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How mirror displays on W530 with dicrete graphics card?

Q: How mirror displays on W530 with dicrete graphics card?

I have a W530 with a NIVIDIA Quadro K1000M graphics card running Win 10 Pro. I have an external monitor connected. I think the external monitor uses the K1000M and the internal monitor uses the Intel graphics card. The only options I have are: Extend these displaysShow on display 1 onlyShow on display 2 only There is no option to mirror the displays. How can configure my W530 so I can mirror the displays when I have a projector connected instead of the external monitor? Thanks.

Preferred Solution: How mirror displays on W530 with dicrete graphics card?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How mirror displays on W530 with dicrete graphics card?

Hi Bazsl1,

Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.

As I understand that you are facing issue while duplicating the Display in your W530
For this enter in BIOS mode Config> Display>Graphics Device>Discrete Graphics Save and Exit changes.
To use Duplicate Display in NVIDIA Optimus Mode check this link.

I hope the above information helped you.
And feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didn┤t work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-°  

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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didn┤t work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-° 

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Is there a way to run 4 displays on a single graphics card?

I know there are some graphics cards with 4 mini DisplayPort and you can get adapters for DVI and HDMI, but most graphics cards have two dual-link DVI outputs

I know you can run 1920x1200 on a single-link DVI and 2560x1600 on a dual-link DVI, but can you run two individual monitors say 1680x1050 each from a single dual-link DVI output via a splitter?

A:Can you run 4 displays on a single graphics card?

The video cards at work have a single DMS-59 output which can split into two dual-link DVI outputs.

It seems there is no video card with two DMS-59 outputs, so four Mini DisplayPort outputs is needed like this card here: AMD FirePro 2460 Multi-View: four Mini DisplayPort sockets, 13W, no frills -- Engadget

It would probably be cheaper to get two PCI video cards.

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I recently purchased an xfx rx580 gts xxx 8gb gpu to replace r9 280. I am running windows 10 pro 64bit and have a ryzen 5 1600 in gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 mb. I have a thermaltake 80+ 600watt psu and a single stick of ballistix sport 8gb at 2933hz. After a few hours of gameplay the screen started flashing black repeatedly. I changed hdmi cable tried different ports and finally gave up after a few days and returned for a replacement. Installed replacement and it will only work in 1080p on an lg 50in 4k tv. If i change the resolution to anything higher it starts flashing and sometimes crashes to green screen. I am out of ideas other than taking to local tech to see if he can figure it out. If you need any more information I will post it. Thanks.

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I am trying to determine if it is possile to mirror 2 external displays while extending to a third on the 840 G-series Laptop.When attempted to set this in "Screen Resolution", I get a message: "The display setting could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings" We run these models of laptop through "UltraSlim Docking Stataions".Utilizing 1 VDA and 2 Display Port cables. Is this functionality not possible with this model and configation of hardware?Are there any possible solutions?  ***update***after continuing research.Intel Chip set does not allow this funtionality out of the box.Will need Display Splitter, or 3rd party program to address.

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Hey everyone, I think this is easily possible, but I wanted to confirm before pulling the trigger on another monitor. I currently am using my W530 with a Dell U2713H external monitor (2560x1440) and would like to add another one. Would the W530 be able to handle Mini DP to DP into the Dell U2713H and then DP out to DP in of a second Dell U2713H. I think this is a common daisychaining method, but wanted to confirm. Please share your setup if it is at all informative. Thanks for the help!  

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I've had my HKC 21.6" monitor for over a year now, and i've been using it with my PC at 1920 x 1080 with no problems.
However, two days ago the screen suddenly went black and displayed the message "Out of Range". I've had to drop the resolution to 1680 x 1050 in order to see anything.

I've tested the monitor with the same VGA cable but with a different computer - this worked fine, so i'm assuming it's something to do with my computer.
I've tried reinstalling my video drivers, but this had no effect. My card is an ATi Radeon HD 5770, haven't had any problems with it before.

Obviously this is pretty irritating since anything other than the native resolution tends to look ugly.

Any help appreciated

A:Monitor displays "Out of Range" at 1080p (graphics card issue?)

Best thing I can advise is. Grab the latest WHQL ATI and CCC drivers.

before installing, uninstall your ati drivers in safe mode and your monitor from device manager.

Boot into normal mode and install the drivers. Make sure in setting you take off check for only display resolutions this monitor can handle,,, ok give it a shot.. let us know.. gl

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I'm trying to figure it out, but my ThinkPad W530 is restarting itself once and once, i'm trying to disconect everything WWAN, WAN, DVD, SDD, but the same problem.Execute diagnostics and everything is okTry to install Windows 7 and Works fine BEFORE load driversTry to install Windows 10 and restarts itselfTry to use ONLY integratet graphics Nothing Same ErrorTry to use ONLY Discrete Graphics, nothing Same errorHelp Please

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Before I start this topic, I have tried everything in all related topic in this forum and elsewhere. It seems to me that this is something new, please dont re-direct me to those threads about W520 dup screen fix, etc. The major different of my problem is that when mini-display or VGA port is being used, NVIDIA control panel no longer can see both graphics cards, and only sees quadro K1000M which is making connection to the external source through those ports, see attached screen shot. At the same time, the Intel graphic control panel only sees the internal graphic card. It really looks like two of the control system decided to split my graphic system and refuse to talk to each other, which lead to no duplication of the content on both screens. Some addtional info, 1. I use USB display, ASUS 168B, which doesn't show on either control panel at all, so, no dup screen, but works as extention.2. I use MS wireless display adapter, the WiDi display shows under the intel graphic card, so, Yup, here is the dup screen I can have. Any ideas what is going on?  

A:W530 Graphics malfunction, win10, cant dup screen

To add more fun to the problem, the windows+P can force a duplication excution, but with the 2nd screen out of signal. Iooking into my Physx, see attached, it is mind twisting. It looks like the computer agrees there is a 2nd screen connected to the intel system, but consider it a phantom one, which means the signal is not coming to the physical VGA port. Any good ideas or suggestions?

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During the installation of Windows 10 on my Thinkpad W530 my screen would just turn black. I was finally able to get Windows installed after going into BIOS and changing to intergrated graphics. If I go back to descrete graphics, I am able to boot up and log into Windows but my resolution is very small and after several seconds the screen will turn black. While the screen is black no buttons work, the computer is completly locked up and I am forced to cold shutdown. I've installed and reinstalled the proper video card drivers many times but with no luck. Is my GPU dead? I believe my W530 has the K1000m

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So, I havent really understood this with two dispaly adapters. On my Thinkpad W530 I have the Intel HD Graphics 4000 and the Nvidia Quadro K2000M Does the computer use both of these? How do I choose which one to use? It looks like mine is using the Intel, because as I right click on the desktop and go to Screen Resolution -> Advanced Settings I only get the Intel Controlpanel as an option (Not the Nvida). When I right click the deskop and choose Nvidia Controlpanel I get the error message: "NVIDIA Display settings are not available - You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU" I am totally lost  The laptop works perfectly fine, but I would of course like to use the best display adapter, if it┤s possible. So it would be much appreciated if someone could explain this to me   


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A:W530 - Intel HD Graphics 4000 vs Nvidia Quadro K20...

Hi Oyvindpe,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Change the setting in BIOS ? Config ? Display ? Graphic Device to Discrete Graphic and check.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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So long story short I replaced my first W530 with another about six months ago. I rarely use it on battery power, but the other day I neeeded it so I went to go turn off Optimus and force only integrated graphics because A) it uses less power: even with the nvidia not being utilized in optimus mode it seems to draw power in an idle state and B) Because the nvidia GPU is more or less powered it throttles the machine to 1.2ghz. For some reason, Windows 10 will not load past the logo. It just stops. I tried the installation disk for the fall creators edition and it was the same deal though I did get to the spinning balls before it quit. I tried Knoppix which is a live boot distro. It worked ok with Optimus but the only way to get acceleration and multiple monitors was to force the Quadro only via the BIOS and then it seemed to work just fine. I even played some windows games via wine on it which kind of blew me away frankly. I tried a Windows 7 install ISO and that loaded and got to the install screen using only the default VGA drivers.  If I try to force Windows 10 to use safe mode by itself, or with the low resolution option (vga drivers) it just freezes and refuses to boot. That leaves two options here at this point. Either I have a broken HD4000 on my i7-3740QM or the the newer BIOS that was released last fall broke something. On my old W530 it booted Windows 10 with the intel GPU just fine. Seeing as how optimus works and that it offloads most of the processing to... Read more

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Hi. I own a Thinkpad W530 which i usually work with linux and windows 10.  since a few days it has starting to sho, yet again,  graphical problems, horizontal scanlines-like artifacts, low resolution, color banding, inverted colors, now, if i boot the laptop with graphical device set either on Integrated Graphics or Nvidia Optimus this is what i get. Blue tinted image with low resolution image. this for both BIOS and Windows/LinuxNow the interesting part is if i set the graphical device as "Dedicated Graphics" on the bios,the image came crystal clear both on the bios and on windows aswell. i mention "yet again" because the same happened to me 6 months ago and i fixed it by replacing the entire screen (i didnt bother to test the dedicated gpu) , but at this moment im a bit of a crossroads, as i dunno if this is the Actual screen yet again (which i doubt as i can get clear image with the dedicated GPU) or if its related to the CPU, which includes the integrated graphics, or the motherboard, which according to the Wistron schematics contains the hardware mux for both cards. if anyone have any idea i would really appreciate it. thanksPS: Detail of how bad it looks on integrated. how it should look

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Hi It seems that web is flooded with w5xx SD Card problems. Mine is not so different. I have used SD Card reader once with this refurbished moterboard and it worked fine. Next time i tried to use it, same day, nothing happened. I tried different drivers but nothing changed. Card reader is shown in BIOS but enabling or disabling it wont change anything.  Device manager says that Base System Device driver is missing,Device id:PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21F617AA&REV_05PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21F617AAPCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_088001PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_0880 Lenovos support site is down can't get drivers to try anything. How to proceed?  My computer is general W530:gsm slot, 14 gig ram, i7-3840QM, Quadro 2000M, Cd-rom is switched to hdd cady.Computer has refurbished lower frame, motherboard and microphone chip.Windows 7 x64 Pro

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Started with Windows and apps successfully running on Disk 0 (1TB Seagate). Bought an exact duplicate HDD, recognized as Disk 1. Followed instructions and used Windows Disk Manager to convert Disk 0 to Dynamic, and configured as a mirror with Disk 1. Everything still worked perfectly. Physically disconnected Disk 0 to test booting from the Disk 1 mirror. Boot failed, and upon reconnecting Disk 0, the PC rebooted (from Disk 0), but mirror was broken.

THEN, my error, instead of properly re-establishing the mirror, I "imported" Disk 1. PC still boots (from Disk 0), but now Disk 1 appears with a drive letter, and Disk Manager does not offer the option to break nor re-establish the mirror. What steps must I take to re-establish the mirror?

Neither Seagate DiscWizard nor the Dell Backup utility seem to work with the dynamic disks. The running application is mission critical, so I hesitate to use "unbranded" utilities.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Mirror to Mirror Ghost drive, in case of HD failure:

I want a secondary drive in my PC such that,
it is exactly Ghost copy ( mirror to mirror ) of my primary drive including programs and all operating soft wares )
and it copies every once, in a month, to keep it updated
so that when the primary drive has crash / fails,
I can simply replace with the other one,
and computer will start working normally without any problem.

How this can be achieved?

Is it possible that Norton Ghost Utility can do that?

What is the best program for this? Anyone has done it?

The copy program should not use any window utility files
in order to make mirror to mirror copy of the primary drive.

I am dying for this kind of facility.
Pl. suggest me this remedy, about how it can be achieved, and which is the best software for this.

HD are pretty cheaper now a days.
Pl. narrate yr experiences in this regards.


A:Mirror 2 Mirror - Ghost Copy of a HD, in case of a failure !

Why not buy a RAID card -- unless your motherboard already supports RAID. You can run two drive in RAID 1 configuration (mirrored), and if one drive fails you can continue to use your computer. After you replace the failed drive, you can have the RAID array rebuild (re-mirror) to the new, empty drive.

Using a RAID 1 configuration, you are always backed up. The only drawback is if you have a file corruption problem or a virus -- then it would be on both drives.

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Upgraded from windows 7, card reader not working anymore. Now I have unsolved issues under "device manager"Other devices:--Base System Device--Unknown device I tried from the website:* Ricoh Media Card Reader Driver: g1s902ww.exe* SmartCard Reader Driver for Windows 10: g1xv90ww.exeas well as "Lenovo - Update and Drivers", which shows no driver update needed for card reader. None works

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I broke my w530 screen, need to replace it. Can I  replace W530 1600x900 LCD with  W530 1920x1080? Thanks


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A:Can I replace W530 1600x900 LCD with W530 1920x1080?

Yes you can. Here are the compatible FHD screens from the parts lookup list.
04W1544 N AUO 15.6FHD04W3471 N AUO 15.6"FHD AG04W6851 N LCD ASM FHD AUO for CS
And here is a great pictorial for changing the screen, it's for the T530, but the procedure is identical.
Replacing the T530's screen

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So heres the problem, im trying to play 2 world of warcraft at same time. my friend us one monitor and i use other. its off one computer. 1 graphics card im wondering HOW THE HECK!? hehe (( we have 2 mouses and 2 keybaords ))

Any Suggestions?


Also tried this program BeTwin or something like that ... but when i got it installed problem happened after trying to run WoW the other display said i couldnt play cuz dont have a graphics card.


A:2 ppl 2 displays 1 computer 1 graphics

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Hello everyone.

I've a strange problem, solution to which I couldn't find anywhere on the net, nor could I solve it myself to this point.

Short version: after messing with power saving options, my notebook's LCD is stuck in some kind of lower-performance graphics mode, whereas an external display works as usual.

Long version: I'm using two displays (separately): sometimes it's my notebook's LCD, sometimes I plug in an external one via HDMI. I've used this configuration for almost a year with no problems. But a few days ago I decided that I'd tweak power saving options. I did this on the notebook's display, and, AFAIR, unplugged to an external power source. Since then, I believe, even when the notebook's plugged in, the performance as for the graphics on the built-in display is poor, e.g. the Win7 logon screen looks like a highly compressed jpg - choppy, and DivX movies aren't playing smoothly. Also, transparency on Aero is disabled, though Win7 isn't able to detect any problems with that. As soon as I close the lid and the external display takes over, everything goes back to normal.

I've tried changing the power options back to the original, to no avail.

Any ideas as to how to make it work again?

If you need any more details, I'll be happy to provide them.


A:Poor graphics performance on one of two displays

Run System Restore to before you made the changes.

Update the display driver in Device Manager, allowing it to connect Automatically to Windows Updates to search for newer driver.

If driver is current, uninstall it and reboot to reinstall it.

Run the Aero troubleshooter by typing aero in Start search box to open it.

You may need some help from Hardware forum to check the laptop monitor connection. Maybe someone here will know exactly how its done. The wire bundle can come unplugged.

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The AMD graphics card we paid extra for is not being used.  Updated to the latest Intel graphics drivers (update via Windows "Update Driver" button through device manager).  Also updated Radeon card's drivers to latest version via AMD website and system detect.  Now when I boot the machine I get a black screen. A hard shutdown (hold power button) and then "Start System Normally" will bring up the normal login screen.
AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M370 (Linked) - Driver Version 16.300.2311.0
Intel(R) HD  Graphics 530 - Driver Version
What is the fix for the boot to black screen? How can I use the AMD Graphics GPU?  I'd prefer it be the default graphics card for all software.
Please advise.

A:AMD Graphics - No displays are currently connected to AMD products - Lat E5570

Laptops with an add-on graphics card always use the integrated video until the computer needs extra graphic power. Then the add-on card kicks in. You cannot use the add-on card alone. It automatically works when needed. It is not a stand alone card like those in desktops.
Make sure you do not use any driver updates from AMD. Laptop drivers are customized by Dell and rarely if ever need updating. If an update is ever needed, Dell will notify you. Reinstall the original Dell drivers.

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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

A:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.

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On my previous laptop, a Dell D800, I had a multiple-monitor graphics card in the D-Dock docking station, so I had 3 external displays when the laptop was docked.

I purchased a Dell Precision M6400 laptop which has an NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M adapter. I asked Dell support what I would need to repeat my earlier configuration of 3 external displays and they said to buy the E/Port Plus (http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&sku=430-3312&s=bsd)
After this arrived, I realized that this is just a port replicator, and even though it has the 2 DV connections I need for my two 2 Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 LCD (1920 x 1080) displays and a VGA connection for the other monitor I'm using (Dell E173FP 1280 x 1024), since my display adapter only supports 2 monitors, I can only display on 2 of the 4 displays (the 4th being my 1920 x 1200 laptop screen).

Now I'm looking at my options -- first do I need to just return the port replicator (it was expensive) and look for an actual docking station that might allow me to install a video card (like the D/Dock did)?

Otherwise, I'm seeing a couple of expansion modules, but am unsure which to consider.

There is an $89 UV Plus UV19
EVGA | Products
This supports up to 1920 x 1200, so would work with the SyncMasters if I bought 2.
It's not very expensive, but would it be slow?

Then there is the Matrox TripleHead2Go
Matrox Graphics - Products - Graphics eXpansion Module - TripleHead2Go
but it's real... Read more

A:Which graphics expansion module for multiple laptop displays?

I decided to go with 2 Kensington multiple display adapters:
Amazon.com: Kensington Universal Multi-Display Adapter (Black): Electronics

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Desk top machine. Windows Vista Home Prem. 32b.

The OEM independent graphic card was taken out of the machine a week ago because of its fan not running. And a recovery to out of factory status was carried out. Then, a few days later, a message popped up as the following:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."

Update ATI graphics driver or enable ATI adapter using the Displays Manager, which is easier to do? And how to perform, please?


A:How to update ATI graphics driver or enable ATI adapter using the Displays Manager?

Since you've taken out the OEM install GPU, your system is now using the onboard GPU of your mobo. That message is telling you to update your onboard GPU driver.

To do this we need the make/model of your OEM PC and then we can link you to your PC's driver support downloads webpage.

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My graphics display suddenly stopped for my computer. My PC is not even recognising my monitor, I tested my monitor with some other PC's and it is working properly. I though graphics card not working.??

But since my existing graphics card is gone and there is no on board graphics card on my PC I am not able to uninstall existing graphics card and install new one.

Could some one please suggest me what to do in this situation to see some thing in monitor so that in can start doing Uninstall/Installtions.?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance. I really apprecite it.


A:How to install graphics card when the existing graphics card in not working.

You could always stick the new one in and boot up in safe mode. Then proceed to uninstall all the remnant drivers. That *shouldn't* cause any problems, but it may be choppy when you boot up.(I've had this happen before, swapping a Riva TNT2 for a GF6600).

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Hi for the last 4 months ive been trying to fix a problem that ive been having with my computer.
about 4 months ago I did a major pc upgrade where i replaced my motherboard, processor, ram, heat sink, power supply and case, the only things I used from the original computer where 2 HDD's, 1 SDD and my AMD radeon HD 6950 2gb.

Now ive have the most strange issue where i can be watching a video off the HDD or surfing the web on youtube etc and not long after I start the activity my computer will turn off like if I had flicked the switch on the back of the power supply and then it boots back up again and will run fine until i start up an activity again and then it does exactly the same thing and reboots, there is no BSOD shown nor Dumps Created.

Ive tried many things to sort this out and have RMA'ed the power supply and the motherboard (the motherboard wasn't a direct replacement as they didn't sell my original board anymore which was a gigabyte ga-x79-ud5, now i have an asus p9x79 deluxe). I have tried only plugging in one HDD/SSD and then tried a spare HDD when that failed, i have tried one ram stick at a time and still nothing.

now heres where it gets strange whilst trying to rule out differnt hardware i switched my AMD card out for a very old 512mb, pcie 1.0 x16 nvidia graphics and since then my computer has been running marvelously i can have it playing videos for hours, days even(although i havent properly tested for days) and not a single problem at all.

The ... Read more

A:Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by cannotdisplay64

so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board, a damaged AMD card, a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

The comparison you are making between GPU brands is pointless as a diagnostic. The MAIN difference I can see is that one card requires external power, and the other one does not. A proper diagnostic would be to test another GPU that requires external power.

I've heard that the specific PSU you bought will sometimes not power all the hardware it is supposed so.
People saying it could barely power a SSD, or even an extra fan.

My thoughts. Try using another PSU, try using a similar GPU. Use your old PSU and see if it still happens for starters.

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Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XP

A:TV Tuner Card, Graphics card, Disabling Shared Graphics

RichardB49 said:

Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XPClick to expand...

You sure can!!,not sure what you mean by shared graphics though

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Hi, When I go to Settings (Win+I) and click System - Display, I see four nonexistent displays like in the following screenshot.And in Device Manager:  This causes issues when trying to connect external displays. Currently, I'm unable to connect an external monitor via D-SUB.I looked for solutions and found this might be a graphics driver issue, so I tried to update it. The version I have currently installed is, released on 2016-09-29, as in the following screenshot:  When I run Lenovo System Update application, it says there are no updates. Same with Windows Update. Clicking "Update Driver" button in Device Manager - HD 4600 Properties didn't find any updates either. When I wen to Intel site however, I found a newer update - from 2017-06-23, but could not install it due to the following error:    ---------------------------Error---------------------------The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.Setup will exit.Would you like more information?Click Yes to be directed to the Intel support website.---------------------------Yes   No   --------------------------- Is there a way to update the driver or make the nonexistent displays issue disappear in another way?

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In my device manager it says I have Radeon 9200 and Radeon 9200 Secondary. I've deleted the second one and my computer says I have no graphic driver installed. So I deleted them both, installed the latest driver and now it says I have two again. I don't know if this is a problem or not but I've got a game that won't start and I'm wondering if this could be the cause.

A:Graphic card displays twice..

Its not a problem. Your video card supports the use of two monitors, thats why you have two entries.

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I installed Win 7 Ultimate on my system and it has two disk drives.

When Win 7 was setup, it partitioned Disk 0 as:
100MB for "System"
The rest for C: (incl. boot, page file, crash dump)

The machine is working fine. But now I want to mirror Disk 0 in case it ever crashes. So I plan to setup Disk 1 to mirror Disk 0.

So I change Disk 0 to a Dynamic disk and then add a mirror on Disk 1. To my surprise, it grabbed a hunk of Disk 1 and mirrored C:. But it didn't mirror the 100MB System.

Well...that's no good - if Disk 0 dies, I want to be able to boot off Disk 1, put in a new disk, resync, and be back in business with a minimum of fuss.

When I click on the System partition and say "Add Mirror", it asks me to select a disk. I select Disk 1 and it gives the error "No extents were found for the plex".

Here is what my disks look like now:


How can I have Disk 1 be a complete mirror of Disk 0 so that if Disk 0 dies, Disk 1 is ready to run?


A:How to mirror disk? ("System" partition doesn't want to mirror)

How about just removing your working win 7 drive and do a recovery to creat the 2nd win 7 os drive. Then reinsert the first win 7 drive back and hope that "Nanny" bootmgr doesn't interfere.

I want the same thing, two running copies of win 7 without any of this restore nonsense. Just pick the other drive while booting up. Haven't tried it yet.

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Hello guys,Today I reformatted a friend's computer for him, he was having some trouble with the speed of his PC. Well, after reinstalling Windows, now his video card isn't being recognized whatsoever. I happen to find this strange, as the monitor is displaying through the card, however the computer refuses to install drivers for it because it says that it doesn't exist physically. (Doesn't show up in the device manager, AMD Catalyst won't register it...) The card is a Dell ATI-102-A924(B) 256 MB Radeon X1300.I have finished all of the Windows updates, in hopes that this may help the problem, but I have yet to be able to fix it. Here's a Speccy log.Summary Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 CPU Intel Celeron 420 @ 1.60GHz 55 °C Conroe-L 65nm Technology RAM 2.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0RY007 (Socket 775) 40 °C Graphics Standard Monitor ([email protected]) Hard Drives 233GB Seagate ST3250310AS (SATA) 35 °C Optical Drives TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H493B Audio Realtek High Definition AudioOperating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 Computer type: Desktop Installation Date: 02 December 2012, 13:47 Serial Number: XJM6Q-BQ8HW-T6DFB-Y934T-YD4YT Windows Security Center Firewall Enabled Antivirus Disabled Windows Update AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Install at Set Scheduled time Schedule Frequency Every Day Schedule Time 3:00... Read more

A:Video Card unrecognized, still displays.

Hi -Is this where you went to try and get the driver for Dell ATI-102-A924( 256 MB Radeon X1300 ??http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Legacy/Pages/radeonaiw_xp.aspxUninstall your graphics driver first. Turn off your pc and reseat your ATI x1300 Reinstall the card driver from the above link -OR -Remove your old regular standard graphics card and leave your x1300 connected. Connect your monitor to the x1300 and you should be good to go. You do not have to have a video card installed to switch/upgrade to a newer card, just swap them out and thats it This is a "minor" concern if you have cleaned and dusted inside the computer as it should usually be under 50?CCPU - Intel Celeron 420 @ 1.60GHz 55 ?C <<

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I have a Dell Latitude E6530 with Intel HD 4000 video drivers, and Win10 Enterprise. This morning I downloaded and installed 6 recommended updates from Dell including the newest video driver.  Suddenly my docking station only seems to support 2 monitors at a time instead of my normal 3. The Intel Driver version is   This is NOT the best time for this garbage to happen

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ASUS GT240 graphics card "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" Can anyone help me with this error message? I can hear the windows startup sound but it shows no display so i plugged the cable into the motherboad and an error box opend wich stated "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" with no additional information. I searched online and found that asus smart doctor can cause this and they recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers to fix this problem but the pc is not picking up the graphics card to reinstall all the needed drivers. I also found people with the same problem and after they did a clean install of windows7/vista and all the drivers the error box still appeared. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the PCIe set as first to initialize in the BIOS? Also, have you tried the card in another slot on the MoBo? Have you tried cleaning out the slot with canned air? Have you tried using a pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts in the GPU where it plugs into the PCIe?

And please, thoroughly fill out your System Specs by clicking on the tab under your post.

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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

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I just installed my graphics card and it hasnt changed performance much. My intregrated card uses 128mb ram I think. I have 768mb ram and it still says 640mb ram after installing the new card it did not free it up. I guess the old controller is messing with it?

In the device manager I disabled the display adapter before installing the new card. However it was a nvidia controller and there is lots of nvidia stuff in the device manager
since my new card is using nvidia software also I really dont know what else to to disable or uninstall.
The display adapter is now the new card that part is working I guess

The card I just installed is 3d fuzion Specifications
GPU: NVIDIA« GeForce« MX 4000
Bus Type: PCI
Memory: 128MB

here is the link to more specifications

These are the specifications on my computer

Microsoft windows xp home edition version 2002 service pack 2
Emachines T6528
AMD Athlon 64 processor
2.21 ghz
it says 640mb ram tho I have 512mb and 256mb rams sticks in it.

A:My intregrated graphics card is messing with my new graphics card

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I have new dell with ATI RadeonTM X300.. it supports 2 display mode.. I was wondering is it better to use one graphics card with dual screen.. or having two graphics card on same system. I have extra dual head GeForce FX5500 from my old system.

I am using system for video editing and graphics.

thanks for any help

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I have a Startech brand PCI add-in card to get some extra SATA ports on my old Biostar MCP 6PB M2+ board.

In Disk Manager an Hitachi drive attached to the card shows up as a SCSI device.

However my backup software doesn't see it (old copy of Norton Ghost on CD) and the POST operations do not show it in the BIOS. Win7 reports that no driver updates are needed for the Hitachi on the Startech card.

It's very confusing. A new motherboard is due for me but this problem solved would extend the use of the Biostar. Why would the Win7 see the device but nothing else?

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If my motherboard currently has an intigrated graphics card, but has a PCI-E slot, do I need to do anything special after inserteing my graphics card and installing the drivers, or should it just work right away?

A:How do you switch from an integrated graphics card to an "external" graphics card?

Most modern PCs will detect the new installation of the PCI graphics card and automatically disable the onboard graphics, so yes it should just work.

If for some reason you have problems, you may have to make a change in the bios, I cannot be more specific because each bios is different depending on manufacturer, and model of the motherboard.

Install the card, connect your monitor to it and boot up, when you get into Windows install the driver and reboot.

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who's the best web hosting domain of all? but really, my g/f has a start-up online candle company and we're now searching for a website to buy. any ideas? we're shopping cheap, user friendly, and home business-oriented. also, are there any other fees associated with this or is it just the yearly fee? thx!!

A:Mirror mirror on the wall........

I've used others but my favorite by far is SiteFlip. They have the options, service, and a variety of plans at very good rates (low).

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Hello, I know you've probably heard it before, but please help! I'm new here, and I wasn't sure what I could say that was different. But it seems like I'm having the same problem as everyone else here. My problem, and this one: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic392645.html -- Seem quite similar, but I didn't want to try anything by myself, so if anyone could help me I'd be very very grateful!My computer also wont run tdsskiller, stops at 80% initialization and then crashes, I've tried other rootkit removers and they all come out clean, same with virus/malware scans, it seems like everything is cleared out but it's obvious I still have a virus since google keeps redirecting, systems keep crashing, my sound and display keeps altering as well, and the Generic Host Process for Win 32 crashing keeps coming up... Please if someone could give me some ideas on what to do? I see lots of similar topics but I'm scared to try anything on my own...Thank you!Sorry about that, I didn't read the part about the logs. Here are mine: DDS Log.DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFSx86 Run by User1 at 16:11:31.07 on Sat 04/23/2011Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_22.============== Running Processes ===============.C:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WIND... Read more

A:TDSkiller not running, Google Redirects, Sound card/Displays changing

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about the Windows version you are using: What we in particular need to know is version, edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. If you are unsure about any of these caracteristics, just let us know and we'll help you figuring it out. Please also tell us if you have your Windows CD/DVD handy.Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your ... Read more

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Hey everyone, I'm in dire need of some help with my PC. The computer turns on fine, and boots up (can hear the windows start up tune) but I can't see anything on the monitor. Here's the details:

I was playing a computer game on friday, and during that it crashed. I have no idea if this is when things started or not, but I restarted and it was fine.

On sunday I had another crash, only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor , about 2 inches apart in a perfect pattern. When I restarted, there were no graphics on the monitor. The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode.

I took the computer apart, unplugged everything, and put it all back together, and for whatever reason it worked fine for about 6 hours.

The next day I turned the computer on, and it loaded fine, but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines, with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern. These were flickering furiosly.

I tried restarting my computer, and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor. However the computer booted up fine, and I heard the start up tune, and 5 minutes later I shut it down by pressing the "Power Off" button on my keyboard.

I tried another monitor and again, got nothing. I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again, only this time it didn'... Read more

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.

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I tried everything,installed the drivers for my AMD,disabled the drivers for Intel (it switched to microsoft basic graphics instead of the AMD),couldn't find anything in BIOS however...if anyone got some advice,please share it with me because I can't take low FPS in games anymore when I got a laptop with such good specs.

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My name is Apoorva. I am from India.

Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for an onboard graphics card and an external graphics card for a Laptop.

What could be a major difference?
Also, for Onboard graphics, it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto 384MB shared.

So, say for instance, if I go for an external graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this external graphic card is 256MB or 128MB and as Onboard graphic card already provides 384 MB shared memory, therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing 256 MB deliver better performance as compared to Onbard graphics which sizes 384 MB shared?

Also, how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance, mobility & stability?
The Laptop which I am looking for falls under 6700 series and is a business series laptop.
Waiting eagerly for a reply...

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Is it possible to enable the onboard graphics card on these computers in addition to using the graphics card that was added? I'm setting up these computers with multiple monitors and I would like to have one monitor using the displayport on the graphics card that was added, and the other connecting to the onboard graphics card through VGA. Please let me know it:A. This is possible.B. The steps to enable both. Thank you.

A:ThinkCentre M910t Tower - Enable onboard graphics in addition to graphics card

It was possible with previous generations of systems using this procedure:  Enabling multiple monitor support: ThinkCentre Edge 71 - M900.   It could be that the document hasn't been updated, if you could give it a try, and let us know if it works, or post with screen shots of what is different.  Ty. 

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How to reproduce (occassionally): 1. Have a Lenovo P70 w/ latest Lenovo drivers installed + all Windows updates in place.1.a. have Hybrid Graphics set in BIOS.2. Play some Counter-Strike (or most any game that goes full-screen that relies on the graphics card).3. exit the game.4. be forced to hard-shut down the system because all you get is a black screen (keyboard buttons work but no response from OS). How to not have the problem:Same steps above except for1.a. set graphics mode to use Discrete graphics exclusively.  Are others experiencing this issue? Is this a known issue? 

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