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T450 screen flickering problem

Q: T450 screen flickering problem

Hello, The screen of my T450 flickers and becomes purple when it is flexed. The problem goes away when you apply pressure on the bezel under the display so the problem must be caused by a loose connection. I upgraded the original TN display of the T450 to an IPS screen so I presume that my warranty is void. My question is should I replace the screen again or is there a way to fix the connections in the soft black ribbon under the LCD panel? Is there a tutorial how this could be done? Thank you for your suggestions!

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Preferred Solution: T450 screen flickering problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have pavilion g6 laptop it's screen is flickering I don't know why in the starting the flickering occur only when I start the device but now it's permanently there. So I can not use my laptop how to solve this issue???

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I have a HP laptop. When I switch on my laptop the first screen is HP logo then black screen comes, screen flickers and again goes back to the HP logo screen. Start windows screen is not coming.

I tried installing fresh Windows 7 version but it is not moving further. The screen is flickering and is going back to HP logo screen.

Please Help.

What might be the problem?

A:booting problem, flickering screen

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive


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Hi,The same issue. Screen flickers on top and bottom side. At that time mouse pointer stucks.found only display side has problem. Opened the notebook but the video cable and display looks fine. Any one know how to debug this thing to know prob is of cable or lcd display?...:;((. It cant be the because of os i think(windows 10).Advanced thanks ....

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I have a strange problem: my screen is flickering/flashing really bad. However, this disappears when I put brightness level in 100%.
I've always used brightness levels between 40 and 50%. Today, when I turned my PC on, the screen was flashing really bad. I tried a lot of things, and noticed, by accident, that the flickering stops when I adjust brightness to 100%. Unfortunately, I can't use it for a long time in 100%, because it hurt my eyes.
I just want to know: how can I fix it, to be able to use it again in 40-50% brightness, without this annoying and eye-hurting flickering effect?
I attached a video showing the situation. Although the cell camera may distort something, when it films a screen, it is possible to notice that the screen flicks really bad, and it just stops when I adjust brightness to 100%.
As this video has 2,91Mb and Dell just accepts files with maximum 1Mb, I uploaded it in Dropbox, and I am sharing its link. I hope this works: www.dropbox.com/.../Dell
Please, help!!!

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The video has the details along with my system specs. I am having problems running Far Cry 3.

Please help, I would truly appreciate it.

A:Black, flickering screen problem with Far Cry 3


We can not really read anything about your system specs in that video.

Having looked at the Youtube comments you say you have obtained the game via illegal torrents. Please read the site rules as you do not support or provide help with illegal software.


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I have new Asus laptop with Intel 4500MHD graphics card and recently have some problems with screen under Windows 7 64bit. I was messing with color calibration and i get back to standard calibration, but now, when i switch windows/panels/anything (for example from bright to dark color) screen is messing colors - it's hard to describe, i see the pixels are moving for 1 sec. Sometimes it looks similar to changing brightness of screen. When i open picture with gradient i see pixels (colors) are "moving" and after 1 second it stops. I don't think it's graphic card related because under Linux everything looks fine.

Thanks for any ideas.

A:Flickering screen problem on laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by prozac


I have new Asus laptop with Intel 4500MHD graphics card and recently have some problems with screen under Windows 7 64bit. I was messing with color calibration and i get back to standard calibration, but now, when i switch windows/panels/anything (for example from bright to dark color) screen is messing colors - it's hard to describe, i see the pixels are moving for 1 sec. Sometimes it looks similar to changing brightness of screen. When i open picture with gradient i see pixels (colors) are "moving" and after 1 second it stops. I don't think it's graphic card related because under Linux everything looks fine.

Thanks for any ideas.

You don't typically see this kind of thing on a flat-panel display but you might want to go into the display settings and change the refresh rate just to see if it has any effect.


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Hello, I bought a thinkpad Carbon X1 (5th gen) 2 months ago.  The screen of the laptop flickers as shown in the attached video. This happens only at some places, for example its fine at my home but it flickers if I use it in my office. Did any body have this type of problem? 

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Ok so my acer laptop started flickering.Everytime i move the screen back and fourth it flickers.Sometimes i can get it in the spot were it will stay on for a few minutes. Now i cant get the screen to stay on it just flickers.I heard that my laptop does not have an inverter cable in the screen but im not sure about that.This laptop is out of warranty. Can somebody tell me what needs to be replaced?  

A:Acer E1-531-2697 Screen Flickering Problem!!

can be a loose video cable in the back of LCD panel or from the motherboard. you can google to find some infos on how to open your laptop:e1-531 fan cleaning

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Hi all,
I've been really satisfied with my X230T, and It has accompanied me on a round the world adventure and it's been through quite a bit and we've bonded pretty well. 
Problem Description
It's still functioning fine however the left 1/5th section of the screen has begun to uncontrollably flicker in a variety of colors and sometimes just goes completely dark. This issue unfortunately came up about two months after my warranty expired when I was in the middle of China traveling. 
Here are a few pictures of the flickering/lines of color that come up.
Link to image 1
Flickering full screen
Link to image 2
Problem Isolation
Seeing as the problem fluctuates and worsens/gets better depending on screen position and movement, I'm 99.9% it's a hardware problem. After taking apart the laptop and playing around with connectors I'm pretty sure it's the LCD cable (FRU 04W1775), which I've ordered a $10 replacement from eBay. 
Problem Port/Cable
Link to image 3
Normal problem condition
Link to image 4
Applying light pressure/tilting the screen at a different angle
Link to image 5
I was wondering if anyone else has run into similar problems and whether they had a different solution or if the problem was more related to the LCD panel/LCD cable port. I do not fancy the notion of replacing the LCD Panel as it essentially costs as much as buy... Read more

A:X230T Screen flickering/lines problem

I believe it is not the cable. When the screen is assembled, the logic circuits connect to the rows and columns of LCDs (row and column drivers) with a contact tape that has one contact per line of pixels. Your tape has delaminated along the bottom. I have never been successful in fixing this problem on any screen.  Pressure along the tape makes temporary contact.  You probably need a new screen. You are certainly welcome to change the cable, since you bought one, although it is a pain to get the wires run correctly.  I have a couple of screens here and I have been buying tablets having bad screens on eBay, so if you decide you want to sell yours for a down payment on a new one, send me a pm.  Sorry

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My hp 15f272wm(it's just four months old) blinks the desktop icons (keep disappearing) , flickers the files located in the hard disk except in local disc c. The cursor also blinks and hangs ... The TouchPad also has a problem (it has sensitivity issues). Can one help please? Thank you.

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I have an HP Envy TouchSmart 17t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC.  I was running Windows 8.1, but just last night accepted the free upgrade to Windows 10. The upgrade itself seemed to succeed, but once I login and get to the desktop, my screen starts flickering constantly.  I can move the mouse around, but clicking on menus / apps does not work, as the screen flickering prevents any actions.  I can use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the menu that allows me to sign out, restart/shutdown, etc . . . but I can't really do anything else. I downloaded the upgrade over the internet, so I do not have any Windows 10 disks or installers. I've seen on Google that some Win10 beta testers  were experiencing this problem  months ago on pre-release versions of Windows 10, but i didn't see a resolution. I'm not sure how to get into safe mode to see if the problem happens there too. Anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions?   The PC is pretty much useless in its current condition with the flickering problem. Thanks,Jim

A:Windows 10 Upgrade Screen Flickering Problem

Hi, I've got a 5 years old laptop and last night Windows 10 updated video driver for it. Please try 1. Go to Device Manager,2. Expand Display Adapter,3. Right click NVIDIA adapter and select Properties,4. Click Driver tab,5. Select Update driver It took more than 5 mins to find driver for my machine; but for yours, much quicker because the card is newer. Regards.

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To whom it may concern,

I have just recently been experiencing problems with my only laptop elitebook 2530p being that the screen has been flickering as seen in the pictures. I have honestly never dropped it, or have any liquid on it at all, and any help to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Michael kairouz

A:Flickering screen problem on a elitebook 2530p

Howdy and welcome. I've deleted the poll (no need for it) and moved this to the hardware forum.

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Okay, this is a really weird problem. I have green and red dots flickering on my screen, most of them are at the taskbar, but they are sometimes moving.
Also when I try to open a window and start moving it around, the whole screen flickers.

Now, I searched abit on this, and people said that it was the graphics card, so I shut down my computer, opened it up and took all dust out, checked the card was properly seated, and started it up. Still the same problem.
So I ran the ATI Tool to check for any kind of artifacts, and everything looked fine, no errors or something. Buuut, all the flickering and green dots dissapeared when I used it, weird eh?

I think this is a software problem of some sorts, as I got a bsod when I tried to install a program, TWICE!

Anyone got any idea of what this is?

A:Flickering screen, green dots but no problem with GPU


Please visit the following link to download and install the latest driver:


Which video card do you have?

If you'd like us to look at the crash dumps, please go to C:\Windows\Minidump. Copy and paste the files in there to any other folder, then rar or zip them. Attach the compressed file to your next post using the paperclip above where you type. This may give us some clues and/or possible repair attempts.

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I have been having this problem for 6 months now and it's making me go insane. The problem is while im playing ingame my screen will go completely black all i can see are faint outlines of things then it will flicker back to normal then back to completely black again. This will go on for 15 minutes or so before it finally stops and it was happening once a day. Since then things have gotten worse, alot worse, Now when it goes black it will not even flicker back to normal it will stay completely black for about an hour or more or until i quit the game. It's so frustrating because I can forget about grouping or raiding at all because well, if the screen goes black im SOL. This is happening in WoW, EQ2 and WC3. I'm at the end of my pitiful rope please get me some help, if you can't help refer me to more tech forums where i can post my problem.

Stuff you might wanna know: I have the latest drivers for my video card (NVidia 6600 GT)I have the latest version of Directx(9.0c)I don't believe there is any overheating going on as i have a box fan on high sitting infront of the open case and there is an air condition directly behind the fan. Also don't think it has anything to do with sound as I've disabled sound in all those programs and the problem still persists. This is all I can think of right now. Thank you for your time.

A:Major problem with black screen flickering

Try changing refresh rates and/or enabling vsync.

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Emachine windows 7 upgraded from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10 pro. Had black flicker screen problem with the windows 10 pro previously. And had other issues as well with signing in to my microsoft games on my pc.
So to fix the micrsoft pc games problem I removed everything from my pc and even deleted the previous windows so now there's only windows 10 pro on my pc.

So now I can sign in to my microsft games like bingo and so forth.

So now I'm having a problem with the black flickering screen which I don't know how to fix.
I'm current on my updates.

And here's the problem with the screen.

If I click on the windows icon on the taskbar and then open the "File Explorer" and then click to open a file like a video. And the vlc media player opens it will flicker once or twice. Or if I'm using the firefox browser and watching a video on netflix it will flicker a few times like maybe a dozen or so.

Youtube videos don't flicker and its getting me a bit buggy.

I'm loooking for a few ideas on how to fix it. My screen dose not turn black it just flickers once the players start.

But I didn't have the problem with the previous windows.

Please help me out with this. Thank you.

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Hey all,

My computer specs are:

DELL Vostro 410 Q6600 2.4ghz Quad Core processor
4 GB Ram
At the moment, ATI HD 3400. HAD a Geforce 9800 GTX+
Windows 7 32 bit

My problem began as I was playing Team fortress 2 using my Geforce 9800 GTX+. Out of nowhere, I started getting random crashes to my desktop, sometimes a blue screen would appear and I would have to restart. Eventually, I would get an error message down at the taskbar saying "Display driver kernel has stopped responding and has recovered", something like that, not the exact error message but very similar. It started getting worse after a while, not just with gaming but random desktop use. My screen would flicker and the taskbar would change colors, I would also get the error message as well as blue screen at times. It got so bad that when I logged into the computer, the taskbar and shortcuts would be purple.

I decided to try and swap my Geforce 9800 GTX+ for the ATI HD 3400 that came with my DELL. Here's where it gets real interesting:

After opening my computer and swapping the video cards, I had no internet connection. Reason being was my network adapter which was built into the motherboard did not work anymore. It would display no connection light at all, it was simply gone, fried, whatever. I was very skeptical as to why opening my computer and swapping video cards would cause my network adapter to stop working. I was grounded the whole time and didn't fry anything..

After this, I bought and... Read more

A:Screen keeps flickering. Have tried 2 different video cards. Problem remains...


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I bought my Dell XPS 13 laptop (L321X) in December of 2012.  Beginning in the middle of 2013, I began experiencing my display screen suddenly become scrambled. I am attaching a photo of what happens.  I did not think anything of it at first, and honestly it would happen maybe once a month.  I figured it was maybe that I had the laptop on my lap and it was getting overheated.  In any event, I didn't think much of it. 
Since the beginning of this year, I saw that it started doing it more frequently.  Within the last month, it has been happening more and more frequently, to the point that it is disrupting my use of the laptop.  I absolutely LOVE the laptop, with the exception of this one issue.  Can anyone please help me understand what seems to be the issue with the display problem?  
I have not yet tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor to see if the issue is with my video drive or screen.  It's just difficult to attach it to an external monitor in time when the problem starts, because the scrambling goes away within 20-30 seconds.  

A:Dell XPS 13 Display Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem

Has Dell figured out the Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem. My XPS 15Z has the same problem.

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Hello everyone; Because of this problem, I had a notebook changed with the exact same one, for I'd had this problem since the first time I'd turned on the device, and I never solved the issue on that notebook, though I tried many advised solutions on these forums, youtube etc. However, this notebook have come with the same problem. At first time, it seemed like it occurred less than it did on the previous device, and I thought that maybe those solutions would work this time. But it has become more frequent when I have started to run some other applications. I have tried those solutions again; - I have disabled the battery saving modes on Intel Graphics,- I have disabled the adaptive brightness on power management settings,- I have done the BIOS update,- I have done the driver update (done it before but now I also have the problem of updating the driver since the latest update of Windows 10, I can never install a driver update now)- I have disabled the Windows Error Reporting Service and Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support on System Configuration. Despite all these, the flickering never stopped!!! I have been absolutely mad after all these issues. I don't want to make another change of device. There has to be an absolute solution. Please give me a prompt reply. Thank you in advance.

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I bought my Dell XPS 13 laptop (L321X) in December of 2012.  Beginning in the middle of 2013, I began experiencing my display screen suddenly become scrambled. I am attaching a photo of what happens.  I did not think anything of it at first, and honestly it would happen maybe once a month.  I figured it was maybe that I had the laptop on my lap and it was getting overheated.  In any event, I didn't think much of it. 
Since the beginning of this year, I saw that it started doing it more frequently.  Within the last month, it has been happening more and more frequently, to the point that it is disrupting my use of the laptop.  I absolutely LOVE the laptop, with the exception of this one issue.  Can anyone please help me understand what seems to be the issue with the display problem?  
I have not yet tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor to see if the issue is with my video drive or screen.  It's just difficult to attach it to an external monitor in time when the problem starts, because the scrambling goes away within 20-30 seconds.  

A:Dell XPS 13 Display Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem

Hi all, I originally posted this message a few months ago.  I never received any positive suggestions or resolutions to the problem, so I did what I naturally do when I am out of options.  I reformated my entire hard drive, and re-installed windows and all drivers from scratch.  

Poof!  Problem gone!  Hasn't happened for the past several months.  I guess there was a glitch in the version of the BIOS or display drivers.  I recommend others try this--it worked for me and I am back in love with the XPS.  
Good luck!

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Hi - My display is flickering and it goes off quite frequently. It also causes the computer the hang up when trying to do other tasks. Is there something wrong with my graphics card or driver? I attempted to update the driver and no change. I've tried updating the driver and I get error messages indicating that it can't be done.

I have a Dell 8200 that was purchased in 2003. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200. Any recommendations on where to start troubleshooting, or should I just go get another graphics card?


A:Slow Computer And Screen Is Flickering (graphics Card Problem?)

After making sure that your vga cable is connected good, it's possible that it's going out, I only got a year out of my FX5200

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peeeeeeeellllll meeeeeeThat mat tape and finger prints, driving me crazy all the time. After peel viewing angles became better, contrast ratio also.But 1600x900 resolution still no no for me. Just order IPS FH screen for 32, will update later how is going on.resolution

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I recently bought my third Thinkpad, a T450 off ebay to replace my X230 for studying. It's an i7 model with 8GB RAM and a 256gb SSD. It still has nearly 2 years remaining on the extended warranty. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a 1080p IPS screen already fitted (was planning to upgrade it) - did Lenovo ever ship the T450 with this? It's a late model one, did they introduce it later on in the machine's life cycle? There aren't any visible signs of the screen having been replaced and the seller never mentioned anything (I thought it was coming with the TN HD panel) and the brightness controls in Windows work as they should do on a clean Windows install.

A:IPS screen on T450 as standard?

Hi ajbritain4,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
Well some of T450 does comes with FHD IPS panel according to psref (complete list)
I hope the above information helped you. 
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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When I close the lid of my computer, it makes the alert noise as if you unplugged a device. When I open the lid, it makes the alert noise as if you plugged in a new device. The screen takes a few seconds to turn on, and all of my windows which were open will be resized, and all of my desktop icons are rearranged.Happens every time I open or close the lid, and it's been about a week now.About two months ago, I actually sent this in to Lenovo for some repair from a drop, and they replaced just some plastic parts of the shell and the keyboard. It worked fine when I got it back, and once the screen is on, it continues to work fine. I'm mentioning this because I don't think the screen is becoming physically unplugged, it looks like it is in top shape after the repairs. Any thoughts?-Matt

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Hi! I have had my lenovo Thinkpad T450 intel Core i-5-5300U CPU and 4.00 RAM memory for approximately two years now. Recently, I had an issue with my display as the screen will freeze, slowly pixelate, and turn white after several minutes. This occurs sporadically, usually when I wake the computer from it's sleep setting and ocassionally during usage. I noticed that when I apply minor pressure to the bottom right hand corner of the laptop, the issue will be resolved and suspect the problem is with the connections. Is this a common issue for T450 users? Are there protocols for users like myself to fix this problem or is the problem complex and requires that I take this to the repair shop? Thanks! 

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Sorry if this has been asked before, I looked around as best as I could with the search features, googling, etc. The thinkpad powers on just fine, boots into windows, there is no backlighting at all. Had to use a flashlight to navigate. The red dot on the back of the screen for the i on thinkpad does light up though. Is the screen bad, or is the cable loose? Should I try the motherboard side first or the display?Thanks!

A:Thinkpad t450 screen not lighting up

It is impossible to say.  The screen could be bad.  The motherboard could have a problem - most likely a fuse.  The Hall sensor that switches when the lid hasclosed could have failed.  sorry.

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I've got the basic TN 1366x768 display on my T450 and would like to install a full HD 1080p IPS display. I can't seem to find any information on the forums for screen replacement for this model. Most online display retailers sellers suggest that the edp cable would have to be replaced for a dual channel one. Is this correct?Also, would replacing this display for a full HD blow any fuses in the laptop? Any help on this would be truely appreciated.

Go to Solution.

A:Screen upgrade from 1366x768 on T450

Welcome to the forum!
There is a FHD panel listed in the parts list on the support side: source: Parts List
Click on the link above and scroll down to page 4, you will see a FHD panel listed with FRU #04X5916. No need to change the cable, there are only two types of cables, one for touch and one for non touch (see on page 3 under "Cables")
Panels are not a self service CRU. If you have warranty on your T450 you may need to contact Lenovo to get the panel changed.
Hope this helps...

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Hey, I bought a Thinkpad T450 back in November and really like the specs with one MAJOR exception and that's the screen that the laptop has come with. It's astoundingly bad. They didnt offer a 1080p IPS display so I went for a HP+ 1600x900 display as a sort of temprorary option, because I know that if I got a 1260x724 I'd have to invest in a new connector pin. The issue is when I went to ask an IT shop how much it would cost to just replace the screen they told me my Laptop wouldnt support a 1080p IPS screen and it would just be blank saying they've had this issue before. I've seen that people have done it on the internet so I don't really know who to go with here. I suspect they may have tried to go from 724 to 1080p which would explain it. Does anyone have any experience with this and if it is possible to upgrade is there a difference between a t450 and t450s 1080p screen  and would either be compatable with each other? As a note they offer my EXACT laptop with a 1080p screen now so again any info I may be missing here regarding why it wouldnt be compatable would be appreciated. Aren't these laptops supposed to be upgradable? It's the whole reason I bought it..

A:Upgrade T450 screen to 1080p

It looks like they only offer the FHD screen on the "S" model. Having said that, I cannot guarantee it will work, but I would GUESS that it would. They use the same BIOS. Note that if you have any warranty left, replacing the screen would likely void it. Note that the T450 series machines seem to have a custom eeid image and people who have replaced screens using aftermarket panels have reported that brightness controls no longer work.

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My screen broke on my T450.  I bought, what I thought was the correct screen to replace it - Lenovo THINKPAD T450 New Replacement LCD Screen for Laptop LED HD Matte (30 pin) but when I install it, it seems to be connecting - but upon booting I can barely see the ThinkPad logo, and the screen is extremely dark. Did I order the wrong screen?  Is there something else wrong?Can anyone advise on how I can fix this, please? Thank you in advance.Model is 20BVCTO1WW 

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I just bought this laptop for about 1 month, the laptop work fine before. But after...I don't know maybe after the windows update, the driver make the screen flickering and some dots appear on the screen, sometimes the screen lagging and went black. I'm pretty sure it's because of the driver because if I disable it, everything is fine,but that is just a temporary fix, every games is unplayable when I disable the driver. I tried to reinstall it using driver from Intel, Windows, Lenovo but none of them work(newest)

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HelloWhen I use applications that open dialog boxes (eg Autocad), dialog boxes usually open on the default screenExampleDefault Screen = # 1 - portableAutocad open on screen # 2the dialog will open on screen # 1Is there any way to configure the graphics card so that the dialog boxes open in the same screen as the application?

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I just changed my ThinkPad T450 laptop screen to a full-HD IPS display. The new panel (display) shows up in the Device Manager with Hardware ID MONITOR\LGD03FF. While the screen works, I can no longer adjust the brightness in Windows 10 - it's always on full brightness and the brightness key combinations no longer work (nor do any of the Windows 10 software brightness controls). The brightness adjustment keys work perfectly in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), and they work if I go in to the BIOS. The monitor is showing up in the Device Manager as "Generic PnP Monitor". Any idea how to get brightness working in Windows 10 with the LGD03FF panel?

A:Brightness not adjustable on ThinkPad T450 after changing screen (to LGD03FF)

unless you have a panel with an fru number corresponding to t450, the eeid (configuration chip on the panel) won't have the correct info to allow brightness control.

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Hi people,I have some issue with my screen on lenovo thinkpad t450. I bought it in Sweden recently (few months ago) and everything was fine, and then this morning this black spot of pixels showed up. It was not punched or something like that, it was on my desk the whole time.I tried to run JScreenFix.com on this place and also to massage it with a soft cloth but it seems that it just gets worse.The problem I have is that I am now in Serbia, and I have this international warranty, but only in one city in Serbia which is on the other part of the country.Also, I saw that there are service providers in my city, but I am not sure if they can fix me this as regular service with warranty.Do you maybe know how this functiones? Or have some tips how to solve this? 

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I have problem with VGA output in my T450 20BU. I can't display anything via this interface.I was trying on two different monitors (LG 23MP65 and Samsung 223BW) with three different cables.I checked it on drivers for Intel HD Grapgics 5500 form lenovo site and also this automaticly downloaded by Windows 10.I also make clean Windows 10 installation.When i plug VGA cabel to laptop, there is sound from Windows that new device is connected. I can choos by Fn+F7 or Win+P how to set displays (extend, only laptop etc.) but after change the desktop is only on my laptop and monitor is black. I also checked it via Intel graphic card panel. In device manager the second monitor is visible. Also in lenovo Solution Center.I was using VGA before and i didn't have any problems.The only important thing imo which changed since than it was one or two a BIOS update (now i have 1.27).I have no problem with mini DisplayPort.Please help. Any ideas? Meaby i have to do something in BIOS setting?  

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Hi, I noticed recently that my touchscreen on my T450 is not working.Also on my computer properties it's says that there is no Pen/Touch input available. Sometimes it appears and still doesn't work and most of the time does not appear. Is there some kind of diagnostic or procedure to check if it's hardware or software related problem?

A:T450 TouchScreen Problem

It is hard to diagnose without seeing it.  Do you have a warranty?  If you do, call support.  When the touch screen isn't visible, do the other USB devices still work?  (Touch digitizer connects as a USB device.)  I don't know what devices use the same USB hub controller, but if other USB devices are also "missing", I would guess the problem is a controller chip on the motherboard.  (USB devices include touchpad, keyboard, USB ports, camera, bluetooth, microphone)  Otherwise, my best guess is the digitizer itself.

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Based on my own experience.Guide for everyone who wants to replace/upgrade his Lenovo T450s or T450 screen.IMHO it can be useful for Lenovo T460s or T460 and similar models.I spend a lot of time to collect all this info. I hope it helps somebody!And it worth to replace if you have TN screen now. LG to AUO - only if you really need little better colors.1. You should be ready to lost hardware brightness control. Brightness set at max always. Some solutions possible - read the guide )   If you have replacement screen from manufacturer or "dead" laptop of the compatible model - you are lucky!2. Sometimes you need to replace eDP cable. It cost additional money and require more skills and time.3. Screens market is terrific. Everybody wants to sell you "same" screen at a high price.   You need carefully check seller if you want original AUO display or at least LG display.Brightness control:1. Lenovo replaces the name of a screen in EDID (screen "BIOS"). For example "LG LP140WF3-SPD1" -> "Lenovo LP140WF3-SPD1".2. Lenovo writes all changed names in EDID table in BIOS. If your screen name not in BIOS -> brightness always at maximum.Brightness control (possible solutions):1. Change BIOS EDID table to correct values. Change screen name in EDID. Require very special skills.   More info here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/w550s-t550-lcd-screen-replacement-brightness-set-at-max.7741...   Users with "old" bios 1.04 - 1.19 (for T450s) re... Read more

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I'm having a problem with the trackpad on my T450 (running Windows 10). Everything works fine when I boot the machine, however about 10 minutes after I start working, typically in MS Word, text starts getting highlighted behind the mouse pointer, as if I clicked somewhere on the text and am dragging to select. I can't type or click to stop selecting at that point. If I press the ESC key, the context-sensitive menu pops up (as if I right-clicked), and I can click to deselect the text and start typing as normal, and clicking within the MS Word window acts as normal. However, clicking on other windows (or elsewhere in Windows, e.g. the start menu) does not register, even if I Alt+Tab switch to another window. This is true for the trackpad buttons, tap-to-click, and clicking with the bottom of the trackpad. The computer is in this mode until I reboot. Possibly related problem: for a few days before this problem started, I'd be typing in Word, and suddenly the text cursor would appear in a different place (I think at the location of the mouse pointer, as if I had clicked) and I'd start insering text there. This does not seem to be happening anymore, having been replaced by the problem described above. Trackpad driver: Synaptics 10/31/2018 

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My Laptop is 13 months old Dell I7 5558, i was facing this screen flicker issue previously ,where i got my Laptop Screen replaced by you ,but now I'm facing the same issue . 
Previously before replacing i used to have just few flicker,now flicker rate got increased even more & Screen Goes black which is really annoying.
Even at the logo Screen I 'm seeing Green & pink lines
Sometimes nothing appears on the screen just  flicker of Green & pink lines & black Screen After that.Where i should  to remove my battery  & place it ,to turn on my laptop in this case.
Problem is not related to software, if that was the case flicker should not be at dell logo screen.
But FYI my Graphic Card Drivers are already up to date.
I Guess the problem is at the hinges or with the monitor or maybe related to mother board itself.
when my laptop screen is less than 90 degree i can see few flicker,when it 90 degrees or more than that ,continuous flicker & black screen later as like monitor looses power nothing .

Any Other Information Required let me know.

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Hi Guys.I have a thinkpad t450 which was running Windows 10 previously. After so many faults and discomforts caused by win 10 i decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. However, after installing my thinkpad's internet access indicator just has an "x" red. I have tried to install the wireless driver downloaded in the Lenovo support centre but it does not work. Is there any help? I would really appreciate.

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Hello. I have issues with the Lenovo ThinkPad T450. When I play Halo 2 vista (an old and good game) textures flicker rapidly. I have these specs Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-5300U CPU @ 2.30ghzInstalled Memory - 4.00GB (2.98 usable)Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 5500System type - 32bit operating system I have tried using the Intel Update Utility, but it won't install. It says "Access is denied"I have also tried using the driver updates, but it won't even install, just like the utility. The game flickers like thisPlease help

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Hello, I'm kinda new in posting here so correct me if I'm doing something wrong. Since a week or so my laptop has been showing some weird behaviour. I have a Lenovo 520-15IKB (Type 80YL) Ideapad. The first thing I noticed was that I now have a very small bar of what is seemingly the top of my screen, under my taskbar. It sometimes goes away when I have restarted my laptop however it always comes back. The second thing is that sometimes my screen flickers black for a moment and then returns to normal (always with the bar of screen beneath my taskbar). This happens the most while watching vids on Youtube or so. I can't find how to fix this, my laptop is about half a year old. Can somebody help me please?

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Hi there,

I developed a problem with my desktop pc yesterday. I was gaming and the screen began to flicker then the game crashed - citing "rendering device lost". I tried to re-load this again and the same thing happened again, this time with a BSOD. I tried a different game and the same thing occured, took slightly longer though. Given it was late I went to bed.

Today on loading up the sign in screen was flickering lots, I entered my password and was met by a black screen. The computer continued to make fan noises as if it was working, but nothing on my screen. This happened again. On restaring my computer the crash report read

"Blue Screen.
locale ID 2057
BCcode 1a
BCP1 0000000000005001
BCP2 FFFFF7009080000
BCP3 00000000000009ED
BCP4 B00000000

I've looked at the bug dump, but I was silly and did a system restore before this, so there's no bug dump.

The computer starts and runs fine in safe mode and without the graphics card in.

Since I've done a system restore
Cleaned everything again ( was pretty dust free to start)
Uninstalled and re-installed the graphics card drivers
Re-seated RAM and GPU
Done a memory diagnostic on my RAM
None of these have worked.
I've taken the graphics card out and it runs fine with the onboard GPU.

Some specs:
Intel I5 3570K
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7870
Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77M pro
PSU -OCZ Core steam 500W

The pc has worked perfectly for 3... Read more

A:Flickering screen at startup - then black screen when I enter password

I found this on my notepad:

GFX 23:56:28.143 Heroes of the Storm (B43571)
GFX 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 Executable E:\Battle.net\Heroes of the Storm\Versions\Base43571\HeroesOfTheStorm_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Parameters> -sso=1 -launch -uid heroes
GFX 23:56:28.143 Parent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Battle.net\Heroes of the Storm\Support64\HeroesSwitcher_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 Grandparent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Battle.net\Battle.net.7505\Battle.net.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 LocalTime 2016-06-16 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerUser> Toby
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerName> SPEEDDEMON
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Exe.Architecture> x86_64
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Version> 18.4.43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <DataBuild> B43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeBranch> branches/Heroes.18.mid
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeRevision> 293141
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Assets> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Data> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Install> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <AccountCountry> GBR
GFX 23:56:28.143 ====================================================================================================
GFX 23:56:28.142 DXGI: Available
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache Override Variable: 0MB
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache: 2036MB Win64 (8147MB Physical, 13271MB Proces... Read more

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My laptop Dell Inspiron 15R 5520(Core i3 2370M 6GB ram win 7 64bit)  worked perfectly from Nov2012-April2016. 

Now the screen started flickering and jumping since a few days and there's a white dotted line that appears along the top of the screen that starts the minute there is any kind of display.
How do I figure out if the inverter on the screen is faulty or if it's the screen cable or the whole screen itself?
To satisfy my curiosity I opened up my laptop to find that the lcd cable was badly crushed under the screen hinge (definitely , a design/manufacturing issue! Will dell take responsibility?), and each time the screen was shut/open there was substantial pressure on the cable was what I noticed.
Unfortunately I'm out of warranty and I don't know what to do.
Please advise on fixing this issue.

A:My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 screen suddenly started flickering and the screen jumps 1inch every couple of seconds and is very annoying.

same problem.
I've already tried deactivating adaptive screen light.
seems incompatibility with windows 10

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I've had this Chromebook for under a week, and today out of no where it the screen flickers nonstop.
If im doing something like watching a video, then the entire screen does it. What should i do? I have a warranty.

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