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Lenovo laptop unable to boot Win7

Q: Lenovo laptop unable to boot Win7

Hello all,

I'm trying to boot a Lenovo laptop off of a USB flash drive with Win7 installed on it, however whenever I attempt to do so I receive:

File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc0000098

Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Lenovo laptop unable to boot Win7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo laptop unable to boot Win7

Fortunately, I was able to resolve this issue by re-installing Win7 onto the USB, however I've now encountered another problem:

When asked where to install Win7, no drives are appearing in the search field.

Any ideas as to why that might be occurring and how to resolve it?

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Hi everyone, My laptop (Lenovo Yoga 710 Ideapad 15IKB 80V5) is not able to start up. I recently had an issue with my audio, so I uninstalled the audio drivers, reset my laptop, and tried to reinstall them. When I reinstalled Realtek, it did not launch or show that it was installed on my computer (and I tried this multiple times).I then went to restore my laptop to the point before I uninstalled the driver in the first place. The restoration did not work for whatever reason, and I received the blue screen saying something about my PC not restarting properly and that it would try to fix itself. I continued to get that same blue screen for a few times, and then it gave me a different screen with varying start up/restore options. I tried almost all of them besides ones that have to do with USB restore files (which I do not have).They did not work. I then got a black screen on start up with only my cursor. I tried stickykeys, ctrl-alt-delete, windows key-volume up, and any other boot up combinations I could think of. Nothing worked and the screen never changed. I'm stumped and I have no idea what to do or how to fix it. I could really use some help and advice. Thank you very much in advance! Katherine

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I can't install Win7 x64 SP1 on notebook Lenovo Z70-80 from USB 2.0 pendrive.

I was trying USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 port with no success.

Than I integrated latest intel USB 3.0 and storage drivers into boot.wim and install.wim using DISM tool and there is still no success - the installer can't find Windows 7 installation pendrive. There are disk partitions and mounted boot.wim in drop-down list, but even USB mouse doesn't work.

PS I'm sure that it is USB issue - not storage. I added storage drivers "just in case".
PS2 I'm sure that USB 3.0 and storage drivers are correct.

It looks like Windows 7 can't even see USB 2.0 ports.
Any ideas?

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Hey all.
This is probably the biggest problem i've encountered with windows ever and i actually suspect its my hardware but not sure how to prove it and what step to take next if it is.

I have w7 installed on a SSD 64gig (C ) and most of my apps/games etc on a standard 1tb HDD (E )

The problem:
-as of yesterday, on starting the computer, windows 7 fails to boot, it goes to the w7 splash screen for about 15secs and then the monitor flickers off and the system restarts. W7 then gives the option to start normally or in repair mode.
-I've gone through repair mode now and tried both the startup repair (9 times, it finds no specific problem),
-the system restore, which lists 3 possible restore points (each one says success but then the same loop as above occurrs anyway)
-Ive also tried the bootrec commands via the command prompt available in system recovery.
-When i try to boot in with safe mode it goes black with a cursor and stops there
-when i try to boot via the dvd, it loads the windows background and cursor and stops there.
-In safe mode via the dvd it loads black screen and the 'safe mode' text in each corner and white cursor and stops there.

so at the moment i can't actually even do a repair or even clean reinstall via the disc which is pretty disturbing.
I've also tried chckdsk and used chkdsk /fix. this did report problems on the C drive and the /f run did say it corrected things on the ssd but still i am unable to load or boot via safe/system recover or ev... Read more

A:Win7 boot failure, DVD unable to reinstall/boot


All these symptoms point to a hardware issue to me as well. In particular, the part about the monitor flickering off draws my attention, because I wonder if it is a video card problem.

Do you have another graphics card you can use? If you are using a real video card, use the onboard graphics to test with if you have them.

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Hi guys

It seems i have done something very stupid

What i did:

Changed my HDD to a dynamic drive - Windows warning said that i would only be able to boot main OS, but since i only have Win7 installed i went ahead.


Laptop won't boot at all tried recovery disc, but no luck. Just a black screen.. Can't even access BIOS

Any suggestions would be much appriciated!

A:Unable to boot win7

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I shutdown my system after installing the latest set of Win7 patches about 3 hours ago and now it refuses to boot. Tried to restore previous points with no luck, it simply gets to the 'loading windows' screen with no animation and just hangs there.
In repair the reason for not being able to boot is "due to Windows patch", I'm at somewhat of a loss here...

Edit: Forgot to mention this is on a completely legal copy of Win7 64.

Cant get into safe mode as it locks before reaching the point which would allow me to enter it. Strangely enough though I managed to boot into the safe mode for windows repair (didnt even know it had one) and the diagnostic turned up with no problem found.

Not having much luck here.

A:Unable to boot due to Win7 patch

Try using System Restore in the Startup Repair.

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Hi everyone,
My problem is as follows.
I installed Win7 Prof. 32 bits on my 1TB HD.
After that I decided to remove my 250GB HD.
Now I cannot boot to Win7 anymore, it keeps asking to insert a boot drive. For some reason, the BCD was saved on my 250GB disk, but I don?t want to use it anymore, I need that 1TB disk to be independant.

I?ve already tried booting from the Win7 DVD and using the bootsect command wth different parameters, but that did not solve my issue.
I tried the automatic boot repair contained in the DVD as well, with the same outcome.

Is there a way I can make my Win7 boot with that 250GB disk unplugged?

Thank you for your help.

A:Unable to boot to Win7 after removing HD


It sounds as if the System files (boot manager) were installed to the 250GB HDD. Lets confirm this - please follow the instructions here after reinserting the 250GB HDD.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image


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I was able to login FB before, but dont know wat happened now i couldnt able to login in my laptop. tried to login in other system its working fine.
After entering my user id and password it is taking me to the login page asking me to login. the othersites are working fine. I was once uninstalled facemoods from my laptop. Help me in this regard...

A:Unable to login in to FB from my Laptop OS win7

Help is available here: Facebook Technical Support

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I bought this computer: http://support.hp.com/th-en/document/c04941658 When I want to install windows 7 (32 bit) it asks for a cd with drivers. There are no HP drivers for windows for this computer. Please help!

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This laptop has been working fine until last friday. now after bootup, within a minute it hangs with whirling circle like it is trying to load something. Only way out is to manually power down. this is a small SSD hard drive with about 2gb of free space. I did manage to boot up in safe mode and run ccleaner and malware bytes, didn't help.

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Hey guys , this is my first post here .
I've been running win7 x64 for some time now . Now , i needed to install XP 32bit for some programs to run.
I had 3 partitions (C,D,E) on windows 7 which were nearly full(except C which was the boot drive) . So using the Disk Management tool of Win7 , i shrunk one of the partitions which created some unallocated space . Now i created a new partition in that unallocated space and named it K. It is in this drive that i wanted to install XP.

So, when i try installing XP on that partition , it just wont happen. XP recognises it as Unpartitioned space . I tried to select the 'Delete Partition' option to no avail. Im kinda stuck here and any help would be appreciated . Thanks

A:Unable to install XP on win7 (for dual boot)

You can consider this failure a blessing in disguise.
Installing an old OS on new hardware is problematic at best and almost impossible at worst. And that goes double for laptops. The initial problem is that XP does not natively support SATA hard drives which your computer is likely using. Thiis can usually be solved.

Another problem is availability of device drivers. The XP CD will not have drivers for new hardware as it did not exist when the disk was produced. You may or may not be able to obtain them from the manufacturer.

There are usually better options than dual booting with an old OS.

1. Try compatibility more. This is accessible from the programs properties dialog in Windows Explorer.

2. XP mode if is is available for youe edition of Windows 7.

3. Install a virtual machine such as VirtualBox or VirtualPC. You can then install XP under that.

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Hi all. Any help you could offer is appreciated.

Running Win7 on an HP Envy 14 from a couple years ago. When I push the power button on the computer I see the BIOS screen. I'm able to load BIOS options and change boot order, etc. but once I let the BIOS execute I get a black screen with the words "boot error" at the top and a white cursor. Nothing else and the computer is unresponsive. Windows doesn't start loading at all.

Now, for unrelated reasons (I assume) my computer's always had problems booting from USB, SD and CD-ROM. I don't know if the fix boot record/system repair stuff will work, so before I go hunting for the CD I just wanted to ask if there were any other hack I could try to repair the BIOS or whatever is the problem. I have access to the files on the hard drive with an ATAPI bridge.

Thanks for any help you might have!

A:Unable to boot Win7, BIOS error?


Is it possible that the battery for the CMOS on your machine's MB is dead? You don't say how old it is in your post. I have had that occur but only once in all the machines I've built.

Just a thought!

Good luck


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Hi, I am having a problem that seems more like a Win XP problem, but since its part of my migration to Win7 and many people these days may be trying the same I dare to pose the question here in this Win 7 forum:

As I said, I am in the progress of migrating to Win7. As a transient solution until I have transferred and re-installed everything under Win7 I want to have a dual boot capability, i.e. I bought me a larger HD, created two partitions on it, installed Win7 on the first partition, and then I used a disk-imager (Acronis Disk Director) to copy my entire old XP disk 1:1 to the second partition of the new HD. I then set things up so I can choose between the two partitions using the Win7 boot manager. After some fiddling the choosing and booting in principle works fine.

BUT, when I try to start WinXP, I have the very strange effect, that the system at first boots and starts WinXP up fine up to the point where it presents the login screen. When I then enter my name and password my credentials at first seem to be accepted, i.e. I get a "Loading your settings..." dialog but to my dismay only seconds later that dialog always turns into "Logging off..." ([email protected]#@$&!) at which point the system hangs for some long period. If I wait long enough (~5 minutes) it eventually returns to the login screen again. I also tried to login as Administator but that failed as well (the error message mumbled something about no domain server to verify my id which is comple... Read more

A:Dual-boot Win7 & XP: unable to log into XP partition

Boot into the XP installer and run a Repair Install. This is not the "Choose R for repair" console first offered.

Proceed as if to install until it discovers the installation, highlight that and then choose Repair.

It will appear as though it is doing a new install but will save all of your programs, files and settings (everything except activation and Updates) while reinstalling XP and it's boot over the problem copy.

When it is finished, you need to then download EasyBCD and add the Win7 OS by name, drive letter and type as given in Method 2, Steps 7-15 here: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

Let me know if you have any problems as I am running one right now.

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When I try to start my laptop the 'Acer' logo flashes with 'press f2 to enter setup, f12 to change boot device, then to a black screen with a flashing cursor but unable to type, then screen turns off and it just repeats over and over. I'm unable to start in safe mode. I don't have the original Windows disc and no access to another computer, at this stage. I have a wireless keyboard and when I plug in the dongle am able to use it. 
If I press f2 then I'm able to access 'Phoenix Securecore Tiano Setup' with tabs for Information, Main, Security, Boot and Exit.
Before the laptop refused to start it was having an error about not being able to write to drive. I ran two programs, one anti malware and the other I think was Glary. I was able to start both in normal and safe mode at this stage.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Dumbed down advice would be great! 
Acer Aspire 4752
Windows 7
Intel Core i3-2350m cpu @ 2.30ghz

A:Windows 7 Acer laptop unable to boot, unable to use safemode

It sounds like your HDD is broken.
Sorry, it really sounds that way.
Ultimate Boot CD has a range of tools that will help you confirm this. (look in the HDD Diagnosis section on the list)
Burn the disk and boot it, run the tool you choose...

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I have win7 on C drive and WinXPsp3 on D drive. Drives are separate. You can see full specs below.
I boot into XP on D fine. I can also boot into Win7 on C fine, but here is the catch. The computer wants to go into a chkdsk if I boot into win7. If I let the computer do this it goes through a very long process and when it comes out of that process it reboots and goes through its normal procedure.

But then when it gets to the very last step, the step where it shows the wallpaper, icons and taskbar, all I get is blank screen.

If I boot into safe mode I can see everything. If I boot into safemode with networking I can see everything. As a matter of fact that is how I am typing this message now.

What do I need to do to get my computer to boot correctly?

Here are my specs:
Drive C: W7 Home Premium 80GB NTFS (IDE)
Drive D: WinXP Pro sp2 80GB NTFS (IDE)
Drive E : Storage 80gb (IDE) -2nd half of Drive "D"
Drive F&G DVDRs

Seagate 400GB Sata Storage 2 Partitions
Seagate 400GB USB Storage 2 Partitions (external)
Phenom II 5500 (3.2ghz) CPU
4GB DDR3 Ram
Nvidia 9500GT PCIE 1GB video card
Creative 128bit sound card
Earthlink DSL 6000bps
Floppy drive, 56K dialup, Optical Mouse, Keyboard, 21" CRT,

A:Unable to boot into Win7 desktop in Normal Mode

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I recently got my pc up and running again with a new MB and CPU i had installed Ultimate 64 from my USB stick as usual installed fine booted to windows no problem

untill i tried to do a chsk dsk on the main drive which then restarted my pc showed me the OS boot information but didn't show the usual chkdsk screen it hanged so i rebooted and decided to re-install

this is where more problems occured, i formated an clean installed again to restart an be greeted with "Reboot and select proper boot device/media and press any key"

i ran the install again to notice that it doesn't make a system reserved partition this is where the boot files are, i have tried three diffrent ISO's with three diffrent USB sticks an also tried on a laptop and everytime it does not make a system reserved partition

i've used the Windows 7 DVD To USB Tool and the CMD guide to making a bootable windows USB like i've done in the past again same results

i'm hoping that my seagate 250GB barracuda isn't becoming faulty could this be the case? i had also updated the BIOS on the MB but it was working fine after that so i don't think that is the issue

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

A:Unable to boot after clean install Win7 Ultimate 64-bit

Welcome to SevenForums.

Download SeaTools for DOS | Seagate burn it on to a CD and run the diagnostic tests. That should confirm whether your HDD is OK or not.

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Here's a problem I got with the Onboard intel graphics driver.

After installing it, w7 won't boot. It loads the windows logo but freezes and won't load the os.
The only way to make it work is restoring, and obviously getting the said graphic driver deleted.

I've tried changing some UEFI (bios) settings, but nothings worked. Also btw, the system only works with the hard disk set on ide and it doesn't work using AHCI (the one that comes by default)

I've also tried installing Win8, but things went even worse, as I didn't even get the chance to boot w8 after installing the SO.
So that I had to come back to Win7 but unfortunately just with the standard vga driver-

I ran out of ideas, I have no clue what's preventing me from booting after installing the Intel graphics driver.

Could be that the driver got some kind of bug that the company would need to fix and update ?

The motherboard is an Asrock H61M-DG3USB3

HD Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA3, although the mb has got only sata2.

the processor is an Intel G2020 ivy.

Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:Unable to boot Win7 after installing OnBoard Gfx driver

If Windows was installed in IDE Mode you have to do a registry edit to switch to AHCI after the fact.
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista
If you press F8 at the correct time during boot up you should get the safe mode etc boot menu. Amongst those options is a Enable low resolution video (640x480), try that and if it doesn't work try safe mode.
Safe Mode

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My computer was infected with alueron.k and started showing messages that said the harddrive had crashed. I knew these messages were being produced by the virus and proceeded to boot into windows security essentials offline to scan and remove this virus.

After removing I noticed that I was unable to boot into windows 7.

I used my installation disk to get to the system recovery options menu.

Every option cannot find a valid install of windows 7.
In the recovery console typing "tree" for c: results in "no subfolders exist", which is NOT true because I can use the notepad saveas trick and see that all of my windows system files are still intact.

Am I fubar and need to install a clean copy of windows 7 or is there still options?

System restore, fixmbr, and fixboot all dont work.

Edit: my default boot drive has been changed from C to X, which is a 30 mb partition, which was automatically created when this all started happening..

A:Unable to boot win7, recovery console unresponsive

Hello Zhall and welcome to Seven Forums!

First boot to Command Prompt at Startup from your recovery CD.
At Command Prompt type following :
list disk
Then select disk where you installed Windows with command :
select disk #
(# is number of your disk)
list partition
Then select your System Reserved partition (System Reserved is 100MB partition) with following command :
select partition #
(# is number of your System Reserved partition from list partition command)
Then type :

Close Command Prompt and try to boot again.

I hope that will help

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I have a new Lenovo E540 preloaded with OEM Win7 PRO 64 bit ... and no discs
- (other than an upgrade to Win8.1 PRO ... no thanks)

Q1: How do I make a recovery disc of the current Win7 PRO 64bit ?
- I have never done it before .. a recovery virgin.

So far ... when the Lenovo was started the OS was registered with MS but I declined any upgrades until the PC is carefully prepared and imaged before any use and exposure to the internet.
- registration of the OS was unavoidable because the Lenovo took possession as soon as the PC was booted.

The Lenovo is a clean machine , so I want it properly setup and imaged to simplify future maintenance.

Q2: At what point do I create partitions for ... ?
1. Win7 PRO
2. Linux OS -- Mint

Q3: For testing downloads should I create a dedicated test partition or just use a SandBoxie tool ?

Else where in this forum I read a post by Greg Rocker recommending to uninstall all the Toshiba crapware BUT I noticed that he recommended that some Toshiba stuff be retained.
Previously (again in this forum) I have read to dump branded laptop OEM all together and just use a generic OEM on a laptop.

I would be grateful for any guidance. Thank you

Intel i5 | 1TB HDD | 4GB RAM | 2x USB3 | 1x USB2
Win-7 PRO 64-bit | (with discs to upgrade to Win8.1)

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Hi Everyone
I need your help in how to figure out what is wrong with my laptop.
I am using a Samsung laptop which used to have win8 64bit and win7 32bit as I need the latter for work purposes
One day my laptop died on me and I took it to a repair shop where they diagnosed that HDD is bad, hence, they replaced it with a 500GB HDD and preloaded it with a Win7 64bit

As my office apps only work on a 32bit OS, I figured I can do a partition and load it myself since I was able to do it before
However, for whatever reason I have tried to set the boot priority to all USB type boot device with no luck
I was able to use my bootable USBs previously (I have 2, one for win7 and one with win8) but now it is not detected at all

As per attached images, only the SATA HDD and SATA CD appears whenever I press F10, hence, USB seems to be non-existent
I tried all my USB ports and even erased and made a new bootable USB with fresh win7 copy but still the same
I tried to search through on steps I need to do but everytime it just gets more confusing
So I hope I could hear from the professionals that can help me solve the problem and help me thoroughly as I am sadly a not too techie person and I admit I only rely on forums and google search whenever I have tech issues with my stuff.
   Please help me out as I badly need to fix this ASAP. Thank you in advance

A:HELP! Laptop unable to detect bootable USB to load new Win7 OS

Have you tried deleting all teh usb ports then rebooting, windows will reload working ones unless there is another issue.

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Dratted new laptop  (Lenovo G505) came with Win 8.  I had a Win7 install CD and license key, so I figured why not?
The rest is a bit of a nightmare... Windows installed perfectly, but was missing drivers for some of the USB ports, networking and WiFi.  Found those on the Lenovo site, but even after hunting everywhere, could not find a couple of drivers so things are infuriatingly wonky (as opposed to lovably wonky!). 
The mouse (touchpad) is doing an annoying hover-to-click thing I cannot seem to turn off, but most significantly, the hotkeys are only barely working and I cannot seem to adjust the monitor brightness no matter what I do.  I've got it so the volume (F1-F3) and all function keys are working, but the brightness-up key does NOTHING, while the brightness-down key shows a blank "fuel gauge" indicating that there is NO brightness, while in reality, it's turned up all the way and barely watchable.  :-(
Any suggestions for either or all of these woes???
I think it's disgusting how the Microsoft/Lenovo monopolists are still working hand-in-hand to make a system that is dysfunctional without Windows 8.  :-(

A:Lenovo laptop came with Win8, can't find Win7 hotkey drivers -?

Was the Windows 7 installation disc a retail copy or a OEM version?

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I have a Lenovo Z560 Laptop. It has Windows 7, 64 bit, Home Premium installed. I have installed all of the available Windows updates. However, Windows Update does not offer SP1. I did some research and Microsoft KB 2498452:
You do not have the option of downloading Windows 7 SP1 when you use Windows Update to check for updates
states if I have Intel integrated graphics driver Igdkmd64.sys, versions through
"Windows 7 SP1 will not appear in Windows Update if you have [these] files on your computer.
These drivers are known to cause problems with certain applications that use D2D (Direct2D). For example, if you use these drivers together with Windows Live Mail under certain circumstances, Windows Live Mail could crash."

I have Igdkmd64.sys I went to the Lenovo support file download page for the Z560 but it only offers the same old file version. I then went to Intel's support page. When I tried to install the latest Intel video driver for the mobile i5 CPU, I received an error message: "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer."

I believe I need to update at least the Igdkmd64.sys file so Windows Update will offer SP1. How do I update this file? Is there any way I can still use the Intel driver package, Win7Vista_64_152254.exe? I extracted the latest igdkmd64.sys file from Intel's dri... Read more

A:Lenovo Laptop: Win7 64 Home Prem Update Does Not Offer SP1

I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z560. It is upgraded to SP1, but I downloaded the SP1 and installed it from CD, not from the downloads.

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Hi there, My Lenovo G505 is not booting anymore. I had wanted to scan my laptop with Kaspersky Rescue CD, and therefore, I wanted the laptop to boot from the CD. So, I searched for how to boot the laptop from CD, and I followed the solution provided in this thread by Solid_Cruver: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Lenovo-Z500-BIOS-legacy-support/m-p/1124815/hig... As written in that post, I first booted to BIOS Setup, then under Exit, I changed the "OS Optimized Defaults" to "Other OS". I then hit F9 to load defaults. Then, under BIOS, I changed to Legacy boot and Legacy first... both options that are shown one below the other. After that I saved the BIOS setup and exited. After that when the laptop boots, it just keeps showing Lenovo on the screen, and under that the dotted circle keeps on spinning, and nothing else happens. After waiting for a while, I turned power off by pressing the power off button for a while. Then, I pressed the Nova button, but no display comes up, but the light for power remains on. Again, nothing happened there too. Just a black screen, even no blinking cursor, or any kind of display. After waiting a while, I pressed the power button, and laptop powered off. How do I get to the Nova screen, or get the computer to boot? Or, how to just set the BIOS setup again to what it was before? This isn't my laptop, but of my friend, and I don't want it to go bad :/. Please ... Read more

A:Lenovo G505 unable to boot

OK, I tried again after power off on the Lenovo screen. I then pressed the Nova screen, and this time, the display was there (phew), and I got the options for the Nova screen. I went into BIOS, and I changed the options for "OS Optimized Defaults" to "Win8 64-bit", and in BIOS, changed to UEFI. I saved the settings, and exited. But still, the computer is not able to boot. It again shows the screen with Lenovo written and the dotted circle keeps spinning. What else do I have to do to get the laptop to boot normally from the OS? Under the BIOS settings, I noted that Secure Boot was Enabled, but the Secure Boot Status was Disabled. The laptop isnt booting because of this setting? How do I get the Secure Boot Status to Enabled, and how do I get the computer to boot normally from the OS on the HDD?

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This happened to me after 3 months of use. Default boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Insert recovery Media...I pressed ok but there are no options for me. Ok I went online to search for solutions.Went into BIOS:1)Reset to set up defaults. Didn't work2)Boot mode changed from UEFI to Legacy Support and priority changed to Legacy First. Didn't work However at information page it states Hard Disk [Not Detected]. I suspect this is the problem. FYII did not drop or abuse my laptop at any point of time, only put into my bag to bring to school. I live in an area where I search for repair centre it came up with none available. Very distraught right now and hope and kind soul can provide me with solutions. Thanks

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Okay where do I start? When I first got my notebook around 2 years ago, it was perfectly fine. A few months from now, that's when it started to mess up in so many ways. My system constantly froze randomly, Windows had trouble booting the system, etc. Aside from these issues, I figured I had to factory reset my system in order to fix it. I did this and my system worked fine, only if I was lucky enough to successfully boot it up. It takes 40+ minutes for it to boot up and it works perfectly fine when it does and when I'm browsing through the desktop, but I think there may be major hard drive issues with it. The D drive/partition, or as it's called, the recovery drive, is inaccessible and empty. When I factory reset my laptop, I was able to open it but it was empty. After a few Windows Updates and boots, I can't do this anymore. Bare in mind I was running Windows 8.1 at the time. This partition could be the main culprit as to why my system takes so long to boot up, but I could be wrong. The only things I've installed on it is Windows 10. These are the things I've done with no success: -Run my notebook without the battery and only the charger-Remove the CMOS battery when booting up notebook-Remove the disc drive and boot up notebook I'm honestly running out of ideas. I've tried looking at the other forums but I think my issue is a lot different then theirs. On the other hand I can sometimes successfully boot up my system so maybe having this could give me... Read more

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so, I recently got my hands on an older pc without a hard drive. I also had a windows laptop die on me, but the HDD is fine so i put it in my new pc. Now, when i boot it gives me the option to boot windows or the recovery options. i try to boot windows. it goes for ~10 seconds and reboots. a quick google search indicated thats typical. i figured id try to boot safemode and do a driver sweep, but F8 only made a mini boot menu pop up so i used this: Safe Mode - Windows 7 Help Forums
guide to set it to boot into safe mode in the command line which i could access in the recovery options. and i rebooted it, and it tried to boot safemode aswell, and got partway along, but died again and reboot itself. so, should i give up and install ubuntu or something? I cant afford to buy a copy of windows.

A:Transferred win7 drive to another pc, unable to boot, even safe mode

When Windows installs on a computer it takes a snapshot of the existing hardware, motherboard, chipset and loads drivers specifically for that board.
When you remove that HDD and place it in a different computer with different motherboard, when you boot, Windows looks for the old motherboard to load the drivers and can't find it and then BSOD's or fails to boot. If you have a Windows disc, you can boot off of the disc and choose to Repair Your Computer and it will load the specific chipset drivers that are missing. These cannot be downloaded from the internet they must be installed from the disc.
What is the make and model# of the computer? You can order a Recovery disc from the manufacturer Tech Support Forum - Announcements in Forum : Microsoft Support or you can get a Windows disc from Craigslist or Ebay. Or install Ubuntu.

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I recently bought a Dell Laptop (Windows 7). I have been unable to connect to the internet using the Web Browsers. The error I am getting is that the Primary DNS server is not responding. I am able to ping to Internet (say ping works. So internet connectivity does exist), But the DNS is not getting resolved. However there are other Win7 laptops which are on the network which do not have an issue(one of which I am typing this Q from). I have tried most of web offered solutions like
1. Restarting the Router
2. Checking if DHCP is enabled in router settings.
3. Changing settings to find DNS automatically or using static IP or using google's DNS servers.

Also, NSloopkup doesn't work too. How do I resolve this Issue. Please help ??

A:Unable to communicate with Primary DNS server (Brand new laptop Win7)

post an ipconfig /all
and also do a tcp/ip reset
ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

This should also work for windows 8
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad shou... Read more

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Hi community, I am hoping that someone can help me get my laptop back to life. I wanted to do a clean Windows 10 install on my Yoga 2 Pro, which I have done once before without any problem. However this time when booting from the Win 10 boot USB drive nothing happened for a long time (several minutes), so I restarted and tried again, still the same. This was weird because I knew the boot USB was fine, as I had used it before for this purpose on this laptop. Next step was obviously making sure the USB device and boot files were good, so i tested on another PC and everything worked fine - now here comes the really weird part...after this I was not able to boot from the SSD (or the USB, or any other boot device) anymore, as soon as anything not related to the BIOS was booted, the screen would just be stuck at either the Lenovo logo or a blank screen. This also includes recovery (via the Novo menu) I have tried a lot of things, but nothing seems to work:- resetting the BIOS- trying out any BIOS setting that would make sense in this context- hard resetting the BIOS by unplugging the CMOS over a night (which worked, but didnt solve the issue)- trying different USB boot images and formats (all working on similar PCs) these are the facts/findings:- BIOS seems to work fine- boot devices are discovered in the BIOS boot manager and appear as they should- boot devices tried works fine on other PCs (no issues)- the Novo button usually works, but have stopped worki... Read more

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Hi,I have attempted to run the android x86 PC OS and the Linux Ubuntu on my Lenovo laptop by booting these from a pen drive.Howeve,once the laptop restarts, after the initial Lenovo Logo just a blank screen is shown.Kindly help me perform this dual boot since I need some light weight OS to run on this system to perform my tasksThanks.

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I have a brand-new Lenovo yoga 720 which has been working ok until it decided to up date itself which took nearly an hour. All I get now is a black screen with an egg timer and the task bar flashing on and off which goes on for hours with no result. I would appreciate any help with this problem. I am able to get in safe mode and that's about it.

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hello all,

somehow my hard disk partition became dynamic. i formatted system and insttaled windows 7 ultimate in the dynamic disk partition.

from then onwards system is not booting. only black screen with cursor on the upper left corner of the black screen.

if i am not wrong windows 7 cannot boot with dynamic disk. i will have to go to the disk management and after conversion of dynamic disk to basic disk with deleting all the volumes (data). it is possible to boot with windows 7.

but system is not booting...not opening..so i cannot go to disk management.

hrad disk is showing some partitions with system reserved.

except system reserved all the partitions are shwoing dynamic.

and in only one partition formatting option and installing OS option is coming while i booting system with OS DVD.

reinstalltion through OS DVD is possble by booting through OS DVD. but in advanced option repartition option is not coming.

the one partition in which i installed OS previously, only in that formatting option is coming.
in other partition neither formating option is coming nor extend.

A:win7 ultimate unable to boot fron dynamic hard disk..plz help...

You made a mistake by accepting the choice of dynamic disks when doing some partitioning operation.

Bad move. Dynamic disks are to be avoided by ordinary users and are not easy to convert back to basic.

Look here:

Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

It may be simpler to wipe all partitions in Diskpart and start over with a clean install.

Or try Partition Wizard as mentioned in that link.

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I have an old Samsung laptop R439. It came with Windows 7 professional. Lately it was filled with lots of viruses so I decided to perform a clean install with my genuine Windows 7 ultimate disk. First I formatted the hard drive and created 3 new partitions. Then installed the windows (32bit). Everything went well until I got the "Windows is now preparing your desktop" screen. Then it restarted automatically and then got stuck on starting windows screen. I tried to install again. This time I chose 64bit version to install, but same problem kept occurring. Please help me.
P.S.: I tried to install Windows 10 as well, but it won't go past the Windows logo.

A:Samsung R439 unable to boot after clean installation of Win7 Ultimate

check your bios settings, this might help:
Access Denied

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Hi,I tried to disable secure boot option but this option is not showing on my bias setup.How can I find the secure boot option or can disable it?

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I am having problme with Lenovo L460 its not booting by bootable flash disk or external bootable CD what to do?

A:Lenovo Thinkpad L460 unable to boot by any option

You probably have enabled Secure Boot and UEFI only boot settings. Please go to BIOS and then change three settings:- Security > Secure Boot > Secure Boot > Disabled- Startup > UEFI/Legacy Boot > Both- Startup > UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority > Legacy First Save changes and try to boot again from external media.


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I've been using my lenovo idea pad 110 perfectly fine for a few months until a few moments ago my my desktop crashes and is not responding stating "windows is not responding". I decided to force shut down and restart which led to the problem. After i start my laptop , it is always stuck on the boot menu and which ever keys i pressed it will Refresh back to the boot menu. I tried pressing the "novo" button and enter system recovery and other options but all lead back to the boot menu again? I require assistance to fix this issue and request anyone more knowledgable to assist me in this issue.Thank you very much! 

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I need to make a Windows 7 Enterprise (32-bit) USB boot stick for our new T470's. (20JM-0009US). Using my personal workstation (not the new laptops), I did the following:=======================================I extracted the 32-bit ISO to my hard drive.I used DISM to open the "boot.wim" and "install.wim" files.I used "/add-driver" & "/add-package" to add the following:   - Ethernet driver   - USB 3.0 driver   - Windows NVMe hotfixes  (KB 2908787, 2990941, 3087873)   - Intel Rapid Storage Technology (iRST) I still get a "No CD/DVD device driver found" when trying to install Windows 7.  My research says this is caused by the installer being unable to access the storage. I downloaded the Windows 7 32-bit Chipset driver for the T470's, but the driver is an .EXE format and 7-ZIP is unable to extract any usable files from it.  I believe this may be my problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I got a new Lenovo G580 laptop which did not come with any pre-installed OS. I installed Ubuntu in UEFI mode (I had not disabled UEFI/Secure Boot). Later I installed Windows 7. During installation it asked me to format the entire format as it did not recognize the GPT partition. Accordingly without thinking twice I erased the entire HDD and installed Windows 7. Now I am unable to enter into BIOS

Things I have tried:
Tried with F2, F1 and Delete keys while booting
Tried removing the battery and booting while pressing the above keys individually
Tried removing the battery and adapter, held the power button for 1 minute
Tried removing the battery and held the power button for 1 minute while the adapter was plugged in
Tried pressing F12 and going to the APP MENU but I can only see "Diagnostic Splash" Nothing else and in that diagnostic splash screen I see that the System BIOS is "shadowed"
How can i gain access to BIOS so I can disable UEFI and install Win 7 and Ubuntu side by side

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I have a 900-13ISK2 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80UE Yoga laptop bought less than a year ago. It has three year onsite warranty. Since the time I bought it, the screen goes periodically berserk with ghost touches. All my open windows start getting toggled by themselves, random windows open, while some others I am working on get closed; its maddening. Complained to tech; they did some research and replaced the entire LED screen; basically one half of the laptop. Same problem. Multiple engineers have visited me and sat and did all sorts of engineering; no results. In desperation, I even went online and handed over remote access to the online tech support; same result. Now I use the Yoga after disabling touchscreen through device manager;  which kind of defeats the entire prupose of buying a Yoga. They know its a defective piece and a hardware issue; but refuse to replace. What should I do! I am at my wit's end!   

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Hi Expert,I have a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop Z500 which is getting BSOD and the error is Driver Verifier Detected Violation, so I need to boot in safe mode to troubleshoot but I am unable to boot to safe mode. Having tried f8, fn+f8, shift+restart and f4 all not working even with external keyboard. Windows 8.1 here, there is a one key recovery but it will remove all but data, the laptop don?t come with CD or USB. Appericate if anyone can assist me on.Thanks

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Referred from here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/501325/cant-boot-win7-laptop-ran-farbar-recovery-scan-tool-now-what/ ~ OB
I can't boot my laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron M5030 with an AMD processor running Windows 7 with Avast virus protection.
Everything worked fine until a few days ago, when I tried to boot and Windows would not load. Booting displays unexpected "Loading Files..." progress bar, then computer says "Startup Repair: Windows cannot repair this computer automatically". On this page I clicked "View Problem Details". The problem details are:

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: Unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21200341
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 16
Problem Signature 07: CorruptFileOS
Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Locale ID: 1033
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View Advanced Options leads to System Recovery Options, but it can't find a safe restore point.
I can't start in Safe Mode. 
I tried to run DDS. Since Windows does not start, I tried to run DDS using the command prompt from Windows Recovery Options, but it failed to run. The error message was:

The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present.
Any ideas?

A:Can't boot Win7 laptop. Help!

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will be assisting you with your Malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully. First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding. Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one. If you have any problems while you are follow my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem. Do not run any other scans without instruction or Add/ Remove Software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me. Post all Logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts. If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed. Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean. My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.   Scan with FRST (Recovery Environment)To run FRST on Vista and Windows7:For x32 (x86) bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.For x64 bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 and save it to a flash drive.Plug the flashdrive... Read more

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I have an 2 year old HP Pavillion dv7-4165dx entertainment Lapton triple core AMD chip

A few days ago, I plugged the laptop to my Big screen to watch Hulu, well it took me a few mins to get the audio to respond correctly, BTW this was not my first time plugging to the Big Screen.
While watching the programs noticed there were a few freezes, unplugged the HDMI cord, screen never went back to single monitor mode, so I did a hard reset. Laptop took a little longer than normal to load into windows but it got there. Firefox was running a little buggy so I went to check the antivirus program, Trend Micro 2012 Titanium and the its not running nor can I open the console. Checked for a restore point, there was none left. Rebooted into safe mode check Trend Micro still has the same issue, still unable to restore. Finally, reboots once more and computer goes into start windows normally or start windows repair (recommended), starting normally and repair gets you to the same place the HP recovery manager that does not work, one takes a little longer than the other, I have tried all the options on the recovery manager panel none seem to work.

So during research I found that I could download Systemssweeper (now Windows defender) by MS and boot to CD Drive and scan for viruses. Accomplished few viruses found, cleaned rebooted, went back to HP recovery manager, same results nothing working.

Unmounted the HD, plugged to a working laptop, used local antivirus, no viruses. Removed all inform... Read more

A:HP Laptop will not Boot into Win7

Using Hardware Diagnostic Tools when Windows does not open , scroll down to this and follow suggestions, please.Louis

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plz help me as my sound driver realtek is not getting installed.
my laptop is lenovo and my OS is MS windows XP professional

A:I'm unable to install Realtek sound driver on Lenovo laptop

Are you running XP SP2 or SP3?
> If you're still SP2 you may be missing a Windows driver you needed for High Definition (HD) audio that comes in SP3. It's required by the Realtek HD driver will work

If SP3, see if Windows can find and install the right driver for you. Open Device Manager. Do you see your sound card? (Probably listed with a yellow icon) right click it, select Update Driver and let Windows search for the right driver

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Hello all, this is my first post here so apologies if it is in the wrong category.

I have been trying to repair a laptop for my friend that cannot boot up to windows. It is constantly going to Startup repair and whenever I try repairing windows with USB it always fails.

Now I am trying to access the bios to change the boot device to the USB drive so I can do a fresh install of windows.
Here's my issue, the laptop will always go into the startup repair mode without giving me the option to enter the bios.

Will removing the cmos battery resolve this? ( I want to avid this option as it means opening the laptop, since it is not my laptop. I may find it difficult even locating the cmos battery)

Any other ideas how I can access the bios?

- Edit -

The laptop is running windows 8.1 x64

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Vexing hardware issue - any thoughts appreciated.

Trouble-shooting my daughter's HP G62-435DX lappy. Its been a faithful tool and adequately serves her needs but has recently started making a high-pitched near constant sound just as it boots into Windows. The sound emanates from about where the speaker is - which does not correlate to where the cpu fan, HDD or RAM is located. At this point the cursor blinks in the top left corner of the screen, the noise continues ... until a hard power off.

Sometimes, after 30-60 seconds it will boot through to windows, and at that point it operates normally until shut down - however long that is. If I boot from CD with Partition Wizard and then select boot from hard drive instead of PW, it is fine and operates normally.

I have blown the dust-bunnies out and run a few diagnostics - everything checks out OK. Speccy says mobo temps are fine (53?-65?), the HDD has no errors, and I hear the fans spool up when the cpu goes under load. The BIOS is up to date. HD diagnostics says battery is OK and it still charges to 90+%.

At first I thought maybe the screen inverter or power supply (there are scads of forum posts on high-pitched laptop noises), but it happens with or without battery and the screen brightness is undiminished.

So it seems as though - as long as it boots, everything is good. Could this indicate a failing hardware component triggering a sensor? If so, what? But then why does it run just as always once it completes the boot?

Any... Read more

A:Laptop squeals and does not boot to Win7

If it has a antivirus, try running a full scan with it.

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Lenovo X250 - After installation of kb4467691 unable to boot ( Windows 10 build 1607) got stuck in Lenovo screen .  

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My pc specs * asus z97-p motherboard * intel i7 4790 cpu * bequiet 630w psu * 8gig corsair vengeance ram * samsung 850evo 250gig ssd (win 7pro 64bit drive) * sandisk ultra II ssd 128gig ssd (win 10 drive) * 2x crucial 500gig bx100 ssd (data drives)

i recently rebuilt this into a new case and it had been working fine. Mainly using the win 7 os but more recently using the win 10 os more and more. The way it has been working is that win7 is the default boot and I have to hit the delete key on startup to select win10 to boot from.

today I was on win 10 but needed to reboot to 7. Upon doing so I hit this message:

Secure Boot Violation The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers.

It then gave me the option to boot to win10 as it is the next boot option on the list. Win 10 is now giving me the blue screen "memory management error" although I have been able to get into win10 after some more rebooting.

I ran SFC scanner and it told me that there were some problems that it cannot fix.

Everything is unplugged apart from mouse, keyboard hdmi to screen and ethernet cable. Unplugging the win10 drive from the mobo and switching the win7 drive to another port has not helped.

Has my ssd failed? has win 10 done an update that has caused this problem? It did update today, in fact the first error message I got was after win10 shut down, and when I booted into it again it installed some updates before launching.
thanks for any help!

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