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How to make Window.focus() works

Q: How to make Window.focus() works

Why window.open('', 'windowname').focus(); is not working in any version of IE?

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Preferred Solution: How to make Window.focus() works

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with a GeForce 7800 video card and a 22" Dell LCD display in dual-display mode (one big desktop). When I ALT-TAB from one app to another, I would like my pointer to jump to the new application automatically (so I don't have to manually move it all the way across the big desktop by hand). Lazy? Yes, I am. Thanks for any help.

A:How to make pointer context jump (focus) to window

Try the Snap To option in the Mouse Properties->Pointer Options

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Issue in IE11:

when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind


There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window. when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind
only in IE11 browser.

IE edge and other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. 

is there any fix to retain popup window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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In other words, no matter what else is open i want any keyboard stroke to go to this particular app, we'll call it app #1. So if i have app #1 open on 1/2 the screen and then click something on the desktop, then i hit a keyboard stroke, app#1 will react to the keystroke. Is this possible?

A:Can i make a certain app always have input focus?

Quote: Originally Posted by iknowjohnny

In other words, no matter what else is open i want any keyboard stroke to go to this particular app, we'll call it app #1. So if i have app #1 open on 1/2 the screen and then click something on the desktop, then i hit a keyboard stroke, app#1 will react to the keystroke. Is this possible?


An application might manage to do this for itself but it would be a serious violation of good programming principles and STRONGLY discouraged. For a use to set that up, no way. That is contrary to the way Windows has been designed since the beginning.

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Hello helpful experts,

I have a slow internet connection, and am running automatic updates, utorrents etc. BUT I also have a webcam that I want to talk to my girlfreind and fam with.

Is there a way to make all my bandwidth focus on the syke webcam link, and not have it used up by the other things (ie if there is any bandwidth left after transerring back and forth the web cam conversation then it can go to my downloads etc, but that the web cam conversation takes first priority).

Thanks in advance Marcus

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I have some workstations whose only function is to run this one application. I put a shortcut to the application in the Startup folder of the Start Menu, but everytime it starts up its window eventually loses focus. I know there's other apps and services running in the background but, how do I make it so that this application's window never loses focus during startup???


P.S. - They run WinXP Pro.

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Seen this problem posted many times without a solution.  Maybe this is the place to find it? With either Windows 7 Pro 64b or Windows 10 Pro 64b, the computer repeatedly "seems to" change focus to some invisible window and stay there.  The obvious effect is that mouse clicks are not recognized, whether with the touchpad or with a wireless mouse.  Ctrl-Alt-Del => Cancel frees it up, at least momentarily, but sooner or later the same thing will happen.  Hoping someone here has done what I couldn't find elsewhere, discovered a solution.  Thanks for any help you can give me!

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How do I achieve mouse-over brings a window into focus, but clicking a window doesn't raise it above the other windows? I've tried using TXMouse, which acheives what I want, but it breaks the middle-button to open a new tab shortcut in Firefox which is invaluable to me.

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Okay, this may seem strange but basically about ever 3-5 minutes no matter if im in a full screen app or browsing the net I loose focus to that window. If I am in a full screen app it goes to the desktop. When I am browsing the net and it losses focus I can still see the screen but am no longer able to scroll using wheel mouse or when Im typing it will just stop when it goes out of focus. Can anyone [email protected]#

A:Losing focus on window

Run a good spyware and virus scan. Sounds like there is a program running in the background that is accessing itself every few minutes and stealing focus. It could, of course, also be a ligitamate program that you have running. If something is checking for updates constantly for instance. run "msconfig" and disable any not needed startup programs and see if that stops it.

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I believe that this question has been answered, but I can't seem to find the answer, so here goes:

I need a way to keep a background window in focus while working in the foreground window. Is this possible, either through a program or a tweak.


A:Keep background window in focus

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Seen this problem posted many times without a solution.  Maybe this is the place to find it? With either Windows 7 Pro 64b or Windows 10 Pro 64b, the computer repeatedly "seems to" change focus to some invisible window and stay there.  The obvious effect is that mouse clicks are not recognized, whether with the touchpad or with a wireless mouse.  Ctrl-Alt-Del => Cancel frees it up, at least momentarily, but sooner or later the same thing will happen.  Hoping someone here has done what I couldn't find elsewhere, discovered a solution.  Thanks for any help you can give me!

A:Window focus changes and "locks"

You guys at this website are a godsend!  Thank you so very, very much!

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So I've started to have this REALLY annoying problem in the last day or so. What happens is I will be typing away, on a game, or something. The window I'm working on will suddenly lose focus and be inactive. This will then spread to every single window of every program I have open. I can't even click the desktop or start menu. I can Ctrl-Alt-Delete and start the task manager, which will let me start to click items again temporarily. I may be able to retain focus for a minute to 15, then I'll have to ctrl-alt-delete to get the task manager again. The keyboard does not seem to be affected. Any ideas? The problem first started when I plugged in an external hard drive that I am pretty sure is clean. KasperSky antivirus can't detect anything, and ChkDsk is clean as a whistle.

Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Razer DeathAdder mouse
2 Gigs RAM

A:Window Loses Focus

Update: I have installed a new mouse, a Logitech G5 Laser Mouse. I uninstalled the old drivers and installed the latest SetPoint drivers. This does not seem to have fixed my problem. I suppose this should be upgraded from "getting" annoying to "is" annoying

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I just got a new computer and it has Windows 7. Windows 7 is driving me nuts because the top-most window will not automatically get focus. For example, say I have Windows-Explorer and Notepad open. I have Notepad focused and am working in it. I then close Notepad, which leaves Windows-Explorer as the only open window on the desktop. Yet the Windows-Explorer window will not automaticlaly get focus. Instead it is "greyed" out and the only way I can focus it is to click on the window. This is so ANNOYING.

Also, when I assign a keyboard shortcut (e.g., to open Internet Explorer if I assign Ctrl+Alt+I), it will never open with focus. It will open the app but it will be "greyed out" and it will not get focus until I click on it.

This never happened on Windows XP. On XP the top-most window would always get focus if there was no window "above it" or if the window "above it" was closed.

Is there any way to get Windows 7 to behave like Windows XP with windows getting focus?

A:how do I get the top-most window to always grab focus?

When you close a program, focus returns to wherever it was before you focussed on the program you just closed. However, the problem here is if you have Explorer open, for example, open Notepad with the Start menu, then close Notepad, focus returns to the Start menu / taskbar because that's where it was last.

There's an option in the Ease of Access settings to have it focus on whatever the mouse is hovering over, if that helps - go to Ease of Access > Make the mouse easier to use, then check 'Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse'.

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Another annoying issue.

I've been dealing with this for awhile. To the best of my knowledge, it started after I finally updated from Firefox v15.xx to the current version.

The problem:

I will be on webpage/forum, select a link (on the same forum) and choose open in a new window. The new window will open and load. And then, quite often but not all the time, Firefox will switch from the newly opened window back to the original window. It should stay on the new window (and is what I want it to do). I then have to select the new window and that window will then stay in focus.

Is there a setting or fix for this behavior?

A:Firefox window focus

If the behaviour is random/variable as you suggest, perhaps creating a new Firefox profile and importing your data into it would be a good move? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb...ores-user-data

Pale Moon Commander is a useful add-on configurator but not all settings exist in Firefox, it's primarily for Pale Moon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...oon-commander/

As you seem reluctant to upgrade FF sometimes, perhaps you should try out Pale Moon anyway, it uses a different profile, your FF settings/data can be migrated easily: The Pale Moon Project homepage
Pale Moon - Profile Migration Tool

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Have a problem that started about 2 weeks ago. Seems that every two to three minutes the top most window looses focus and the cursor moves out of sight. I've got to move the mouse to get the cursor display then click on the window I was working on to regain focus. It's a real pain in the ^&$&.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:Window Looses Focus

Hello Arthur,Welcome to BC.It looks like this is something to do with a background program, or could be due to not responding application.Try Running a Anti-Spyware Scan get the help from Spyware Removal & Malware Self-Help and Reading Room.Also check with any recent software or hardware added to your computer.Best Regards.

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I am having this issue with a custom built PC running on core 2 duo with 2gigs of RAM and ATI 2600 PRO PCIe GPU and 17inch wide LCD Monitor. This is a new PC and am having the issue from the beginning. The OS is Vista ultimate with all the updates installed.

There are two issues that occur. They sometime occur randomly during an active session or sometimes occur during windows start-up itself. Either issue1 occurs or issue2 occurs but not together.

issue 1: Not able to focus on any of the open windows ie not able to make any of the open windows active: When i click on the status bar or content area of an open window the window is not made active. And also if i click on any of the active windows, it immediately becomes inactive.

Even when i click on the minimize, maximize or close buttons on the right top corner nothing happens. But when i use alt+tab to select an open window, then the window gains focus / becomes active and i am able to use tab to cycle between the items in the window.

But i am still able to double click and open items from the desktop when this issue occurs.

Issue 2: Not able to click on the start button (windows button), when i do so nothing happens. Also not able to right click on the task bar aswell. When this occurs, not able to double click on anything on the desktop as well. But windows+R (RUN) works and am able to type into it to open my computer etc. When i type and open windows through run, those windows act normally

Its kind of difficu... Read more

A:Window Focus Issue

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For some reason the "focus" goes away from the page I'm on and my cursor disappears Whether it's in Word on the Internet etc. I can click back on the page and it reappears. The "title" bar lightens up so the focus must be going to another program. It happens no matter what I'm looking at.

Hide mouse while typing is not checked.

Any ideas?

A:window loses focus

Possibly this is happening because the app is not responding, however this does not seem likely. Does this problem occur at any specific time, such as mostly when you are typing?
Also, if you are using a touchpad with tap-to-click enabled, you could be simply brushing the pad by accident and clicking to another window.
Finally, some background programs will take "priority" when doing certain tasks, such as a antivirus program, and will cause the window to lose "focus."
Hope this helps.


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How can I get Windows to always take me to what I click on?

e.g. Suppose I have 3 applications open - Firefox, MSIE and Excel and suppose I click once on each one on the Taskbar. With each single click I get taken to that application. BUT if I click on Excel TWICE I get taken back to MSIE . And if I keep clicking won Excel it will toggle between Excel and MSIE.

This INTENSELY irritating. Why does it do that?

i.e. If you click twice on an item, you get taken to the last visited item, not the think you actually click on.
And then if you keep clicking it toggles back and forward between the two.


This means that if I have two applications that look pretty similar (e.g. most modern browers!) I can easy get confused as to how many times I've clicked on what. And, depending on whether I have clicked an odd or an even number of times, I either go to the item I click on... OR whatever the heck I happened to be in previously. And if I lose count I'm screwed until I click on something completely different and then back on the thing I want... JUST ONCE.


How can I fix Window to just take me to the thing on the taskbar that I actually I click?


P.S. I am running Windows 7x64 and Classic Shell.

A:How to make Windows ALWAYS give focus to taskbar applic that I click?

The first click focuses on the window (restoring the window if it is minimized), the second click minimizes the window. Subsequent clicks repeat the procedure.

It's been like this ever since Windows 95 as far as I can remember. I am not aware of anything that can change this long-standing behavior and I admit that you are the first person ever that I've seen complain about it.

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Alright, I have been having an issue where my currently focused window will lose focus and gray out. Leaving me unable to type, use mouse controls, etc...

There are no unusual processes running, though I don't know all of them, I didn't see anything that shouldn't be there. I have tried disabling all my services, which solves the problem, but I'm running without a lot then. So I went through and enabled everything one at a time, but I couldn't detect which service was causing the problem. As I said, it acts randomly. I can go for hours on end without losing focus, and then it'll happen five-ten times a minute.

I'm running Win 7 64 bit, Service Pack 1. If any of you have a clue what I can try, I'd greatly appreciate it. I just can't find which program is stealing the focus.

A:Randomly Losing Window Focus

Hi, welcome to the forums, good work on looking for the culprit, to narrow it down windows has some built in tools. Go to start, search and type:- perfmon (press enter) expand reliability monitor and look for any clues, also from the search bar type:- event viewer (press enter) expand windows logs and look for error messages.

Next go to start, search and type:- cmd, right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the prompt copy paste:-

echo > 0 & tasklist /v >> 0 & net start >> 0 & systeminfo >> 0 & echo >> 0 & notepad 0
press enter, please post the notepad outcome here.

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Steps to simulate this issue in windows. 
1. Open more than 10 My Computer in maximized state. 
2. Now press (windows button + R) and type notepad.exe
3. Now again press (windows button + R) and type calc.exe [Focus is here]
4. Now press (windows button + R) and type mstsc.exe and provide an IP address. 
5. Before the Remote Desktop launched close it. And then close the mstsc window. 
6. Now the focus should be in calculator, but the focus is moving to Notepad. 

OS: Windows7 32 Bit V1.5 June'14
Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 CPU @3.40 GHz
RAM : 4.00 GB
System  type: 32-bit Operating System. 

The same issue is not occurring in other versions of windows. (Windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7 64 bit).

The same issue I am facing while developing a c# application. For that thing query I have asked here. 


Any suggestions and help would be great. Thanks.

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On one of my computers when the mouse pointer moves to another window the focus automatically goes to that window. But this does not happen on my other machine. Where can I find the setting to do this?i know this is not a big problem it is just that i am not able to resolve it>>> plz help

A:window focus with mouse pointer

Hello J.,

See if using the tutorial below to uncheck the Activate a window by hovering over it with the mousebox in the Ease of Access Center may stop this. This is what this sounds like.

Mouse Hover Makes Window Active - Enable

Hope this helps,

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This problem just showed up a couple of days ago while I was playing Fable. Windows kept minimizing the game to the desktop, so I did a few searches and found that live tiles can cause this. Turned all of them off, triple checked, no luck. No windows are popping up or anything, and I'm not getting any notification bubbles. I even tried turning off all OS notifications with no luck. This happens all the time, not just in certain games. I get it in my browser too and I end up having to click back into the window to finish typing.

A:Something pulling focus away from open window

Can you post make and model please?

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Why in windows 8 preview windows in the taskbar are never in focus as normally happens in windows 7? I attach the images for explanation.

A:preview window on the desktop not on focus

The previews are too small in the images to be able to see them.  You need to use the Snipping Tool to capture just the Peak images.

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Since past 2-3 weeks I have noticed an issue that bugs me too much. The focus on a window keeps getting lost automatically.

Lets say I am reading a page or writing in a textbox (like this one), the current focus would automatically get lost and again need to click somewhere in the program. I may be scrolling down using scroll bar of mouse or arrow keys of keyboard or my cursor is being pointed somewhere in a textbox. Because of this issue, I again have to click manually a program.

I tried googling but could not find a suitable solution or root cause of the issue. Maybe there is a program that gets activated automatically and focus shifts to that hidden program - however i could not find one.

Would appreciate if someone could help me out on this.

A:Window focus getting lost every few seconds

Having the same problem. Possible solutions are being discussed over here: Window focus is stolen but doesn't go anywhere

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(Windows 7)

I have an application that operates in two windows - one a graphic interface and another that takes command-line input. My focus policy is set to focus follows mouse because I need to switch back and forth between these windows. HOWEVER, I do NOT want the window with focus to automatically come to the top; I want the command line window to stay underneath, with a few lines visible while the graphics window fills most of the screen.

Is there any way to have the focus shift back and forth with the pointer (mouse) without having the window with focus pop up to the top?

I looked at a site for a Tweak UI but didn't see it mentioned. I could do this in XP but seemingly not in Windows 7.

A:I need to prevent the focus window from coming to the top

Try this MS-Windows focus-follows-mouse Registry hacks | sine walker


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I've searched all over and cannot find any consistent answers (or anything that works), so I've had to come here again. I'm thinking that from now on, I am just going to come here first for everything - you guys are the only ones to seem to know what you're doing.

So, here's the bit, any time a program, ANY program (doesn't matter if it is an installer or what) is not programmed to open or run in the background, if something happens in it, the focus gets stolen from where I am (say Firefox or a Microsoft Word Document), even if the application doesn't actually pop up, then I have to re-click on the program to regain focus and continue working.

The real problem is when things pop up unexpectedly as I am typing and I hit the space bar, which results in my accepting something I may not have wanted to.

Is there any way at all to FORCE a global "stay in the background" for any program that doesn't have focus or to prevent programs from stealing the focus?

I tried the mouse hover trick, but that's an annoyance because if I accidentally bump it off of my active window, whatever one it comes on top of becomes active and is only worth it if I'm working in a full screen window (which is maybe 30% of the time).

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

A:Prevent Loss of Window Focus?

Sounds like you've got some kind of virus infection which is feeding you ads. I'd suggest downloading the free version of Malwarebytes in the first instance and then performing a full system scan.

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Hey, I've realised while playing flash games on the keyboard that every now and then mozilla firefox loses the focus.

A little install window pops up then vanishes immediately.

I've run a spyware scan with both ad-aware and spybot, didn't fix the problem.

Heres a HJT log if it may help:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:58:29 PM, on 7/4/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark X1100 Series\lxbkbmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark X1100 Series\lxbkbmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:Firefox window losing focus

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Hi I'm having a problem with my windows randomly unfocusing. It's extremely annoying while typing because every few seconds I have to re-click on the window to continue typing. It's like an application is stealing the windows focus but no new window pops up and no window has focus. The problem seems to come and go. For about an hour it won't do it then the next it will happen every few seconds.

I've tried both avast and malwarebytes and neither come up with any infections. My Windows 7 OS is up to date.

Please help, this is especially troublesome considering I have multiple papers to write this week. Thanks

A:Window focus is stolen but doesn't go anywhere

Having the exact same problem.

Unplugged mouse/keyboard, closed a lot of programs, but the issue remains.

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Is there a Microsoft fix for this -- or third party program that will fix this? Thank you..........

A:Window with 'Focus' won't stay on top of other windows

Is this what you want?
Window focus() Method

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when i open a program/window, sometimes it opens in the background instead of the foreground and i have to click the program/window to make it active. sometimes they open as minimized. also, after a restart and a login, i open up internet explorer and the gadgets (clock, calendar, etc) remain on top even though "always on top is" disabled.

so annoying. this is after a clean install with all windows updates and latest drivers. does anyone know a solution to this issue or have the same problem?

this is a great forum btw. i'm glad i found it. i love the massive tutorial section!

A:window focus issues (windows 7 pro x64)

The opening not in forground things happens to everyone (well, does for me), as for the gadgets staying on top, try toggling the stay on top, who knows, it might somehow work.

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In Windows 7, I was able to use the available screen personalization options to create the X11 unix effect, that is, to change keyboard focus window using the mouse pointer, and to raise the window to the foreground with a mouse click. (This is great for inputting data in one window while viewing the data to be entered in another window.) I haven't been able to find these settings for Windows 8. Can anyone help?
This is my first time posting to this forum, which came highly recommended by a friend.
Thank you for your help,

A:keyboard focus without raising window

Do you remember what settings you used in Windows 7 to achieve this?

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Hi. New here. I have the most aggravating problem, and haven't been able to find a solution online.

When I select New Window in IE8, a new window opens on top, is given the focus, but then the current window moves in front of it, leaving the active new window on the bottom.

I should mention that recently I have occasionally been getting a security warning something to the effect of "IE has disabled [prevented] cross site-scripting". I never looked into it as the pages appear normal.

My security is MedHigh. I use the IE popup blocker. The only thing I have tried is under Security, enabling Navigate windows and frames across domains. It didn't help. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance, Dave

A:[SOLVED] New Window gets focus, but is on the bottom

See this MS page concerning IE add-ons: Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions
Also, in IE options>Advanced go back to the Defaults.

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I've begun losing focus about every 10-20 seconds when I'm in an active window. It happens no matter what I'm using, including explorer, outlook, windows, excel, etc. My windows maintenance is up to date and it seems to have begun for no reason at all. My usual 80 wpm on word is down to under 40 because of this issue. Any help is appreciated.

A:Focus is being lost on current window and goes nowhere

Try starting Task Manager. Click on the Process tab then click on the CPU column header to sort bu CPU Usilization descending. Leave the window open and move it off to the side a bit so you can still see it then start using Word or whatever you need to see the problem. You may want to install Process Monitor to see if it gives you more/better information that Task Manager does.

When it occurs, look at Task Manager/Process Monitor and see if it gives you any indication of what is causing the problem. My guess would be something you've installed recently or malware. May want to do some scans with your anti-virus program and Malware Bytes Anti Malware (free version), see if they show anything.

ANother way to troubleshoot this: How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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On my Win2k laptop, every 5-10 minutes while I am working, the "current" window loses focus for a second or two, and then regains it. I have been trying to figure out the culprit for days and have not been able to identify it. If anyone has any ideas, I would really apreciate hearing them.

So far I have tried the following:
* Scan with TrendMicro's online Housecall 6.5
* Scan with McAfee VirusScan 4.5.1
* Scan with Spy Sweeper
* Scan with SpyBot S&D 1.3
* Scan with Windows Defender beta2
* Reboot with BHODemon 2.0

Random leads that may or may not go anywhere useful:
* I first noticed this behavior the weekend of July 22.
* About that time, my installation of SpySweeper began reporting a browser helper object trying to install itself every time IE started. Around that date, my online yahoo mailbox had an email infected with a variant of the MyDoom virus (I don't recall which one), but I not think I ever downloaded that email and I deleted it.

Here is a HijackThis log:
--- snip ---
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:18:01 PM, on 8/8/2006
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Avsynmgr.exe
C:\Program... Read more

A:Current window periodically loses focus for a sec

The monitor is loosing focus just for a few moments. Have you tried another monitor yet?

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Just upgraded to 8.1 pro. When new window is opened (any application), after about 5-10 secs focus is lost. And again.... I have to click on window to regain focus. VERY ANNOING WHEN TYPING DOCO


1. Lodged problem with MS, but bo reply for 5 days
2. Started reading posts on net - some about mouse behaviour got my attention
3. Downloaded and installed latest drivers for Microsort mouse
4. Unpluged 'old' mouse and plugged in new mouse(the same model
5. Problem solved - no more problems with focus
6. Conclusion - could ba a problem with Windows upgrade - mouse locked?

A:Upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro - new window is losing focus after while

For this problem, May be we can check Event Viewer if it identify the problem.
In addition, try to make a clean boot or boot into Safe Mode to test whether this problem caused by 3rd problem, service or driver.
For more details about Clean boot, please refer to the link below:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135Roger Lu
TechNet Community Support

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I am using Windows 7 and IE8 in my application. I am opening a new pop window using window.open(). After submit, my request will reload the same opup. While reloading the page is hiding behind the parent window. I have tried using window.focus() to bring the popup front, its not working. This problem occurs only if i use Win 7 and IE8.
Is this issue specif to Win 7? Is there any soln for this issue?

A:Windows 7 JavaScript issue window.focus()

I have the same issue - window.focus() does not work for me in IE8 in Windows7, but works fine in XP with the same exact version of IE8. Also works fine in mozilla & sarafi - have you had any update on this, or anyone else have updates?

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I periodically lose focus on my currently active window. It happens like once every 2 minutes when I was using Firefox and watching a movie. It's like the mouse is clicking on the desktop by itself. I think it might be spyware, like a hidden popup, but when I ran Adaware and HijackThis it didn't find anything. So, any idea what it could be?

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Anyone know how to prevent Windows from bringing the window with the input focus to the front of the screen? It's most annoying!

Consider the following example:

I have a screen shot of a WEP key that I want to type into my Network Settings but everytime I click the input focus into the network settings window it comes to the front and I can't see the WEP key any more!

The basic problem is that Windows always brings the window with the input focus to the front regardless of where you want it. This results in the need to drag windows alll over the place and resize them to see both at the same time.

Other operating systems don't do this!

Surely there must be a way of turning it off in 'Doze?

Thanks for your replies


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When I click in the window, it looses focus.

When the OS starts the mouse click work fine. After some time I start seeing this problem.

This is happening on a desktop (not a laptop). I have Kingston Trackball drivers installed by OS.

The only workaround I have found is starting task manager. I had this problem in Vista also. Was hoping Win 7 would have fixed it.

A:mouse click causes loss of window focus

This sounds like a driver problem. Especially since it has the same behaviour in Vista.

Did you mean Kensington? Then maybe this post will help you.

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Hi all,

Whenever I have two seperate apps in the windows 7 taskbar and decide to close one of them, the focus doesnt automatically switch to the one remaining window, instead I have to physically click on it to bring the focus to it. Its really annoying and was wondering if there was a workaround?


A:Method to switch focus to front window

Interesting. Does the problem occur even after a restart?

There may be a program grabbing the attention away.

When did this start happening?

Have you changed anything in your system lately?

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I'm having some problems after my Windows upgrade from 7 to 10, and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the correct direction.

Basically, I'm working on a multiple monitor system. When I move my mouse around the screen, windows changes the focus from the window that I'm working in (a spreadsheet for example), and starts entering data in any window i mouse-over.

I found a partial solution in the following thread.....but this only disables the window popping-up (the focus still changes).


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

A:Window focus changes when working on multiple monitors.

Wow..... Anyone have some ideas on this?

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Popup is going behind  the parent window in IE11 when focus is on parent window 

steps :

we are working on cross domain communication between parent and popup window .

There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window after popup window is losing focus and going behind the parent window only in IE11. IE edge and
other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. This the is expected behaviour

is there any fix to retain popup(child) window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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Just wanted to pass on this tip I found since it was hard to come by (only saw it in on one site).

Many of us know the trick about creating a shortcut with administrator privileges through the Task Scheduler to get around the UAC prompt. Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

But the annoying thing is when you open the program from this shortcut the window won't be focused and will open in the background if there are windows on top.
This trick will create the same admin level shortcut and focus the window as well.

Follow the tutorial as usual but when you get to the Actions tab, in the Program/script box enter:

In the Add arguments (optional) box enter:

/c start "TaskName" "Program Path"
For example: /c start "StartChrome" "C:\Program Files\Chrome\Chrome.exe"
This will open up cmd.exe and pass the arguments to it, because /c is specified it will run those arguments and then close. Since 'start' will give anything started with it focus, the program will come up with its window focused.

Do everything else in the tutorial the same and that's it. Hope this helps somebody else, because the unfocused window was really bugging me.

A:Tip to bypass UAC prompt w/ Task Scheduler AND focus the window

Thank you chillz. Steps 7 and 8 have been updated in the tutorial for this to help others.

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

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I've noticed that if you follow these steps, the cursor isn't on the file anymore:

1) Open a folder with some files.
2) Click on a file. Pressing the arrow keys should move the file selection around (I call this the cursor).
3) Minimize the window.
4) Restore the window.
5) The cursor isn't on the file anymore. The current selected file has a gray background. Pressing arrow keys have no effect on the file selection.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:File Focus Lost after Restoring Minimized Window

Hi Wellhole, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This is the way Vista was designed. Since there are multiple panes in a Windows Explorer window, you will have to select (click in) a pane to activate it first. To make it a bit easier to do, you can use the Single Click option instead. This way all you have to do is let the mouse pointer hover over the files to have it selected instead of clicking on it again.

Single Click option

Hope this helps,

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I’ve found something in I.E. (no idea if it's specific to version or not -- I'm using I.E. 9 right now) which is very annoying to me:
Highlighting is lost when window loses focus.

Let me explain:
Sometimes I need to highlight something inside some webpage and go to another window (not necessarily I.E.).  But as soon as I
change focus, highlighting is lost!  Please understand that if I highlight something, there’s a
good reason why I’m doing so because I need to make some information
very visible amongst many others.  I don’t care if highlighting background color is changed or not, but cancelling out highlight is very very stupid.
So, I’d like to know if it’s possible to change this behaviour, or else if it’s possible to file some “feature request” to Microsoft.

A:Request: Keep high-light when I.E. window lost focus

This behavior is by the design. I really understand how frustrating this issue for you. I would submit your opinion to our Product Team on my side. I would post here
once I get any write back.
Hope that helpsWilliam Tan
TechNet Community Support

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In XP, if I opened up a folder, I could start typing and the folders/files list view would jump down according to the letters I typed in.

In Windows 7, this does not happen - the focus remains in the left panel (i.e. Favourites, Libraries, Homegroup etc).

Does anyone know if there is a fix to make the focus switch to folders/files when a folder opens?



A:Focus is not on folders/files when explorer window opens

Are you referring to AutoComplete or Auto Suggest in Windows Explorer? Take a look at these tutorials:

Windows Explorer AutoComplete - Turn On or Off

Windows Explorer Auto Suggest - Turn On or Off

Recent ‘Search Box’ Suggestions - Enable or Disable

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