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internal speakers stopped working but headphones are still working

Q: internal speakers stopped working but headphones are still working

I have a dell laptop inspiron 3558 with intel core i5 with win 10 ...this morning all of a sudden its internal speakers stopped working after i unplugged my headphones ..I have used headphones before multiple times with no problems ...in audio settings it shows the speakers are enabled and the sound bar is moving but theres no sound ..I plug the headphones back or external speakers ,those are working ..troubleshoot is telling me the inbuilt speakers are working fine and cannot detect any problem ..I tried reinstalling the audio driver ,then restarting , then updating with the new Microsoft hd audio driver ,stopped all enhacements restarting again ,still not working ...is this a mechanical problem or a software problem ? I barely had this laptop for 4 months ...will reinstalling windows solve the problem or what should I do ? is the sensor not working ?

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Preferred Solution: internal speakers stopped working but headphones are still working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place.

I had a set of GE 2.1 speakers working well with my Sony Vaio for about a year. Recently the sound started to go in & out, I had to move the wire around a lot and tape it or hold it in a certain spot to get them to work. Then one day they stopped working altogether. Assuming it was the speakers, I went and bought a new set from Best Buy. Took them home, plugged them in... and nothing, nothing at all. So I tried the OLD speakers in another desktop computer, and they worked perfectly.

So I assumed my headphone jack was broken and was going to go about trying to get a new piece and solder it and all that, but then I'm sitting here and just realized my headphones work perfectly.

What's wrong? How come the headphones work, but 2 pairs of external speakers don't?

Thanks so much


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I see that this is a pretty popular question on this forum by searching, but none of those methods are really working for me.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 that I think I have a SigmaTel Audio system (I'm not the best with computers, but I think it does). I use Microsoft XP.

This problem started a few months ago when I had my computer plugged into a TV through both VGA and headphone jack. Somehow the headphone male part got bent when it was in and when I unplugged it the internal speakers no longer worked, but headphones and external speakers work fine. I've searched the internet for a while for ways to fix it over the last month or so, but couldn't find anything that actually worked. This wouldn't really be a problem, but I move my laptop around a lot and live in a college dorm room and it's tough to have speakers constantly set up and connected to my laptop.

I've read a little about problems like this and it appears that I probably hit something inside the headphone jack when the plug bent that makes the computer think headphones are always plugged in (just a guess). I've tried plugging and unplugging my headphones really fast like a million times and it hasn't worked. I've reinstalled the sound drivers, reset the computer, etc. I'm kind of out of ideas. I think I may have to open up the computer, which I really don't want to do (I've done it before to install RAM and stuff, but I'm not great at it), but if t... Read more

A:Internal Speakers not working, but Headphones are

bump... anyone help?

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I have just done a fresh install from vista to Windows 7 7100. All drivers are installed and working fine but I dont seem to be getting any sound out of my internal laptop speakers.

I plugged in headphones and they work fine, i never had a problem in Vista.

I have install the latest Realtek 223 codecs and still no joy, I'm in the middle of trying some older versions but does anyone else have any ideas?

I'm running:
Windows 7 RC7100
Asus M50Sv
Realtek 223 codec

Not to sure on the accual hardware model.

A:Internal speakers not working but headphones are fine

Sounds like an assignment problem;
Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )

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Ive had my HP folio 13 Ultra book for a while now. I'm running on Windows 7 Home premium (64)
But a few days ago I found out the sund was not working. And for some reason the sound is working perfectly on my beats headphones
I have 2 Sound devices: IDT High Def CODEC (speakers and Headphones) and Communications headphones (IDT high def CODEC)
For Example: When you press the sound icon and you test the sound the green sound bar comes up but nothing comes out of the speakers.
Ive done the following: Trouble shooted, it found nothing , the sound is defiately on and ive tried updating the drive but its the latest. I really do not know why it is playing up.
Alright whats weird is it says it is working properly in the advanced settings?????!!!
Also when i play a song on itunes the green bar will go up and down like usual but the sound does not come out of the damn speakers. To make it more weird when I enable the Communications headphones and test them the sound comes out of the speakers and cuts out (since it is a test).i've phoned a friend of mine and he said that maybe the sound is stuck or locked on the headphones. He also thought that maybe the computer is computer is mixed up or confused with which audio device is what.
I have some pics in the microsoft word attachment
All help ppreciated!

A:No sound from internal speakers on laptop headphones working?!

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Something weird is happening.
I was away from home 14 days, and I just came back. I started some music in youtube from my desktop and the speakers sounds weird now, for no reason at all. I really doubt my son touched my computer, but still. Tried checking the configurations I dont see anything wrong, so I thought that maybe the speakers were damaged. So I went to my laptop and I connect my USB headphones and I hear music with no vocals or very very low vocals, so I just try playing with the settings now I can hear vocals and music but weird. So I tried uninstalling the driver and installing again, and I get the same result.

I don't really know if its coincidence but it's really weird. I'm more worried about my headphones since are almost new (Genius hs-04U).


Best Regards

A:Speakers and Headphones stopped working

Also are two different brand, speakers(no usb) is Logitech and the headphones as mentioned are Genius.

Is really annoying! THANKS!

EDIT: Tried with another regular normal headphones and they are working fine. But what about these expensive hardwares? No guarantee...

EDIT: Speakers were half disconnected from the bass, amazing how I didn't checked that before LMAO :$... But no luck with the heapdhones.

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Hello! I'm having an issue with the sound on my computer. I have an emachine that runs Vista, but I don't know the specs.

I installed updates on it this morning, and since then I haven't been able to play any sounds through my speakers or through headphones.
When I check my sound devices, it says "Line 1, Live! Cam Virtual, Working", which to me is odd because my webcam certainly doesn't play sound, and it isn't even plugged in.
The only other device listed says "NVIDIA HDMI Output, NVIDIA HDMI Audio, Not plugged in" and I think those are my speakers, and if so they actually are plugged in.

I have checked to make sure nothing is muted, my speakers are on and plugged in, I did unplug and replug a few times, I restarted, etc, and still nothing.

Here's a screen cap:

Thanks a lot :)

A:Speakers and headphones stopped working

If you had sound before the update and don't now, then roll back the driver. Start-> (right click) My Computer -> Manage; select device manager and go to your audio driver and under Driver tab select "Roll Back."

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Ok guys this problem happened last march/april ish and I tried a number of things at the time to fix the issue but with no luck. I just got done working out of state for the summer and did not have my pc with me so I'm trying to have another go at fixing the problem. Summary of the issue- no problems ever with sound until one day it just stopped working. Both headphones and speakers wouldn't work even if they were plugged in. I wasn't getting any "no audio devices detected" kinds of errors or anything like that. So I tried reinstalling the realtek HD audio drivers (i was just using onboard sound at the time) and no luck. I also tried doing a few system restores to before the issue and that didn't do anything either. Finally I bought a pci-e sound card, a sounblaster cause thats all the local best buy had, installed that and still no luck with either speakers or headphones. Today I tried removing the sound card and using on board audio and still no luck. Audio device manager will recognize that I plug in my headphones into either the front speaker jack or the one on the back but just doesn't produce sound. I even opened up the pc and looked at the connections on the mobo to make sure the ones for audio hadn't come lose and that doesn't seem to be the issue either. Please any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance

A:sound stopped working completely, headphones and speakers

Post a screenshot of the Device Manager, Sound section, for starters. I'll try to help you.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

When you had the SoundBlaster installed, you need to disable the integrated (Realtek) audio so there are no conflicts. Also, you would need to disconnect the front panel headset/mic connection to the motherboard and connect it to the SoundBlaster to have the front panel jacks work. The SoundBlaster would have needed to be set as the default playback device, instead of Realtek if it was still enabled.

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Hi there guys, first post here so please do mind I'm a newbie

So I've got an ASUS ROG G551JK laptop for almost 2 years already. Never had this problem before.

While I was playing CS:GO I tried to tweak the sound quality a little bit from the Realtek HD Audio Manager. The game was running and minimalized. The default sound quality was 24 bits, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality). I changed it to 24 bits, 192000 Hz and the headphones stopped working. At least while they are plugged in the laptop. I tried them with two different devices and they work just fine. So the problem is not in them for sure. Note that the build in speakers work just fine, so the sound card is ok...I think...or I hope so...

Immediately I quit CS:GO and tried to fix the problem by reinstalling the drivers of the sound card. I deleted the Realtek HD Audio Manager and reinstalled it again. Doesn't work. I deleted it again and left only the default drivers that Windows installs to run, doesn't help either. I installed previous versions of the Realtek HD Audio Manager, but didn't help. I even restored the whole Windows... without effect. I tried putting the Headphones as a default device, and it didn't work either. Updated the DirectX 12 to the latest possible version, didn't work. I spent at least 4 hours by searching all kinds of forums and threads and tried everything possible, again without any effects.

So... the current situation is this:

Speakers work perfectly. When I plug in the headphones the system know... Read more

A:Headphones stopped working without reason, but speakers work perfectly

Open Device Manager, remove driver and device for your sound chipset, open up System in Control Panel, Click on Advanced System Settings to open System Properties, Click on Hardware tab, click on Device installation settings, change to no to not allow Windows to automatically install driver and device when you reboot, click ok, reboot, log in, install the correct driver for that device off of a USB stick by running the .exe file for it. Then reboot and everything should be back to normal.

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It all started some weeks ago,atleast once in a day I would hear some bopping sound from my right speaker.When it started I would restart the computer and it would go away.but two days ago,it started then suddenly my speakers stopped working.I tried connecting my headphones there was still no sound.In just some time after the speakers went mute,i smelt something burning.i suspected it was my speaker so I smelt its location and surely the burning scent was coming from there.Now I am not really sure if my speakers burnt up or its something to do with the drivers.What can I do ? and if my speakers are really burnt,where can I get other ones specifically for my dell inspiron 3542 ? I have tried searching for them here on the official dell website but I don't seem to find them. 

A:Speakers and headphones suddenly stopped working on inspiron 3542.

chansawhere can I get other ones specifically for my dell inspiron 3542 ? I have tried searching for them here on the official dell website but I don't seem to find them. 
Hello. Dell does not sell spare parts. You have to go to someplace like ebay or the parts-people to get salvaged parts. I would choose the parts-people, which specializes in Dell parts.
You can get instructions for replacing the speakers by going to the Inspiron 3542 support page and clicking on "Manuals", right under the picture of the laptop. The one called "Owners Manual" is really a service manual and has the instructions for replacing the speakers.
chansaI tried connecting my headphones there was still no sound.
If there is no audio through the headphones then something else is wrong bedsides just the speakers. Perform a system recovery (reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration). If there is still no audio through the headphones then you will probably have to replace the motherboard as well as the speakers. (Instructions in the Owners Manual).
If you prefer not to do that, consider getting an inexpensive usb audio jack, like this one from Amazon. These jacks are self-contained audio systems and will work despite the damage to the laptops internal audio. You just have to add headphones or external speakers.                           ... Read more

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My Hp Compaq 6710b was working fine when suddenly during a song it stopped working, I can still hear the sound with headphones in best quality but can not hear it without it. I am using windows 7Ultimate, 32bit. Please help, i m really worried.... I also have updated the driver from Hp Site, but still, it is same.


Check your volume mixer under the notification area, check your speaker settings to see if its on mute or turned down.

If everything is normal, go into the device manager and look under sound, video, and game controllers.

What are listed? And is there any exclamation or red x?

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Hello!Some weeks ago the sound stopped working on my Dell Inspiron 3521. I can hear sounds when i connect headphones or speakers. I had windows 7 and i thought that the problem could be solved if i updated to window 10, but it didn't work. My drivers seem to be up to date. Is it a common problem on theese laptops or it might be a hardware problem? Please help!

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i recently boughta new laptop, 1gb ram, microsoft vista, 160 gb ram, core2 duo. i connected a microphone to the external jack. the speakers started making chirping kinda sounds and when i restarted no sounds were there but the headphones are working fine. thanks in advance.

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My laptop's speakers aren't working at all, and when my headphones are plugged in only the right side works. The only way I can hear out of both sides of them is if I pull the jack halfway out, like you would with faulty headphones. But there's nothing wrong with the headphones and I've tried various different ones. The speakers themselves aren't working at all despite the settings telling me they are. And yes, I've tried turning it on and off and looking for updates but nothing seems to be working.
Please help!

A:Realtek HD. Speakers not working, headphones half working.

Originally Posted by jessw96

My laptop's speakers aren't working at all, and when my headphones are plugged in only the right side works. The only way I can hear out of both sides of them is if I pull the jack halfway out, like you would with faulty headphones. But there's nothing wrong with the headphones and I've tried various different ones. The speakers themselves aren't working at all despite the settings telling me they are. And yes, I've tried turning it on and off and looking for updates but nothing seems to be working.
Please help!

That pretty much leaves jack on the laptop being faulty.

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After upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10 speakers have stopped working although the headphones work fine.In addition the volume slider control is no longer functioning.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the IDT HD audio  driver CODEC - did not resolve the speaker problem.Read somewhere that volume control slider might be "stuck" and this is related to the BIOS. Can someone out there help please. Thanks in advance. 

A:Speakers not working but headphones do.

Hey @sheba005,  Thanks for posting in the HP Support Forum.  I see that your HP Pavilion g6-1235so Notebook PC's speakers are no longer working since upgrading to Windows 10. I would like to assist. I have some suggestions that might help.  What's most likely causing the issue is the fact that there are no HP-tested Windows 10 drivers for your PC. Having said that, it's worth running through the recommended steps in the following troubleshooting guide: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-g6-1200-Notebook-PC-series/5145704/model/5186697/doc... Let me know if this restores sound to your speakers. If I have helped you resolve the issue and you liked this post, feel free to give me virtual props by clicking on the 'Thumbs Up' icon below and clicking 'Solved' (this will help others find the solution). Thanks for reaching out.  Have a great day!

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i brought a new acer desktop computer that use vista and everything was fine until today. i turned on my computer and wanted to watch a video on youtube and the sound wouldn't play. i opened my zune software to listen to my music and it wouldn't play. i've checked device manager and my speakers and sound card don't have any yellow exclamation marks next to them. my computer says the device is connected and working and the power source is okay. i don't know what to do anymore so can someone help me before i lose my mind.

A:Speakers and headphones not working

Go to Acers support website and download and install your systems sound driver from there. Is this Acer running Vista? If so, make sure it is fully updated to Vista, Service Pack 1

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Hi.I have my headphones connected to my front panel audio(but from my front panel,there are 2 white cables that are connected to the back of my motherboard,i called someone to do this for me,and he said that my case is not original,and he cant connect the pins to the motherboard,because in my motherboard manual its different pins and my case its not original) http://i.imgur.com/BQCD8qq.jpg
And as you see its speakers,i want to be headphones,but i dont know how to change it,i have my latest drivers.Can you help me ? I can listen to music,but i use the headphones to listen to Binaural beats and i dont want the sound to be distorted by the speakers.Actually i dont even now if the speakers as output distorted the sound,but i think it will be better if its set to headphones.

A:Headphones working as speakers

If the case does not the required "HD Audio" connector for the front panel headset/mic connections, you can buy a separate I/O panel that will have the correct connections. That may be your best option.

Here is one example. Amazon.com: Jmt Desktop Computer Host Case Front I/o Panel USB 2.0 Audio Mic Headphone 3.5mm Plug Pc Cable Cord: Computers & Accessories

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Hi there,

I use Windows Vista, 32-bit.

Yesterday the speakers on my Dell laptop stopped working. I tried restarting the computer, no change. Tried plugging in headphones, and here's the weird part:

Sound works FINE on headphones, but doesn't come out of speakers. I went through the control panel to sound (Conrol/Hardware and Sound/ Sound) and tried to fiddle around with things, but that didn't help at all.




A:Speakers not working, but Headphones DO

hi,,, right click on the volume icon in the tray select sounds and make the speakers the default device,,, if this does not work then click on start menu ,,, type device manager into search box,, click on it when highlighted,,, in d/m click on sounds video and games controllers,,, when in there uninstall the drivers for your sound devices and restart the pc,,, fresh drivers will load on start up,,, then see if the sound works,,, if not then your speakers could have gone west
good luck.

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Hi everyone, i've been having audio problems with my laptop since a few days ago. When i start up the laptop and play some music everything works fine, the speakers and the headphones sound pretty good, but after a few minutes the sound suddenly dissapear, the speakers and the headhphones doesn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers, but that didn't work. I am thinking doing a crean reinstall of Windows 10, but i am worried if the problem will persist after the reinstall. What do you guys think is causing the problem?. Any help will be appreciated. My laptop is an HP ENVY 15t-j100 Select Edition running on Windows 10 64 bits. 

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i have a pavillion desktop that has internal speakers, i just bought a bose 2 companion sepeakers and want to use it as my default speakers, but there's no sound coming from bose speakers. Bose speakers are plugged in, but sound still coming from the monitor speakers. I have Vista 64 home premium.

A:external speakers not working/pc has internal speakers

Originally Posted by jc828

i have a pavillion desktop that has internal speakers, i just bought a bose 2 companion sepeakers and want to use it as my default speakers, but there's no sound coming from bose speakers. Bose speakers are plugged in, but sound still coming from the monitor speakers. I have Vista 64 home premium.

Hi jc,

Welcome to the Forum.

Never seen one of these before, Try right clicking on the speaker symbol in the notification area, select Playback Devices, You should be able to select the speaker device that you want to use.
Right click enable/disable Hide/unhide
Left Click will allow you to configure the device after selecting Configure
Properties will also give you some options

I hope this helps


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Hi all,

I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD555 which work great, the only thing is that if I want to use them I have to disconnect my speakers (Logitech Z-2300) from the sound card (Xtremegamer) and plug the headphones into the same socket.

As my speakers are 2.1 they connect to the sound card via one cable. It appears they only work in this one particaler socket as does the headphones. I assume the others are for 5.1 and 7.1 setups.

The speakers came with a little controller for volume and power, but it also has a socket for headphones but when I tried that it didn't make a difference. My keyboard (Tarantula) also has a socket for headphones which doesn't seem to work either. Even the front of my case (P182) has a socket but not joy.

In the settings for the speakers in control panel I clicked automatically detect headphones and mute speakers on detection. I have no idea why it wont work.

Any suggestions? Its a pain in the *** having to reach the back of the pc and disconnect the speakers and plug in the headphones each time

Thanks in advance!

A:Can't seem to get headphones working without unplugging speakers!

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Hi to all..

I have been bugged down by this problem. Whenever I plug in the microphone in the jack the speakers stop. Same is the case if I use headphones.

I can't figure out if the problem is with the sound card or the with any drivers or is it something else.

I have updated the sound driver.
Checked that all nothing is muted and the volume is full.

The headphone speakers and mic work well when used on another computer, so no problem with them.

The Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> Sound> Manage> Audio Devices shows speakers and headphones both as well as the microphone. But if headphones is selected again i get no sound. Microphone doesnt work in any case.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.
The sound driver is High Definition Audio Device and its version is 6.1.7600.16385.

It's really frustrating because I cant voice chat with friends.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance.

A:headphones/Speakers not working with microphone

Quote: Originally Posted by girish321

Hi to all..

I have been bugged down by this problem. Whenever I plug in the microphone in the jack the speakers stop. Same is the case if I use headphones.

I can't figure out if the problem is with the sound card or the with any drivers or is it something else.

I have updated the sound driver.
Checked that all nothing is muted and the volume is full.

The headphone speakers and mic work well when used on another computer, so no problem with them.

The Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> Sound> Manage> Audio Devices shows speakers and headphones both as well as the microphone. But if headphones is selected again i get no sound. Microphone doesnt work in any case.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.
The sound driver is High Definition Audio Device and its version is 6.1.7600.16385.

It's really frustrating because I cant voice chat with friends.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance.

Hi and welcome
Just a heads up. duplicate, (and triplicate) posts are discouraged as it divides the help you may get and makes it more difficult to follow

Ken J

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Before building a new PC, I had a simple solution in having headphones (with a MIC)and my speakers working at the same time. I put a 2-1 splitter in the back of my machine, and had the speakers/headphones running off one connection.

Now, I have built a fancy new system, which has headphone (+ MIC) jacks at the front of the case (which I connected onto the motherboard via the Digital Audio Connector). So now I only have my speakers connected in the rear, and have plugged in the headphones into the front of the case.

My problem is that I have not been able to configure RealTek (using the latest 2.53) software that when I speak to someone in Skype, so that I can hear them both on speakers and the headphones at the same time. It has to be either hearing the other party via speakers or headphones.

In the advanced settings of RealTek, I have selected:

(*) Make Front and Rear output devices play back different audio streams simultaneously.

Since I always have the headphones plugged in, unless I take them out every time, my speakers would be muted unless I selected the option above.

Am I missing something? Any advise is appreciated!

A:Can I have speakers & headphones both working in Win 7 + RealTek?

Wow - never thought that no one knows how or possibly, is there no solution for this?

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Well, the title says it all. Using my RTM MSDN version that I got from work this mornin. Have all the latest updates. Not sure what to do.

I have my headphones plugged in but my speakers and headphones are playing my top wicked bad music.

Any ideas people? First time I have used Vista. Looked at all the usual suspects in control panel and volume controls etc.


A:Speakers and headphones working at the same time

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right fellas bit of a problem here. today i joined a clan in call of duty: world at war for the first time and they said i need to get a headset. so i got my headset (mich extra) and plugged it in and realised that sound was coming out of my headphones AND the monitor mounted speakers!!!
If you guys could tell me what to do that would be much aprreciated
thanks simmo

A:speakers and headphones working at the same time

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Hello, from a few days I've a problem with audio devices:  when I connect any headphones to the jack on the left side of the laptop, the sound keeps going out from the  speakers. So, I can hear from headphones and speakers in the same time.  I tried everything: update all drivers, uninstall and reinstall them, uninstal and reinstall DOLBY ADVANCED AUDIO v2 program (which is supposed to control audio on the pc), update IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (I think this is the sound card?). Nothing worked. I have two  devices available in "Audio" window:  "Speakers / headphones" and "Headphiones communications" (I'm translating from italian Windows OS). Selecting the first, speakers and headphones work simultaneously. Selecting the second, no sound comes, neither from speakers or headphones. I think I tried everything. What to do? I don't even know why this problem occurred!   Thanks for the help

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Whenever I turn on my computer speakers (an ordinary pair of cheap speakers that that connects to a regular audio jack in the back on my computer and is powered via a USB port) and play any media containing audio on my computer, no sound comes out of them. It doesn't matter whether or not the headphones (which plug into a speaker jack in the front of my computer) are unplugged or not. This is a new problem that I noticed for the first time yesterday.

I went to the Sound settings in my Control Panel, and selected the "Test" option for my speakers several times. The speakers clearly worked each and every time. But they still wouldn't work when I played media. I then set the speakers as my default audio device, and then they started working perfectly when I played media. But then my headphones wouldn't work, even when I turned the speakers off. They worked when I used the Test option, but no other audio would play through them.

So apparently, either my headphones or my speakers will work, depending on which one I set as my default audio device. But whichever one is not set as default will not work (except for the sounds generated by the Test option).

Does anyone know what causes this problem and how to fix it?

A:Speakers not working, despite headphones being unplugged.

Has this ever worked properly? or is this a problem that recently happened?

Please post a screen shot of the Sound Playback Panel and the Device Manager, Sound section.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hello Everyone,

My PC has no sound through speakers but headphones are working fine. I checked all wire connection but not sound in speaker but when I increase the volume too high i could here the sound lightly.

What could be the problem. I am using mercury speaker with woofers 980w.

It has inbuilt FM radio and amplifier and FM radio is also working fine but when I play movie songs stored in my computer or watch online the speacker does not function so I have to use headphones.

Please help me inthis regard,

Thank you

A:No sound through speakers but headphones working

Did those speakers ever work?

If so, did the speakers quit working after using the headphones?

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I have Toshiba Portege Z30-B-10v.

there is an issue when I plag in the Headphones the internal microphone stops working and I can't find any possibilities how to switch it on.

It was found on both win7 and win10 platform

any hint how to resolve it ?



A:Portege Z30-B-10v - internal mic stops working when I plug in Headphones

any way I find out that if I plugin ony 2/3 of jack to Combo Audio jet it works in this combination (External headPhones + internal mic)
but it is not acceptible

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I got this proble with my laptop: speakers integrated to the computer do not work anymore.
I checked the Device Manager and all seems to be working properly: no yellow question marks or something like that. Nonetheless, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but nothing changed.
On the other hand, when I plug the headphones in, I can hear all sounds from them, so I'm worried about an hardware problem. Before going through the hardware repair, I'd liek to be sure that's the cause.
Could anywone please suggest further checks?
I also understood that the headphone jack has a switch that is closed when the headphones are plugged in, so that the audio output is sent to the headphones and not to the integrated speakers: in case this switch is lagged, is there a way to prevent the audio outpu rerouting to the headphones?
Last information: this problem appeared after the upgrade to Windows 10, but I'm pretty sure that the audio initially worked fine for at least a couple of days, so I would exclude a relation with the operative system update.
For information: the laptop is an ASUS N55SF.
Thanks for the support.

A:Internal speakers not working

Additional information: hardware failure of the speakers is excluded, in fact, I tested the speakers by running Puppy Linux and all worked fine.
I would be grateful of additional hints to solve this annoying issue.

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Hello all !
A couple of days ago my speakers and headphones stopped working when I plug them into my laptop.
The speakers are desktop Logtech. I only hear a buzzing noise when I plug them in.
When I plug the headphones in, there is complete silence.
Perhaps I clicked on something I should not have ?
Toshiba laptop. Microsoft 7 64 bit
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Desk Top Speakers And Headphones Quit Working

Do you have any yellow check marks in device manager?

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So my laptop was working perfectly fine last night and it had no issues whatsoever.When I switch it on this morning I find that the speakers aren't working.I tried plugging in my earphones and the sound that comes is distorted.I've tried reinstalling the audio drivers with device manager, rolling back the realtek audio drivers and then updating it with DEvice Manager, I've used the HP Support application and followed the steps given there(including the BIOS diagnostic thing where the speakers dont work and the audio coming from the earphones is Distorted).I've also updated the BIOS and the whole system inlcuding the windows version has been updated.The problem still persists.Please HELP!

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Dear All

I am using sony VAIO laptop My Laptop spekers are not working but if i connect through headphones i can able to hear the sound.

I have checked the following
1. Volume control in that i have removed all mute tick including Microphone also but does not worked.

2. I have checked in the My computer->Manage->Device Manager->sounds, video and game controlling on that there is 'X' mark and yellow mark.

Can anyone please help.


A:Laptop speakers are not working but woring with headphones

Welcome to TSF,

Pretty basic questions from me to start with....Have you got the volume on your speakers turned up?

Are you sure your speakers are plugged into the right port? More details of your system would help, but until then, this may assist you.

Let us know,

kind regards,

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Hi all, I'm having some audio issues with my brand new OMEN 17. In the middle of listening to some music on youtube, the sound slowly starting getting lower and lower. 10-15 seconds later I could barely hear anything.When I put headphones in, there is no issue with the sound. I went through all the troubleshooting, did diagnostics, re-installed the drivers from within the recovery manager, and also downloaded and installed the latest from the HP site. The issue keeps re-occuring. I'll restart the laptop and the sound will be fine for a couple of minutes. Then it starts getting quieter and then gone. (even if I close Chrome and re-open, I'll get normal sound volume for about 10 seconds before it goes)Ive tried different websites, video games, etc. Same for all. Any idea what this might be? Faulty speakers?The machine is 2 days old.... One thing that's interesting is that after the sound is gone, if I click to go forward on a song, I'll hear the sound at a regular volume for about 0.2 of a second. Just a brief sound spike before it goes quiet. Would appreciate any help.  

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Does anyone know how to fix the audio on a Win 7 machine? I have no sound on my speakers or with my headphones. I have powered the system off and back on with no success. I have looked in my services and do not see any audio services running or stopped. (not sure what to look for there anyways) I have unplugged the speakers and plugged them back into a different USB port with no success. Headphones not functional in the only place I can plug them in.

I appreciate any help you can give.

Thank you

A:volume on Win 7 machine not working for speakers orr headphones

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I reinstalled drivers and tried troubleshooting.  Headphones are making crackling noises.  Speakers are silent.

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So, the title says it all. The speakers of my Acer Predator 15 (Predator G9-591) are not working and taking a look at the HD Audio Manager says that the headphones jack is plugged in, even though there is nothing plugged in. I already used high pressure air cleaner, but that didn't work. I still think there is something wrong with the port.

I re-installed my drivers (based on the drivers from the Acer site), so I have no idea what else to do.

I'm running Windows 10.

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Hi everyone! A couple of days ago I took my yoga to work and was using my headphones and since then I cannot get the speakers to work. I can still use my headphones and the sound works just fine. I had a similar issue once before, but with the microphone, not the speakers but managed to fix that myself. I updated the drivers and rebooted my laptop. When I go on playback devices the speakers are active and supposedly working (e.g. when I have music playing in the background it shows it moving on the bars, but I cannot hear anything). I also ran the Windows Audio Troubleshooter which did not help. I also had a system update two days ago, but the speakers were not working prior to that. I doubt that it is a hardware problem, considering that the speakers were working fine just before I plugged my headphones in. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?  Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I am facing a problem with a Thinkpad T440, there is no sound! it is looking like the speakers are not working, but when i plug in the headphones the sound come through the headphones. I upgraded the drivers, tried to reinstall the OS but unfortunately nothing helps. Thus, i disassembled the laptop and tried to figure out where the problem is? i find out that the speakers are working! I tried other speakers and the same thing happening > no sound I tried to plug/unplug the headphones jack connector many times but without success the headphone jack is apparently good at first sight! Did anyone face the same issue that i am having? Thanks in advance for help  


Go to Solution.

A:Thinkpad T440 : Speakers not working only headphones

Go to the Realtek audio control panel.At the top right, there should be a Device advanced settings. Click that.Make sure the playback device is set to not present speakers and headphones separately.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop [windows xp]. Up until a couple days ago it was working just fine for me. Recently the internal speakers stopped working. Oddly, the internal speakers will still play system noises, but they won't play music or anything else. When I checked the volume settings it said: There are no active mixer devices available.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks!

A:Dell Internal Speakers Not Working

Go here and download the sound Audio driver from Dell SIGMATEL to desktop and install it and restart your PC


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Hi first i just want to say im not that great with computers so step by step instructions would be great

ok i have a dell latitude c400 and my internal apeakers are not working although headphones pluged in the jack are and I have no cd drive so i cant reformat computer then try if it works also i have tried DELL.CA for driver updates there were none i have no driver cd or anything please help me

Umm i attached my system resource report from device manager in the word document

and here is a link i uploaded of the sound codecs and stuff from device manager


A:Help internal laptop speakers not working



Resource Summary Report - Page: 1 ******************** SYSTEM SUMMARY ******************** Windows Version: Windows 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Registered Owner: jay Registered Organization: A-Quality-Computers Computer Name: LILZ Machine Type: AT/AT COMPATIBLE System BIOS Version: DELL - 27d40301 System BIOS Date: 03/01/04 Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 4 Processor Vendor: GenuineIntel Number of Processors: 1 Physical Memory: 639 MB ******************** DISK DRIVE INFO ******************** Drive C: Type: Fixed disk drive Total Space: 20,003,848,192 bytes Free Space: 12,380,905,472 bytes Heads: 255 Cylinders: 2432 Sectors Per Track: 63 Bytes Per Sector: 512 ******************** IRQ SUMMARY ******************** IRQ Usage Summary: (ISA) 0 System timer (ISA) 1 Dell Enhanced QuietKey PS2 with DellTouch (ISA) 2 System board (ISA) 3 SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port (ISA) 4 Communications Port (COM1) (PCI) 5 Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection (PCI) 5 Crystal WDM Audio Codec (PCI) 5 PCTEL 2304WT V.9x MDC Modem (ISA) 6 Standard floppy disk controller (ISA) 7 System board (ISA) 8 System CMOS/real time clock (ISA) 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82801CA/CAM USB Universal Host Controller - 2482 (PCI) 11 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) (PCI) 11 Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Con... Read more

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I have always had Altec External Speakers since I bought this Dell Dimension 4700. We have taken our desktop on vacation with us and did not bring the speakers. I get no sound from anything internal however. When I go into Device Manager, you cannot turn them on (only OFF is an option, ON is grayed out) so I am assuming they are turned on. Also, the volume is on, not on mute, and turned up high. Any ideas?

A:Solved: internal speakers not working?

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I've had this problem for a few weeks now and haven't been able to solve it. When I play audio from any source, the sound is distorted and fuzzy. Sometimes when I restart the laptop then the audio plays as normal for a while, until I pause a video or load a new page and then the problem starts again. However, even when this happens, the audio is still perfectly fine if I play it through headphones.I have seen that there have been a few audio problems with notebooks and I've followed the recommended steps and installed the updated audio drivers but nothing has worked so far.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Distorted audio from speakers/ headphones working fine

Hi, Try the Realtek HD Audio driver on the link below. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp77501-78000/sp77787.exe Regards, DP-K

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Whenever i remove my headphones, the built in speaker stops working! i dont think its a problem with the contacts of the jack, because i shone a light in there, and nothing is touching.

When i restart Windows Audio, it goes back to normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running windows 7 by the way.

A:Laptop Speakers Stop Working After Headphones Removed

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Hi all,
Probably a usual post, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere! I have got a Tecra M5 running on Windows 7 and the sound was working perfectly until recently I linked up my laptop to my tv and connected an audio jack to transfer sound to the tv so I could stream a football game.

After I had finished and un plugged the cables, the sound refuses to play through the laptop speakers, but when i plug in headphones, the sound comes out fine. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the sound driver but to no avail.

Can someone please help resolve this issue?

Many thanks,

Sunny nagra

A:Re: Sound not working through Tecra M5 speakers but work through headphones

I hope you must be clear that on this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be.
My first thought was that maybe small switcher placed in audio line out jack is pinched or blocked somehow and your notebook ?thinks? external audio jack is connected all the time.

What you can do is to check all sound settings and be sure everything is set to ?default? settings.

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It's as if it doesn't detect the headphones. It says my Realtek audio driver is up-to-date. When I go to manage audio devices, there's only one device listed called "Speakers / Headphones", so I don't know if when I plug my headphones in it's supposed to detect it separately. I've tried multiple headphones, all of which work with other devices. Also, there are two drivers listed under "sound, video, and game controllers". One is Realtek Audio and the other is Intel(R) Display Audio. Should I reinstall them both? This is a new laptop that I got to replace my old laptop which had (different) sound problems, so I'm very frustrated and at my wit's end, help is appreciated, thank you.

A:Dell Inspiron 15: Headphones not working, sound comes through speakers when plugged in

First, make sure the headphone cable is fully inserted...
Then you show get a popup to allow you to select the device if you are using a Combined Audio Port.
If you aren't getting the popup, check the task manager to see if on the Startup Tab a Waves MaxxAudio entry is set to enabled.
If you look at the processes tab you should have two entries for Waves, one blue square and one green circle.

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