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Windows7: Disc Management (pic)

Q: Windows7: Disc Management (pic)

My computer had 3 partitions (2 of them were recovery/files that came with the system)
During the clean install of windows 7, I deleted these partitions in order to have one large C drive. (i've made backup discs and system image on external drive).
The hard drive has a 160 GB capacity .
I went into Disc management and those two original partitions are still there but now unallocated. Is there any way to remove those partitions and increase the size of my C drive? They are both greyed out so I can't decrease volume.
Thanks for the help.

Preferred Solution: Windows7: Disc Management (pic)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows7: Disc Management (pic)

Hello Steve,

It looks like you didn't delete all of the partitions for Disk 0 in "Drive options (advanced)" during the installation of Windows 7, then select the one Disk 0 unallocated space to install on.

You should be able to use the free program GParted to extend C: into these unallocated spaces though.

Hope this helps,

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ok i had downloaded the .iso file and burnt it to disc i installed windows but deleted my iso i have windows 7 which i patched and i can't seem to repair it with the disc i had burnt. which says some files are missing any way to solve it??? i tried to google if i can get the .iso file from some where but i couldn't can any one help me?

or is this over?

A:Windows7 disc corrupted

Do you have your original installation disk (XP/Vista)? Looks like you will need to re-install your original OS and download a new ISO & burn at a slower speed.

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I had a PC with the HDD partitioned into two - one for the system/programmes and the other to use as storage for my files.

I have now passed on this PC to my Grandchildren and wish to return this HDD to just one partition.

Can I use the XP Disc Management facility to delete the second partition and then increase the size of the remaining partition to fill the free space without causing any problems to the installed system/programmes etc?

Because this is an old PC originally using Windows Me, then later upgraded to XP Home Edition and has since had SP1 and 2 installed I would not wish to have to reinstall the Operating System from scratch.

Advice on this one would be appreciated.

I had originally posted this in another post on a similar subject but I have since thought it would be better as a separate item to avoid confusion with the advice given for the originator of the thread.

A:XP Disc Management

To the best of my knowledge Xp DM doesn't cater for delete and resize. The best option is to download a Linux live CD which has GPART a partition manager. It is very easy to use.
If you wish to DL one and don't know how to :
Go to:http://www.puppylinux.org/downloads.
DL Puppy 4.2.
DL Freeisoburner.
Insert a blank CD
Boot Freeisoburner and browse to the Puppy.ISO. Select it . select the lowest burn speed(usually X4) click burn.
when finished reboot to the cd drive. When Puppy is on the screen. Look for disk management, Gpart.
Good luck!
If you have never used a Live Cd, it doesn't harm your Xp installation.

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I have been trying to download some photos of my digi camera and my card reader without success trying everything else I finally went into the admin and disc managment to discover my external hard drive had changed from F drive to G drive and a small drive marked F (122MB) after opening up the Fdrive there are my pictures I sent them back to my pictures folder. I changed the G drive back to F drive .How can I get it back to normal wher I plug in my camera and
the computer asks me what I want to do. Thanks myreside

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Hi, have just started using my new Lenovo pc, no problems, but am confused by all partitions on "c" drive. (See attachment). Do I need all of them, if not how do I delete safely. Thanks

A:disc management

I see no problems, the 350mb partition after C: is the updated Windows 8.1 tool partition.

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need some advice please i am going to do a back up with acronis i read somewhere that it should include a 100mb system reserve but mine is on a different drive, i thought it should be on the c drive

A:disc management

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

You can move the BCD to your Windows installation using this tutorial. It will replace the need for 100 Mb system partition, which simplifies creating system images. There are other tutorials in the "Tutorials Section" which will show you how to create the 100 Mb System Partition on the same disk as your Windows installation if you would rahter do it that way.


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In XP - how many phases are there in the Error Checking part of disk of the properties -tools -error checking part of the process.


A:Disc Management in windows XP

Phase 1: Verifying file data
Phase 2: Verifying security descriptors
Phase 3: Verifying indexes
Phase 4: Verifying files
Phase 5: Verifying free space
Click to expand...


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If i click right click, go manage then click disc management it is empty what can i do? my OS is windows vista pleace answer.

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Never attempted to use this win 7 feature until I just done my first build and installed Win 7. I have a 500 gb sata HD with just my C drive. Recently I wanted to add a partition for just my photos and etc and some small programs that I seldom use. Stupid me, I created a 100 MB partition. I think I know how to increase that partition, but upon looking at my system in DM, I saw another 100 MB Partition? in front of my C drive. The one I created came after my C drive. I didn't know or even noticed that part before, so I don't know if it was always there or I made a mistake somehow. I tried to delete it, but delete is greyed out. BTW, the info in that section says:System Reserve 100 MB NTSF Healthy ( System Active Primary Partition ) and the one I created says Unallocated....100 MB. Do I need that partition? If so, what is its purpose?

A:Disc Management problem

You don't want to mess with that system reserved partition, that is what is booting your computer, (The System and Active labels on that).

The reason it isn't seen in Explorer is the lack of a drive letter, that is done on purpose to keep it hidden, except in disk management.

Here is a tutorial for posting a screenshot of your disk management, that will help with further advice,

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

You might already be familiar with these,

Partition or Volume - Shrink

Partition or Volume - Create New

I recommend posting back and asking questions before doing anything further.

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I created a new partition for Ubuntu and I kinda phuked something up.
I see the partition from Computer but not from disc management.

Here is the image of Disc management window

How to get rid of that "PersesKetas Q:\\"?

A:Partition not showing up in disc management


Download, install & then look at the drive states with this free software: -

[email protected] Partition Manager. LSoft Technologies

Post pictures of what you see before acting on the information! OK?

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Running windows 7 Ulitimate 32-bit.
In USER ACCOUNTS , Cant change from user profile from standard user to Adminstrator.
Unable to create a new user account, ERROR -The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following characters: /\[]":;|<>+=,?
Overall this is the problem
ERROR- Windows cannot find:
::{26ee0668--A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683} \0\::{60632754-c523-4b6...\pageadmintasks

I dont have a system restore point.


A:Cant become adminstrator, cant use regedit, disc management, etc ???

Does the username have any of the following characters? /\[]":;|<>+=,?

See if this little trick helps:

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

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Hi all, I'm having fun and games at the moment with a backup nightmare on another thread.

I'd like to ask you experts who know the MS OS very well your thoughts on the following:

I am looking to do a clean vanilla install again and use easy transfer to move the two users on the system.

My system has the following drives:

Velociraptor 10K 300gb drives x2
250gb drives x2
500gb drive x1

Currently the 10K volumes are in a raid 0 and hold everything - all users folders, the whole shooting match.

The 2x 250gb drives are sitting idle, I had planned to have each user holding one drive for their files, however I did a test with my own user folder and some files wouldn't move and others deleted etc
(in mac OS we just use location manager to 'point' a folder like 'user saverio' to another volume - and it's that easy.)

The 500gb volume is currently acting as a dump; scratch discs, disc ISO's and music folders backup etc.

If you had these volumes, how would you organise your system? Would you raid or not?

thanks for your thoughts in advance and I look forward to seeing how the experts would do it!

A:Disc management question for a clean install

I currently have 6 hard drives connected to this system.

Two raptor drives in RAID0, a raptor 36gb for web browser profiles and OS pagefile., 1 1Tb hard drive has my games on it, another 1Tb drive is used as a dumping ground, download area and user files (this includes my pictures/documents/videos), yet another !tb drive holds all my music. This way there are no important files on the OS drive so it can be formatted at a moments notice.

Before I do format c: I always backup my c:\users\<account>\appdata (which is hidden) folder to another drive. This folder contains all your program configurations and also your emails if your using either WLM or Outlook.

If you have further more specific questions, just ask

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everytime i try Acer eRecovery Management it says there is not enough disc space

please help?

A:Acer eRecovery Management, not enough disc space

why are you trying eRecovery management? Is there a problem, if so, it could be related.

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Put on your thinking caps for this one, it's a two parter. Note that if I restart my system all is well for a while and the system functions as it should with these same components. Also I have had this same system for a year and I have multiple external hard drives and flash drives that are affected, which do work on other computers and this one after a restart.The external drives are not part of the problem as they work fine on other systems.

After my computer has been on for a while, and I plug in an external hard drive or flash drive,to any of the front OR rear USB ports it does not show up in windows explorer, or My computer. I can still access the hard drive and/or flash drive and transfer files to and from it, if I open it in disc management. It has a drive letter there.refreshing, unplugging and changing the drive letter does not work.

Now sometimes if the computer has been on for a longer while any fresh contact with the USB port by a hard drive or flash drive will cause the computer to shut down completely.

None of these problems occur on a fresh reboot.

A:Windows Explorer does not see external drive, but disc management does

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Hi O wiser ones than me!

I have made a terrible mistake! I went into administrative tools, changed my slave drive to a dynamic disk. That, as i now know, unmounted it. When I changed it back - "This drive is not formatted - do you want to format it now?"

NO! NO! Noooo! All my work, all my music, all my projects - every document, everything, is on my 120gslave drive.

is there ANYTHING i can do to access the contents of the drive so that I can transfer it to my main drive - or so that it can stay where it is.

It is/was formatted as Basic Partition NTFS. I use Windows WP SP3.

The reason I did it in the first place was my slave drive has a glitch that sometimes causes my pc to reboot - at least 2X per day. There is no virus, the fault is with the drive, which I got corrupted but with no bad sectors. I was trying something new to sort out a problem that would be better addressed by getting another SATA hard drive.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - and this tragedy was self-inflicted, unknowing. I am gutted!

Is there anything I can do to be able to retrieve my work? Can it be done....

A:Computer management convert to dynanic disc - Undo it????

I don't think so, Working with Basic and Dynamic Disks - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb726994.aspx.Louis

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Hi every body
So it was working fine, i turned off my computer and went to bed, when turned it on the next morning the drive was no longer showing up so i checked disc management and it was in there as unallocated, the only options that are there when i right click are: Properties and help.
Im running Windows 7 ultimate x86 (32bit) on PC and the External Hard Drive is a Western Digital 1TB Model WD 070A USB device.

I followed this page : Western Digital drive showing up with Unallocated in disc management

but at the fifte screen check disk shows: "partition: Read error"
I enter search to find partition but after a long long time it finds nothing!
I dont know what to do

A:WD Passport drive showing up with Unallocated in disc management

Thanks payman for putting out the error message you got on the fifth screen in Test Disk.

That was indeed a message that I had not anticipated when I wrote that post you had referred.

It would naturally mean that even Test Disk was unable to read your hard disk.

As far as I can see, your hard disk is beyond normal redemption/recovery and may require a professional Recovery if you want to recover any data.

However in all these cases, nothing is definite until proven and I may be wrong too .

Hold on to check whether other experts chipin with their brainwaves.

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Hi Guys,

So it was working fine until one of the latest windows auto update, i turned off my computer and went to bed, when turned it on the next morning the drive was no longer showing up so i checked disc management and it was in there as unallocated, the only options that are there when i right click are: Offline, Properties and help.

Im running Windows 7 ultimate x64 on a sony vaio VPCL118FG and the External Hard Drive is a Western Digital 2TB Model WDBAAU0020HBK

I really don't want to reformat it as i have all my invoices for work along with everything else on it.

Thanx for the help in Advance.

A:Western Digital drive showing up with Unallocated in disc management

Go to Western Digital website and download their disk utilities for that particular hard drive.

Run the utility and see if it reports any problems.

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Sound impossible doesn't it, it is a long story I'll try and keep it short and I've been looking for help on this on various places but every where people have no clue on what might be a solution to this.

My usb stick got infected by a worm virus at school, it infected my home computer and as I was removing the malware files from my own computer (not knowing that the virus was on my usb yet) the stick simply crashed with a message along the following lines:

Device is no valid win32 application

after pressing okay the changeable stations, I'm not sure what they're called but in My Computer these are the stations listed that the usb stick uses, vanished and the program I was working with crashed.

I took the usb downstairs, reformatted it to be certain that the worm was gone and went back upstairs. I found out that the program I was working with was displaying an error when starting it up:

Windows No Disc
Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameneters 75b0bf7c 4 75b0bf7c 75b0bf7c

which was caused by the crashed stick, it was still looking for it and if I replugged the now formatted stick it would be detected but the station wouldn't be shown in My Computer. The same situation now counts for my other usb sticks, however my external still works and gets listed properly

I managed to remove the Words error by un-installing the usb driver it was looking forand did a boot scan with Avast right after. However now with the viruses gone I still had the following... Read more

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I am using Win7 Ultimate 32-bit & I have a 2 3Ware Escalade 9500S-8 SATA controllers with four 1.8 TB drives. The 1st partition is 2 TB and is the boot partition. After that I can see the rest of my space as 5.2 TB and labeled as Unallocated Space. When I right click on it everything is ghosted out except properties. I tried splitting the 2 TB partition in half to see if I could expand the new 1 TB partition to use any of the unallocated space but could not. I have tried every partition tool I could download but none will work with the 5.2 TB partition. Any suggestions as to how I can access this space. I am trying to use it as a FTP server.

Thanks in advance,

A:Disk Management disc tools - can't format uneducated space RAID5

You will need to go to Disk Management and reinitialize the disk as as GPT disk, then create new partitions on it.

I'm assuming that currently it's formatted as an MBR disk - the MBR partitioning scheme however can only address total disk space up to 2TB. Beyond that, it's incapable of "reaching" the rest.

Here's more information about GPT for your perusal: Windows and GPT FAQ

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My pc came with preinstalled Windows 7 x32, later I came to know it is an OEM version.. now i want to switch to x64 architecture(same Windows edition), ..can I do a clean install Windows 7 x64 (retail) over my Windows 7 x32bit(OEM)....and use my OEM product key to activate it?

A:Windows7 32bit OEM Productkey to activate Windows7 retail x64bit

Simple answer is yes.
You will probably need to use telephone activation to get it activated.

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I have an HP Compaq dx2000mt desktop that has windows7 32bit enterprise installed on it. I tried to install windows7 home 32bit to replace the enterprise OS. As I was installing it stated the old OS would be marked, XXX.old and it went forward, then came to a point where there were booting errors. and it stopped installing. Now I am left with a half install, and a full OS the boot section now in its own drive named disk 0 system reserved.
I partioned the C drive and allocated 20gb and tried to install there. I received the same errors seems that my boot.ini is stuck in the system reserved and I cant figure out how to incorporate disk 0 over to disk C, so that my boot is in the same disk drive.
I have really messed this one up. I have installed an operating system before and never had so much trouble.
Any advice would be helpful.
And please if you have an answer, something for me to do, it needs to be A.B.C.'d out step by step as Im not an expert. But I guess I already proved that...
Thank you in advance.

A:Failed install windows7 home to windows7 enterprise

Clean Install Windows 7

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My new computer arrived today with Windows7 64 installed. (happydance)
My old computer has Windows7 32 installed.

Before I start attacking both computers, thought I better ask beforehand or the b/f will 'kill' me

Can I remove the hard drive from the old computer, install it as a 2nd drive in the new computer and be able to access all the data (documents, photos, messages saved in outlook and my favourites etc) on it from the new Windows7 64bit primary drive?

(I wasn't sure which sub-forum to ask this question in, hope in here is OK.)


A:Windows7 64 reading windows7 32 drive?

Hi Jaibird,

A hard disk is not 32-bit or 64-bit and does not depend upon the installed OS.

Yes, in some parts and no in others.
You can access files/folders from the partition Hard Disk (Documents, Photos, Favourites).. But you cannot get the messages saved in outlook.

Be advised that the (Documents, Photos, Favourites) will NOT merge into your current Windows 7 64-Bit.


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how do I download Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) PC music management client? AT&T Wireless- Sideload (Transfer Music) from a Personal Computer (PC) to a Samsung Flight II (A927) says that it needs it to download music to my phone.

A:Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) PC music management client

Your phone should be WMDRM supported. But you can try this update

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These documents provide an overview of the Microsoft Solutions for Management (MSM) patch management solutions, which are composed of service offerings on the following: Patch Management Using Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS), and Patch Management Using Microsoft® Software Update Services (SUS).

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000




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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.
After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.
Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?

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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.

After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.

Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?Boot disk vs recovery disk. Let me see if I can phrase that in a way that makes some sense.A recovery disc is a generic term for the disk or media containing a backup of the original factory condition or a specified condition of a computer as configured by the original equipment manufacturer or an end-user. OEM supplied recovery media is sometimes shipped with some computers to allow the user to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and pre-loaded software as it was when it was shipped. This is not as common a practice today as it was in the past. I won't confuse the issue, but google recovery partition for more information.A boot disk is a removable data storage medium, i.e. DVD or flash drive from which a computer can load and run 'boot' an operating system or utility program. The computer must have an installed program or application which will load and execute a program or application from the boot disk. This will enable you to boot an otherwise unusable machine to be able to troubleshoot the OS or non-working application as necessary.Hope that gives you a better idea of the difference.As to how to create a boot disk? I will let more knowledgeable staff or members assist you.

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Service Management Functions (SMFs) provide operational guidance for Microsoft technologies employed in computing environments for information technology applications. SMFs are a core part of Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), which provides guidance through courses, services, guides, and other media that enable organizations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability of IT solutions.

System Requirements

Windows operating system

Operating System - Windows 2000




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well its blowing my mind...
im not able to do any thing in computer management-disk management page
my account is an administrator but format, extend and delete volume optiones are grayed (disabled) even when i want to shrink a drive ( not the one with the Vista installed on) i recive an error saying you are not allowed and access is denied .
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Farzad/Desktop/Capture.JPG[/IMG]i dont understand whats the problem... can anyone of you folks help me?
there two pics attached below one is the error it self and the other one is the disk management snapshot.
thanks before answering

A:computer management-disk management problem

Hi farad4me

Windows is using this drive for page filing, DO NOT DELETE.

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Networked, distributed computing environments require continuous maintenance, including the application of patches and fixes. The need to apply patches is not necessarily the result of flaws or deficiencies in operating systems or applications. Patches may be required to maintain a viable IT environment in the face of software updates, to block opportunities to exploit extended technologies, or to neutralize emerging security threats. These factors exist in all development and production environments. The critical question facing IT managers is how well their organizations will manage the inevitable patch management process.
This solution accelerator is designed to help consultants, partner organizations, and internal IT support staff develop a comprehensive patch management solution for their organizations
System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Microsoft Word is required to view the content.



A:Patch Management Using Systems Management Server 2.0


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I purchased windows7 for when it comes out in Oct. My question is this
I have vista 32-bit and can do an inplace upgrade to windows7 32-bit.
Can I also do a dual boot and run windows7 64-bit on a second hdd? On the same machine!
Will I have to purchase a second key or would the same key work for both
32-bit and 64-bit?
If I install the 32-bit win7 can I upgrade to 64-bit using the same key or
do I have to purchase a second key to do This?

A:windows7-32bit & windows7 64-bit

To the best of current thinking says the same key will work both 32 & 64 bit. you can dual boot both and should be able to use the same key.
Good luck and welcome to 7 Forum.


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can any one help i have a dell optiplex 740 it has a amd 64 dual core at the moment it has been installed as a 32 bit i have the dell 64 bit reinstallation disk can i upgrade to 64 bit with out having to do a total reinstalation of windows

A:windows7 32bit to windows7 64 bit

no you have to do a clean install to go from 32x to 64x

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I have had this pc for over a year now but i only now want to upgrade to a 64 bit of windows 7 i know that i will have to do a clean install but i lost my disk and wanted to know if i could download the windows 7 64 bit of the store and would i have to
buy a new windows or could i still use my product key from my current windows if i want to upgrade to 64 bit from 32 bit... thank you

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kindly let know about winRM services used in powershell
scenario WINRM service is stopped by default on all machines  means WINRM is stoped? my understanding is just start WINRM service on the any workstations where running powershell script will conncet to all machines (even WIN RM is stopped on target
machines) it is right?

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Hello HP community, I've been upgrading our organization's laptops to Windows 10 and turning on BitLocker for TPM-enabled machines. We have a decent volume of the 6460b model (around 75), and I have gone through well over half of them without issue. I've had to turn the TPM on for several of them, but that's no problem. However, last week, I was getting two more of the laptops updated and suddently encountered an error message when going to the TPM Management interface within Windows: "Cannot load management console "Loading of the management console failed. The device that is required by this cryptographic provider is not ready for use. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090030) Try again." The TPM shows in the device manager, but not in Speccy. The option in the BIOS for TPM controls is greyed out. I've tried the following and seen no change in symptoms:Uninstalling the TPM from the device manager and letting it re-install.Checking for any additional Windows updates.Updated the chipset drivers directly from the HP support site.Modifying the permissions in the BIOS to ensure that TPM options are set to "Change" rather than "View" or "Hide."Updating the BIOS with files from the HP support site.What other information could I provide that would help identify the issue here? It seems like the TPM is there because it continues to re-install itself after I remove it from the device manager. Further, the error indicates that it's not ready for use, implying ... Read more

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Hello world!

I just got a new laptop with Win7 64 bit home premium and that's all good that this
OS came installed on there and I'm using it, but for my teaching activities I'll need
to get into some Linux OS in a multiboot configuration. So I will want to eventually
need to be able to fix this when the HD fails, well because we know that ALL HDs
will eventually fail, right? So this is a 'remanufactured' ASUS K55A, and the one piece
of paper that came with it says the HD has been reformatted and there is no recovery
partition so I should promptly make up a recovery DVD set, which I did (4 DVDs).

So I used the disk management to shrink the C: down to it's minimum, like 150Gb, due
to what it said was some files that could not be moved. That's probably OK. Then I
deleted the D: and made a new D: of about 350Gb which leaves the unassigned space
all looking to be contiguous (like 188Gb). In looking on there, I see the UEFI partition
of 200Mb, which is cool, and then there are these two mysterious partitions: a 25Gb
recovery partition with no listing of it's filesystem nor any drive letter, hanging out in
the never never land and not in the early (leftmost) part of the disc, and there is this
protected Q: drive that apparently has MS office on it 'in case' I want to buy it. There
is the 'reduced with ads' MS office already working and that is all I would ever want.

1) In reading up I see there is a lot of headache going around with Win 8 and UEFI but
I believe that UEFI is a goo... Read more

A:Questions: UEFI, restore partition, Q:, install disc, recovery disc

Hi PJ,

You covered several areas, so I'll start with some suggestions:

1. Since you already burnt (and checked?) the recovery DVD's, that recovery partition is no longer required, so you can remove it. Everything you need to restore the computer back to its factory state will be contained on those 4 x DVD's - store them safely.

2. For the Linux distro's, given that this is a UEFI boot, I would run them in a virtual machine using either free VirtualBox or free VMWarePlayer (my personal preference is for the latter).
Linux - Install on Windows 7 Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

3. If you never plan on using Office, uninstall it, then remove the Q: partition.

You should also consider a clean OEM install at some point - it gets rid of all the bloatware that the OEM's come with:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Lastly, keep this handy if you choose to clean install under UEFI:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with


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I've spent hours and hours trying to fix it, and have found nothing really worthwhile online. I'm coming here in the outside chance someone else may have experienced something similar.

Basically, my Windows 7 laptop will no longer allow me to play dvd/cds (burned or store bought). The drive shows up in My Computer, is enabled, bios look good, etc, etc, but if I put a disc in it never autoruns or shows up with the disc name in My Computer,
and if I double click the disc drive I get a "please insert disc" dialogue box and the drive door pops open. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of, and (for what it's worth) I don't think its a hardware issue because after I sent my computer off
to Samsung for this same repair it came back completely reformatted the disc drive worked for a second. Then I started getting rid of some of the bloat ware in here (bought it at best buy... big mistake) again, and it shut down.

Here's what I've done or tried so far:
- Uninstall, reinstall the drive
- Updated the drivers
- Updated dvd/cd drive firmware
- Ran Microsoft's "Fix it" utility
- Cleaned the lenses/laser
- Remapped the drive to a different letter/path
- Checked registry to ensure filters weren't an issue (the upper and lower)
- Restored the laptop back to just after I received it back from the Samsung repair people (didn't work)
- Undid the restore
- Checked BIOS (I'm by no means BIOS-savvy, but it appeared that everything was in line with ... Read more

A:DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

You could try a system recovery back to factory specs. Here is a link to show you how.

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How do I make a Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disk using my Windows x64 Pro Disk? I read somewhere that the four versions of Windows 7 x64 (Starter, Home, Pro and Ultimate) are all on the Setup DVD you buy, the difference is only in the Setup.ins and boot pictures?

I want to make a Slip-streamed Setup DVD for Ultimate. How? Thanks, Donald

A:Make Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disc using Windows x64 Pro Disc

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

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Hi All,
I know this is 'against the rules' as I have posted this in another section as well but I got no replies so thought I would try this instead.

I have a toshiba satellite L750 running Windows 7 home premium, when trying to burn anything onto a blank disc I get as far as selecting my items and asking it to burn but it keeps telling me to insert a blank disc (which obviously I have). I have tried several different types of blank disc but it dosnt seem to recognise any of them.

Would be very greatful if someone could help.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Burning content - disc drive not recognising blank disc

Hmmm tricky are you sure they are blank? your drive also may need a firmware update.

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im stuck on what to do. i have been without an os for 3 days now. i am currently using my playstation 3 which is no good i want my vista back. so when i go to install it gives me the error " windows cannot be installed to this disc. the selected disc is of the gpt partition style". i have followed some instructions to diskpart. but after ive seletced my disk and i press enter then type clean and press enter, i dont actually know if it has done anything or doing anything. i cant type anything else after that as it says to type exit in the instructions after typing clean, but it simply wont let my type it. so im hoping someone can shed some light on to this problem for me as ive been stuck for 3 days now and i really am at my last teather with this machine its about to be thrown out the window.

A:windows cannot install to disc the selected disc is gpt partition style

download gparted and then format your disc. or download linux and format your disc

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I have found a plethora of advice on how to do it. They all say to insert a blank DVD, but nowhere can I find anything about size of disc or how to determine size in individual cases. Also, specific recommendations for disc (I have never burned a disc)?

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I plan to use an exterior HD for system image.

A:Solved: Create system repair disc. Disc size?

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 Is there somewhere to request the disc? Msg.   Secure boot violation

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Hello.I have been trying come up with a solution for this issue for awhile and am at my wits end.After upgrading my PC:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c03685096...to Windows 10 a few months ago, my PC will randomly not boot (more often than not) and I will receive the following error message upon booting:Error: No boot disc has been detected or the disc has failed.I then have to manually shut down the PC.When I select F10 upon booting and enter through the bios and simply select "ignore changes and exit" the PC will then load normally.It happens seemingly at random. Sometimes I can restart the PC a couple times in a row without issues. Typically I have to go through the bios though and I avoid powering down the PC at all if I can.I have done numerous tests on the hard disks and they have all passed. I have checked the connections from the HD to the motherboard and there are no issues there. I flashed the bios to the newest version as well. I tried downgrading as well as refreshing Windows to no avail.Help?Thank you in advance.

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Please help 'disc read disc error occurred' on start up and I cannot get XP to start,I have put a recovery disc in and got to the dos menu started scandisc seems to be taking for ever (5% in 3hours).can I recover my doc's for my University course:help anyone
Thanks for looking

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My local disc drive C disappeared from My Computer and also the secondary drives wont show I haven't installed any new software or anything, I haven't looked at them for about a week and then I saw that they were gone

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Okay, So my roomate's laptop which is on Windows XP Proffessional started acting funny. Yes it does have Service Pack 3

It seemed like a problem that could be fixed with a Defrag, but Defrag wouldnt work.

So I tried Disc Check and it didnt work.

For the heck of it, I tried Disc Cleanup, and it freezes instantly and doesnt work.

It would be easy enough to fix if there was a restore point in System Restore, but for some reason that program hasnt made any restore points. ( go figure)

I have been working on this computer, trying every defrag and disk check fix I could find. Including all the command prompts, regsver32, installing new components, everything. Still no go.

More specifially, for defrag my error is: "Disc Defragmenter could not start"
It doesnt work when defrag c: is entered into Command Prompt.

I finnally got disc Check to respond by using command prompt and telling it to schedule a check for the next start up, but it didnt work. When the computer starts up I get a error like "Disc check cannot be used on RAW files" for a split second.

Starting the computer in safe mode doesnt make them work either.

Is there anything else I can do? Or do I just have to wipe everything and re-install the OS?


A:Defrag, Disc Check, Disc Clean up all not working

and welcome to the Forum

I would first run diagnostics on the hard drive ( click here )

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Is there somewhere to request the disc? Msg.   Secure boot violation

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