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HP Printer Status Offline On shared Computer

Q: HP Printer Status Offline On shared Computer

I have 2 PC’s running windows 7 ultimate in my office and both are connected to my Internet router through Ethernet Cable. PC-1 is directly Connected to Printer. I used to print out from both PC’s in past, now our office is moved to a new location and I have done the setup again. But now I am unable to print out from PC-2.  In (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers) PC-1 shows Printer online but PC-2 Shows Printer offline. I don’t know what to do. Help me out please. (English is not my native language I hope you can understand my issue).
STATUS-2.jpg 113.08KB
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Preferred Solution: HP Printer Status Offline On shared Computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Printer Status Offline On shared Computer

Possibly worth reading:

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I have a new printer for my Vista, the Dell v725w. However, it will not print. My problem is with the Vista as the printer can scan and make copies. I just for whatever reason cannot print. Whenever I click "Use Printer Offline" to turn the on the printer online, instead it states "Printer status Offline-Offline". It says "offline" twice! When I click again, it goes back to "Use Printer Offline". I cannot turn the printer back online as "Use Printer Online" won't show back up! I also get a message saying that it is a communication error.

On a side note, does the "WI-fi" and "Ethernet" icons on the v725w need to light up to indicate that the printer is communication with the Vista desktop? If so, that could be my problem and I don't know how to turn on Wi-Fi/Ethernet" to fix the communication.

I hope someone can help. Thanks.

video of Dell v725w
Dell Inkjet V725w & V525w printers - YouTube

A:Dell Printer v725w status "offline-offline"

(please delete .. some weird glitch where the text did not show and I could not edit to fix it)

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most of our shared printer & network printer has become unavailable/ offline over our network recently, we done updating our antivirus and run series of scanning to our workstation, we also download OS security updates and patches but still no used....
pls.. help !!!

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I have a 2 computers connected using a Cisco router and ethernet cables. one of them has a printer connected via USB and this printer is sharerd. Both of them running Win 7 Professional 32-bit OS. I can connect to the shared printer from the 2nd machine, but after a restart, the same printer appears offline.
I have to go to My Network Places, click on the 1st PC's icon and then right-click the printer and click Connect. This re-establishes the connection.
Though this method serves my purpose, I want to get to the bottom of this. Why does the printer show offline each time I restart?

Update #1

Printer ic onnected via USB. Tried setting the PCs to high performance in Power Options, just in case the USB was going into sleep mode.

A:Shared Printer Offline after restart


Have you tried uninstalling the printer driver then install the new printer driver (downloaded from the Manufacturer's site)?

Another great option - if your router has a USB port you may utilize it for printer sharing.

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Hey guys
I am working on a little script to add printers and papercut together
On my testing of this I found an issue which is not giving me accurate testing results as the issue is even happening without the script involved at all
For non bound to domain machines, so personal machines that visitors bring in they need to print
So on my testing with my own personal machine and a non bound desktop machine, I add the printer through windows explorer
login with domain crediantials
Prints fine with papercut pop up box and I get my job
When I restart the machine however, the printer is always offline and I cannot print
I get the following errors at different times at testing:
Printer cannot be display
Print Spooler not running ( when it is)
RPC server not available
Other times it tries to print but no papercut box comes up and does not authenticate my print job
Remember this is happening on 3 different machines that I tested it with and without the script involved

Mind you Ive tested these on freshly installed windows machines so maybe I need some windows updates.. but I have tried win 7 8.1 and 10...

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Is there a program that works with windows 7 that have a webinterface and can monitor if a computer is online or offline, just like logmein can?

I'm going to use it on an exam system.
Users boot up trough usb in a windows 7 tiny version using winbuilder.
So need an easy program that can monitor if a computer is online or offline trough a webinterface to i know that the students uses the exam system and not their own.

A:Computer offline/online status

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I have an Asus transformer t-100 and a Lenovo Thinkpad e430. I connect my HP LaserJet P1102 to these two laptops, but as of recently, my Asus fails to print, although my Lenovo has no problem.

Asus shows my printer as "offline" and doesn't print anything, when I uncheck "Print as offline" it gives me this error:

Interestingly, when I connect my printer, another printer is automatically installed to my laptop that is completely irrelevant and doesn't print either; it's called HP LaserJet 1100 Series:

(*the image mistakenly writes "laptop" instead of "printer")

I have uninstalled and installed the driver again, but to no avail.

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I shared a Canon Pixma MP170 printer on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine. I can see the shared printer name over the network from the XP machine within Add Printer Wizard screen. When I try to add the shared Canon printer on a Windows XP SP3 computer it says it will connect to the printer to download drivers but than it says no drivers are available.
Then it opens up a screen that asks me to provide an unnamed INF file. I put the install CD for the Pixma in the CD tray and pointed it to all Canon INF files located on the CD (one at a time) but it will not go any further. I also found same type of Canon printer INF files within the Program Files/Canon printer folder, but it would not use those either to complete printer add.

Am I missing some procedure that is needed to add a shared printer on a Windows XP computer from a different operating system such as Windows 7 Home Premium?

The Canon MP170 works both when plugged into XP machine and Win7 machine through USB port

Thanks for any help that someone can provide

A:Solved: Printing From XP Computer To Shared Printer On Windows 7 Computer

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Hello there.

I currently have a printer connected to a computer in my room (Canon Pixma iP4300 [USB]). I also have a computer in the office which is connected to the network via a wireless extender. I am a little short of space in my room and am looking at which peripherals I can move away without too much hassle - the printer is one such thing which has a relatively large footprint and would ideally be located in the office.

I am fairly confident that with a little research I could set up the printer to be shared from the office PC (Vista Home Premium x32) to other computers on the network, which would be a more suitable location for it.

However, one thing that occurs to me is that it would require the office PC to be on in order for other machines to print. Currently the office PC is set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity [20~30 minutes]. My question is, would it be possible for other computers on the network to wake this machine in order to use the printer connected to it?

I hope this makes sense but if you need me to clarify my explanation just let me know.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

A:Possible to wake a computer on the network to use a shared printer?

I would enable the 'Wake on LAN' feature in the BIOS settings on the computer. So, when it receives network traffic, the BIOS will auto wake the computer up.

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I install a printer on windows 7 desktop and shared it so my laptop can print to the printer, but when i tried to install it on my laptop i get the error message "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network."
The printer is in fact installed and it is possible to print a test print, just not set the default printer.i can not set it as default either even after changing the printer from USB to TCP/IP

A:Solved: shared printer can not be set as default on one computer

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Hi, all,

This is my first post on this forum and I'd need a help regarding shared printer. I've already posted this question to another forum, but unfortunately it didn't generate any meaningful replies.

I'm having a problem with shared printer configuration on the remote computers at my work, where I work as computer technician trainee. The core of the problem is a little old computer running on Win98, with printer attached via LPT1. Both computer and printer can be seen from every workstation in a work-group. Since this is an old computer which could use more RAM, I'd like to configure remote computers that print through it to perform spooling jobs on their own hard-disk, rather than sending document over the network to the local computer and letting it spool all the files.

The computer with printer runs on Win98 and when configuring other computers on Win98 to spool locally, I usually trick them during the installation of printer. I install it as local printer on LPT1, and then later simply change the gateway to a network computer (the one in question). This in fact works and forces remote computer to spool documents on their own local disks, thus leaving the resources of remote computer intact

The problem arises when I'm trying to do the same with remote computers running on WinXP. The same trick doesn't work here (OS doesn't even allow the procedure of changing print gateway) and no matter what I try the sending computer stil... Read more

A:Computer won't spool on local harddisk when using shared printer!

I'm sure you probably won't like my answer.

You've been screwing around with this for a month, and $50 worth of RAM would have solved the whole problem???

If the shared printer is really that important, solve the problem correctly! I'm astonished that a business would waste probably thousands of dollars in man hours solving a problem that doesn't deserve a tenth of that expenditure! Hell, a new computer would cost you less than $500-600, have you checked the prices lately?

Please show this message to your boss, if he can't figure out the economics of solving the problem correctly, he's pretty lame!

I've seen many accounts where the same mentality seems to exist, they'll spend tons of productivity to solve a trivial problem that should be solved by upgrading/buying new equipment!

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please am new to the networking world and i need your help.
A computer on my network can't print excel document from a shared printer
on the network. it can only print word documents.
if i try to set the printer as a default printer it flags an error.
i don't want to run a new windows installation too.
please help

A:a computer cant print excel document on a shared printer

A bit of a long shot--- Go to control panel - Printers.
Right click on the problem printer & choose Printer Properties.
Click on the Ports tab.
Untick enable bidirectional support. - Click ok.
Now try to print from excel again.

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Hello. My apologies for the vague title, there's not a lot of room to sumarize. Here's the issue:

A printer shared on a Windows 7 pc cannot be accessed because the user is stopped when accessing the computer itself.

Sound confusing? Allow me to clarify...

The hosting computer is a Windows 7 Pro (32 bit) machine with a shared printer attached, hereafter referred to as: W7x86. It's on a workgroup with the following other computers: Win 7 Home x64 laptop (W7x64) Win 8 CP Media PC (W8x86), Win XP Pro laptop (WinXP).

I'm not using homegroups, and there are shared folders on the W7x86 computer which are accessible by the right accounts (e.g. administrator has access to the whole thing, whereas other accounts only have access to specialized shared folders).

Here's the specific problem I'm encountering. The printer is shared with EVERYONE allowed access to print and manage documents. However, if you try to add the printer on any of the other computers (XP, Win 7, Win 8), you are blocked by the request for additional permissions to connect to the hosting computer. The only account allowed past this point is the administrator account (which I don't know why, since I'm only trying to access a shared printer). Once you're past this point, you can add the printer. So I'm sure you're thinking, "That's just UAC or installer permissions." There's more...

Once this printer is added, I'll restart one of the connecting computers in question (say the W7x64 laptop), and whe... Read more

A:Printer shared Win7, but access stopped at the computer.

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of the simple solutions...

One of the first things to remember in a workgroup environment is the end users have the unfortunate flexibility of having different passwords for each account they have on every computer (unlike a domain environment). Such a simple solution, but I didn't think of it 'till now because I work in a domain environment 99% of the time.

So yeah, said user changed their password on their laptop and didn't tell me, thus the host computer said, "Hey your password's not valid." Change the passwords to match and...

*sigh* Problem solved.

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Hi All,

I am an administrator on a domain. My 'My Documents' are set in group policy to redirect to a folder on the server. My problem is that 2 or 3 times a week when I log in I am informed that I am no longer connected to the server but can work offline. The issue is that I have full connectivity with the server and I dont know why it thinks I dont. I can ping the server by IP and by machine name and by domain. I can access the folders if I give a fully qualified UNC path.

Any ideas?

Windows XP Pro SP3
Windows server 2003

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I cannot find out how the status icons changes when Skype is completely turned off for PC. Online (green) changes to away (yellow) after a while. I'm interested in the white(offline). How long will it change from yellow/away to white/offline?
thanks for any advice

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My canon i960 seems to be stuck in 'offline' status. I can't undo 'offline'.
Can anyone give me some suggestions to try?

A:canon i960 stuck in offline status

Perform the following steps:

-Click Start > Devices and Printers

-When the Device Windows opens right-click the printer icon and select See what's printing

-Click the Printer tab uncheck Use Printer Offline (if selected)

If still having problems try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver.

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I'm having a strange issue with my Windows 7 Lenovo S10 netbook and a friends WEP enabled router. I am able to connect to my home network wr54g linksys on WPA and at the office there's a guest network running (oddly) a 104bit WEP that I can use. However at my friends house I was trying to connect to his DI-524 Dlink router and recevied some very strange (to me) messages. Here is the detailed information from the event log:
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Networking
Date: 2/8/2009 6:29:42 PM
Event ID: 6100
Task Category: Helper Class Info
Level: Information
Keywords: (70368744177664),Helper Class Events
Computer: antaeus
Details about wireless network adapter diagnosis:

For complete information about this session see the wireless connectivity information event.

Helper Class: Native WiFi MSM
Initialize status: Success

Information for connection being diagnosed
Interface GUID: 5f560a5c-5f1c-42b0-842a-21713fb9b364
Interface name: Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
Interface type: Native WiFi
Profile: Discovery connection
SSID: BubbaHotep
SSID length: 10
Connection mode: Infra
Security: Yes
Connect even if network is not broadcasting: No

Result of diagnosis: Problem found

Root cause:
Windows does not support automatically connecting to a network using WEP shared-key authentication.

Detailed root cause:
802.11 connection... Read more

A:getting "Status code 13' connecting to a di-524 dlink router wep shared key

The D-link supports Open System, have you tried that?

I am not a network expert, or Windows for that matter, but it sounds like it isn't the level of encryption, but the type.

What key you use depends on both systems. If you can use a passphrase, that is usually easier, but you may have to use the same HEX numbers, or ASCII if both systems support it. The 104 bit you use is also called a 128 bit and a 40 bit is a 64 bit. The lower numbers refer only to the part you can change.

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Hi Guys,

I am migrating my user's home folders from one storage server to another storage server. We have offline files sync enabled and users use to work at work in offline mode and the files/folders sync when they connect to the company's network.
I have done some testing before migrating and found an issue that need assistance from your guys.

I pick a test user say "Testuser01" and logout him out from the system. I have copied all home drive stuff from Sharedserever-1 (Old) to Sharedserever-2 (New) for test user and make the required changes in AD profile and GPO for drive mapping. As
the Testuser01's documents pointing to H-drive (My Documents) are available offline on laptop in Documents folder. Now I have worked offline as "tesetuser01" and created some test files but when I logged in and connected
with my company's network H-drive is it correctly pointing to new Sharedserever (i.e. Sharedserever-2) and Documents path also redirected to the new server location. However the files created in offline mode were disappeared instead of sync with
the new Sharedserever.
I could not figure out why and I don't know if it something with CSC - Client-Side Caching folder ?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Hey Guys,

I've got a problem getting offline folder permissions to stick after restarts in our domain. Here's what I do:

Go to MMC>shared folders>shares>C$ (as an example)>properties>offline settings> and then I change "only files and folders users specify..." to "All files...". Apply and done.

It works like a champ for what I'm trying to do (enable Restore Previous Versions of files to actually work- I learned that RPV fix from another thread here at seven), but after each restart the settings are restored to default. I'm assuming there's a group policy I can implement that'll auto-set those permissions permanently but I can't find any 'offline' shared folder permissions options anywhere. Thanks for any help.

A:GP for permanently changing shared folder offline permissions?

Sorry, forgot to mention the environment. We're running 100% Windows 7 workstations and an SBS 2011 server.

The whole point of my question is to ultimately enable a WORKING 'restore previous versions' feature for each workstation across the domain. As far as I can see, after much testing, with the setting I'm trying to permanently enable turned on, restore points actually do back up files for RPV... and with it off, RPV is totally useless on every workstation.

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I have an older IBM Aptiva 333 M Hz that I just upgradedfrom Windows 98 Basic(with all updates) to Windows XP SP2. The Aptiva is hardwired to a router and Lexmark X6100 Printer. A laptop and homemade computer are connected via wireless to the router, both are running Windows 98 Second Edition. The network works properly for File Sharing. Network Neighborhood on both the wireless computers see that there is a shared printer on the Aptiva. To both wireless computers the printer always appears to be OFFLINE. The printer operates properly with the XP updated Aptiva Prior to the upgrade, with the Aptiva on Win98 Basic and the two wireless computers on Win98 Second Edition, all network functions operated correctly, including printer sharing.

A:Printer Sharing on WinXP sp2 always shows the Printer as OFFLINE.

"To both wireless computers the printer always appears to be OFFLINE."

And you can't right click on the printer and change it to ONLINE?

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Hi to all.

I am having an annoing problem with shared printers.

The user that share a printer lose the default printer in any case when another user print on this shared and it turn immediatly default printer only for the user that share the printer.

The printer shared is a label printer without network port and all was working very well before this , in my opinion, unusefull improve.

All user have the " not manage default option" , win 10 pro but seems that "default option" do not effect at all with shared printers.

It is clear that is a very bad working for the sharing printer user that have to check every time what the actual default printer.

any suggestion or is it a win 10 bug ?


A:Shared printer problem with windows 10 printer default manage

Not a Windows bug. Helps to know the model and manufacturer of thr label printer.

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I have a Brother 450 CW printer that is offline and when I try to print, it also says,"printing spooling." I was able to print on this print a week ago. Wondering how to fix it? We have a wireless connection. It shows 5 bars for the wireless connection on the printer. I have test printed on the printer to see if it works, it does work. I changed the print cartridges. I have went to the control panel and it shows that the printer is ready. So, what is the problem? I have went to services.msc, and restarted the print spooling. Still nothing. I have disconnected the printer several times. Still nothing. I am getting very frustrated! I am also running out of options. I did a system restore, thinking that would work. Nope. My wife installed the printer onto her computer and has the same problems. I did a Microsoft scan, and it came up that I had a trojan horse, but it was removed. Still have the problems. PLEASE HELP!!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 146475 MB, Free - 108173 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire one
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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(I asked this question in another forum and they sent me over here...I'm not an ITpro or admin.)
I seem to be having some trouble with synchronizing offline files for some shared mapped network drive folders on the company server. I am working on an ultrabook with Win8.1 Pro, I attach to the network via a wireless network connection (not connected
as a domain computer) when at the office, and via VPN connection when at home, and I have access to the network's shared drives/folders where my work resides.

The drives are set up to be shared on the network side, so I can usually map them to my computer with no problem (but not always). I use them this way when at the office directly connected to the wireless and also when connected remotely through VPN, and
when it works, it works well. The issue is that I want to make them available offline so I can work on documents within certain folders/subfolders when NOT connected to the network, which speeds up the work/save/update process, and then sync up once reconnected
(and I don't have to sit there watching while it is syncing). I used to do this with WinXPpro and had no problems at all for several years. Now that I have upgraded the computer and the OS, I seem to be having problems making this work. I know that the server
has been changed as well, but I am trying to make sure everything on my end works properly so that if there are any issues, it is on the server side and not something to do with how I am ... Read more

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I have three computers all Win 7 Home Premium and sharing (Homegroup). Side not I also had them sharing with out Homegroup and still same issue. Also This occurs regardless if PC3 is connected via wire or wireless. Additional notes AV was also disable to rule out. That is the only thing running on PC3 and nothing is running background wise on PC1 or PC2.

PC1 can easily view contents of Shared PC2 instantly.

PC2 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 instantly.

PC3 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 & PC2 instantly.

PC1 & PC2 can not view contents of Shared PC3 instantly; it takes approximately 35 seconds to view contents of main shared folder and same for each additional sub-folder. Also if copying a file initially it takes awhile before it starts and then stars off slow around 585KB/s copying over from PC1 or PC2 to PC3 before it jumps up to around 10MB/s+. However if I copy the same file from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 no speed issues what so ever. Speeds actually get well up into 70MB/s.

Any thoughts?

A:Clicking on Shared Computer is very slow to view shared contents.

Set all your pc's as in this pdf. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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I have a laptop and a desktop. I've shared a single wireless printer for years. Suddenly, I keep getting an error message whenever I try to print with the laptop. It says: "sorry the printer is offline". No, it isn't because I can print from the desktop, wirelessly.

I have tried everything I know and can't figure it out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Both run Win 7 Home Premium.

A:My printer sharing keeps saying the printer is offline. Help!


have you tried uninstalling the printer and start from scratch

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I just installed Office 2010 and setup Outlook. This is a home PC and not connected to an Exchange server. Under the Send/Receive tab, there is an icon indicating "Work Offline". I sent an e-mail to another G-mail account it WAS received. Outlook test messages work. But, I can NOT send an e-mail to another personal e-mail account I have on this computer. Nor can that account send to my primary account.

I want full functionality including the Work Offline icon to respond as it should. Ideas?


A:Outllook 2010 - Can't Change "Work Offline" Status

No responses, so decided to create a second profile. I now have two, but set up e-mail in second profile. This profile does not have Work Offline, but the first profile still does. I am half-afraid to kill the first profile in fear the Work Offline will appear on the remaining profile.


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Have home net with 5 XP machines, one new Dell with Windows 7 (x64). Printers are attached to xp-Pro machines. Printer is Lexmark x8350. Went to Lexmark for drivers for Win 7, downloaded and executed. Loaded the (x64) drivers. Printer works fine directly attached to Win 7 machines. When printer is connected to XP, can see the machine and printer, when attempt to connect it gives "Cannot Connect error". Tried to create Local Port pointing to xp machine. Did not work. When trying to add new printer, asks for driver accepted driver installed and starts to install printer. Computer hangs on install. Help

A:XP shared Printer Win 7 cannot connect though can see printer

Within your router is uPNP enabled?

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit version. I have a Lexmark printer, 5400 series. While attempting to print, I received this notice from Windows, "Printer status window interface stopped working and was closed." Now, my printer is no longer printing. It powers on, but it appears the driver must be corrupt. It seems that is not connected to the network. To make it worse, my attemps to uninstall the printer have been fruitless. I cannot do it because Lexmark keeps telling me that "the printer is operational and that it cannot be turned off, while operating it , and tells me to wait." That was two days' ago, and I am still getting the same message from Lexmark.

I went into the Internet under Windows Support, and saw several issues regarding to the above, but none were helpful. Any suggestions? Thank you,

A:Printer status

I think you can fix the problem by unplugging the printer then rebooting. After rebooting, reinstall the printer software. If all else fails, you can always do a system restore to a date before the problem started. Either should work.

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I am at my wits end with a Samsung scx-4623fw laser printer. It works wirelessly for a while but after a week or 2 I get "Network printer status is not available". Troubleshooting doesnt help. If I reinstall the printer it works fine....for another week or two!

I do remember once changing some setting....maybe port...Im not sure. I read somewhere in my online searches about it. I know it was like just a single digit of a difference, but I cant remember now what exactly and its confusing.

i wonder is the problem my router or the printer itself?

many thanks


A:Network Printer status not available-help!

My son had the same problem with a wireless Brother printer, but rather than re-install the printer he simply re-entered the router's wireless key into the printer's setup menu & all was fine again until next time. The problem persisted until he changed the router, since which time the printer has never lost it's network connection.

So it would appear that it depends on your router make & model. They are not all equal in this respect.
I suspect also that some wireless printers are worse than others too when it comes to maintaining a reliable connection.

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We changed router for new Wi-Fi access through Xfinity.  Now we can't print. SSID on printer does not match Wi-Fi name on PC.  Printer is in Error status.  How do we get out of Error status and change SSID on printer?

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Can anyone tell me what the status of "Opening" means in a Win XP machine with a printer attached via USB? When the printer is in this state, neither the local machine nor the machines that share the printer can print....

Thank you in advance...

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This happened once before and I can't figure out for the life of me how to get it back to print while I am on line. I am running a PC with vista. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't print out some boarding passes and time is running out!

A:printer is offline help

Did you power down the printer and then power it back up?

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I have always had my own internet with just one printer. Now, I am in a house with multiple printers. My printer is offline. I keep setting it up but it doesn't seem to connect. If I troubleshoot, it tells me that it isn't turned on.

It shows as the default printer. I can't find a way to change that. The other printer doesn't even show up. I am not even sure we are on the same network. Without the router in my room, nothing works.

A:Printer offline

When I checked Networks, it showed the printer as a separate network.

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cannon printer is offline

A:printer offline

my printer is offline

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Just come to use the printer and I'm now getting Printer Offline. I haven't used the printer since the updates that were done last weeks. I checked the printer, an HP 1102 on another PC and it works fine.

I found a couple of answers on here but on my system the Print Offline box is greyed out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Printer Offline

Try the following

Click the "Start" button and then click ?Devices and Printers.?

Right-click the printer and select ?See What?s Printing? to display the print spooler window.

Click ?Printer? and select ?Use Printer Offline? to remove the check mark.

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I have an HP LaserJet 9000n. It installed via my network. The printer itself says "Ready" and will print without problems from non Windows based software (iSeries/AS400). In Windows (Vista 32bit, Server 2008 32 bit, and XP) the printer status says "Offline". I can ping the printer just fine. I've tried unplugging the network cable and plugging it back in. I've tried turnin the printer off and back on. I've tried uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it. Nothing so far has worked. Also I can't think of any changes that may have caused this issue. One day it worked fine, and the next it's saying Offline. Can anyone help?

A:HP Printer Offline

Has this boggled the minds of even the finest IT professionals on this site? This seems as if it should be so simple, and yet I can't find anything on the internet about it and everyone I ask seems clueless. Help, please.

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HP LaserJet 4050TN: can't get it online.
DHCP Scope on router: to
Router Gateway:
Router Subnet mask:
Computer (Dell/XP home) IP address:

Router: Netopia 3347-02 (Rebranded to Motorola)

Printer is connected via ethernet cable to port 3 on router.

I manually set the printer IP to Still the printer says "offline" whenever I try to print. So too if I press the green "GO" button on the printer after initiating a print job.

I also get a "A startdocprinter call was not issued" pop-up on my desktop.

Thanks in advance,

A:Printer offline

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My printer is offline and is not communicating with the network.  I have recently bought a new router but it was offline before that; however, I do need to change the settings.  I tried to use the automatic help but I couldn't get it to work.  I really need help to get my printer online.  The printer will print, it's just not online.  I haave a new wireless network and password. I have the printer's e-mail address and web address if that will help.

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yes i have a printer usb when you install it it works for about a month or so then it says its off line and to get it to print you have to turn it off and back on and then it will print the task?? if you delete it and reinstall it works fine then about a month does the same thing again?

A:printer goes offline?

Have you checked for an updated driver for the printer? What about a patch from Microsoft to correct this, if the company that made your printer is out of business. You've provided no specific DETAILS about your printer, or which OS you're using, so you really shouldn't expect much specific help solving this problem...

We need DETAILS to even ATTEMPT to give you more detailed advice; a word to the wise...

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My HP office jet pro 251 DW goes offline at random times.
I reset the router and it is OK for several days. This printer is shared on a local network and it is connected to the router LAN # 2 connection. Printer properties shows the IP to be I don't see this address in Netstat.
Is there a way to determine if this is a static or dynamic address? I think I might be better off with a static address.
Frank C
Windows 10
HP Envy 700-414

A:Printer goes offline

additional information
The address assigned to the printer, is shown as belonging to another computer (Charlotte) on the local network.
See Netstat below


The D7260 printer no longer exists. I will try to delete this assignment from the router

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have two printers and both have same issue

sometime when i print it dont at all i goto print dialog it shows printer offline even though USB is connected and then i click on Printer and it shows Use Printer offline option checked so i unchecks it and then it prints

however sometimes Use Printer offline option is grayed out and i have to restart the laptop and then it prints

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i have a epson sx600fw wireless printer , its connected via a wireless hub and i have a dell laptop that i installed the software on it was working fine untill a couple of days ago , noew when i try to print it just give me the message " printer is not ready " offline , all the lights are on i.e. the wirelss signal is on and all the bars are at full strength , can anybody suggest anything i get the feeling its something silly

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In few of my client PC (specially win 8.1) under domain, network/local printer sows offline. Remove & add again (restart print spooler) fixed it. But in the next day, those goes offline again. This problem is irritating for "Standard" users, because they cant add or restart sopooler & they need Admin rights...

Can anyone know the exact reason?


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Hi we have just installed 12 brand new Dell PCs in an office. We have a peer to peer wireless network set up with a Brother printer attached to one machine. On three of the machines we keep finding the printer is not available as it showing as offline, it is the same three machines every time, all the others work perfectly well. We get a message saying that we don't have permission to use the printer when we try to print from any of the three machines, even though they are set up in exactly the same way as all the others.

Any help please???

A:printer offline

Hello, use a working machine and try taking it offline. Then try and connect one of the machines that was having problems to the printer and try and print.


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printer is always offline I have tried hp print and scan doctor, troubleshooting in both the HP support and Windows which were to.tally useless!! Ready to throw computer and printer in garbage. I'm not a computer expert, but I'm pretty sure this is most likely an operating system problem. Just thought you should know that this problem exists and that it has ocurred several times.  I will probably have to uninstall printer and reinstall again.

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Hi Guys

My HO Deskjet 2540 network is offline.

Done the usual Google posing the question, but no suggestions work.

I am using W 8-1

A:Printer is offline

This was the best page I could find on the issue:
HP Deskjet 2540 showing as offline every time I try to print - HP Support Forum - 3978548

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