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boot from cdrom

Q: boot from cdrom

im trying to install windows xp pro into my laptop. its a compaq presario 1200 and what i wanna do is install it from the boot so what i did was go into the bios and change the boot to cdrom but the computer wont boot from the cdrom for some reason im trying to figure out so if u can help me that would be great

Preferred Solution: boot from cdrom

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: boot from cdrom

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I tried to modify my boot.ini file recently to get rid of my loading screen. I thought i had typed everything in as it should be but i guess i didnt. I know the normal procedure to get around this which is to change my CDROM to primary boot device and use my xp CD, but for some reason, my CDROM will not even try to load the CD. im just really not sure why this is, it has never had any problems... it is listed as the master divice on my PCI list, the primary boot device, it is connected properly... the only thing i can think of is maybe the jumpers might need to be changed? but i dont have my manual anymore. someone heeelp!

A:boot.ini messed up and CDROM wont run boot disk

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Alright, here is the situation. I recently had a lot of problems with my computer, lots of errors and files that wouldn't uninstall for some reason and I just wanted a fresh new start. So I decided to reformat. I turn off the computer, go into bios, put my CDROM on first boot and put in my XP cd and restart. When it starts readin the disk I get a


So I'm like, Ok, this has happened before. I just gotta use XP boot disks. I get on this computer and make the 6 boot disks perfectly. I put them in and they load fine and all and I made sure to hit F6 to install my SATA drive's software.

After the message "Windows XP initialization or whatever is complete, you must reboot and Setup will continue... please remove any floppy disks in the floppy drive."

I reboot the computer and my computer makes a weird sound, and it's the sound it makes when the processor is over heating. But it goes away for like 2 seconds and then it reboots and then when it starts reading the disk.. behold "DISK BOOT FAILURe, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND HIT ENTER"

This is, and I repeat, this is NOT power supply problem, because I have installed XP on this system before. The only difference was that I installed 98 on my computer first because I had the similar problem... but I don't have the 98 disc anymore...

What can I do >_<

System Specs:
Motherboard - ABIT NF7-S nForce2 Chipset
1024 megs of 320... Read more

A:Cannot boot from my CDROM

*bump* this is an emergency, i need this computer for school tommorow as well as my gaming

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Hi all,

I have a Fujitsu Siemens PC that is clogged up with stuff. I wont to format the C: drive and reinstall XP. I have an genuine copy of XP but when I change the BIOS to boot from CD-ROM Windows just boots as usual. I have tried several times to no avail.
Can anyone Help?


A:XP PRO Won't boot from CDROM

Did you try the CD on another computer to see, if it'll boot?

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I need to boot from my USB(2) CD R/W (Backpack). The system board came with a USB port.

The system is a HP Pavilion 6745C.

What is needed to get USB supported in DOS?

A:Can I boot from a USB CDROM?

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Hi folks,
New to the forums I hope someone can help me out.
I am working on an old IBM Aptiva 2176 desktop (166Mhz , 40 GB HDD, 128 Mb ram)....for a friend and no matter what I do, I cannot boot from CDROM. Old CDROM was junk so........
I replaced CDROM with a new ASUS brand I had extra here at the house (never had been used) . Then I Reset BIOS to default which is Floppy,HDD,CDROM. If I try to change the boot order to CDROM first, all entries change to "not installed" I can set HDD to first boot but I cannot set floppy or CD to boot sequence. It is like I have no other drives installed I have to default BIOS again to re-set boot order to the above factory settings of Floppy.HDD then CDROM.
Did not try another IDE cable. Dont have an extra one and this is not my PC. I am working on it for a friend.
Really frustrating not being able to boot from CDROM. Cannot do a fresh install of XP or even boot a CD of Linux Ubuntu or Mandriva. Have only been able to install Windows 98se which only uses FAT32 and will only recognize 8GB of my HDD space If I try to install 2000 or XP it will not allow me to delete that partition and install 2000 or XP onto the 8GB partition leaving the rest of the HDD unused on a seperate partition. If I could boot from CDROM I should be able to format and partition entire HDD to NTFS. Then I could continue the install and all would be fine.
Note: I have NEVER had this much problem before and I have installed 98se,2000, XP , Vista,and several... Read more

A:Cannot boot from CDROM

You said two conflicting things:

Then I Reset BIOS to default which is Floppy,HDD,CDROMClick to expand...

but I cannot set floppy or CD to boot sequenceClick to expand...

Yes you can set floppy to to 1st boot, and therefore you can use a boot floppy with CD support.

But, if you just want CD first then:
Confirm CD is set to Master (little jumper on back of drive)
And HardDrive set to Slave (little jumper on back of drive)

Or put them both to CS (Cable Select)

Actually your best choice would be to grab another IDE cable (to make CD seperate)

Lastly you might want to try a bios update, but this can be critical on a old computer !

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When I had an XP computer I made a CDROM with memtest86 on it. I was able to boot from it.

I have a different computer, with Vista, and I can't boot from the CD. Vista seems to be ignoring the CD in the drive. What can I do to boot from the CD??


A:Can't boot from CDROM

I think I'm supposed to access BIOS setup by pressing a certain key during startup. However, Vista displays no mention of which keys to press during startup.

Isn't there a way to setup BIOS (to change the boot order) without pressing something during startup?

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Trying to boot from Lite On 16102B.

It's set as primary master, first boot media, I've selected it manually in boot menu, etc.

The DVD in the drive is bootable. I've used it on other computers just fine.

When I try to boot there's a blinking cursor for up to about 5 seconds, then it just switches to booting from HDD instead.

Any idea what is wrong???

There is a second CDROM drive that doesn't seem to work, unfortunately. I couldn't get the BIOS to recognize it, so I just disconnected it.

A:Can't boot from CDROM

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I have a dell dimension 8100 using xp home. I want to format drive and reload os. I have bios set to boot from cdrom first. After putting xp home in cdrom drive, message comes up " hit any key to boot from cd". I hit a key but computer goes right to hard drive. Tried a spare drive and cdrom same thing happens. What can I do next?

A:Cant boot from cdrom

Is the CD r/w seen in the bios?

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Hello I am new to the forum so forgive me if i am out of my element. I recently purchased a brand new system online and it is put together and all of the components seem to be working properly. I am having trouble installing Windows XP on the system. I have installed it and then it will boot fine into windows as long as the XP cd is still in the harddrive. However if i take the cd out of the drive, then it will not boot into windows at all, it will just ask me for the system disc in order to boot off of the cd. I have been working on this for awhile and i have tried multiple different things. Let me know if you guys have ever run into this problem and have any ideas. PLEASE HELP!!! thanks.

A:Cannot Boot XP Unless XP CD is in the CDROM

check there is no floppy in the floppy drive
set the computer to boot from the h/d first
leave the cd out
list your specs and what you have actually done

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I recently upgraded from Win 2000 To Win XP Pro. I then downloaded all the XP Pro updates and after installing SP2, I received a message saying a file was missing or was corrupted and I should repair the installation by booting up on the CDROM. However, I am no longer able to boot from a CD. I got going again by re-installing Win 2000 from the floppy boot discs, but still am unable to boot from a CD even though the BIOS is configured to allow booting from a CD. I have a CDRW and CDROM both of which work perfectly after booting from the hard drive. I contacted the motherboard and CDROM manufacturers but both were of no help. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the CDROMs to no avail. Please advise if you have a solution to this problem.

I have re-installed XP Pro but needless to say, have not re-installed SP2.

My laptop has SP2 also installed as an update. It will not boot from a CD any more, either. Is this a defect in SP2?

A:Can't boot from CDROM

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I installed a cd-r on my computer in addition to my cd-rom. it works fine on a hard boot, but when i do a soft boot the bios dos not detect the cd-R. i have the cd-rom set as master cd-r as slave on the second IDE.

Thank you


A:No second cdrom on soft boot

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i recently purchased a used pc that is boot only (no os) and i'm having some troubles.

the system boots fine, but when i insert my winxp cd and boot it doesnt detect the cdrom. it says something about no driver detected and it leaves me at the C:\ screen thing.

i have looked into the BIOS and changed the boot order to cdrom but still no fix.

also during boot it says master hdd : none slave hdd: none and everything on the list says none.

as of now i pretty much have no idea what i am doing. any help would be appreciated.

my pc stats are....

dual pentium 3 750mhz each (i think)
i dunno the rest

while i was writing this i formatted my harddrive and now it says disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. and i have my xp in the cd rom drive... : (

A:cdrom not detected on boot up

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i have a toshiba laptop without a cdrom. i am trying to find out the way to set up a partition i can put the windows files on and how to do that. i need to reprogram my laptop like this. please help

A:boot partition without cdrom

Purchase an external cd-rom drive actually make it a dvd-burner and you will be all set.


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I am trying to boot from internal CDROM to recover my laptop. I have disabled secure boot. When I hit F9 during boot up to bring up the boot menu, the CDROM is not an option. It is also set in the BIOS to boot from CDROM first which it does not do. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Gary in KC

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whenever i try to use my cdrom to boot anything, it doesnt work!!
i have the boot sequence changed so it boots the cdrom first and this is the sequence of events taht happens
Booting from ATAPI CDROM:
(screen goes black and then appears again with following text)
error booting from cd/dvd drive.
please report the eight-digit status code to mterlouw at bootscriptor d0t org
Press any key to reboot...
(and at the very bottom right corner, it displays teh following numbers)
since i was so desperate, i tried emailing mterlouw at bootscriptior d0t org, with the number in the bottom right corner, but i got the email returned to me, saying that the mterlouw at bootscriptor d0t org doesnt exist.
then i found another cdrom drive and swapped it, but i still got the same error message! I know that the cdrom is bootable, because i've tested it on 3 other computers.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! This problem has been driving me crazy for weeks, and after some google searches, i was brought to this forum. i hope im not reposting the same question, but i've searched like 3 times for my problem on the forums and i didnt find anything. thanks a lot for your time

A:CDROM wont boot!!

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I am trying to boot to my CDROM on an old IBM Aptiva 2137. I'm prompted to hit "F1" to go to the setup utility, but there are no other prompts. In the Setup Utility... One boot sequence entry gives me three choices (A:, A: first then C:, C: first then A:, or C. A second boot sequence entry gives me two choices (CDROM enable or disable). I have enabled my CDROM, but it the system doesn't boot to it or give me any way to boot to it. I have even unplugged the power to my A: and C: drives. Any suggestions?

A:How to boot to CDROM on IBM Aptiva

Make sure that you have the CD-ROM set to "Master" on some machines this can make a difference. Also this might sound stupid but I've seen it before.. make sure that the CD you are trying to boot from is actually bootable.

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I am trying to do a factory restore on my Toshiba laptop with Windows 7. I have 3 install discs from Toshiba. The installed CD/DVD ROM has become faulty so I purchased an external USB CD/DVD ROM in order to read the install discs properly. I have set the BIOS to boot off the USB CD/DVD ROM and I have disabled the internal CD/DVD ROM. I'm not having any luck. During the boot I get this message flashed for a second. Boot From CDROM 1. NO EMULATION SystemType 00. After that is says Windows is loading files.... Then it pops out the internal CD/DVD ROM tray (the one I disabled) and says "Please set 1st recovery media, and press Next to continue." That first recovery disc is sitting in the external USB CD/DVD ROM I have it set to boot off of. What am I doing wrong?
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Boot From CDROM 1. NO EMULATION SystemType 00?

If it pops out the internal tray then you didn`t disable it, unplug that thing.

No factory recovery partition on this PC ?

I would have just replaced the internal optical drive, they are cheaper.

That might be what you have to do, take the external back.

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just got a ibm vista its a pentium 3 its pretty cheap but i need to put windows xp on it for my little sister so she can do her work on it
but the damn thing just wont boot from cd rom so what i need to know is what is the keyboard button i need to press to force cd rom boot
i have been through the system bios 1000 times and i cant see any options ot change the boot order
so i wonder if any 1 knws the manual force cd rom boot technique ?

A:IBM NETVISTA how do i force boot from cdrom ?

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Is my computer doomed?

My CDROM drive hasn't been working for a while but I haven't needed it so no real problems there.

Yesterday however, on booting up I'm getting the infamous:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System"

As far as I can tell the only way to repair this is by using an XP Setup CDROM, but as I can't use my internal CDROM drive - am I doomed?

It crossed my mind to try using an external CDROM drive, but is this possible if I can't install it first via a fully functional Windows?

Many thanks for assistance!

A:Use external CDROM drive if no XP boot?

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Hi guys. I just replaced a non-functioning DVD ROM drive with a TDK CD R/W. During the boot I get the following message:

Interface board or CD-ROM drive is not ready.
Insure that drive power is on and drive cables correctly attached.

Well, when I abort and allow the system to boot There's absolutely nothing wrong. The drive works perfectly.

Any ideas as to what is causing the message and how I can get rid of it?

I'm running Win98. Thanks.


A:[SOLVED] CDROM Boot Message

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I had tried booting the XP cd from the CDROM but it will result in a screen containing some message by Caldera Dr-Dos. It states that there is a program that is faulty. Therefore, what can I do to solve this problem for I intended to format my c:.

A:Unable to boot XP installer cd through CDROM

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I have an old computer that I want to install 98 onto.

Can't get it to boot from the CDRom as the only options I have are

Hard Drive

The CD is connected via a cable to the hard drive which then goes to one connection on the MB. There does not seem to be any other IDE connection on the MB ?

Any advice gratefully received


A:Solved: No CDROM Boot in BIOS

Older computers did not have built in CD-ROM support in the BIOS. Your older PC should have a Floppy drive, right? You need a Win98 boot floppy that includes CD-ROM support that lets you access the CD-ROM. If you do not have a boot floppy, you can download a boot floppy creator here:



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okay here we go.. I made a 'start up disk from my old win 98 PC. ran it in the A; drive. it at first did not recognice thee cdrom driver in there,
then it 'scanned' some more, then created a 'virtual drive 'd'
approx. 2mgs +
then it assigned another letter drive "E" which contains my my win98 folders etc.

This doessn't sound rite too me! What U all think?


A:{RESOLVED}can't boot fom CDROM (SCSI)

when you boot from a boot disk with
A:/format c /s
it loads the data from the boot disk to the virtual drive d and pushes your cd down to e.
to install you use the
when it is finished it deletes the virtual drive and your cd reverts back to D

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So I have a laptop with just a floopy drive, no built in cdrom or dvd. I am getting the dreaded "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" message and want to run a chkdsk on the hard drive. The only way I know how to do that is from an XP cd.

I have a external usb cdrom, but the BIOS does not support it as a boot option. Is there a boot disk out there that gives usb cdrom support? I am not have much luck on google finding a boot disk I can download.


Is there a boot disk with usb support that'd allow me to run chkdsk off a USB stick? Assuming it'd be possible to put chkdsk on a USB stick.


A:Boot disk with usb cdrom support?

One option would be to remove the drive and get a $10 IDE 2 USB cable so that you could run CHKDSK on the drive after plugging it into another XP machine. I've had good luck doing this, both to repair a corrupt drive, and to get files off a drive that was going bad.

John Hensley

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Hi all,
Windows 2000, 512ddr memory, Athlon XP 1800 cpu.

Well I have a slight problem. This problem started when I was on line one day and my PC rebooted it self. It went into a loop so shut it down. Then I got it to start and ran antivirus and spybot. It was clean, however if the PC ran for a while it would reboot. So I reaseated everything, put things back one at a time and found out an interesting thing. When the cdrom was connected either by power or ide cable the pc would not boot. When it was disconnected it booted fine. Also when cdrom was plugged in and cdrw wasnt it ran ok. The PC seems to not reconize it on the cable. Hopefully someone has an answer for me. If I plug in just one or the other it boots fine but not both. Removing the power or IDE cable from one or the other it boots fine. Tried a PCI promise card, smae result. Im puzzled and confused as you are by now. Taking all suggestions!!

BTW: Replaced power supply and cdrom also same result.

If any more info is need , im here!!

A:PC wont boot with CDROM connected

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Hi Guys,

I remove my home computer harddisk to get some data from my office.
I have done this several times without any problem.
Now my home computer can't boot. Only if I unplug my cdrom drive then it can boot.

I notice 2 strange things:
1. At home my disk free disk space is about 1.5 GB but at office it become only about 1 GB
2. Usually at boot, my harddisk is primary master now it become primary slave (I set the jumper correctly, as I said I have done this several times)

One more thing : I remember left a cd in my old cdrom drive so I plug my old cdrom just to get the cd out then back to my present cdrom drive.

My home computer : PI 166 mmx Win 95
My office computer : PIII 500 Win XP

What should I do to get my computer back to normal?
Thank you

A:Computer can't boot when cdrom plugged

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Hello, I'm trying to get a computer to boot from the hard drive. I went into the BIOS and switched the boot order around; HDD-0 is first and CDROM is second. Everything loads up just fine, but then the CD-ROM device doesn't show up in My Computer. If the boot order is the other way around, there is no problem; the drive shows up perfectly.

I'm trying to speed up the boot process, so help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot order/CDROM detection

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Hope someone can help.
I am trying to do an XP Pro repair install but I cannot get the machine to boot from the cdrom. I have two hard drives running on a raid card and the cdrom is on the motherboard IDE-0 channel. It seems the raid card is over-riding the bios and ignoring the boot options I am setting.

I should mention that the raid card is not configured as a raid controller, I'm just using it to get extra IDE channels.

A:Raid card and cdrom boot

what Raid card is it?? make/model

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hello all,

My aunt came to visit, and brought with here a hand-me-down laptop that her friend gave to her.

She told me that she can't get onto the internet because the proxy server settings in the control pannel where greyed out, so that she couldn't change them. she also said that its running slowly.

I booted it up, and it has half a dozen different torrent programs, and I can't find any reason for it to be doing what she said its doing.

So, I wanted to run a virus scan off a live disc before I do anything else. Unfortunetly I can't seem to find the boot menu, and the bios is still booting to the hard disc first, regardless of what the boot order is. F2 gets me into the bios (so that doesn't work), F12 doesn't work, F10 doesn't work.

so my question is this, how can I get to the boot menu for a sony viao VGN-NR430E?

Edit: Oh, and while I do have an OEM copy of windows 7, that licence says that I have to build the computer in order to be allowed to install it.

A:Getting a sony vaio to boot to cdrom

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I have a balance laptop (sorry, I don't know the stats offhand) running XP.
I had Avast anti-virus installed, and when I ran a scan it said that I had 6 viruses, at least 1 of which was called Win32. Supposedly avast put it into the chest but after scanning again it was still there so I made it delete the files. Then I was getting fake pop-ups saying my security was bad firewall was down, etcetc, which I knew were from the virus.
From there I tried reinstalling XP (I don't care about recovering whatever I had on the computer, I just want the problem fixed!). When I bought my laptop it came with a Balance CD-rom (with drivers) and also a 2-disc WinXP. I tried to load the 1st of the 2 XP discs, which said that it would completely erase my data, which I thought was fine cause I thought it would also reinstall XP (I have the codes for it). However, it didn't.
Now I just get the screen that lets you hit F2 to enter Setup (which I can do, but it doesn't really seem to affect anything), and then it loads a black screen with a white blinking cursor on the top left corner. However, it won't let me type anything, press any F# keys, and it won't boot from CD-rom. I've tried restarting and pressing F8 to get into a safe mode but it doesn't do anything, and goes back to the same black screen. I've tried restarting with the Balance cdrom in as well as the XP one, but it doesn't boot from the cds.
I know I made the mistake originally ... Read more

A:XP black screen won't boot from cdrom

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Hey folks;

I'm trying to create a 'single' xp boot disk for ntfs with cd-rom support.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Again

A:xp boot disk with ntfs & cdrom support


I have never tried making one but here are some instructions on how to make a bootable CD for Windows XP: Boot CD Link

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I'm lost on this one, could just help!!!
Computer was working fine when left on. Next morning there was a black screen that stated that windows could not load, "load needed dlls for Hal".
-Initially I tried to boot from a disc, but the system won't read ANY boot discs. I switched out CD drives with no change.
-Next I tried to boot in safe mode. I hit F8 to get the boot choices menu, but any attempt to moved the selection past normal boot freezes the menu.
-Next I pulled the hard drive and mounted it in a testing computer. I slaved it and was able to recognize and view the files on the drive. I ran chkdsk and it found errors, did recovery. I put the drive back into the original machine. No change
-Next I read up on hal.dll errors. One solution was to copy the hal.dll from a install disc. I did that (using testing PC, since I still can't get the other to recognize discs). Put drive back in. Now the computer automatically goes to the Boot Choices menu, but it still freezes if you try to select anything other than Normal boot. Normal boot still brings up HAL error.
-Next I rebuilt the bootmgr. Renamed old boot.ini, found windows installation, etc.
Now if I try to boot the clients HDD in the testing computer, it will go just past the splash screen before BSOD, which seems normal since it's a different computer. But in the client's machine it still won't boot (doing what I listed previously).
Should I attempt a repair install? This could be tough since I can't even get a CDROM to w... Read more

A:No boot, dlls needed for HAL?, CDROM not read

Never mind, I guess...turns out it was a dead stick of RAM...

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I am trying to re-build a computer that was given to me by a friend. I installed a seagate hard drive and booted the computer. It goes thrught the motions and Now I getting searching for boot record from cdrom, searching for boot record from floppy and searching for boot record from IDE.

I load windows start up disk and fdisked and fromatted drive. when i tryed to setup from window it gave me a disk error. I restarted the computer and It gave me the same as ABOVE even with the windows 98 cd in the cdrom. I have tryed the utilitiy tool on the hard drive and everything came out OK.

searching for boot record from cdrom..not found
searching for boot record from floppy..not found
seraching for boot record from IDE-O..OK

invalid disk
searching for boot record form cdrom...not found
insert disk.

When I try setup from dos it will not allow me to run set up .

A:Solved: searching for boot record from cdrom

if you can access the windows cd rom from dos, eg Your e: drive
At the cd drive prompt, type: win98 followed by pressing enter then type: oemsetup followed by pressing enter then format the drive when asked, then follow the prompts to install windows.

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Hello; I just put together a computer from old (working) parts that I had to create a spare computer. I'm not very computer savvy so please direct all replies/comments in laymen's terms :]

I booted up the computer and all looked good. It detects my 14.3 GB hard drive as the Primary Master. I went into setup and made the primary boot the CDrom.

I put my trusty genuine and legitimate Windows 98 (yes, 98) CD in the drive and rebooted.

It booted up no problem; hard drive, detected as before.

It booted from the CDrom just as expected.

On the screen: Microsoft Windows 98 Setup:

I chose Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM. (rather than start computer with CD ROM support)

After a moment I get a blue (why is it always blue??!) screen which reads:

"Setup can not install Windows 98 on your computer. Your computer does not have a hard disk, your hard disk is not functioning correctly, or your hard disk requires a special driver.

A few notes:

This is a hard drive that I put into my external case yesterday, ran files from it, copied files from it, and formatted it [FAT32 (that's what it was originally)].

In dos, the CDrom is drive D; the harddrive is drive A [ think; because it is the only other accessible drive ( I disconnected the floppy disk drive) ]
Here is a Video I made of what all goes on

New Computer Uh Oh and Oh Sad - YouTube (I try to be thorough)

Thank you in advance for any ideas/replies!

A:Hard Drive Detected; boot from CDrom - where is HD?

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hi guys,
i bought a second hand machine(p4,512 ram,40gb hard disc,dvd writer) and dos ws installed to it now when i m entering Xp service pack2 cd in the cd drive and restart the system.a message is displayed i.e.
"searching for boot record from cdrom..not found"
i cant access my cd drive too can any plz help me out in hw can i install xp in it and wts the problem actually is.
Thanx in advance.

A:searching for boot record from cdrom..not found

Welcome to TSG!

The message says the CD you are using is not bootable. Either the CD is a copy of an XP CD that was not copied properly (and possibly is not a legit/legal copy), or is not an XP Operating System installation disk.
Read the disk label and verify if this is this a Service Pack 2 CD, or an XP Operating System CD with Service Pack 2 included.

You can also try the CD in another PC to see if it's bootable.



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I am still trying to use an old IBM - have just removed the case to discover the CDROM details as I can't seem to access it

IBM PS/1, 486SX, 250 MB Hard Disk, 8 mb memory (said 4, but I saw 8 in it before I fdiskd), model 2155-80P(SL-B).

Current situation:
Has been fdisked/formatted and I want to install Windows95B
When the machine starts the CDROM lights go on - also check the setup and it is enabled

Steps and Problems:
Insert Windows98SE floppy boot disk (to get CDROM)
- get the following message
CD ROM Device Driver for IDE (Four Channels supported)
(C) Copyright Oak Technology Inc. 1993-1996
Driver Version: V340
Device Name: BANANA
No drivers found, aborting installation

Device driver not found: BANANA
No valid CDROM device drivers selected


Opening the machine, I found the FCCID and found it to be
Type of App: 1.00
Lines: 1.00
Class: JBP
Rule Part: 15
Frequency Range:
Notes: 16,37
Grant Date: 4/6/93 0:00:00
Grantee: Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd
Address Line 1: 8-1, Furujin-machi
Address Line 2:
City, St: Takamatsu-City, Kagawa 760
Zip: Japan
Comments: CD-ROM Drive and Interface Card

I think I found the driver at http://www.cdrom-drivers.com/drivers/33/33402.htm
(the model number on the unit is CR-563-B so I googled)

This is the content of my Win98SE boot disk:

This is what the Autoexec.bat file says:
@echo off
MSCDEX.EXE /D:banana /L:R

this is what the config.sys file says:
DEVICE... Read more

A:empty disk - won't rec CDROM at floppy boot

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I installed a new cd-rom in my son's computer yesterday, & now it won't boot to windows, but if I unplug it & restart it, it will boot into windows in safe mode. What is the problem with this? Can you tell me if it's an easy fix? I've checked all the cables-everything is tight. I also told it that I wanted the boot sequence to be hard drive, then floppy, then cd. Why will it boot under safe mode, but not regularly? Thanks so much, Magickal

A:windows wont boot after cdrom install

How did you install the new CDRom drive. Was it on the same cable as the hard drive? If so then make sure the jumper on the CDRom drive is set to slave. Let us know.

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I Put the ****ing disk in and when i ****ING LOAD it On the second black page it just Goes LIKE SEARCHING FLOPPY NOTHING

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I have the system indicated in my signature. I have my Drives connected to the promise IDE controller. I have my bios set to boot from Floppy/CDrom/HDD. It will boot from a bootable floppy no problem. But if I try to get it to boot from CD it will just boot from HDD. THe bios on the promise card recognizes the two optical drives and they work normally in every other aspect. Yes I am using bootable CD's. I have the onboard IDE controllers disabled. I have looked on the Promise web site and they don't address this issue anywhere. Nor do they address using the controller card as an extension to the onboard IDE controllers which I will eventually want to do. Can anyone give me some advice here?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:[SOLVED] Promise Ultra 133 TX2 does not recognize boot from cdrom.

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Hi, this is my first posting.
I recently installed windows XP home (upgrade to Win 98) ever sense, Windows will not boot up completely unless the
CD Rom door is open. Window will hang after showing my
system information, ie processor speed , memory, disks found
and will state press f2 to enter set up. From this point it doesn't
matter what you do, it just stays on this screen.
However, if after turning the power on, you immediately open the
CD rom door, the computer will boot up XP and run fine with the exception that you can't use the CD rom it must remain open.
If you close the cd rom, your arrow pointer also has what looks like a blinking cd attached to it.
I've opened the computer and it appears all of the connections are still good. I've looked in the devise manager and it says the
cd rom drive is working properly.
Any Ideas???

System info:
Pentium II 400 mhz
384 MB RAM
8Gig HD

A:[Resolved] Windows XP won't boot unless cdrom door open

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Hello all,I've found a similar post to this (cdrom.sys suspicious PE modification) at this forum, but unfortunately I can't run WinXP unless I go into safemode (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic313961.html). Before I venture into any more actions I would really welcome some advice. This laptop runs Windows XP-SP3 and had McAfee as AV. After an recent TV capturing (AVer Media) install of drivers for a USB TV card the system rebooted and runs into a BSOD with the classic DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP: 0x00000001 (0x00000000,0x000000FF,0X00000000,0xF788DDE4). I thought it was just an issue with the drivers installed and tried a couple of restores without success. I think it must be something else. Possibly malware or a rootkit. My only option is booting XP into Safe mode. I did so and when in safe mode I can not run any 'exe' files and when I try to use MBAM or SuperAntispam (after random file install with a .com or other executable file extension) the system takes 'ownership' of the new files and I can't run anything. Also there are several 'WSOCK2.dll' errors (The ordinal 1112 could not be located in the dynamic link library WSOCK32.dll) if I try to use or disable McAfee.Next thing I tried SARDU. I loaded several antivirus ISO images and ran them with SARDU (BitDefender, Dr.Web, TRK and also Microsoft MSSS 32). Some of these found some registry entries and I thought I had cleaned up the infection, but I had not been able to b... Read more

A:cdrom.sys suspicious PE modification - can only boot in safe mode

Hello again,

Just to save some energy and valuable time from everybody I think I've managed to get things 'under control'.

I was finally able to run an MBR scan and ComboFix immediately reported a possible MBR rootkit followed by a tcpic stack 'Anti-something? and 'Sirefef rootkit'. I'm attaching some of the logs before/after from ComboFix. All of this was ran through my USB drive. The advantage of Combofix was that it took control over processes and services as opposed to MBAM and GMER. I think all three are really valuable tools (I'm donating to all of them). I've updated all three and I am running deep scans now to double check that my machine is truly cleaned.

After the tcpip and MBR cleanup by ComboFix it did find some of the AXXXXXX files listed in some of the restore points directories in the C:\WINDOWS\<_restorepoints>.

Thanks for this site. It is of great help and reference.

A thankful user.

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hello!! i'm a newby, in need of some serious help!! i just bought a new KT333 dragon motherboard, with an athlon 2100 processor, all new everything really. i'm trying to get in to format my hard drives, and when i'm in the bios, it only shows "floppy" as my choice, and i can't get it to change the boot sequence so i can boot from the cdrom (my windows xp disk). please help! i'm tired of calling and being on hold for 30+ minutes with soyo company!! thank you in advance for any help or ideas!!

A:[Resolved] award bios - can't change boot sequence to cdrom

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So suddenly my sister's desktop gives out. She has been known to have hundreds of movies, and downloads without care. So Im not certain if it is a virus issue (I installed Antivir for her)

anyways when i try to boot up, windows goes into a screen where the different ways of booting up (i.e. safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, normal, etc.) I try normal mode, the screen freezes up. One of the times I try normal mode it switches to a blue screen (which I can only assume is b.s.o.d.) and quickly restarts the computer before I can read any of the text.

I try the other boot up options with the computer loading up some bootup files and just freezing.

I put in the xp cd i have and restart the computer. Doesn't automatically boot off disk so I have to go into F8. Try it there, brings me to windows setup, I press "any key", gives me "unxpected error (1610547380) occurred at line 1768 in d:\xpsp1\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c. Press any key to continue" I press a key and the computer restarts to no avail.

Please and thank you for your helpings.

A:Can't boot into normal, safe mode. Booting off XP cdrom gives me error

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I resently formated a hardrive to get rid of NT and start fresh with windows 98. I can start the computer with a windows 95 boot disk, but the boot reacord is gone from C:drive and it will not read the CDROM.I have versons of windows 95 and 98 but their not bootable. Any sugestions would be apresiated.

A:{Advice Offered} - Formated hardive need boot record and cdrom set up


Firstly, check your BIOS. There may be a setting in your boot devices that you need to enable to boot off CD. If it is set to "A,C"; it may need to be changed to "CD-ROM,C,A".

If that does not work, you can go to www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot (if you get a "Page cannot be displayed" error, its just that you need to wait for my dad to reboot the server... it will be up soon - Promise), where you can download one (or both, it's the same price) of my boot disks.

The first (called "Reuel Boot") is a DOS 6.11 boot disk, with one of the best dos ATAPI CD-ROM drivers I have ever seen, on it. If you have formatted your drive with FAT16, you can use this disk to install which ever windows you want.

There is also Partition Magic 3.05 DOS version on the disk, which you can use to make your disk Active (ie. able to be booted off). Also on the disk is BootPart, which can be used to write the MBR for any of DOS6.11, Win95, Win98 and NT/2000. All these programs are avaliable for use from a menu system that comes up when the disk is booted off.

Also avaliable on the website, is the standard install diskette that comes with Win98 (called, obviously, "Win98 Boot", slightly altered so it can install Win95 as well.
Both diskettes can be downloaded. They are inside a compressed EXE file. Download the EXE file, and run the file off your HD. Make sure a Diskette is in your A: drive before you click on the file. It will forma... Read more

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WinXP pro logs on fully to the login screen where the PS2 keyboard then does not work. I can't type in login password.

In effort to get to a fix (I had decided to try a repair reinstall of XP), I tried to use a bootable disc (after doing the BIOS reset) and nothing will boot from the CD Rom drive.

How this Started:
My son got a new iPod Classic which runs on the newer version of iTunes. Installed iTunes 7.4 and computer crashed. Went to a restore point and got things back in order. Decided to get more RAM because I needed it and thought what was really happening was not enough room to load various processes at startup. Bought the RAM from Dell and installed (went from 256 to 1gig in two strips) and computer seemed to be fine recognizing the new RAM, etc. and running fine. Tried to install iTunes again leading to problems again. Tryed to do system restore again which this time failed/did not work. Got to the point described above where the login screen comes up but keyboard does not work, so I can't get in anywhere to do anything.

What I have done:
Checked and rechecked PS2 connection.
Tried another keyboard.

Tried SafeMode and I just keep getting in to the log in screen where the keyboard still does not work.

Pulled out the HDD and put it in a USB external enclosure. Works fine hooked up to my laptop. Copied out important files, etc.

Used my original OEM XP disk to create a slipstreamed version including SP2 and burned to a bootable disk. Checked to ... Read more

A:Solved: Keyboard Failure--CDrom won't read Boot Disk

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