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sims 3 freezes then closes the game

Q: sims 3 freezes then closes the game

i have purchases the sims 3 game through EA digital download everytime im on live mode 5 minutes in and it freezes and boots me off the game i added more memory rams even bought a 750 gb hard drive and still i havent been able to fix the problem can anyone please help! i have vista home basic 32 bit operating system my video card is intel 82945g express chipset family i've been told that i need to update my video card driver i just dont know where to go i went to intel's site and it doesnt recognize my video card..plz plz help me

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Preferred Solution: sims 3 freezes then closes the game

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I purchased a new system over a month ago. Before buying SimCity 3000 Unlimited, I had encountered no problems. Now, as I try running this game and The Sims, they quit and it jumps back to the Windows environment. What should I do? I believe that if I completely uninstall SimCity 3000 Unlimited, the computer will run better, but there really is no reason why it should be cutting off game play and jumping back to the Windows environment, anyway. I'm really purturbed. Please someone explain why it keeps doing that. Thank you.

- For the second time, ywill4ever in Detroit, MI

P.S. I haven't downloaded any additonal items for play in The Sims, either. I currently have Sims Vacation expansion pack.

A:SIMS GAME quits and closes back to desktop!

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Windows xp with ati Radeon x300 se 128 Mb and DirectX 9.0- Premium 4

Things i have tried are going to task mgr and ending owners Processes for more space. i also tried lowering the game performance levels to low and reinstalling the game. I have also change the resolution; plus check the CD and the computer (new) for problems.
When i am playing the game maybe 10 to 15 mins into the game it freezes and the sound keeps playing. It does not slow down and I have no problems starting the game. A few times i have played the game for one hour but that is rare.

Is their any hope or should i just sell the game and move on.

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hi there,
i have had sims for a while and it used to play fine, just recently it will load till just before the city thing and then it goes back to desktop. at first i thought it was just the weather but i tried it everyday. also i have tried re-installing and it has made no difference.

help anyone?

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I know there is other posts like this I've tried the solutions

its like me minimizing it

i know i dont give much info but thats normal...
i dont like speaking much.

fx 6300
rx550 2gb gddr5
16gb ram
does motherboard required eh i just say it gigabyte GA-d3sp i think
windows 10
it worked fine on windows 7...

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Hello Everyone
My wife Judy would like to get the original Sims game and some of the add ons for our Daughter as a Christmas present. Before we do though we would like to know if anyone has had any conflicts with the software on WinME or does it play fine?
Thanks Dave

A:Sims game

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We have just bought a new computer with Vista as operating system. I have loaded my official copy of Sims 2, but when I try to play the game I get the message "You are running the wrong version of The Sims 2. Please run instead. Since I don't have any other version (appart from my expansion packs), I don't understand what has gone wrong.
Please can you help???

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I was trying to install a game called The Sims on my computer, but it wont install properly, it performs an illegal operation, I have deleted the folder called The Sims, because I have had to return the game. I know I shouldn't have had deleted the folder, I have accidently deleted a file that was part of windows I think, is there another way to installt he game without formatting or overlaping windows 98 to windows 98?

A:The Sims Game

Give more info on how far into the install you got and what exactly is the error message? Is this an original disc or a copy of the game?

Also, why do you think you deleted a windows folder?

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I love my Sims game soo much. Lately whenever I have been trying to play I have trouble. Almost every time I go to the neighborhood screen the music starts to play weird before the screen comes up and then the screen shuts completely and I have to restart the computer b4 it comes bac up. This really gets annoying.
The times the neighborhood screen finally comes up I may start to play and get about 5 minutes before the screen freezes and a box pops up saying that there was an error and and the program crashed and must terminate.... something like that.

I have double deluxe and bon voyage. When I got bon voyage I joined sims 2 so I could download stuff from the exchange. I thought that since I downloaded things from there it may be the problem. I deleted plenty of items that would have probably been the problem but my game still won't work! I have been trying to fix it but I'm no computer whiz. I hope someone can help me. I miss my Sims game!!


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Well firstly just as the game was getting really good some thing bad happened my sims are not moving the times not moving but the tv still moves and its not on pause mode. CAN ANY HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:I need help for my sims 2 game


Can you list your system specs for me please? I may be able to help you. Also, does this problem happen at a specific part in the game or randomly?


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While trying to install a sims game from a cd-rom i keep getting an error message.
"DATA ERROR(cyclic redundancy check)"
Anyone got an ideas on what this means?

A:sims game

I'm not sure as to the exact meaning of the message, but I can think of two things you could try:

First, make sure the CD is nice and clean and scratch-free. If it still doesn't work, then I would try installing software from a completely different CD.

If it STILL doesn't work, you have a bad CD-ROM drive!

Most likely, there are some scratches or bad data on your CD. You might have to get the thing exchanged, if EA has such a policy (CD swap plus shipping, etc)

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i bought a sims game called superstars and it don't autorun so i try myself and it only tells me that it found no sims on my computer and i have to reinstall it.but i don't understand what i need to do that cause i have the cd but it won't do nothing so i downloaded the sims online and it says to type the reginstration code and there are to meny nubers so it don't even work

A:i got a sims game and need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sims: Superstars is an expansion pack for the original 'The Sims'. In order to play Superstars, you need to own a copy of 'The Sims'. From your post, it doesn't sound like you have a copy. Whenever you see the word 'expansion' written on a box, it means you need the original game as well in order to play it.

So to sum up, you need to buy 'The Sims' and install it first. Then install 'The Sims: Superstars' afterwards.

The Sim's Online is a different game, and not compatible with 'Superstars'.

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Please help me find a cheap sims 2 game since I already have one but i'm missing disc 1. thank you

A:sims 2 game

Lots on Ebay.


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OK, this is what's going on...

This particular game doesn't require much out of my machine. I've ran this game 5-6 times over just to see and it still ran smoothly, so I know for fact it has nothing to do with hardware (especially because I can still run much more graphically/processor intensive games). Just getting that out of the way.

I have played this game, unchanged, many-a-time pretty much every day, then one day it simply quits working. No update to the game (it does not update automatically), no change whatsoever. It'll just open and immediately close before any kind of content, color, or image is loaded. The whole process of me attempting to run the game and it closing takes less than a second.

I've tried spamming the game to see if maybe a 1 in 100 shot will randomly open it. This didn't work.

I have removed all my firewalls and antivirus, just for sake of testing purposes. This didn't work. Yes, I rebooted.

I have absolutely completely uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it. Rebooted, and it didn't work.

I have tried running as Administrator, or even just disabling the UAC altogether. Rebooted, and it didn't work.

It's an online game. Windows Firewall is disabled, all my ports are open, nothing is justifying what's going on here.

The two previous Firewalls/Antivirus I had were McAfee and Avast.

I am on Windows 7.

A:Game closes immediately after opening

What game and what are you exact PC specs (make and model if its a big brand name, or make and model of motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, harddrive, power supply including wattage, optical drives etc.)?

At the moment, all you are saying is a random game doesn't work on a undefined machine ... thats not a lot to work with

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I had logged off of my Sims 2 game, after saving it and everything, then a few hours later came back on. Now my newborn is missing, my toddler (who just turned into a child) still looks like a baby (just taller), and then the 2nd oldest child still looks like a toddler in a child body. How do I get my Sims to look like how they are suppose to be????

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I've been trying to install my Sims 2 game on my computer for a week now. It starts to install and ten it stops at 56%. I read some other problems and solutions on the internet, such as cleaning the disk and that it may not work if it is to scratched up. I tried it but it still wouldn't work. My computer is a Dell desktop operating on Windows XP. I decided to try it on my dads computer. He has a Acer operating on Windows Vista. When I installed on his computer it installed compleltly with no problems. So I've ruled out any problems with the game itself. I've tried the copy and paste method to install it manually but it won't copy the files past the second folder. I really want to play my game and this is getting frusterated. I really don't have twenty dollars to but a new game and I don't think thats it's the CD anyway. So does anyone know anyway to fix this problem?

A:Sims 2 game not working. Help!

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There is a reoccurring problem that I am having in my game; it crashes. However, it only does this when my Sim is riding a horse. I am not certain when this happened, nor do I know for a fact if it first occurred with the installation of the new patch. I am, however, almost certain that this is when the problem occurred.

The first time I noticed the problem was yesterday. I had finished making a very nice farm house and stall for my sim and her horse. My game had been running a bit slow, so I cleared out my Cache and ran the game. When my sim went for a ride on the horse, it ran extremely fast. The best way I can describe it is it ran as though it were in the fastest speed (speed 4), but the game was in normal speed. My sim then rode the horse to the racing stable to enter it into a race. When she tried to enter the horse into the race the game froze.

I had been playing the game for a couple of house, building the house and setting everything up, and I had not saved the game. When I restarted the game, I rebuilt the farm house and tried it again. The game continued to crash at the horse race in Appaloosa Plains. Today, after a good night's sleep, I decided not to build the house, but the just let the horse and rider run, and quite possibly enter into the race. This time I did not enter the horse into the race, but instead I had the horse to buck the rider. Just as the horse began to back up, the game froze. This must be note that each time the horse appeared to be run... Read more

A:The Sims 3, Game Crashing.

Report this to EA. Also try checking if you really got the latest drivers. Only download drivers from their website. Your system is fine, it could run The Sims 3, might experience some logging, but the crash is pretty strange. Also try updating the game through the Sims game launcher. Hope this helps!

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Okay, So I've got a new Dell Dimension 3000 desktop computer w/ Windows XP and I tried to install the original The Sims game on my computer. After I click install, a few seconds later a message comes up saying something like:"file not suitable for MS DOS and Microsoft Windows applications, choose close to terminate the application." I've visited the support website that tells me that I am probably missing the autoexec.nt, command.com or config.nt on my computer and it gives me directions. I followed EVERY direction up until I got to the part about a %SYSTEMROOT/system32 folder. I can't seem to find that folder anywhere. Everytime I try to expand the command.com file it says something like: "can't open input file" or "no destination specified" I've tried every instruction and or direction to try and fix the problem, but everytime I try to install the game it tells me the same thing. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Does Windows XP not support The Sims game at all? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!


A:The Sims Game trouble. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

system root would be C:\windows

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When I first got the "Sims 3" game every time I tried to play it, it would crash. Later I learned that I didn't have enough RAM and that I needed to upgrade my graphics card. I took my computer to a shop and got another gigabyte of RAM and I bought a better graphics card. Then I went to "systemrequirementslab.com" and it says that I now meet and exceed all of the requirements for the game. But every time I play, the game closes about 5 minutes into gameplay. An error box would pop up saying that an error had occurred and that the game needed to close. I made sure that my drivers and my game was up to date. I tried lowering all of the game settings and putting the game in window mode, but it still crashed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game twice. I even turned off my Norton anit-virus program, because some people said that the program might cause conflict with the game, but that didn't work either.

Here are some of my computer specs:
- System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3)
- Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
- CPU speed: 3.08GHz
- RAM: 1023.4 MB (around 2GB)
- Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series
- 98.3 GB of space left on my computer

If somebody can PLEASE help me, I would really appreciate it.

A:my sims 3 game keeps crashing

I hate to have to tell you this but a lot of people are having the same problem. If you haven't yet you might want to go to the Sims 3 Community Forum. There are a lot of people there offering solutions to problems like yours. In fact EA/Maxis has released a patch but you can only get it by using the EA Download Manager. Sorry I couldn't be more help but hopefully you will find it at the Sims 3 Forum.

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okay, so i had to uninstal my sims 2 game and now i want to reinstall it. nothing comes up when i try to put it in. What can i do??

A:my sims 2 game won't install :(

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I start the game, then 1 min later the screen goes blank. I have to hard reboot to fix the issue. My computer exceeds the requirements to play the game. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hey my brother comes to me a lot to fix his computer, because he usually breaks it. But I am a standstill now. I can't seem to figure out why Sims 2 isn't finding the directx 9.0c adapters. I tried a update on the Sims 2 website, just in case. Nothing work.He uses a ATI FireGL V3100. I am stuck.

Also F.E.A.R's error is "Unable to initialize the renderer to a valid video mode."
Battlefield 2142 doesn't even load. It tries to kick up but then it stops, and crashes.
Please let me know something here.

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I've played sims before and I get soo addicted so it's really bothering me that my sims 2 game won't install. I just got a brand new computer for christmas so I don't think its that my computer is too old or anything and I have all the requirements. But anyways.. I put disc one in and it starts installing.. it only gets to 1% and then it stops and stays there for like 15 minutes, then a message pops up saying:
A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'TSData\Res\Sims3D\sims08.package' Do you want to retry to copy the file or cancel the installation?

I retried a couple of times but it did the same thing over and over so I finally gave up. I'm not very computer smart so I have no idea what to do.. could anyone help me please? and fast.. im dying to try this game out! thank you!!

A:My Sims 2 Game Won't Install! Please help..

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We have a Sims 2 game for DS. Whenever we went to our pockets, the game freezes and I had to end up making a new person. So far, I am almost done with the game. What is the problem with the game? (My brothers always put their DS games in their pockets and then the games would sometimes end up in the washing machine and the stickers would peel off...)

A:Problem with Sims 2 DS game

so im guessing no other games do this?

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Okay, so it's been a few months or so since I last used my Sims 2 game.
Today, I was in the mood to play it, so I went on the computer and clicked on the Bon Voyage icon in my dock. (I have a mac.) And after clicking on it, the icon bounced up and down, (started to start up the game.) and then it stopped starting up.
So, I decided that I needed to install the game again.
I installed the game onto my hard drive, and when everything was set, I clicked on the icon in my dock, and found the same thing happen from before. So I tried again, and it still didn't work. Is there something wrong with my disk or what?

A:I Can't Install My Sims 2 Game.

check on here if you still have the right things to play the game

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i know this is a new game. but if anybody has a clue i'd appreciate any help. i have a hewlett packard pent 3 computer. ok it loads the game but as soon as i go to go downtown or click on any house it throws me out of the game into the desktop plus it changes my fonts into larger letters and takes away my taskbar. i did what they said make sure nothing in background is running tryed changing from 32 to 16 bit. moved the hardware accelerator to basic nothing makes a difference. thanks for any help

A:sims hotdate game

I had the same problem with Living Large crashing to the desktop and solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling. Have you tried that with Hot Date? Check out the official Sims site for info on game crashing too and you can go to Sims Watch newsgroup on yahoo. They usually have some helpful ideas in the FAQ and from the various subscribers. If you've been downloading user objects, skins,etc. into your Sims games before this, they can also be causing the problem. Do you have File Cop? You can get it on the Sims site and use it to check those files that you've downloaded. Some things running in the background like anti-virus programs can also cause the game to crash or hang. When I play, I usually just shut off everything else until I'm finished playing. Hope this helps.

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Hello, I have the sims 3 and expansions wa/amb. my computer played world adv. exp. with absolutely no prob. then when i tried to install ambitions exp. the cursor dissapeared in-game. the buttons would highlight as if i had a cursor when i touched my mouse pad, but i could not visually see a cursor. so i decided to restore my computer to factory setting, it failed the first time and i had to troubleshoot and restore again after windows program was wiped out!! now after i restored the factory settings, the game, which by the way is only the base (the sims 3, no exp. packs installed) will shut off in the middle of first loading screen and cut my screen completely blank. and i have to start my computer over again....now after it miraculousely started again it has no cursor like before. idk what to do to fix either of these problems. any help would be appreciated, thanx. i just want to be able to play my game, im desperate for answers, i never had this problem before!!

Specs: compaq presario cq61 notebook pc
program: windows 7 home edition
Added:directx 11
Added:java updated
Graphics Card:AMD M88OG with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Processor:AMD Athlon(tm) II DUAL CORE M300
Memory:13.1 GB/ 2.18 GB FREE OF MEMORY (D

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Hello everyone,
I recently bought the Sims Deluxe game. I have checked to make sure my computer reaches the requirements for the game and I have consulted with EA help to try to figure out my problem. I have defragmented, and cleaned my C:/ drive, I erased the temp files, I have disabled the background tasks and the furthest I got installing the game was 74%. Can anyone tell me the secret to installing this game? I almost want to go buy a new computer...

A:I cannot install my sims game

Any errors? Does it just freeze at 74%? If it just freezes, I would think there might be a problem with the disc and not with your PC.

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Hi all, I'm having problems playing sims. I 'll be playing and all of a sudden the screen will go blue and say something like not compatable with riptide etc....I have no idea what to do to fix this. Happens more now since i have sims living in large. I tryed going to the sims site for help. but haven't been able to find out anything....... thanks for any help

A:sims game error

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Hi! I finally got both of my computers completely working. Go figure, the brand new one that wouldn't work had a bad memory card and no matter how many times I told the guy at Nanosystems that was it, of course it was the last thing they checked. Anyway, now I want to get my current Sims 1 game off of one computer and onto the other computer. What I need to know is if there is any way to back up the game in progress and transfer it, or do I just have to reinstall all my Sims disks and start the game all over again? Thanks much!

A:Backing up Sims 1 game?

.. not sure how big it would be, but I guess you could copy your user files and saves to a cd and transfer them..

You will need to install the game, as that's really the only way the computer will open/play it right..

You will probably need to copy the neighborhoods too..

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Ok so basically I've had the sims 2 installed on my computer for a while now and it had been running perfectly but all of a sudden the game just resets itself! All the families I made are gone, the default families in the neigborhood have gone back to how they were at the start of the game and the family bin is empty. Every time I try to enter the game it takes longer to load as if I just installed it.
I didn't download anything dodgy and I am certain that my game was updated with the latest patchesfor my Free Time expansion pack so I'm not sure what could have caused this issue.
The weird thing is that in the sims 2 folder on my computer everything is the way it was before. All my cc, pictures, videos, characters - everything is fine. I really don't know what's happening but if someone could help me get my game back I would really appreciate it.

A:Sims 2 Game Has Reset Itself. Please Help!

I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that my sims are still in the game. I was able to find them using TwoJeffs Sim Blender > Teleport > Summon.
The bad news is that everything about my sims has been deleted. Their relationships, aspirations, memories, personalities, family trees and attractions are all gone.
Does anyone know how I can possibly get them back?

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IE closes as soon as i click on a java game link. it worked perfectly fine yetserday. any help plz?

A:IE closes as soon as i click on java game link

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Hello,Whenever I play for exemple, Dota 2 or CSGO, the game closes in an instant, and I can only see the desktop, with no error message. Right now, I played Dota 2 for 2 minutes and it gave me BSOD System service expection. I have litteraly done everything; From changing the video driver to an old one and adding -autoconfig -dx11, to reinstalling windows 7, 8.1 and now 10. I also cleared CMOS.I also added a crash dump from Dota2 -> http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=44084955785821623364I have no idea what to do next.SPECS:Motherboard: AsRock Z77 PRO4Video Card: Nvidia GTX 760PRoc : Intel i5 3570k8GB RAM DDR31SSD and 1HDDCORSAIR 600WThanks in advance!!!!

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okay so i ve been playing my sims game .. i have sims 1 with hot date expansion pack ... so i went to a website and downloaded some objects and i put them thru winzip etc ... anyways ... now that i am trying to play it ... it keeps saying in the autoplay window "install" .. then when i click on it it says "would you like to UN install" ... i tried going into the sims folder and clicking on the 800 x 600 shortcut ... says "could not find the sims data diretory" did i do something wrong when i was extracting files or something ?? ugh this is frustrating can anyone help me ??

A:HELP!! Sims Game installed....cant play !!!

These objects you downloaded, are they legitimate things, or...not. Were they from trusted or official sources?

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after i put in the registration code, it stops running.

A:my sims 2 game wont install,

What do you mean by that? Does it give you an error?

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can someone help me? i cant even play my fav games

A:PC restart after playing any game :( especially civ 5, the sims 3,

Host Name: CICIT
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
OS Version: 6.1.7600 N/A Build 7600
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Asus
Run Windows Update - install ALL updates. Keep doing this until Windows is fully updated.

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I would like to add my own photo(s) or picture(s) to the game, what steps do I make to achive this? I have a picture on file, what do I do next? Thanks to all who helps.

PS; I know that I have to place it into one of the folders in THE SIMS program, but what step do have to do before that, and I think it has to be an 'IFF' first??????

A:THE SIMS....How do I place picture into game ?

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I uninstalled the game before on this same computer, and now (a few months later) when i try to re install it i get an error msg it says

16 bit window subsystem

The syster file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application

A:Having trouble with installing the Sims game on my PC

Try this:



If it doesn't work, post back here.

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Hello all,

I have had owned a Sims 1 original game since the age of six and I thought of sharing some problems that I have had fixed.

I will continue upgrading this post if I find out any more fixes. Ask me questions too if you like.

There is a common problem that after you install Sims 1 and install an extension pack, you come to a point when it wants you to insert a disk. Most people think that it's asking you to insert the extension pack CD but think again, read the window properly. It is asking you to insert the ORIGINAL Sims game disk, we all know that all extension packs cannot be installed without the original Sims disk. Aren't we all silly?

That way, if you insert the original the install will continue and you won't be baffled when it says that it isn't the right disk. (sniggers)

Many people have problems with trying to run or install the Sims on a Windows 8.1 or 10.
The thing is that many computers according to their hardware or compatibility systems can open it, some can't.

My computer is a very powerful PC with 16 GIG of RAM with two NVIDIA graphics cards, and it cannot open the sims disk even though it can see it. I have tested the game on a windows 10 and it still couldn't open the game.
I have tested it on a student computer at school and it succeeded in seeing the disk and to be able to install it. Here are the properties of the PC:

Windows 8.1
4 GIG of ... Read more

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When I save on my sims complete collection, it tells me there has been a saving error. How can I fihis problem

A:Saving error on sims game

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Hey, i was hoping i could get some help here. my mother got me a new laptop. its a 64 bit and runs on windows vista. The only game i have loaded onto it is the sims 2 along with a couple expanstion packs. the game loads fine, pretty quickly i should say. However, when in the middle of creating a family or trying to save the new family, my computer will freeze up. I have tried running the game with no other programs running at the same time. I have tried just about everything. I had emailed with the guys at EA games back and forth and their suggestions didn't help. I have even dowloaded direct x 10. And still, the game continues to freeze. I just want to play my game. Can you help me?

A:sims 2 game freezing, have 64 bit laptop

Hello SooperSpork,

My name is Lindsey and I work with the Windows Team at Microsoft. I saw you are having a problem with your new Vista Operating System and how it operates with Sims 2. I am hoping I can help. On the packaging of the Sims 2 game does it have the Vista logo saying that it is compatible? I looked on the Windows Compatibility website at the Sims 2 game for a 64 bit laptop and it seems they don't have enough information on it. The Sims 2 deluxe IS compatible with a 32 bit. Is your game a Deluxe version? Let me know and I can dig a little deeper and hopefully get this problem solved for you.

Thank you,

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When I scroll over an image on the internet (say an Xkcd.com comic), I get Alt text that flashes for a split second, making it unreadable. Big whoop, I can hold the Alt key and read everything just fine for the amount of time it is supposed to be there. Crisis averted.


Ever since this little problem started, my Sims 2 game has been screwy... in one way. I click on an object to get my little menu, and it disappears just as quickly as my Alt text on the internet. I never had this problem until about three or four months ago, and I don't know where it could have came from.

I have:
-Reinstalled my keyboard touchpad
-Ran an aniti virus, cleared every single temporary file, ran an adware program
-Reinstalled the keyboard
-Mucked around with my Internet Options
-Tried System Restore (Doesn't let me use it no matter what date I choose)

I'm completely lost as to what to do.

I run Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 1501. My internet browser is Internet Explorer, but the problem also occurs on Firefox.

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I've owned the sims 2 games ever since they've come out. I own all the expansions packs and they all play well on my new computer. But recently I've been having a problem with loading apartment life. I'll play the game for a couple of weeks then one day I'll try to turn the game on and it won't load. The first time this happened I ended up un installing all my games and then reinstalling them and I played again for weeks. Now it's happened again and I can't do what I did last time because a friend is borrowing my other disks. I click the icon the sims 2 launcher pops up I click play then the disk spins until it stops spinning and I do the process all over again never seeing the game load. What am I doing wrong please help.

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In order to keep the status quo regarding all of the game work I've done, I'm about to physically transfer my existing HD to a new computer, and use that drive solely for booting the OS and to play SIMS.

I might image the old drive and copy it to the new HD, but let's assume that I'm simply transferring the HD to a new machine.

My current system is as follows:

Dell Dimension 3000, Celeron D 2.4MHZ, 400 FSB, 1GB PC3200 RAM, 40GB Hitatchi Ultra ATA HD, Nvidia GeForce 5500 128MB RAM video (but running in an old-school PCI slot). I'm running XP Home on that drive.

My new machine will be as follows:

Dell Optiplex 320, Pentium 4 641, 3.2MHZ (2MB L2), 800FSB, 2GB PC5300 RAM, 160GB Seagate SATA HD, Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 256MB RAM (PCI-E x 16). This machine comes with XP Pro.

Monitor stays the same (19" Princeton LCD)

SO, the big question is "Will SIMS 2 recognize that it is running in an entirely new computer and haul A**, OR, will it still think it is clunking along in that pokey Celeron and still be dragging A**?

Bottom Line: I DO NOT WANT TO REINSTALL EVERYTHING! (absolutely last resort).

My main goal is to continue where I left off, work wise, with all of my expansion paks and downloads available, but I now expect the sucker to fly and let me make full-motion videos.

Am I worrying needlessly, or is this a real issue?

If SIMS has config files that remember a computer's original settings, is it possible to just change those files?... Read more

A:SIMS 2: Will the game recognize computer upgrade??

hi and welcome.

Your game will not be looking to see what hardware you have. The speed will be entirely on your CPU, RAM, your hard drive, and possibly the video card.

I say hard drive because some machines may not have enough memory for the OS and game to run, so windows will go to the Virtual Memory (which is your hard drive). As long as you have enough memory, and you are regulary cleaning your drive and optimizing it, I don't think you will have too much of a problem. The only things come to mind is the drivers for your new machine (the drivers could be different compared to the old machine) and that Windows detects a change in the hardware. It may ask you to contact microsoft to get a key from them (if that's the case, just tell them you have a new machine and you are putting the old drive in there.

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My Grandson wants a Sims people simulator game for his 10th birthday.

I know nothing about the game and am confused with all of the different versions and expansion editions for the game.

What edition of the game would be good for a basic starter. Would a new Sims 2 be OK for starting?

Thanks, Al

A:Which Sims Game Edition to start playing with.

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The computer:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 2.01 GHz
Gigabyte Motherboard
2 x 512mb DDR2 800 R.A.M.
Nvidia Geforce 7600GS
Western Digital 160Gb SATA 7200
Proview 19" wide Screen LCD
Windows XP SP2

The Game:
The Sims By E.A.

The problem
The game loads fine and plays well for a while then all of a sudden the game will freeze for about 15-20 seconds and then the computer will restart with no error message's.
This will happen every hour or so.
My daughters computer plays other games fine all weekend.
She only has play issues with the Sims.
Can anyone help us please?

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