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Selecting Screen Saver in Personalize Generates Error

Q: Selecting Screen Saver in Personalize Generates Error

When I select the Personalize I get an erro saying Error in desk.cpl "Missing Entry: ScreeSaver,@ScreenSaver can someone tell me how to fix this problem??

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Preferred Solution: Selecting Screen Saver in Personalize Generates Error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Is there any way to get windows 8 to see subfolders of a browsed path like past versions of windows? For example screen saver custom path can only be a single folder and it will not recognize subfolders - XP and 7 had a checkbox that would let the slideshow pull pics from deeper folders if you picked a main folder like Pictures. I am also finding it very limiting in being able to readily access pictures on network attached storage and basically anything that isn't posted to their MS cloud. Help!

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So I wanted to change my desktop wallpaper but then my Personalize window won't open. Same goes with Screen resolution.

When I right click on my desktop and click Personalize or Screen resolution option, a message pops up that says this..

I think my files are corrupted. Your help would be much appreciated.

A:Personalize & Screen Resolution error. Windows cannot find

Hello Boey, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Let's start with using OPTION TWO in both of the tutorials below to add "Screen resolution" and "Personalize" to your desktop context menu. These will also restore the default registry entries for these two items that will hopefully sort this for you.

Screen Resolution - Add or Remove from Desktop Context Menu - Windows 7 Help Forums

Personalize - Add or Remove from Desktop Context Menu - Windows 7 Help Forums

If not, then you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before this happened to undo and fix it.

Hope this helps for now,

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I got a Screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct 3D error.  This computer is not even a year and a half old yet.  I am going to see if there is a updated driver for it.  Anyone else have this problem with Win 8.1?  This is a Dell computer.  Inspiron 660s.

A:Screen saver won't run error

Slightly off topic. And it will not help your situation.

Screen savers are a left-over solution from a previous technology. In spite of their name, screen savers no longer “save” anything – all they do is waste electricity. Screen savers are not necessary on modern, flat-panel LCD displays.

HTG Explains: Why Screen Savers Are No Longer Necessary

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ok guys here is one for you, we have been running blank screen savers for several years on windows nt 4.0, set by policy. now all of a sudden on several of the computers when the screen saver turns on it comes up with an error messege and never runs the screen saver. the message we are getting is:

"Initialization of the dynamic link library C:\winnt\system32\user32.dll failed. The process is terminating abnormally."

So any Ideas??

A:Screen Saver error

I found this on microsoft's knowledgebase . Hope it helps

Overcoming User32.dll Initialization Failure Errors
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0

This article was previously published under Q142676

IMPORTANT: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
256986 Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry

When you try to start a service a pop-up dialog box appears with the following message:

ServiceName - DLL initialization failure Initialization of the dynamic link library c:\windows\system32\user32.dll failed. The process is terminating abnormally.
The system has run out of memory to create a new desktop heap for the service being started.
WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.
To fix this behavior, you must edit the registry and restart the computer that is affected.
Run the Registry Editor(Regedt32.exe).... Read more

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We deployed screen saver in my organisation. Screen saver was created by a video file. Size is around 20+ MB.
After deployment some of the machine pops up below error.
The screen saver can not run because of on of the following reason:
* The file is corrupted
* Your computer is out of resources
*Windows Error

What would be the reason for above, Is there any limitation for size of screen saver?

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I made a screen saver of 5 or 6 pics, it will go through the slideshow maybe 10 times, and then it goes black with a message to the effect of "an error occurred in this slideshow". All pics are there while repeating 10 or so times, ten boom, I get that error.

Any ideas?

A:Screen saver error

Originally Posted by Motley

I made a screen saver of 5 or 6 pics, it will go through the slideshow maybe 10 times, and then it goes black with a message to the effect of "an error occurred in this slideshow". All pics are there while repeating 10 or so times, ten boom, I get that error.

Any ideas?

Nope. But I occasionally get the exact same error. Then the next time it works fine. I've seen it just a few times. I'm inclined to let it go because it's so infrequent. Google did reveal the same error appeared in Vista and 7 as well. What I saw was a variety of potential fixes which is why I didn't post them here. You could try that and see if anything makes sense to you.

EDIT: You could try this. It's a link to a potential fix at Microsoft. It doesn't say it works for Win 8 but it might be worth a look.
A screen saver that displays pictures stops working in Windows

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An error message keeps coming up saying that the screen saver has a problem and will shut down. I have tried various screen savers and have the same error message. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Screen Saver Error message

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I have a photoscreensaver error that reads as follows:

Photoscreensaver.scr Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point DwmHintDxUpdate could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll

It comes on when the screensaver starts, I have go no screen saver organised, the screen just goes black, then when I move the mouse the black screen goes and the above is in a box. It is possibly related to a rolling wallpaper I am using from my photos folder.

Has anybody got any ideas? Ultimate 64bit RTM



A:Photo screen saver error

Hello Neville.
Do any other screen savers work?


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Hi, All
Up to the day before yesterday my screen saver (displaying my pictures folder on c-drive) used to work good but ever since Saturday I seem to be getting the same error over and over again.my mouse stops responding on what I want it to do, then my screen turns black for some seconds and then puff it's gone and everything goes on in a normal fashion as if nothing happens until the next time. Well I'm back while writing this message I got again one of those annoying episodes. I made some screen shots which was the only thing possible but took a long time sometimes having to press 3-4 times. anyway here they are.

it happened again and I can't seem to find a way to attach my screen shots to this message as I am 0.1 in PC . It just stops my whole pc for some seconds I'm not allowed to do a thing.
Please help.
I have Avg8.0 that should cover all threats shouldn't it??

thanx Jay

A:screen saver keeps on making error!

Are you using XP or vista?Inserting An Image Within A Posthttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/14738/inserting-an-image-within-a-post/

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When my screen saver slideshow is supposed to start, a error message "slideshow not running due to error" or something similar appears on the screen.
Toshiba laptop, Intel core2dual 1.53 Ghz, 3GB memory, Vista

A:Screen saver slideshow error

Make sure there are no shortcuts in the folder that you are using to store your pictures.
The Vista screen saver does not like them.

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Well i have this really annoying problem with my computer... i have my screen saver set on my pictures slideshow and everytime i come to my computer when the screensaver is running it takes atleast 30 secs for it to close maybe longer not shure what the prob. is any help is appreciated:)

A:Windows 7 Screen Saver Error?

Please provide this information even though you're not experiencing BSOD's:

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I am running WinXP/Home-SP2 on a Dell Dimension 1100/B110-2.53ghz.Whenever I have one of the Windows 3D screen savers running (especially 'Flying Object' or 'Flowerbox'), I get the following error message when I clear the screen saver to resume computer use.3D Flying Objects: ss3dfo.scr - Application ErrorThe instruction at "0x01077495" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".Click on OK to terminate program.This obviously is not a critical problem, just annoying.Does anyone have any ideas?Thanks, RogerB

A:Getting Memory Error When Clearing Screen Saver.

Hi Roger, welcome to BC.Crashes in 3D screensavers, more often then not, points to a video driver or DirectX issue.Provided you are using the factory integrated graphics system that came with your Dell, go here, download and re-install the video drivers for it. You may want to print the installation instructions as the procedure is a bit different from the norm.If it still crashes on you, go here, download and install the DirectX 9.0c redistributable package. That version is normally included with XP SP2 but may be corrupt.Let us know.

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I turned on my dell computer during the loading the system and then I saw the welcome screen
When error the screen saver can not run because it required a newer video card or one that computable
With direct 3d. I can not see my desktop although I saw the welcome on the screen and
Then it switched to black on the screen. How do I fix it?

A:Error screen saver can not run during loading system

Did this happen when you installed this third party screen saver? Boot into Safe Made and uninstall it. Then try and access Windows again.

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I've been using the Slide Show Screen Saver for a while now but recently a problem cropped up. The slide show would run for about 5 minutes or so but then it would freeze on a picture for a bit and then the screen would go black with a Slide Error message. What's wrong and how can I fix it?

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I have a windows 7 i5 pc w/ nvidia geforce 9600 GT card. As far as my computer tells me, everything is updated for the most recent version. PROBLEM: As of last week, my computer has been going to sleep and won't wake up after an extended duration of non-usage...sometimes as little as 20 minutes. As far as I can tell, the issue is not entriely consistent. Sometimes it goes to sleep and won't recover and other times it will. I haven't found the pattern yet. Upon moving the mouse the monitor displays "power saving mode" and then nothing. Turning the monitor on & off or moving/clicking the mouse or trying to activate task manager are all met with silence. I have to reset or turn off the computer in order to continue my work, which, of course, has been lost. However, doing so does bring the computer back to the living.

Coincidence? This issue seems to have occurred around the same time as my imagebooster update for my LG lcd monitor. I now also get a message that my longstanding screen saver "ribbons" "can't be run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D". Could be a coincidence, but I don't remember making any other changes to the computer recently.

My power saver options are all set to never go to sleep, etc... I don't know what else to do.

Advice would be greatly appreciated!

A:new screen saver error & sleepy computer

By the Way, I just installed itunes about the same time. Probably not important, but full disclosure.

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I am getting the following message when screen saver is activated. It was working fine 2 days back. Cannot enable 3D screen savers, error: The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D ThanksLenovoUser

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I am aware of the Screen Saver setup and modify capabilities in the Personalization menu. I am also aware that there is a Preview button there also.
There is a program in the Windows system files that you can put on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. You can then click this Icon and manually start the Screen Saver.
I however (in my infinite stupidity) have forgotten the name of this program and where it is located. Can someone please tell me what its name is and where it is located?

A:Screen Saver, I want to start the Screen Saver Manually.

Welcome to the Seven Forums

This thread may help you Pin screensaver shortcut to taskbar?


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I have been trying to find a good utility screen saver with things like: cpu usage, ram usage, cpu temp, etc etc.

I've found only one so far, Nafkak (spelling?), and it is terrible.

Does anyone know of another that I can try?

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How do I change the color or probably theme of the Metro style Start screen of my laptop . I couldn't find the option in settings> personlization.

A:Personalize start screen

Originally Posted by gabe55

How do I change the color or probably theme of the Metro style Start screen of my laptop . I couldn't find the option in settings> personlization.

Did you engage the Charms menu from the Start Screen, (not Desktop)?
From the Start Screen(s) to the Charms Bar then Settings and Personalize, you should see this:
Attachment 39247

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I somehow did something to the PERSONALIZE screen so that now when I go to it to try to change something it only stays visible for about 5 seconds, with a whirling blue circle, then goes black for 1 second and returns to the desktop.

At the bottom of that window there's a place that says SLIDE SHOW. There used to be a picture there, now there's a black screen which I think is what is causing the problem. I don't know what I did to make it a black screen there, and can't fix it because it disappears too quickly.

Any ideas?

A:Desktop personalize screen

Hello mizshay, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You could do a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this started to hopefully fix it.

Hope this help,

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hi i just got a new laptop with window 8. at the personalize screen. i wont let me connect because it say i need to check box to accept the license terms. but i dont see the box to accept the license terms anywhere on the screen.anyone know where is the box to accept the license terms at? thanks

A:window 8 personalize screen

Hello whoRu, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Could you post a screenshot showing this to see if it may help ID what this is for?

Is your Windows 8 activated?

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I have a data logging program that runs 24/7 and which displays a continuous record of the data on the CRT. It is really an MSDOS program, but it runs fine on Win98. When it is running, it takes over the entire display. The problem is that it will not tolerate ANY sort of screen output from another program. It immediately locks up, although it doesn't take Windows down with it.

I would like to use the task scheduler to run a little .bat script that uploads a day's worth of data to web page. I can redirect the output generated by various commands in the .bat to the NUL device, and prevent the script from generating any output, but Windows insists on opening a MSDOS window when the .bat runs, even though nothing gets displayed in it. Just opening the window is enough to derail the data collection program. I had hoped that I could do something like "upload.bat > NUL" but it doesn't work.

I could always write the script to run from another machine to control the process remotely, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of keeping a separate machine on line just to run a 10 second task once a day.

Anybody know a way around this?

A:Is it possible to write a .BAT file that generates NO screen output?

If you were running this on Windows 2000 or XP I would suggest using this.

There is a way to do this with a vbscript as well. Basically runs a command shell invisibly in the background without seeing it. I will have to digg up that link.

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While IE8 is open and I move an XL2007 cell's contents, I get an 'Cannot empty the Clipboard'.

Any fixes? Reinstall IE8?


A:IE8 open generates XL error

This error only happens when IE is open. If I close it, no errors. If I have other browsers open, no error.

Ideas would be appreciated.

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I downloaded a free sample of a screensaver from digiscapes.com just to have a look - and then uninstalled it. Now I constantly get a pop up window telling me I'm running an unregistered Buddy Saver screensaver. My husband reinstalled and uninstalled for me, but I'm still living with this Buddy Saver annoyance. How do I get rid of it ?? (I also sent them an email weeks ago to ask what to do but no response). Thanks

A:Buddy Saver screen saver

It is probably running at startup. Go to start > run and type in msconfig and enter. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the item for it listed there.

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Neither work after the allotted time....
Running Vista home premium Svc pack 1
This is my first question so I apologize if I'm not in the right section.

A:Screen Saver/Power Saver

If you manually click sleep, does it go to sleep and stay asleep? It doesn't wake up on its own after 10 seconds or so?

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When ever I try to open Disk Management, it is generating error "An internal error occurred. Restart the Disk Management snap-in." Few days ago I think I disable few of the services, then the problem has been seen. Hope to get some solution.
Thank you in advance

Thank You in advance

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After installing the latest Intel HD 530 driver update (v20.19.15.4454) for my XPS 15 9550, I am receiving the following error each time I boot my system.
Faulting application name: IntelCpHDCPSvc.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x572a4b65Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.10586.306, time stamp: 0x571af2ebException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x000000000002fe34Faulting process id: 0xadcFaulting application start time: 0x01d1d5adb2768847Faulting application path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelCpHDCPSvc.exeFaulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dllReport Id: fb958e23-7617-428c-804e-ed3556b0189dFaulting package full name:
Is there any further update available that will resolve this error?

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Win7 64bit I'm trying to create a windows recovery DVD and get the error "failed! error: 0xcaa0301 Idiskformat2data ->write failed!" This page gives this info... E_IMAPI_UNEXPECTED_RESPONSE_FROM_DEVICEThe write failed because the drive returned error information that could not be recovered from.Value: 0xC0AA0301

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I have a copy of Indesign CS2. I am able to install the program with the correct serial number. However, once installed and I click on the application icon, I get this error message: Error: "Please personalize your copy. When I enter the serial number that I installed the program with, I get an error message saying that this is the wrong serial number.

I notice this is a common problem as there are a number of threads on the Internet where others are having the same problem. Adobe no longer supports Indesign CS2
In Adobe tech notes, this problem is addressed: (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=331649). However, all three fixes do not work on my system.

I am running XP with service pack 3, 512 MB RAM and over 2 G processor speed. My system exceeds the requirements necessary for installation and the fact that the program installs indicates that that shouldn't be the problem.

I saw something on the net that explained this is a User permissions problem but that's beyond my scope.

If anyone has dealt with this successfully, I'd appreciate your imput.



A:Indesign CS2: Error: "Please personalize your copy

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Hi Everyone,

I'm in a jam at the moment and would really like some help. First off let me state.. it is 100% my fault for not reading fully before clicking...

So I noticed a cool AeroGlass theme and wanted to install it.. apparently the patch software was only suppose to work on Windows 7 Starter.. I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit..

When I right click on personlize I get an error window that says Explorer.exe at the top and Unexpected Error for the error message.

I did some searching my system for any type of helpful log for my screwup.. and I found the following log from the patcher software.. Here is the info in the log:

[2012-09-24 21:40:29] =====================================================
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Log started.
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] W7Patcher ver: (x86)
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] (C) 2011, Andrew Bendus aka Mr.dUSHA, Poltava, Ukraine.
[2012-09-24 21:40:29]
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Jump in to x64-version of this program...
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Exit
[2012-09-24 21:40:29]
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Log finished.
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] =====================================================
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] =====================================================
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Log started.
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] W7Patcher ver: (x64)
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] (C) 2011, Andrew Bendus aka Mr.dUSHA, Poltava, Ukraine.
[2012-09-24 21:40:29]
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Source restore tree: C:\W7P_Backups\Personalization_Panel
[2012-09-24 21:40:29] Desti... Read more

A:Unable To Right Click and Personalize gives an Unexpected Error HELP!!


Please try this, then reboot your system.

1. Click Start
2. In the search box, type cmd
3. In the list that appears, right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator
4. In the command window that opens, type sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Once it completes, reboot your system, and then see if Personalize is available again.


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Using windows XP/control ctr/add-remove proram, uninstalled a Lexmark Inkjet printer. Restarting pc now produces following desktop error message ..."can't load DLXSUPMON.DLL..."- it will go away by xing-out the program and continuing, but its a real pain and a waste of time to deal with- Anyone with a suggestion how to remove/ stop it? I've checked for file remenants and everything appears to have been removed-
many thanks in advance-

A:Solved: uninstalled Lexmark generates error messages at start-up...

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Hi All

I am using Excel 2013 on a windows 7 professional

when I am going to an excel file location via Explorer, and double click on the file I get the following error

" There was a problem sending the command to the program"

I have tried un-register and register excel, no good

I have unpinned and re pinned program to the main screen, no good

I have also tried to uninstall and re install excel, no good

When I am using file/open it works, however I need the feature of double clicking

can anybody please recommend what shall i do?



A:Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

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I am attempting to restore Windows XP Media Center Edition on a Compaq Presario SR1750NX Desktop PC using the System Restore option activated by pressing F10. Upon pressing F10, the system appears to load the PC Restore files but when it tries to execute them, it generates the following error:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of
0xc0000034 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
The system has been shut down.


No CD's are available as the machine shipped with the System Restore feature on a protected partition.
I would prefer a "restore" solution, as opposed to other reinstall options, in order to maintain use of additional software (such as Windows Office) that came preinstalled on the machine.


Any suggestions on how I might clear the issue generating the error message so I can proceed with the system restore?
Any suggestions on how I might otherwise approach the problem?

Thanks in advance as any and all assistance is much appreciated.

A:Compaq Presario generates Fatal System Error when attempting PC Restore

If you decide you need the 2-CD system recovery disc kit for that Compaq Presario SR1750NX (EL445AA) desktop, you can purchase it from Computer Surgeons HP Recovery Center for $27.00 plus shipping.

That desktop was manufactured in November 2005, so HP will no longer have it available for purchase.

The kit will allow it to be reverted back to its original factory condition - complete with all the software and "bloatware" that came in it.

If the hard drive dies and needs to be replaced, the kit is going to be needed anyway to get that desktop going again.


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XP Service Pack 3

Screensaver is enabled and so is 'Display welcome screen when coming back from screensaver'.

This works most of the time, however on a regular basis the screensaver will resume to the following screen and just stay there forever.

The only thing to do is to press the power button, at which point a popup alerts that a user is logged in, do you still want to shut down.



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I'm sure some of this problem is just my numbskull approach to how I've begun to develop and structure pivot tables in Excel 2000.

In pivot tables where you do (or don't) have page fields, but where you have a fairly small number of items that your want to variably select or filter, I know you can use the pulldown arrow and individually select the items that you want to include or exclude from your column or row results, using the checkboxes.

Is there any universal command that will allow you to comprehensively check or uncheck all the items under a row or column field, if say, you have 50 items, and you want to filter the results down to just one or two items? Again, you probably wouldn't have a situation like this with quite so many items being used in a data summary capacity, but I suppose it could happen and I just wanted to know if this capability was available in Excel.

A:Solved: Pivot Tables - Selecting and De-selecting Items in Column/Row Fields in Excel 2000

For Excel 2000, no. They added to the 2002 version an option to check or uncheck them all off.

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Internet Explorer 11 fails to install on Microsoft Server 2008 R2 & repeatedly generates error code 9C47 or 9C49


I was asked to update our Windows 2008 R2 server from IE 10 to IE11, and it will not install properly.  I have looked up several solutions to this issue, so far nothing has worked.
I disabled McAfee HBSS in safe mode, restarted the PC and tried to run Windows Update managed by a WSUS server.  The update gets approved and pushed out to the 2008 R2 server.  It downloads IE11, tries to install, then fails/errors-out at the last
second. I have tried this a few times, rebooted and either get error code 9C47 or 9C49.

Some of the suggested fixes I have tried:

I turned of internet connectivity and the anti-virus
I tried the Windows Update repair tool
I tried the Windows System Readiness tool
I tried to scan the system files for errors with sfc /scannow
I tried installing the other updates first, restarting and it still fails 
I removed the server listing from the WSUS server, and re-added it and it will not update   
I tried the stand-alone IE11 installer, and it fails at the very last step and then gives me an error with a link to troubleshoot IE installations   
I have uninstalled IE10, and now am stuck with Internet Explorer 9
RT returns no errors
SFC returns no errors

None of the recommendations have worked so far.  
If there is anyone who has any other suggestions, it would be ... Read more

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I have a Dell 1750 Inspiron laptop that I use "as a desktop" as every piece of hardware is connected to it.
It runs with Windows 7 Home Edition. It has a 4gb memory and a 450gb hard drive which is less than half used.

I have the screen saver set to Photos and usually have a cut-in time of 1 hour idle.

The screen saver cuts in exactly when it should and scrolls through my photos for as long as the laptop is left idle.

However, as soon as I touch the mouse/keyboard, instead of reverting to the "normal" screen the photos disappear, the blank screen fades for a few seconds and then a message appears in a box, saying that the Photos Screen Saver is not responding, and gives the options of either close the program or wait for the programme to respond. Waiting doesn't seem to work so I have to click on close the programme and then cancel the statement that Windows will try to find a solution, because it doesn't!

I have tried to vary the time before the screen saver kicks in, anything from 1 minute to several hours but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

A:Photo Screen Saver wont revert back to live screen

Have you checked the timing for when the HDD turns off or Sleep or Hibernation kicks in [I disable both of those and lengthen the time on the HDD to several hours], Control Panel, Power Options?

The reason I mentioned the HDD is the symptoms you mentioned seem to apply. The screen saver could be in memory and not affected by the HDD until it's asked for something.

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I did an upgrade from Win 7 , and Screen Saver / Turn off display after 5 mins was working under Win 7 64 bit
As my title suggest Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins are not working under Win 10
The Lock screen Slideshow is there when Win 10 starts but only shows ONE image, never moves to another.
THINGS I've done so far to get any of these working ...Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins
I’ve turned off all the Wake on lan functions
Tried different folder/ images for the lockscreen Slideshow ,window spotlight and picture
Tried to set new power options , was able to get SLEEP to show up in "Start" as it was not there before, but once click , the display DID turn off, but wouldn’t turn back on with mouse movement keyboard presses, had to do a hard reboot. Win 10 started without issue and the SLEEP mode was no longer aviable via the power "start" menu.
Anyone have a clue how to get all of these working. Really would like my display to turn off after 5 mins , and the Screen saver to work , the Lockscreen I'm not fussed about

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? OS - Windows 7 SP1
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Windows 8
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Retail Version
? Age of system (hardware) 4 months
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 1 week

? CPU Core i5-3330
? Video Card Nvidia GT 620
? MotherBoard
? Power Supply - brand & wattage 300w

? System Manufacturer Dell
? Exact model number: Inspiron 660
Added Samsung 830 128gb SSD + 3TG Seagate in replaced of the original 2TB Seagate HDD.

I have tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers, currently use the older version 310.90
Previously used 314.22.

A:[SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

The following may be helpful when reading the remainder of this post:Beta and Legacy Drivers | GeForce

NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Advanced Driver Search

Product Type: GeForce
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Product Series: GeForce 600 Series
Product: GeForce GT 620
Recommended/Beta: Recommended/Certified


Name Version Release Date
GeForce 314.22 Driver WHQL 314.22 March 25, 2013
GeForce 314.07 Driver WHQL 314.07 February 18, 2013
GeForce 310.90 Driver WHQL 310.90 January 5, 2013
GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL 310.70 December 17, 2012
GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL 306.97 October 10, 2012
GeForce 306.23 Driver WHQL 306.23 September 13, 2012
GeForce 301.42 Driver WHQL 301.42 May 22, 2012

BugCheck 0x117
These crashes are DirectX/graphics card related. DirectX comes installed with Windows, so this may indicate Windows corruption. It may also be that you have corrupted drivers or a graphics card hardware problem.
If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Run a system file check to check Windows for corruption: Click Start Menu
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Right click Command Prompt
Click Run as administrator
sfc /scannow
and press Enter
Once it is complete, make note of the message. If it says Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and post back
If... Read more

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My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

A:password protection, log on screen, hibernate & screen saver problem

Originally Posted by vassoulas

My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

Hibernation in it self saves everything thats in RAM at the time the system is put into that mode. It should not lock the PC as that wasn't the state it was in before it hibernated. perhaps lock the PC before you push the hibernate button!

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Hello, My Thinkpad Yoga is connected to a large display through ThenkPad docking station.  Its lid is closed.   During my work, from time to time I see random touch clicks on my screen, and random opening of menus.  It is clear that the touch screen is active although the lid is closed.  When I open the lid, and still connected just to the 2nd display (large screen) display the phenomena stops.  Worth noting is that although only the 2nd display shows an image, the laptop touch screen is still sensetive to touch.  This is I guess why the random touches show up on the screen -- it feels the keyboard not fingers. I expect the touch screen to be disabled while the lid is closed or when projecting only to the 2nd screen.  The solution of opening the lid while connected to the docking station is not acceptable.  Lenovo's local support suggestion to disable touch for the Yoga is also not acceptable -- people purchase Yoga to get Touch.   A solution please! Yaron

A:Yoga touch screen generates random touch while lid...

I am experiencing the very same thing.A driver/BIOS update would be very much appreciated, dear Lenovo.

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Hi all,

Does anybody know how can i choose a user in the win 7 welcome screen using only the keyboard (without using the mouse)?

I'm hoping there is some sort of key combination that may be used to choose the user so that i won't have to use the mouse in order to login.

I would prefer not having to change the standard welcome screen to the domain login screen in which i believe it is possible.

I'm using Win 7 professional.


A:Selecting a user in win 7 welcome screen using only keyboard

you can just use the arrow keys - you should see a bit of a glassy border around the selected user.

then hit the space bar or 'enter' key to login.

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When I'm using Windows Explorer, as in my documents folder, and I select a file off to the right or left of the screen (in list view), it shifts the screen over to center that file. Usually, when I select a file, it's because I'm trying to double click it to open it. So when it moves everything over, it messes me up in trying to open it. I know it's normal in Windows 7, but is there anything that can be done about it? I hate that.


A:Selecting file causes screen shift

Is there no solution for this? This has to annoy others too.

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Hi all, I've just built a new PC from parts, listed at the bottom.
I detect no hardware issues and the BIOS screens all work fine.
I've installed Windows 8 Pro x64 (failed) and refreshed with clean install (same fail).
I can install fine and enter the license key and reboots to complete install.
The PC boots to the win 8 splash/logo with spinning dots, the screen flashes blank and back to the logo and then stops at an black screen. I never get to the Windows 8 "Personalize" installation completion screen.

Please help me trouble shoot this.
I'm using the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO DVI video out with only one monitor, usb keyboard, and mouse.

Parts List:
Patriot Gamer 2 Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Patriot Intel Extreme Master, Limited Edition 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
ASUS P8Z77-V PRO LGA 1155 Intel Z77
Corsair Force Series GS CSSD-F240GBGS-BK 2.5" 240GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner (Two)
XIGMATEK Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler
Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz
Corsair - Professional Series 750-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply
Cooler Master - HAF XM ATX/Micro ATX Mid-Tower Case

A:New build, Windows 8 Pro x64 blank screen, never gets to "Personalize"

See if you can get into safe mode. I am assuming you get there the same way as win 7 by hitting f8 when pc is booting.

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This might seem like basic question and hope its the right place, but after opening box and starting up and numerous reboot issues until I got the bios updated.  Now the only key issue is that when I sign off via Win+L to lock the screen, the screen saver will not come on -- is there a work around this besides having the machine go to sleep completely?

A:Alienware Aurora R5 - No screen saver on load screen?

Apologies for this addendum but just remembered that I also have not been able to find any information on the value added of the Alienware "Resource DVD" -- I do see one of the files being called "bootup.exe" or somesuch so is this suppose to be an easy boot disk if needed?  All thoughts will be appreciated ....

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