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Jump lists show wrong file types?

Q: Jump lists show wrong file types?

Hi all!

I've just recently began to use the jump lists more and more. In general they work fine but I use VectorWorks and I imported a .pdf into the application. Now the jump list only displays that imported .pdf but not the .vwx files native to that application. I'm pretty sure the jump list worked correctly before the import, but since I've come to rely on them just recently, I can't be a 100% on this.

How could I fix this and make the jump lists display the correct types of files? Just opening a native files with VW doesn't work as they do not become "recent files". I'm at loss here.

Thanks for reading this.

Preferred Solution: Jump lists show wrong file types?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Jump lists show wrong file types?

Hi, try this, Type in associate Into the StartMenu Search and go to Associate a file type and see if you can do it from there.

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If you remove a folder feom the Windows Explorer taskbar jump list, the folder never appears in the list again. That indicates there must be a file that remembers the names of the folders removed. Does anyone know what file that is?

I want to permit folders I previously removed to appear in the jump list again.

A:Which File Controls Jump Lists?

Quote: Originally Posted by cyberbiker

If you remove a folder feom the Windows Explorer taskbar jump list, the folder never appears in the list again. That indicates there must be a file that remembers the names of the folders removed. Does anyone know what file that is?

I want to permit folders I previously removed to appear in the jump list again.

Its probably in registry but what setting is unknown. Cant you put a shrotcut instead and rename it if nec??
ken J

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I have some sensitive material on my computer which I would not like others to see. So, I'd like to know how to exclude some folders and files from lists like recent items, jump lists, etc. Is it possible?

A:How to exclude files and folders from "Recent" lists and jump lists

Welcome to Seven Forums Stawan. It's possible to turn off the recent items in the jumplists of specific programs. But it's a laborious process. I will describe it, but you'll have to do the legwork.

The Jump lists for each program are stored in

C:\Users\(User name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

as automaticDestination-ms files with random names.

To figure out which file belongs to which program , you'll have to do some detective work.

For instance, you could open a video with your media player program.

Change the AutomaticDestinations folder into Detail view and Sort by Date Modified.

Only one or two of the files should be showing as modified in the past minute. One may be a list of recently viewed folders, the other should be your program.

Delete one of the files then try to open your program's jump list. If it is gone, you have the right file.

Once you have identified the right file, restore it from recycle bin and set the file properties to Read-only. This will disable the jump list for that file. You'll need to do this for all the programs you want to exclude from jump lists.

As you can see, this would be a long and lengthy process, you'd be better off creating a password protected user. Good luck. A Guy

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For some reason my file types for MP3 which are associated with Winamp, have the icon for Nero Show Time... Doesn't matter what I do, I can't seem to get the icon to switch to a Winamp icon in my music folder. I can switch the icon in Options and File Types to the winamp icon, but when I go to my music folder the icon is still for Nero Show Time. Even after I reboot it's still the same.

This happened today after I updated Nero, before this things were fine.

Some things I tried...

If I click restore in Options and File Types it will restore and still be associated with Winamp, but the icon will change to the Nero Show Time icon. So it seems that the Nero Show Time icon is default, but the default player is Winamp..

I went to the Nero Show Time settings, but I can't seem to find any file type settings.

I cleaning the registry and rebooted...

I deleted the MP3 file type and set it up again..

Still no luck, any suggestions?


A:Solved: File types icon are wrong

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My friend has noticed on his computer that several different file types have a generic folder icon.
Same are: .JPG .PNG .BMP .RAR etc. They all have the same icon.
I have tried multiple things to fix it and so far none of them have worked. (Changing the default program, rebuilding icon cache, and a couple other small fixes. None worked so far.)

Here's the icon that shows up:

Computer specs:

AMD FX-8320
Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0
Geforce GTX 970
500 GB Samsung 850 Evo
Windows 7 Professional

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For example, for MKV videos Windows 7 shows no more information than it does for text files. I'd like to have thumbnails and data like duration, pixel dimensions, video and audio bitrate etc. as it shows for other types.

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Hi All

Having a recurring problem with my jump lists which is really annoying!!

I pin things to the jump lists, have them all nicely sorted out. Then i come to use the computer one day and there is nothing in the jump list. No pinned items and no recent history?!?!?

Really annoying, any ideas??
Thanks in advance!

A:Jump Lists

Hi there digitalbiscuit, do you use any Disk Cleanup Utilites such as Ccleaner?

I find that when I do a cleanup with Ccleaner it wipes out my jumplists too, possibly the same problem is occuring with you?

Windows built in Disk Cleanup might do the same thing, to be honest I haven't checked

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Hello all,

I have no idea why but all of a sudden my jump lists for photoshop and all other programs in the Creative Suite 5 no longer work. Doesnt show pinned items, or recently used, etc. Any ideas?

A:Jump lists and CS5

Can you type the name in search, and when it comes up pin again. There may have been corruption. If the name does come up in search, unpin, before trying to pin, again.

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I still want to leave recent items enabled but the jump lists constantly popping up every time my cursor moves across the task bar is driving me nuts!

A:How do you turn off jump lists?

Hi Bonzai - You can unpin an item from the taskbar - Open the program's Jump List > point to the item > click the pushpin icon > and then click Unpin from this list. Using Jump Lists to open programs and items

Microsoft Windows Outreach

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I am presently at my wits end, All I want is to get my jump lists to work and display pictures in folders.
Problem 1 : If I right click on file explorer or the hidden icons arrow on the task bar the following occurs; I right click, Window appears, I move my mouse to the pane and it disappears. This is usually accompanied by several expletives!
Problem 2; I navigate to my pictures folder, click on a folder, and up come the pictures as Icons showing a
cloudy Scene. F*** what ever I try nothing works. Last week the pictures were viewable, this week crappy icon!
I am not a Geek nor a novice, but how the F*** do I cure this??? I will be eternally grateful for a solution.

A:Jump lists and pics

Hello Micky, and welcome to Eight Forums.

P1) Usually you would need to right click on an icon on the taskbar to see it's jump list. If you click on anything outside of the jump list frame, then it will close.
P2) It sounds like you may not have thumbnail previews turned on. Double check using the tutorial below to make sure you have it turned on (enabled).
Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps some,

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I installed the new Chrome beta on 2 new computers today and it has jump lists. However, my Chrome beta does not have them. I am using Windows 7, 32-bit, just like the other two computers. I am also running the exact same version of Chrome as the other two computers. Why doesn't my Chrome have jump lists but the other two do? It is quite upsetting :'(

A:Chrome jump lists. Please help.

Quote: Originally Posted by wyldstallyns258

I installed the new Chrome beta on 2 new computers today and it has jump lists. However, my Chrome beta does not have them. I am using Windows 7, 32-bit, just like the other two computers. I am also running the exact same version of Chrome as the other two computers. Why doesn't my Chrome have jump lists but the other two do? It is quite upsetting :'(

Hi wyldstallyns258, Welcome to SF,

Unfortunately Chrome won't support Aero Peek Preview in Chrome. It would just show one Tab even you have multiple tabs are open. According to Google Chrome they might have a release soon. If you have Chrome 4.0.266 it would show the preview for one Tab.

Hope this helps

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Okay, here's a new problem. Couldn't find it by googling, may I'll have better luck with you guys. My jumplists have gone kinda wonky. Since yesterday they are suddenly "cut off". What I mean is that they are a few pixels narrower than they should be. As a result any icons that normally appear on the sides are now gone. In some cases half the icon will be visible. This is happening on every jump list for every program I've tried. Someone please tell me there's a fix because it's really really annoying.

A:Jump lists shrunk?

Oh wow. Okay nevermind . I toggled "use small icons" on and off in the properties and it fixed it. Strange. Well anywho if anyone else encounters the problem that seems to be the solution

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I've recently (yesterday) installed a clean copy of Win 7 HP (x64). I've been installing this and that, but I've noticed that the jump lists for my apps (Office 2007, WMP12) aren't populated with recent files. I've been using Win 7 since 6801, and I've been using the RTM since it was leaked. Is it simply due to the fact that it takes time to populate the lists (as in has to be used over a few days)? Surely "recent files" as it used to display would just show the last few opened files... but I get nothing for Office (only the normal actions), and WMP only gives me the "play all music" task; no recent files.

Is there perhaps a setting somewhere making it store frequent files instead of recent? and if so, could it be that I'm having to wait for it to collect enough info to populate "frequent" file lists? Or is there another reason that I'm not getting any recent files with any pinned app?


A:[SOLVED] Jump Lists?

OK So I solved it;

Basically in the Start Menu Options, there's a checkbox for "store recently open files..." or similar. Now I assumed this was the same as in the past 2 editions of Windows and unchecked it thinking I'd be getting rid of the "Recent Items" on the right pane of the start menu. As it turns out, that's simply the option for recent items everywhere, and the "Recent Items" start menu item is in the Customize Start Menu list, and can be disabled seperately!

Sorted! :D

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Hi, anyone who knows if jump lists in IE9 are supposed to be supported in vista? I can pin sites to the task bar and start menu but I can't get that little menu to open if I try to right-click the icon...


A:IE9 jump lists on vista

As far as I know it is supported; but this is a beta. Users, like yourself, are suppose to report the bugs, so that they can be eliminated before the official release.

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Does anyone know where the jump lists are stored? It's got to be in the registry somewhere, but I can't find it.

A:jump lists location

They're stored in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

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I recently downloaded Firefox 5.0, and have tried the "jump list" feature of Windows 7 (i.e. -- Firefox icon pinned to taskbar, right click and open a "pinned" site)...but the links won't open. IE 9 works fine (no surprise there.) Is this a problem w/Windows, or something with Firefox?

A:Firefox 5.0 and Jump Lists


Here's a screenshot of my Firefox 5.0 icon on my taskbar, right-clicked to show my "pinned" list -- but clicking on any of those items in the "pinned" list doesn't open FF 5.0, like works w/IE 9. Is that a Firefox bug, or something wrong w/my Windows install?

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I recently downloaded Firefox 5.0, and have tried the "jump list" feature of Windows 7 (i.e. -- Firefox icon pinned to taskbar, right click and open a "pinned" site)...but the links won't open. IE 9 works fine (no surprise there.) Is this a problem w/Windows, or something with Firefox?

Specs --

AMD Sempron 2.0 Ghz processor
320 GB HDD

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This may be a stupid question, but how do you clear the jump lists in Windows 7? Before, one would clear the "Recent" folder under

Documents and Settings > USERNAME > RECENT

Or the equivalent in Vista.

How can this be accomplished in Windows 7?

A:clearing jump lists


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I have upgrade 4 computers from Windows 8 to 8.1. On two machines I have problems with the jump-lists. They appear as they should and contains the right stuff, but when I click on an item nothing happens. And the Windows-X menu behaves the same, ite appears, but nothing happens when I click on any item.

Any ideas?

One machine is upgraded with the RTM-version from MSDN, and the other via Windows Store.

Thanks, Jesper

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Windows jump lists in my user get automatically deleted every time I restart (or logoff/logon, not sure about the logoff/logon, but I'm sure it happens when I restart). I have another user account in my computer (Guest) and its jump lists are working fine.

I have tried resetting the lists by clearing everything in the folders %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations and %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations. I also have checked the Group Policy. And tried disabling and re-enabling recent programs and recent items in Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

I think I know when this problem started. I installed trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. It has a privacy cleaner wizard. It had an option of removing data in jump lists. I ran the privacy cleaner, and as far as I remember that was when the problem started. I thought that uninstalling Kaspersky would fix the problem, but it didn't.

Now, I don't have Kaspersky (I use Microsoft Security Essentials instead) and I don't use any registry cleaner programs. And I don't want to make a new user account.

There is a solution I found on the internet that puts shortcut symbols with your icons on the taskbar (at least that what I think it does). I haven't tried it, because I don't want white arrow symbols with my lovely icons.

Could you please help?

P.S. For some odd reason, my Recent Places are always empty.

P.P.S I have run sfc /scannow and it reports no problems.

A:Jump lists get automatically deleted

Hello DXM,

Depending on how long ago this started, you should also be able to do a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this started to hopefully undo and fix it.

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I'm running Windows 8.1 and I would like to CLEAR all jump list for all icons on the Taskbar. I can clear the jump list one at a time for each icon on the Taskbar but how to do clear all at once ? I also would like to disable the Jump list for all icons on the Taskbar. How can I do this ?Th


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1. Live Messenger
2. Windows Media Player
3. Internet Explorer 8
4. Control Panel
5. Windows Explorer
Anything else?

A:Programs with support for Jump Lists

Hmm, every programm supports Jump Lists, if you point to the right click list on the superbar. Under pinned every file type that is associated with the pinned application can be linked to. But remember: The file or shortcut must be physicaly present somewhere.

I'm using this with Winamp and WebRadio shortcuts to shoutcast playlists. I simply save a station in my user folder under a subfolder Toolbars/Pinned and drag it to the superbar to pin it. Really handy imho.


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Good day!

I need to understand if there's something wrong with my notebook:

On the task manager:Nothing happens when I click "open file location" (works fine in safe mode)
How many rundll32.exes should I see? I got 5: 2 "rundll32.exe *32" and 3 "rundll32.exe"

On the jump lists and recent items: it clears after every reboot.ticked recent items under taskbar properties>start menu
ticked recent items under taskbar properties>start menu>customize>recent items
cleared all recent items under: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

I ran Avira and MBAM (quick scans) in safe mode with no detections. Is there anything I missed?

Thanks in advance!

A:On the Task Manager & Jump Lists

Try full scans.

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I've been using Windows 7 since the public beta release, now running Windows 7 Ultimate x86. In the last day or two I noticed that at some point, Explorer became unpinned from the taskbar. I re-pinned it, but noticed that Jump Lists for Explorer are not simply not displayed at all. When I right-click on Explorer's icon, I get the options to open Explorer, unpin from Taskbar, and (if a window is open), close window. Native apps which support jump lists like Notepad are still working, and I'm running the Minefield Nightly version of Firefox and that displays jumplists just fine as well. The problem is isolated to just Explorer, the main program I actually use Jump Lists on...

I have had little luck in Googling this up. I had found that some people had some issues with CCleaner causing Jump List problems. I DID actually have CCleaner installed on this machine but never really used it. Fiddling with CCleaner's jump list settings and even uninstalling it both had no effect, the issue persists.

Anyone have any hints for stuff to look at? I imagine this is as simple as a registry tweak to turn the feature back on.

A:Explorer Jump Lists Are Broken For Me :(

Hello DivinityCycle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Jump Lists will require that you have Recent Programs and Recent Items turned on for it to work. Do you have these turned on?

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So I bought the Asus T100 back in March, and so far it has been great. However, I recently updated to Windows 10, for the improved touchpad & touchscreen controls and (alleged) better battery. However, everytime I disconnected my tablet from the keyboard, I got a BSOD: Kmode exception not handled.

So I reverted back to Windows 8.1. For some reason, however, the revert didn't go as smoothly, when I saw some things missing in the charms menu. In order to fix this, I thought a Windows 8 reset would work.

Unfortunately, when the reset finished, my jump lists look like this:


depending on what the Personalised colour is.

What I've tried:
Creating a new user account
Deleting the jump list files in %AppData%
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Jump lists corrupt textures

I upgraded to Windows 10, which solved my issue. A recent Windows 10 update also solved the issue of BSOD occurring after disconnecting the keyboard dock.

To anyone else having a problem, I recommend using the media creation tool from Microsoft to reinstall Windows 8 if you have an OEM copy of Windows.

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I'm at my wits end. Since I've upgraded to 8.1 this keeps happening regularly (the rate it happens seems to be increasing, actually). Everything is fine, my Jump Lists and Pinned Items are as I set them. But once in a while (now within a week or two) the Windows Explorer Jump List disappears. There is nothing, other than the folder I visit most frequently. Everything else, gone. They don't even appear in the Files -- 'Frequent Places' list. There is no trace that any folder was ever pinned or even visited (other than that one)
I've turned off the Auto-Maintanance, it helped only for a bit (now it doesn't help at all). I've checked whether or not my cleaners were doing that (I turned off cleaning Jump Lists and they don't run automatically). I've tried changing the settings (Disabling and Enabling it). I have no idea what else to do.

A:Windows Explorer Jump Lists Keep Disappearing

This is for W7 but it is worth a try
Fix: Taskbar icon Jump Lists not working in Windows 7

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As title says I'm wanting to know if there's a way to increase the amount of items can be stuffed into a taskbar jumplist.

My reason is, I've used the jumplist feature in Windows 7 for Steam to give quicker access to some of the options you can only access by right-clicking the tray icon (i.e., set friends status to online/away/offline, open settings, server browser, screenshots, etc.) using these settings:

In Windows 7 all of these options were displayed in the jump list with the last launched game at the top, in Windows 8/8.1 it seemed that they lowered the number of jumplist items by 1, as I no longer had the most recent game at the top, in Windows 10 Tech Preview, it was the same as Windows 8 until a recent build which redecorated all of the jumplists.

Now I'm left with these options:

A:Increase Number of Items in Jump Lists

Yeah, its a shame, they seem to have removed the feature for customizing the number of items in the jump list. In 7 and 8 you could do it from the taskbar settings or directly in the registry. The same registry mod didn't work for me in 10:

Manually in Registry Editor
1. Open the Start Menu, then type regedit in the search line and press enter.

2. In regedit, navigate to: (See screenshot below)HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced3. In the right pane of Advanced, right click on Start_JumpListItems and click on Modify. (See screenshot above)

4. Select (dot) Decimal. (See screenshot below)5. Enter how many (0 to 60) recent items you want displayed in Jump Lists, then click on OK. (See screensho above)
NOTE: The default number to display is 10.

6. Close Regedit.

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Toshiba Satellite C655, Windows 7 Professional, MS Office 2010
Just upgraded (not voluntarily) to Windows 7 Professional from Windows 7 Home Basic and previously, I could click on the arrow on the right of the Word icon pinned to the start menu and see the last 10 or so Word docs that were opened. 
Have researched and tried everything it was possible to try, and am still unable to enable a jump list for Word, or for the Documents or Recent Items on the right side of the Start menu.  You would think the jump list for the latter two would be enabled as a default, but give another idiotcy star to the folks at M'soft.
The Word jump list is critical for me, I use it numerous times a day. Now I have to go and find where the document is stored (and remember where it was stored!) to open it.
Just so you know, there is no arrow next to the Word program on the Start menu.  Most of the instructions say to use that, but if you don't have it, you can't use it.
I would be beyond appreciative and grateful for your help.  Thank you.  Sydney

A:Cannot enable jump lists in start menu

Hi Sydney,
Sorry to hear about your frustration there, but I think I can help a little here.
For the Jump List to be enabled:
On Windows 7 desktop, move your mouse cursor to Windows Start Menu, then right-click mouse and choose Properties.
From there, under the Start Menu tab, in Privacy section, make sure both small square boxes are checked for store and display recent opened programs and files, then click OK to complete task.
To test it out, you can simply try to open a file or program then close it, then go to start menu again, and you should see your recent item that you just used for you to select it again with an arrow icon right next to its program, if applicable.
Note that this ONLY enable future tasks when you open files/programs, it will store these info to your start menu for you to choose later at your convenience. But if for some reason you can't have that working still, then I'm suspecting your computer might have been infected with viruses and/or got Windows file system corrupted for some reason.
Hope this helps. Good day !

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Just wondering If there would be a way for me to clear the recent (Jump List) for a specific program without having to delete all Jump lists for every program on the taskbar ?

(See the Second Screenshot down)

The recent list that I would like to clear is Media Player Classic only. Reason, is because some videos I watch, are stored on another external USB hard drive. And when I have that hard drive disconnected, I get the following message If I click on one of the files in the recent list :

(See the first Screenshot)

And basically I don't want to have a recent jump list pointing to a file that isn't available
Actually, now that I think of it, how do I prevent a specific program namely MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC from even creating jump (recent) lists in the first place ?
Hope my questions make sense ! lol It's 1:20AM and I can't sleep
Thnx in advance

A:How to clear jump lists for a SPECIFIC program ?

The recent list that I would like to clear is Media Player Classic only. Reason, is because some videos I watch, are stored on another external USB hard drive. And when I have that hard drive disconnected, I get the following message If I click on one of the files in the recent list

Hi JordanJP,

Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but why would you click on an item in your MPC jumplist that you know isn't available because the drive is disconnected?

You can always just right-click on individual items in a jumplist and select "Remove from this list".


Windows Outreach Team

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Hi I am new here so forgive me if this topic has already been covered. I have looked through many posts but cannot find the answer to my problem. Until recently I had jump lists appearing in my start menu but about a month ago I noticed that they had disappeared, also when I tried to restore to an earlier point to fix this problem I found that all my restore points had disappeared except one and this was from my last windows upgrade. I have tried the suggestion at one of the posts to delete any large files above 2MB found at
"%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations" but this did not work and when I checked my file string it is the same to Recent but there is no AutomaticDestinations folder?
Under privacy in the properties of start menu and taskbar, the Store and display in Start and taskbar checkbox is grayed out, also in the customize window the "Number of recent items to display in jump lists" is also grayed out. If there is an answer to my problem I would be very thankful. I am including a copy of the Taskbar Properties and Customize Start Menu windows from my desktop.

A:Jump Lists not working on Start Menu

Hello Dave, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like your recent items has been disabled. You could use an option in the tutorial below to enable and turn back on recent items. Afterwards, your Jump Lists should start repopulating with recent/frequent items again as you open and close them.

Recent Items - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps for now,

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How to adjust jump lists in Win10 enterprise? In Win8.1 task bar property page would allow me to change the jump list length, but it is missing in Win10 enterprise.

A:How to adjust jump lists in Win10 enterprise?

Win 10 Home same problem & can't move jump list around items like 8

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I have Win 7 64 and I have created a vbscript file to launch Windows Media Centre - the script tweaks the registry settings for WMC window size and position (so it always opens in the same position and size on my second montor) before shelling to WMC (which also includes command line swtches to open in the TV Guide).

The trouble is that I have created a shortcut to the vbscript file and put it into the start menu - but when I right click on it, it doesn't give me the option to pin it to the task bar. If, however, I edit target for the original WMC shortcut to point to the vbscript then I can pin it. Interestingly, when I do it this way, the Jump List on the pinned shortcut on the taskbar still retains the WMC Jump List which is great(although the Jump List doesn't appear to work on the Start Menu shortcut).

So the question is - is there any detailed information that someone can point me at to help me understand how the shortcuts, pinning and jump lists work? Specific questions are:

- How does Win 7 tell the difference between the short cut I created for the vbscript file and the "standard" shortcut for WMC?
- Why does the pin-to option not appear on the vbscript shortcut?
- Can I programmatically, or manually, add shortcuts to the "pinned" area on the task bar?
- What controls the Jump List and can it be customised?

A:Shortcuts, Pinning and Jump Lists - how do they work?

I've drawn a blank with these questions and not have any response to my post - does anybody think that I'll get more luck if I post it on one of the other forums?.

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I use jump lists all the time, as I cannot remember file names or locations.
I use Office Pro 2007 with Windows 7 on a laptop.
A week or so ago my jump lists in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint stopped working. The lists were there, but contained old files, no new ones.
I deleted %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations and \CustomDestinations but the lists remained.
I then went to the programmes, Options, Advanced, set the lists to 0. They disappeared. I reset to 20. The won't reappear when I open and close files, so now I have no lists at all.
I have tried to find registry folders suggested by other threads, but they are not there.
I have rebooted, and even repaired Office using the original discs, all to no avail.
I guess there's a corrupt file somewhere...?

A:Jump lists in MS Office stopped working

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Recently, when right clicking on the explorer icon in my task bar I noticed that all of my pinned folders and recent places had disappeared. I looked in my recent places folder and found that that was empty.

I also realized that other programs had lost their extra jump list options, for example Skype, which when right clicked should give the option to quit Skype, but instead only had the basic 'close window' and 'unpin' options.
The Skype jump list reappears once I restart Skype, however the explorer jump list is still missing when I restart my PC or explorer.exe

I have tried deleting the files in C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations.
Then when I restart explorer.exe and pin things to my explorer task bar icon, everything is fine...

Until a little while later (for reasons I cannot explain) the jump lists disappear, even though their files in \AutomaticDestinations still exist!

This is really bugging me, as I often use jump lists to quickly navigate to different areas on my PC. If anyone could shed some light on the problem for me, that would be great!

ps: If the above explanation was a bit confusing, please tell me and I'll try to rephrase it and explain it better

A:Recent places and jump lists resetting

Originally Posted by Edwin

All I can see is the blank image symbol

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Hey gang,

Here's what I'm trying to work with:

-Multiple tables in my document, with numbering in the first column
-One type of numbering should restart counting at each new table (example: 1, 2, 3 then again 1 in the new table...)
-One other type of numbering should NOT restart at each new table (example: a, b, c, but then in the new table d, e, f.....)
-Want to be able to insert & delete rows as needed, but maintain all numbering correctly

Kind of looks like this:
First table

Second table


Word and their "continue from previous list" option doesn't appear to work the way I would think it would.

Any ideas on how to set this up?

[email protected]

A:Weave 2 types of numbered lists across tables?

Turns out that Word will "continue from previous list" if the lists are the same type. That is, "numbered" or "outline-numbered"

So to weave two lists together, but only have 1 of them continue numbering from its own previous, just make them different types.

So you could have the numbers be "outline-numbered" and the letters be "numbered" list types. Then, turn off the "continue" option for one and leave it on for the other.


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Hi Guys

I'm on Windows 7 and have a question....I use Notepad alot so i pinned all 21 documents that i use...
I raised the Jump Lists to 21...

problem is the Start Menu gets So Tall....I dont have 21 programs to pin to the Start Menu...
Is their a tweak or Registry setting to disbable or set the number of Jumplists just for the start menu or pinned items...

Thank you

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my taskbar is filling up pretty quickly and I wanted to know if there is a way (if possible without 3rd party apps) to create custom jump lists for the taskbar in the latest version of Windows 10. Here's a crude Paint job of what I had in mind:


A:Is it possible to create custom taskbar jump lists in Windows 10?

That should be possible but it would require registry tweaking, in which I'm not that good at. I can bing around and see if I can find something. I'll report back in a while.

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nice , thanks for the links

A:Jumplist Launcher - Create Custom Jump Lists

This looks very interesting, thank you

I had the wrong idea, at first, I though it was a utility to add items to existing jump lists. However, I can definitely see a use for this.

Having the ability to use multiple instances could prove useful...

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I was given a new Windows 7 laptop at work today. Came with Hope Premium. Performed an Anytime Upgrade to Professional.

I've discovered that the taskbar is not working properly, and I don't know if it's a problem with the taskbar, or aero.

1. Can't move/rearrange shortcuts on the taskbar, even when the taskbar is NOT locked.

2. Left-click & Drag-up for Jump Lists does not work properly. The jump list appears, but as soon as I move the cursor off the shortcut, the jump list disappears. (Right-click on short cut does make jump list work)

3. When more than one instance of a program is running (ie. Windows Explorer), and I hover over the shortcut on the taskbar to see the open window thumbnails, Ican not move the cursor to select the window I want. Instead, like with jump lists, as soon as I move the cursor off the shortcut, the thumbnails disappear.

I have tried rebooting, and hard booting.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Has anyone seen a solution?

A:Windows Taskbar jump lists, thumbnails not working

I found the solution on these forums. Guess I just needed to do a better job of searching. It appears to be specific to Dell computers (including Alienware, which is owned by Dell now).

Solution is in this thread: Taskbar thumbnail preview disappears quickly

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The recently-opened items are not appearing in start menu jump lists despite the correct setting (see sceenshot). Any advice? Thanks.

A:Recently opened items not appearing in jump lists

The jumplists only work for certain programs on Windows 10. I frequently use jumplists for my word documents using Microsoft word, which the jumplists works fine.

Did the jumplists for that program work in another version of Windows?

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I don't know what caused it but is there a way to fix it? It seems to be a global issue affecting all browsers.

It works fine for other programs in the start menu but not for those 3.

I think it may have something to do with my recovering from almost having to install windows 10 using a system restore point.

It may also be related to my other issue;
Backup and Restore none responsive

Both issues are none responsive things. and i found out that through advanced recovery methods > restore system image > back up now > this works!

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hi guys..
is there a program or a way to change the size of a file?i mean for example i have a music with 4mb and i want to when anyone watch the propertise of this song , it shows 10mb to him???

A:show wrong size of a file in properties

no one has my answer???

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I‘ve been recently having a problem with duplicated items in taskbar and broken Jump Lists. I‘m now using Windows 10 but this problem occurred in Windows 8.1 too but then it somehow fixed itself. Some programs that I pin to taskbar have a tendency to duplicate themselves when clicked on. For now, I‘ve noticed this behaviour only in Skype and Spotify but it‘s still very annoying since duplicate icons take valuable taskbar space and even more—make Jump Lists of those programs broken, meaning that you can still see tasks program developers provided but after you click them nothing happens.

I‘ve tried loads of times pinning, repinning, deleting whole User Pinned folder from %appdata%/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch, clearing Jump List folders manually and automatically with Command Prompt commands as suggested here with no luck. The only thing I did achieve was when I pinned Skype to taskbar in my other user account, then copied the newly created shortcut from Use Pinned folder to my User Pinned folder—this made Skype Jump Lists working but duplicate icon in taskbar remained.

I‘ve recently found a tutorial which may force taskbar to use only one icon per app but I can‘t check this right now as 7+ Taskbar Tweaker isn‘t yet officially available for Windows 10 users.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my message, any suggestions would be appreciated,


P. S. I don‘t know if this is rela... Read more

A:Windows 10 problem with duplicated icons in taskbar, broken Jump Lists

I recreated the thread in Windows Ten Forums since I‘ve recently saw that you have different forums for different operating systems.

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Hi, after running Advanced System Care Free (latest version), I noticed that my windows explorer pinned folders jumplist disappeared. Is there a way I can prevent that from happening again? I can't find a specific setting for it.

Thank you

A:How do I stop Advanced System Care Free from deleting my Jump Lists?

Is "Advanced System Care Free" a part of Windows 7?

If not, I wouldn't run it at all and would generally be suspicious of third party tuning/maintenance tools.

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Running IE 6 SP2 I decided to try Opera 11 since a few sites were nattering at me about no longer supporting IE6 Yes I did try IE7 and IE8 and went back to IE6. I just cannot leave what was working until I screw it up. I did a System Restore backup point just prior to downloading but it cannot restore. I also used a registry restore program called ERDNT. It said it did restore to this morning's cold boot data but Opera still shows up on desktop icons. Opera does not show up on Add/Remove lists. The site I downloaded from was CNET and it had a green WOT symbol beside it so I have to believe someone. I just want my old system back. Anyone? teaside

A:Opera 11 does not show up in Add/Remove lists

P.S. Opera does not show up in Revo Uninstaller either. teaside

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I'm really new to computers so excuse me if this is a dumb question. I have noticed that although I have removed various broswers and e mail clients they still appear in drop down list when I go to tools in browser, click on internet options, then programs. Likewise, when I right click on start at bottom left hand corner, click properties open task bar and start menu properties, and then click customize, the removed software is still listed underneath show on start menu. I'm using XP Home Edition. Any ideas how to clear lists so only Internet Explorer and Outlook Express remain.

A:Uninstalled items still show in drop down lists

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