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Stuttering sound while playing music ...

Q: Stuttering sound while playing music ...

One winxp based systen having P4 processor, 512 ddr ram, cd-rw, cd-rom and 2 hdd (80+80 Gb), has this peculiar problem. When we playing songs it stutters and breaks as if the system running low on ram or using lot of processor power. When system is formatted, everything runs o.k for few days and even months, but again the problem comes up.

Can anyone help??

Preferred Solution: Stuttering sound while playing music ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stuttering sound while playing music ...

dunno d00d...how often do you defragment your drive?

and what specific media player are you using?..if it by chance is the internal LW player then that's the problem as it sucks....

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i am running window 7 home premium 64 bit on my hp probook 4530s recently hp did all of the bios an other updatto my laptop and now whenever i watch a video, listen to music or try to play a game it stutters i've tried updating an downgrading my graphic card driver my sound card the video card is a intel HD graphics 3000

plz help..... before all those updates it was playing just fine... system restore is out of the question cuz it takes up memory on HD so i deleted it

A:stuttering while listening to music and playing games

Audio is on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device. Thus the higher priority device can interrupt the sound if it needs to do something and thus you can get the stuttering. There can be other reasons but this is one to consider.

Uninstalling the sound, restarting the PC and then when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound and sometimes Windows will install it on a different IRQ and help with this problem.

Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the sound and then LEFT click "uninstall". DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC.

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Got a new computer at work (Dell Optiplex 760 w 3.25 GB RAM - running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3). When I try to play my music files (originally downloaded from purchased CD's on my old computer) on this new computer through Windows Media Player the sound is stuttering. Randomly. My IT dept. can't figure it out. I was running WMP v. 9 and today I updated to v. 11. It doesn't matter. Still stuttering. I have little Bose desktop speakers. When I go into the control panel on my computer and click on the "sounds and audio devices" icon it says SoundMax HD Audio. I'm assuming that's the sound card? The music files are local on my hard drive. It's driving me crazy....and I'm not a sophisticated computer user. Help. Thank you.

A:Windows Media Player stuttering when playing music files

I have the same problem with the same computer. Haven't been able to fix it either.

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My computer is a pile of junk, or am I wrong? When I try to play video games such as Half:Life Counter-strike the video will slow down during gameplay and sort of 'stutter' like it will stop and then I'll end up in a spot where I should've been 20 or so seconds later.


For example:

In Counter-strike there are guns and explosions and what-not. I'm running up to a guy firing my AK when all of a sudden my screen begins to freeze and plays in SLOW MOTION. My sound is also going in SLOW MOTION , hearing the shots fired very slowly. When this is all over 20 or so seconds later I'm on the ground dead and the video/sound is back up to rate and is working fine. About two minuets later this happens agian...stops...agian...stops...agian.. and so on..


My sound can also get really choppy and won't play right during this. Gameplay is fine until about every 2 minutes this happens and it has always happened. When I first bought this computer it played CS fine... no problems at all, then I guess my stepdad did something to the computer maybe changed the drivers or something and it does this now. I really would like someone to help me on this. As I am completey boggled.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm not your average computer geek, so I'll need all the help I can get.

P.S: This also happens when I try play Nintendo games on my computer. The really old ones. I have emulators..ect
... Read more

A:Stuttering video and sound during gameplay / music HELP!

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

Judging by the specs:
Compaq Persario 5320 US
Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz
nVIDIA Vanta 16MB video card
Sound max on board sound
It appears to me that your comp is getting aged
for some of the games you like and the video 16mb
seems to be your bottle neck.
I'm certain it's been good to you just alittle outdated.
2 possible solution would be to upgrade the video card
to at least a 64mb or even better a 128mb.
The other is to consider a fresh machine (non-proprietary)
though I would try the video card Ugrade 1st.

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My daughter is having problems with the sound on her PC. Each time she plays a video or music the sound either stutterrs or pauses. We have tried Windows Help and updated her Windows Media Player yet the problems are still happening. She has a Windows XP Home Media Centre. Any suggestions would be greatly apppreciated.

A:Sound stuttering/pausing on music and video

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Hi there this isn't really for me - I Ient my girlfriend's old computer to a friend and he's been experiencing problems with sound.

When using winamp sometimes after a while the sound stops working. But winamp appears to not actually be playing songs. Like you'll click a song and equaliser bars go flat and don't measure sound like when a song is playing with the bass/treble or whatever going up an down with regards to what's happening in the song.

So it's not like the song is playing and no sound is coming out - the song is refusing to play. This problem is worse when playing pro evolution soccer on mute with winamp in the background.

He says when he's playing COD2 that the sound stutters and does it with increasing frequency and then eventually stops. This mostly happens when there's a lot happening on screen.

Restarting the whole machine seems to sort it out with regards to winamp but sometimes just restarting call of duty fixes the sound issues.

I remember having similar problems with operation flashpoint about 7 years ago but can't remember how I sorted it.

He has:

windows xp home SP2
p4 3.0ghz
onboard graphics
onboard sound

I told him it might be an overheating issue and to take the case off the computer and clean the dust out, could it be slightly more serious like the northbridge cooler gone bad?

Or is it a windows/driver problem?

I know there's not a lot of info here I'll ha... Read more

A:Stuttering/disappearing sound when playing some games or using winamp

Well the onboard sound is actually controlled by the South Bridge chip I believe; from what it sounds like (no pun intended) the drivers could be out of date. Winamp is usually super-reliable so I would check which version he is running and maybe give that an update, which is free. Also, make sure DirectX is up to date and have him run dxdiag to run the sound tests. START > Run > type dxdiag in the bar...

Personally, I would just invest in a dedicated sound adapter. You can get a decent Creative card for around $30 now and the sound quality would be much better anyways.

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This is a continuation of this topic. After getting autorun working, CDs and DVDs stutter. While playing a CD, the CPU usage stays around 30%, while it takes almost no CPU usage to play the same CD on a much older computer. While playing a DVD, the CPU usage is stuck at 100% and both sound and video stutter. This computer normally has about 70-90% CPU usage while playing DVDs. I installed a known working optical drive in this computer and experienced the same problem.The computer is an HP Pavilion ze1210 with an AMD Athlon XP-M 1400+ processor and 768MB of RAM. The computer worked fine before the autorun fix in the topic mentioned above.Also, I've already made 40 posts in four days, and all of them are related to problems with my own computers. That doesn't seem right.

A:Stuttering sound and high CPU usage when playing CDs and DVDs

What program do you use to play DVDs?Run the program listed below WHILE playing some DVD....Download Process Explorer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspxUnzip ProcessExplorer.zip, and double click on procexp.exe to run the program.Click on View > Select Colunms.In addition to already pre-selected options, make sure, the Command Line is selected, and press OK.Go File>Save As, and save the report as Procexp.txt.Attach the file to your next reply.

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hello everyone, hope this is the right place to post this. if not, i apologise.

i am having some seriously annoying problem with my laptop i can't seem to figure out the cause of.
every certain set of minutes... in between 5 and 10 my laptop slows down tremendously. i don't know if this only occurs when i'm playing games or not, but i notice it heavily when in a game. my frame rates drop from say 40 to 12-15, heavy stuttering occurs and speakers start making very weird "scraping" sounds.

could anyone please help?


A:large FPS and performance drop and stuttering sound often when playing games

does the laptop feel very warm?

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Each time I try to play a song or video in wmp, itunes, VLC media player, InterVideo, etc. I get absolutely no sound. Videos play, I can see the images perfectly fine, but there's silence.
However, if I want to watch a video on youtube or anywhere else online, the sound works. There's got to be a simple solution to this but I can't seem to find it. Any help? I've been putting up with this for a long time and I'd really like to finally get it sorted out.
Oh and before you ask, the media players are not muted.

A:No sound when playing music or video, but internet sound works fine

Originally Posted by withherlipsonly

Each time I try to play a song or video in wmp, itunes, VLC media player, InterVideo, etc. I get absolutely no sound. Videos play, I can see the images perfectly fine, but there's silence.
However, if I want to watch a video on youtube or anywhere else online, the sound works. There's got to be a simple solution to this but I can't seem to find it. Any help? I've been putting up with this for a long time and I'd really like to finally get it sorted out.
Oh and before you ask, the media players are not muted.

Try vista codec pack:
Shark007's Codecs Homepage

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I get random buzzing noise with micro freezing when im playing videos or playing games if the charger is plugged in.I did run diagnostics from SupportAssist but found no problem? I've only experienced buzzing noise whenever i suddenly connect my charger when im playing videos or gaming but now i think it gone worse.. I have all the latest drivers from dell and also updated the bios but still suddenly this problem appeared out of nowhere. Any help would be appreciated!specs:windows 10 creators updatei5 cpu8gb ramgtx 10501tb hdd

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i'm having problem with my SOUND. A few couple of weeks ago, i reboot my computer. From Window Xp Home to Xp Pro sp3. I then found out everything esle on the computer work but NO SOUND.

the problem is. i can play music in Window Media Player but can't hear anything coming from the speaker.
i try mosly everything. check the Volume, un-install, reinstall the Sound Device, download a new copy of SigmaTel Audio off Dell.com. when i first install the copy i download from dell.com, the music or sound will than play for like one time.

for exsample.

I click the music in window Media player, it'll play and the sound will come out of the speaker, but once i stop it and click PLAY again. the song will play but no sound come out of the speaker.

I click on sound and audio devices properties, Under Sound - Program Events - I click on some of the wav. and press play
a error will come up and it say ... Window cannot play the %systemRoot%/media/window Xp error.Wav file. It may be damged or may not be a valid sound file. Replace the file and try again.

Under sound and audio devices properties - Audio, The Sound playback list - SigmaTel Audio, Which mean i know i have a sound device on my computer.

i'm running on a Dell Dimension E310.

Any reply will Help.
Thanks for Reading.

A:Music Playing, No Sound

Try replacing the driver again. I'd try this one firsthttp://support.dell.com/support/downloads/If that doesn't work then try this onehttp://support.dell.com/support/downloads/The instructions for installation are on the bottom of both links

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After downloading a music file from Wal Mart I now cannot play any of my .wav files or commercial music CD's. I have checked the volume control center, running wmp 10

Sure could use some help. Thanks

A:Solved: No sound when playing .wav or music CD

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Is this possible? I mean by plugging headphones into the jack on the cd-rom drive. I've never had a problem doing it in Windows 98, but when I try it on any XP machine without a sound card, I cannot. I've tried using both media player and winamp to no avail.

A:Playing music CDs in Win XP without a sound card

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Hi all. This is my first time here. I recently purchased Altec Lansing speakers for my Dell D620 laptop. I have the laptop connected to a port replicator whenever I am home. The computer runs WinXP, SP 2 (I think). I have both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player installed, but mostly use RealPlayer because it is also set up on my Palm.

Whenever I plug the speakers in I get a clicking sound in the background. It's not too noticable when music is playing, but if I close RealPlayer, or even between songs, it is very distracting. I've tried plugging the speakers into both the port replicator and directly into the laptop, with no change.

I assume this is a problem with either the plug from the speakers or the port on the computer/port replicator. I've thought about cutting off the plug from the speakers and replacing it with a gold coated one, but before I start cutting stuff I thought I should check to see if there is another solution.

Anyone have any ideas?


Harry Dreier

A:Clicking sound when playing music


Originally Posted by HDreier

Hi all. This is my first time here. I recently purchased Altec Lansing speakers for my Dell D620 laptop. I have the laptop connected to a port replicator whenever I am home. The computer runs WinXP, SP 2 (I think). I have both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player installed, but mostly use RealPlayer because it is also set up on my Palm.

Whenever I plug the speakers in I get a clicking sound in the background. It's not too noticable when music is playing, but if I close RealPlayer, or even between songs, it is very distracting. I've tried plugging the speakers into both the port replicator and directly into the laptop, with no change.

I assume this is a problem with either the plug from the speakers or the port on the computer/port replicator. I've thought about cutting off the plug from the speakers and replacing it with a gold coated one, but before I start cutting stuff I thought I should check to see if there is another solution.

Anyone have any ideas?


Harry Dreier

Have you tried a different set of speakers?


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I am experiencing a buzzing sound when I play music online.  I primarily listen to music through the microblogging site Tumblr.  For example, if I had a song playing for a minute or so and opened a new tab I will hear a buzzing sound for anywhere between 2 to 10 seconds.  Other times, particularly during songs that are longer, the audio will fail and I will get an error message with a red x on the song I clicked.  Neither of these problems happen all the time.  The buzz is more prominent and seems to happen more frequently when I am opening and closing tabs.  
I have narrowed this down somewhat.  It does not happen when I play an actual CD in the drive.  It does not happen when I listen to a song on Youtube.  It does not happen if I play an mp3 that I have saved on my computer.  It does not happen when streaming a podcast.  I have listened to podcasts that are over an hour long and did not get the buzzing or failed audio message.  It does not happen in Internet Explorer.
This seems to be related to tumblr sites and/or Chrome.  I have pasted a link as an example of a song where this occurs.
Things I have tried:
1. Updated the drivers
2. Scanned for viruses/malware
3. Updated Windows
4. I thought perhaps there was a conflict between the different versions of Adobe Flash but was not comfortable with removing a... Read more

A:Buzzing sound when playing music

You can safely remove flash players re-install, I think your plugin may be out one version... should still work though, but might help. Updating Shockwave is also a good idea as sometimes the technologies are interdependent.
Could be a Tumblr bug also... I doubt it is Chrome. Have you looked at the Tumblr support? (if there is such a thing)

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Hi guys, ive been having this problem for a while...

Everytime there is activity in my hard drive whether it is because i switch my wifi connection or my hard drive is forced to do something my sound crashes and becomes very disorted i have no idea why.

I use WMP 12 in Windows 7 Home Premium, my latop is an HP Pavillion dv4-4068la and my audio drivers are up to date and working, i hope there is nothing physically damaged on my laptop that causes this.

I can get up from bed and carry my laptop while its playing music and the sound is not affected thats why i think it has something to do with my operative system not the mother card or stuff like that.

Im planning on completely restore my system to its original state. Any tips on how to fix this without been so extreme on the case?

Thanks alot!

A:Distorted sound while playing music.

As you are planning to reinstall, that would be the best way to go. Although a major task, from what you report that should fix it.

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Hey all,

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW. At first, the only problem I had was no bass. I could hear the tremble fine, but no bass at all. I started clicking around under some sound settings and no I have no music at all however, when I "test" the speakers, I hear the test noise going off.

How do I fix this? Thanks!

A:My laptop has sound but isn't playing music - help!

Tony, what are you using to play music and you can verify that NO mute feature is on, be it within the music player or the PC itself?

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Hey all,

So, heres the scenario! My friends laptop used to play music fine in different media players like iTunes, winamp, limewire and so on... Her computer for the past few weeks hasn't played any music. When she hits the play button or double clicks a song nothing happens. It doesn't even begin to play she says.

I asked her if she heard any sound during regular use of the computer. She said yes, she hears everything fine, even youtube videos and music through websites.

She checked the device manager, nothing out of the norm there. I do plan on walking her through how to scan indepth for viruses and spyware and such, but other than that I'm stuck!

Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you all

A:Music not playing in any player - Sound works. Help plz

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Ok, let me get to the point, lately whenever I play a music file on my system or watch an online video, all I get is sluggish and choppy sound. I am running Vista Home Premium SP1. My specs are as follow :

AMD Athlon 64X2 TK-53 1.7Ghz
120GB Serial ATA Hard Drive

I've got all of the latest drivers
I ran various virus scans, yet no avail. I am running with all the latest OS updates. Now I am at my wits ends and baffled as to why suddenly it does this.

I also check my hard drive for errors using chkdsk yet it reports nothing bad.
However now that I think of it, I did update my BIOS last week I am running a PHOENIX AMD BIOS with version 3.13 Date : 08/22/2008.

Perhaps this caused some odd behavior ? But as far as I'm aware of, nothing else is wrong with my system.

My only problem is choppy audio while the hard disk drive is active. For example I could be copying a file while listening to music and all I hear is choppy audio. Unfortunately this is a pain in arse while playing games from the hard drive. All I get is choppy/sluggish audio.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am getting rather tired at the moment, don't mind my ****ty grammatical errors in this post. All I want to do is get my point across and hopefully get this problem fixed.
PS : If anyone would like to contact me further regarding this problem please don't hesitate to send me a Private Message or post in this topic.

A:Choppy Sound while playing music or video

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Advice needed. I have a new motherboard in my machine, an ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS - Newegg.com and my 2 soundcards the older Adigity 2 ZS with all the bells and whistles locsk up the machine and the X Fi Gamer SB 0730 in the PCI slot has very low audio to the stereo system. Another PC with he same card is considerably louder. I had a PCI e Recon 3D but it had a faulty line input so I could not plug my other PC into it (essential). It was plenty loud enough but not hi fi. I have a Yamaha 100 RMS per channel surround sound hi end unit RX V2090 and a pair of B&W DM6 monitor loudspeaker which I listen to music on from CD and the computer FLAC, 320kbs mp3 and some lower resolution (not many). Another machine hooks up as a media center for surround sound from Blu Ray, DVD's and HD over the ai TV and Netflix. Amazon etc. I am looking for the sound card in this machine to be for Stereo playback only. The other machine does the home theatre movie experience. I sometimes listen to cheapo headphones at low volume late at night but mainly this will be fairly moderate listening levels. I have read about Asus cards and some of them suffer from high pitched whistling and hum from ground loops. I am interested in the obliviously being phased out Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD 24-bit 192KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card powered by THX TruStudio Pro - Newegg.com. I also like the Assus ASUS Xonar Ess... Read more

A:Sound Card for playing music in Stereo

OK so I took my own advice and ordered the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD 24-bit 192KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card powered by THX TruStudio Pro - Newegg.com
I have installed it and I am testing it through the hi fi whilst tweaking options, the driver disk I got seems to be bang up to date with Windows 8 7 drivers only and more updated than drivers on the web. I'll post a further diagnosis after a few days of testing but I am impressed and that is pretty hard to do to this old fart.

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Earlier this year, I came to this forum to get help for a BSOD problem. I found out that it was caused by my onboard soundcard which I have now replaced with a seperate soundcard from Icidu (PCI 7.1 Soundcard Optical S/PDIF In & Out - Soundcard - Audio).

I have tried several soundcards but I cannot fix this crackling sound issue. It mostly occurs whenever something is loading it seems, in soundcloud tracks for instance. Also, the windows startup sound sounds like yanking a cat in its tail. The driver IS up to date, there is no cpu throttling and the sound card itself is fine - there are no problems in linux.

Just for the record, here are my specs:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz 45 ?C
Yorkfield 45nm Technology
4,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5Q3 DELUXE (LGA 775) 31 ?C
SyncMaster ([email protected])
1024MB GeForce GTX 285 (nVidia) 41 ?C
Hard Drives
977GB Western Digital WDC WD10EARS-00MVWB0 ATA Device (SATA) 25 ?C
Optical Drives
Optiarc DVD RW AD-5200S ATA Device
C-Media PCI Audio Device

Thanks in advance,

A:Crackling sound while playing music, games etc.

Check any cables connected to speakers/headphones, both ends. While playing some music gently twist the ends & move them slightly in & out. See it there is any difference.

Edit - forget that. Just saw it is OK in Linux. Although...............

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Hi all, I have a new Asus N61J Laptop with windows & 64 bit o/s. Im wondering if anyone can help me with setting up to play music through my soundcard in yahoo chat. When I have set up to play through the sound card , in my many attempts to get it working, i get no sound at all,, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,

4 months ago freezing problems started with my laptop and running chkdsk and hdd regenator repaired bad sectors and this relieved my pc health making it better than before, but not totally sufficient.

However in the past 2 months I am suffering from a new set of freezing issues which occur so often and i could not manage to solve or get any improvement. Basically, it happens
1)every 20-40mins and freezing lasts about 5minutes. if I am playing a music video on a website, then the speaker would be forcing itself to play the music for less than a minute which would be heard as buzzing, and then it will stop.
2) Same type of freezing also occurs when a game is open while all browsers and music players are closed in the background.
3) In rare occasions no freezing occurs but skype crashes during a voice call giving an error related to shockwave. I believe this could be a related problem but not sure.

here some more info:
-graphics driver is updated to latest version and downgrading back to the older versions did not help
-no disk errors could be found using chkdsk and hdd regenarator scans/repairs
-Uninstalling flash player and installing/upgrading to the latest version did not work
-cleaning cache using ccleaner, diskdefragmenting using popular softwares, or running popular computer care taker softwares did not help.
-windows 7 has the latest updates.

my computer info are:

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i3 350M @ 2.... Read more

A:laptop freezes and buzzing sound if playing a music

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Hello, I've been having problems for quite some time now and upon google search after search there doesn't seem to be an answer. When the audio is on, for videos, games, music, etc. it sometimes "skips" like an old cd player. Its pretty obnoxious, and I'm wondering why exactly this is so. I'm assuming I have an old driver or something, because I upgraded my pc from win 7 to win 8 pro. Thanks for the help and let me know if anyone needs clarification!

A:Jittery sound when playing music/video games (Win 8 Pro)

Audio is always on a shared Interrupt (IRQ) with a higher priority device. Depending on the shared device, it can "interrupt" the audio and cause skipping.

If you have the HP supplied IDT audio driver for Win 7, it is also compatible for Win 8. However, check the Device Manager and see what devices are listed in the Sound section. You should ONLY have the correct IDT sound driver and possibly HDMI audio (if your system has this) and nothing else. If "HD Audio Codec" (the generic Windows installed sound driver) is also listed, or any other sound, except the IDT and possibly HDMI, uninstall those as they can cause conflicts and other audio problems. Restart the PC if you uninstalled anything.

If you only have the correct entries in the sound, RIGHT click on the entry for the IDG and then LEFT click "Uninstall" (do not uninstall the drivers). Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This will fix any potential corruptions between Windows and the sound and sometimes will put the sound on a different shared IRQ and fix or mimimize any interruptions.

Rather than post a ZIP file of items, we usually just post screen shots. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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So, here's my issue. I have Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5500 speakers. I originally had them connected to my computer via a single line. So, I took the inputs from the speakers' console and directly connected everything to my computer. Now, I have surround sound (Wahoo!). But, the subwoofer only works when I'm configuring through the Control Panel. But, when I play music, I get zero sound from it.

Also, I have to set the properties in Sound to 7.1 to get all 5 speakers working. And the sub still works when running the test in 7.1 too. I've gone through every program that I can find on my computer that relates to sound and have set everything to 5.1 for now. I don't understand why I don't have sound from my subwoofer.

A:Subwoofer plays when configuring sound, but not when playing music.

Hi ruste84,

Since the speakers are producing 'surround sound' while configuration, it appears that the 'audio track' that you are trying to listen to is a standard '2 channel audio file'. You may try a digitally encoded 'surround sound audio' (a retail DVD with known 5.1 audio) to check if the 'speakers' work as desired.

If the issue persists, please confirm that the physical connections of the 'speakers' are setup properly. For reference, you may want to have a look at the recommended 'setup' for the motherboard installed 'ASUS Crosshair IV Formula'.
Also use the 'X-Fi CMSS-3D Panel' to configure 3D virtual surround effects. (Reference image below)
Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings.

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My problem is when i play both Music player (Windows Media Player/Winamp/iTune/Youtube/KMPlayer) with any Mini Flash Games, the sound sounded like corrupted files. i try playing them separate (like closing the flash game while playing the music), somehow the sound was fine. I get the feeling its got to with the flash but im not sure how. Any idea how can i solve this problem?

It never happen before.

OS: Vista Home Premium
Note: Not sure how to check what audio i have. Im newbie when comes to Computer.

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I've seen this crackling sound problem around the internet. After my research for hours, here is what I got: 1. I used 'DPC Latency Checker V1.4.0'. It was found that some devices, i.e. modem, usb, wifi, are interupting the sound card making crackling noise which is really loud and noisy. 2. Changing the bit rate between 16 bit and 24 bit doesn't help. 3. Update speaker driver to 'Realtex 6.3.9600.116' and 'Intel Smart Sound Technology' won't help. 4. Turn off the Audio Enhancement in DTS studio sound doesn't help. 5. Disable WIFI driver for a while won't help. *6. I've found that the problem can be solved by disable 'Disk Data Cache' in SSD option in Intel Rapid Storage Technology.Page 4 from this link: LinkBut I can't find this disable option in version how can I turn this 'SSD Cache' off?Or do you have any other solution?

A:Crackling sound while playing music in HP SPECTRE X360 Ultra...

Here is what I got from DPC Latency. 

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My computer has recently started doing these things.
It's very noticable, I cannot watch videos/listen to music and also cannot play any games sometimes.

When playing games it goes for minutes okay, then my FPS drops to 10 or so and sound starts to make static noises.

Everything what has sound does those static noises and it really drives me mad.

I've tried reinstalling antiviruses, scanning, cleaning registries, uninstalling almost all programs and games, cleaning my HDD from unused files, reinstalling drivers and codecs, nothing helped. I don't want to reinstall my windows, because I have a movie project started and I cannot backup ALL my files, it's really huge.

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer slowed down, static sound while playing music/videos.


sounds like you've done most of the things we'd suggest. It sounds to me like your machine or graphics card may be overheating? Is there adequate ventilation around the machine? Also, take the cover off and blow out any dust, especially in the CPU heatsink.

Also, while the lid is off, check the graphics card fan (if it has one) is spinning freely.

Finally, you may want to download speedfan from


to see if you can glean any insight into temperatures.

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Greetings all,

So this problem seemed to pop up after I enabled the guest account feature. I have since disabled it.

Anyway, whenever I attempt to play music, a video, or anything with sound (including internet videos and stuff) the keyboard and mouse will both freeze. But the weird thing is, the video will keep playing and the computer will continue to apparently operate.

I have already tried uninstalling my integrated sound card drivers, deleting them, and re-installing them, but no luck with that. Also tried SFC /scannow, but no discrepancies were noted.

I don't have any system restore points either...

Any ideas on what might be happening here? I hope it's not a hardware issue...

EDIT: When I hit the restart button (hardwired to MOBO) and programs start to shut down, the mouse and keyboard start to work again before the computer shuts down.

A:Sound Not Working; Playing Music/Videos Freezes Keyboard and Mouse

I suspect the sound is just a byproduct of whatever is causing the keyboard and mouse lockup.
The key, as I see it, is the reset and when "programs start to shut down" it unlocks, again suggesting some program or other hardware device is the problem.

Are the keyboard and mouse wired or wireless? and if wireless are they separate or on the same wireless connection?

What media player(s) are you using?

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So i have a brand new dell inspiron 15 7567(4gb ram, i5, gtx 1050, 1tb hdd) and its only been a week now im currently facing an annoying problem which is the buzzing sound u can hear whether on the speaker or headphones when im plugging in or out the charger though im not facing this problem back then..I tried:uninstalling/updating the audio driver, I'm still facing the problemrun diagnostics using supportassist but there seems no problemhopefully its not a motherboard, power supply problem.also noticed that performance drops when im disconnected on the charger although all setting are set to high/maximum performance.
please help 

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When playing in iTunes/VLC/Windows Media.

This is a strange one... it's not when you open a new task, it just does it for around 4 seconds every 40 seconds. When I open the task manager and monitor the performance, it seems to happen when the CPU usage increases from 7% to 26% for no apparent reason. It then stops as the usage resumes back to 7%.

The laptop is a Compaq V6500 and it's been downgraded from Vista to Xp.

Here's a picture of how things are looking with my devices:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Music Stuttering

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I'm using Vista x64 Ultimate
Asus P5E Mobo (0702 bios *updated*)
Q6600 - 3.2 ghz prime stable
4gb munskin ram (default timings)
USB Headphones Microsoft LX-3000 (most up to date drivers installed)

My music player (WinAMP, iTunes) always stutter when I load a page off any browser (IE7,FireFox,GoogleChrome) after I left my computer on for a long time(4+ hours). I first thought it was ram that was affecting it but I'm not so sure. The longer I left my computer on the more likely it'll stutter, but I can fix about 98% of the stutter by rebooting my computer.

The stuttering only occurs when I load the page, but stops when the page finishes loading. Sites with more pictures will cause more stuttering, and this doesn't happen when I play any games.

Anyone know of this problem?

A:Help, music keeps on stuttering

i have never had the experience of that exact problem but i have had one like it.

first, open a music file and play it through the affected application

then go to start menu, then click on accessories
followed by system tools, and then select Internet Explorer No add-ons

load a web page and see if you still get the distortion...

if you do get the distortion, you could try reinstalling internet explorer

if u still get it after that, it may only be simple things like the priority of the application, which can be changed with task manager under the "proccesses" tab. but i wouldn't think it was the priority, due to the fact you have OC CPU

do you use advanced performance on your hard drive?

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Since I installed Windows XP Pro, my music files have been skipping at times. My mp3's from the HD would skip every 30 seconds if I move my mouse around or type while my cda's from the CD would skip more often than the mp3's. This never happened on 98/ME. I've played the files on different media players(WMP, Winamp 2x, 5x) so I know that can't be the problem. I have the latest DirectX 9.0b. I attached a image of my sound devices, which one would be my sound card or do I have to look another place? I looked for drivers for all of them, but no luck :( Is there an official site for them cause I can't find it. Thanks

A:Music Skipping/Stuttering

How about some details on the system? MB make/model, processor speed, sound card, etc.

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I've had my pc for four years and the problem occured several months ago. When I play music or video files the files stutter. This occurs on every software such as Media Player, Itunes, Real Player. It even occurs when I play youtube videos. It is very annoying and the stuttering happens approximately 10 to 15 seconds apart. I tried the following with no success: reloaded Windows XP, defrag hard drive, ran CCleaner, ran SpyNoMore, ran RegCure. I've notice that the stutter occurs when my CPU spikes above 25%.
The Dell Dimension 3000 has a built in sound card in the motherboard. I installed a new card months ago and it did help the suttering, but did not solve the problem.

I want my music back. Please help me.

A:Solved: Music stuttering

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all of my music is skipping stuttering when I play it in any player... I have XP btw... with all my programs closed too... Ive tried pretty much everything... and been googling it all night! please help! thanks ~ JonModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:All My Music Skipping Stuttering

Might want to look for updates for your audio drivers. You could always go to the windows update site, and check the hardware updates. That or go to your manufacturers site.

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This is truly frustrating. I have had my HP Pavilion laptop for less than a year, and have had the same problem from about day one. That is: it works great for about a week or two, and then I'll be playing some music (on windows media or real player, itunes, etc.) and the music will begin to stutter, and the whole computer begins to move slower (mouse hesitating, files opening slow, etc). I shut down or restart my computer, but then there is a tremendous hang on the start up and I have to power off again and start from "last known good start up." I never know when this is going to happen, and it bugs me cause I never know when I can listen to music or videos without having it stutter, making me want to throw my computer out the window. Please help. Is it a hard drive problem? sorry i don't have more specs on my model, i will have them when I'm back near it. Thanks

A:recurring stuttering of music

next time this happens, open up task manager & see if any process is overloading ur system & causing ur cpu 2 run @ 100%. that will slow ur pc down & cause ur music 2 do what ur describing... just a thought

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hi, i have a fairly new machine and up until recently Media player has been playing music and video fine but all of a sudden everything i play is stuttering?

anyone know why?

i have Media Player 10 (problem also occures with real player and divx player and quicktime)

the CPU isn't unduly stressed at the time of stutter (max 30%. Ave 11%)

however on further inspection i just pressed right mouse button on a quickstart icon and the cpu usage boosted (momentarily upto 80% )
casuing a major slow down in music.

what could be causing this

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ya all my music files no matter what player are skipping glitching stuttering ... it sucks ... hah.. .any help is appreciated ... thanksLogfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 11:04:07 PM, on 5/5/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exec:\program files\common files\logitech\lvmvfm\LVPrcSrv.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXEC:\Program Files\Microsoft ... Read more

A:Music Messing Up Skipping Stuttering

anyone?! any help here? thanks

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Hi All,A few days ago my computer slowed right down while starting up and pretty much ground to a halt.I have since ran a virus scan in safe mode, search and destroyed FREQUENTLY reccurring spyware, and ran a chkdsk.The computer itself is certainly running better, but now any time I play a video or music file, its stops and starts perpetually, preventing smooth playback, which is incredibly frustrating!Im comfortable when using computers but a novice in relation their workings - could anyone give me some advice in relation to what may be the problem with my compuuter? and how I could go about resolving the problems?RegardsModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Stuttering Video And Music Playback

It's possible that you haven't removed all remnants of the spywares you said you found. You should run a few more scans, this time add a few different scan programs to your arsenal.

What are all the programs you use to scan for viruses, trojans, malware, etc,?

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I apologize if this has already been addressed. I honestly don't know what I'm doing. My Vista's not playing any of the music files on my computer or my iPod on any music player I use (iTunes, WinAmp, the Rhapsody that came with it), though it plays anything else that's online. Other sounds on the computer are also playing (MSN, AIM, system sounds). What it does exactly is, upon clicking any song in the media library, it shows intention to play it but then stays at 0:00, while recognizing the length of song, name of artist, etc. Did I miss something?

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whilst playing music through wmp, any online flash player or watching films, there is a crackle over the top of playback. This will calm down once my hard drive led stops flashing from loading. The strange thing is the music is stopping and stuttering to the exact pulse of the led. On top of this, my computer is now running very slowly on startup. once running it is fine but startup is now more than 5 or 6 minutes... any ideas?

A:music stuttering as hard drive led flashes..

Run some scans. It sounds like spyware/malware using up system resources and causing the boot/sound problems.
Good apps are malwarebytes and superantispyware.
If that fails to solve the problem, I would run memtest86.
Good to test the memory once in a while. See if you have ram starting to fail.

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Hi, I have been experiencing a few problems with my computer over the past few months and have been trying endless things to improve it but not really making much progress.

The main problem is the slow start-up when the computer is first turned on, it is fairly fast until it gets to the actual windows load up part to begin using it. It takes about 4-5 minutes in total to get started.

Then also when i am playing winamp and then i start another program the whole computer grinds to a halt and the music begins to stutter a lot. It appears everything just slows down.

I have adaware checks every day or so, spyware programmes installed, anti virus software, frequent defragmenting and also registry cleaning.

My computer is ... AMD Athlon (tm) XP 2700+
2.16 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

It only has a quarter of its C drive used up of space.

Please help,


A:Slow computer start up and stuttering music

A bit late, hope you are still reading:

I had the same thing, but I also had constant stuttering everywhere. I got temporarily rid off it by clicking like mad and moving the mouse in circles. :monkey: Yeah, sounds funny but it worked, hehe.
Keep in mind that I had an enormously cluttered-up XP (but free of spy- and malware as far as I could tell and I had a bit of investigating and cleaning up done to that point). I never found out what it was because it bothered me so much that I just formated C and reinstalled XP.

I'd say, most likely it's chaos in the registry or maybe a memory leak which I have no idea how to close.

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ok so im hearing comming from my speakers, some music, but mostly commercials. i was browsing the web and all the sudden i hear "buy a mcdonalds big mac today!" i dont get it i went to task manager and nothing looks weird. here's ahttp://img404.imageshack.us/i/audiosnap.jpg screen shot of active tasks
Uploaded with ImageShack.us

but when i went to audio mixer there is a volume tab for "name not available" and if i mute it music goes away....i dont get it. help!!!

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

A:HELP! music is playing in the background but no music program is open!

Are you close to a radio station's transmitter site and antenna? That sounds like "RFI" (Radio Frequency Interference" getting into your speaker system.

When you get it, unplug the speakers from the PC but leave them powered on and the volume up and see if you still get it. If you do it's RFI and the speaker system is picking it up or it's coming through the AC power line to the speakers. If this just started I would suspect either a bad cable ground or just a dirty plug connection somewhere in the system.

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 laptop freezing and buzzing sound issue when laptop charger is plugged in and unplugged while playing music/video

Please verify BIOS version on the system by typing msinfo32 onto the [Cortana] search box and stroll down to BIOS Version / Date. The latest BIOS version is 1.1.0 ,1.1.0, if there's an old version, I suggest updating to the latest version. Please click on link below to safety install latest BIOS version.
Update System Setup (BIOS) for a Dell Computer ... - …

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So I searched around for a bit and found a few discussions about the Music app crashing, but none appear to be the problem I'm having. I can open the app and do most things in it. Search, navigate around, I can even play music most of the time except for one notable exception. When you click on an artist or album, the app opens a smaller window in the middle of the app where you can usually play the song, along with a few other options (like Play Top Songs or Explore Artist. Whenever I click play from this window, the app suddenly closes. This does not happen with music that I have files locally on my hard drive, it only happens with streaming music. I can get streaming music to play as long as I can find a play button elsewhere in the app aside from this window that pops up in the middle of the screen. But if a song is already playing, I can skip back and forth and navigate around the app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and this fixes it for a little while, but it eventually begins happening again. It crashes with zero other apps or programs running. I have AVG antivirus running, but I disabled that for a while and it still crashes. I noticed that when it does crash, the Music app doesn't close completely as it's still listed along with other running apps if I hover in the upper left corner and drag my mouse down to view all running apps.


A:Xbox Music app crashes when playing music

well, you didn't see my post...

app dumping me back to the start screen?

same thing for me. same solution that is a band-aid (uninstalling and reinstalling the app).

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I am not sure if the title accurately tells what my issue is. I hope I can explain it.

When listening to music on my PC, it does not matter if I use Winamp, Songbird, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or any other software. Every so often, there appears some sort of distortion, like the drive that the music is on slows down. I dont know if it is the driver or what. Its hard to explain. You have to hear it. I dont think its the mp3 file itself, cause I could play a song and it will be perfect, but then the next time I play it, it will distort. It is really driving my nuts cause I can't find the reason for it.

Anybody out here got any ideas? even crazy ones? Thanks.


A:Odd distortion while playing music in any music player on Win 7 PC

Please follow the http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html to provide us with application and system logs that can indicate application conflicts, application errors, system corruption, or system critical errors to help us determine if any of these are causing problems with your music playing.

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