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BSOD Fresh Installed Window's Startup not in safe mode Videocarddriver

Q: BSOD Fresh Installed Window's Startup not in safe mode Videocarddriver

Got a new video card closed.

Preferred Solution: BSOD Fresh Installed Window's Startup not in safe mode Videocarddriver

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: BSOD Fresh Installed Window's Startup not in safe mode Videocarddriver

Hello and Welcome to seven forum

Please read these instructions first so we can assist you further:

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Can someone please help me my pc wont load into the desktop it keeps geting stuck at windows start up logo with just 2 dots on it. I have tryed booting it from the windows 7 disk but it starts up windows logo and gets stuck again. I have tryed repairing it from systems repair (and other like it) but it jus loads up a black screen and nothing. I have tryed all 3 safe modes, all got stuck at windows\system32\drivers\ClassPnP.sys. I have also tryed other the stuff on Adanvced restore (f8) and it just gets stuck on windows logo or black screen. I have also tryed takeing out all the usbs no help at all

My mb is a GigaByte 870A-UD3
Os is windows 7 home 64 bit

Please help me i dont wanna lose all my important family photos and school work.

Iam right now useing an iphone to write this

A:Window 7 64bit stuck at windows startup and safe mode not working

Also my pc is not even a month old

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I had this machine built just over a year ago, and only had occasional crashes (no particular activities seemed to generate the issue). About 2 months ago the crashes became more persistent, and upon restarting the machine would have trouble loading normal mode. At the screen that reads "welcome" the spinning wheel would simply freeze, and the computer would lock up. As this problem persisted the computer would either automatically reboot itself each time, or crash into a BSOD and run a dump. I can, however, start it in Safe Mode without issue.

It had been running the same install of windows 7 ultimate x64 until a couple of weeks ago when I attempted to reinstall. This solved nothing, so I reinstalled again, this time deleting the partitions and formatting the drive. Again, the problems persist. I'm inclined to think they're hardware related at this point, but I'm in no way an expert.

From the most recent BSOD:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA8009500010
BCP2: FFFFF880108EAF10
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

My system stats:
MB - Asus P6X58D-E
CPU - Intel i7 950
RAM - 3 x 2gb Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 SDRAM
HD - Western Digital 640gb 7200 rpm SATA 6gb
Vid - EVGA GeForce GTX 460 ... Read more

A:BSOD during startup for normal mode. Can only start in safe mode.

Look at Computer lags every couple seconds

Try the following:
1. Download and install Driver Sweeper
2. Download the latest driver for your display card
3. Click Start Menu
4. Right Click My Computer
5. Click Manage
6. Click Device Manager from the list on the left
7. Click the + next to Display adapter
8. Right click your display/graphics card device
9. Click Uninstall
10. Check the box to Delete driver software for the device
11. Click OK
12. Restart your computer in safe mode
13. Run Driver Sweeper, select display card manufacturer's drivers, analyze, clean
14. Restart your computer
15. Install the latest drivers

Update to SP1Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 (KB947821) [August 2011]

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB947821) [August 2011]

Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download Center

Service Pack 1 Download site
Links to Service Pack 1 (SP1) and preparation for SP1 courtesy of JMH

Also, it appears if it is hardware, it is probably your graphics card. Recommend trying a different display card and seeing if it resolves the issue (borrow one from someone if you can since buying one and replacing the old one may not fix the problem and may be a waste of money).

Edit: I know you may not be able to do all above steps in safe mode, but do what you can.

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Consistent BSOD during Windows startup for both normal mode and safe mode. BSOD problem started shortly after buggy installations of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 x64, Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1, and AMD Catalyst Drivers 13.9; and turning off Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1.

Startup Repair is consistently unable to fix: 0x0000007e (0xffffffffc0000005, 0xfffff800033bf6d6, 0xfffff880009a7578, 0xfffff880009a6dd0).

I accessed the dump file of the BSOD-inflicted drive by usb-connecting it to the same pc, but that's now running a functioning, system hard-drive.

BlueScreenView shows these following files to be problematic:

The hash of the atikmpag.sys from the BSOD-inflicted drive is identical to the one in the functioning drive, so I don't think this is the root problem.
However, the hashes of the two dx files (dxgkrnl.sys, dxgmms1.sys) are different. I have replacement files for the broken dx files, but I don't have, nor know how to get, the access permission to replace them.

I'm at a loss for what I can try at this point. I used DM Log Collector and uploaded the resulting file. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:BSOD during windows startup; can't safe mode; startup repair can't fix


The cause of the problem may be related to a Windows 7 installation which has never seen any updates.

Host Name: HENRY-PC
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
OS Version: 6.1.7600 N/A Build 7600
Can I just confirm, you have no way of booting into Windows at the moment. Correct?

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I'm getting BSOD at the window start-up - what's weird is my computer was working just fine 5 minutes ago! I don't how it happened but I was on two sites ebay and youtube, and was playing Football Manager - with everything working fine, then I went to wash the dishes and came back to find my computer in this state so I'm not sure what caused this error!

I can't 'capture' the BSOD because as soon as it comes up, the computer reboots itself. This is really weird because it was working fine just 5 minutes ago and yesterday too - and there wasn't any window update or anything. And as far as I know, there was no spyware or viruses. So yeah, I can't boot-up both the safe and normal mode. The BSOD comes up few seconds into the window loading screen.

Could it be fan problem? Because few times before, when I tried to play graphical games such as NBA 2k9 - the system says "Warning! temperature too high! please check your fan and heatsink!". So after that, I never did play any games! But the only game that worked was Football Manager so I played that sometimes because I never got that message when I was playing FM.

I also checked the fan temperature through start-up menu and saw "Current system fan speed" and "Current system power speed" is 0. Is this normal? And does fan not working = windows not booting up?

I'm really not sure of this, anyway. any suggestion or help on how to fix this? I really r... Read more

A:BSOD - Window doesn't load - both in normal and safe mode

I suspect the fan failed altogether and your CPU overheated and eventually toasted. After the warning message did you in fact check the fan and heatsink?

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I dont know what has triggered this off but everytime I try to run windows normaly the loading animation sticks and I get a BSOD....Ive gone into safe mode and here are the BSOD details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 88B2106D
BCP3: 80758894
BCP4: 80758590
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:

Please help me fix this...I dont want to reinstall!

A:BSOD on startup...please help me fix im in safe mode right now....

Help Anyone???!!!!!

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I have recently upgraded my pc and it was working fine, then this morning I turned it on, tried to log on and it crashed.
When I tried to log on again the BSOD popped up.
I tried to start it up in safe mode, it worked the first time then when I tried again it popped up with the BSOD.
I can't get the the info from the crash because it wont let me log on.
Any advice on this would be useful as I have run a memory diagnostic which came back as nothing wrong, and I have tried booting from my windows 7 disk with the BSOD replacing the logon screen.
After waiting a while, the BSOD has stopped appearing, instead it get onto my user and came up with error messages saying nothing could be loaded except my background, i tried again and it wouldn't even log in.

A:BSOD on startup, safe mode too

The BSOD has stopped appearing, instead it get onto my user and came up with error messages saying nothing could be loaded except my background, i tried again and it wouldn't even log in.

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Dell Latitude d810 gets the blue screen at normal startup, all versions of safe mode, and last known good configuration. The error is 0x0000000A (0x1D001C00, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x804E79AA). The user said he was updating his Garmin gps via usb when the computer froze. He restarted and received the BSOD.

A:BSOD at startup and safe mode

Go here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314063Scroll down to the section entitled "Error occurs after Windows XP is already installed"

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I am working on a:
Gateway GM5260 Intel Core 2 Duo system running Windows XP Media Center
2 GB RAM (2x1GB)
320 GB HD

I was cleaning up this PC for someone, removing programs and games, etc and doing updates. Well I had left it for the day and I came back and it was powered off. I went to turn it on and it gets to the Windows XP black splash screen and flashes a BSOD real quick and restarts itself, it's in a loop. It always asks how I want to start since it was not shut down properly. I have tried last known good, safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command to no avail...same thing.

The BSOD did stay up when I tried to go to safe mode and it says:
A problem has been detctecd and Windows has been bleep down to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this stop erro screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Technical information:

***STOP: 0x0000007B (0XF78E2640, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

Any recommendations next? I was planning on pulling the hard drive and running a check disk via slaving it over to my PC.

Thanks for the input

A:BSOD on startup cant get into safe mode either

Problem solved. Ran a CHKDSK /f on my computer and put it back into the Gateway and it boots up again.

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I have an HP Probook 4510s, and whenever I start Windows normally or in Safe Mode with Networking, I will receive a BSOD after ~2 seconds at the login screen.

The BSOD says DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and under technical information it says:

*** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000004, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8B459A0C)
*** ndis.sys - Address 8B459A0c base at 8B422000, DateStamp 5a499063

Whenever I start my computer in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Command Prompt, while loading Windows files it will freeze at \Windows\system32\drivers\aswbidshx.sys, and stay there for a few hours. Afterwards, I will get the same BSOD as I did before. However, I was able to use Safe Mode up until today, when all of a sudden I started getting BSODs while trying to start it up.

At this point, I'm desperate, and will try basically anything. My computer has been getting these errors for months now, and I have tried almost every solution on the Internet. I'm hoping I can find some help here.

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Hi there, this is my first time posting on these Forums and I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post this problem but about two days ago there was a thunderstorm and in fear of a power surge I told my son to go and switch off my new Acer Aspire PC. Unfortunately when he switched it off it had to install windows Updates so in a rush he just unplugged the PC from the wall while it was updating/logging off. I did not think much of this until the next day when I switched my PC on and before it got the the Login Screen I just get that wicked old Blue Screen of Death.. I restarted my PC and tried to start it up in Safe mode but strangely enough I once again had the Blue screen pop up before the Login Screen is fully loaded.. Now I am totally confused because I have no way of getting past my login screen to attempt to fix this problem. Please any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Computer Specs;
WIndows Vista
Intel Quad Proccesor Q8300
640GB Hard Drive
ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB

Also the PC is not even a week old..

A:BSOD During startup in Safe Mode..

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Hi all,

About a week ago I started getting this BSOD on startup, happening at about the time consistently every time I boot Windows normally when the Windows login screen appears (if I login immediately, the BSOD happens right afterwards - sometimes the desktop can display in time; if I wait at the login screen, the BSOD will occur a few moments later before logging in).

It's the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error, and initially I thought I could solve this myself by searching online. Because I'm able to run in safe mode without any problems, I decided to try updating as many of my drivers as I could (thinking it was an outdated driver problem). However, this was only partially successful as some of the drivers require rebooting normally (not back into safe mode) to finish their installation (so I wasn't able to finish them, or else after booting back into safe mode it would say the driver installation failed).

In the zip file, in addition to the dump info, I also included a screenshot of the BSOD - it displayed long enough for me to quickly take a picture of it with my camera, if that helps.

I don't think this is related, but during the last successful session before my first BSOD occurred Windows Update downloaded and installed a fairly large service pack, I believe for Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, I just discovered that I never configured the system restore tool, so I can't go back in time...

Again, safe mode works like a charm (other than not being to inst... Read more

A:BSOD on startup - but can run in safe mode fine

Hello Jason.

The BSOD is caused by avast! Self Protection Driver.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {0, 2, 1, fffff80002ce096c}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for aswSP.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for aswSP.SYS
Probably caused by : aswSP.SYS ( aswSP+4133e )

Followup: MachineOwner
Description here: Driver Reference Table - aswSP.SYS

Uninstall Avast using Avast Uninstall Utility. Use Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus with windows inbuilt firewall, and free MBAM as the on demand scanner.
Download, install and update those, and then run full system scans with both of them, one by one.

Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than... Read more

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I'm getting the BSOD when I'm booting up my PC, and there are lines and such on the screen.

It's the following error:



(0xF8A33DBC, 0x00000000, 0x8052B8F8,0x0000000000)

I have a Dell laptop, Inspiron E1705. I'm using Windows XP, Service pack 3. When I run it in safe mode the following is across the top of the screen:

Windows XP (R) (build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435: Service Pack 3)

It BSOD'd the other night after I was browsing the internet. My computer was acting really sluggish, and I restarted it. Then I got the BSOD.

I left it for the morning when I re-started it, and it started fine, for a few minutes, but after a minute or so I got the same BSOD.

This happened several months ago and I fixed it by opening up my PC and re-setting the video card. I did it again and this time it didn't help any.

I ran the diagnostics that pop up on boot up, on the hard drive and memory, and nothing turned up wrong. As previously mentioned, it will not boot up normally, but it will boot up in safe mode.

I checked all of my drivers in safe mode to look for a missing driver. All of my drivers either said that the status was fine, or that the status was unavailable in safe mode. I was missing one driver, for my ethernet connection. I went on Dell's website to look for the driver but I couldn't find one.

For anti-virus software, I run AVG Free, version 8. A friend mentioned that it might be messing up... Read more

A:BSOD on startup; Safe-Mode fine

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Hey guys,

I'll start at the beginning.

I recently switched out my graphics card and replaced it with a 2nd hand 275GTX. I should note, i (and the previous owner) have used the card without issues for a fairly long period of time. It was only problems with my monitor loosing signal while playing Modern Warfare 2 and (i think) driver crashes that caused me to look deeper, and has led to a range of problems. I'm not sure if they were there before, but they have only recently come to surface.

The machine then started to do weird things in games, which I traced back to drivers with the Event Log. So I finally got around to formatting my PC and starting fresh with drivers and new hardware.

Since then i have been having random BSOD errors on startup. Sometimes i boot and run fine, sometimes i cant get past the Windows loading screen with crashing and other times it will load windows then crash after 5-10secs.

Instantly i thought that it was a GPU problem, so i switched it out with a spare 6600GT i have, and the same thing continues to happen. Sometimes the PC will BSOD before or just after windows startup and other-times i can boot up fine and never notice anything was wrong.

If the machine does crash with a BSOD it will continually loop. Crashing, then restart then load up and BSOD again ect ect. If i turn the whole PC off at the PSU then it has its normal "chance" of loading normally. Trying to boot into Safe mode doesn't seem to help, it simply changes the BSOD er... Read more

A:Random BSOD on startup (even safe mode)

18 memory dumps from 02 Mar 10 to 06 Mar 10
1 STOP 0xA - More info about this error here: BSOD Index
2 STOP 0x19 - More info about this error here: BSOD Index
4 STOP 0x1E - More info about this error here: BSOD Index
8 STOP 0x3B - More info about this error here: BSOD Index
3 STOP 0x7E - More info about this error here: BSOD Index
6 of them blame ntkrnlmp.exe; 2 blame Pool_Corruption; 4 blame memory_corruption; 1 blames NETIO.SYS; 3 blame ndis.sys; 1 blames ctaud2k.sys; 1 blames AgileVpn.sys

It's most likely this is a hardware issue. Since you've run MemTest and Furmark, that would seem to rule out the memory and the video card. As such, I'd try this free diagnostic: HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link)

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Malware (read the details at the link)

Then, try this free stress test:

Link: Free Software - GIMPS

Prime95 Setup:
- extract the contents of the zip file to a location of your choice
- double click on the executable file
- select "Just stress testing"
- select the "Blend" test. If you've already run MemTest overnight you may want to run the "Small FFTs" test instead.
- "Number of torture test threads to run" should equal the number of CPU's times 2 (if you're using hyperthreading).
The easiest way to figure this out is to go to ... Read more

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Hey guys!
Long story short, went from 7850, to 7970, to gtx680 that is now RMA back to the old 7850, and getting a new 7970 on sunday.
Now, I uninstalled everything I can find that has to do with either nVidia or AMD, and it still BSOD right on startup:
And I tried removing everything under Video and Audio and another thing in Device manager.
Still having that BSOD:
http://imageshack.us/f/845/screens [...] 22420.png/
The PC boots in safe mode, but on normal mode it crashes just as it loads the desktop.
Please help! FAST!

A:BSOD on Startup, safe mode is OK. Urgent!

Tried removing every USB, every sound device, HDMI, removed all Sound drivers, re installed Motherboard drivers, nothing helps.

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I have a Lenovo V570 laptop. Windows 7 home premium, 64bit, intel I5 chip, 4 gb ram.
The issue:
Computer was running fine and suddenly BSOD.
Upon restart, it will get to windows logo and the BSOD.
upon more restarts...
Will give options to repair and such, which I did...no help
Tried to recovery to last know good settings...no help
Tried to go back a few weeks...no help.
Keeps crashing around windows logo.
HOWEVER...I run with no issues in SAFE MODE with networking.
 The BSOD error:
STOP 0x000000124
After my research and talking with customer service at Lenovo...
They say it is probably main board or ram (NOTE: I took ram chips out and tried one at a time with same results)
others in the PC world say it may be drivers, but I keep everything up to date and protected with antivirus/malware/spyware etc...
Just want to run it by you all to see if you may have something I did not try before I go buy another laptop (Cost for new mobo is around $200 - this model currently sells for about $400)
Thank you all for looking and helping

A:Laptop BSOD on startup...but not in safe mode

STOP errors have varying causes...none of the data you have provided enables me to provide a specific answer, but you should review the data at http://www.sevenforums.com/crash-lockup-debug-how/35349-stop-0x124-what-means-what-try.html .

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When I start my laptop, after a while on Starting Windows I get a BSOD (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE). I cannot go in safe mode, it is stuck on'Loaded: windows/system32/DRIVERS/CLASSPNP.SYS'.

When I run startup repair, it tells me that startup repair cannot fix the issue. However, the next time I start, it's working.

I do not think this is hardware based, as startup repair fixes it for one boot. Chkdsk tells me there are no problems.

This started about a month ago, I don't remember installing anything, but it might have being a automatic windows update. Thanks for any help.

OS: 64 bit Windows 7 OEM

A:BSOD on Startup (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE), Can't go safe mode

Update: I ran bootrec /FixBoot and now I can't start windows at all. Startup repair doesn't work anymore.

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Greetings all!

The issue I have seems to have become quite complex and became progressively worse over a short period of time.

Everything was fine and dandy until I restarted my PC. The first couple of times it made it to the 7 welcome screen where I could type in my credentials. When I hit enter it would freeze.

So, I restarted it. This happened a couple of times until it started to BSOD after the black loading screen with the sexy glowing Windows icon. The first couple of times it did that I could make it into safe mode.

I looked around a bit in SM but everything seemed fine so I restarted again, same problem. So I installed an ran a registry cleaner in safe mode, restarted, and now I get the BSOD after the loading screen every time, no matter which start mode I choose.

I've tried the startup recovery tool but all options seem to fail. I can't try system restore because now, the restore points I have available are on volume C and it appears as though the windows install has magically moved to volume d, both partitions on the same physical drive.

I've fixed this kind of thing in XP a number of times but am at a loss here

Error codes are

and any four of

and probably others, dpending on which startup method I choose.

If anyone can figure this out so I can avoid nuking the whole install, I'll buy you three beers


A:7100 Startup BSOD (even in safe mode)

can you fill out your system specs?
and if at all possible upload the dumpfile?
is this 32 or 64 bit?

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Hello folks,

I am passable with computers, so I have the joy of working with the fiance's computer. It is a windows 7 64 bit del inspiron. No hardware changes have been made since purchasing the computer. Some backround as well- in the last week before the computer finally went kaput, the computer started restarting randomly and bluescreening. I don't know what the error message was at that point as I did not have access to the pc til now.

Upon startup, about 10 seconds in (never having reached windows) the computer bsods giving the following error message:

stop: 0x7b (0xfffff880009a98e8, 0xffffffffc000000d, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000).

Safe mode in all its various forms has the same problem. I've tried running the "repair" option that it offers upon restarting, which states that it could not fix the problem and gives the following information:

problem event name: startuprepairoffline
problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
problem signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
problem signature 03: unknown
problem signature 04: 21200997
problem signature 05: autofailover
problem signature 06: 2
problem signature 07: norootcause
os version: 6.1.7600.
locale id: 1033

This also changed nothing. I inserted the windows 7 install cd and tried repairing from that, which changed nothing but gave a slightly different error:
problem event name: startuprepairoffline
problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
problem signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
... Read more

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Hello I recently have run into a bog problem.  Upon Restart my computer hit a BSOD and then the automatic repair is not working to repair the Startup.  I can only use Safe Mode.  I am running Win 8.1 x64 HP laptop. Before this happened I had removed the 32-bit Flash due to a vulnerability notification by A/V (Kaspersky).  I had downloaded the correct version (in Firefox) and it seemed fine.  Then  I noticed in IE at the bottom of the window on certain pages something asking me if I want to run (allow or allow for all sites) an Unknown application.  I tried to Reset the IE settings in Advanced tab and that seemed like it went all right.  But I had to restart the computer and that is when I hit the BSOD. This has happened at the worst time possible.  Please help!

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currently xp is giving my a problem of when i try normal startup it gets to the splash screen then flashs a BSOD at me to quick for me to read then restarts...i cant only get it to work by starting in safe mode. this started after my psu died and while waiting to get another one i put the hdd in an old 2003 dell and installed a few drivers so i had a semi working computer...ive done a system restore in safe mode but it hasnt changed anything...ive tried to disable auto restart but cant find the option for it where its supposed to be...im out of ideas here...o ya and its not creating dump files...the last one i have is from march 28 and that was way before any of this

A:BSOD during normal startup only starts in safe mode

Are you using the following method in Safe Mode to disable the automatic restarts?Start> right click on My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Startup and Recovery. Under startup and Recovery click on Settings, uncheck the box in Automatically restart under System failure.What is the make and model of this computer?What is the model of the Dell that you took the PSU out of?

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I'm running Vista ULtimate on a Compaq Presario C700 (C770TU) and on startup I get a BSOD.

It makes it to the logon screen and about 5-10 seconds after I hit enter I get a STOP message with the following codes:


On booting in safe mode I get flashed by the BSOD and it restarts. In Last Known Good Configuration I get a BSOD, it performs the physical memory dump and stays.

Don't have the installation disk.

A:BSOD on Vista startup, can't boot Safe Mode

Most likely bad memory or a bad hard drive... Or even a bad power supply. There's not much you can do except start replacing parts at this point. Do you have a friend that can help you with this?

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Hi all, 
Sorry for not following the posting instructions but I am unable to download anything on the PC in question. 
My mom has an Inspiron N5050 which she recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10. Today it said it was updating and not to restart it, but after several hours of a black screen she decided to force off and on again. Now it will only say "preparing automatic repair" and "diagnosing your PC" before leading to the blue screen.
Can't figure out how to get into safe mode, F8 does nothing. Can't use system restore (no restore points), can't use reset pc or "startup recovery" (they give unspecified errors), "Startup Settings" claims it can get me into safe mode but upon restarting I'm brought back to the old blue screen with no new options. Is there something I can do from command prompt? I tried "msconfig" but it won't recognize it. 
Also ran the Dell diagnostic test from setup (F2) which reported no problems. 
Any ideas?
Thanks so much. 

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My laptop crashes at the point when the colored dots converge in normal or safe modes, then it breifly shows the BSOD & restarts. I have tried all of the following. Startup repair-including restore which doesn`t show any restore points just restore from saved image which i do not have. Removed drive and carried out chkdsk and sfc /scannow no problems found. When plugged in to my other laptop all files on the drive are visible. Reinstalled the drive ran system repair could not fix, I entered int other tools run command prompt selected D:
entered - bootrec.exe /fixmbr successful - bootrecexe. /fixboot successful - bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd successfully scanned windows installations 0 the operation completed successfully.

Any help would be appreciated. Mick.

A:BSOD on windows 7 startup normal & safe mode

Hi ,

Follow this tutorial and select Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure that way it won't restart
right away and you can snap a picture of the BSOD.
Advanced Boot Options
Upload it here.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hey Guys,

I keep getting random BSOD's. Would someone be so kind to check my dump file?

BCCode: 1e
BCP1: FFFFFFFF80000003
BCP2: FFFFF800030CDA38
BCP3: 0000000000000002
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

If additional information needed, I will try to provide it.

Many thanks to those who try helping me out

A:BSOD on startup. Everytime, works only in safe mode

This was an easy one. I do not care if you paid for it or its free, uninstall AVG, but make a system restore point first. For testing purposes download the free Microsoft Security essentials. MSE is made for windows, no one has ever had a BSOD due to MSE. Once you are satisfied that the BSODs have come to an end you can continue with MSE or use AVAST. both are free.

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_GEC-PC-sri_14_01_2015__220012,68.zip\011415-17596-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.18409.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03006000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`03249890
Debug session time: Wed Jan 14 02:50:40.616 2015 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:01:17.990
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* ... Read more

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Vista SP2, had a Malware attack and the Laptop shutdown.

I can no longer reboot into normal mode BSOD just after Ctrl Alt &Del apprears and it will only let me reboot into safe mode.

When I run Malwarebytes in Safe mode it finds Adware.MyWebsearch Registry entries, but on each reboot they are stll there.

When starting in Normal Mode I get a BSOD STOP:0x0000008e error just after the Ctrl, Alt & Del screen comes up.

Tried last known good from F8 and still the same.

Any ideas?

A:BSOD on normal startup, Safe mode OK, after Malware

With the information you have provided I believe you will need help from the malware removal team. Please make sure that you read the information about getting started first.Then start a new thread HERE and include or required logs.Including a link to this thread will be helpful. Good luck and be patient. Help is on the way!

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After a windows update patch about 3-4 weeks ago I started getting a weird error message saying I wasn't connected to the internet when the router is working for phones, blu rays, etc. Letting IE run its own 'fix' would say something about it not having a valid ip address and it reset the lan card and that would sometimes fix it or sometimes not (and I would need to reboot and try again). I did a system restore to a point before the windows update which fixed the issue for a couple days until the update pushed again and after that I get bsod screens on boot with the iqrl_not_less_or_equal more than 50% of boot attempts but no longer have the inexplicable unconnection to the internet. I've got a factory computer which I've not altered or opened in the 4-5 years I've had it. It boots fine in safe mode every time so far.

Please help, I'm way over my head trying to figure this out on my own and 4 hours of conversations with Microsoft tech support convinced me they should really just be called support plan sales reps.

A:bsod on normal startup safe mode always fine

Hello zyba welcome to the Forum. You have a lot of BSODs in your files. I checked several of the most recent ones and they were all the same.

BugCheck A, {0, 2, 1, fffff80002ec90cf}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SYMNETS.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SYMNETS.SYS
Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS ( NETIO!WfpExpireEntryLru+17 )
That is your Norton NIS/360 Anti virus. Please uninstall it from Control Panel > Uninstall a Program and use the Norton removal Utility https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/...rProfile_en_us and replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows).

Try that and see if you have better results.

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First I'd like to apologize in advance if my grammar and typing suck; currently on my iPad since I have no pc at the moment.

Computer info from what I can remember:
Dell XPS 210 running XP media edition sp2(Before said problem below)
3 gigs RAM
500 gig HD
1.8Ghtz intel 2
ATI Radeon x1300 pro

So today after I got home from class I decided to install MS Office 2010. Went for it but an error message popped up telling me I needed to be running sp3(I know it's been a while since I updated). So I do that and say "whatahell ill upload my video drivers too"(hadn't done this n a while too). The sp3 update goes smoothly as far as I can tell but the driver update shoots an error near the end. I'm seriously sorry but I can't remember exactly what it said since its been like 4 hours since this occurred. Anyways I press ok and the video driver update just let's me know I need to restart my pc as well as the sp3 update (no they weren't done at the same time. I did the sp3 first and waited for it to finish before staring the video drive update.).

Before doing this, a bad ache in my stomach came up in my stomach and reminded to make a recovery point in case **** hits the fan. Why do I say bad ache? Some 5 years ago, at separate occasions, a windows update ended in a bsod and a video driver update in the same shoes. They both caused massive data lost and a full reinstall action

So I make the recovery point and restart. Dell logo shows up then... Read more

A:Blank screen after startup - BSOD in safe mode

I've heard somewhere that ATI drivers need to be removed from hardware before installing new drivers. I don't do this. Could this be the problem? Is it fixable?

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Hello guys and girls,

New poster here. So, as the title says I bought some new RAM Memory today (Kingston HyperX 2x_2GB DDR3-1600) to get some extra speed.
My other 2 RAM modules are also HyperX. Should be no biggy I thought.
So I inserted my RAM, booted up my PC and it worked. CPU-z recognised my RAM and even a dxDiag showed I had 8GB.

Later today I tried booting, and during this process the following message popped up:
"Memory has changed!!! Please enter Setup by pressing F1".
Pressed F1, MSI-Motherboard BIOS Interface popped up, saw it auto recognised my RAM and saved and quit (No changes were made).
So the booting process continues, till it gets to the graphical appearance of the Windows Logo on Windows 7. It stutters, freezes and a flash of the BSOD appears and it reboots.

I have tried several things, like setting my RAM speed and voltage to a set amount instead of [AUTO].
I have tried removing the new modules and trying it again with the old ones.
I have also tried booting with only the new RAM Modules.

Nothing works, not even Safe-Mode. Everything gives me a BSOD so I can't access anything, not even post a screencap of it.

I hope someone can help me with this particular problem.
My specs are:
MSI Z68A-GD65(G3) Motherboard
MSI 1GB N560GTX-Ti from nVidia
Intel Core i5-2400 3.1Ghz per core
1TB Samsung HDD
(Old)RAM Modules: D3 4GB (2x 2GB) 1600-999 Blu, Kingston HyperX
(New)RAM Modules: D3 4GB (2x 2GB) 1600-999 Blu XMP
... Read more

A:Recently got new RAM Memory, BSOD on startup, even in safe-mode

When you go into bios, set the ram voltage, frequency and timings that are on the stick. If your ram has an XMP profile you can enable that in bios, but I would still set the timings and voltage manually. If you still can't boot, go into bios and set everything to Optimized defaults. Set your sata controller the way it is now (IDE or AHCI), set the boot order, and ram timings, frequency and voltage, save and exit and see if that helps.

Also, ram in sets are usually tested to work together. It is not uncommon to have problems when you add a 2 kits together, even the same make and frequency. Try at first to use 1 set of ram, either the new ones or the old ones. If you get it to boot and run right for a while, add in the other set and see if they work together.

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So I posted here before about my laptop having BSOD problems whilst playing games (Multiple BSODs caused by ntoskrnl.exe (apparently) when playing games) and with help came to the conclusion that after 5 good years of use it is simply just dying and can no longer run games or anything strenuous. I just used it for browsing and other non gaming tasks since then fine.

However it's now gotten to the point where I can't even start the computer for more than a minute without crashing into a BSOD. It logs in and gets to the desktop, but will soon show the error screen. Since then I have had to use safe mode to do work or do whatever I am doing which is a bit handicapped and awkward. I found it interesting though that I was able to run games that were previously unable to even start in normal mode in safe mode (with some somewhat unplayable lag but it ran). Isn't this supposed to indicate some sort of software error? I don't know much if anything about BSOD errors and I am probably being too hopeful that my laptop could be restored to its pre 2014 state of glory, but maybe if someone could see what's going on and perhaps at least make normal mode functional again I would be very grateful. Even if just to say the laptop is screwed again.

Here is the SF file: Attachment 309635

It may contain errors from games and the previous thread's problem but at a certain point after that they should all be shortly after booting errors. I hope that it's obvious which ones are which but if not I... Read more

A:BSOD few moments after startup, but works in safe mode.

Hi Mr. G - it would be most helpful if you provided a zip file of only the .dmp files pertaining to your current issue. To the best of my understanding, when a computer runs in the Safe mode but not in the normal mode, that is an indication of either one or more bad drivers and/or bad third party software. As soon as you can post the pertaining .dmp files, I hope to be able to isolate down the most likely cause of your current inconvenience.

To save some time, please post an image of your Device Manager.

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I week or two back i've been getting a black screen after login screen (black background, i could see the mouse and move it, i could not ctrl+alt+del or anything, and nothing else worked). Today, i finally had the time to clean my computer. Now, when i start up the computer, i get a BSOD while(!) the startup process is working. I can only launch my windows in safe mode.

Thanks in advance for all the info you can give me!

A:BSOD at startup now can't even start my windows in safe mode

An update,
in the meantime i tried doing a chkdsk /r (from windows CD, shift + f10), and it says:
"the type of the file system is NTFS. Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run checking on this volume because it is write protected"
also sfc /scannow doesn't work because there is a windows repair pending.

The safe mode doesn't seem to be starting either. It just stops (my hard disk light is working btw).
So i'm guessing it's a HDD problem.
Is there something i can do at this point?


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I've had this problem for the past couple of days. Every time I turn on my laptop I get the blue screen and it restarts. I've used the repair tool and that's got me to the point of logging in. I get the welcome message but then it shuts down and restarts and I get the blue screen again. I've tried to use safe mode and it either shows me the blue screen or logs in for a second and then shuts down. I'm using Windows 7 on a hp elite book 8570w. I think the issue may have been caused by a new update being installed automatically when I didn't have my power cable plugged in and I ran out of battery.

this is what the blue screen says:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent further damage to your computer.


Technical information:

** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFA8209F7883A, 0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF800049A8E30, 0x0000000000000005)

any advise would be great, thanks in advance.


A:BSOD on startup - page_fault_in_nonpaged_area - can't access safe mode

Lets see if we can identify the problem, 0x50 in safe mode usually relates to the memory or NTFS problems.
Please start with MemTest86+, for 8GB it could take 8-10h or more to reach at least 8 passes.
16GB takes normally 1 day but could take up to 2 days.

Diagnostic Test


Run MemTest86+ to analyse your RAM. MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 7 Forums


MemTest86+ needs to be run for at least 8 complete passes for conclusive results. Set it running before you go to bed and leave it overnight. We're looking for zero errors here. Even a single error will indicate RAM failure.

Make a photo of the result and post it.

If errors show up you can stop the test, remove all sticks but 1 and test this single stick in each slot for 8 passes or until errors show, switch sticks and repeat.
If errors show up and you see them a lot later, no problem, the errors don't affect the test.

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I am receiving the BSOD on startup consistently. Safe Mode works properly (I'm posting in it). SF file attached.

Prior to the consistent BSOD, I would receive random BSODs, mostly while gaming. Each time, I cleaned the PC, ensured all fans were operating, and monitored temperatures.

Thank you for any assistance.

A:BSOD on startup, Safe Mode works properly, 0x000000e1

Hi dmacko.

If you are on any other place with this issue, make it sure that you will not mix the suggestions up. There is a fair chance that the two different sets of suggestions may cause a greater damage.

The BSOD dumps are not providing adequate information about the crashes. But all those are stop 0x1E. As per Carrona.org, STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
Usual causes: Device driver, hardware, System service, compatibility, Remote control programs, memory, BIOS

As you are saying that Safe mode is working properly, the first suspect is any driver.Enable Driver Verifier to monitor the drivers.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable
Run Driver Verifier for 24 hours or the occurrence of the next crash, whichever is earlier.

Why Driver Verifier:
It puts a stress on the drivers, ans so it makes the unstable drivers crash. Hopefully the driver that crashes is recorded in the memory dump.

How Can we know that DV is enabled:
It will make the system bit of slow, laggy.

Before enabling DV, make it sure that you have earlier System restore points made in your computer. You can check it easily by using CCleaner looking at Tools > System Restore.

If there is no points, make a System Restore Point manually before enabling DV.


If you fail to get on the Desktop because of DV, Boot into Advanced Boot Options > Safe mode. Disable DV there. Now boot normally ag... Read more

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Out of nowhere this morning my PC starts Blue Screening after Windows starts up, when apps are loading (Like ESET). When I run Safe Mode, its perfectly fine. I have a pile of red events under system, including these gems:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000124

The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

I did a restore back to 6/20 and the issue still presented itself after Windows loaded. Log collector stuff attached.

A:BSOD after Windows startup - no issues in Safe Mode - 0x00000124

After searching the forums I think its noteworthy to mention I have all of the Gigabyte bloatware installed.

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im getting bsod each time i startup. Im not sure where to go from here.

i have uploaded the .dmp file 101213-17456-01 Download ? Free Upload Site and system info file .nfo MSinfo32 Download ? Free Upload Site.

i have activated the small memory file dump in the advanced system settings and unchecked automatic restart there too. another thing worth noting is that my bios is password protected and i cant access the bios settings.
any help would be greatly appreciated,

A:bsod upon startup only booting in safe mode, dmp file and nfo link

Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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Hello everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 Home 64-bit. Here's the problem, that just started out of the blue: During startup, I get the Dell screen and the Windows logo. It gets to the point where I see the cursor (just before it should get to the logon screen), and the screen goes black. The laptop is still on, but nothing shows up.

Also.....if I try to enter Safe Mode, I can get to the logon screen. I can either click on one of the user icons and get into Windows, or I can leave it at the logon screen.....either way, the computer shows a BSOD death and then restarts. The BSOD shows a 0x0000001E code.

I haven't done too much troubleshooting, but here's what I have done: Ran startup repair from the Win 7 DVD. Used that DVD to get to Command Prompt and ran CHKDSK. If it's not a hardware issue, I'm hoping not to install from scratch or restore to an earlier date. There are some very recent files that would be gone that I really need! I've read some things about editing 7's equivalent of boot.ini, but have no idea if that's the fix.

Anyway.....thanks so much for taking the time read this. I look forward to hearing from you. If you need any more info, please let me know.


A:Black screen during 7 startup....restart with BSOD in Safe Mode

Get into Startup Repair and run it 3 times.
If that doesn't fix it, then open up a Command Prompt from the Startup Repair disk and type (one at a time, and then press Enter):

bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Press ENTER after each command and see what that does for you.

The problem here is that you can't boot to Safe Mode - so it's most likely a driver that loads early in the boot sequence.
There are ways to fix this, but you've gotta get into Windows to do most of it.
I'd suggest that you either boot to a Linux/Ultimate Boot CD and copy your data off - or that you slave the hard drive to another system and copy the data off that way.

Once that's done, you can freely experiment without the worry of losing your data.

When the system BSOD's, please get this info (the stuff in RED) from the screen:

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Hi all,

I get a BSOD within 5 mins of startup. It happens whenever the computer has to do a more complicated task, such as opening many windows, formatting something in Word, etc. Sometimes there is no BSOD--it will simply restart and I'll be left with a bootable drive not found error. The computer does not crash while in safe mode.

Spybot found no viruses. My msinfo is zipped and attached.

Thank you in advance for any help!

A:BSOD within 5 mins of startup; runs fine in safe mode

Pleas follow the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hey guys,

I downloaded the dump files, which are attached. I had some trouble from time time but today the PC is not starting anymore. It crashed and since then only goes to safe mode or throws a BSOD.

1. Tried reinstalling latest drivers of nvidia in safe mode
2. one tutorial (youtube) from repacking the nvlddmkm.sys and replacing the old one.
3. Uninstalled the old nvidia driver with driver fusion -> works to start in normal mode. as soon as I install the driver and restart -> bsod.
4. reinstalled direct X, no change
5. tried installing windows update driver for my graphics card -> install failed.
6. checked furmark, but only works with drivers installed
7. uninstalled nvidia driver, installed gforce experience and tried to update drivers
7. uninstalled nvidia driver, installed gforce experience and tried to update ONLY driver + clean installation -> bsod
8. downloaded latest driver on nvidia website for GTX 570 -> bsod
9. tried uninstalling logitech webcam software & drivers - > bsod

Edit: Seems like I have a very similar Problem as this guy here: BSOD when GPU driver is loaded/detected 0x116 and 9F
but no 9F bsod. So it is all about the 116 and my msi graphics card. A lot of people tried to reduce some clocking speeds (as shown on videos on youtube) and it might work. But how can I do that, while in safe mode OR while driver not installed in normal mode.
Is this a sign, that my graphics card is broken and I just have to rep... Read more

A:BSOD nvlddmkm.sys while startup, pc doesnt launch - only safe mode

Hello Kruzifix you don't have any mini dumps for to BSOD to look at, so please follow these instruction.
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hey guys. The problem first began when i was using google chrome and my laptop just hung and went completely unresponsive. When i force shutdown and restarted it started fine but the next time i opened chrome it hung again. This time the restart in normal mode just went from the windows logo to a blank screen. When i stared in safe mode and ran my avg command line scanner it found 106 infections but wasnt clear on its actions against it. Whenever i run this scan i can start it on normal mode again and seems to function normally but clicking on chrome brings back those problems. when i tried using firefox it slowed down and went unresponsive too. After a few days of normal usage i started getting BSODs quite frequently (usually a few minutes after normal startup and desktop access...and today after happening twice in normal mode ive only been able to see my screen in safe mode. the command line scanner brings the same results. Cant seem to do a boot time scan with avast as it just goes from the windows logo to blank screen. Any advice? 

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I've looked through the forums and didn't see anything about my specific issue(s). Apologies if I've overlooked a thread already posted.
My issue: My daughter has an emachine with Windows 7 OS. It's been closing webpages while she's on them, so I ran a virus scan. We had AVG and it didn't pick up anything.
Now it flashes a blue screen (too quickly for me to see what messages are displayed), then acts as if it's going to start up. However, it brings up an error message that there is a startup error.
I get an option to start in repair mode or normal mode. I've tried both - normal mode repeats this display. Repair mode runs for a minute, then states that it cannot repair the issue. It takes me to the tools screen and offers the options for Repair, System Restore, Memory Diagnostic, etc. I've run the diagnostics, I've run the chkdsk, all of that. I did several system restores but got a message that system restore didn't restore.
Sometimes it will let me into windows (after attempting to restore several times), but if I have to restart it, it starts all over again.
Yesterday I used this computer to burn a copy of Sophos Virus Tool Scanner. I popped the disk in and started it up, and it loaded Windows (followed by a message that system restore was complete. ?) I ran the scanner, found several Malwares and a Troj/Agent.ADIL virus. It removed the Malware but not the Trojan. I went to malwarebytes and downloaded it, and it removed a bunch of stuff. ... Read more

A:BSOD flashes, startup error, won't boot or load in safe mode

Hi Burlesquemoon and welcome to BC.  To help us help you please run the following. Thank you.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size. Click Go and paste the content into your next post.

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Recently my dad's computer had a corrupted hive and boot.ini. Via this website, I was instructed to run a chkdsk /r while in the recovery console. Everytime I used his OS disk to get into the recovery console, it prompted me for a password and I didn't know it (nor could I leave it blank). I decided to use my OS disk from my computer and I could fix the problem. Now, though, everytime I startup the computer, it prompts me to start windows normally, in safe mode, in safe mode with networking... To give further information...on that same screen there is an option for Windows XP and Windows XP Home Edition. Don't know if that has something to do with it. They both work though when I press enter on either one. Could anyone help me stop the computer from prompting me??? Thank you for any help.

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okay, i'm usually a rather resourceful guy who somehow manages to fix his computer problems with hours of googling, but this time i need some help.

It all started on my dad's vista basic laptop. He got that vista home security 2012 virus which i attempted to remove by following the guide on bleeping computer. after editing the registry to stop vista home security from opening every time i ran an exe, i rebooted so i could go into safe mode and get rid of the virus once for all. when i tried booting into safe mode, it took me to the normal safe mode login screen, i then entered my password, and it hung with a black screen and my mouse almost like explorer.exe wasn't running. well i tried ctrl alt del to start explorer but all i got was a message saying something along the lines of i don't have the permissions. that's weird because my only user on the computer is an administrator. so i rebooted the computer and tried to login normally, without safe mode, and i got the same never ending black screen, still couldn't reach task manager. so i decided to take the battery out and try safe mode again. well this time safe mode started booting up, and then blam! computer restarts itself.

so to clarify, i cannot boot up any safe mode (regular safe mode, safe mode with networking, or the basic safe mode with cmd). so after a few hours of murdering people on call of duty to clear my mind, i figured i would swap hard drives with my other laptop. i got the screwed up hard drive in a new ... Read more

A:Vista Virus Locked me out No safe mode quick bsod on startup cant read

Although your offer is very interesting, the members of this forum will give you all the help they can for a simple smile and thankyou when done.
Lets start with installing Ubuntu, this should get your pics, unless there are hardware problems
If this does not work, which it should, we will try a startup repair.

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I need help with the problem, startup repair does nothing and neither does starting at last working startup.

A:BSOD on boot after "Starting Windows" BSOD on safe mode startup aswell

Hello and welcome Galore mate some system specs would be really helpful - very hard working with something one knows very little about. System Info - See Your System Specs

However at first look seems like the system is in a mess or the hard drive or other components are going south.

Now just do this if you get a boot then it might narrow the issue/s down a little and you will need toake the bootable disk on another machine.
Make a bootable Ubuntu disk Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu
Set the BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you a screen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY not INSTALL
When it is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in the pic .
Open the drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settings you may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source or other installed drive doing this.
I am not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this method both on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data from using Windows.

Just run it until you get the screen ignore the data stuff though it might come in handy later - if this will not boot then something is very wrong.

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Hi there. I'm running on a dell dimension 2350, windows XP Professional SP3. My PC's specs are Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 cpu 1.80GHz, 1G ram.

With that out of the way, that's about the extent of my computer knowledge. I reformatted my computer a few days ago due to viruses, spyware, the whole shabang. I couldn't locate my windows disc so I borrowed a SP3 windows professional disc from a friend, and directly after installing, my computer displays the windows logo and then hangs at a black screen.

I really am out of ideas, I've been troubleshooting for the past 3 days. At the moment I'm on a fresh install of windows, and I have downloaded the audio, video, and chipset drivers from the support.dell website. I am out of ideas to solve this problem, so any recommendations I welcome with open arms.

(The only possible idea I have at this point is possibly my power supply. If there is any way I could test this please inform me)

A:Fresh install of Windows XP SP3 (from disc) Can only run safe mode.

all right mabe if you reinstall another fresh copy of windows xp professional SP3 disc it will work. i have seen this problem before and there was nothing to do about it and i had to format the system. if you downloaded the drivers please make sure that they are the right ones. ok! or else there will be a problem with software communication on your system.

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Hi there. I'm running on a dell dimension 2350, windows XP Professional SP3. My PC's specs are Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 cpu 1.80GHz, 1G ram.

With that out of the way, that's about the extent of my computer knowledge. I reformatted my computer a few days ago due to viruses, spyware, the whole shabang. I couldn't locate my windows disc so I borrowed a SP3 windows professional disc from a friend, and directly after installing, my computer displays the windows logo and then hangs at a black screen.

I really am out of ideas, I've been troubleshooting for the past 3 days. At the moment I'm on a fresh install of windows, and I have downloaded the audio, video, and chipset drivers from the support.dell website. I am out of ideas to solve this problem, so any recommendations I welcome with open arms.

(The only possible idea I have at this point is possibly my power supply. If there is any way I could test this please inform me)

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Hello, I'm hoping someone would be able to help me resolve this so that I can avoid having to reinstall Windows. Here's the situation: my laptop suddenly cannot boot up anymore; it usually hangs when the "Please wait..." dialog shows up with the text "Windows is starting up...", but sometimes it goes as far as the login prompt, then hangs after I enter my credentials and press Enter. When it hangs I cannot even move my mouse cursor. I can only think of two things I did out of the ordinary that created this mess:
I installed the driver for the Turtle Beach AudioAdvantage Micro USB stick audio card before my PC started hanging. However, after I installed the driver I was forced to reboot, and my computer rebooted just fine.
I closed my laptop's lid to put it in sleep mode while MyDefrag (formerly JkDefrag) was running. I have done this in the past without any issues, but this time when I exited sleep mode my computer was hanging, so I forced a reboot. This trouble started after I rebooted.

I am able to boot up in Safe Mode, but not Safe Mode with Networking, which leads me to think that maybe some network related drivers got corrupted. Some more info on my setup:
I have Windows XP Pro SP3 installed (v5.1.2600)
I have Avira AntiVir and Comodo Firewall installed
I am not using Hibernation
Audio: SigmaTel STAC9751
Graphics: Intel 945 GMS
Chipset: Mobile Intel 945 GMS Express
Netcard: Realtek RTL8101L
Wifi: Intel PRO/wireless 3945

Update 1: ... Read more

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