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Problem extracting / backing up hard drive data from Precision 3520

Q: Problem extracting / backing up hard drive data from Precision 3520

My new Precision 3520 mobile workstation is down after only 3 days of use, OS won't start normally. I decided to return it anyway.
So I need to back up hard drive data first. But new problems prevented me from doing it...
Info on my Precision 3520:OS: Ubuntu 16.04HDD: Seagate ST500LM021, 500GB 7200RPM
What I did:Take out the Precision 3520 hard drive, and connect it as a USB device to my old Inspiron N5050 laptop (runs windows 7). The connection is done via an Insignia SATA-to-USB 3.0 converter, it worked fine with other HDD of comparable model (a Seagate Momentus 5400.6, 500GB 5400RPM).
Problem:Upon connection, the driver is successfully installed, but the HDD shows up as having only 2GB size, with only OS files inside. The rest 400+GB of disk, with user data, can't be found.
How to solve this?
Just in case if you need this -- the Precision 3520 can't enter OS desktop. After displaying the Ubuntu start up logo, it got stuck there with black screen, keyboard not responsive, but the following error message pops on and off once every 2-3 seconds:[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: PCIe bus error: severity=corrected, type=data link layer, id=00e0(transmitter ID)[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: device [8086:a111] error status/mask=00001000/00002000[***:*****] pcieport 0000:00:1c.0: [12] Replay timer timeout (Note: those *** are some random numbers)
Running the pre-boot hardware diagnosis shows all devices are normal.And it can still enter BIOS setting.
After clearing "power event log" in BIOS setting, the error message above disappeared, but the same problem persists.(Now I'm not concerned about this OS start up problem, because I'll return it anyway. What I want to solve is the HDD data backup issue!)
I appreciate anyone who can help me on it!

Preferred Solution: Problem extracting / backing up hard drive data from Precision 3520

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Problem extracting / backing up hard drive data from Precision 3520

Instead of removing the hard drive I would have used another PC to create a bootable DVD of some flavor of Linux.
Anyway, I wonder if it is something to the partitioning of the hard drive.

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I have a HP Notebook that has two hard drives. One C drive and one D drive. I have my windows XP Partition on the C Drive. I am trying to extract all the info from my D Drive and put it onto an External Hard drive. For some reason it is just not letting me transfer the files. I have tried to send and copy them over with no luck. I have tried using Acronis T.Image, but doesn't work (tells me that there is bad sectors and can't transfer). Tried using bootable disks (UBCD 4 Win, Drive XML, Norton partition manager 9.0 etc. As soon as I start extracting files it gives me and error message and asks if I want to ignore, retry etc. What would you suggest. I was going to run a disk check on this D drive, but I am afraid of it wiping out some of my files. Is there another bootable disk that I should use for extracting my files. Thanks for the help!

A:Extracting data from a corrupt hard drive

If you've already received an error message indicating that data files are in bad sectors of the hard drive...I don't see where you have any choice but to try to run chkdsk /r to move files from bad sectors to good sectors.


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I have a HP Notebook that has two hard drives. One C drive and one D drive. I have my windows XP Partition on the C Drive. I am trying to extract all the info from my D Drive and put it onto an External Hard drive. For some reason it is just not letting me transfer the files. I have tried to send and copy them over with no luck. I have tried using Acronis T.Image, but doesn't work (tells me that there is bad sectors and can't transfer). Tried using bootable disks (UBCD 4 Win, Drive XML, Norton partition manager 9.0 etc. As soon as I start extracting files it gives me and error message and asks if I want to ignore, retry etc. What would you suggest. I was going to run a disk check on this D drive, but I am afraid of it wiping out some of my files. Is there another bootable disk that I should use for extracting my files. Thanks for the help!

A:Solved: Extracting data off a corrupt hard drive!

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I have a huge honking 1TB of space on my C: hard drive and only use less than half of that, but every time I want to do a system backup and create a system image (to restore to in case everything else goes wrong, which has occurred 3 times this year) is to backup to a USB drive of only 300GB, which is about the size of a backup w/sys image. So, everytime I do that, I lose all my other backups (which shouldn't be a problem but is annoying).

I have a 700 HD I am currently not using - can anyone advise me on the steps to take? (I tried Lenovo support, and incredibly, they want $150 for such an "involved" help issue - and I am still under warranty. I asked what the $75 dollar option would give me, and they said (incredibly) that for $75 I would get three (3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) phone support sessions for "minor" problems. When asked what a "minor" problem was, they said as an example "installing software"!!!! WTF??

When asked, I was told the warranty only covered the HD, and only in certain cases. I didn't ask to define "certain" cases, but asked to speak to a floor manager (I've worked on help desks) I was then peppered with questions like: Why? Why do you need to speak to him? My name? Why do you need my name?"

It's service like this that has already made me decide to go to a different brand, any brand, just based on that. OK, Ihave finished my rant!

Any help would be appreciated (oh, the HD I will be using is not ... Read more

A:I want to install a 2nd hard drive to use for backing up data

Welcome to SevenForums.

If you want to use the second drive only for system images and it already has information on it you'll need to format it first.

You can do this by simply plugging in the USB drive ( I assume that is what your going to use) then go to my computer and click on that drive and select fomat. choose which type you want NTFS or Fat 32 I recommend NTFS.

Once you have done that you'll choose quick format.
This will EREASE everything on the drive and prepare it for new information. So make usre you don't have anything on the drive you want to keep.

Once you have formatted the drive you can use either imgburn. Download link
Or DriveImage XML Software to create the system image. Download link http://www.runtime.org/driveimage-xml.htm

Here is a tutorial on how to use DriveImage XML http://www.techsupportalert.com/partitioning-hard-drives-3.htm

Here is a post using Macrium with a link that will also help you. http://www.sevenforums.com/backup-restore/43219-image-your-system-free-macrium.html

Hope this will answer your question.

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I recently received a Precision 3520. About a quarter of the time, if I press a multi-key shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+Win+Left/Right to switch virtual desktops or Alt+Shift+',' in emacs) the computer drops one or both of the modifier keys and doesn't recognize the shortcut (e.g., in emacs, it will recognize just Alt+',' or even just ','). It happens when I press the control keys simultaneously but not if I press one then the other.
Can anyone else with a Precision 3520 tell me if this happens to them? I am going to return this unit but I am unsure if buying a different one will fix the problem.
Reading, e.g. this thread, (and also given some other smaller problems I have with the unit), I am wondering if the 3520 line is just poorly constructed, or if I got unlucky.

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In preparations for upgrading from Win7 to Win10, I want to make sure I don't lose any essential program data. Most of my data files (word processing, graphics, etc.) are not located on the C-drive where my OS is located, so they aren't the issue. However, as I recall the last time I had to install an OS (long time ago), there were other files that were saved automatically by various programs that were located in the Windows folder, or elsewhere on the C-drive, that were generated by the programs - profiles, saves, etc. - including Application Data and other stuff needed by the programs, and things like font files. Some of them are pretty easy to locate and backup (font files, custom sounds, etc.), but I'm always uncertain about whether or not I have all I need.

Is there some way to backup all of those kinds of files without simply backing up the whole C-drive (including Windows), then if I need them later, going looking for them?

My computer is home built, and the primary drive (C-drive) is a 256 GM SSD. Windows and a few of the programs I use a lot are located there for speed. Other programs are located in a partition on a much larger traditional HD, with data files on another partition of that drive. Backup will be to a 1TB drive on a server on my LAN.


A:Prep for Win10 - backing up C-Drive Data (app data, fonts, etc.)

I still think it be easier to use Reflect that you can find in my sig as you can mount that image and find what you need after. Of course this is still an image of the the ssd. you could choose to take only the partition with windows on it though, if you do the whole drive you can come back from an upgrade snafoo.

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I need some assistance with this matter please. I've had this laptop for over 5 years but very recently it quit turning on. After leaving it alone for several months and trying it again, it would turn on but wouldn't let me get past the initial sign-in screen. I have already tried hitting f12 during startup and running the diagnostics test and it gave me the following message while beeping obnoxiously:
error code 2000-0142
Validation: 107408
Msg: hard drive 0 - S/N W0499XZ2
Short self test unsuccessful
Thanks, in advance.

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My current M4700 has been my gp development machine, and other than the sporadic Radeon induced laptop hang, it has served me well. I run it with two solid state drives, and although performance is more than sufficient its getting creaky. Its coming up on 5 years, so I'm shopping for a solid portable workstation.
in looking at the 3510, its widely reported that it was a Windows 10 disaster; I think they've finally worked out all the bugs, but I sure don't want to deal with these issues.
if you have a 3520, and I know they're pretty new, i’d love to hear your initial thoughts.

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Hi. The other day, the lights flickered, my computer tried to restart and would not. I got the error message
"missing kr corrupt:
I enstalled a new disk drive. I was wondering if you know of any way to extract files off of the "crashed" disk. I plugged it in and it recognizes that a storage device is connected as new hardware, but it does not show up on my computer and I cannot access it. If you know of a way to get information off of this drive, please let me know.

A:Extracting Data From A Crashed Drive

The first thing to know is that the more that you access the drive, the more chance there is for data to be destroyed. If the data is critical, then I'd suggest taking it to a data recovery service immediately.If it's not quite that critical (several hundred to several thousand dollars), then I'd suggest the trial of GetDataBack from http://www.runtime.org. It'll tell you if there's data that can be recovered from the drive (you'll have to pay to get the program to recover it).

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I have a Precision 3520 and a TB16.

I am trying to connect 2 external monitors (2560x1440 each) to the laptop through the dock, but the laptop doesn't recognize any external monitor. The dock is connected via USB-C. The docking cable has a thunderbolt logo and the laptop usb-c port has a displayport logo

Should this setup work? Or do I have the wrong dock? Because when I connect the dock I get a popup saying "The docking station you have connected cannot provide full functionality while connected to the current port. If you have a Thunderbolt port, attach the docking station to that port for full functionality"

How can I get the external monitors to work? Also, the ethernet port on the dock is not working. I tested the monitor on the laptop and that did work. The ethernet also does work when plugged into the laptop.

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Hi, i've problem with this nvidia-intel optimus system. After windows reinstalation, i cant go over 1366x768 (it's intel max resolution). But it should go up to 1920x1080 (like in other laptop where windows wasn't reinstaled). As a programmer i checked: Uninstalling drivers, installing new ones from intel,nvidia site, using drivers from dell site, using dell command update, using dell precision optimizer. And still it looks like optimus isn't communicating and i'm stuck with this resolution. HDMI is working correctly with 1920x1080. But laptop screen should have same resolution -_-. I'm using Windows 10 64b Pro

A:Precision 3520 - Invalid resolution in windows

All of the base models have a 1366X768 screen -- did you purchase an upgrade with the system?  If not, that's the maximum resolution for your system.  To check the screen capabilities, go into system setup (F2 at powerup) -- it'll tell you what screeen you have.

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I'm running WIN98. I have a Hitachi DVD-ROM drive. All of the sudden I am unable to extract data from my drive. I use Adaptec Easy CD Creator to rip tracks from CDs. And I also use Sony OpenMG Jukebox and Sony Simple Burner to rip tracks from CD to my Sony NetMD mini disc player/recorder. This has all worked fine until recently. The Easy CD Creator says it can't extract from the drive and the Sony software says unable to recognize cd. But I can still play cds and dvds in the drive and it shows as working properly in the device manager.

I HAVE downloaded a couple of freeware proggies on the web. like DB Power Converter which did come with a cd ripping program. but i have uninstalled it all and it hasn't helped.

My question is:
The easy cd creator help says to check config.sys for a 16-bit driver and remove it if its there. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:DVD-ROM problem extracting data

Run SYSEDIT and select the CONFIG.SYS windows. Generally it should be empty. If not add a semi-colon to each line to convert it to a comment as a test.

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I received my Dock WD15 and AC Adapter 130W and install all driver available on Dell Support for my Precision 3520 with real serial tag and followed the recommandation here : en.community.dell.com/.../19985641
But, when i connected everything and trying to start for the Dock, i have this error message:

You have attached an undersized 95W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 130W power adapter
After that, I choose F1 to start Windows (on laptop), and everything wokrs (LCD, mouse, keyboard and charing battery to full...)
And when i enter into the bios, i see 95W on AC Adapter, but i have a new 130W.
When i try starting from a 240W from my 3510 friend, it works fine.
Where is the problem?

A:Undersized power adapter when starting from WD15 and Precision 3520

According to the FAQ page for the WD15, when used with a Precision 15 3000 Series, the WD15 must be powered by a 180W power adapter.  If you were using a TB16, you would need a 240W adapter.  The reason is that the dock itself requires some power both for its internal components and to keep capacity available for devices you might connect to the USB-A ports or the USB-C port on the BACK of the WD15 (or Thunderbolt port on the back of the TB16), so if the dock is only getting 130W to begin with, it can't make all of that available to the system you connect to it.
FAQ page: www.dell.com/.../dell-dock-wd15--usb-type-c---information--capability-and-specifications

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I was trying to find a slim power adapter for my Precision 3520 with Xeon processors.  I ordered the 90-watt power adapter since the slim 130-watt adapter has a 4.5 mm connector.
I powered up the laptop and received a warning message that the 90-watt isn't enough (the laptop came with this wonky 130-watt adapter that is pretty big).  I ended up ordering a 130-watt adapter with 4.5 mm connector and I'm waiting on a 4.5-7 mm adapter to get here to make it work.
Today I thought I would try it out.  I hooked the 90-watt adapter up with the battery at 80%, opened up Kaspersky and started a full scan while also performing a backup, opened up the Netflix app and started streaming a movie, then opened up Philips SpeechExec Pro to transcribe with Dragon Medical Practice Edition in addition to the following apps: IE, Edge, Outlook/Word/PowerPoint/Excel/OneNote 2016, Sonos, Pandora, Amazon Music, Weather, Weather Channel, iTunes, Dropbox.  I was connected to an external monitor via HDMI and had the laptop lid open so the built-in screen was also on.
The 90-watt adapter was more than enough, although the charge took a long time to get to 100%.
I'm posting this in case anyone else is wanting a slim power adapter instead of the large one that comes with the laptop.  Google searches didn't find anything productive, so hopefully this will show up for anyone interested and that Googles it.

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We recently purchased some machines, docking stations and monitors for 2 employees in our office building. The machines are Precision 3520 workstations (32GB model), the docking stations are WD15's (k17a) and the monitors as shown in the title are U2417H monitors. The problem they've been reporting, is that the monitors will go black momentarily (maybe for 2-5 seconds) and they'll come back as if nothing happened. This is happening frequently enough day in and day out, that it is distracting them from their work. We've done everything we can think to troubleshoot the issue. We've done clean installs of the Dell approved nvidia graphics card drivers, reinstalled the Intel HD graphics driver, installed the monitor drivers (formally they were generic uPnP windows monitor drivers), updated the BIOS and other Dell drivers via the driver detect utility, updated the docking station firmware, switched out docks and cables (the docks they were using were swapped , changed settings on the monitor themselves, and even got a replacement machine sent out, which didn't change a thing. At this point, myself and the IT department feel we're going down the rabbit hole, trying everything we can think of to resolve the issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:U2417H, Precision 3520, WD15 dock, momentary blackouts

Welcome to our community. We'll surely try to assist you. We'd like to appreciate you for trying almost all the troubleshooting steps before you reached out to us. Please try the following steps and let us know the results.1. Make sure that the video cable is connected properly with the monitor and the computer.2. Reset the monitor to the Factory Settings.3. Run the self-test feature and determine if the intermittent problem occurs in the self-test mode.

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Hi DELL-Justin C,
I need to know after viewing your Dell M.2 / NVME guide, we are going to buy a game of Precision 3520 or Latitude 5580 laptops both with M.2 NVME disks, my question is if it is possible to extend to a second SATA3 drive SSD, using the M.2 as Sis. Op. And the second for Storage of Virtual Machines. In both cases it indicates this configuration: Drive configurations supported: (1x M2) (1x 2.5inch SATA) (1x M.2 cache drive and 1x 2.5 inch drive). This configuration is exclusive, 1xM.2 or 1x2.5 SATA or is (1x M.2) + (1x 2.5inch SATA)
Thanks in advance

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Was trying to backup some data onto a network drive today but got into some trouble.

The drive is 500GB and connected directly to the networks router, so shows up in network places etc..
Problem is, you can copy and paste or make new files on the drive, but cant backup in Vista, due to a RPC protocol error and in XP im not sure how to set backups.

When i worked in IT support last year i had my work saved everytime i logged out but i cant remember how i did it lol, anyone know that its called and how its setup? Sure it was sycnchronisation or something similar..

If i can do that, so select the files i want to back up, then they backup when the user logs off.
There are 3 machines, and all must be able to backup. Two running XP and one running Vista. All can access the backup drive via run \\(ip address or share name).

Final issue, which is unrelated, might have to make a new thread is the firewall.
The user had Mcafee and Windows Firewall shown in security center, but still was having major trouble connecting the pc's to share printers.

I disabled Norton and Mcafee firewall and just used Windows and then it worked, but id like to use Norton as he has paid for it. I used to use it but have opted for Comodo for years. Any Norton experts here? It will be one of the many rules in the firewall that is blocking connections, i cant connect to the other machines when Norton firewall is running either.


A:Backing Up Data Onto Network Drive.

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I successfully cloned my C:\ drive to an external USB drive. Next, I'd like to create a new folder on the external drive, and back up (not clone) the data from my D:\ drive to that folder.

Will this cause any conflict either now or somewhere down the road?

A:Backing up data to a cloned drive.

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I have a remote drive that I use at home & work for data and programs.
I would like to back up that drive on a secondary drive on my home computer with XP.
I used taracopy to copy all the data to the computer drive but that takes all day to
back up that drive. Is there any good free back up software that will allow me to
back up data without taking so long. Maybe something that would allow me to
push a button and update my backup without taking all day?

Thank you,

A:Backing up a Remote USB drive with a lot of data.

Check out Syncback Free


Works very well for me.

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I have always backed my personal hard drives using images for easy restoration

However i now have 2 PCs that need backup performed and they just want the data so an image is not necessary thus i only want the important data ie; documents and settings important files no junk such as updates or temp files

I would prefer to remove the hard drives and plug it into another pc to perform the backup instead of doing the back up from the actual machine

I was looking for the best possible way to perform this

A:Backing up hard drives to external, important data ie; pictures music

You can use Windows Backup via Control Panel, System and Security, Backup and REstore, just for backing up your data and settings. A simple backup of C:\Users\<your username> would suffice for most people unless you have your documents on a separate folder or drive.
I use a good third party backup program called Retrospec Pro from EMC (Retrospect).

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I'm getting a new computer, and I'd like to extract the operating system (XP) from my old computer's hard drive to maybe use it again someday. Is this possible?

Thanks for all assistance

A:Extracting Operating System from Hard Drive

Yes .. But it'll only work in the computer it was extracted from.

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I often have to backup entire hard drive and to copy back some files when I format PCs. I usually use Acronis True Image Home with no compression but it is pretty slow to copy back (extract) files. I recently tryed DriveImage XML but it is also slow, it copy at 5-10 mb/s. Does anyone know a software that can do this much faster? Or a better method. I have a caviar black 2TB, thanks.

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My IBM Thinkcentre Windows XP crashed and when I tried to repair XP it basically installed a brand new version of the OS partition. So now I cannot access files such as pics, music etc from hard drive.

Thanks in advance!

A:Problem Accessing Data from Hard Drive

At this point, do as little as you can from that computer. You can probably still recover these files. Download a free program like Recuva and run a scan on that hard drive to try and recover those files. You may have to mount the hard drive in another computer and run the scan from a different Windows OS. Good luck!

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I am not sure where to put this so I will start here. I had an old laptop with broken case. I removed the hard drive and connected a ATA to USB cable to it that was loaned to me. It plugged in fine and read hard drive fine. Downloaded al pictures and Documents to my Acer with windows 8. Made a folder and copied the files. I can now access these files on this computer but when I put them on a external drive or thumb drive no other computer can read them. I even added other files to the thumb drive and those can be read but not the ones that came off the original drive. Help.

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Hello, yesterday I bought a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB External Portable Hard Drive and after moving a lot of files on to it, the Used Space has remained at 619 GB, despite putting more files on it than that. When I remove files, the appropriate space is taken off - but whenever I add more files the usage always stop at 619 GB. Yet, whatever files I add past 619 GB show up on the drive and work appropriately.

I'm worried about the reliability of the drive (only started seeing negative reviews of the product after purchase) and I'm not sure what to do about this, as I can only return the drive for same kind of drive at the store. Any help would be much appreciated.

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G'day All,
I'm having a hard drive problem. My hard drive crashed I've bought a new one have loaded up windows xp pro tried connected my old drive (making a clunking noise) as a slave drive and my computer just hangs at the XP pro openning window and does not advance. If I disconnect the slave win XP opens up correctly. I can't then connect when I'm in windows as it doesn't recognise that i've connected the drive.

I'm trying to recover some data on the old drive.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated? thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive problem - crashed and trying to recover data

the drive is falling apart right pieces sound like they have broken inside the drive am i understanding you correcty if this is so the drive inside is getting damaged but you can recover the info on it
it easier to take the hdd in to a comp store or teck and they will open up the hdd and take out the disk and put it in a machine that can read it and wala they can recover all info on the disk perviding it not to badly damaged already my cousin had this done when his apt was broken into when he was on holidays and his computer was burnt and smashed to hell he took in the drive i think it cost him like $30 dollors can. and all info was recovered from disk the easiest way

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Having looked at a few forums, it seems an update from Windows sometimes produces a fault where your PC is stuck in an infinate restart having shown updated 3 of 3 0%. I found trouble starting in safe mode and instead selected to go for a restore point, from here the drive was formatted and I have lost about 100gb of data. My question is if I use a data recovery program will I be able to restore all my emails, documents, photos, music and software etc and replace them onto the hard drive. The PC came with MS Office already on it so I cannot reinstall the that or any of the other usefull programs as I do not have the serial numbers. I have been looking at Ease Us and this is doing a search at the moment has found 140,000 files in 2 hours, feels like it may be opening a massive can of worms trying to replace and restore everything.

A:Formated hard drive, Data Recovery problem

The more that you use the hard drive, the more likely that the data will be overwritten (and unrecoverable by normal means).

I'd recommend the utilities from Data Recovery Software - Hard Drive Recovery - RAID Recovery - Runtime Software They are free to run and see what you can recover - but it'll cost you about $80 US to actually do the recovery.

Data recovery is just that - data. If you're trying to recover programs that'll be much more difficult. I'd suggest contacting the system manufacturer for a set of recovery disks that contain the original software.

Then you're faced with determining if the data recovery was successful. In my case I recovered a deleted partition with an image of my hard drive - and the software reported that it was successful. But I wasn't able to restore the image.

Good luck!

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Hi I've had my 250GB Iomega Hard drive for quite a while now but recently I've been having some problems with it. When i try to download something onto it it sometimes stops and gives me an data cyclic redunancy error message. I've looked this up and poster here before but still don't really understand what this is. Anyway, when I inserted my hard drive today it was very unresponsive but when I eventually got into it I couldn't see any of the files so I assumed it had deleted them but when I checked the HD properties it says they are still there. Any way I can get the files off the folder before I pack it in for good?

Thanks in adance


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How can I automatically back up my information on my C drive to another internal hard drive?

A:Backing up Hard drive

Acronis true image will do the job for you. You can set the schedule up to run whenever you want ie 02:00 or whatever. It can make an image of the complete drive or just my docs, etc; whatever you want.

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Due to issues outlined in another thread, I need to re-install the Vista OS on my laptop. Checking on Google, there seems to be a way to do this without losing all programs and settings. My problem is that I don't have an original OS disk. All I have is a copy of the restore partition that came on my HP laptop.
Can anyone tell me how I can do this?

A:Backing up Hard drive

There is only one way to do this, you must back up your OS. You can use the free Macrium Reflect to back up your Operating System (hard drive) and then use then restore the image to the hard drive of your choice.
If you cannot boot the computer, this method will not be viable.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
You should always back up your hard drive prior to experiencing problems

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I would like to back up the complete hard drive to one external, is there some that are better a doing this? If so what would you recommend? thanks 2boot

A:backing up a hard drive

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I am looking for something like Norton Ghost but Im not sure if it is the best software for what I want to do. I play around a lot with my computer so what I would like to do is once I have installed my operating system and all my software and I know everything is running good.

>I want to be able to take a snap shot of my whole hard drive and replace it when it gets bad.
>I want it to work with most operating systems
>I want it to be user friendly
>I want to be able to burn my information to a disk.

Does any body know of anything better than Norton Ghost or is the best thing to use.


A:backing up my hard drive


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What my intent is - to backup my hard drive to dvd in case of a crash. i have a dual layer dvd burner and want to use it. by the way, i'm still in the novice stage so please consider that in your answer.

system - custom built computer - 1.66 processor - 512 ram - 40gb hard drive. using windowsxp-sp2. i have about 27gb free space. actually i dont know what information you really need.

i recently purchased a backup program called Acronis. it was highly recommended by several people. so i created a folder called mybackup on my desktop, then ran the backup to the folder. when i check properties on the folder it shows 7.63gb which seems about right. under contains it shows 1 files, 1 folder.

so i went to nero6 which is alredy on my computer to burn it to dvd. i've never used it before so i was kinda guessing - and i finally got to a point where it showed that it was ready to burn the file to dvd. when i clicked burn it only ran a minute or so then ejected the disc. looking at the disc it only burned a very thin line. i deleted everything several times and retried but got the same results.

so i dont know if the problem ( probably operator problem ) lies in Acronis or Nero6. i took my disc into work and had our IT person check it and he said it only burned info about the file - no content.

at this point i have paid for the program - wasted a few dvd discs ( and two double layer discs ). i'm so confused right now. please let me know if this will work - or should... Read more

A:Backing Up Hard Drive

I don't know Acronis software so I'm generalising here:

Firstly - there is no point in having a backup folder on your desktop, the desktop is just a folder on your C: drive and if the drive dies your backup goes with it. I'm sure you realise that but I'm just clarifying.

Secondly - you don't need to use Nero at all. Windows XP has its own burning software - just drag'n'drop the files to the drive.

I think you should have a look at the Acronis package again for their recommendations, I would have thought it was capable of directing the backup direct to the DVD drive without putting it in a folder first.


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What is the easiest way for me to back up my primary hard drive onto another hard drive?
Is there a special software involved?

A:Backing up hard drive?

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I recently purchased an external hard drive for use in backing up my PC. Rather than using the not-so-friendly software which came with the drive, I decided to simply cut and paste, and/or drag and drop my PC internal C-drive, to the external drive. Shortly after starting to transfer data, an error message pops up telling me that I can't copy a file called hiberfil. It further instructed me to close any program that might be using that file and then try again. After attempting a search on my computer for the location and explanation of that file, nothing was found. I next tried deactivating all programs in the system tray that might be causing the problem. No luck!

Can anyone tell me what the hiberfil file is, and tell me how to get around this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A:Backing up a hard drive

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Well, I recently had my emachines T2596 motherboard fry on me, along with the PSU, and after reading many a post on failing emachines motherboard I decided against getting one directly from them. So i decided to get a new motherboard and power supply along with a newer, better CPU from newegg.
So I start up computer and it says something along the lines of "disk boot failed: please insert system disk" so I find the recovery cd and put it in. Now it's saying that all my files will be erased because it needs to reinstall Windows XP and to backup my files before I continue. What should I do? Is it still possible to back up my hard drive somehow?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Backing up hard drive

Boot from the XP cd and go into the recovery console. When you get to a c: prompt type fixmbr. When that is done type chdsk /f. Reboot the computer without the cd and see if that works. If not you will need a Bart PE disk or Ultimate Boot CD, boot from one of those and that will let you burn or save the data to a cd or external storage device if the data is recoverable.

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What's the best way to make a back up of your hard drive ? Is there any way to make something like a restore disk ? I have Ghost 2003 but can't figure out which function I need to use . I am using Win XP and Win 2000 . Thanks

A:Need help backing up hard drive

You can easily back up the drive if you follow the Norton Ghost manual.

Check this link too -


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I'm having some problems right now, whenever I start my computer I get a message saying

STOP: c0000221 {Bad Image Checksum}

From what I've read, I will have to completely reinstall windows which apparently will erase my hard drive, so I need to back it up to my external hard drive. Is there any way to do this? I can't get past the blue screen, so I can't actually access my hard drive normally. Is there any way to get access top it and transfer everything to my external drive? Also, the computer is a laptop, which I'm sure if anything, will only complicate things.

A:Backing up hard drive

Iím assuming you have another computer and the laptop is not bootable.

If you can find and external HD enclosure for the HD in your laptop, then you should be able to read the data in it to another computer.

Iím not familiar with the HDs in a laptop or the enclosures required.
Does this sound an approach you want to take ?

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After completely losing all data on my main hard drive due to a head crash (platters damaged beyond recovery ), I have learned a hard lesson no one should have to learn. I now have a USB 2.0 external hard drive that I will be using to back up my new internal hard drive going forward. The main things I need to back up are my data files (Word, Excel, Publisher, pictures, songs, movies, etc.), Outlook Express e-mails and contacts, and IE favorites. My software does not need to be backed up as I have the CD's and DVD's to reinstall it if needed.

Do you have any recommendations for software that is easy to use, has scheduling capabilities, and is well-supported? I know Windows can do backups, but I don't think it has scheduling capabilities.

By the way, I have the Windows XP SP2 operating system.

Thanks and Regards.


A:Backing Up Hard Drive

Apparently you can. I pulled this from the Help and Support section under Start...To schedule a backup Open Backup. The Backup Utility Wizard starts by default, unless it is disabled.Click the Advanced Mode button in the Backup Utility Wizard. Click the Backup tab, and then, on the Job menu, click New. Select the files and folders you want to back up by clicking the check box to the left of a file or folder under Click to select the check box for any drive, folder or file that you want to back up. Select File or a tape device in Backup destination, and then save the file and folder selections by clicking the Job menu, and then clicking Save Selections. In Backup media or file name, type a path and file name for the backup file, or select a tape. Select any backup options you want, such as the backup type and the log file type, by clicking the Tools menu, and then clicking Options. When you have finished selecting backup options, click OK. Click Start Backup and make any changes you want to the Backup Job Information dialog box. If you want to set advanced backup options such as data verification or hardware compression, click Advanced. When you have finished selecting advanced backup options, click OK. For more information about setting advanced backup options, see To set advanced backup options. Click Schedule in the Backup Job Information dialog box. In the Set Account Information dialog box, enter the user name and password that you want the scheduled backup to run under. ... Read more

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i have an optiplex 755 with windows xp, which i've copied a bootable copy of to another hard drive. can someone explain to an old rookie how to connect my copy to my computer and save my data and changes to my bootable copy.   thx  dewitt

A:backing up my hard drive

Generally you would be better off setting up an actual backup solution as compared to just making a bootable duplicate. There are two options to do this, the first being an internal RAID controller and mirroring your drive to the other (Raid Level 1), but this would require you performing a normal backup to an external drive, reformatting, and restoring your backup. After this your 2nd drive will be a realtime updating clone of the 1st drive. 
The 2nd cheaper option would be backing up to an external hard drive on a daily basis. Windows XP has its own backup software but sometimes can be a pain. I would go with a third party backup software (there are plenty of free ones out there) and just set it to automatically backup daily to that external drive. This way if your drive ever fails, you just get a new drive, reinstall Windows and then restore your backup.

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I am apologizing before I start because I have limited knowledge and hope not to waste anyone's time.

The story: I am trying to recover a few data files from my old hard drive. I have removed my hard drive from my laptop in which the motherboard crashed. The hard drive is about a year old, laptop 5 years old. I placed the removed drive into a usb drive enclosure. The failed computer had Vista OS, my new computer has Windows 7 OS. The failed drive has a password on it at the level of logging into windows. When I connected old drive to new computer via usb, the new computer recognized it and gave it a drive letter. If if clicked on the drive I could see the files in it. When I tried to go to the files that contained my data, I got a message that I did have permission to open them. Then the new computer continuously tried to open the file. This process wouldn't stop even trying to kill it with the Task Master. I had to pull the drive out of the usb and reboot my new computer.

questions: What should I do? Is this a problem with conflicting OS systems, passwords, too many OS. I have looked at forums but could not find anything that I could understand and use. Any suggestions?


A:Problem recovering data from laptop hard drive after motherboard failure

Try to take ownership.

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Hey I recently backed up my two hard drives 250gb (not RAID) onto one 500gb drive. i wiped the two drives and enabled RAID and booted my computer via the new 500gb hard drive. this worked and the computer ran as normal. the problem I am recieving however is iTunes is not loading up and working.

Whenever I try to start iTunes I get the standard error, send error report/dont send error report message from my system.

I am using the newest version of iTunes and my system is Windows XP Media Center ed. 2002 SP. 3

Thanks for potential help!

A:Backing up my hard drive and Itunes

I think I know how to fix this, by changing the directory letter of my drive but would render all programs on my previously F: drive useless. Help?

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I have been using two hard drives, with the slave being a clone, replica or image of the main. When the master got fouled up, I used Norton Ghost to restore from the slave. Ghost was not reliable, and I found Maxblast worked better. Recently a worm or virus got in the master and wouldn't let it boot. Restoring from the slave didn't help, it was in the slave also. I had to clean up both HD's with fdisk and fdisk/mbr, then restore with CD's which takes a lot of time.

How can I make a BOOTABLE clone of the master, take it out of the machine, and swap it back in case of crash again? I use Windows 98 SE, and there may be a way to use the OS to do this, but I am not clear on the details such as copying the boot sector. BTW I now scan all downloaded files with Norton AV before opening but this is not foolproof.

Thanks for looking, Laremac

A:Backing up the main hard drive

afterthought: What about going into the Bios and setting the machine to boot first from CD-ROM, then the back-up HD would not need to be bootable. I could clean up, restore form the slave, and just leave the CD in to start. That is unless they have developed a virus that will infect a CD-ROM!

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After hours, and days of trying to find a solution to backing up my laptop hard drive I think I found one that works . . . kind of.

I have a bad drive for my Toshiba Satellite laptop. It is an SATA drive. I bought an adapter that allows me to hook the drive up to my PC via USB. When I boot my PC I can see the drive, I can open and I can see the files I want to back up. I can even copy them onto my PC.

The problem is, when I copy, it keeps freezing up. I can copy a few files, then everything freezes up. Any idea what I need to do to copy the files from the bad drive to my desktop without the freeze up?

A:Solved: backing up bad hard drive

run a error check on the drive.

select it --> right click --> properties --> under the tools tab --> error-checking --> tick the two boxes and click yes on the message --> reboot

i had a similar problem, i did and it worked for me!

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Sorry if this has already been answered, I searched a little and couldn't really find anything specific to my problem.

My boyfriend's laptop hard drive got a SMART error and is crashing hard and he needs his files off it (way to back things up). So I go to press F1 to get out of the error screen and nothing happens, awesome sauce. So I do a little research online find some people with the same problems and the best suggestion was booting a version of linux (the said puppy/seamonkey) and getting the files he need off that way. So I get that and burn it to a boot-able CD and try that, only nothing happens. I check the cd on my PC and it works fine, so that's not the problem. So I figure i'll just make it a slave drive to my PC and I get it all hooked up and on the start up it comes up with another black screen saying it's detected all my stuff and it recognizes his hard drive with SMART some stuff saying it checks out 'bad' and my computer wont start up with it connected. So i'm at the end of my rope here and I cant think of anything else to do. I'm probably dabbling into things above my computer know how, but I've gotten this far and I don't feel like quitting yet. I dont know if I have to do something in the BIOS screen or what, but I'm playing amateur hour over here and would love for some help.

Thanks guys

A:Backing up a failing hard drive

Two options I can think of ..
1) Make a backup Image to a data file in an External HDD.
Replace the HDD and attempt to restore it from the Backup Image.
I'd use Acronis .. But I hear the freeware Macrium is good.
Imaging Backup Programs run from a CD loaded to RAM.

2) Replace the HDD and recover it from the Recovery DVDs.
Put the old HDD in a USB adapter .. Read it and recover any Data files.

And Welcome to the TSG Forum

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I have three computers and I want to copy the complete content of each one. Can this be done with a external drive or will I have to use something in software? thanks splice

A:Backing up the complete hard drive

An imaging program such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost would be nice. You could image each drive to the external and have the ability to restore them at any time should you need to.

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