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DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

Q: DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

Hi, I have a small problem but a big problem for me.. So I bought the LED Samsunng SycnmasterEX1920X yesterday and I my video card is MSI n430gt... Is there anyway to reset my setting on the DVI-i port of my video card because when I plug my VGA to the Monitor and start up my PC it detects my monitor and in Nvidia Control Panel But If I plug my DVI-i and start up my PC... It doesn't detect my monitor even at the Nvidia Control Panel... Does anyone know what is my problem? Please.... Help me...Because I need to use the DVI-i to use Nvdia Scaling Aspect Ratio....
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Motherboard: Asus p7p55d-e pro
8gb ram
video card: MSI n430 Gt
Monitor: Samsung LED SyncMaster EX1920X
I use DVI-I to DVI-i Cable... Thanks.....

Preferred Solution: DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

You already have a thread started for this problem here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic162995.html

Please do not post the same problem more than once. Thank you.

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Hi, so today I have turned on my PC, but the monitor did not detect it.
I have unplugged and re-plugged all the cables and it still did not work.

I have then tried a different cable and monitor to but again it did not work.

Finally I decided to unplug my graphics card and plug the monitor into the integrated graphics card but once again it did not work.

The monitor does turn on and so does the PC but the monitor does not detect it being plugged in.

Any ideas on what can be the problem? (It all worked fine yesterday)


A:Monitor Doesn't detect PC

Try this instructions are for a laptop but will work for a Desktop too: Black Screen Issues and Troubleshooting

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Hi guys so i have 2 computers with the same problem, the 2nd is an old comp, so I'm not too bothered about.

I noticed my computer was getting a little noisey so i thought i'd clean all the dust out of it.
1st comp
i took the CPU and graphics card off to blow the dust out, also i blew air into the PSU fan.

The computer boots up, sounds perfect, but about 10 minutes uptime it will still be powered but my monitor just goes into standby, i tried with my TV too and the same issue.

2nd comp
I hadn't used for about 1 year, i tried hooking up to monitor and it just doesn't respond, i've tried with another monitor too and still the same, also tried using a different VGA cable. monitor remains standby, But unlike my other computer this one doesn't even display for 10 minutes!

Any ideas on what can be causing this? :suspiciou

A:Monitor doesn't detect PC

i took the CPU and graphics card off to blow the dust out...Click to expand...

What do you mean you took the CPU off? Do you mean the heatsink? The heatsink fan? If you removed the heatsink from the CPU, did you clean off the old thermal compound and apply fresh compound? If not, the CPU is overheating.

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I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now my computer only detects one display rather than two. I have a Dell desktop computer and two Dell monitors. Using Windows 7 both monitors were being detected/used. Can anyone tell me how to correct. (I'm not very technically experienced, but can follow basic instructions.)

The second display shows a black screen with the message "Cannot Display This Video Mode".

A:Windows 10 doesn't detect my second monitor

right click on desktop for "display settings" - pick the monitor that shows up that message -> click it to activate -> switch correct video mode for it. its prolly too high resolution issue.

also WIN+P -combination gives you chance to use "extended desktop" which you should use to configure the resolutions

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I connected an ethernet card to a 4-year-old Gateway desktop running Windows Millenium and then plugged everything back up and turned on the computer and the monitor would not detect a signal. I took the ethernet card out and took out and replaced the video card and rebooted and still no signal.
I plugged in two different monitors and both these monitors showed no signal. I plugged in a working video card from another computer and still no signal. I also moved the video cards to different slots and no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate your help very, very much.

A:Monitor doesn't detect a signal

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27vc monitor does not detect vga input.  HDMI input works fine, but would like to use the VGA cable instead.

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Hi I have a Yoga 910. I had a Dell SE2417HG 24" screen that I would connect through an Alogic hub (HDMI to USB-C) with no issues.I decided to upgrade my monitor to something a bit bigger and got a Benq GC2870H 28". But the yoga isnt detecting it.I checked and the monitor connects to my work laptop no troubles, both through the hub and straight HDMI. Ive had a look through the posts and tried some suggestions (updated everything etc). But as the hub worked before and doesnt now, is it the monitor ? Any ideas how I can get this to work?  Apreciate your help!

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So yeah, when I wake my computer up out of sleep mode, sometimes the monitor will detect that it needs to wake up
However, most of the time, I have to unplug the DVI cable and plug it back in. When I do so, I can hear the Windows
noise indicator that lets me know that something was disconnected and something was connected.
Anyone experience this issue before? Any suggestions?
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Sapphire Radeon 7870
Running on 64-bit
I have updated drivers for my video card, this problem seemed to only happen in Win8/8.1 I didn't have the problem in Win7

I had the company replace my video card, but I still seem to have this problem.
I tried using another PCI-E port on the motherboard and the problem was not resolved.
When I plug my monitor into the integraded DVI port of the motherboard, I don't seem to have this problem.

I just can't figure out what is actually wrong with it.

A:Monitor doesn't detect that computer woke up.

Most of the time, it is the Video driver causing the issue. Uninstall the driver for the Video Display, and then reboot and let windows install the default driver. Also check the Bios to make sure that it is up to date. Windows 8.x has had a lot of random issues, with most being Video Display issues.

I would suggest not allowing the display to be placed into sleep, just set to blank the screen. If you are leaving the machine on for long periods, just turn off the monitor. When you get back to the computer, power it back on with the power button.

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I recently got a VGA-HDMI Cable, so I could link my TV to my computer, but when I went to plug it in, my computer did not detect it. I then tried to force my computer to detect it, as many of the things I saw online recommended this, but this did not work either.
Please help me!
Also, if its any help, my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6400M Series, and as this is a laptop, I cant really get a new graphics card.

A:Graphics Card doesn't detect second monitor

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Hey i have bought new monitor since my old one sometimes work , sometimes doesn't.When i plugged in my new monitor which is LG TV 24MS53S Smart monitor the mouse has unnatural movements they sluggish and slow and hard to control same whit my tablet.After 2 days i noticed that under Device manager under Monitors it says Generic PnP monitor which is the monitor of my laptop (lenovo y510p) if i am not mistaken.While my monitor is under Audio inputs and outputs as LG TV-C NVIDIA High Definition Audio.I dont know if that what the problems is but i need help to fix my mouse.Also my monitor is connected via HDMI and also when i connect my mouse directly to my monitor it works fine but it can only be used for TV and apps, etc.

A:It doesn't detect my monitor as a monitor

The audio is referring to the audio signal for the TV. I want to make sure I understand you correctly, you are using the external monitor (LG) as your primary display, not dual monitors...?

If this is the case, go back into Device Manager, rt.click the Generic Monitor and choose "Update device driver". As long as the LG monitor is the primary display, and your laptop screen is off, 'Generic Monitor' is referring to whichever monitor is active. If you are using both monitors, then you should have two monitors being shown in device manager.

As far as the mouse feeling 'sluggish', do you mean it's just very slow? What is the screen resolution of your new LG monitor? Is it the same as the laptop monitor? If the resolution is higher, sometimes the mouse will seem sluggish when using a higher resolution, which means you might have to turn up the pointer speed in the mouse's control panel. Before you update the device drivers for the monitor (which may or may not be able to be updated), try reducing the screen resolution of the LG and test the mouse that way.

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3 computer network. Linksys router daisychained with a switch, which is chained to a wireless access point.

Everything works fine apart from the one computer. It is not getting an IP from the router. It does not get the internet connection. It cannot share files with the other two computers. Basically acts as though it's not even plugged into the network.

So I go for the obvious and assume it's a wire or bad plug, and try hooking the rogue's end up to my laptop. Laptop works fine, gets net and can share files. I check the NIC and it's detected and working properly.

Must be a software issue. Windows XP Pro is not happy. It's a fresh install after a format. I've run the wizard with the 'connects through a residential gateway' as opposed to the 'connects directly to the internet'. I tried the latter but it says cannot complete setup.

The two lights on the card are blinking. The lights on the router corresponding to the rogue computer light up just the the others. I've tried moving it to the switch; no dice.

What could be the problem?

A:Rogue computer does not detect network. Network doesn't detect it.

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I can count that there 5 new drivers released since I updated the drivers last time but the Driver detect does not detect them.
Instead it detects just two drivers that are already installed and even if I do "install the again". The Driver detect still "detects" these two "new" drivers over and over again.

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Yesterday, my computer randomly started screwing up. There is no longer any sound for ANYTHING, and I've tried all the solutions posted on the net which claims to fix "no active mixer device" error message which i am getting when i try to access volume control. At this time, the CD rom was working perfectly.

After hours, i just left it and went to sleep. And then the sound worked again the next morning. But suddenly, the computer restarts itself. When it comes back on, there is no longer sound.

Now, when i try to just reformat the computer, my CD-Rom will not even work properly, it isn't the actual fault of the CD, but it just won't detect ANYTHING. Not even things that worked the night before.

So now i can't refromat, can't get any sound, can't read any CDs, and randomly the computer restarts itself when the sound starts working, and shows blue screen sometimes just as the computer restarts itself so i can't even read what it says..... like less than a second of blue screen.

NOTE: NO changes were made to anything before these problems started taking place. Nod32 can't detect any viruses either.

A:Can't detect active mixer, (ie. no sound), can't detect CDs (ie, can't reformat)

Hello Maldini92

Turn off automatic rebooting
Right-click My Computer / Properties / Advanced / Startup and Recovery/Settings.
Under System Failure, uncheck the Automatically restart check box
You will then get a BSOD with error message which will help identify the problem. This one will stay

Please post the message such as
and any drivers named ( *****.sys)

Right click My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager.
Look for "Yellow" errors


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Hello! Registered because I really need help.

My Compaq laptop (Vista) was working just fine last night, connected to my home wireless network all right and all. Today morning my laptop couldn't detect my home wireless network at all, but it could still detect a bunch of other networks from the neighbours. My iPhone can detect my network with no problems, my desktop computer is wired up to the router, works fine too. It's a D-Link DIR-655. This has happened before but usually gets solved when I reboot (switching off and on) my router. I've tried that, tried restarting my computer too, no use. Haven't tried anything beyond that because I'm an idiot with computers.

Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

A:Solved: Laptop cannot detect home network, can detect others

Huh ok nevermind, I reset my router, blabla, it's working again. I guess it's solved?

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Hi Everyone, I'm sorry if a similar question has already been posted here, but I couldn't find it myself. I'm having really weird problems with my brand new Y580. It doesn't detect the charger, and because of this - won't charge. I managed to figure out how to temporarily fix the problem, but it keeps on happening. Long story short: What's wrong: (after applying a temporary fix and the laptop IS charging) when I unplug the charger and plug it back in again, the laptop doesn't detect it (it keeps on draining the battery and does't prompt that a charger is connected). The same happens when I close the lid and open it again - the charger magically disconnects itself. My temporary fix: I somehow managed to get the laptop working when connected to the charger after applying these steps: OS shut downbattery removedcharger unpluggedpressed power button once (just for a second)charger plugged to a different wall socketcharger plugged to the laptoppower button pressed once (laptop boots up)when the OS loads up, battery inserted again As I mentioned, this fixes my problem only temporarily as I can't close the lid or unplug the charger without repeating the same procedure. I'm pretty sure the same thing happens when I simply switch the laptop off from the OS level. I'm using Windows 8 now but the same thing happended when I was on Windows 7. Has anybody had a similar experience? I appreciate your help and advice. Piotr 

A:Y580 doesn't charge and doesn't detect the charger

Hi again, I checked the charger again and it seems that it's not working when I unplug it a plug it back in. If I get the charger working and close/open the lid or restart the machine, it is still working fine. Any ideas why unplugging and re-plugging the charger makes it unavailable for the laptop? Piotr

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I'm new in these forums and I hope I can find some help... thanks in advance!
I'm having a weird problem, I just moved to a new flat and there's wireless internet here, my flatmates connect with no problem, and I have connected with my laptop via wifi without any problems in the past, but here... the network simply does not shows up in the available networks, windows detects other networks but not mine... if I connect via LAN ethernet everything works peachy...
I'm running Windows Vista SP1 on a Toshiba A135 laptop.
The network adapter is an Atheros AR5006EG (using latest drivers)
The router is a Linksys WAG354G (using latest firmware)
Here's what a quick ipconfig/all shows:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : domain_not_set.invalid
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::1c85:dc36:41bc:de4c%8
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 6:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 7:

Med... Read more

A:Solved: Laptop does not detect my router, yet detect others...

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Hello allMy HP Pavillion cannot pick up my home wifi. It picks up my neighbours and other hotspot  wifi  perfectly. Every other device including other mobiles and laptops can pickup my wifi but it is just my laptop that can't. I don't know what to do. I have tried restarting my router, even took out wires and put them back in. Still no use. Why does every other device pickup my wifi but my laptop cannot?  

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I have Acer S3-391 with Windows 7. The original 500GB Hitachi hdd failed and I decided to replace it with 240GB Kingston SSD drive (model V300). Problem is that even BIOS (latest v1.29) doesn't detect it.BIOS lists HDD0 as "None" and HDD1 as "SATA SDD", which is probably the integrated 20GB SDD drive.Any hdd I have tested with, will be detected normally, but not this SDD drive.  SDD drive is new and I have tested it with other computer and it works fine.Unfortunately I don't have any other SSD drive to test with. Does this "BIOS" model support SSD drives at all ? 

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I have the Lenovo Z50-75 and am attempting to upgrade the HDD to a Crucial M550 1TB SSD to no avail. The drive is not being detected on this machine, but it runs fine on my desktop. I've updated BIOS to v33 and tried both UEFI and Legacy settings with no luck. Is this model not compatible with SSD or maybe mine specifically?

A:Z50-75 doesn't detect 2.5" SSD

I got same problem with crucial mx100 256GB and crucial mx550 125GBsamsung ssd is working fine

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Hi. I'm new to this forum and it's my first post. Recently im having problem with my pc.
These few days my pc start not to behave normally. Sometimes it just will hang suddenly. And now I have a clean install window 7 home premium 64 bit and now I'm stuck with the set up window part becaus it won't detect any USB port at all. I tried to insert all USB port to see if it can detect my mouse or keyboard. I've tried it on another pc and it works fine. I really need help. My pc now is like without hand and leg but only body.
This is my pc spec

intel core i5-2500k,gigabyte z68ap-d3 mainboard,asus gtx550 graphic card,kingston ddr3 4gb ram,500gb sata harddisk,cooler master 500w power supply,coolermaster glite 310 casing,lg dvd writer

A:How do I fix my USB that it doesn't detect anything at all

You're saying it doesn't detect any USB port. Is that because when you try to use a keyboard or mouse, you see no response on the screen?

If so, couple of things you could try:
1) If your motherboard has both USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 ports, make sure the keyboard and mouse are BOTH plugged into the USB 2.0 ports.
2) Go into your BIOS settings and see if you have an option to enable or disable legacy mode. If you have that option and legacy mode is disabled, then enable it and try again.

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I have Acer S3-391 with Windows 7. The original 500GB Hitachi hdd failed and I decided to replace it with 240GB Kingston SSD drive (model V300). Problem is that even BIOS (latest v1.29) doesn't detect it.BIOS lists HDD0 as "None" and HDD1 as "SATA SDD", which is probably the integrated 20GB SDD drive.Any hdd I have tested with, will be detected normally, but not this SDD drive.  SDD drive is new and I have tested it with other computer and it works fine.Unfortunately I don't have any other SSD drive to test with. Does this "BIOS" model support SSD drives at all ? 

A:S3-391 doesn't detect SSD

What does diskmgmt.msc show ? I switched the WD 500GB for a Samsung EVO in my R3 and other than being A Lot faster there was no problem.

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Hello,I have a big problem with my 5400, after changing the hard disk for a bigger one and realizing it wasn't detected by the bios, I decided to reinstall the previous one. Now the computer doesn't start windows and it doesn't load the windows dvd from the dvd reader. I've tried to boot from a usb drive but it seems the usb ports aren't detected by the bios.I've noticed that the dvd driver and the hdd is not detected for the bios if the sata mode is set to AHCI but they are detected when  "compatibilty" mode is set.I've also tried to get into the diagnosis utility but I'm getting this weird message:BPF Version Check ErrorWhat's this?After showing the message, the computer restarts and I can't access the utility.If anyone has some info regarding this, I'd appreciate it.Thanks.

A:M5400 doesn't boot and doesn't detect anything

it also happened to me. You solved?

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Dear all

How is it that one can configure a server so that the "Automatically detect settings" tick box in IE v5+ works - thus configuring the browser.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Automatically detect settings...

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LAN settings - Automatically detect settings is ticked.

My broadband cable connection that appears in dialup/vpn in IE - settings - Automatically detect settings is not ticked.

Should I keep both ticked/unticked...any info/suggestion?

A:Automatically detect settings in IE

By default any connection you do should be fine with automatically detect settings or disabled, at any cases of using cable/WiFi.

The thing happen to mess up only if an infection occur and provide an automatic proxy address which can be easily disable.

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Hey so I have basic understanding of coding and was wondering if there was a way I could set I up so that when my computer detects that headphones have been plugged in, it changes the audio settings.

I am hoping to make it so that when the headphones are in, it plays on the stereo setting and when unplugged it uses 5.1. I have realtek audio manager.

I know that the system sees those changes as something with endpoints but I am not very familiar with C++, having only worked with couple of languages during a short time.


A:Detect Headphones/Settings

I thought that is the way it works, without doing anything? The headphone output is two channel stereo. There are 5.1 headphones but they would have to be connected differently or just simulate 5.1 since there is only two channel (stereo) on a headphone jack.

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Better to be checked or unchecked. By default it's ticked. Though I noticed occasional pages taking 1-3 seconds to open. Not huge delay but I think unchecking this option may of sped up though I need to test and run some more.

On a home PC with normal broadband I presume there is no merit to this option being checked?

A:Automatically detect settings?

It sounds like your referring to your network settings and nothing to do with a browser,
Possibly a email client but please give more details because right now your question seems a bit vague to me anyway ?

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A little problem here. Yesterday I downloaded a program that was suppose to enchance my computer, now that I have uninstalled it I have some problems. When I open my Internet Explorer I get this thing it says detecting proxy settings..page cannot be displayed. And I cant go to any sites. Any help would be appreciated.

A:detect proxy settings

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I couldn't find a BIOS category so I figured this forum was the closest fit with my problem. In a nutshell, my Dell Dimension 4100 BIOS is claiming my drive that has been working without incident for a year is suddenly "not installed."

I've been using a Dell Dimension 4100 P3 1 GHz for a couple of years without problems. One of my other computers randomly decided to stop working (another story altogether), so I used the Dell to do analysis on the drive. Since it was a SeaGate hard drive, I used SeaGate's online scanner to scan it for errors because I suspected it was faulty. I also did some virus scans. I restarted a little while later, and the Dell computer would get stuck on the Dell post screen. It wouldn't even go into BIOS after I hit DEL (it would freeze). So I flashed the BIOS (A11 from Dell's website) after reading some threads stating that maybe I had screwed up the BIOS (I was really confused as to why things were messed up). I still had the same issue where it would get permanently stuck after the memory testing on the post screen, and wouldn't let me access the BIOS.

I did some more reading, and read that hardware components could be messing up the computer load process. It turns out, my CD-Rom drive was faulty or something, so when I removed it, BIOS was accessible. However, now I faced a new problem: BIOS doesn't recognize the original drive that was in the Dell, which is connected to a PCI slot via a ... Read more

A:BIOS doesn't detect HDD

Thanks for the reply, but I had done that already. I loaded the default and the custom setting, and neither did anything.

Now I don't even see the hard drive listed in the post-POST screen. I immediately see "insert boot diskette." I removed the floppy drive and it still says it, although it waits a little bit longer with a blinking cursor before the message pops up.

I did try a different HDD (through the ATA controller card) with the computer and it still wasn't detected. I then tried attaching this HDD (20GB) via an IDE motherboard slot (the other one is occupied by the CD-ROM). The HDD was not detected in BIOS, but the CD-ROM is. Then, I removed the CD-ROM from its cable and attached it to the same IDE cable as the newly-connected HDD. Still no dice. Finally, I switched both devices (now on the same 80-pin IDE cable) to the motherboard IDE slot that the CD-ROM drive was originally attached to. BIOS detects both the HDD and the CD-ROM drive.

I've never seen or heard about a virus that infects a BIOS from a hard drive. I really wish I knew what the source of my problem is. I think it's really odd that my hard drive on one computer would get Windows corruption (the one I was scanning with the Dell; other files are still intact), then the CD-ROM on another computer fail (the one in the Dell), and then a motherboard IDE slot stop working, completely independently on the same day. I've heard of viruses being able to destroy... Read more

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When i boot up my pc i get a error saying "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter". Checked the BIOS, and the HDD isn't listed there. Checked all the cables they are fine. Placed that HDD in another pc and it works fine.
Placed a different HDD in my pc and it booted fine.
So the HDD works with other computers, and my pc works with other HDD, but the two together just won't work.
I don't know what the problem might be, maybe some compatibility issues?
Anyone has any ideas?

A:Bios doesn't detect hdd

OK, no one [other than you] has any idea what we are working on; post ALL of your exact system specs. IE exact mb installed, exact cpu installed, exact pw supply installed, etc, etc. If this is a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever, then post the exact make and model #. If there is a service tag #, then post that as well.

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I have windows 7 64 bit with an ATI HD4770 card. I run a crt monitor plus an HD LCD TV.
When I boot the computer the Catalyst center loses my display profiles. I have the most recent driver already.

With XP this was never a problem.

With WIndows 7 I have to go into the adjust resolution screen and detect displays every time I start the computer to get my profiles to return. Any sugestions how to fix this?


A:Doesn't detect displays

having the same issue, have not been able to find a solution either.

just thought i would add that i have tried the 185.85 and 186.08 drivers and the ones that came with the install, all have the same problem.

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can u guys help me my cd drives doesn't detect any of my cd
the drive is located and windows says its properly connected but none of the cd works
the light turns on and everything
tried to reformatt but teh drive won't respond

A:my cd drive doesn't detect cd

If all the drivers are installed and the computer reconises it the the Cd-rom is bad.

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Hi, I heres the problem:
My PC will no longer detect USB devices: My Mp3 Player/Memory Stick, My Web Cam or my Mobile Phone Data Cable.

usualy when you plug a USB device in to windows XP OS you hear that sort of 'bong' sound and the icon appears in the sys tray, right? it isnt doing that no more and my mem stick doesnt show up in 'my computer' or device manager, although when i plug it in it powers on (same with all the devices)

I have tryed both front and back USB slots on my PC.

Is there a service your PC depends on to run these? i have quite a few disabled due to low RAM, but i don't know which one it could be (if it is this)

Windows XP Pro 2002 service pack 2.
AMD Semp 2600+

Cheers for any help.

A:PC Doesn't detect USB devices

Check your CMOS if there any setting there to turn them off. I would try to obtain a PCI USB card and try that.

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Hello all;

Last night I was updating ZoneAlarm, then foolish me ran CCleaner during ZA's install. The OS still starts up but the internet is not detected.
I ran another OS from CD/DVD & connected just fine.
Don't know where to begin to give info that would be helpful to correct this problem.
I did try Troubleshooting but that just suggested to restart the modem (I am on DSL), no help.
[not meaning to influence anyone opinion] Almost seems like the NIC (old term?) driver got messed up but don't know how to tell for sure.

Don't know where to go from here.
Hope someone's directions can help

A:W7 doesn't detect internet

what browser are you using?

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I just won a new Intel SSD in a contest. I removed the old SATA hard drive from my laptop and plugged in the new SSD. I turned on my laptop with a Windows 7 installation disk inserted, booted from the Windows disk, and got the screen where it asks which drive to install Windows onto. It said there were no drives detected.

Then I restarted the computer and went into the BIOS and tried to do a "Hard drive diagnostic test" and it said "Hard drive not exist." The SSD also does not show up in the list of bootable devices.

Next, I put my old hard drive back into my laptop and put the SSD in a USB SATA hard drive enclosure. I plugged the enclosure into a USB port and loaded the BIOS again. I looked at the list of bootable devices and the SSD was listed. Then I loaded Windows. Windows did detect the SSD in the Disk Manager and from there I formatted the SSD. Now I am able to see the SSD listed in My Computer as drive "I".

I tried replacing the hard drive with the SSD again and the BIOS still will not detect it. It only detects it when it is plugged in through the USB enclosure. What do I need to do to get it to detect the SSD normally (plugged into the SATA cable inside the laptop)?

Just in case, my laptop is a "HP 2000 Notebook PC", model number qe334ua.

A:Why doesn't my BIOS detect my SSD?

Try using the jumper to set it to a slower speed.

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My motherboard is the IC7-MAX3, a very nice mother board. Although the BIOS does not detect my DVD-ROM's.

I am running Windows XP Professional and have 2 SATA HArd Drive's. When I go to my hardware profiles this is what it says.
! Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device
! Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

I have 2 of them. Windows see's them but the BIOS doesn't. I have updated my BIOS to the current version. I have tried everything, even switching the IDE cables. The DVD-ROM's work in other computers.


A:BIOS Doesn't Detect DVD-ROM's.

From what you have listed, the exclamation indicates that you have a conflict with another hardware in your machine. Keep eliminating each device until you get to the bottom of which one is actually causing problems. Not quite sure but it could be that other DVD-ROM.

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Windows98 SE

A week ago, I used Audiograbber to rip an audio cd.
I used Soundforge to edit. And then used Nero to burn an audio cd.
Burned ok. But when I went to play, Windows CD player came on and
says it doesn't detect any data on the cd.

Interesting this is.
I then used Soundforge and could play from that same audio cd, which
is a cd-r.

I can burn a data cd and Windows sees that, just not audio.
I've burned audio cd's before with no problem.

Also, btw, not sure if this matters, I did a Microsoft update, and had to do
re-install a few drivers, etc.

Any clues as to how I can get control back for my cd player in Windows?
I thought it might have been a driver or something, but all my drivers are up to date, cable are plugged in, in the cd-rom.

I must be missing something, but can't see it. :knock:

Thanks very much.

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Hey there,

I've been quite fed up with the fact I can't use my second monitor with Windows 10. I am attempting to install the latest drivers now, but I have done numerous updates and it still doesn't detect my second monitor. I am using a NVIDIA GTX 760.

If anyone can help me out, that would be great. I will update the OP when I finish the driver update
EDIT: No luck. Please help


A:WX Doesn't Detect Other Monitors (GTX 760)


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I have a custom build computer I put together about 2 years ago. Ever since my CDRW would sometimes show up and most of the time not show up as one of my drives. Recently I started using my CDRW for storage, but I am still facing this problem with Windows not seeing my drive. Does anyone have any suggestion. I have a Windows 2000 Professional. My CDRW is Accer "CRW 1610". Thanks in advance.

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I have a custom build computer I put together about 2 years ago. Ever since my CDRW would sometimes show up and most of the time not show up as one of my drives. Recently I started using my CDRW for storage, but I am still facing this problem with Windows not seeing my drive. Does anyone have any suggestion. I have a Windows 2000 Professional. My CDRW is Accer "CRW 1610". Thanks in advance.

A:PC doesn't detect my CDRW

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last saturday i could install win xp pro sp2 without having any problems. all is running good. but there is one problem : the system doesn't detect my scanner (genius colorpage hr6x series) i can install the device with the hardware wizard. the device manager tells me that the device is working properly. but after restarting the computer it tells me: scanner not found. i tried it many times but always the same: scanner not detected. i checked at genius for new drivers. but they didn't have new ones.

what can i do? i need some help. thanks in advance.

A:win xp pro sp2 doesn't detect scanner

SP2 is still not yet stable and Microsoft, revert back to SP1 may help, Microsoft needs to get more bugs out of SP2.

Another thing is some scanner goes into power saving mode after a few mins, this happened to my own scanner which turns off itself from time to time and Widnows couldn't find it. Some parallel cable jsut die on you too.

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I have a CD-RW Disc that I want to erase, but my RW drive doesn't even detect that it's there!

The drive itself is fine b/c it can read other cd's, just not this one

When I check out the drive with the CD in there using windows explorer, it shows nothing!

And every time I try to erase the CD in Nero, it says that there is an unspecified recorder error and that I need to insert a rewriteable medium as if I didn't even put anything in the drive.

It used to be a little erratic like this and I would have to stick the CD in and out a couple of times before it worked, but this time it's totally busted.

A:Comp doesn't detect CD-RW

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I have a sanyo x1200 and I have loaded the cd, but when I plug my camera in, to download my photos it says device cannot be detected.

A:pc doesn't detect my camera

The rediculous question from personal experience when I first got a digital camera and tried to download pictures. ( Still remember the smirk on my wife's face. )

Did you turn the camera on?

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I am writing in because I think I've exhausted all means of trying to fix an issue with my drive.

As title states, I inserted a DVD into my LG GH24NS90 but Windows 7 is not detecting it.
Info about my computer :
GA-Z68XP-UD3 (rev. 1.0) - Gigabyte
1. Installed Windows 7 OS on IDE mode
2. Tried burning a DVD using ConvertXtoDVD but it burns very slowly (even though it was set at x16) and it freezes the computer when burning.

Hence, I tried to change it to AHCI mode as information on the internet says changing it to AHCI would solve the problem,

1. Update drive to latest firmware.
2. Changed to AHCI (in BIOS) and selected my SSD to boot with success!
3. Tried to insert DVD into drive but not detected!
What can I do!!!

A:[Help] LG Drive doesn't detect CD!!!

Bumping thread. Hoping for some help from fellow forumers here!

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my cd drive doesn't detect any cds
it shows the drive in my computer but it says no cd is in it
i tried to reformatt but can't sdince the cd drive doesn't work
if anyone who knows how to solve or have this problem plz help me
thanx alot

A:Help! My Cd drive doesn't detect cd

First, it could be lint or trash has gotten into and covered laser. Second, it could be the drive motor not coming up to speed or not at all! My sugestion would be try a couple of short burst of canned air to make sure you dislodge any dust. Then try a Cd, when drawer closes with a Cd on it, put a finger or two on the face plate you should feel the motor strat up or attempt to do so. If nothing happens then you need to replace Cd player!

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Never had this problem before with a motherboard not detecting a drive. Is it a BIOS issue that will be resolved once updated?

Check my spec page on user profile for my system info if this helps provide more info. It is running v4.1 and I can upgrade that to 4.3.

What happens is it will not detect the other HDD that windows is not installed on, but it didn't detect before any OS was installed on either drive, and this issue has been interchangeable between both HDDs. And each time Windows 7 setup detects both drives, not always - until I hot plug out and back in but it shows up then. Both HDDs show up when in windows but I run the risk of not being able to boot into windows having it connected. So as you can gather it is not RAID 0 as I normally have setup but AHCI for now. It is a new system and HDDs are healthy, pass all tests - and only a few months old.

I've not used AHCI mode before so howcome when I hotplug a HDD windows detects it but doesn't show up in computer, only under computer management? Only I could do with hotpluggin in a 2TB HDD I have that has backed up data on which I want to organised and move to another HDD so I can format it, I think it might be corrupted file system or something because when I hotplug it windows crashes whereas it never used to under my old system - this happens whether I use USB dock or SATA connection - hot plugging.

Advice much appreciated, thanks.

A:MB doesn't detect 2nd HDD while Windows does

Sorted it. BIOS update did the trick and 2TB HDD also detected now without crashing W7

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My intel HD 630 integrated gcard can not detect 2nd monitor.
2nd monitor detected by nvidia gtx 1060 and driven by gtx 1060.
If i disable gtx 1060 on device manager, there is no way i get signal on 2nd monitor
Intel suggest it is Mobo problem, which hdmi output directly connected to nvidia gtx card. Is it true dell?
I dont want to enable my BOTH cards in order to use 2 monitor? It brings me awful battery performance.

Windows 10 is freshly installed (creators update) and drivers are up-to-date.

A:2nd Monitor can driven ONLY by Nvidia!!! Intel igpu Do Not detect 2nd monitor (inspiron 7577)

Once again, switchable graphics only controls which GPU is used for rendering. It does not change which GPU is physically wired to the display outputs, and all 3 of the features I listed earlier require support from the GPU that is physically wired to the display output in order to be used. Currently, Intel GPUs do not support any of those features, so in a system with the design you want, those features couldn?t be used even if the system had a dGPU that supported those features, because the dGPU wouldn?t be physically wired to the display output. I?m sitting on an XPS 15 right now that is designed the way you want and has switchable graphics with an NVIDIA GPU that supports those features ? but my system can?t use any of them because the iGPU is wired to the display outputs. Switchable graphics does not fix that. You can shout in Caps Lock and say things as many times as you want, but that won?t make you right. You clearly don?t fully understand how some of these technologies work and what they require, but if you still think I?m wrong, go do some research and you?ll find lots of threads of people asking why their laptops with NVIDIA GPUs don?t support G-Sync or VR ? or 5K displays, which is another one I forgot about. This will be the reason why.
Anyway, I?ve already correctly answered your original question ? you?re welcome for that, by the way. I?m sorry it?s not the answer you wanted and that you don?t seem to recognize why Dell impleme... Read more

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