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Solved: Cannot associate Office 2010 (beta) with Office file types

Q: Solved: Cannot associate Office 2010 (beta) with Office file types

My MS Office files have generic icons, and when I open them, Windows asks me which program to use. Office 2010 isn't even on the list. A trial version of Office 2007 came with my laptop. I downloaded the Office 2010 beta, then uninstalled 2007. Since I uninstalled the old Office, all my Office files are no longer associated with Office, and there seems to be no way to remarry them. Office 2010 (beta) doesn't appear in the default programs control panel. The only way I can open those files is to open Word/Excel/etc, and File>Open. I feel like this should be simple. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Cannot associate Office 2010 (beta) with Office file types

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Cannot associate Office 2010 (beta) with Office file types

Did you uninstall 2007 after you installed 2010?
If so you messed things up and you need to do a repair. Open Word, then the Office button, and then Word Options.
There on the Resources area, run diagnostics and do a repair.

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After installing the latest security updates on two Windows 7 machines the file associations for Office 2010 beta reverted back to Office 2003 (which is also installed). In order to fix this (since I prefer that the Office 2010 apps be the default) I ran the "change/repair" option from Programs & Features in the Control Panel.

A:Fix for Office 2010 beta file associations

You can also go into "default programs" and change them in that dialog. Its less time consuming than a repair install.

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After much messing around I have discovered that if you use Windows 7 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program' to set default programs for file types, it breaks the File Types selection within a given program (in my case Microsoft Office Picture Manager) and you are no longer able to use the program itself to set file types only the Windows 7 function. You can tick/untick file associations all day long within Microsoft Office Picture Manager and nothing gets associated/unassociated. The File Types option is basically broken. I have also noticed this occur with 7-zip which actually causes a more serious issue. By default .zip is not listed in the Windows 7 list of 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program' window but is listed if you associate .zip with 7-zip's own file association option. BUT if you then subsequently use windows 7 to re-associate .zip with Windows Explorer, the .zip vanishes (because by default is is not listed), breaks 7-zips file association options and you can no longer associate .zip files with 7-zip, EVER. Basically I am curious as to why Windows 7 own file association options would break software's own internal file association options so badly to the point they are essentially useless and if there is a fix. I even tried completely reinstalling Microsoft Office and removing all references of it within the registry, no luck. Its not a big deal but I just found it odd that a fundamental piece of Windows 7 would harm the integrit... Read more

A:Microsoft Office Picture Manager - Office 07 - Broken File Types

I don't believe it has anything to do with Office 2007/ Picture manager I use it myself,
I do not use 7-Zip but that seems the likely bug,
Windows handles Zip folders just like any other folder so 7-Zip is something I don't understand why people need or want it but I don't need any or need to make any Zip folders either
If your still having file association issues use this,

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I have downloaded the beta version of Office 2010. It gives an activation key, but when I try to activate I get an error message 0x80070001.
Can anyone please help

A:Solved: Office 2010 beta activation problem

I have solved this problem by following the steps at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/916180?p=1

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Okay, I've never posted on anything like this before so bear with me please. I've got an issue and it's driving me nuts because I can't resolve it. I'll try and give a description of what I did. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I purchased a new Dell computer (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit) that came with a trial version of Office 2010. I had previously purchased an Office 2010 Pro so I wanted to install the full version on my computer. When I did, I had both versions installed, so I uninstalled the trial version. That's when I think my problem arose, but I can't say for sure that it didn't exist before that because I hadn't even looked.

Here's the problem:
When I'm in Windows Explorer looking at my files, my Excel and Word files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx) show up with an improper file type description. Instead of saying "Microsoft Word Document" or "Microsoft Excel 1997-2003 Worksheet" (or whatever they're supposed to say) the simply say "DOCX File" or "XLS File". Not only that, but the icons don't look right either. They sort of look right, but they're smaller and sort of greyed out (Except the .docx icon is just a white page with lines object).

The strange thing is, is that ALL my other Office files show up with correct descriptions and icons etc. (.ppt, .pptx, .csv....etc - ALL of them!)

What I've tried to fix it:
I uninstalled all Office Products and then reinstalled Office 2010.

I tried MS's little bug finder pr... Read more

A:Office 2010 Office File Type Descriptions & Icons Incorrect


Welcome to SevenForums.

If you right-click on one of your Word documents and choose properties, does the icon look correct in that panel? Like this:


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I've recently got a new machine and had copied my old PST file over. Whenever I go to open it I get "File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Outlook Files\*pst file name*"

I created a test archive and was able to open that one (same location ) just fine.
Is there an add-in/converter tool I need to run in order to be able to open my old PST file?

A:Open an Office 2007 PST file in Office 2010

How to move your personal folders (.pst) file in Outlook

Also, lots of information about transferring PST files here:
Backup and Restore | HowTo-Outlook

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My beta expired so I uninstalled the beta. I restarted and tried to install the trial but I get this error.

Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine. This is most likely due to previous Office 2010 trials being installed. (System error: -1073418160)

I read then that I was to delete the following reg entries



Problem is the bottom entry is not deleteable. If I try to delete it or a subfolder or the key I get

Cannot delete office: Error while deleting key.

I tried deleting the key in safemode or by altering the permissions of it and running regedit in admin mode but nothing worked. I'm running win 7 x64.

I would greatly appreciate any help so I can clean this and install the office 2010 trial.

A:After uninstalling Office 2010 beta can't install 2010 trial help

Down load and use this Ccleaner Piriform - Download CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy - Millions of users worldwide!
then try to install
If you still cannot, try in safe mode

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How long will office 2010 Beta run on windows 7? Just trying to plan when i have go back to office 2007.


A:Office 2010 Beta

I believe it's until the end of October.


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Beta 2 is out there.

Is anyone using it or planning on using it?

A:Office 2010 Beta 2

Think I'll wait sense I am testing both the Beta and the new Home and student (by invitation on the home and student also).

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Hello all, I recently upgraded from vista premium home to windows 7. So far no problems. I also have office 2007 small business, but downloaded the office 2010 beta version for free to try it out. Every time I try to open a new document, I get an error message. (Office application version does not match) after I close the error tab, the new document opens fine. Does anyone know how to get rid of the error message? Thanks for the help.

A:Office 2010 Beta

Well its a beta version , what do you expect ? Tell Microsoft about it if you want to help them.

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Hi John or Shawn hope you both are doing fine. Just thought I would drop a little thought that just maybe is time to remove the "Sticky" that Office beta is free; being its time has just about run out.

Have a Nice day to you both. . .

A:MS Office 2010 Beta

I thought the beta ran through june?

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Hey guys just downloaded office 2010 beta but where do you get a beta key from???

A:office 2010 where do you get a beta key from??

When I registered with Microsoft for the download, they provided me with the key at the moment that they gave me the link to the download.

Where did you get your copy of Office 2010 from?

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Can we still get a Legit/Working copy of this software? if so... where?


A:Office 2010 Beta...


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I'm running Windows 7 on my new computer, which came with a trial version of Office 2010. Rather than buy the full version when the trial expired, I installed the Office 2003 I had on my old -- now dead -- computer. I now find that I can't open the Word and Excel files I created with the 2010 version. Is there a 'cloud' site where I could send the 2010 files and have them returned to me as standard .xls and .doc files? Or is there a free converter available for download?

A:Solved: How can I open Office 2010 documents on a computer that has only Office 2003?

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Something perhaps helpful things installing office 2010
Fix Problems Upgrading Office 2010 Beta to RTM (Final) Release - How-To Geek

A:Office 2010 Beta Uninstall help

Thanks! it is frustrating how microsoft didnt include a proper uninstaller like live messenger beta!

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Now available on Connect / Technet.

A:Office 2010 Public Beta

Check it out here..


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Please do not install and refer to the link. If you still plan on installing, please set a system restore point before you do.


A:Office 2010 Beta 1 is Bunk

What? It works fine for me.

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A:Anyone get accepted into the office 2010 beta?

Me too...after two weeks from which I asked them...

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I am running windows 7 64 bit and I am trying to install 2010 beta office and it states my system is not compatable. Any help with this?

A:Microsoft Beta Office 2010

First thing to check is the version of the BETA you are trying to install - office 2010 is available in 32 and 64 bit versions which will only install on the correct architecture

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I downloaded it Friday. It gave me a code number, and requested me to uninstall Office 2007.

I did not uninstall anything. I copied all my Outlook 2007 files to the new 2010 Outlook beta, and everything seems to work perfectly.

When I go back to Outlookk 2007, it still works fine too. I thought there would be problems, but so far so good.

My question is this. After the beta download, it never required me to put in the activation code it gave me. I have tried to find a place to activate it, but to no avail. Will it keep working ok? I plan to use it from now forward, and puchase a key when one is available. Does anyone forsee any problems with my plan or questions?


A:Office 2010 beta question

Go to One of the program(Like Microsoft Word)
Top Left,File>Help

You should able to find the button to input your serial,
when it is done,you may use it now until Office 2010 Final release

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Hi there
I've been playing around with the Office beta 2010 -- only EXCEL at the moment

It seems to have a nicer interface -- I'm glad the hideous Office 2007 blob has gone

The start menu is much nicer - and as always if you don't like the large ribbon you can get rid of it with CTRL+F1. CTRL+F1 again brings it back.

Anyway here's the start menu in 2010 for EXCEL. (I changed the background in options to BLACK - I prefer it to the default white one).

Seems to run old 2003 / 2007 version spreadsheets with macros etc etc OK.

(I'm testing this in a W7 pro X-64 Virtual machine -- I don't want to screw up any of my actual work documents while testing this).

I am hoping the language packs will apear soon for a proper test.

So far looks good MS.


A:Office 2010 Beta - impressed so far

I agree, seems to have a nicer feel to the entire suite.

One problem I am finding is with Outlook, when minimized to the tray this version does not show the new mail icon as it does with OL 2007.

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http://officebeta.microsoft.com/en-us/mspr...X100996086.aspxOffice 2010, with Office Web Apps, is now available for download. You can use it until it expires in October 2010, when you can purchase the final product.You can upgrade your current version of Office to 2010, or have it co-exist with your current version.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Beta available

http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/en/default.aspxThey changed the URL. Get it here, you need to log in with your Windows Live/Hotmail sign in and fill out an online form.

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I am having some problems getting rid of 2010 Beta.

Uninstall from Programs and features fails.

Revo does not show an icon for Office 2010 and I can not figure out which file to drag and drop on it.

Installation of 2010 RTM x64 fails. I think because of the previous failed uninstall.
No problem I got my system back with an image. So I am back to 2010 beta until I figure this out.

A:Uninstall Office 2010 Beta

how do u have an image of ur system?
can u please tell me??????

reply would be appreciated

even i had the same problem of uninstalling office 2010 beta. i deleted all the files related to it and deleted the registry keys like office 14 in regedit and now have a small problem of removing the click to run icon from control panel

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I have some problems with MS Office 2010 beta version. I got the message "Click 2 Run Configuration Failure". Also I tried to uninstall that so that I can reinstall again but could not do that.

Any idea about how can I uninstall that?

Thank you,

A:Trouble with MS Office 2010 Beta !!!!

Sounds like a Beta issue. You should report the problem to Microsoft so that it's fixed in the final version.

Try using Revo Uninstaller to uninstall it and eliminate all traces (registry keys, files) so that you can do a completely clean reinstallation.

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I have installed Office 2010 beta 64 bit and when I try to open a document it will only open in wordpad and all the text is complete jibberish-not readable at all. All I want to do is have my documents open in a readable format in word as they did previously in Office 2007. Any help-as simple as possible will be appreciated. I am of pensioner age and struggle with technical jargon. Thanks lamarque

A:Office 2010 Beta 64 bit Problem

It would appear that the file associations for Office2010/word are messed up - this is a little worrying as it is a standard part of the install process to set these to default to open office documents with office.

I assume that you can manually open a file from within word without issues.

Quick method for setting file associations (doc file as example)

Right click on a .DOC file in windows explorer.
Choose the "open with ... " option (if the option does not show you can Shift-Right Click)

If Word is shown in the list of suitable applications,ther is an additional set of "Other " which is normally not shown (arrow on right to display) select this and make sure that the "Always use" option is checked.

If the Word option is not present use the browse to locate winword.exe on the system drive, (normally c:\program files\office ...), select this and OK out of the dialog. Again check the "Always use" option

Thats it

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Does anyone know what the differences between the RTM and beta versions of Office 2010?

A:Office 2010 differences from beta

Quote: Originally Posted by drewpul

Does anyone know what the differences between the RTM and beta versions of Office 2010?

A simple google would have given you this. Visio 2010 ? Changes from Beta to RTM - Visio Insights - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

let us know if you need help


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And is it necessary to uninstall before installing a bought copy of 2010?

mmmm....just thought of potential problem...

My Office 2003 and XP and 2007 are UPGRADE versions.

I have never beta'd before, simply upgraded Office as I went. This would be the first time I have to uninstall and back track so far.....do I (CAN I) have to install Office 97, upgrade to XP, 2003 and 2007??


A:When Does Beta Office 2010 expire?

You may use the Beta up until Oct 31, 2010
It is not necessary to uninstall, you can do an upgrade from 2007 to 2010

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BC Advisor and all around nice guy Sneakycyber has alerted us to this neat offer from Microsoft. Registered users of Microsoft's Technet (and, it appears, anyone with a MSN or Hotmail account) can download a free beta copy of Office 2010 by going here.Thanks for the tip, Chad!

A:MS Office 2010 Beta Download

Has anyone used this and could therefore give a review?

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I downloaded office 2010 beta on my vista machine, when i click install it says that i have microsoft office 2003 installed. I don't. I used to have it, i uninstalled it. I tried to run clean up tools for office 2003 just to makesure, the clean up tools worked, but the error still keeps showing. Plz helpz0rz


A:Office 2010 beta problems

Remants of the prior installation are still in your system.

The best way to handle the situation is to use system restore (if uninstalled just a few days ago). Then uninstall with Revno.

If that is not practical, try this to clean up the remnants

CCleaner - Home

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Office 2010 BETA 1 ..Leaked by Wzor


From LEv (wzor team)

what a catch, Microsoft partners distributed office 4006, which we have on 15 May pushed people




I now understand the reason was the first run Microsoft on us

A:Office 2010 BETA 1 ..Leaked

Will be searching when it hits the big sites, what a great day this is, office 2010 and windows 7 rtm are both out

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I installed a copy of the Office 2010 Beta, and used it for a few days. Now though, it tells me I'm missing files, so I tried to reinstall but the installer won't open. So now I cannot uninstall either! I even downloaded a new installer and it won't work either. Help!

How can I remove office from my system manually, as In deleting files and registry values. What should I remove and what shouldn't I?

A:Office 2010 Beta - MAJOR BUG

Try this: Fix Problems Upgrading Office 2010 Beta to RTM (Final) Release - How-To Geek

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hey guys, could someone help me out? i want to update to the latest build and i'm told it can be updated from within office 2010. i only want to update Word to the newest build.


A:How to update Office 2010 Beta?

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Hi everyone..

Installed MSO 2010 Beta, separately from my MSO 2003 (alongside 2003) found 2010 a little too difficult to configure/use(that ribbon thing), so I uninstalled it. It appeared to go ok, but upon my using 2003, everything is bolded now (appears unread) and clicking on an email, doesnt mark an email "read" when I click on it. Doesnt change if I "Mark All Read" either.

Anyone have anything similar? Cant mark emails read?


A:Office 2010 Beta goombed my MSO 2003 :/

Just uninstall office 2003 and reinstall it. You could try a repair, but it might not work.

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For those of you who are looking for information on Microsoft Office 2010 Beta; here is the site you are looking for. It will help you to determine what you will need to run Office 2010, and whether you want to test the 32 bit or 64 bit offering.

The Beta will be good through October of this year. The final release to the stores will be in either July or August.

So try it out, it free for now.

And, yes this has probably been posted, albeit I thought it would help to post it again for those who haven't been able to find it, or are new here on the "Seven Forums"

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Beta site

I've sent a couple frowns (and several smiles) to MS about Office 2010 Beta. Running fine here. Love being able to customize the ribbons.

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When I uninstalled 2010 Pro Plus, it said it was unable to complete, then i rebooted liek it told me, and all the programs were gone except for the office tools. Same for Project Pro beta. Now when I try to uninstall visio 2010 beta i get the message

Any ideas on how to uninstall.

A:Unable to install Office 2010 beta

You could try using something like Revo Uninstaller, which is a super uninstaller and see if that works. You can get it here.

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I downloaded the Office 2010 beta trial a while ago, anyways close to when the program expired Click2Run failed, or failed to load, I don't remember the exact error message. It wouldn't let me access the program at all, and I got a stupid pop-up every time I turned on my computer saying Click2Run failed to initialize or something. So when the thing expired I went out and decided to buy the program. Anyways, I tried to uninstall the beta version since it would not let me simply upgrade.

It wouldn't uninstall, errors with click2run cause that. So I manually uninstalled it, removing all traces from my computer (or so I thought) I removed everything. I even ran the RipOutOffice 2010 program, as well as the uninstall tool from MS. It no longer shows up on my control panel, and I can't find anything in my Registry to hint that it is still there.

Anyways, I still can't install my program. It tells me I need to remove all traces of Office 2010, but I can't find any!


A:MS office 2010 Beta won't fully uninstall.

Download and run Ccleaner, it will clean up remnants that are still remaining on your hard drive. If it does not work, carefully (we will help) tick off some of the registry entries, to be cleaned, also.

If that does not work, reinstall, using System Restore, then use Revno to remove.

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When the Office 2010 beta first came out I was so exited to install it that I tried to install it while I still had office 2007 installed. Of coarse, the install failed. So I just went to go and uninstall 2007 but the uninstaller didn't work. Then I just went to Program Files folder and deleted the office folder and deleted some registry values.

Now the 2010 installer doesn't work, and the 2007 uninstaller doesn't work. Right now the error message I get is this error.

I have looked throu the microsoft website to find all the possible ways to get rid of all old versions of office, bbut I still get this error message, and I still have the "Q:" drive form the first install, and can't get rid of it.

A:Office 2010 Beta install error!

Quote: Originally Posted by infested999

When the Office 2010 beta first came out I was so exited to install it that I tried to install it while I still had office 2007 installed. Of coarse, the install failed. So I just went to go and uninstall 2007 but the uninstaller didn't work. Then I just went to Program Files folder and deleted the office folder and deleted some registry values.

Now the 2010 installer doesn't work, and the 2007 uninstaller doesn't work. Right now the error message I get is this error.

I have looked throu the microsoft website to find all the possible ways to get rid of all old versions of office, bbut I still get this error message, and I still have the "Q:" drive form the first install, and can't get rid of it.

Hello, Welcome to SF,

If the regular method failed then try the Office Uninstaller see whether you could remove using that mostly left over files used to remove then you use this Tool. If that fails then follow this document to remove the left over files manually. One thing i'm doubtful is "Q:" what are you referring to does it give the error about a Q: ??

Good Luck,

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Hi, i got the problem to open the files directly (doble click on the file)
but i can open them in other way (open office, then in the office open the file (not direct))

History of Office in my notebook:
Office 2007 Original.. (Uninstalled after install Office 2010 Beta)
Office 2010 Beta..

With that two office, the files open with the 2007 version, so, i dunno why never 2010 office open directly, or if that's normal on the beta..

Thx 4 read my problem

A:Don't Recognize Office's Extension (2010 beta)

It's a beta you can expect there to be faults within the program, just stick to Office 2007 if you have problems.

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MS Office 2010 Home and Business Edition Beta is available for download for free until Oct. 2010.
You will need to create a MS Office Online account to do so.

Microsoft Office Online

I installed it this A.M., and it is a major step up, even from Office'07.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Beta FREE

I have had it on here since 2009! It will require activation once you get the confirmation email from MS! You can add several email accounts into one inbox for those missing Windows Mail or Outlook Express easily.

You might want to look over the beta for Visio as well since those work together. Microsoft Office Online

MS Office 2010 beta is required first however to add Visio to it. To activate open the help link and enter the key they provide for the download.

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It looks like MS has not included an easy way to backup your pst files in Outlook 2010.
Does anyone know how to do this?

A:Office 2010 Outlook Beta Backup

I have ALWAYS backed up my PST file manually in all versions.

It's just a file, make sure Outlook is not rumming (or has not run since last boot) before doing it.

The Microsoft utility is a download (not part of the original install) in Outlook 2007. Have you tried for a download for your version

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About 2 months ago, I deleted two user accounts from my Administrator account. I later activiated the Guest Account.

The next time I started up my computer, I was unable to log in to my account and got the following message:

User Profile Service can't load the user account.

Or something along those lines. Since then, I have been using the Guest Account with Administrator Pivliges.

A few days ago, when I tried to recify the poblem by deleting the Problematic User Account and Replacing it I had several problems:

- Unable to Create New User Account
- Unable to delete user account
- Unable to Rename User Account
- Unable to Change Password on User Account

When I tried to create a new user account, It said that the name was invalid, when it wasn't.

I have tried serveal tutorials, and was recommened to try System restore. When I tried this, I was not allowed to Carry Out the Restore.


Also, Today I downloaded Office 2010 Beta. This was working fine. I was having some problems with Outlook Connector, so I unistalled all 2010 Beta Programs and attempted to redownload Office 2010 Beta.

Once the file had downloaded, I started the Download and got the following Error Message which said something about a Q: Drive. Upond further investigation, I discovered that I now had a Q: Drive. When I attemped to acces this, I got another error message which said that Q: Drive was inaccesible or something like that.

Can anyone help me? I've tried everyth... Read more

A:User Accounts & Office 2010 Beta Help

I'v not tried this but,

Have you gone into safe mode then doing system restore?

A Helpful suggestion but I am unsure if it will work, so try at your own costs.

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i lost my office 07 disc, so i figured i'd test out office '10. the only thing is that i can't seem to find out when the beta expires. would anybody happen to know? i don't want to be stuck without word once it expires.

A:office 2010 beta expiration date

October 31st, 2010.

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I just got a notification that my Office 2010 Beta will expire in 5 days. I thought it was good until Oct? Did I miss a notification somehow? Thanks

A:Office 2010 Beta Expires in 5 Days?

Quote: Originally Posted by stealth2920

I just got a notification that my Office 2010 Beta will expire in 5 days. I thought it was good until Oct? Did I miss a notification somehow? Thanks

There is a specific re-arm technique. It is described here. How to Rearm and Extend Office 2010 Activation Grace Period for Free 180 Days Usage ? My Digital Life

let us know if you eed help


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I downloaded the 32-bit version of the Office 2010 Beta, because I figured it would run just fine in 32-bit mode on my 64-bit machine, but when I tried to install it, I got this error:

Error 1935: And error occurred during the installation of assembly component {DCDF7794-7F8F-4F41-8CAD-95128804065E}. HRESULT: 0x80070005.

I'm downloading the 64-bit version now to test that one, but I'd appreciate knowing exactly why this happened - if anyone else out there knows.

A:Error With Office 2010 Beta Install

Solved the problem by installing the beta into a folder I created called 'Microsoft Office 2010', instead of the default 'Microsoft Office' folder. Don't know why it worked, but it did.

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Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible for me to get the whole installer of Office 2010 Beta, not the 2MB size setup that will still require a slow install and download of Office 2010 Beta. I want to download the whole installer even if its 500 MB in size.

It says on the download page that, "if you are not using high speed Internet connection, please download Office 2010 Beta instead". I don't know how this is supposed to be. I just want to download the whole installer even if its 500 MB in size.

A:Where to download Office 2010 Beta's whole installer???

Download Office 2010 Beta 14.0.4536.1000 with Product Keys (Include SharePoint, Visio and Project) My Digital Life

scroll down the page.

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I started using MSO 2010 Beta when it came through on a disk with my monthly computer magazine, specifically APC. I have just discovered that the Beta, at least, supports the OpenOffice File Formats.

Just thought I'd let people know as I know several people have been waiting for this.

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