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Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Q: Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



Preferred Solution: Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Duplicate post. You have the same one here - http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/816942-mounting-nrg-file-daemon-tools.html

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite, or possibly converting it into a ISO file.

Daemon Tools Lite should be able to mount NRG files. Make sure you are using the latest version:
Daemon Tools Official Website:

You might also want to try these other virtual drive, image mounting software (both freeware):

Alcohol 52%
Alcohol 52% Official Website


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Well im trying to mount a ISO file with daemon tools version 4.12.3.
first comes this : http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/8...workingom7.jpg
It's in Finnish and says that : "Autorun stopped working, windows is checking to solve this problem".
and then comes this : http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/8...orking2cm6.jpg
Well i tried to enable daemon tools in this autorun crap in : control panel -> system -> systems preferences -> executive function -> the on in up. And i added daemon tools there, clicked use and ok then i rebooted and still that annoying thing is there when im trying to mount.

Sorry for makeing 2 threads dunno how delete this one..

A:Mounting with daemon tools

Don't worry, I reported your other thread for deleting - let's use this one.

FWIW, I have Daemon Tools automatically asking on 3 ISOs that I have loaded every time I boot - so Autorun works, *and* it works in Vista X64 too (which is what I am using now - a month ago I was on Vista x86 (32bit).

So, let's start with this:
What OS are you running *specifically* (name, version, Service Pack level)What version of Daemon Tools are you running? Free or Pro? What version of the SPTD tools do you have?Have you tried enabling the Automount option in Daemon Tools?Do *any* mounted images pop up the autorun dialog?Have you tried uninstalling Daemon Tools and then installing the latest version from their website?

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i got 21 iso files and was trying create a virtual disk drive by using daemon tools in order to mount those files up. the probelm is i dont really understand the steps i have to do after getting those iso files. as you know the files make up a game.

A:need help on mounting iso files by daemon tools (game)

Ok, so you have the .iso files and Daemon Tools installed. What you need to do is start Daemon Tools, right click on the icon in the taskbar in the lower right corner, go to mount, and browse for the .iso files. You can also choose to have multiple virtual disks.

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Need to unplug my optical drive as the game still recognises the disc drive. Does anyone know how I could physically remove it or if software exists to hide it? I own a HP Pavillion Dv6.

A:Daemon Tools mounting but still requires CD/DVD; Need to unplug CD drive?

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Hi Guys

I am trying to install Daemon Tools Lite (latest version) and here is what I get:

Then when I press Run Program, I get this:

Daemon Tools is one of the programs I use all the time, so I really need it.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this matter.

Thank You.

A:Daemon Tools Lite

Without looking at my subscriptions I am just replying quickly to let you know that I recall seeing the same first initial window, but was able to continue the install and Deamon works great for me with no issues. Do a search it's on here somewhere. Maybe install as 'admin'?

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Wanted to download Nintendo, Legend of Zelda skyward sword ISO (4.37GB) and view it on my cpu as a back up file, using XP sp3 Downloaded Daemon tools lite. Downloaded  game using uTorrent.. Transferred ISO file to Daemon Lite, Mounted file. Went to My computer and  left double click on Virtual drive icon, and this is what the pop up reads.( Windows cannot read from disk might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows). Same response with the two different virtual drives in Daemon Lite tools and two different Torrent Legend of Zelda skyward sword iso files. What am I doing wrong can’t view game?.

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ok so this has never happened untill i reformated my computer. im trying to install a game.
i mount disc 1 and install, no problem, now it asks to install disc 2, but when i locate the folder disc 2 is in, i cannot open the folder that the discs are in, in the browse. so i cant install the game cause i cant open the folder that contains disc 2 and 3. please help me, this has never happened before.

A:daemon tools lite

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Hi Guys

I tried installing Daemon Tools Lite from their website .. but while setup was running I got a pop up saying there were compatibility issues with this software and windows 7 .. so I got scared and clicked cancel.

What do I do now ? I really need Daemon Tools


A:Daemon Tools Lite

Click continue anyway. Thats what i did and it works fine.

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I have Daemon Tools Lite on my computer, but the issue is that every time it is used, it checks itself in on the start-up list. I would open MSconfig and it would be checked in again. Is there any way to stop this program from making itself a start-up program every time I use it?

A:Issue with Daemon Tools Lite

simply open daemon tools preferences and in general tab - uncheck "Open Mount'n'Drive Manager on start"
that's it
add to my rep if i helped

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I have been using Daemon Tools Lite but recently I tried to update for some reason or another and now I get this error message on installation: "Internal setup error. Error code: 14. Contact support."

I have searched google and I'm not really finding anything, does anyone know how to solve this?


A:Daemon Tools Lite Error

Try removing it with Revo Uninstaller, under an Advanced scan.


Then reinstall it.

On a side note, Daemon Tools uses a driver, SPTD.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs in Vista and 7 systems.

We have also seen it mess up in other ways, such as cause one person's computer to become so slow he couldn't use it.

You can switch to a different program now, or take your chances, and know to uninstall Daemon Tools if you ever have problems.

I recommend the alternatives MagicDisc or Virtual CloneDrive.


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How Do I get Daemon Tools Lite Search off of my Firefox?

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My computer i have a HP HDX16t with windows 7 Home Premium on it. Before i upgrade my Windows vista to Windows 7 i had Daemon Tools Lite on my computer and after i installed windows 7 when i restart a error message comes up and says DAEMON Tools Lite on the top and inside the error box it says This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.60 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated. I tried uninstalling Daemon tools from my computer and this error is still coming up. can anyone help me?

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DT just released latest version, free DT Lite with win7 beta support, haven't installed it yet. I have MagicDisc.

Just asking about performance, which one is better? Both works on Win7 now but which one has less problems? Have been using MagicDisc on Win7 because DT didn't support Win7, but it's now.

Have been Daemon Tools user since XP .

A:MagicDisc vs Daemon Tools Lite? and on x64?

fist off, get rid of magicdisk IMO... hated that thing, and support was not all there, crashed alot of systems, mine included... seems like you have been a lucky one.

I have been a DT user like yourself, my best advice for alternative is poweriso... handles every image, just no support for emulation. Since DT just released this, i shall give it a shot this weekend.

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Will DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.4 SPTD 1.58 run ok on 7100? I don't want to install this and run into a problem and I can't seem to find any info on this.

A:DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.4 SPTD 1.58

First, go and install the latest SPTD 1.60:
DuplexSecure - Downloads

After you install the damon tool lite v4.30.4:
Disc-Tools.com - Published Software Download

Will work flawlessly on Windows 7

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OK, I don't know for sure if I'm in the right place, but here it goes...I have a brand new laptop with vista ultimate, it's a Dell XPS m 1530. I desperately need to have two virtual CD drives in order to have the possibility to visualize the content of two different CD's at all times without the having the real CD's with me. I used Roxio to create two iso images and saved them to the desktop. Then I downloaded Daemon Tools Lite (my son's suggestion). I set it to 2 devices and I mounted one image on each. Now I can visualize the first CD, but for the second Daemon shows for few seconds a little window that says "please wait" then the window fades away and nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled Daemon, recreated the images...I don't know what is wrong, why one is visible and the other not. Anybody out there has any suggestions?
I also contacted Daemon, but their website does not recognize the user name /password they gave me. So, as I said I'm desperate...

A:[SOLVED] Daemon Tools Lite and Vista?

Sorry, disregard my question! I created an image with alcohol 120% instead of Roxio and now I can see both CDs' content. I don't really know why now it works because they were all iso images, I thought that maybe there was some kind of incompatibility.

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I apologise if this has been answered on a different post but i could not find one in the same position as me so here it goes...

I have downloaded a game from Rapidshare, i have opened the RAR file and extracted the files etc. I get rzr.001 rzr.002 etc etc with a paper sign with the corner folded?

I was told to use HJSplit to merge the files together and thats what I have done. Now I have a single file of 4.10gb but dont know what to do with it to make the game work.

I have tried to mount the images with Daemon tools also but that still does not load the game.

Can anyone help please ?

Thankyou in advance.

A:file extension not loading in daemon tools

Is this game legal? I dobut not. I think I'll just report you.

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Description of the BSOD:

It actually started on 7.12.2014. During that day i had the old installation of Windows that was corrupted by viruses. At first i thought it was virus related. But after i have re-installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate again (i did a custom install) the issue persisted. The only indicator that something is wrong at first was that as soon as the Windows "Welcome" screen should show up my Monitor had shut down, the PC still worked.

Later i started getting freezes with looped sound when i watched a video with VLC Media Player or on Youtube. During all this time there where no mini-dump files generated. I installed DAEMON Tools Lite yesterday. Then, today i tried to uninstall DAEMON Tools Lite and there was my first BSOD. But the thing is i had DAEMON Tools Lite installed on my old windows install and it did not gave me any errors. Altrough during the installation i chose to install the SPDT Advanced Emulation Driver.
There have not been any other BSOD's so far.

According to BlueScreenView the Problem is:

Dump File : 120914-32885-01.dmp
Crash Time : 9.12.2014. 23:08:53
Bug Check String : BAD_POOL_CALLER
Bug Check Code : 0x000000c2
Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000007
Parameter 2 : 00000000`0000109b
Parameter 3 : 00000000`00000001
Parameter 4 : fffffa80`066d4060
Caused By Driver : ntoskrnl.exe
Caused By Address : ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0
File Description :... Read more

A:BSOD while tryng to uninstall DAEMON Tools Lite

There are a few possibilities:

1. Open Task Manager. Under the Processes tab, is DTShellHlp.exe still running? If so, then:
- End the process
- Open Device Manager and check under System Devices for an item called Daemon Tools Virtual Bus
- Right click and select Uninstall, then confirm the deletion of the driver
- Go the Daemon Tools folder under C:\Program Files and delete the folder

2. If you still get a BSOD, or DTShellHlp.exe is not shown in Task Manager, temporarily disable AVG, then try uninstalling.

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New version of DT v4.35.5 (with SPTD 1.62) with full Windows 7 and Windows 7 Sidebar compatibility is available to download!

DAEMON Tools is an advanced application for Microsoft Windows which provides one of the best optical media emulation in the industry. DAEMON Tools enables you to use your CD/DVD images as if they were already burned to CD/DVD.

DAEMON Tools forum: forum.daemon-tools.cc

- SPTD 1.62;
- Full Windows 7 support;
- Windows Sidebar gadget for easy accessing of general DAEMON Tools Lite features;
- DAEMON Tools Lite Panel was removed;
- GUI redesign and improvement;
- No need in “Run as Administrator” option for the first DAEMON Tools Lite start;
- Revised License pages in Setup;
- Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:
- Problem with image mounting from RAID volumes larger than 2 Tb;
- Some issues with opening image file on mounting;
- Showing Wait Dialog in command line mode;
- Inability to mount *.mdf image without *.mds file;
- Problem with SPTD installation from DAEMON Tools Lite setup in silent mode;
- Some minor bugs.

Download site is here!

A:DAEMON Tools Lite full compatibility with Windows 7

Thanks Petar. Downloading now.

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I just installed an update for Daemon Tools Lite and the second i ran the application AVG popped up and said that it was a potential security risk and wanted to remove it. I did as AVG asked me. Is this just a random, unfortunate error that i can ignore for now or may DAEMON actually contain something harmful? I am using AVG Internet Security 9.0.814 and it is the most recent version available. It is computer no. 1 in my signature.

A:DAEMON Tools Lite shows up as security risk?

Downloaded a new setup from the site and that did not run into the same problem.

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I've successfully installed DAEMON Tools Lite 4 from its official website on Windows 7 Professional. A virtual device has been created. When I double-click on an ISO file, it gives a message as "Mounting image", however, then it stops and gives an error as "Unable to add virtual device." It also creates a new virtual device each time I double-click on an ISO file. DAEMON Tools Lite control panel also does not show any virtual device that is created and seen in the Devices with Removable Storage list on Computer window.

A:DAEMON Tools Lite 4: Unable to mount an image

I would suggest you get rid of it and use Virtual Clone Drive instead.

If not, have you installed SPDT and restarted the PC? If not, you should've. I suggest you clean install DT again.

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Hi all,

I been trying to use a new version Daemon Tools Lite (DTL) a few days ago but I gave up, because whenever I try to add a virtual drive, my PC will reboot.

I've tried searching for the reason on why DTL behave this way and I've found out on some post that it has something to do with SPTD.

There were some suggestions about uninstalling SPTD, but if I do that DTL will not work.

Others said that I should just stick with an old version of DTL that works on my PC, but I would really like to use the new version.

Do I need to install anything for SPTD to work on my PC?


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Well, this is disappointing. 
I was about to LEGITIMATELY PURCHASE some software until the supposed "official store" 's (www.disc-soft.com) Daemon Tools Pro Advanced install file greeted me with NOT ONE BUT TWO (2) mal attacks:
Iminent SearchTheWeb
(screenshots below)
Seriously? This is NOT GOOD.
OK, here's what happened:
 Before downloaded anything, I scanned my Windows 8 machine using Norton Int Sec, Malware Bytes Pro, and SpyHunter4 (all of which I am using paid-legit versions of). 
**Clean results on all fronts.**
So, then I downloaded the install file for Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 6 from the Disc-Soft website (see link) which is SUPPOSED TO BE the ware's OFFICIAL STORE (and perhaps also the corporate underwriter and proprietor?) for all Daemon Tools products.
(i.e., they're supposed to be LEGIT. Am I missing something here?)
And AS SOON as I installed their file -- DTPro610-0484(.exe) --  (and yes, I opted out of any "special offers", though there was only one) I receive a notification from my Norton.
At first I just figured Somoto was legit and that this Norton response was a false positive since Daemon Tools is a disc writer app that does a lot of system-level writing and encryption. So, this Somoto should be part of the Daemon package, right? 
Apparently SAPE.Somoto.## is a well-known infection that has apparently been around for years... Read more

A:2 Mals Included with Daemon Tools Install File from Disc-Soft Website

Discussion here:
And welcome to Bleeping Computer!

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In windows 7 pc whenever trying to attach a file on outlook nothing is happening or no file/folder is opening and whenever select any file on application for mounting no file or no drives are opening....

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I Iam trying to send an email with a PDF attachment, my script works but when I get the mail and I try to open it it says message was corrupted and itdoes not open it, I tried plaing with the Encoding trying different setting with no luck, could you help me?

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I own a MAC OS Catalina version 10.15.3 I downloaded a Book with a ACSM file. Then I downloaded Calibre which is a dmg file. The message says that Calibre can't be used as a dmg and that you have to put it in a folder like Applications or on your desktop ... I did that. When I clicked on the Add file and went to find my book - it is grayed out and I can't add it. All suggestions welcome.

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Dell Inspiron 1525, Vista. AVG free, Adaware, Spybot S&D. Scans done weekly, no problem noted prior to this.

Daughter called me at work bent out of shape because she gets this on startup:

" The File is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum doses not match the
computer ed checksum..." All of her summer howework is on the HDD and she's no happy. She's been warned about not having backups, but she knows everything at her age...maybe this will get her attention. She says it flashes the Dell logo at start up and then goes to a black screen w/this message.
My search here kept coming up w/"IE cannot display this page...", so I thought I would start a new entry and hope somebody might have something to offer by the time I get home to look at it.

FWIW, this is a laptop on a wifi network. AVG on another computer on this network started giving a virus alert yesterday, (mentioning smitfraud), AVG scan found nothing, Panda online scan found nothing, and Spybot found nothing. That was my project for this weekend, but I guess it goes onto the back burner now. I do not know if there is a relationship between these two issues.

Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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I have a HP dv7-3065dx 4 gig ram and 500 gig HD window 7 home prem 64bit. I pulled the mother board and had the GPU reballed and copper heat sink added for cooling. Now I have put it all back together and it will nor boot from factory disc or from the hard drive. I have tried a couple of hard drives including one new and one from another dv7 that is working. I have also pulled the ram and replaced it twice. I get the file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum and also got this error also BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot. Is it possible I missinstall the board causing these errors, help help!!

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hello this morning i turned my laptop on and recieved this error message the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed checksum. I've tried using the recover cd and alt f10 but the error seems to kick in before i can do anything any ideas??

A:the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed ch

You need to boot from the CD. Enter BIOS setup and change boot sequence so that the CD/DVD drive is the first boot device. Then you can boot from the recovery CD.

Note, using a recovery CD will erase the entire hard disk and you will lose any documents, emails etc on the hard disk.

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I have a Toshiba running Windows 7. The computer was having a lot of problems with opening files, getting on the internet, etc. It would boot up but then wouldn't do anything else. I have the Toshiba recovery media CDs which I have used in the past when the computer got a virus. I tried to use them again. This time it went through the process on CD1 but after pressing finish, it now gives an error when trying to boot.

The file may be corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computer checksum.

I tried taking the CD out and booting up and got the same error. I tried putting the CD back in and redoing it but still get the same error. Are there any suggestions?

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Can Windows 98SE .clp files be converted to Word2000 .doc format?
Have a 6K .clp file which I can't open, Can .clp files be converted to Word2000 format? If not, what can I read it with?

A:Converting a .clp file to a Word 2000 .doc file?

Well, it appears that it could be one of the following file types:

You searched for file extension: .clp

Clipart GraphicProgram: QUATTRO PRO
Clipboard fileProgram: MS WINDOWS
Compiler Script (Clip List)Program: CLIPPER 5

So that depends.

You can always try, from Word, File-Open. Change the files of type to "recover text from any file" and try opening the file.

Don't forget to change the file types back to Word docs after you've used that file type or you'll forget and be in trouble next time you open a file.

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When i convert a (Bitrate - 320kbps, Channel - 1(mono), Audio Sample Rate - 44 kHz) 9.0 9mb mp3 file to a stero file using rip edit burn, I get a (Bitrate - 56kbps, Channels - 2(stereo) and Audio Sample Rate - 22 kHz) 1.59 mb mp3 file.
During conversion the converter shows the following message:

The currently selected mp3 encoder and bitrate does not provide optimum quality for music files. To get a better quality mp3 please use a different mp3 converter.

Available codecs - Windows ACM Default
Bit rate ( kbit) - 56

What needs to be done to achive a better quality stero file.

A:Converting a mono mp3 file to a stereo mp3 file.

Well, you can't really convert a mono source to stereo, think about it.

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Hello i was told by an embroidery shop that I need to convert my JPEG file to a DST file in order to avoid further costs. I was wondering if you could help. I have attached the Image. All I need is the lettering with the font.

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Hi my Canon camera produces movies as MOV files & my dvd player plays DIVX video files with extension avi or divx is there a good free program for converting these? or others in the future?

Appreciate any help

A:Converting MOV file to Divx video file?

If you convert the movies to full DVD format (VOB's, etc), you can watch them on any DVD player. DVD Flick can handle Quicktime, which is MOV, hopefully the same MOV as the Canon. http://www.dvdflick.net/index.php

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i really need help in getting my virtual drive daemonlte to let me play games off it i have done mounted all the disk for ff8 but it wont let me run it i have vista home prem. and my laptop is a toshiba qosmio x305-705 any help at all will be grately apprecative thanks o and this is my first time trying a virtual drive

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I just recently updated from windows 7 to windows 10 I use ISO files regularly and need to get this fixed. I am unable to mount any iso files or even run and iso mounting software. I keep reading that all i have to do is select the file and i should be given the option either at the top of the explorer window or when i bring up the quick menu but have had no luck. Do i need to enable the feature or something? I have not been able to find any options for it within windows or on the internet, all the tutorials assume i just have the option.

A:Mounting ISO file

If you right click on the iSO file you should be able to open it, if not then the file maybe corrupt.

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Both MagicISO Maker & MagicDisc are installed. MagicISO Maker has no problem opening the .bin file, but when I select Tools>Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, the only choice is: Install MagicDisc CD/DVD Manager(Freeware)...

Clicking this just opens to the download site. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong as I am new to this & thought I followed the Help section correctly.

A:Mounting a .Bin file

You're doing it wrong, bro
Start with right click on the tray icon and go to "Set Number of Drives" (You only have to do that once)
Now again right click on the tray icon and you go to "VirtualCD/DVD-ROM -Mount"
Now you navigate the open dialog to the image you want to mount and there you are.
Perhaps your installation is borked. Uninstall the whole Thing with REVO uninstaller or CCleaner and start over.


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I tried to mount an ISO file the other day and realized Windows is ignoring the command. I think I had something mounted that wasn't on the local drive anymore. I uninstalled the software (Virtual Clone Drive) and tried with Daemon tools from old version - NOT the current bloatware spamware versions.
It didn't install properly. Magic ISO coulnd't assign a letter and WinCDEMU won't make a virtual drive.
Where can I even start looking for a fix of this problem?

A:Can't mount disc or install mounting software (Daemon, WinCDEMU, Magic ISO etc)

If all you want to do is mount an iso file use the free OSFmount.

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This is an odd thing I've encountered just recently and I cannot find a root cause for the problem. I have a program that essentially takes a document and moves it to another location (with several bells and whistles).

This program has run flawlessly over the past couple months, but now it seems to be causing the files to be locked. It says: "Access denied. Contact your administrator.". The original submitter can open the file but nobody else

The file is moving from an unknown location (wherever the end user has the file) and moving it to a network shared drive. Could the file.move cause this? Here's the code snippit

(for corporate purposes I replaced the path with {servername})


var newDirectory = "\\\\{Servername}\\" + txtDocName.Text + "\\"+cbDocType.Text;
Directory.CreateDirectory(newDirectory ); //Create the directory
File.Move(_path, newDirectory +"\\"+ txtFilename.Text); //Move the file to the new directory
_path = dc + "\\" + txtFilename.Text; //Update new path global
Sendmail(); //Send the confirmation email

Here are my theories and what I've done to try to solve them
The file is encrypted before the transfer
I had the file resaved by the author. This was still locked

The file carried over permissions from the local drive
I had the file resaved by the author then moved using windows explorer to the parent folder. This unlocked it.

The file was o... Read more

A:File.Move in C# possibly locking the file?

Did you change any code, files or settings before this started happening ? Try using Unlocker to find out what is causing the locking, which will make it a lot easier to diagnose the problem.

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i have iso file with file size 16GB, when i mount i got problem can not see all file in the iso (only 30 file from total 143 file)

i try to open with winrar i can see all file buat only 30 with the extension and complete file name, other file there is no extension and file name not complete

what should i do to extract all the file in this iso?


A:Mounting iso file problem

Is there an MD5 Hash for the ISO file? Perhaps it is corrupted.

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I downloaded a game file which happened to be .ISO file and i could not mount it and because of that i can't install it in my computer. i thought it was a corrupted file i downloaded but i tried mounting another game which i had installed already but could not mount it either so i cannot mount any .ISO file on my computer by any means. I have tried daemon tools, virtual clonedrive but no luck with that. And this problem is in my windows 10 when i Google it i find this problem mentioned on windows 8.1 and gave it a shot but those methods mentioned for windows 8.1 does not seem to work for windows 10. would really appreciate the help.

A:.ISO file is not mounting in windows 10

Hello prejwal, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Do you have this issue with all ISO files, for example a Windows 10 ISO, or just these game ISO files?

If you like, download and merge the .reg file for the listed ISO file listed in the table in OPTION TWO of the table below to see if that may help allow you to mount the ISO. It will restore the default associations for ISO files.

Default File Type Associations - Restore in Windows 10

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I am trying to mount a VHD file from my WindowsImageBackup.
I used a script to have Take Ownership of a folder, and did that to WindowsImageBackup,.
I am using Disk Management -> Action -> Attach VHD.
Now I see the drive mounted in Disk Management, but I can not explore it or open it.
But I desperetely need a couple files from there for work.
Any suggestions?
I am sorry if I may have posted in the wrong area of this site.
I am running windows 8.1.

A:Mounting a WindowsImageBackup VHD file

Hello Yuri,

Did you already approve to manually open the WindowsImageBackup folder before trying to attach the VHD?

Afterwards, you should be able to attach the VHD and open it.

System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management

Hope this helps,

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These are the instructions handed to me:

1. Download VCF-to-23andMe. The two scripts in this directory require Python 3.

2. First, run the data_to_db.py script using your VCF file as input. This generates the genome.db file:

> python3 data_to_db.py input.vcf.gz vcf genome.db

3. Then run db_to_23.py script using the genome.db file as input. This produces a file in the 23andMe format:

> python3 db_to_23.py genome.db blank_v3.txt 23andMe.txt

So, I go on command prompt and tried copy pasting the 1st command and I got a genome.db file but when I copy paste the 2nd command line (the one involving db_to_23.py) nothing happens. Youre supposed to start off with a vcf file and 2 python scripts to convert it. Im not sure how to do this.

All I have are a VCF file and 2 python scripts. If someone could describe the process from a fresh start to how I would convert it to 23andMe then that would be helpful.

Just a technical maneuvering issue.

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Thanks for any help in advance. I already converted it down to a svg file for having shirts made, but I need it to be a dst file to have a hat embroidered.

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As I could not find any FAQ pertaining to this matter in this website, I hope someone is able to guide me on

How can I convert my Powerpoint ppt files into Executable file so that it can runs by itself when double-click ?

If I do not have any MS Office with me, I can still rely on pptviewer.exe right ?

I still think the 1st Option is a better choice ! By the way, is my requirement similar to a pps file ? if yes, how can I convert my ppt file to pps form ?

Thanks for your kind assistance


A:Converting Powerpoint ppt file to EXE file

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I am using Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit and Windows ADK.

I noticed that, if I select the "Environment of the deployment tools and creations images" and I click on the "Run as Administrator" item of his Pop-Up menu and I mount on a iso image of windows 8.1 Update, when I run the command

robocopy <Drive_Letter>:\"<Windows_Files_Path>" /e

to copy all its files in a directory and the command

dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:"<Windows_Files_Path>"\install.wim /Index:<Image_Index> /MountDir:"<Mount_Directory_Path>"

to mount an image volume, this error appears:

Error: 0xc1510111
Not have permission to mount and modify this image.

However, if I copy these files through the "file explorer" window, the mounting of this volume image is working properly. How come?



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