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Unable to view thumbnail images

Q: Unable to view thumbnail images

It seems that ever since CorelDraw 12 was installed, I am unable to view thumbnail images. I can see the image icon, but no pic. I use win 2000 operating system. Has anybody got any suggestions about how to change the setting back so that thumbnail images are viewable again?

Preferred Solution: Unable to view thumbnail images

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to view thumbnail images

firewalker69 said:

It seems that ever since CorelDraw 12 was installed, I am unable to view thumbnail images. I can see the image icon, but no pic. I use win 2000 operating system. Has anybody got any suggestions about how to change the setting back so that thumbnail images are viewable again?Click to expand...

Assuming they are .jpg and not .cdr files I suggest you open the folder ( within explorer) the pic's are stored in, then choose view, then select Thumbnails. See if that works.

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i have win7 64 bit and current adobe pdf reader doesnt show any thumbnail preview just a icon for adobe, but my pics preview as normal how do i fix this??

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I just installed windows xp and i put firefox on and images say unable to connect. I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me?

A:Unable to view images

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I'm trying to use a " Help Directory " in a program but am unable to view any related images, All I get is a window with a small check box. Reviewing the properties gives me the following information,ms-its:help_imgs.chm::196 Series of transitions.png.

On a few occasions I'll have the same problem while surfing in FF or Chrome browser. Not sure on the file extension for these.

Is there something to check-uncheck to fix this. I'm using Win Seven.

Thanks for any help...

A:Unable to view CHM images

This should help with older help files.
Windows 7 uses a different type.

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I am looking for some help with a topic that is quite new to me. I am by no way computer illiterate but digital cameras are kind of new to me.

I am using a Canon EOS 20D and am struggling to be able to view any RAW files. When I say that I can't view them I really mean that I can't view them when I open the folder on the camera through windows I can see the folder where I would expect to see some files, the folder is empty.

I understand that windows does not natively support the viewing of RAW files and that some post processing has to take place so here is what I have done.

I have installed Adobe Photoshop CS2 and updated the RAW plugin to 3.6 and when I browse to the camera and open the folder where I would expect to see the files there is nothing, I also get the same result through the Adobe Bridge. I have also tried to copy the folder from the camera to my desktop and trying again but I get the same results.

I have now tried installing Microsoft RAW image thumbnailer and viewer for windows XP (Version 1.0 Build 50)

I get the same thing with this when I open the folder on the camera and if I copy it to my desktop.

I am able to view the RAW images on the camera's LCD display.

If I set the camera to take pictures in a Jpeg format then I can see the pictures through windows, Adobe photoshop and Adobe bridge.

I really don't know where I'm going wrong and I would appreciate some help and or advice.

Windows XP Home Sp2
Adobe Photoshop C... Read more

A:Unable to view RAW images

It's cool I have fixed it. I had the communication type set to normal instead of PTP on the camera.

Once changed It is all working.


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I have two users on one of my websites who can't seem to see smilies on a page i've created, although other member's can.

They have done all the usual, checked settings, disabled internet security (Ad blocking) and even unchecking "Use compressed graphics" in the WWW preference area as mentioned in a post here somewhere.

Any suggestions? They are using AOL I think both the users having problems.


A:Unable to View Gif Images

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I am having trouble viewing images & ads on certain sites. For instance all images on Yahoo have a box with a little red "x" in the upper left corner. I have been told numerous possible solutions & nothing has seemed to work. For example: it does not seem to be a Java issue or my internet security. I can't seem to find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh! unfortunately I can't remember what I was doing that may have caused this & I have tried system restore & that didn't work. Any help. . . Thanks.

A:Unable to view images & ads on certain web sites

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So lately, within the last month, I've been having trouble viewing some Tinypic images. I've tried the ones that wont show in all my browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, and FF), but with no luck. In the top of the browsers it always shows 1x1, and I see nothing at all. It's gotten consistently worse over the last month, and I can see very few Tinypic images now. I can see Photobucket and Imageshack just fine. My first thought what that perhaps it was a particular server that those images were uploaded to, but checking URLS that doesn't seem to be it as they're from many different ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I run Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2, all things are up to date. I have Kaspersky, and a firewall but I have not changed any settings between the time when it worked and now when it doesn't. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite from 2007, and it's a lemon. So I'm thinking this just has to be another one of it's issues.

A:Unable to view most Tinypic Images

In the top of the browsers it always shows 1x1Click to expand...

A one pixel image? If so, you'll need a really clean screen and really, really good eyesight to see it. How about an example URL so we can see (or not see)?

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Hi, hopefully this will be an easy one for someone. I just formatted and reinstalled everything. When I open "some" emails in aol, I can't view any "online images". Where as, I have a box with a red "X" in the top left hand corner. I can't right click on it to view or change any settings. If I send it to my sbc account in Outlook, I can view it. Some emails in outlook are also doing the same. If I open up IE7, everything there is fine..Now the even crazier part. This does it on all 3 of my computers, all in the same way. The only think I have on all 3 computers in common, is Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. I have disabled it or closed it and it still happens....Any takers?????

A:unable to view images in outlook or aol


Either in the PC Cilin or in your security options in Outlook or AOL, you've disabled pictures it seems. Search through there and see if there is an option to enable them. Should be able to view after that.



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What do I need to do to view Jpeg images on the internet. I can view GIF images but not Jpeg.

A:(Solved) Unable to view Jpeg images

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I can't view any images with a 'scene7' thread i.e. on sites such as Johnlewis.com & Boots.com - all other pictures download fine apart from the 'scene7' ones - I have tried updating my adobe software, but still no pictures. I use o2 broadband and have Windows Vista installed.

Hope somebody can advise?


A:Unable to view 'scene7' images/pictures

I am having the same problem with the BHS site, B&Q site and the empirestores site!

Also with O2 Broadband.

I have one machine on XP (FF3 and IE7 can't view the images), another on win2k (IE6 and FF3 can't view the images) even my wii can't using opera so i would assume this points at O2.

I have discoverde that changing the the DNS settings will make these sites work. Perhaps use someone like OpenDNS www.opendns.com

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Windows 98SE For some time now I have been unable to view certain images, buttons etc on web pages. Some come up but I have to right click on everything else to view the image. It is very frustrating. I do scan & defrag at least once a month, but nothing seems to help. PLEASE, any suggestions would be welcome.

A:IE6 unable to view images/buttons on web pages

I'd suggest checking your tools, internet options, however, you said CERTAIN images and buttons. Are you using a popup stopper? When you right click which option do you use?

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After updating FastStone Image Viewer, I'm unable to view most of my images. (I have access to images saved after the problem arose.) In FastStone's thumbnail view, a red cross appears where the photo is/was and when I highlight the thumbnail I see the name of the image and its original size.

The same happens if I try to view the images (via the containing folder) in Picasa or Irfanview, but MS Paint opens the image without problem. I've un installed and updated all the image viewers, and changed the default program for images between various image viewer programs.

However, if I move or copy the images to another file or the desktop I?m able to view them without problem in all of the viewers. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Unable to view images in FastStone, Picasa or Irfanview

Hope you don't mind a slight side road here but I'm curious on what this scanner finds,
Post the scan results,
Review Jacee’s instructions to run Adwcleaner here on post#7,
Ignore the title of the thread,
Or download it from bleepingcomputer.com
Screen shot of the download button to use for Adwcleaner

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I am unable to view digital images that I load to a floppy disk. I insert the floppy in the 'A' drive, then click on my computer, then the 'A' drive. When I try to open the
image number that is displayed I get this
message: Program not found. Windows cannot find mvc-093f ( this is not the correct
# of the image displayed) This program is needed for opening files of type 'JPG files'. Location of mvc-093f.jpg:
C: drive. When I download the images to postmypic they appear. How can I delete this
reference to mvc-093f being in 'C' drive?
Thanks, Mike in Dallas

A:unable to view digital images from floppy drive

Do you normally view them in a browser window? Try this. Put in the floppy whose pics you can't open and then go into Windows Explorer and click on your A drive so that the files appear in the right pane. While holding the shift key down right click on one of the .jpg files and select 'Open With' on the menu. When the Open With screen pops up scroll down and click once on Iexplore to highlight it and then place a check in the little box where it says "always use this program etc..." then click ok. Now the pics should open in a browser window.

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hey guys, like that old forum, i am unable to view flash images in internet explorer (v6) ever since a week ago. I dont know what made it change, because i used to be able to view them. someone help me out.. i looked over that old forum, and the fix for that guy was cuz he had spywareblaster, i dont even have that!

A:[SOLVED] Unable to View Flash/Shockwave Internet Images

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This is my first time posting on a forum, so kindly excuse any mistake.

I frequently face a problem with my home internet connection where twitter images do not load properly. This happens both on Win7 Professional (64 bit) laptop as well my iPhone 4s. Sometimes twitter works perfectly fine but more than often, some of the images fail to load.

It works perfectly fine when I am connected to my office wifi, or tethered to my iPhone hotspot, or accessing twitter on my phone using the 3G data plan.

I have switched off my wifi and directly connected my laptop to the modem. My ISP's local technical rep has also replaced the ADSL modem. I have tried using Google DNS and OpenDNS, but still continue to face the same problem. Since this is not a 'critical' problem like internet completely not working, the ISP is probably not giving it all its attention.

I don't know if this helps, i had run namebench on my connection and had got a common error on all the DNSs
twitter.com appears incorrect
google.com is hijacked

I am slightly OCD in that it irritates me to see even a small error, so want to help the tech rep solve this. Or at least identify the issue so that i can tell the ISP to correct it. Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Okay so recently my computer has stopped loading images(mostly from DeviantART.com) on my internet browsers. All that would show up is a little gray box or one of the various "broken link" pictures for the various browsers i have tried. Also on some sites, the site itself does not load correctly and the background and header is tiled which it's not supposed to do. i've ran Malwarebytes', Symantec, and Spybot but nothing comes up and if something comes up i fix it but nothing changes. can anyone help?

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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I can not see thumnail images of my .psd files in windows explorer

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When I click on thumbnail it opens an image editing program but no file opens
I have tried to tell it to open with ie photoshop7 but only the program opens no image???????????????

A:cant open images from thumbnail

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Hey Guys,

What determines how a URL Thumbnail gets posted in a link to a page? Sometimes I will provide a link to a webpage for reference like on Facebook and there will be a thumbnail along with the URL link. I recently posted a link on Facebook where the URL posted and linked to just fine. The URL Thumbnail shows a picture of a little dog! The thing is, I can't find the picture of the little dog on the website to which the link goes. The website itself is a huge database which requires registration and I could not post the link here by example, sorry.


A:A question about Thumbnail Images

If this is what you mean, maybe the following can help a little:




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I have Windows XP. Recently, my video files do not display a thumbnail image of the video. Instead, there is a small graphic that says "wmv", "avi", etc. How do I get the video images back?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Missing thumbnail images

Sounds like your "View" choice got changed to "icons" somehow. Use the toolbar at the top of your photo folder, and under "View" select "Thumbnails." If that's not it, please post back with more details.

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Can someone recommend a replacement for Explorer that gives thumbnail previews of images

I've tried Xplorer2 and Explorer++ - both are awesome... but I don't get the large thumbnail preview


A:Explorer replacement that gives thumbnail images

In xplorer˛ go to Tools > Options > General tab, where it says "Thumbnail size (pixels)", the default is 96, increase that to whatever you like.

You can also use the preview pane to look at individual images.

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Hi to everyone & Hi @ THROOPER!

I am missing some icon thumbnail images.

Vaio SZ1VP laptop, Win 7 / Office 2007 / Bitedfender

- Fixed an Infineon/TPM driver problem - icon images still correctly displayed.
- Followed "blackviper" web page tuning advice to reduce active services - icon images still correctly displayed.
- Followed "blackviper" web page tuning advice to increase PC speed (Win7) for "best performance/best appearance". Amongst other tweaks I set classic windows' basic UI.

Problem started when I reverted to basic Win7 UI.

I already tried many forum solutions (including a few from this forum, deleting cache, reg modifications, MS file check/fix which took 30 minutes, right click on icon, properties, etc - but no option to change icon) etc... but none worked.

What does work is:
Open the file which has the missing thumbnail image and save it with a different name - icon's thumbnail image is restored!

Still can't work out a solution for programs' icons missing thumbnail images. Toolbar Outlook and Skype icons still missing correct thumbnail image but Firefox icon image is correctly displayed.

Throoper helped solve a case: ( http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/1024674-missing-shortcut-icons-pictures.html ) by offering 2 links & delete cache db.

I would like to try that, if Throoper has links for Win 7. Any other help/support greatly appreciated.


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Many people post screenshots here, which I like. And sometimes those images are displayed as thumbnails, which I also like as it allow you to ignore the image if you want, or select it if you want to take a look.

The problem for me is that once I click a post's thumbnail image, it defaults to a "zoomed out" view which does not allow me to be able to see the text on the image.

Now, if I wait around a bit, wiggle the mouse around a bit, click right button (clear), left button (clear) and leave the cursor motionless for a few seconds MAYBE I might get an orange box with arrows aiming outward to appear.

Now *IF* I move the cursor SLOWLY to the box and click on it, THEN I get the "full" image so I can read the text. Sometimes if I move the cursor too fast the box disappears and I have to do the whole ritual all over again.

This is so aggravating and so stupid sometimes I change my mind and don't even bother to view the image. Stupid thing. Aggravating as all heck.

Seems there ought to be a right-click option to just view the image at full resolution, but there's not. Seems also there ought to be a tab at the top of IE to do the same thing, but there's not. Guess I should mention this is an IE thing and not Windows Viewer or anything else.

What is the deal with this ? Am I the only person that hates this stupid thing ? Don't even know what to call it in order to do a Google search.

Is there some way around this ? Some setting or som... Read more

A:How to Expand Attached Thumbnail Images

I have the same problem in Firefox, and I just close the thread and read another one
I thought it was my crappy video card.

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hi all - id like to know how i may add my own thumbnail images to files / folders ....
example :
i have a few folders with movies - i would like each file or folder to display an image of my choice of a relevant dvd cover or movie poster for easy navigating & aesthetics.
thanks all, as always for any & all help!

A:how to add my own thumbnail images to files & folders?

Hello Xdash,

One workaround that you could do is to have that folder with only the image or video file that you want to show as the thumbnail, then create a new subfolder in this folder for the rest of the files so that they will not be included with the thumbnail of the main folder.

Another workaround is to create a shortcut of this folder, and change the icon of the folder shortcut.

Hope this helps some,

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When using gmail via FireFox, images that are attached are also shown as thumbnails.

When you click an image, it opens in a new window. No problem w/ that.

However, it will appear very very large, and there is no manner in which I've quickly found to make them just fit the screen...

Any ideas?


A:Viewing gmail thumbnail images via FF

Forgive me if you've tried this already,

in Firefox options->Advanced,

is the option "Resize large images to fit in the browser window" checked?

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I dont have preview for mpg files!

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in my thumbnail i cant see file or folder's name! why?

A:thumbnail view

arungoogol, If you have the view set to show Thumbnails do the following:
Open the folder to view the thumbnails. Hold the Shift key down and click on the View button and select Details.
Remove your finger from the Shift key. You should now see the file names.
Hold the Shift key down and click on the View button and select Thumbnails.
You should now see the thumbnails with the file names under them.

To turn off filenames, hold down the Shift key when you click to open a folder in Windows Explorer or when you switch into thumbnail view. This will turn of the file names, giving more space for the thumbnails. Doing it again turns them back on.




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I am having a HP Laptop with Windows XP SP2 installed on it.
It contains folders containing MPEG files. By Choosing the Thumbnail View I can see 4 thumbnails in the folder view as well as individual thumbnails in the fileview of the folders. This WAS working fine.
The problem now is whenever I copy a MPEG file to another folder in the same location I cannot view the thumbnails in the folder view nor can I see the thumbnail in the file view. The Camera that I use is the Sony Handycam. I can see the thumbnails thru the Picture Viewer software given by Sony. But I cannot see the thumbnails thru Windows Explorer.

Please remember that the old files (copied from the same camera) thumbnails can be seen. This is happening for new files only.

I have checked for settings on the camera software but cannot I dont see any options for this.

Thanks for your help.....

A:No Thumbnail view

Hi sdeshpande, welcome to TSF..

have you tried:

Line 17 on the right???
Line 277 on the left???

Hope that helps

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i have reinstalled my wind vista home premium yest
but after that
the thumbnail view for pictures didnt work well
it just show the icon on pict type
and it didnt show the preview images in thumbnail mode

please help me... to ge the thumbnail view back...

A:no thumbnail view

Hi brilianto, welcome to TSF..

this could be a permissions issue as a result of reinstalling Windows.

Follow the guide in the link below to set yourself or Administrator as owner then give yourself full permissions:

Hope that helps

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After I loaded Illustrator 10 I can no longer view my pics in the thumbnail view. I tried the solutions for Thumbnail views posted by Microsoft to no avail. What else should I be looking for to find out why I cant view pics in a preview mode?

A:No More Thumbnail view

Have a look for a file called aiicon.dll in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell - is it there?

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When I open photos I see icons not thumbnails of photos, this only happened after I installed 8.1 free download. It is not happening with external drive! Thanks

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Hi all..

As newbie on this forum I have a question I hope you can help me with.
I would like to setup thumbnail view in Windows XP style.

Problem is following: I have a 4 years old son who likes to see movies from my NAS server. My Windows 7 is connected to my TV - I browse to children movie on my NAS and my son can see on folder picture what movie he would like to see. In windows XP there is no problem - picture is clear. In Windows 7 folder icon is half opened and picture only half visible. My son is not satisfied - he is not able to see the whole picture

Is the any way to customize folder view in order to see whole picture?

I hope I made my self understandable - otherwise - I will explain again

Best regards from Denmark

[IMG]file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]Image capture is uploaded her:


A:Thumbnail view


A different file manager is necessary.

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Hi all,

I am in process of building a gallery.

I have images of various dimension.

I want to view these images using IE.

Few of the images with dimension 500 X 700 or 700 X 800 can be viewed using IE

But images with larger dimension say 1400 , 1600 , 1900, 1200 , 900, 1000. cannot be viewed using IE

They can be viewed only using Windows Picture and Fax viewer.

Please let me know a solution to this.

Thank you

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Is there an easy program to use out there that will let me download all the images in a thumbnail gallery without right clicking and saving each one? I'm not talking about the thumbnails themselves, but the big pictures that you get on a separate page when you click on the thumbnails. I have tried a few of them, but they only seem to get the thumbnails. I also tried using FlashGot but it seems overly complex.

Help is appreciated.

A:Download Thumbnail Galleries (linked images)?

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Hi. I have a lot of You Tube video downloads I search through, but my current player is not furnishing an image on the thumbnail icon. Actually, SOME .mp4 files show film image snapshots, but other .mp4 do not with my current VLC player. And NONE of my .flv downloads will show an image.

It seems to be hard to determine whether certain players will produce images or not....at least with my limited computer knowledge.

Can you advise me of a relatively safe player that will do what I'm seeking?

Thank you!
Oregon high desert

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, AMD64 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 381451 MB, Free - 327401 MB; X: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 137964 MB; Z: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 458582 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., NODUSM3
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Need thumbnail images on video icons

Where are you wishing to see the images? If you are referring to Windows Explorer or File Manager, those icons are not based on the media player. They are based, in part, by WMP support.

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So I have tried every trick and tweak that I read on the internet. From registry to folder options to administrative tools, I have tried everything but I still dont see thumbnails for my image files. I found a lot of people with this problem. For some of them, even a fresh install isn't helping.
Irfan view is the defaul program for images which I removed and added again but that too doesn't help. My AVG free does not detect any malware or virus. Do you have any suggestions or you want me to refresh my PC?
Any inputs will be appreciated.
OS - WIndows 8 Pro 32 Bit

A:No thumbail no thumbnail images. No tweak is helping

Are you talking about the thumbnails in Pictures?
Were you able to see these previously?
If you were, what did you do to make the thumbnails disappear?
If you were able to see these previously try doing System restore.  Pick a date prior to the missing thumbnails.

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how to create thumbnails when you have a few hundreds to do? what free software do you use?

A:Fast way to create hundreds of thumbnail images

Irfanview batch thumbnail mode. Batch process as many as you like

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After installing Irfanview to XP Pro I lost this functionality.


A:Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

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Hello all,

I at first didn't know how to give thumbnail views to folders as I had tried every step(checking & unchecking stuff in Folder Options) but recently my friend told me to rename the image to "Folder" in order to get thumbnail view.

Now, what I want to know is if there is any way to not get a bended view of the pic. As the bended view doesn't give the full pic view.

Thanks in advance for your help


A:Folder Thumbnail View

There have been several threads on this subject. If you scroll back far enough you'll find them. But for starters, take a look at this thread: Folder Image Cover posted by BlazingInferno in this section 2 weeks ago.

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Hello Guys!

Lately I haven't been able to view the thumbnails of my videos in my folders. Most of the videos are MPEGs. It co-insided with putting Nero Buring ROM on, which hijacked all my video files to open with its' own video player. I then selected all the files and clicked the 'Open With' button and selected Windows Media Player and 'Always use this program to open this kind of file'.

Since installing Nero, I haven't had my thumbnail previews, just the Windows Media Player icon. It's really annoying, as I don't know what file is what!

Even uninstalling Nero didn't make any difference, so was it a coincidence?

What do you think maybe the problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

A:Thumbnail View Problem. Please Help!

Hello again everyone!

Is there anyone who knows about this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I dont have no preview of vids when in thumbnail view, did before. All it shows is an icon with MPG or AVI in the middle, pictures
in thumbnail view is ok... i am using GOM Player

Any suggestions

A:No picture when in thumbnail view

Not the actual window you will work in, but probably the same principle see screenshot. check that thumbnails as against icons is checked

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One of my friends is facing a strange problem. He has a 915 Intel motherboard with 1GB of RAM and runs Windows XP Professional with SP2. Whenever he makes a thumbnail view of any folder the following message box (Error) appears and the Windows Explorer shuts down and takes a restart.

To help protect your computer windows has closed this programme.
Name: Windows Explorer

Data Execution prevention helps protect against damage from viruses and other security threats.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error Error SignaturEvent Type: BEX P1 Explorer.exe
P2 6.0.2900.2180
P3:41107 ece
Temp\WER 3c6a.dir00\explorer.exe.mdmp
Temp\WER 3c6a.dir00\appcompat.txtClick to expand...

I tried to solve the problem by stopping the DEP but of no avail. I have already scanned the system for viruses with Macafee and Norton Antivirus. No virus was detected.I also replaced the RAMS with other ones but the problem persists. Help please!
Thanking u in advance.

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In Windows explorer one can view images in thumbnails. For some reasons however, I need to conveniently view a number of .wmf (Windows Metafile) and .emf(Enhanced Metafile) files with thumbnails. I didn?t find it possible with Windows Explorer.
Is there a way to enable them?

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Hey all, im new to this forum and basically iv just been pokin around the net trying to find an answer to my problem, but with no luck, i find myself here - so hey, im NathaN - right introZ over, heres my problem:

For as long as i can remember i have been archiving music on my hard-drive. A particular preference i have is to set the albums out in thumbnail view with a .jpg of the front cover in each sub-folder to view as the main picture (eliminating the multi-picture low-quality album art XP tends to autoselect) just by simply repeating [right-click] -> properties -> customize -> choose picture.

This is a very long winded and time consuming process which i once brought myself to do, but alas, as my music folder is on my external HDD and a difinitive drive letter had not yet been set, 1 reboot and 1 vintage ipod later and my HDD assigned a new letter, and so my settings reverted back to the original thumbnail view. After assigning my external to [Z] this is no longer an issue, but; after reading this long winded introduction, my question is... can i edit the .ini file or use some 'get' commands in visual basic/create a .bat file etc to automatically select the first .jpg image in each folder when set to thumbnail view (and how do i this). This would save a good few days of manual changes.

Thankyou for the time you wasted reading this post.

btw: running XP PRO MCE

i did manage to find where i think the info about the thumbnails is stored in the regist... Read more

A:Thumbnail view query

help me keep this thread alive ppl... im kinda stuck on this one and nowhere els has been of much help. Even a link to another source/support forum would be nice.



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