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Latitude E5570 TPM Issue with new BIOS Update

Q: Latitude E5570 TPM Issue with new BIOS Update

Recently installed the latest BIOS update with the Intel security patch and now I'm unable to use bitlocker to encrypt the drive as it states "The TPM on this computer does not work with the current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions".
Bios version
Another laptop with the previous release, also a E5570, is able to use bitlocker with no issues. Several different E5570's we have with the new BIOS version cannot be encrypted. Please advise.

Preferred Solution: Latitude E5570 TPM Issue with new BIOS Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Latitude E5570 TPM Issue with new BIOS Update

Hi cklein593,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please downgrade the BIOS to the previous version and check if the TPM works.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Hi, I have repeated experience of failed BIOS firmware update on Dell e5570. More precisely the part
"Sending Intel (R) Management Engine Firmware Update" always hangs on 100% and never finishes.  The annoying thing is that laptop cannot be shutdown via power button (even with the long press) and I have to wait hours till my battery dies :-(
Im trying to update BIOS from 1.6.3 to 1.7.3. In the end, I have 1.7.3 BIOS version, but Embedded Controller stays on A07 instead of A11 so I got my PC into middle of versions :-( First broken thing I noticed is WiFi always turned off after wake from sleep or after startup.
Dell support, please help. I need new BIOS (and Embedded Controller) to resolve some NVMe and other issues with the laptop.
Thanks, M.

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Dear all! I have a new Dell Latitude e5570, 8 gigs of ram, and a Hynix Pc300 512GB NVME M.2 Sata drive. Did a clean install of windows 10 pro. Updated drivers, and BIOS. No other programs. No attached perirherials. Computer is working perfectly, but the boot time is not on the snappy side. It takes about 30 seconds to get to Windows login screen from the moment i click the power button.
Measured the drive after Windows booting, ant it gives 1800/800 read/write speed so it is 3X the speed of a regular SSD
After clicking the power button the screen remains black for about 8-9 seconds, then the DELL logo shows up. After which is starts loading windows with those rotating circles.
I also have a 3 year old Hasswell architecture HP notebook, with a not too fast regular Kingston v300 SSD. This config boots until complete desktop in 9 seconds.
What could be causing the long wait before showing the desktop on this dell?

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Hello, this is my first post and hopefully someone can help me with my problem.

Here at work I've had a Dell Latitude E6530 i5 since I started six months ago. Being a graphic designer I soon realized it wasn't powerful enough, so our IT department just got me a Dell Latitude E5570 i7 which apparently is supposed to be better in my line of work.
I use the laptop screen as a secondary screen, and have a bigger Dell screen as my primary screen.
Now to my problem; on my old Latitude E6530 I used a 1600 x 900 resolution, which I thought was perfect. Now, with the Latitude E5570, I can only get 1366 x 768, which I don't really like.
So is there any way I can get the same resolution in my E5570?
I'm taking the risk of getting bashed across the head here, but I've been a Mac dude all my life so I don't have much experience in the rest of the computer world. Hopefully someone can assist me anyway, so I thank you in advance, cheers :-)

A:Latitude E5570 - Resolution issue

It sounds like they got the version with the low end screen.  You can't go any higher then the screen is built for and from what I can tell, the model either comes with a 720p panel which is what you have, or 1080p panel.  

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Recently received a new batch of Latitude  E5570 Laptops. Did my normal thing of applying a Win10-VL image, activating bitlocker post install and everything normally runs fine on all my other Latitudes (E5550,E5540, etc.)
However, the following behaviors now occurs:
Scenario 1. User undocks laptops, takes home and turns on at home. 25-50% of the time, the computer prompts for the Bitlocker Recovery Key even though nothing has changed except for the laptop being undocked.  The more unusual behavior is that if we shut the computer down and leave it alone for a few minutes, then turn back on, the computer loads properly without a Bitlocker Recovery prompt.
Scenario 2. User has been using undocked laptop at home. Brings back into office, docks laptop, turns laptop on, is prompted for Bitlocker Recovery Key. If we turn the laptop off, wait a few minutes and power cycle on, the laptop then boots properly.  In a few occasions, even a few minutes makes no difference and the recovery key is still requested. We undock the laptop, power it on and windows loads fine. We then redock it while the laptop is on and then with successive reboots, power off and on have no issues.
I've already tried to swap out different docks, tried different E5570 laptops, tried different monitor setups, different SSD e-Drives,  (Tried with no USB devices attached as well), all to no avail.
Tested on BIOS Versions: 1.7.3, 1.05.00, 1.04.07 (All we with the same results). Anyone else seei... Read more

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Our firm has had many Latitude e5520, 30, 40 and 50 computers over the past 6 years.  I always set up the BIOS system password option.  We also use the Dell port replicators with multiple external monitors.  When the user turns on the computer using the power button on the port replicator the BIOS password prompt screen would appear on the external monitor so they can enter the password.  We have recently purchased 5 new Latitude e5570 computers.  I set up the BIOS password on these new computers just like I have done in the past on the older models.  However it seems that the Dell logo and the BIOS password prompt does not appear on an external monitor.  I removed the computer from the port replicator and connected a VGA monitor to the external monitor port on the back of the e5570 and still the BIOS password screen does not appear.  I have to open the laptop to view the BIOS password prompt to enter the password then the external monitor will display the Windows 7 boot up screen.  I spoke with Dell tech support and they said that this is normal.  How can this be normal when all Latitude model e5520, 5530, 5540 and 5550 never had this problem. I even downloaded the most recent BIOS update and that did not fix the issue.   I cannot have the user open the laptop just to see the BIOS password prompt.  I told Dell support that something is not right with their BIOS software but they again said the e5570 is working ... Read more

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I received last week, all those new models and I have an issue with all of them...
I deploy Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit with SCCM 2012 and bitlocker is setup during the task sequence with a PIN code on boot.
This process is working for all model until then .. Latitude and Precision from previous generations.. but now with new models there is an issue with the PIN. At the end of task sequence, the disk is encrypted and there is no error BUT the PIN code is not recognized and the recovery key is asked.
This recovery key is correctly registered in AD. TPM is on and ownership is ok. TPM version is 1.2...
I already tried to manualy decrypt and encrypt again after TPM reset but no way.
I also tried Windows 10 enterprise, and issue is the same.
Is it a known issue ? Did someone here already experienced the same ? 

A:Bitlocker issue with new models Latitude E7270 E5470 E5570 and Precision 7710 , 7510

This issue is one that is being worked on and there are BIOS updates coming out that will resolve it.
At the moment the latest BIOS for the E7270 will fix the issue (BIOS 1.2.2)
For the Latitude E5470/E5570 and Precision 7510/7710 the BIOS updates to fix this will be released soon. I'm not going to give dates at this point as they may change.

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In my 5175 (Windows 10 + Creators Update + all updates) the bitlocker was enabled and I updated the BIOS many times without problems. But after upgrading from version 1.0.20 to version 1.0.24, I've got "Preparing BitLocker Recover" and I need to enter a recovery key. I made a downgrade to 1.0.20 but the problem was not solved. I reset the BIOS settings, but it also did not solve the problem.

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I decided to update my drivers and BIOS this morning. My laptop encountered an error during BIOS update and I was stuck in Automatic Repair.

1. I tried restarting the laptop several times.
2. I tried system restore which worked after my second try. The problem is Windows applications like Calendar, Mail, Cortana are not working. It doesn't run and the application is grayed out.
3. So I tried resetting Windows, remove everything which was not successful. Problem got worse, I got stuck on the Dell logo.
4. I ran Diagnostic. No hardware issue found.
5. I tried booting from my bootable USB which contains Windows OS. But my laptop is unable to detect it in BIOS.
5. I read some forums and learned about Legacy vs UEFI and Secure Boot. I disabled the Secure Boot and enabled Legacy ROMS. My laptop was able to boot from the USB and I was able to reinstall Windows 10.

Now, the problem is I want to change it back to UEFI with Secured Boot.
From what I gather, I should do the following:
1. Download Windows OS
2. Make a bootable USB in UEFI mode and GTP partition
3. Change laptop to UEFI mode while Secure Boot is disabled.
4. Re install Windows 10

Am I going in the right direction? Please help me.

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Hello, i ihave problems with install driver to my Latitude E5570.
I need this drivers:  
W7 Pro- 64 bit
Thanks for support

A:Latitude E5570 drivers

Install the drivers under "Chipset".

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Hi all,
I've imaged a couple of dozen 5570's out of the box now, had them up and running with Win10 Enterprise with no issues, and I'm noticing that more than a couple of them have gone into Bitlocker Recovery Mode.  The key that we set it up with works fine, but Device Manager shows no TPM installed.  If I reboot, the BIOS shows no TPM 2.0 under Security, and the drive prompts for the recovery key again.  They're all on 1.11.4 (currently the latest version).  Has anyone else noticed this issue?  We've ordered quite a few of these, and we're getting ready to ramp up deployment.  It's happened often enough that I'm going to have to consider putting the brakes on it if we can't find a consistent solution soon.

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Hi, I switched default SSD for Samsung 950 Pro that comes with super fast NVMe interface. E5570 supports this interface - thats one of the reasons i bought it. But I cannot run it on full speed because then I loose some other functionality. The thing is NVMe is really effective when SATA operation is switch Off in BIOS. But doing so leads to keyboard being inactive after every hibernate wakeup, black screens after sleeps etc. There are other users reporting the very same thing with SATA off. So the workaround is to go to AHCI option in BIOS, but it degradates NVMe performance. Any resolution to that?
Otherwise, E5570 is great notebook, powerful, thin, quality material. Only this NVMe thing (and high-frequency noise coming from mobo - which will be hopefully solved by motherboard replacement.)
Thank You, Martin

A:Latitude E5570 - NVMe troubles

i have the very same experience. I tried to install Windows at Legacy mode or UEFI mode. Nothing helps...
Unfortunatelly i am not able to get full speed of NVMe drive ("only" 1600/2200 read speed and 127000/270000 iops read). Workaround with SATA disable does not work for me,
But i am having the same problem with both mouses + keyboard, so i am not able to wake laptop from sleep mode. I need to use external usb mouse to wake it.
+ same problem with noise from MB

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Hi all,

I have the aforementioned laptop. The issue with it is that Windows 10 does not seem to register the touchpad in Device Management. I have attempted to rectify this by doing the following: 1) new touchpad drivers from Windows 10 update, 2) new device drivers from Dell support pages, 3) new device drivers from the Dell Device Detector dongle, and finally 4) Bios update. None of these seem to fix my issue. 

As a bonus: I am receiving an Alps_Mouse_SetMouseMonitor error as well with every reboot of the laptop that I perform.

Thanks in advanced!

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I have Latitude e5570
Is it compatible with DA130PE1-00 recharger?

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I have the Dell Latitude E5570 with the Radeon R7 M370 GPU. The issue I have been having is that if I put the power profile to High Performance or to Dell modified to focus on performance and AC charging the laptop turns off when getting into any game. When it turns off it is quite abrupt and the power cable light goes off, I need to then reconnect the power cable.
What I feel might be happening is that the moment it switches to using the R7 GPU it switches off. Sometimes with the Dell profile selected it just stops charging.
The laptop works pretty alright for day to day work usage. I initially had this problem with it but I thought it might have been my wall plug socket that was the issue. Sadly it looks like the issue is popping up again.
Another issue that happens is when I restart it through Windows the laptop's screen just goes black while staying on. I then need to hard power down to get it back.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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my machine is less than 2 months old and i'm ready to chuck it.... one of the reasons i got this machine was the built in fingerprint reader which doesn't work 90% of the time. I also use Roboform for my passwords which on my old latitude would use the fingerprint reader to sign in. This machine won't do that.
Any ideas to get this working? 

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Hi guys is there any chance I can change my video card on this type of Laptop? in this moment I see that I have AMD Radeon R7 M370 and Intel HD Graphics 530

A:Latitude E5570 Video Card

No - no way.

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i have a Latitude E5570 and the mute button on my keyboard has a light in it witch does not work anymore so i can't see if i am muted or not. is there any way to repair it without sending it to the repairman?

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I swapped the 84 Wh battery for a 62 Wh battery in order to install a 2-1/2" SSD. (The larger battery occupies the space for the SSD). When I booted the computer, it did not recognize the battery. A message popped up, asking whether a Service Tag having been done. The battery will not charge. Do I have to modify a setting in order for the system to recognize the smaller battery?

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I have a Latitude E5570 and a 27" external monitor with QHD (2560x1440) resolution.  It's a Dell U2713HM.
When I connect it using the HDMI connector (as the laptop doesn't have DisplayPort built-in) the maximum resolution I can select is 1920x1080, which looks horrible since it's upscaled to 2560x1440.  Is there a way to use the full resolution of the monitor with this laptop?
It may be the Intel HD Graphics 530 adapter that is limited to this resolution, but I don't find a way to use the AMD Radeon R7 M370 (which this laptop also has) instead.
I know there is a docking station that adds DisplayPort support, but will that actually help or does it just adapt the HDMI output to DisplayPort?

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I seem to have a problem with my "fan 1" lately. I started noticing that my system starts running very slowly under load to the point where even the audio is distorted. After further investigation i found out that my cpu was reaching up to 95C, which is obviously way more than it should be. So i decided to run diagnostics which disnt give any errors. Then i took a look at the startup log, where i found the "fan malfunction error and error fan 1 stopped".
So i did the logical and updated all i could think of (drivers,bios,etc.). The weird thing is that i can hear the fan spinning almost all the time, but i am still getting temps. over 90C.
I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem and how i could go about fixing it.

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I want to install a new PCle SSD into a Latitude E5570 but I need the bracket that goes over the card and secures it from popping out.

Does anybody know what the specs are for the bracket, the part no. perhaps or where I can get it?


A:PCle SSD Bracket for Latitude E5570

They won't fit at the same time.  The bracket for the 2.5 SSD doesn't fit when the M2 is in there, so don't bother trying. You have to decide which one you want and maybe use an external network drive, external storage or Dropbox, etc. for more storage. 

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Received new laptop but can't get it to connect to old printer. I have limited computer knowledge. Error message says the device can't work properly with USB 3.0.  Is there a cable or something I can get so I can use this printer. Or perhaps some other work around?

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A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Latitude E5570(the best I could find from this series) and the very next day I found the following problems:- A coil whine noise was there almost all the time(very annoying, especially for a laptop produced in 2016);- I tired to downgrade from windows 10 to windows 7( I have a software from Siemens that requires Windows 7); even though Dell is saying that this computer should work also on windows 7 and they have drivers on DVD that came with the computer and also on their website I wasn't able to install all hardware components; I was not able to find drivers for everything inside the computer, and during the installation of certain drivers Windows crashed a few times; after a couple of days spent of trying to make windows 7 work I just gave up and installed windows 10 back;- Finally I realized the battery was damaged; Dell's battery test showed that everything is fine, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get more that 90 minutes of autonomy without having to recharge the battery;
So, I sent the laptop back and asked Dell for a replacement. Yesterday I received the new one.....and the show goes on:- The coil whine noise is still there, but even louder and almost permanent at this one;- I don't have the guts to make the downgrade from windows 10 to 7 any more; - I also order an E-Port replicator docking station and tried to connect an LG ultra-wide monitor(2560x1080). The funny thing is that if I'm connecting the monitor d... Read more

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Intel commited itself to supporting the new Khronos developed Vulkan Graphics API on a wide range of
graphics processors a while ago. One of these GPU's is the Intel HD Graphics 520 I have in my Dell Latitude E5570.

Unfortunately one cannot use Intel's latest Vulkan compatible driver on a Latitude E5570. It simply won't install. You're stuck with Dell's (latest)  'Update Package' containing a graphics driver v21.20.16.4627 (A02) from March 24, 2017, which can't run any Vulkan code 

I just got my Latitude E5570, and for me this is a real show stopper to not be able to do any Vulkan development/experimentation on it.


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Almost everytime I start up my laptop the display will malfunction. It will display somethings in 1920 X 1080 (Skype for business) and other windows or programs in 1600 X 900 (Chrome, OneNote). I have to go into Screen Resolution daily. When I open it shows 1920 X 1080. I switch it to 1600 X 900 apply and select keep changes. Then change it to 1920 X 1080 and click OK and keep changes. After aforementioned, the screen will display all programs correctly until the next reboot. At the office I have it docked with 3 monitors and use the laptop display as well. One monitor is ran by a USB video card (Startech.com USB2vgapro2 Model). When at home or in the field the laptop display will also have the same graphic issues when not other monitors are connected. Laptop has two internal display adapters: AMD Radeon R7 M370 running driver Ver. 15.201.1001.1002 and Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

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After reading many of the posts on this forum, there obviously seems to be an issue with many Dell models and randomly dropping audio,,, with and w/o headphones.  I'm adding one more to the list, Latitude E5570.  Ordered 30 of these for school testing, (which requires audio) and the sound randomly stops working.  I called Tech Support and they weren't aware of any issues along these lines.  After reading this forum,,, there are definitely issues!!!!  Why doesn't Dell acknowledge and correct these problems?????  Does anyone actually have a fix, (besides restarting, sleep, dumb down the driver, restore)  Does Dell know the root cause?  Thanks for letting me vent. 

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I've got the new Latitude E5570 laptop and I would like to have both HDD and SSD installed in the same time. Is an any way I can do this? Perhaps I need to use some adapters or cables for this. Please advise
Kind Regards,

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Tried to upgrade my E5570 (current drive is 128GB M2 SATA)  with new 512GB Intel 600p NVME SSD, but ran into problem. BIOS cannot find this drive.
Updated to latest BIOS - no luck. Disabled SATA completely - no luck. 
Windows 10 installation disk also cannot find new drive (tried many drivers)
Please help

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I have an E5530 that shipped with an M.2 SATA drive.  I replaced it with a larger model, but i would also like to add a 2.5" SSD to it.

Because mine shipped with an M.2 drive, it doesn't have a bracket or what appears to be the needed cable to attach it to the motherboard.  There is a spot inside the case to put a 2.5" drive, but without the bracket and cable you can't do it.

Where/how can I buy a bracket and cable?  I can't find any part number for it.

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Anyone know if it is possible to install an msata SSD in the WWAN port of a Latitude E5570?
It works in some models (We do this with the E6540 laptops, but its not supported on the E6530), but I don't have much experience with the 5000 series latitudes.

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Hi there,
I ordered a Latitude E5570 from Taiwan Dell and opted for a 6-cell 84WHr battery (and M2 SSD as storage, knowing 6-cell and HDD cannot coexist in this machine), but disappointingly when the machine arrived I found out it was only equipped with a 4-cell 62Whr battery. Despite the 6-cell battery has always been marked as available on Taiwan Dell E5570 webpage, Taiwan Dell told me (only after the machine arrived) that it is currently unavailable, but they will not let me return the machine, because according to them it's not an option for customized products.
Frustration aside, right now what concerns me the most is whether or not the 6-cell 84WHr battery will ever be available for ordering from Taiwan Dell, and if not, how can I acquire it. I can't find this battery even on US Dell accessories website.I believe the part number of this battery is either HNH3K or WJ5R2.

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So I have a Dell Latitude E5570 and I'm wanting to install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on it so we can use Bitlocker.  I was able to create the flash bootable flash drive, add the OS to the drive, embed the USB3 drivers, etc.  However, when I boot I can select the USB device as a UEFI device and it looks like its going to start the install, but then it just hangs at Starting Windows.  The system is currently running Windows 7 pro in legacy mode, but I'm needing Windows 7 ultimate in UEFI mode to run bitlocker (the TPM used by bitlocker will not work if the OS was installed using legacy and the BIOS UEFI).  Thanks in advance

A:Install Win7x64 in UEFI mode Latitude E5570

You need to prepare a new WIndows 7 boot media set -- see here:

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So apparently the E5570 laptops are a bit difficult to get Windows 7 on in UEFI mode (due to the new chipset and USB3 only support).  Anyways, I was able to get a Windows 7 Ultimate ISO, copied it onto a USB drive (formatted Fat32) and embeded USB3 and Samsung HD drivers.  I'm able to boot and install ultimate from the USB as a legacy device.  However, I am NOT able to install via the USB drive as a UEFI device.  It acts like it is going to work, but just sits as the "Starting Windows" screen.  The reason I need to install it via UEFI is I need bitlocker enabled and from what I can find bitlocker will not work on Windows 7 ultimate if the OS was installed via the legacy option on a UEFI enabled system (it has issues with the TPM).  Is there anyone out there who knows how to get around this?  I really don't want to go to Windows 10 and bitlocker is a must for these laptops.  Thanks

A:Install Win7 Ultimate UEFI USB on Latitude E5570

You had another thread about this - did your build of Windows include SP1 (it must - the original version won't work)?
Also - is the system set for AHCI mode (NOT RAID on?)

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I recently received a Dell Latitude E5570 with Windows 10 for work and the keyboard/trackpad does not work. The wireless keyboard and mouse I use when docked work fine but the keyboard and trackpad built into the laptop do not work. The touchscreen keyboard also works just fine. Is my kayboard/touchpad broken or is there  a lock on Windows 10 and/or on the Latitude E5570 that I have enabled?


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We have a few Dell Latitude E5570's in our organization and 1 user is having issues with the Intel HD 520 Video Driver restarting daily.  The screen will pause then both monitors will quickly go to power save then the video driver starts back up.  I have tried all drivers available on Dells site and have tried Intels drivers, but nothing seems to stop the issue.  I can replicate the issue on all of our E5570's so it is not a hardware issue.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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There are issues when I try to play video or animation almost anywhere.
That's how it looks like: http://imgur.com/a/YdU3m
What I tried so far: clean Windows install, different Intel and Dell drivers update, BIOS update.
When I disable or remove driver for Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 - video and animations work fine.I noticed that particular drivers from Intel fix problem partially - issue became not reproducible in Netflix and Edge browsers but still reproducible in Firefox and even Intel Graphic Management.
Laptop config: i7 6820HQ, 32Gb RAM, Micron 512 SSD.

Is there anything I can do about it?

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Good day, Everybody!
I've just upgraded the stock 4Gb x 2 ddr4 2133 ram to 8Gb x 2 ddr 2400 ram (Kingston HX424S14IBK2/16). However, the new ram works only at 2133 Mhz and I cannot figure out how to enable its XMP profile DDR4-2400 CL14-14-14 @1.2. The ram works at JEDEC DDR4-2133 CL13-13-13 @1.2V. In the ram datasheet (http://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX424S14IBK2_16.pdf) there are three profiles indicated:
• JEDEC/PnP: DDR4-2400 CL14-14-14 @1.2VDDR4-2133 CL13-13-13 @1.2V• XMP Profile #1: DDR4-2400 CL14-14-14 @1.2V
So 2400 mode is supported both under XMP and under JEDEC.
How do I enable 2400 CL14 mode?
Crucial offers ram upgrade for e5570 to ddr4 2400 (www.crucial.com/.../CT8071480) claiming full compatibility. However, crucial's ram is rated CL16, not CL14. Can it be that e5570 cannot run ddr4 2400 at CL14? Only at CL16?
Latest bios is installed, win10pro latest upgrades. Tried intel extreme tuning utility, it does not let you adjust ram speed or pick xmp or jedec profiles.

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Hi Everyone,
I have a Latitude E5570 with the AMD GPU (R7 M370 I think). When running by itself, I get no issues at all, but as soon as I connect it to my D6000 Dock, I lose the ability to do anything that needs 3D capable hardware. I've removed the drivers for the dock, and GPU, reinstalled them, removed and reinstalled anything related to AMD (Crimson etc), but still, I can only use software that requires 3D capable hardware when the laptop isn't plugged into the dock. Both connected monitors are 1080p connected via HDMI. Laptop is on additional power (not just the dock). Power Settings are all at Max. I have also noticed that when the laptop is connected to the dock, all options for Hardware Acceleration have disappeared. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a particular port on the laptop I'm meant to be using?

A:Latitude E5570, D6000 dock, 3D Hardware/OpenGL issues

It's because the D6000 uses a DisplayLink chip rather than allowing the displays to be driven directly be the GPU.  From my post in another thread: DisplayLink means that technically the dock can support extra displays (and at higher resolutions) compared to more traditional options, but DisplayLink achieves this by not having the displays actually driven by the system's GPU. Instead, the system's CPU and GPU compress display data for transmission as standard USB data, and the DisplayLink chip in the dock then decompresses it before sending it to the displays. This allows displays to be attached over regular USB (rather than just USB-C, which actually does have a native GPU output wired to it), but the compression also means that when large portions of the display area change at once, such as when watching full screen video or gaming, the display can appear to bog down and/or show compression artifacts. This can also occur when a lot of USB activity is occurring with another device (such as a file transfer to/from an external hard drive) because there's bandwidth contention on the USB bus, and finally if you're running some other CPU -intensive task, which will create resource contention for the display data compression.
DisplayLink also drains battery life significantly more quickly, which admittedly isn't an issue with a dock setup, but DisplayLink products exist in other form factors.
Bottom line: You should consider using a traditional E-Port ... Read more

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I have problems charging my Latitude E5570 with the Power Companion PW7015M. When i plug in the powerbank it charges for a few secconds en then stops, then no leds are burning on the Powre Companion and it stops working until i plugin the charger then all leds start burning.
I check the Compatibility list on the Power Companion PW7015M product page and the E5570 is listed as compatable.

A:Problems charging my Latitude E5570 with a Power Companion PW7015M

Below are some troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the issue with the power companion. If none of these work; replace the power companion.
Troubleshooting for Dell Portable Power Companion


Charging Dell Portable Power Companion



Unable to charge Dell Portable Power Companion.

Ensure a Dell power adapter is used.
Confirm that the DC connector of the power adapter is properly connected to the Dell Portable Power Companion.
If the first LED is glowing continuously in amber color, unrecognized adapter is connected -> connect a Dell power adapter.
If the first LED is blinking in amber color, low battery -> fully charge the Dell Portable Power Companion.
If the first and second LEDs are blinking interchangeably in amber and white color, Dell Portable Power Companion is overheated -> unplug all the cable connections.



Unable to charge Dell portables using Dell Portable Power Companion



Power LED on the portable is OFF.

Check the connectors of the output cable are properly connected to both Dell Portable Power Companion and portable.
Ensure the power button (gauge button) of the Dell Portable Power Companion is pressed after connecting to the portable.
Confirm whether the Dell Portable Power Companion is fully charged.
If the all the LEDs are glowing in white color that indicates the Dell Portable Power Companion is fully charged.If the firs... Read more

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Hi there,
We have recently purchased (last month) a Latitude E5570 with docking station. We experience system hangs and freezes several seconds, sometimes up to a minute after hot undocking the laptop.  The mouse and keyboard become unresponsive.

It usually emits a beep code before freezing up.  4 beeps then a pause and then 1 beep. Any information regarding this?
Anyone have insights into this?

A:Dell Latitude E5570 Undocking Problems freezes- 4 beeps-pause-1 beep

Also, it is a port replicator PRO3X

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Hi everyone,
I recently acquired a Latitude 7275, everything was working fine, but when I updated to BIOS XPS_9250_Latitude_7275_1.1.29 released on the 9/5/17 it broke my TPM 2.0 implementation.
I had suspended Bitlocker before the update but on reboot, it kept asking me for the Bitlocker recovery key, I  then had to disable Bitlocker completely.
After that i could not enable it back again, it kept saying "internal error", I was using DellTpm2.0_Fw1.3.2.8_V1_64
I then noticed that the latest BIOS was removed from the support page.
I reset windows 10 to no avail. I then decided to downgrade the TPM, I read this page  http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/enterprise-client/w/wiki/11850.how-to-change-tpm-modes-1-2-2-0 checked the Manufacturer ID and it is the same.
I updated the TPM to DellTpm1.2_Fw5.81.2.1_V3_64, and as soon I rebooted the system I was able to enable the 1.2 TPM and enable Bitlocker.
I then decided to suspend the Bitlocker and update back to TPM 2.0, but on reboot it sows and error: "Failure due to FW update policy"
I then downgrade to BIOS XPS_9250_Latitude_7275_1.1.27 and tried the TPM upgrade again, but still no luck.

Can someone shed some light on the issue please, I am at a loss.
Am I missing anything using TPM 1.2 or will it be incompatible with future BIOS versions?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Kind regards

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We have out of warranty laptop a Latitude E6430 that is having an issue with the network driver is going unknown until you restart the system, a BIOS update will fix the issue according to the update page, however I tried to update the BIOS from windows it didn't update the system restarts and nothing happens same with DOS update.

Is there any solution for this?

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Hi, my problem is:
Dell Latitude E6530 (win7),when trying to update the bios from A9 to A16, nothing happens.
The bios updater seems to do what it is presumed to do (no error signs), then the computer restarts, and the bios is the same old one (A09), instead of the A16 that I am trying to install. I also tried the other bios versions available online (A11, A12) but all do the same thing.
I tried it with a bootable USB key, or from within windows, as it is described in various posts here in the forum, or in the dell support text. It does not work either.
is there any solution for this?
Thank you in advance!

A:latitude E6530 - no bios update possible

Hi horia_m,
I’d advise that you load defaults in the BIOS and then try updating the BIOS. Please follow the steps mentioned below to load the BIOS to defaults.

Reboot the computer.
When prompted during POST, press the <F2> key to enter the setup screen.
On the System Setup screen, press the <F9> key.
Press the <Enter> key on Yes to Load Optimized Defaults and restart the computer.

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Hi I am updating my bios from A17 to A19 and every time I run the update I get an error saying that the password is not set or there is an issue with the service tag. I have checked both and there is no error. 

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Hello Everyone!

I need Help with my DEll Latitude D620.

Could you tell me how to remove the BIOS Password Or I need a code to unlock it.

The Service Tag: JP96VC1

Express service code: 42885955873

Thank you

A:Dell Latitude D620 BIOS password issue


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