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Can I use my motherboard HDMI port as well as my graphics card HDMI?

Q: Can I use my motherboard HDMI port as well as my graphics card HDMI?

I want to use 2 displays using HDMI, but the only problem is that when I plug in my HDMI to my TV through the motherboard, it does not work. I know some do not support it which is why I am coming here. My mother board and graphics card are in my account so look there for the details on my computer. Thank you

Preferred Solution: Can I use my motherboard HDMI port as well as my graphics card HDMI?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I use my motherboard HDMI port as well as my graphics card HDMI?

I've seen a number of computers where the addition of an Add-in Video card automatically disabled the onboard adapter. The only thing that worked to restore the onboard adapter was to remove that Add-in card. You may want to consider getting a different Add-in card that has 2 HDMI ports. Or if your motherboard has 2 PCIe X16 slots get a 2nd matching card.

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I have a HP pavillion slimline 7720.uk, i have just bought a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS graphics card with HDMI output! I have a sony bravia 32" LCD tv with HDMI input! i have set up the graphics card fine as far as i know, and is working fine through DVI, although when i connect my computer to the tv via HDMI there is no picture at all, i was just wondering if there is any settings i need to change to make the HDMI port on the graphics card work any help would be very much appreciated!!

Stephen Doorbar

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Nvidia quadro k620 graphics card
Killer Fatal1ty z97 mother board with onboard hdmi

Ok, so Im extremely new to the tech world, and I just built my first computer. I've been using my tv as my monitor via my hdmi cable. I plugged in my graphics card to my pcie slot and then my hdmi wouldn't work. I kind of assumed that the video card was overriding the onboard graphics. No problem - i plugged in a spare monitor to install the nvidia drivers, and I assumed I was done. Went to plug in the hdmi cable to the motherboard hdmi slot and it's not working. Am I stuck with using the two ports that are attached to the k620? Or can I use my motherboard hdmi port still? This is going to ruin me if I can't use the hdmi.

Thanks in advance

A:new graphics card - now I can't use motherboard hdmi

You can only use the new video card.

Why are you using a Quadro K620 ?

NVIDIA Quadro K620

You need a dvi to hdmi cable, but that won`t transmit sound, hope that is not an issue. (TV speakers suck)

What is the exact make and model of the PC ?

If you were happy with the PC, then why install the K620 ?

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I got an HDTV with an HDMI port today. My motherboard (Asus M3N HD-HDMI) has a onboard port for HDMI. At first, my pc would not run to the TV. I looked through the BIOS and found an option called onboard GPU it was set to auto. I changed it to always enabled. I searched around and found the display control and set it towards the onboard port. But it still would not want to send the display to the TV. So after while I removed the graphic card (Geforece 6800 GT) suspecting that was the problem. I did not want to remove it because I still play pc games. After removing the card the port started to work. I want to know is there a way for the display go to the onboard port while still having the graphic card installed and use it for my games and still route it to the port. Also what would be the best settings for the TV? I installed the drivers for the motherboard but the display isn't all the great. If all else fails I can always use the TV for my xbox 360
Thanks in advance!

System specs
Windows XP 64 bit
3.2 AMD Dual core
no graphic card
two hard drives

A:Onboard HDMI port inconflict of graphics card

The HDMI onboard must also be connected to the onboard Video circuitry as well.
By plugging in the addon (Geforece 6800 GT) Asus Motherboard setup has concluded that you do not require the onboard Video (anything) and turned it off automatically (and you cannot change that setting)

One option would be to have a addon Video Card that also has HDMI on it.
Or purchase a PCI HDMI compatible card.

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After I installed my new graphics card physically, I switched my display to a Sony LCD TV and plugged it into the HDMI port on the graphics card. After that, I installed all included device drivers and have since updated my Catalyst drivers. Still, I don't seem to have any sound from the TV, though I can still get sound by hooking up my speakers...

Despite that, I'd really like to get sound out of my TV. Any advice? Here are my specs:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 37 ?C
Yorkfield 45nm Technology
8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. CG5270 (LGA775)
SONY TV @ 1360x768
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Hard Drives
977GB Hitachi Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 ATA Device (IDE) 44 ?C
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device


A:No Sound from HDMI Port after installing ATI Radeon 5750 graphics card

Check your sound and see if your device is disabled.

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I plugged my laptop into an integra 30.4 receiver via HDMI port (multiple ports) and with the receiver on the right device port and connected to a tv or a projector and I get no audio out of the HDMI port only Video. Video works great!

The laptop is an alienware laptop on Windows 10 (upgraded from windows 7 purchased November of 2011). The HDMI would transfer audio and video in windows 7 intermittently for a year or two. However, I had to turn the tv, receiver, and computer on in a specific order and eventually, approximately 1 hour of doing this each time I wanted audio I'd get the audio over the HDMI cable until I shut down....

I've been on windows 10 now for a while and never have gotten the HDMI audio to work. I kinda gave up but would like to use my laptop now to play movies to my new epson 4k projector and am unable to get audio to work at all. Video is phenomenal.

The HDMI port shows up in the device manager under sound devices. However, constantly shows "Cable not plugged in" whether the cable is or is not plugged in.

It's an older Geforce card - wanna say it's a Geforce 555. Also has an intel graphics adapter as well. I've done all the nvidia updates, windows updates, I've gone so far as removing the sound adapters and rebooting, removing the graphics adapters and letting them reinstall. The HDMI audio port always comes back with "Cable Not plugged in." It's staring me in the face constantly.

I kinda gave up and switched to broadca... Read more

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My XPS 8700 doesnt have a NVidia HDMI port. What  are my options to fix this if I want to connect to my monitor using an HDMI cable (without using adapters of course)? Is there a way to connect to my monitor via the HDMI port located in the middle left of the model? What is the latter HDMI port used for if it cant  connect to a tv/pc monitor? 

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I am so confused. Is my Lenovo 3000 N500 4233 63U HDMI compatible? Why it has the port, why the BIOS recommened/installed is NON-HDMI (version 1.10 BIOS 6GET19WW) and why it doesn't work when connected to any Tv with HDMI capability?  Should i downgrade to 1.09. I m running Windows 10 since July 2015 and ...this is another issue which probably will force mesoon to go back to Windows 7, the last update installed successful for windows 10 was Sep 2015; ever since, all the updates don't install, don't download sometimes, whatever adivse i followed, no windows update can be installed. Thank you so much Vera

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Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have trouble shooted hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is comming up Signal unkown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my current laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.

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Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have troubleshoot hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is coming up Signal unknown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.

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I need to know if the HDMI motherboard in a 60" Samsung Plasma TV can be used in a Sony Bravia 52" TV. The motherboard in my Sony died and I have access to one in a Samsung Plasma that's screen cracked.

A:Is a 60" Samsung Plasma HDMI motherboard compatible with a 52" Sony Bravia HDMI motherboard.

No, it would not be, in the past I had to repair a tv for a friend that had his board shorted that was an LCD Sony Bravia 52 Inch and its board was very specific as with all Sony Products. The Boards on the TV's are the hearts and the companies that built them don't allow for parts to be interchanged easily. Your best bet is ebay and finding the part number to find a board, that's how I got the one I used to fix it.

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I have just purchased two new monitors that have two hdmi and a vga input but my graphics card has dvi,hdmi and display port so I have one monitor running Strait hdmi and the other one running dvi converted to hdmi but that one I'd very blurb and slightly stretched. So I was wondering if it would be better to run displayport and convert it to hdmi or get a new graphics card.

A:Dvi to hdmi or display port to hdmi

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Hey guys, just wanted to check if anyone has experienced this issue. Specs are below:

ASUS z97-A motherboard
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 (running on stock)
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1866
i5 4690k (running on stock)

There is very alarming crackling audio when I use my PC via my video card's HDMI slot. On some bootups it's non existent and on some, it is terrible (I'd say it happens 50% of the time I start my computer). Motherboard sound is fine. I tried hooking my monitor to vga and using on board sound and I have not noticed the cracking happen when I go that route. But I really wanna game in HDMI because I find the quality a lot better.

I have tried flashing my BIOS, uninstalling nvidia audio drivers, install latest motherboard chipset and network drivers, using different HDMI cables, disabling on board sound via BIOS but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
UPDATE:On one of my bad boot ups, I ran the latency checker and I am seeing it spike through the roof. Below is a screenshot:
imgur: the simple image sharer

A:Cracking audio via video card's HDMI port.

When you use the HDMI audio, the audio is generated by the on-board audio chip in the Video card. The regular PC audio is not used. Thus the problem mostly points to the video card and/or the drivers.

The DPC latency is terrible and shows a major problem.

Run the Resplendence Latency Mon program and maybe it will pin point the problem.

I would also reseat the video card, install or reinstall the latest video drivers and look for any other running programs that could be causing the spikes.

Resplendence Software - Advanced System Tools and Developer Components

BTW, here is how to post screenshots on this forum, from the forum tutorials.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I have an HP ZR22w monitor with three inputs: VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. I want to hook up a computer to the DisplayPort, but my video card id HDMI out. All the cables are sold as DisplayPort source out to HDmi monitor in. Are these cables reversible?
Can you recommend the right way to hook this up? Is there a cable that exists for this situation? Do I need a combination cable/adapter?

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I recently bought a Radeon HD 5670 video card and upon installation realized I need a different cable than the one I am currently running from my monitor "emachines LE1799" to my motherboard. I found out it takes DL-DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI cables. I looked up the DL-DVI and I believe that is for running multiple displays correct? I will not be running more than one monitor, so can I buy the HDMI cable? Will that be the best option to connect the card to my monitor? Or will the DL-DVI be superior?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.
You guys are a lifesaver... without you I would be shooting in the dark. :0

Edit: Hmm I think I will need an HDMI to something else cable because I don't see that port on my monitor.

A:DL-DVI and HDMI video card port and cable questions

Go ahead and ignore this question... I was able to get an answer from another forum. Turns out I need an dvi to vga cable.

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I have just purchased an Acer M3100 computer (http://www.acer.com.au/acer/akc/homepc.nsf/Page/RWP5400E0DD295037A2CA25731700203CAB?open&current=17.3) running Vista Home Prem x64.

The computer came with on board graphics with VGA and HDMI outputs. The system came with an Acer 24" LCD monitor with VGA & DVI inputs.

I'm not quite happy with the VGA to VGA graphics on the screen.

To improve the graphics I was thinking of two possible options.

1. Buy a HDMI to DVI cable

2. Buy a graphics card that has DVI output and disable the on board graphics

Does anyone have any suggestions as the best option to improve the graphics?

Cheers, Liam.

A:HDMI to DVI or New Graphics Card

Originally Posted by thextremer


I have just purchased an Acer M3100 computer (http://www.acer.com.au/acer/akc/homepc.nsf/Page/RWP5400E0DD295037A2CA25731700203CAB?open&current=17.3) running Vista Home Prem x64.

The computer came with on board graphics with VGA and HDMI outputs. The system came with an Acer 24" LCD monitor with VGA & DVI inputs.

I'm not quite happy with the VGA to VGA graphics on the screen.

To improve the graphics I was thinking of two possible options.

1. Buy a HDMI to DVI cable

2. Buy a graphics card that has DVI output and disable the on board graphics

Does anyone have any suggestions as the best option to improve the graphics?

Cheers, Liam.

Buy two Nvidia 8800GTXs and SLI!!!


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I got a brand new graphics card. Nvidia Geforce GT520 2GB with HDMI output. I have a 32-inch LCD TV that I use as a monitor. Before I was plugging in via VGA cable and audio cable. I decided I wanted to plug in the new graphics card with the HDMI cable. My problems are:

1. Bad resolutions. I went threw windows control panel and display settings. Went threw ALL the resolutions and none of them fit right on the 32-inch screen. I also went threw the Nvidia control panel resolutions and again none fit on the screen. I tried the adjust desktop size in the Nvidia control panel but it keeps reverting to a resolution of 800x600 which is way to big. The main resolution problem is the screen is so big it's outside the TV (if that makes sense) or it to small there is a black border around the screen or it fits but the words on the screen are hard to read.

2. Colors are to vibrant. They are so vibrant it looks washed out and I get a headache from just looking at the screen. I'm not to concerned about the color as I can probably turn down the digital vibrance in the Nvidia control panel to fix this. But it's hard to adjust that when the screen resolution is just horrid.

If anyone with a similar setup (32 inch TV as Monitor) can help me fix this screen resolution problem then I would be greatly appreciated.

Also computer is completely updated via windows update, I have the latest Nvidia driver for my graphics card. I also tried created a custom resolution but I don't know wha... Read more

A:HDMI + Graphics Card

In your nvidia control panel find scaling options. There should be 3 settings: Fit to aspect ratio (black borders), Center (black boarders all the way around the screen like a square). and Stretch to fit screen. You want Stretch to fit screen.

Note: your options might not be called these in scaling options (i use ati) But select stretch to full screen, Full Screen OR fit to screen, are some of the names. HOPE I HELPED a wee bit

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I recently purchased a new HP23er monitor that has HDMI, however, my computer does not. Can you please recommend an HDMI compatible Graphics Card for my computer?? Thank you.

A:In Need of an HDMI graphics card

Hi, Your machine is old and it only has a PSU with 250W    Source:  http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02674974 The GeForce GT 710 card won't require PSU upgrade and it has HDMI port     http://www.megabuy.com.au/nvidia-pci-express-video-cards-gpus-c1160_1237_1243.html Regards.

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I just received my X1C7 laptop, I wanted to use it for monitoring purpose. I want to have at least 4 monitors connected (including the laptop monitor), for that, I have bought a Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub which has HDMI/VGA/USB2/USB3/RJ45. This gives me two HDMI. This is what I have connected: to the HDMI of the laptop a Dell P2217H screen.to USB-C the Asus MB16AC screento USB-C  the Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII can get those 3 monitors working together: Laptop monitorUSB-C Asus MB16AC screenUSB-C HDMI OR USB-C Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII am not able to use both HDMI and the USB-C together but if I unplug the USB-C screen, I am now able to use two HDMI signal together.  I am on Linux dka 4.19.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67-2+deb10u1 (2019-09-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux How can I get two HDMI + USB-C monitors working at the same time? My bet is that this laptop does not support 2 HDMI monitor + 1 USB-C Monitor. I haven't tried on windows but is that even working on Windows?I have another USB3 screen Asus MB168B+. It uses DisplayLink driver, it does not have official support for Debian but theoretically, could it work as an extra screen considering I can't use (yet) two HDMI + 1 USB-C screen together.  

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I have a Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14. All of a sudden my HDMI port does not work and my system says there are no audio devices available. When I go to device manager, the sound, game etc option is hidden. I updated my audio driver, in instilled The Conexant audio driver and rebooted my computer, but now it is not getting reinstalled. Every time I try to reinstall that driver, it says no audio device found, cannot reinstall. I?ve even reinstalled windows but even that does not work. Need some help badly!!

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I was having problems with Windows Themes and aero not working, and finally fixed that by updating drivers. The themes problem is fixed but now I cannot display my laptop on my TV through the HDMI port. Any ideas?

Update: When I push the connect button, the screen goes black like it always does when first connecting, and then I get the pop up saying I'm not using the resolution for the clone displays configurations, like it used to do before the update. I've tried rebooting, and also disconnected and connected the hdmi cable from my adaptor and still nothing.

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I added a HDTV to my computer. Yesterday I did something where when I turned off the TV the display would AUTOMATICALLY switch back to my secondary monitor and if I turned the TV back on it would automatically switch back to the TV. When this happened I had extend display #1 to HDTV selected. I did not have to manually switch over the displays.

This morning the only way I can get them to switch is by doing it manually through the settings.

Does someone know what I may have done to make the monitors automatically switch without having to do it manually?

Its almost like the computer knew through voltage or something that made it "know" the HDTV had been turned off so it went back to secondary monitor on its own. I want screen #2 and HDTV to switch by themselves like that all the time through the power button.

Is it possible to do that or was that just a glitch in my machine?

(EDIT: **IDEALLY** I would like to get all 3 monitors running at the same time so I can work on #1, Take notes ect/have extra work space on #2 and have music videos, studio software, movies, Tweetdeck news tickers or other stationary items on the HDTV but I think in order to have all 3 monitors running you need some kind of special dongle or something. The way it is right now is Monitor 1 is always on and I have to decide if I want to use monitor 2 or the HDTV. The unused one goes black.)

A:Auto switch HD5570 card with VGA/DVI and HDTV on HDMI port

What is "switching" ? What do you mean ?

They should not be "switching" at all, when you turn on all 3 monitors, all 3 should work, when you turn one off the other 2 should stay on, there should be no switching.

All 3 monitors should work at the same time, when you turn 1 off the other 2 should remain on and working fine etc.

I only physically plug my HDTV in when I want to use it, other wise your card will get hotter

Even if the HDTV is off, the card still tries to send out a 3rd signal (totally normal)

Please post a manufacturer`s link to your exact card, so we can further research.

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Hi, I've a strange problem with the sound output via HDMI. If my T460 is connected to a dockingstation and my monitor is connected to the station via HDMI cable I've sound output from the speakers. So everything works fine and I can also the monitor as device for sound outpu at the sound options. Then I change only one thing at my setup. I directly connect the monitor with the same HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port of my notebook. The video signal is still transmitted perfectly but the sound is gone. Also the device for sound is gone from the sound options. I've only graphics from the intel on board chip and all drivers are uptodate. I also reinstalled them several times. What can I do to solve this problem? Always use the dockingstation is no option, because I also want to connect the notebook to a TV or so and I can't carry a dockingstation with me all the time. Thanks for help!

A:T460 sound via HDMI with dockingstation, no sound via direct connection to HDMI port

I found a workarround, but it isn't the ideal one.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T470p-no-sound-via-HDMI/m-p/3807333

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I have a new HDMI monitor connected to my Lenova T460s through the HDMI port on the laptop as the docking station doesn't have an HDMI port. There is no sound coming through the Lenova speakers or when connecting the headphone jack to external speakers. Any thoughts??? Rogertom

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Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of buying a GT220 with the following specs:
PNY GT 220 1GB DDR2 DVI VGA HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card
I have a HPXW4300 Desktop Workstation, with Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, Im not sure of any other details as I dont know much about PC's. but if there is additional information needed, I will try to supply it to the highest accuracy. I just wanted to know wether this Graphics Card would work with my PC?
Thanks for reading.

A:PNY GT 220 1GB DDR2 DVI VGA HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card-HELP!!!

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I have a HP Compaq 6080 Pro Microtower PC and it does not have HDMI. I wanted to hook it to my HDTV and when I have tried to use a simple VGA HDMI converter cable, the TV still says "No Signal." Do I have to have an HDMI graphics card or should this work even though it doesn't seem to be? I got this computer as a raffle at work and it didn't have a monitor so I wanted to use it with my TV. I'm just not sure how to make it work. I tested the TV's HDMIs and all seem to work with my satellite signal HDMI cable.

A:Do I need HDMI graphics card to put VGA PC to HDTV?

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I just got a new monitor with hdmi / vga and dvi all supported on it along with a new New Nvidia Gefore GT 610 graphics card.
I installed the card and originally was going with dvi since it has a higher resolution output then VGA. I later got an hdmi cable and plugged it in to the monitor, then the computer while it was on and simply switched outputs on the monitor to hdmi and it worked fine. I played some skyrim and when i closed, my monitor when black. Nothing happened for about 3 minutes while i tried power on and off, unplug cables, changing port back to dvi. Nothing worked. So I shut down my computer and booted back up. Still nothing.

Now, HDMI still does not get picked up by my monitor and it just says >No Signal< for either DVI or the VGA!
The HDMI and DVI are both plugged into the dedicated gfx card, while the vga is plugged into the motherboard. I have them all plugged in at once (not sure if this is bad) and am switching between them. Only DVI works.

Please, help me get my HDMI working? (I alrdy tried the cable on my tv - cable box and it worked fine,. its not the cable)

A:HDMI not working on graphics card

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Hi I was wondering if it is possible to send audio along with video through my graphic card (Nvidia Geforce 9800GT) via HDMI to my TV?

A:Audio through HDMI of Graphics Card

Yes it should be doable, though an HDMI cable. You may have to change the playback device in the Sound applet in control panel if it doesn't automatically. I have HDMI but have never used it.

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By this I mean I want to use the HDMI on my board, but I want the graphics card to still be running compared to the board trying to process graphics.

I.E - Plug HDMI into mobo slot, turn computer on, open up Modern Warfare 2, runs smooth because graphics card is handling game --- is it possible?

A:Is it possible to use my mobo HDMI while using the graphics card?

From my understanding, you can only use one (mobo) or the other (graphics card), but not both.
No mixing of the connections is supported.

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Hi, I have a gigabyte gt710 graphics card, that is connected through a hdmi to dvi cable to a dvi monitor. I want to use the audio and mic ports on the front of my case but when I plug a headset in nothing comes up on the "audio" tab in control panel and I cannot select my headset in volume mixer. Of course there is no audio coming out of my dvi monitor but it works in my hdmi tv. If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about, could you please explain what I have to do (any external links are accepted) to get my headset (plugged into the headphone jacks) to work. Thanks in advance. Angus...

A:How do I use a headset on PC with hdmi graphics card

Your graphics card should have no impact on the headset, you should be plugging your headset into the back of the pc where the usb ports usually are, there should be a set of coloured jacks, if your headset has 2 seperate leads, 1 for headphones and 1 for the mic. Plug the head phone one into the green one and the mic one into the pink one

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I have a Lenovo x240 with a Core i7-4600U using Intel HD Graphics 4400 and I am attaching a Monoprice MST Hub Mini Displayport to 2 HDMI adapter to the mini display port on the x240. To this I have 15' HDMI cables attached. These are attached to 3.5" HDMI LCD screens on both ports.  I am unable to drive both monitors simultaneously, either in extending mode, or mirror/cloned mode. I have tried everything; every combination of plugging and unplugging; booting with various states of connection to the displays. Nothing is creating two attached screens both working simultaneously - in any fashion (cloned/extended). I have tried updating my graphics drivers and bios. I am not sure what the problem is. The product I am using to split the mDP is a MST Hub:https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21975 I am looking at the refresh rate criterion, and I am unsure how to allow windows 10 to provide those refresh rates and resolutions for my monitors. (Editing in the display settings -> custom resolution, doesn't affect anything) Please advise.   ################################## ComputerLENOVO 20AL009CUSOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)ProcessorIntel® Core? i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHzGraphicsIntel® HD Graphics FamilyAudioRealtek High Definition AudioIntel® Display AudioNetworking and I/OIntel® Ethernet Connection I218-LMIntel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260Update availablePrivate Internet Access Network AdapterNpcap Loopb... Read more

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Am I correct in assuming that an HDMI-ready video card takes care of it. I just want to be sure that I don't need an HDMI mobo too. Thanks.

A:Do I need an HDMI mobo too, or just an HDMI video card?

Which graphics card?

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I installed a HDMI splitter card to split my Dish TV HDMI signal between two TV's in my office...working fine with no issues.

For my PC...I run a 2 monitor setup...just replaced and old DVI Viewsonic that was fading out with a new Asus with HDMI port. My second monitor is a Samsung connected via it's HDMI port to my NVIDIA GeForce GT630 card...the new monitor (ASUS) is connected via a dvi cable.

Question is can I add another in-line splitter like I did with the Dish TV signals to the NVIDIA card to connect both new HDMI moniors to the NVIDIA GeForce GT630 without any issues or chance of damage to the GT630 ?

Splitter works flawlessly with the Dish HDMI signal to the two TVs...so any issues adding an HDMI splitter to run both HDMI monitors off the one HDMI port on the on the PCs NVIDIA GeForce GT630 ??


A:Can you use an HDMI spliter with system graphics card

running 2 monitors off one port on the gpu would result in a mirrored image of the first monitor (if it works at all).

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I am trying to hook up my Radeon 5870 HD to my 1080p HDTV via HDMI cable and not only is the image onscreen slightly blurred, but there is also a black border that is approximately 1" around the entire display. Pardon me if I'm missing something but why even have a card with the option to hook up a HDTV via HDMI if it cannot properly display a picture?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Emitted from my Droid Bionic via Tapatalk

A:Graphics Card to HDTV via HDMI Cable Even Possible?


First ensure that you have installed the most recent software\driver for your Radeon 5870 HD.



Right click on desktop,click\run Catalyst Control Center,on the right side click preferences and select Advanced view.

Now in the left side list select Desktop Management\Desktop Properties,on the Desktop area list click HDTV\1080p Aplly.

Now click on My Digital Flat Panels\Scaling options (Digital-Flat-Panel) and adjust the screen to eliminate the black border.

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Hi everyone. I am upgrading the graphics card in my PC to one that will support Windows 7, and I was going to choose the Nvidia GeForce 8400GS, a picture of which can be found here - http://www.google.com/products/cata...log_result&ct=image&resnum=7&ved=0CCcQ8gIwBg#.

I am connecting this to my HP w19 TFT and wanted to confirm the correct cable I would need to use for HD - both the card and the monitor have the white connector, can anyone confirm the type of cable I would need?

Thanks for reading

A:HDMI graphics card - which cable required?

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Bought a gtx 460 for some reason. And for some other reason HDMI is shown as no input. I read somewhere to get audio through hdmi u have to enable it throguh bios have to enable visual hdmi there as well?

Also I wanted to know a good program that lets me see how my video card is performing and if its being bottleknecked?

A:Can't get Mini HDMI input to work from graphics card

If you want to check if your video card is being bottlenecked, just open up resource manager and play any game you like.

Check how much strain is being put on the cpu and compare it to the gpu usage.

GPU-Z is my personal favorite gpu monitoring program. Get it from TechPowerUp.

If you have a core 2 duo running under 3.5 ghz it'll most likely be a bottleneck in modern games.

However, with a quad core with a clock rate of at least 2.5 or so then you should be fine.

Also, it really depends on the game.

Older games less cores doesn't really matter as much as the gpu. Newer games can become really demanding on both the cpu and gpu.

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I'm supposed to connect an S/PDIF cable between my soundcard and my graphics card to enable the sound to work on my HDMI cable (between comp and TV).

However, there is no such jack on my soundcard, which is an outdated Soundblaster Audigy Platinum.

For anyone who wants to help, the manual is here.

Can someone help me do something about this? I wish to keep this soundcard.... or at the last resort, buy a new soundcard which will solve this problem, but its gotta be cheap, and has something to connect to the front like my current soundcard, which takes .25" headphone jacks....

A:S/PDIF cable into Graphics card to enable sound in HDMI

I'm not an expert in this area but does your graphics card have an HDMI output connector at the back? If so, you don't need your sound card. HDMI carries both HD video and HD sound. If your TV has an HDMI input, you just connect the HDMI cable from the graphics card.

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Hello all! I searched and found similar (but not close enough) problems.

Specs up front:
W7 Home Premium x64
Asus M2A-VM motherboard
AMD Athlon x64 5000+
Gigabyte GV-N220OC-1GI GeForce GT 220
On-board audio (aside from the HDMI out on the GT220)

I have an LCD monitor I use 98% of the time on the DVI plug and an HP projector for watching videos hooked up to the VGA plug. I bought this GT220 specifically for the HDMI audio out to my receiver.

Except the HDMI audio doesn't work, whether or not I disable the on-board audio in BIOS. I downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers (July '11) and the computer recognizes the receiver.
If I start playback, you get the little bars dancing next to the receiver in audio properties (See image below) but no sound.
Unlike older cards with HDMI plugs, this one has no SPDIF inputs; should get all the signal through the PCIe bus... I guess...
It seems Windows is smart enough to disable the on-board when I turn the receiver on, and re-enable it when I turn the receiver off, but not to actually send audio to the receiver.

I know the receiver & cable are good because if I unplug the cable from the computer and plug it into my WDTV I get HDMI audio... but when the cable is plugged up to the computer, "HDMI" doesn't appear in the receiver display and there is no sound.

Thoughts??? Thanks in advance.

A:No HDMI audio from new Gigabyte (NVIDIA) GT220 graphics card


Aside from setting Nvidia HD audio to default, you will need to have the latest Nvidia audio driver installed. You can uninstall your current Nvidia drivers (all of them), and when you install this driver, select custom, and make sure audio driver is selected to install.

Here it is: NVIDIA DRIVERS 285.62 WHQL

I'm not sure if you have an Nvidia driver installed minus the audio driver, but if you do: This may or may not work instead of removing all the Nvidia drivers: select install driver - Custom. This may allow you to only install the audio driver (so you don't need to remove all other drivers).

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I have no audio signal coming through from the graphics card using a DP to HDMI cable.
I have tried the pc on different cables and monitors but to no success.
I have the latest up to date drivers installed and I have searched for days now looking for a solution.
I believe there is no spdif option on the motherboard to connect a cable to the card directly.
Does anyone have an idea what I need to do to resolve this issue?
I was running Win 7 but have upgraded to 10.

A:T3500 with Quadro fx3800 graphics card no audio via DP to HDMI

Only Display port + + has audio.  The FX card does not come with that option.
Audio is NOT guaranteed on all display port adapters its an option.


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Hi there, My sound is not working. I only have a HDMI Sound output. However, I don't have any HDMI Output in my computer. I reinstalled windows a couple of times lately, but i don't know for sure if thats the problem.
Right now im using Windows 7 32-Bit, My hardware specs are: CPU: Intel Duo 2 Core. Graphics Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. Any help or such will be Very much appreciated

A:Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

the HDMI sound is most likely off your GPU but that series seems to not have a HDMI port so that is odd. If you can make sure your onboard audio is on in your BIOS and also run the tool on this page so that you can update all your system info for us. System Info - See Your System Specs

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Hi, first time poster.  My workplace basically gave away some of these ThinkCentre desktops.  I figured I would take one home for my youngest son as he is only into playing browser based computer games.  Now after doing some reasearch, it appears my options are limited with outputting to a TV (HDMI) with this particular model.  It appears there is a DVI card lenovo makes that would output the video but there is no good way to get the audio and video to one input of a TV. Do they make a DVI to HDMI adapter with an audio passthrough? Also I am not aware that anyone has successfully got a video card to work in this model (Pci-e x1 or PCI), if anyone has heard otherwise please kindly send me the info.  At most, I would like play 1080p video if I could find a graphic card that worked (E6300 processor) Thanks in advance!
Mod:  edited the Subject line to add PCIe x1 information

A:ThinkCentre M55 SFF 8808: possible ways to deliver HDMI using PCIe x1 graphics card

Sorry, full model model number is 8808-vha.  Searching this site suggests rhat these cards may work: gt620, gt430, GeForce 210, ati 3***, ati 4***.  Can anyone confirm that?I

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I am considering buying an HDMI splitter to get around a problem I now have when streaming music only from the Internet. Currently I have about a 15 ft. cable running from the HDMI output on my computer to my Samsung TV. With this setup everything works fine. I can watch Youtube videos or Netflix movies. The thing that I don't like is that if I want to just stream music for several hours, I have to leave the TV on since the audio connection from the TV to my receiver is not a pass thru. It is only live when the TV is on. I am wondering if I can use an HDMI splitter to solve this problem. What I plan to do is to connect the computer HDMI output to the input on the splitter. Then use one of the splitter's outputs to go to the Samsung TV and the other one to go to my receiver via an HDMI-to-2 Channel Stereo Y-adapter. Just wondering if the connection to the non-HDMI device via the Y-adapter will upset the functioning of the splitter. What about the the EDID handshaking and HDCP signal that HDMI sources and displays need in order to function?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3327 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 700 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 100099 MB, Free - 79895 MB; D: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 7248 MB; E: Total - 51207 MB, Free - 2940 MB; F: Total - 52226 MB, Free - ... Read more

A:Can I Use HDMI Splitter Outputs With HDMI and Non-HDMI Device?

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So basicly I was trying to hook it up to TV then I wouldn't budge so I pulled harder then the cord separated leaving HDMI tip stuck hanging out of the port I need to remove this quickly please let me know what to do I tried tweezers

A:my hdmi cable broke and now the hdmi tip is stuck in my hdmi...

I meant to say HDMI tip is stuck in my laptops HDMI port I'm only 13 and I don't know how to take apart and I'm looking for non repair answers 

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Does anyone know of a plug on the motherboard that could relay 2 channel sound output?
I have an Nvidia card, that doesn't have onboard audio, but does have a plug, to relay sound out thru the hdmi output.

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I contacted Lenovo support today and got NO help in answering my question on this T470 Thinkpad. Is the T470 able to support two external monitors at the same time (one) using the HDMI port, (one) using the USB-c port (connected VIA an HDMI adapter lets say) to two 32" LGMA68HY-P 60HZ ISP LED's ( max res 1920 x 1080) that ARENOT 4K displays!!  Man it was like pulling teeth, upside down, in the dark, getting astraight answer from tech support on the issue. It looks like my Pro Dock will be useless in this application. As soon as I plugged in a VGA monitor the HDMI port died. HELP!!

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I have had my desktop Dell, with Windows 8.1, well over 10 years, and now it has been hanging up after only a few minutes of booting up -- sometimes giving me a BSoD . I've spent many hours with different kinds of 'fixes' (which the computer couldn't eventually fix), 'refreshing' of the system', etc. I've given up on it . There are probably too many system errors to try and fix with outside-the-system apps, so I'm not going to even bother with it anymore .

S P E C S :
PRODUCT ID : 00258-61882-78497-AAOEM
PROCESSOR : Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60 GHz 3.60 GHz
SYSTEM TYPE : 64-bit operating system, 64-based processor

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

However, I do have an HP Notebook, with Windows 10 Home (HP 15 with 4gb of installed Ram) that works perfectly .
I want to use the Desktop DELL monitor (which still works great) as a second monitor, because it is much larger than the Notebook computer screen .

S P E C S :

PROCESSOR : Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU N3050 @ 1.60 GHz 1.60 GHz
INSTALLED RAM : 4.00 GB (3.86 GB usable)
DEVICE ID : 6B158827-2DA5-48AD-899E-FO1CAD66BA17
PRODUCT ID : 00325-80000-00000-AAOEM

SYSTEM TYPE : 64-bit operating system, 64-based processor
- - - - - - - - - -
VERSION : 1803
OS BUILD : 17134.950

= = = = = = = = = = = = =... Read more

A:HDMI __ input port - or - output port on laptop

A computers HDMI port be it a laptop, notebook or desktop is - a output port
that is so in all cases

Follow the procedure here

selecting HDMI and Windows 10
pay particular attention to resolution settings for the dell monitor

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