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Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

Q: Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?


I've been using Windows 10 for weeks. Until today, it started up just fine by displaying my name and no email address. This is exactly how I want it to be.

Today when Win 10 would not recognize a printer, in order to download an "app" to help with this, I was required to provide a Microsoft email account, which I did (an old Hotmail account I rarely use). Now when I restart or wake up the computer, that old Hotmail account appears as "Administrator". However, I do NOT want that old Hotmail email address associated with this computer.

How can I remove it and get back to logging in with NO associated email address?

NOTE: I do not want to delete the old Hotmail account; just want to remove it from my Windows 10 "Account" menu (My name + Hotmail address + "Administrator").

In case it's required to associate Win 10 with an email address, I use Windows Live Essentials with a company email address. I tried adding it via the "Other Account" option, but Win 10 said it did not recognize the email address I entered, sigh.

I saw threads with a similar question but not quite the same.

Thanks for any help!

Preferred Solution: Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

You have converted your local user account to a Microsoft account. It's easy to switch back to a local account, just follow the instructions in this tutorial: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

When you have switched back to a local account and you want to download another app from the Windows Store, follow the instructions in this tutorial (Method Two, Step 5) to keep using your local account to sign in to Windows and only use a Microsoft account to sign in to Store: Store - Sign in with Different Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

A useful tutorial to learn the difference between a local account and a Microsoft account: Local Account or Microsoft Account - How to Tell in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums


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Good Day Everyone a few hours ago, I just finished installing Windows Professional x32 and had a problem with deleting the windows.old because of the permission bug.

Well I managed to delete the Windows.old by editing my security and user however when I log-offed, I saw another user account that I think I've mistakenly made while editing the security in the properties of a folder in windows.old.

My problem is, the delete function GONE!

The mistakenly made user is Administrator.
When I logged in Administrator, a pop-up appeared saying that it is a temporary user account.

I really want to delete it, It's a nuisance every time I log-in and takes some space.

Can anyone help me regarding this? I will appreciate it greatly.

A:Delete Account Function Missing I Cannot Delete Temporary User Account

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

This account is not able to be deleted. It is built in and has EVERY permission by default so you don't need to take ownership.

It is used to rescue your computer from viruses using Safe Mode, etc.

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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.


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It used to be not connected to any email account but when it updated to 8.1 I chose to get an email address for it, so now as a result, the password has to be 8 characters long and I have to use a PIN number , but that's still 4 characters, and I usually use one character password.

So how do I go back to the normal type of user account to use the 1 character password?

A:My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8

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Guys I have done this in the past but cannot recall how and don't want to botch.

I had hoped Windows 10 corrected the "rename user account" function but nope. I renamed a User Account due to conflict on the LAN [same name, same spelling] and sure enough, now I have two names for the account, one a slightly hidden original name, and permissions issues. To rid it, I will create an all new Administrator account, move everything over, and demolish the old.
How to do? the docs/files are easy... the settings for apps etc are not as I recall


A:Move/copy-paste User Account data & docs to New User account same sys

Don't even try would be my recommendation.

Make a new Admin account and copy your documents. Set everything else up from scratch.

Most applications will store their stuff in %localappdata% but unless you have some specific app (Windows Live Mail or Outlook or something) tht you must move it would be much better not to try to move things.

If there is something specifically you want to move then ask about that - I've moved the 2 I mention above, for sure someone else has moved something else.

Generally it will be quicker (and cleaner) to start from scratch than trawl though everything hoping to make sure you moved the lot. You'll only end up missing some odd directory and it will not work.

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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account

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My folders and files in C:/users/myname/ can be viewed and accessed from the Guest user account. How do I stop this?

A:Files in my user account can be accessed from guest user account in VISTA

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Is there a fix for Unlocking AD User Account in Windows7 so I do not I have to use WindowsXP AD to unlock the User Account?  Is there a fix and/or update for fixing this problem?
Your help will ge greatly appreciated.

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I have a Vista 32 system that has some corruption. Several things like the NET v2.0 framework do not work correctly and it does not do a Windows update without an error. Basically, I know some corruption must exist in the registry.

I have a new drive that I restored a backup from way back when the system was working OK. Naturally there are programs and files that need to be updated. I will have to reinstall the programs that did not exist on the old backup, but I was hoping I could restore my user account profile "in bulk" without just moving individual files. Is there anything wrong with deleting the whole content of the restored user account profile and replacing it with my present profile?

A:replacing a restored user account from backup with present user account

You could use Windows Easy Transfer, I will be back with more information.


You can also, just back up your files etc and then restore them to the new account.

You have to be careful with anything that you do, to be sure that the corruption is not transferred.

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I deleted the previous user account on a laptop given to me by my friend (Joanne) and changed it to a new name (Serena). This seemed to work and when when I login it is with the new username. However there seems to be contradicting info about user accounts on my pc. The first screenshot shows my current username but the second screenshot is not showing my current usernames and all files appear to have the old username. I keep trying to delete the files associated with the old account but cannot do so. Can anyone help?

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A long time ago, I found a solution from something I disliked about Vista. I don't remember what I disliked, but I remember the solution involved creating an admin account to change a setting. I don't remember what I changed either. So that account sits there, unused, and I've decided to remove it.

The problem is that I don't know how. In account management, for that account, there is no "delete the account" or "change account type" options. Does anyone know why this is?

I've been searching for information on this. Apparently Vista has a hidden admin account which can be made visible, if I understand correctly. I might have done this instead of creating a new one. I simply don't remember.

A:I can't delete a user account

Run the elevated command prompt and type in: net user administrator /active:no

Administrator Account

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Please Help!

I am not able to delete a user account from XP pro....I have tried the safe-mode 'trick'. There is no option to delete the account when I go into user accounts in the control panel.

As of right now I have two accounts, one called Administrator (with admin rights of course), and one called Colleen (also with admin rights). I want to delete Colleen.

I have downloaded Tweak UI which allows me to bypass the user selection screen and automatically log on as Administrator, but I would also like to delete the unused account.


A:Can't Delete User Account from XP Pro

You can use the Computer Manager to delete the second user, but for security reasons I recommend you rename the Administrator account and reduce the second user's privileges. Then use the second user account normally. By doing so will protect your PC in case some one hijacks your PC while on the Internet.

To access the Computer Manager, select Start and right click My Computer and then select Manage.

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When I turn on my laptop, after booting up, I am faced by two choices to log on.

My original account (administrator, I guess) and a blank one with 'other account' written underneath it. The 2nd one needs a name and password too!!!

When I check my User Accounts in Control Panel, I have only two, those being mine (administrator) and the Guest account, which is turned off!!!

Where has the 2nd log on option come from, or more importantly, how do I delete it?

Thank you for any help

A:How do I delete a user account??

Sorted it - but thanks for looking guys :)

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I am listed as the Administrator on my laptop. After my Dad gave me this PC after having it and registering in his name, I renamed the Administrator from his name to mine. When I go under User Accounts, I am the only user listed. However, when I boot my computer, my Dad's log in information is listed first and it starts up automatically saying "Username or password is invalid" and then I have the click "Switch User" to log in under myself.

I have tried to delete User Account in Safe Mode, but that did not work either. How can I delete this account so I may start up my computer with just my login information??


A:Cannot delete user account

Hi Jessiemw and welcome to the forum!
Give this a try:
User Account - Delete

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Hi everyone,
I have tried to delete an administrator user account which i don't need anymore (btw, i'm an Administrator) but when it returns to the user accounts after i confirm to delete the account, the said account still remains. So i tried to make it into a limited account to see if that works but to no avail, it remains an administrator account. Could somebody tell me how to delete the user account please.

Thank you

Additional info: Windows Vista (Home premium)

A:How to delete a user account

Hello Nikki, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Could you post a screenshot of this?

Is this just another administrator account that you trying to delete, or is it the built-in "Administrator"?

If just another administrator account, you might see if you could delete it using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below with a elevated command prompt.

User Account - Delete - Windows 7 Forums

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On my wife's machine she was having all types of problems, so I backed up her user directory and all it's data. I then went to UAC and deleted her standard user account, clicking yes to delete all folders and files. Just leaving my admin account and a guest account. After a defrag and reboot her user directory is still showing up in Explorer but not in UAC. How can I totally clean her name out? Would like do do this before restoring any of her data and programs. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:How to delete a user's account.

Hello Kenz,

While logged into your admin account, you should also be able to right click on her deleted account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder and click on Delete to do so.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all. I have a computer that has an old administrator account on it in addition to my administrator account. I can't seem to delete the old administrator account.

When I go to control panel > user accounts, I see two administrative accounts. One is named "Administrator" and says underneath, "Computer Administrator". This is the account I'm logged in on. The other is someone's name but also says "Computer Administrator."

I want to delete the other account. When I click on the person's name, there is no "remove user" option, though "change account type" is there. So I figured I had to change the account type to a non-administrator before I could delete it. But when I click "change account type," "limited" is grayed out and it won't let me change it, saying that "you must assign another user to be a computer administrator first, so that there is at least one computer administrator." But I am a computer administrator! I even double checked this by logging in as the other user and trying to delete my own account, but it says the same thing...that another administrator is needed first.

So I have no idea what the problem is. It obviously doesn't recognize that there are two administrators. Also, and I don't think this has anything to do with anything but just in case, when I start up the computer the boot screen asks me what operating system I want to start, as ... Read more

A:can't delete user account

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There are two accounts on my Zoostorm laptop - one being the original and the other a guest account. Problem is, the guest account is now the administrator account and the original is a standard user account. I cannot change this for some reason, even when the account is logged off and the guest account allows it. I can't even change the name of the account, the picture or the permissions.
Does anyone have any advice?
I would just reset the laptop but i'm unaware of how to do so without a disk.
Thanks in advance.

A:How do I delete a user account?

Hi jessicasadlerx,

Press and hold the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
In the Run box that appears, type lusrmgr.msc and hit Enter.
Double-click Users and list what is displayed here in your next post, or provide a screenshot.
Our objective is to login to an administrator account, delete all other unwanted accounts or change their Account Type, and proceed from there.

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i'm the admin of my laptop. recently i created a standard acc for my friends to access my laptop. but now that acc is changed to admin and now i'm not able to change its type or delete that acc as if it has some high privilege. i try doing the same using the built in admin acc and result is same. when i tried the following two commands in cmd the following response is obtained, here 'home' is the acc i created for my friends

C:\Windows\System32>net localgroup administrators home /delete
System error 1377 has occurred.

The specified account name is not a member of the group.
C:\Windows\System32>net localgroup administrators home /add
System error 1378 has occurred.

The specified account name is already a member of the group.

the acc home is there at the same time its not there.

then i tried 'control userpasswords2' in run and change the group membership of home but still it wont change and also does not give any error.

then i tried mmc to access local user and groups and tried deleting home from admin group but it results in the error shown in the image

following image shows that home is not an in-built admin acc.

here HP is my acc and bee is just a temporary standard acc i made temporarily.
here home acc is my problem.

now when i try deleting this acc from mmc the followng error comes

please i need help. how can i delete this acc??

A:Not able to delete a user account

Hi and welcome to the forum
Perhaps this will help you:
Default User Accounts and Groups

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I made a user account a while back for the family members that always get on my computer so that they didnt mess with anything on my account. Why i didnt just use guest side im still not sure. I want to delete this account and turn on guest but it will not let me do anything with it. I have tried changing it to standard and deleting and nothing. I went into safe mode and tried to delete it and still nothing. Turned on the built in administrator account and still nothing. Im tired of them being able to change setting and things on the other side and i can not do anything about it, please help! thanks you!

A:Can not delete a user account

Follow this excellent tutorial, I am sure that you will be able to delete the account.

User Account - Delete

Follow the tutorial, if you still have problems try in safe mode.

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I had a friend use my computer and create a user account. He recently moved out and I would like to get rid of his account but everytime I try to, the delete account window freezes and when I click on it, it says "not responding" This is really frustrating, but thank you for listening and if anyone has any help it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Can not delete user account..

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I am trying to fix a Vista Home Premium computer that had a very strange issue. There is a user on the machine that even though it shows it is an administrator account, it still is not being given administrator rights. So far what I've done is I've created a new account for that user and am now attempting to delete the old account. Problem is when I go through the prompts to delete the account it doesn't do anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:User account will not delete

First run a full anti virus scan, be sure that it is updated.
Download and run malwarebytes make sure it is updated and run full scan

To begin try in safe mode.
Safe Mode

If that does not work try the hidden, powerful administrator
http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...le.html?filter[2]=User Accounts
for Vista and Seven

Be sure that you have tried it correctly
User Account - Delete

How did you obtain Vista for the Computer?

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I just unpacked my new Dell Inspiron two days ago and somehow I have managed to create two user accounts. I found setting up this computer a little confusing and I'm still not sure how I did this.
The usual and suggested methods for deleting an account don't work (click on users and delete) . Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to delete that second account?
Thanks so much for your time.

A:Can't delete a user account! Please help!


Are you trying to delete the Admin? or are you trying to delete a User? Please double check your not logged in as User and trying to delete Admin.

Let me know.

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Hi all,

I would like to ask how to delete an admin user account that keeps on appearing every time i reboot the computer, even if i already deleted it in the control panel. Is it done through regedit?

Thanks a lot guys.

A:How to delete user account in xp

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I have a second user account that I cannot delete, it is a nuissance, thoughts???

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i managed to create a user admin account on my machine that i cant delete via the windows interface (i already have another main admin account i normally use) after typing in a bit of code that i shouldnt have done please help!

many thanks in advance

A:Can't delete user account

solved it myself

Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista - the How-To Geek

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today i tried deleting an account i had made on xp home and i tried this via control panel>user accounts then i went to the account n click delete account, but everytime i do this all that happens is control panel stops responding and i click out and then get an error message that says microsoft ® html application error but when i send it nothing happens either....what is going wrong here and how can i delete this user account?

A:Help....can't Delete User Account

There should be some info in How to Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP that will help.

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I don't want to receive my email at Hot Mail any more. How can I delete this account, or better yet, just delete my entire Windows Live account?

A:Delete email account

Quote: Originally Posted by ronnielee09

I don't want to receive my email at Hot Mail any more. How can I delete this account, or better yet, just delete my entire Windows Live account?

Just don't log in anymore.

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I reinstalled and updated Windows. Then created a back-up image. Whenever reinstalling from this image, I see an extra User account called ASP.NET

My understanding it that it has something to do with the Net4 framework installation (perhaps Windows was not fully updated before I made the image).

Should I be concerned about security and thus delete or disable it? I've read mixed thoughts:ASP.NET account SevenForums thread

Why is there an ASP.NET account on my machine?
What is the password?

How does one prevent this from happening again on future Windows installations (should I keep rebooting & checking for updates even when Windows says there are no more)?


A:ASP.NET user account... delete or disable it?

I have that on one of my three systems. Haven't found out why yet, but did disable that user today. I will wait to see if anything screams at me, and let you know if it does.

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I have a Windows XP Professional machine with one user account on it; the administrator. Every time I turn on the computer I am greeted by the welcome screen and am asked to type in my password to access the administrator account. Today I wanted to create a new user account on my machine, one specifically for handling my website. I went to Control Panel - User Account - Create a new account and made a new user account; when it asked me to pick the account type, it gave me two choices; Administrator and Limited. Except the "Limited" option was greyed out and could not be chosen. So I chose Administrator, made the new account, restarted, and went into the new user account, called "Website."I used that for a while and then restarted to go back to my regular Administrator account with all my files and such. However, when I restarted it automatically took me back into the "Website" account and didn't give me the option to login to my original Administrator account. So I figured that there was something in the preferences that made it do that and went to Control Panel - User Accounts once it had logged in to go and change it, but was shown that there was no administrator account anymore. It only had "Website" and "Guest account" listed. I panicked, thinking my entire computer and all its files had just been deleted and lost forever because I had created this new user account which had overwritten the old one. I googled... Read more

A:How can I delete a Windows XP user account?

Hi .Appears to me that Website is thought to be the Admin account for the install.Login under the other account and see what options are displayed for that user account.But...XP says that an administrator can delete an administrator account, regardless of original or not.I think I'd assume corruption and recreate just one new user account, transfer settings, and delete the two existing.How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=811151 LouisSince you have Pro...you also might want to just check permissions for the appropriate files.May be useful: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/userpath.htm

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I'm trying to free up space on my hard drive, and I come across an old userfile that is no longer in use. I couldn't delete it in my normal administrator account, so I ran it in safe mode as the Computer Administrator. Even then, I get this:

When I try to go to Properties>Security on any of the files, it tells me I don't have access, even though I'm the computer admin.

Running: Windows XP Home Edition

A:Cannot delete/modify user account

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I have two user accounts
"Delete Me"
Both are administrative accounts; I just installed "Delete Me" today and no longer need it. Neither has a password.

While logged on as "Bob" I tried to delete the user account, and failed. I then searched this forum for help, and got this page. I tried all of the proposed methods, but none of them worked. For the two (as I recall) that required using a command prompt, I was careful to open that as an administrator.

I'm lost. How can I get rid of this thing?

A:Cannot delete a second administrative user account

Hello Bob,

What happened when it failed? Any error messages?

Is the one you want to delete still listed in User Accounts (Control Panel) like below, or is it just it's C:\Users\Delete Me folder still there?
If so, then go ahead and create a password for the Bob account that you want to keep. Afterwards, try deleting the other one again.

Hope this helps for now,

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I am currently unable to delete my old Administrator user account on my Win 7 PC. I log onto my new Admin account and go to the Control Panel and then to add or remove user accounts. I select the old account select delete, and then confirm. It does not let me do this. However, oddly there is no error message, it just sends me back to the page I was on previously and the account is still there. I also cannot demote it to a standard user account.

All help welcome, thanks in advanced.


A:Cannot delete Administrator User account

you can't remove the administrator acc.

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I should be able to, shouldn't I? When I go to control panel > user accounts > and click on Guest, which is already off, the only option shown is "turn the guest account on".
If I click " ? using the guest account" in the Learn About box, an error message popup appears saying "automation server can't create object"
And if I click on the OK in the error message, a new window opens up with the Address showing the Internet Explorer blue e and the words "about:blank"
I go to View > Source in the toolbar and Notepad opens up and all that is written is " <HTML></HTML> "

Something sketchy going on here?! Any advice would really be appreciated, thanks!

A:Can't Delete Guest User Account

You can not delete the guest account thats why there is an option to turn it off or on.

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When I setup WinXP it forced me to make another account, so I did planning to delete it later. I just want one user, the administrator account and no other users. Unfortunately I cannot delete the other account I made (which is also an administrator), nor can I change it from being an administrator. It won't let me from the user management thingy in the control panel. How can I delete that other useless account?

A:Cannot delete extra user account

ok, when you set this account up, you set it to be an administrator...

so now you have two accounts that are administrator...

you should be able to log into the main one and delete the other one...

if you can't, then one of them must not have admin priviledges.

i don't know why it would be posing a problem in your situation, as i do this all the time, making accounts with admin priviledges, and then deleting them after some time...

to delete an account, it must NOT be logged on at the time, and the account that Is logged on must have admin priviledges...

let me know what happens, error messages and all.

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I'm trying to get rid of a user account that is no longer being used on my computer, but every time I try to delete it, the screen freezes up, and stops responding. I'm using my account to delete it, and I am the administrator on this system. Anyone have any suggestions or help? I'm using the way provided by Windows...start/settings/control panel/user accounts... but it's not working. Is there another way to do this?



A:[SOLVED] Can't delete user account on XP

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Hi guys,

I deleted a user account through computer management, instead of through the control panel. Now I have a folder in C:\Users still under the account I deleted's name. It's 1.2gb so I would rather not have it there but I can't delete it because it's apparently being used by another program.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Delete user account problem

Quote: Originally Posted by Georgebillbob

Hi guys,

I deleted a user account through computer management, instead of through the control panel. Now I have a folder in C:\Users still under the account I deleted's name. It's 1.2gb so I would rather not have it there but I can't delete it because it's apparently being used by another program.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Using admin account reboot into safe mode (F8) and you should be able to delete it. Just make sure you have everything you need from it

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Hello all,
I am just IT assistant,
I have trouble with my user account that logged on to a computer,
The error when i start Microsoft Out look, the message appear

After that, i had tried to fix it many ways, still not help so i decide to deleted my user profile on this computer and i retry to log on with this computer, when i get into the windows desktop, The message from the right windows taskbar said,
"You log on with temporary profile......... " And this message always come up every i log on and always lose data every log on.
but i can configure my e mail address to work with outlook without any problem even it's just temporary.

So the wonder, why every i log on, the message always come up as
"You log on with temporary profile...."?
Why when i log of and log on, my data storing on this computer have been lose?
What should i do?

This user can log on with other computer is just fine.
P.S: My user name log on to a domain.
Do you know how to repair corrupt user profile?
Best regards,

A:User Account Delete problem

I dont believe it has much to do with the user profile itself; but more with outlook alone. Try the following link and see if it helps out any:

Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server XXX.XXX.COM

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tried to follow directions; go to start, control panel, user account, add or delete user accounts, chose guest account and the only options it gives is t o change picture, or turn off user account. I would like to delete it, how do I do it if there is no option to delete? Help me I am lost and need to be found

A:have windows 7 need to delete user account

could you please inform me of how to delete a user account if there is no delete ooption?

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My laptop was lost and when recovered it now has a 2nd user account. When I tried to delete it, it states that the user is still logged in.....(must be from another source possibly) and it cannot be deleted. How do I delete this 2nd user. Thanks for your help.

A:Please help me delete a 2nd user account from my laptop

If you shut down or restart I think that logs out all accounts. After you log in to yours you should be able to delete the other one.

If it were me, knowing that somebody was doing who-knows-what, I would reinstall or "recover to factory defaults."

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Hello. The user account of a child in my family. The account isn't working right - Universal Apps would load - so I wanted to delete it and recreate it. Unfortunately, I cannot find an option to delete the account from the PC - only to "block" it, whatever that means. I read this tutorial: Child Account - Add or Remove from Your Family in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

But it describes how to remove a child account from a Microsoft account (which I don't want to do because I like the parental controls) - not how to remove a PC child account.

Is there a way to delete a user account on PC of a child - without removing from the parent's Microsoft account?

A:How to delete PC user account of a child?

You need to delete the child account first from your family settings on account.microsoft.com/family. When done you can delete the child account on your PC.

You can then re-create the child account.


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Can anyone help? I have two user accounts on this XP laptop, but my dh always just uses mine. We want to delete his so there's only one account. However, each and every time I try, the program fails to respond and everything freezes. Does anyone know of a way to troubleshoot this? TIA!

A:FREEZING when trying to delete user account

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Hey there ;

i am sorry if this thread has been posted ( searched and didn't find anything )

so i have 2 accounts as in the picture ( i tried to upload it but failed ):

i can't delete the one named administrator
i want to delete it because i'm getting this "preparing windows" like each 3 days ( temporary account )
Note : i might have deleted the registry for the user "administrator" a long time ago

Hope anyone can help

A:Can't delete a windows 8 user account

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The temp account error that you get when you try to sign in to an account means that account's user profile is corrupted. You can use the method in the tutorial below fix it.
The "Administrator" account is your built-in elevated Administrator account, and cannot be deleted. After fixing the user account with the corrupted user profile, you could disable the built in Administrator account though.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

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I typed in delete user account and followed the prompts which appeared to delete my only user account. Now at power up the user account still comes up and I have to backtrack to get to my Microsoft account to login. Any suggestions on how to complete the delete of the user account?

A:Win 8.1 Can Not fully delete user account

Hello Bob,

Did you have the account set to be automatically signed in to at startup? If so, undoing that or have it sign in to a different account should stop it.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
If not, then use the tutorial below to view detailed information about your accounts, and post back with the details for the deleted account if listed to see what may be wrong. If the account is actually deleted, it won't be listed.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows

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Here's a summary of what happened and how far I got.

First my surge protectors are on, my computer and lights go out, they both come back on, (as usual), but this time, my computer states that it cannot load my profile "corrupt file" or something like that. I don't remember the exact wording. Then, I clicked okay, then another screen said this was a temporary profile and when I log off, nothing will be saved. So, I hit okay (thinking that I'll find out soon enough).

Well, it brings me to my desktop which ALL my STUFF is gone, my desktop wallpaper, my jpgs that I had saved and were going to upload (but forgot), one particular folder that I keep a variety of things in were gone. THEN on further investigation, I go into "explore"....I wanted to see my ALL MY Documents, music, pictures, downloads, tons of stuff I had saved gone.

I figure, it can't be gone, so I'm hunting around the net and I found that it's in my documents and settings.

After much searching on the web. I find out what happened and then followed instructions to create a new account and copy all these files (which my programs aren't fully restored...like Office 2003 :( and some other ones...they're all like new and I have to find out my license keys, which I don't have ...*sigh*

Anyway, I just want this user account deleted with all the info. I don't need it anymore and it's taking up valuable space and memory on my computer.

Can I delete this account? I've hunted and can't f... Read more

A:Delete User Account Issue

well you must be logged in as an admin.

control panel.

User Accounts

Either click it and choose delete profile or right click/delete

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Hey all. I've got one on the bench now that was flooded with crap. I've run SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) and Spybot S&D and cleaned up the "crap" with CCleaner. I think I've finally got all of the malware quarantined or removed but I still can't remove one of the two accounts. It is not the primary account of the previous owner. I get the dreaded "this program is not responding" window every time I try and remove it. Sometimes when that happens, it actually does get rid of the account but it's not on this machine. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

A:Solved: Cannot delete user account in XP

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