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unplugged molex fan while running

Q: unplugged molex fan while running

Okay so i unplugged one of my molex fan from my power supply on my old dell dimension 5150 while it was running, now it says ''diskette seek failure'' , but i can't disable it because my keyboards don't work on this computer for some reason(they did before) i tried reseting the cmos but when i do that it only gets worse, previous fan failure, and the diskette seek failure and keyboard failure, i'm out of ideas and posting this because i'm using this pc as a media viewing machine.

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Preferred Solution: unplugged molex fan while running

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am having this issue and have been searching online for days with no solution, so hoping someone here can help..
I have a dell laptop that suddenly started getting this message about network cable is unplugged, when it in fact isn't.. I cannot run ipconfig, i get an error that says it's not allowed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. The light on the network port is on, and I've tried several known working cables with no luck. I even went so far as to buy a dlink ethernet adapter that plugs into the laptop slot (pcm I think it's called) and this network card has the same issue, however works perfectly in another machine. I have tried winsock repairs I found online, but having no luck anywhere.
Any suggestions? Any further questions? Thanks!


A:Network cable unplugged error, but it's not unplugged

If it is not unplugged, you have a damaged socket, damaged cable, or damaged or defective ethernet card.
What error flags to you have in the Device Manager?
What is your Dell model and how old is it?
Using a strong light and a magnifying glass, look for bent or twisted wire in the ethernet socket., or just plain ol dirt, dust, hair, and fiber.
Still, a bad cable is most user's most likely problem. Do't forget that the other end of the connection can give you the same error message.

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I've been having an ongoing problem with MSN Messenger causing my internet to stall intermittently and I'd really like to see if I can get it resolved.

A few minutes after I run and connect to MSN, my internet will stop working momentarily, and my systray will show my Local Area Connection as "network cable unplugged" or something... and then it'll go away and everything resumes.

I reconnect my MSN Messenger (which has since been disconnected) and a few minutes later the same will happen again and kill all my internet activity with the same "network cable unplugged" message (or sometimes I may get "no connectivity" problems or something).

After a few rounds of disconnecting/reconnecting, things will seem to stabilize and I can actually use my MSN Messenger without it completely disrupting everything every few minutes, but the problem will occur all over again in the future if I ever ran MSN again.

Anybody know what's up? Thanks for the help!

A:Solved: Running MSN Messenger causes Internet to stall, "network cable unplugged" error

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Hi.I have recently a charging problem with my X1C6.Yesterday, I have plugged the USB-C charger into the USB-C port.Then Windows repeatedly notices that the charger was plugged, then unplugged, then plugged (many events in Windows Event Viewer) and the Thunderbolt software (in systray keeps crashing/restarting).The problem continued even with the charger unplugged, even after a reboot.The charging orange LED was stuck "on" even with the charger unplugged (also with the computer off):Charging orange LED unplugged. I had to restart the computer and disable the internal battery in the BIOS to restore the computer to a normal state.In the Windows reliability monitor, I can see many Windows Hardware Error (related to USB-C UCM/USCI system : LKD_0x1D4_COMMAND_TIMEOUT_9_UcmUcsiAcpiClient_UcmUcsiCx!UcmUcsiCx::CxDevice::UnrecoverableFailureEncountered) and many Thunderbolt software and services crashes. The battery was already replaced due to another problem (random 0% charge level reporting).This charging problem had happened with the old one and the new one. Anybody had already encountered this problem ?Do you think it's a rather a USCI/EC/BIOS firmware problem or a faulty hardware ?I think I will ask a motherboard replacement under warranty.

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I ran two Linux distrobutions on my computer (KateOS [didn't work, monitor didn't like something] and Ubuntu) I didn't install anything I was just having a look to see if I could make a partition smaller with it so I could then install one of the Linux OS's.

Anyway, my problem is that now I have stopped using the Live CD's and have gone back onto windows, it is saying that the Network Cable is Unplugged or some other message to that effect. I have done several things to try to get it working, but nothing has.

Here is what I have done so far:
I restarted the computer several times
I reinstalled the drivers of the Ethernet socket thingy. (It's built into the motherboard)
I did a system restore and then un-restored it after that didn't work
I disabled the Ethernet socket thingy in device manager and then enabled it again
I unplugged the router from the power and plugged it back in again
I unplugged the ethernet cables at both ends and reconnected

That's all I can remember doing at the moment, but I may have done one or two things extra to these. The only thing I can think of doing extra to this would be reformatting the harddrive and reinstalling windows, which I'd rather not do. I do not know if the ethernet socket thing works in Linux or not but I could try it out if you think it will help. The device manager on windows says it is running correctly but I still get the Network Cable Unplugged message pop up every so often. I get n... Read more

A:Solved: "Network cable unplugged" message although it isn't unplugged

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Sorry i didn't really know where to post this, but i thought someone might know.

If any of you have heard me whining on this before you will no my stupid dell PSU has zero molex connections and i cannot change the PSU with out voiding the warrenty. So i have been looking into other ways around it. And it came to me 'i have a spare 6pin pci power cable, can i convert it to molex?' There seems to be a **** load of cables/adaptors doing it the other way around but i have only been able to find one cable that does it the way i want, but its a random website in the US, and it would cost me nearly ?15 to get it over here... too much for one cable.

So my question is, does anyone know where i can buy one of these:

PCI Express to Molex Adapter Cable - Sleeved Products Model: PCIE2MOLEX [PCIE2MOLEX] : Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come

In the uk?

Thanks a lot for reading


A:PCI 6 pin to MOLEX

Hi GingerFox,

Hmmm... By opening the case, you will have already voided the warranty. In addition, the PCIe connection only utilises the +12V and ground lines (in effect, they supply the GPU with power in much the same way as the separate +12V plug supplies the CPU on the motherboard). Unfortunately, the Molex connector requires a +5V connector, and this is not available in the PCIe connector.

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I have a newly built tower.
Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P Motherboard AM3, Thermaltake Toughpower XT 875W PSU with a Sata Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Harddrive.
In my old Dual Core tower, I had 1 x 320GB Sata HD, and 160GB IDE HD (the 160 was used for backup purposes).
So I took the 160 IDE out of my old tower, plugged it into the board, I had some trouble locating a molex cable, but I found a spare one in my box of goodies.
Plugged in the molex.
So the HD had power and a reader.
On this new PSU, I have noticed that it only has Red and Black connectors.
So anyways I booted up the tower, made sure the motherboard was able to locate new HD's, it didn't find it. I have not changed the jumper settings, as it is the only IDE addon in this tower, I have left is as Master.
Rechecked the cable in the mobo, and the power to the HD and PSU, rebooted still wouldn't find it.
Swapped out the IDE ribbon for a new IDE ribbon, rebooted. It still cannot find it.
So my question (even though I think I know the answer) does the new PSU red and black only cabling have anything to do with it?
The same OS is being used in my new tower as was my old tower, although this should not factor into it.
Oh footnote while I think of it. I had a brand new Sony Floppy Drive installed. The tower could see it, but it wouldn't work at all.

A:Molex Cable

By Red and Black connectors, do you mean just red and black wires going to the molex connector? It sounds as though you are missing the yellow 12V wire which powers the motor on the HDD/FDD (the red supplies the logic circuitry, with the black being the ground).

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i have video card which takes 6 pin pci power connector . power supply has no pci express connector. I have a pci express cable with 6 pin pcie on one end and 2, 3 pin molex connectors on the other. My power supply has 4 pin molex connectors.
What do i do ??

A:pci express to molex

If the power supply doesn't have a PCI-Express power connector is it even sufficient to be used with the graphics card you have? Post the exact model of the computer, the exact model of the power supply, and the video card you bought. Also post a pic of the 3 pin connectors as that's not a standard connector.

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Is there such a thing as a right angle molex power connector? I have been looking for one that lies nearly flat against what it plugs in to, but can't find one.

I have a home theater case and an add-in USB 3.0 card, but it requires a molex power connection. Problem is, the lid of the case sits close to the top of the card, so a standard molex connector won't allow the lid to be put on the case.

A:Right Angle Molex?

I can't remember ever seeing one?

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I recently ordered these fans: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103022

But I don't have enough 3 pin connections on my motherboard, so will this adapter work:


I noticed the adapter only has 2 pins as compared to 3 that is why I am asking. Thanks for your help!

A:3 pin to molex (simple)

That adapter cable should work just fine. The fans will run at full speed. The third wires on the fans are tachometer outputs that are normally used by the motherboard to detect that the connected fan is spinning.

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Hi, i am going to upgrade my GPU from a GT 440 to a R9 270X soon.
The problem is that i dont have 2 pcie connecters on my power supply, i only have one.
I have seen on YouTube that the 270X comes bundled with a 2x 4 pin Molex to PCI-E converter.
The 270X uses 2 6 pin PCI-E connectors.
Would it be safe to use the standard 6 pin PCI-E from my power supply and the Molex converter.
I dont want to spend lots of money on a Graphics card and then fry it.


A:Is 2x 4 Pin Molex to PCI-E Safe to use?

Hello Dominic,

Yes, that's perfectly fine to do. Just be sure that your PSU is able to support the extra load.

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I bought a sound card recently that required a Molex connection for power. When I built my computer, I only had enough connectors for the fans, and left out the case LEDs. So I had to disconnect a case fan for the sound card, in this case, the fan at the top above the CPU cooler to push air outside. There is the fan at the left (Back) of the case, but I didn't want to risk leaving only that fan exhausting air.
Here's what you need to know: PSU Molex connector is female, and the sound card and case fan is male. I think the other one is the case LEDs, which is female.
I bought a Male to 2 Female Y Splitter, connected the card to the PSU Molex connector and the fan. But the fan is pulling air in rather than pushing out. So what have I done wrong?

A:Need help on Molex Y Splitters

It's not the wiring, the fan needs to be taken out and turned around.

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I am trying to add fans to my case, and I ran into trouble finding the right cable to power the fans.

I was going to buy:
Fan Splitter

It has a 4 pin male molex connector; I am not sure what I would need to connect this to a 6pin PCI-E.

My PSU is a Corsair 750M

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On one of my desktops I have the pci-e from the PSU going into one socket and then being 'split' and going into the next. Do I replicate this for the one I'm building? Or should I just do the one from the PSU and a separate one converted via molex?

A:Split pci-e from PSU or one from PSU, one molex to pci-e?

If you don`t have a duplicate of that cord coming from the PSU, then you will have to use an adapter to make it up.

Most PSU`s tell you exactly how many PCI Express cables run off it.

What make and model PSU are you putting in the new build.

A manufacturer`s link please

And a link to the card/cards you will be installing.

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The molex connectors from the PSU can be problematic at times.

First let's clarify their gender. As I understand male connector has four pins and it is "hooded", the female connector has four "holes" and is not "hooded". A tech at my computer store was a little mixed up on that.

Recently, a client of mine needed to connect a device that had a female molex power input. I noted that all of the available molex connectors from the PSU were also female. OK, what I needed was a gender changer (F to M) or a Y adapter with a male connector splitting to 2 male connector. To my surprise no such devices were available at the store!

Well, I happened to have enough scavenged molex connectors around to make a suitable adapter and solver my clients problem.

Still, I find it very puzzling that there is such a paucity of male molex connectors. Reminds me of the predominance of matter over anti-matter.

A:Molex Connectors

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Hi, I am looking to upgrade my graphics card and the PSU I currently have does not have its own 6 pin connector for use with graphics cards so I have been looking into this adapter

1. are these adapters safe to use and what is your experience like them in terms of reliability

2. as long as there are molex connectors in some way coming from the PSU will this work? as my PSU does not have 2 individual spare molex connectors instead it has molexes spare that are part of a longer series of molex cables connecting to the hardware which I have shown in an attached image which is a similar setup to my PC

As you can see I have circled the connected molex and the hanging molex and in my case I would like to know if I could use this spare hanging molex with this adapter to power my graphics card?

A:using a molex to 6 pin pci adapter

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My case fan from antec has a 4 pin molex. I want to connect it to the mobod to be able to control the speed with the mobod controller but need a 3 pin. Is there a way to do this?

A:Is there a 3 pin adapter for a 4 pin molex?

Something like this? Mycableshop

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What is the voltage of the standard 4 pin molex that connect hard drives and dvd drives?

A:4 Pin Molex Voltages

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I was thinking about how i always seem to forget to charge my cell phone when i get home, and concurrently how much time i spend infront of my comp, so i thought, "why not combine the two?"

my question is this;
what equipment(resistors, capasators, etc) will i need for such a project, and in how would i aproach this project.

also, if someone could provide me with a link to a crash course in electricity and circutry, it would be greatly appreciated.

btw, here are the specs that i found on the back of my charger:
model: txaca0c01
input: 120VAC 60Hz 7W
Output:5.2VDC 400mA
class 2 power supply
i dont know how relevant some of this will be, but i decided to give you all of it.
any input would be great


A:phone charger w/ molex???

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A couple of wires have become disconnected from the molex 4-pin connectors that connect the HDDs to the motherboard.
There are two wires for each connecting terminal pin, so would I use a soldering tool or a crimp tool to attach the wires?

Are there any kits available that I can use to repair/reconnect the wires?
If not, what combination of tools & products do I need??
Thanks -

A:Repairing Molex connectors

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While I was installing a program (or series of programs) that annoyingly disables the mouse and keyboard "to prevent user error" (Huge red flag but it's safe), it hung too long for my patience and I restarted my computer.

But suddenly no monitor signal. Went through the inputs and none of them displayed. So I do a CMOS reset, still no go. Then I plug it my onboard video card and it's all good... Flashbacks to when my old video card burned out. So I'm going through the usual steps to diagnose the issue. Nothing solves the problem. Then for shits and gigs I plug in my other 6-pin PCI-E molex and voila, my monitor has signal from my discrete video card.

Both connectors are on the same wire, so I am highly confused. But I do recall when I switched to this PSU, only 1 of the 2 6-pins would work and it caused a lot of issues every time I played around.

MSI 785GT-E63 Motherboard
AMD Phenom X4 940
nVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+
4GB DDR2-800
Thermaltake Smart 650W PSU

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I had to replace my power supply..

Unfortunately, the molex power connectors
don't reach my 2nd CD-Rom.. Are there
extensions available ?


A:Power Molex Extension ?

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Howdy gents,
I've been browsing everywhere on the internet, but I just cannot, for the life of me, find a SATA power supply header to molex adapter. (As in, SATA female to molex male.) Do they even exist, or is there some voltage issue that renders such an adapter not possible?
Backstory, if you're interested:
I bought a new power supply while trying to address my Machine_Check_Exception issue I was having a while back. (FTR, it did turn out that that's what was causing the problem after all.)

Now, it's a nice Antec 400w that had a super-fat rebate, but I swear, nowhere on the box did it say it had four SATA headers. I expected one or two, maybe three at most... but this thing has four. I don't have any SATA devices, and I'm going to order some new case lighting and I really don't want to start using splitters or go ballistic with pass-through connectors. I should have done my homework before buying this PSU, but the rebate deal on this thing ended the next day.

A:SATA/Molex Adapter

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so i bought a computer. then i bought a video card. i need to hook the video card up to my power supply unit but there are no unused power cables. so i figured i'd unplug my DVD player (bummer but whatcha gonna do). unfortunately my dvd player is a SATA plug and my video card is a molex plug. so i need an adaptor. preferably one that will allow me to plug in both my dvd player and my video card. i obviously need a female molex for the video card but i can't tell if i need a female or a male end for the SATA as it's not obvious (to me at least) which end i've got. can someone help me out so i don't have to return my video card/ buy the wrong adaptor/ etc.


A:SATA to Molex connectors

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I recently became interested in doing a Molex connector mod. This mod consists of soldering a LED light onto the 5v (red) wire and the ground (black) wire. This makes your molex connector light up which can look very interesting.

Take a look at this website for How To on molex modding, and images of the final result.

The main problem you encounter when doing this mod is, it is hard to find an LED that is small enough that runs on 5volts. I'm not even sure a 5volt 3mm LED exists. Because of thise you need a resistor. The resistor is either going to stick out of the molex connector a bit or your going to have to figure out a way to fit the resistor+led inside the molex. The method I am choosing to use is to just led the resistor stick out a bit, and place an inch of heatshrink around the wires outside of the molex (since I am going to be doing that anyway after installing wire sleeves, it all works out).

Well, today was my very first time ever soldering. I think I did pretty good. I ran into a small problem with this though. It's hard to get the molex pins back into the molex after doing this. You have to make sure there is no connection between the 5v wire and the ground wire other than the LED light or you'll end up shorting/frying something. You also have to eliminate part of the "wall" inside the molex connector that is between the 5v/ground wires so that ... Read more

A:The Molex connector LED mod (interesting)

Make sure you have a fire-extiguisher handy when you come to test that mod.

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I am bored so I'm going to replace my cables with better length and color. I am going to get black because they blend in better, I have found black sata to molex power cables, but can't find black male/female molex except for the 12 inch extension. I am wanting the normal (6 inch I guess) ones. The only ones I have seen have four different colored wires. Just curious if I am looking for something that doesn't exist. Have any of you seen or have these? Thanks,

A:Black Molex Cables

Here is a good place to search.
Left column tick cables and you will have many choices.

Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come

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Basically I am looking for male or female molex to female 3-pin plug for the fan slots on the motherboard after this thread:


I kinda need someone to recommend a good one for me as I have fans with only molex connectors and I want to be able to control the fan speeds by plugging them into the motherboard...(otherwise I have eight wasted slots).

Please help me with this as I really wanna get this sorted out after I ordered jumpler to molex connectors thinking they were fan connectors! (Unless anyone can think of a better way of doing this)

basically I need something that will let me plug this (Note: obviously it can be 3-pin):


Into this:




A:Solved: Molex to 3-pin fan converter

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I ordered a case fan and it has two molex connectors, a male and a female. Is this just for convenience, or am I supposed to have both connected (because I don't have any of the male molex connectors in my entire PC).

I ordered what was supposed to be a female to female and male Y-splitter, and got a female to male-male.

A:Solved: Fan with two molex connectors...

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Hey Guys,

I have a power supply that has a bunch of 15pin sata II I have some old power supply's Im not using, is it possible to just cut the wires off my sata power jacks, and wire in some 4 pin molex?

A:15pin Sata II to 4 pin Molex?

Could you use these?


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I recieved a scythe fan (JyuNi Kaze 1200). The fan has a 3 pin connector and an additional 4 pin molex connector that can be used. I used this because I read that the fan wouldn't run on full speed. But on this 4 pin molex connector there is also an additional 3 pin connector. What is it for and where should it be connected? Do I need to connect it? The fan already runs ok.

A:fan with molex/3pin connector

According to this page a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter is included. Could that be the connector you're asking about?
If so it does not have to be connected to anything. Just there in case you need it.


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What are the pros and cons of using the standard Molex power connectors vs the newer SATA power connectors on hard drives?

A:SATA Power vs 4 Pin Molex

dking63 said:

What are the pros and cons of using the standard Molex power connectors vs the newer SATA power connectors on hard drives?Click to expand...

I know of no pro's or cons other than only use one, they both work
I think the reason behind the drives having both at the moment is so they can be used in older pc's.
In time I believe the drives will only have sata power connectors

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Is there an adapter for converting a sata connector from the PSU to a standard molex connector? If not I may end up using some connectors from an old PSU and use inline crimps to connect the molex to the PSU.

I am trying to do this operation without cutting my cables from the PSU but Google hasn't helped me much by typing in "sata to molex converter". I can find them going the other way from molex to sata but what I want isn't there.

I surfed newegg and found nothing. Maybe if I knew what to call it? Anyway, if anybody knows of such a critter please post the name of it or a link where I can get some.

I used up all my molexs and need a few more. I have 4 sata connecters that I am not using now, but who knows about later hence the not "wanting" to cut and crimp.

A:Solved: SATA to molex?

OK, I have figured this out. I don't like using Y cables but I used one on my CDroms. My video card needs a dedicated molex, thank heaven I didn't buy the 6800. I would have needed 2.

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I just installed a new PSU and I was going to replace the molex connector connected to my video card but the connector that is in there now is stuck. The connector that is in there now is not part of the old PSU but rather a splitter I put on. It is a really crappy splitter. I even took my video card out and tried to remove the connector to no avail. I noticed that one of the cables of the connector was actually loose in the molex connector. I wasn't pulling on the cables or anything like that...but the splitter is just crap. Any suggestions on how to get the connector out without damaging my video card??

A:Help.....jammed molex connector

Could you post some pictures so we can futher understand youre question.

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Is that a legit website or is there another place i can find one? Thanx.
i want to put the two wires into molex but i cant understand any threads that are made for it!
Its a dell psu fan

A:Solved: Psu fan two wire to molex

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Hi, on my modular powercool psu there are two sockets labelled L4P and L4P+S4P. I don't know where to plug the molex wires, what's the difference between these two sockets?

I have this PSU. I know it's crap, but it's temporary.


A:Where do I plug my molex connections?

There should be 4x 4-pin molex connectors on the PSU. Perhaps show us a photo.

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Hi all,

bought a new dell server,put in a hp scsi tape drive

the tape drive uses old power connecor (molex,ugly white 4 pin)

can i cut the wires and join them to an old connector to get the BTU working?

on the serial power i see 5 wires:

white,black,red,black and pinky brown color

on an old power connector (i plan to cut off from an old power supply)
are 4 wires red ,black,black and yellow....

how do you join these...is it advisable to? i bought a sata to ide kit...but it didnt do the

any info appreciated

A:convert from serial power to molex

If there are any molex connectors on the power supply,
you can just use a splitter.
If not,something like this..
You could probably splice,but could end up with
more headaches.

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Hello, i am 15 and very new to pc building and pc gaming in general. I recently built myself a gaming computer and the deal is I bought a nice case and it seemed to have everything that I needed it for and it also came with the PSU so I thought great! I built the system and everything runs and it's perfect. I put in my own MSI R7 250 graphics card (which doesn't require power) not exactly a powerful card to play latest games but plays games like CS:GO & League of Legends well enough but I want to upgrade to say a GTX 950 or maybe 750ti. The thing is most of them require a 6pin or 8pin PCIE connector to power the card and my PSU doesn't have a 6pin or 8pin that i can speak of. I have 1 spare Molex connector available on my PSU, if i get a Molex to 6 connector. Would the one Molex to the graphics card be enough to power it? I'm affraid it won't be enough power or fry it or something.

Thankyou so much for anyone that helps me!

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I was wondering if there was an external power brick made that transforms AC into molex, so 5volt and 12volt. I do not want to run a cable out of the case, I supposed I could have another power supply and jump the green and the black pin, but I was just wondering if there was a power brick that did this.

A:Solved: External Molex Plug

You might take a look at this:Sabrent USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Cable for 2.5-Inch/ 3.5-Inch / 5.25-Inch Drive with Power Adapter

The power brick has AC in and a standard Molex out for IDE type drives.

Plus you can use it as a quick and dirty USB adapter for IDE or SATA drives, both 2.5" and 3.5".

I believe the old Iomega bricks for the External JAZ supplies +5 and +12, but you'd have to cut off their connector and solder on a molex.
Many External SCSI Drive cases also provide +5 and +12, just need to change the connector.


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I've installed easy things like memory and PCI expansion cards, but they never needed a dedicated line to the PSU. I'm installing a PCI exhaust fan that will be powered via a molex connector. It looks like there's one wire coming from the fan with both a male and female 4-pin connector. Where exactly should I put it? Since I have to literally disassemble my desk to reach my tower, I'd like to be 100% sure about the installation before proceeding. In that spirit, I provided a picture of the inside of my case. Maybe you can point out exactly where in the picture I should hook up this fan. I appreciate it.


A:Powering a device with molex connectors

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Does anyone know of a right angled 4 power molex power cable because i need it to plug in my Gigabyte X58-UD9 motherboard for extra power to handle crossfire graphics but its on the side right against the power supply and the gap is too small to plug in a normal molex cable

A:Need a right-angled 4 power molex cable

Do you know how I know you didn't try google with your topic?

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I've got a couple of molex 8cm fans that cannot be rpm adjusted etc when the computer is on There a just on at full power when the computer is switched on. Is there any simple way (with the help of a couple of resistors perhaps) that I can rig up my fans so that they connect into the proper sys fan connection point on the motherboard, and hence have control of the rpm etc?

A:Turning 'dumb' molex 8cm fan into a smart fan?

get a fan controler.. its a little unit that fits in one of your 5.25" bays (cd/dvd bit) that has nobs and buttons and an lcd (if you got a good one) to show you the temps as well as let you set the speeds etc.. im also looking a shop in aus (preferably not online) that sells them... and they do exists

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Buying a new power supply - the molex to sata connectors - how can I tell if I need the splitter?


On a stock power supply, is the output for a molex typically the same as for sata?
Would a splitter not reduce the output?

Planning on getting Antec TP-650C looking mainly for long term life/dependability http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?gclid=CPripf-jpL0CFYsWMgod9jcA8A&Item=N82E16817371072&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-Power+Supplies-_-N82E16817371072&[email protected]:20140321184236:s

A:Molex to Sata power connectors

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I am putting lights inside of my XBox 360 case but I need a molex power cable.
The DVD drive inside the XBox is SATA powered.
Can someone help me find a cable that will allow me to still power the DVD drive, but also power some Molex components?
I think what I need is a SATA pass-through cable with some Molex connections. I have no idea where to look. I've tried some google searches but they haven't helped. I will be very grateful if someone can help find me an appropriate cable.
Thanks a lot,

A:where can i find a SATA to Molex adapter?

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I have a Apex AD660 running the modded Sampo firmware which allows additional IDE devices. I have a 60gig drive hanging off the back of the player so that I can easily add mp3's and mpegs. This is great, but when it comes to add files to the drive, I have to open a PC case and hook the drive in.

I remember seeing a device that added external molex connectors and IDE connectors on a 5.25 drive bay before, but I can't remember where I've seen them. Does anyone know where to find them.. Also one that covers a slot would be nice, I could dremel out a space for it on the back of the DVD player and not have to have a IDE cable hanging out.

I don't need a external enclosure for the drive (it would make it more difficult).

Also, I'm looking for a smaller cheap power supply that can replace the large AT power supply I'm currently useing to power the drive. It needs to be able to supply 1800mA of 12V and 500mA of 5v to spin the drive, cool, and stable.

I could also use a 50X50X10 fan to replace the one in my son's joystick that he broke a blade off of, and maybe a few 30-40mm fans to mod a few gamepads that the 50mm won't fit. (I modded a few generic joysticks with fans) so it would be nice to get it from the same place to avoid additional shipping.

And, By the way, to fit this all in one post.

I'm also currently looking for a old broken VCR to use as a media PC case,
A cheap 4 inch or better color high res LCD,
a plastic case just... Read more

A:Adding external IDE and molex connectors.

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Two questions:
What is the voltage on the hot leads on a molex plug?
Saw some really neat stuff that could be used for modding on a car customing site. But it is all 12v (I guess) Any good way of getting PS output for 12v or am I better off thinking a separate power system?

A:molex power, 12v modding stuff.

Yellow is +12 volts and black is ground on a standard connector.

Seperate power supply would depend on your current power supplies size and output and the amount of modding load you plan on doing.

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I made a service call today to set up a new Dell workstation. It had no PATA drives, only SATA, and no 4-pin molex connectors on the power supply. We need to connect his 500-Gigabyte PATA (aka old IDE) disk. I have already installed an IDE (PATA) controller.

I cannot find a power adapter that will take me from the new SATA power supply to a 4-pin molex.

Anyone know where I might find one?

A:Need power adapter from SATA to 4-pin molex

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