and password but it doesn't work). It doesn't bring me to the usual full screen where I need to put the username and password to join the domain, a different box pops up asking me for credentials. From what I read, I can log onto 2008 server with Win 7. What am I doing wrong???

A:Remote into a 2008 server from a Win 7 machine

Are you using the Remote Desktop Tool located in Start > All Programs > Accessories?

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I am here at the office attempting to use remote desktop to connect into my Vista Ultimate SP1 laptop.

I get connected and logon, get the desktop and everything drawn on screen, the it totally freezes.

After a minute or so I get the dialog box showing that I have been disconnected and it will attempt to reconnect.

Attempting to logon at the console of that laptop now, I put in my password, it says Welcome, then a message comes up stating , "This network connection does not exist."

If I click on OK and attempt to logon again, it gives me the same message.

If I wait about 5 minutes, I am able to logon again.

In the event log I am seeing from source TermDD an event 56 stating, "The Terminal Server security layer detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client."

Is this because I am using SP2 on the XP machine instead of SP3 ?

I've seen similar issues but only on occasion when connecting from the same XP box to my home desktop running Ultimate SP1. Every attempt I may to get into this laptop results in the same thing.

Any thoughts on this? I'd appreciate any input!


A:Remote Desktop to Vista machine from XP SP2

I guess nobody else has seen this?

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This has been going on for some time I dont know if its research or a game for advanced entities or likely I checked yes to but was vaguely reading the terms because extremely malicious things haven't happened but its been way too long of a volunteer effort on my part and I'm sick of constantly resetting or having sound embedded or flat stop working along with all sound icons in several of all the places. and cams and mic coming on my cell phone taking hundreds of screen shots and a very impressive variety of  synchronized things that Im either completely mad or its really great skillsI am sure I have not been a challenge for them and I feel they easily controlled Norton. I'm so shameless I wish I could ask them 100 questions and have them show me how I mean as long as evidently have put so much time.I hate to think I am actually here for a Psychiatric validation because I used to not care if I was crazy just hoped I was crazy enuff! But settings change, text gets rearranged, sound changes or my heartbeat-yes this is wild gets broadcast and plays out of an antique Grundage shortwave radio no its not a tube Grundage has an unusual radio setup. radio  I would love to take all the credit for the calamity as I do cause most of myown  messes am calamity capable when things in my electrical proximity are  difficult to controll I could admit Ive only mastered but the electric toothbrush and a few other things just not the phone the o... Read more

A:Remote control of my machine and many other hatricks

ESET Online ScannerClick here to download the installer for ESET Online Scanner and save it to your Desktop.Disable all your antivirus and antimalware software - see how to do that here.Right click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe and select Run as Administrator.Place a checkmark in YES, I accept the Terms of Use, then click Start. Wait for ESET Online Scanner to load its components.Select Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications.Click Advanced Settings, then place a checkmark in the following:Remove found threatsScan archivesScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyClick Start to begin scanning.ESET Online Scanner will start downloading signatures and scan. Please be patient, as this scan can take quite some time.When the scan is done, click List threats (only available if ESET Online Scanner found something).Click Export, then save the file to your desktop.Click Back, then Finish to exit ESET Online Scanner.

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As someone who is working towards a bachelors degree in computer networking, I have a half decent understanding (or so I thought) of how the internet works. But today... today my mind was blown. I knowingly downloaded something for a game that was a bit sketchy, fully aware that there was a 90% chance a keylogger came packaged with it, didn't concern me that much. I tend to be a bit reckless with my machine because just about every virus I've ever come across I can take care of with relative ease (and heck virus removal offers a weird thrill). Throw in a Hiren's boot CD, run trusty old MBAM, TDSS killer etc. and smash malware with an iron fist. Not to mention I tend to re install my OS every two months because I make such a mess of my file system I figure its best I start anew, and continue to dump everything to desktop.
So here's the story of what happened today, I'm playing my game and having a blast when all of a sudden it closes. I figure "Hey, the game just crashed that's pretty lame". Upon attempt to run the game again and log in I was confronted with a "Password is incorrect" message, at this point I knew what was going on, got keylogged and someone was in the process of trying to cause havoc with the account. I giggled a bit, then proceeded to go to the website and push a password reset request through my email, since the email had a different password I wasn't too concerned. Upon logging into my email to confirm the password reset... Read more

A:Someone gained remote access to my machine

Haha you sound like me, but I haven't seen active on-screen activity for for almost 2 months now!
So I really shouldn't give you advice haha!
Some simple exploit protection that I know of is EMET and Secunia PSI, if that fails, I usually just end up using a boot CD lol

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Hi All,
I was wondering whether it is possible to check if a particular username exists on a remote machine given the machine's IP address.

(something like : Net user dude100 //

Shafeeq M.

A:checking user name on a remote machine ???

cooldude3K said:

Hi All,
I was wondering whether it is possible to check if a particular username exists on a remote machine given the machine's IP address.

(something like : Net user dude100 //

Shafeeq M.Click to expand...

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I have run into an issue where psexec is not working on one of my remote clients. However, it is working on other remote clients. When I execute the psexec \\computername it returns with the error (Error communicating with PsExec service on the remote computer:
no process is on the other end of the pipe). I then am able to perform a pslist on the remote computer and I do see the PSEXESVC process, then I can run a pskill and end that process which I have seen by other people that this works and then they can execute
a psexec with no issue, this does not work for me still. I have also tried deleting the service on the remote computer using sc.exe \\computername delete PSEXESVC which completes successfully. I then run a psexec again and the service creates and starts but
the same error occurred. I can also confirm that the PSEXESVC application is running in the %WINDIR% directory on the remote machine. Has anyone else experienced this issue has is there a resolution to this issue. 

Thank you,


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