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video card issue

Q: video card issue

comp specs:
dell dimension 9100
windows media center 2005
intel pentium dual core 2.8 ghz
1 gig ram
160 mb storage
nvidia geforce 6800
sound blaster live! 24-bit

hello. i've been recently getting the dreaded blue screen of death with the main problem being the file nv4_mini.sys.

It started after playing fear combat online (great game btw), the whole screen froze and pixelated. it always worked fine before, so i have no idea what triggered this problem. i restarted to find out that everything had been pixelated, slower, and my monitor was constantly blinking. leaving the computer on like this would eventually lead to the BSOD with the problem stating nv4_mini.sys.

anyway, i wiped my harddrive, installed all new drivers, same problem. wiped harddrive again, installed some older drivers, same problem. looked on several other forums addressing the same problem and it seems that a lot of other people have the same problem, with slight variations. the common factor having an nvidia graphics card. a lot of the solutions state that the drivers are corrupt, damaged, whatever. i've tried. and i've come to the conclusion that its my video card (i think). but, i'm really not sure, and although i'm pretty good with computers, i tend to get frustrated with trouble shooting. thus, i know nothing about it. everything else seems to be fine except for the graphics.

this problem has been annoying me to death the past week! i can't do anything that i could do before. would anyone like to make suggestions on how i should go about solving this problem? keep in mind that i'm not very advanced with the troubleshooting department. i do know how to install new components into my system though. its just when it comes to the BIOS and the POST and the registry and all the replacing and testing that confuses me. anyway, if this is indeed my graphics card, would somebody like to recommend another one for me? something similar to whatever i have is fine, nothing too fancy. i'm planning on getting a nice laptop for college. still need this computer to work for the rest of the family though.

thinking i might replace the 6800 with this one if it should be a damaged video card... good or not good?


thanks in advance for all the help and feedback.

Preferred Solution: video card issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: video card issue

Try booting into safe mode,

Then run Driver cleaner pro ,, remove nvidia ,,

reboot and then install latest official forceware driver from www.nvidia.com ,


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The computer's a year old, running XP, and my boyfriend and I have no idea what's wrong with it (it's his). I'd put in hardware support but I don't know which piece of hardware may be corrupted, exploding as we speak, or what.

It began last night. He's done this before -- he has two monitors, one meant for a TV (I believe) and another old computer screen. Normally it runs on the TV one because it's bigger. He switched to the older one to show me how he can adjust the settings so that it's all vertical. That was great and dandy and we didn't expect any issues. He's done it before and it really isn't doing much to the computer.

Later, after midnight, he goes to switch everything back to normal. First, the computer acts like the monitor is there but that it can't do anything -- it tries to go into sleep mode or something. Then I suggest he unplug, shut down, plug things back in normally, and power back up. This appears to work.

I was a bit happy then, until we got to the XP loading screen. It's going... and then after, it flashes, then goes black. Nothing comes up, nothing does anything.

And so the three hour saga of last night begins. We restart, we spam F8, we get into safe mode, he disables Nvidia but can't open the application. Nor does his mouse function in safe mode (I know some don't, but it really doesn't help the situation). I've used my laptop to bring up shortcut keys and we're functioning through everything that way. He restarts after disabling Nvidia, an... Read more

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It's a Dell Dimension 2400, and it's behaving very oddly. I reformatted the hard drive, installed XP Pro from a Dell CD that did not come with that computer (he didn't have his CD on him, so I borrowed it from his colleague since he was losing money with no computer; I assume it's just the OS when it has a separate driver CD; do some of Dell's OS CD's include the drivers?), and then installed all the programs that the client needed. I then got the drivers from the Dell website (chipset, audio, video, and network). It was running great the whole time I was working on it, which was for many hours.

The next morning, the client started to use it. It worked fine for a little bit, but then started to give errors like the following:

"Instruction at "0x00000000" memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program."

Program: Explorer.exe

"The application failed to initialize properly (0Xc0000044). Click OK."

Program: Firefox

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000012d). Click OK."

Program: iexplore.exe

It came to a point where even RIGHT-clicking on MY COMPUTER and attempting to select "Properties" would cause issues (gave an error message saying the action could not be performed).

When I checked it out later on, sure enough, it was doing exactly that. And even when I tried shutting the computer down, it said I was not authorized to do so. Very odd.

It even got to the poin... Read more

A:Is this a RAM issue, video card, video drivers...?

check the hdd for a recovery partition for the dell pc this may be a problem where you have used another xp cd to install and not the original one.

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I just installed Windows 8 on my PC and am having a quirky issue on the desktop. Whenever I try to right click on the desktop, the screen flashes as if it is resetting itself, and then it goes back to the desktop photo. The menu never pops up. If I open a program or a folder, the right click menu shows up just fine. Is it disabled? Is there a fix?

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Hi all

I was working away on my desktop tonight, and suddenly the monitor started freaking out. Here is a video to show you what's going on at startup

http://yfrog.com/7fvid00002z - starts 26 seconds in, sorry bout that

When it happened I was working in Cubase. I'd just reset the audio driver, and it started doing like in the video. After a little bit, the signal cuts out completely. It's not the monitor, I've checked with a spare and it's the same. I don't have another video card around at the moment, but I'm wondering if it's likely to be an issue with the hardware, or software/virus type stuff.

The computer is XP, 2gb ram, nVidia Geforce card (sorry, can't recall which one) etc. Incidentally the card itself looks fine, ie it doesn't look like it's shorted or anything.

Thanks in advance

A:Video card issue or something more serious? (w/ video)

Yeah, it's most likely the video card. I'd suggest reinstalling the drivers and then if that doesn't work, replacing it.

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Hopefully I posted this in the right section. I've searched for similar topics, but I can only find bits and pieces of information. Nothing really close to my situation.

I'm having issues with my GeForce 7800GS. When trying to play a game like Half-Life 2, I get very low FPS. Approximately 15fps. My video settings are all set to the lowest settings in game, and I disabled Vertical Sync, Anistotropic Filtering on the card. I have the latest drivers also. Still, I get very low fps. Practically unplayable.

I'm not the most technical person so I decided to use CPU-Z to get all my system specs. Below are screenshots of each tab in CPU-Z. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.

Might have to copy/paste the link into browser to see images.


A:Video card issue...I think. Please help!

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http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102609#DetailSpecs Is the radeon x800 made before the lets say x1300 because this card seems more expensive and it has a better clock speed. Is it just as good as the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814130264

A:Video card issue

Not as good as the 6800GS, but not far behind. If you are on a tight budget, you won't be disapointed with an X800 card. But if you have the cash, get that 6800GS. I will last you a little longer in the long run (SM3.0 support for example).

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Thanks for your help.

If an integrated video card (nVidia 128zx) does not have an IRQ assigned, what needs to be done?

A Standard VGA video driver and a 16 colors configuration is all that shows.

A:Video Card Issue

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First post here - j/s.

Anyway, I'll explain this quick.

I bought a HD 5670 a week ago, it has been giving me some problems with multicoloured lines on screen. I've done the elimination process and it's defo the card. The onboard chip works fine. The lines only appears sometimes though and usually only when I turn it on in the mornings.

Here's a screenie of the issue:

Returned the card to the store as they had to take my word for it as faulty (their test machine was bust).

Got my money back and am going to use it to buy a better card - HD 6850.

The worry is that, what if that card also creates problems? Then it'd clearly be the motherboard's fault, huh? What then? Only option I see is to get a refund for the PC as well. (It's about 2 weeks old.)

A:Video Card Issue

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Hello folks...

Sorry if this straddles OS and hardware forums so if an admin wants to move it, that's fine and sorry.

I have a problem that perhaps you folks can corroborate for me or give me an insight for, thanks.

Recently when working on my brother in law's PC, I encountered what is in the attached photo.

The computer freezes, and has to be hard rebooted. It happens sometimes at sign-in and sometimes randomly. It did it when I had his PC but I had done some tweaks since then and it seemed to have resolved.

Some background:
PC came to me with a shot power supply which I replaced with exact same one, refurb.
PC had over 250 virusus which I cleaned up and then defragged.
Interior of PC was VERY filthy, clogged heat sink, power supply fan, etc. and innards covered with dust.
Now personally, I feel it is an onboard video issue and may relate to the fact that this PC had some stress, and was likely overheated at times.

I don't have the PC right now, or I would test it with an old card I think I have or simply blow the HD away and start from scratch.

Anyway, thoughts are appreciated.


A:OS Issue or video card?

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I'm running two video cards with three monitors. The main one is an Asus Nvidia 440GT and the secondary is a Zotac Nvidia GT 610. Both use the same driver.

My problem is that the Zotac card refuses to start on the first boot of the day. I restart and it initializes flawlessly until the next morning. Same thing every morning.

Now, to me, this sounds like a bad solder joint that won't connect cold. The boys in Pakistan want me to reinstall windows and all 135 programs as well as a 4 hour diagnostic session. I said bullshit. I'll replace the $50 card before I piss away several days rebuilding an otherwise perfectly functioning machine.

I'm not a gamer, and I know these are not high end video cards, but they do what I need done.

Does anyone else concur, or have any suggestions. Or.. do you think my assessment is correct and I should just replace the card.

A:2nd Video Card Issue

Give the oven trick some thought. If it kills the card you are going to replace it anyway.

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I recently purchased a Geforce4 MX440 64MB AGP video card . When I install it my video will not come on at all. It doesn't matter if I plug the monitor into the new card or old onboard card, no video with new card in. Tried adding it manually and it's not even on the selection list. Can't install the drivers that came with the card as it says hardware device not found, please install your card.

I am running XP home. and have an ECS mobo #P4VMM2, MicroATX, VIA P4M266 Chipset 1.7ghz P4 cpu.

Someone suggested disabling the vga in BIOS, there is a setting for PCI or AGP and mine is set to AGP, where in BIOS do I go to do that? Is this a voltage issue? Thanks for any help you can give in advance! It's driving me batty.

PS: I have been to the driver site and d/l and installed the XP gforce drivers for the whcl.

A:Video Card Issue

Does anyone have any ideas?

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This is very unusual, but last night i shut my computer down, then this morning when i went to turn it on, it can't load the windows logon screen, so in safe mode, i uninstalled the driver for my MSI nvidia NX 6600GT and then rebooted and it start normally, but, when i reinstalled the driver same thing hapened. Any suggestions??

A:video card issue

maybe try a different driver for the card and see if that fixes it

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I know this was a thread before but I wanted to ask about this. One day I turned on my computer and the screen would not come on. I figured out that I had to put the cable back into the on-board video port and it came on. Now up until this day my video card was working fine. I am not sure how it got switch back onto the on-board card but I need help getting back to the other one. My mother board is the
ASUS M2N68-AM if that helps. I have never played with the bios before and don't want to mess it up. If someone could give me a step by step guide to how to change it back I would be very grateful. Now I have a decient video card and don't want to have to buy another one if I can avoid it. It's a Nvidia Gforce 8400 I think it's been so long since I looked at it I am not 100% sure and I can't find the box it came in. It's a 512mb card.

A:Video Card issue

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So the other day i was on my computer and i went to open Minecraft, i logged in and then when it went to open and all the sudden different colored pixelated lines came across the screen so i shut my computer off and waited a bit then when i turned it back on it was fine untill i tried to open Minecaft again, then the lines got thicker and changed from horizontal to vertical. I shut my compter off again, waited and this time the lines were there as soon as i turned it on, so i started it up in safe mode and tryed to run a virus scan but it only ran for a second and said there was no threats found. So i tried to start it normally and everytime i did it would bluescreen after it logged in. Then i tried to reinstall windows with my windows 7 disc and it got about half way through then bluescreened and then when i turned my computer back on everything was bigger and i could only see about 1 3rd of the screen and i cant see the things that i can do (all i could see was safe mode). So im wondering if its my video card and if it is i have a spare one i can try but i dont know if it will screw up the spare, and since its half way through installing windows will that affect the card at all? By the way my computer is a Gateway DX series with a ATI Radeon Premium HD 4600 series graphics card

A:Video card issue, please help

what are you running
video card brand and model
power supply

check the listings in the bios for 12v line voltages and temperatures and post them
in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose low resolution mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

wait till windows finishes installing

gateway are well known for failing power supplies

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Hi, New to the forum. I did a search for cideo card forums and this came up so I hjope i can get my answers here. I hvae an Sappire ATI Radeon Atlantis 9800 pro( with 128 ram) and i have the new drivers instaled, and etc. well last week i revmoed my brothers Steam account with its games(half life 2 and etc) and then started my own steam account. After i did that i noticed what ATI is calling a bursting effect in games only. Now I tried re-seating the card, tried un-installing the drivers and fresh instlaling them, done all mal-ware scans and still have this issue(look at screenshots below). look in order too.


see those silver sparkling stuff as well as the transparency. those are what i'm dealing with. Now if my card is failing wouldn't it affect what i view online or even in non-games like watching a movie? and if not what are some other signs? Or does anyone have any clue what this issue may be? Also If my card is failing can someone suggest a better card that costs a reasonable ammount since money is tight?(this card was bought june 05)

Thank you in advance

A:Video card issue

Definately artifacts that can be caused by overheating. Does it do this immediately or only after playing for a while?

I'd inspect the card fan to ensure it's spinning full speed, as well as get a can of compressed air and ensure the heatsink isn't packed up with dust and debris.

If all else fails, it's possible you fried some vram on the card from higher temps.

If you do consider upgrading, I'd highly recommend the Sapphire X800GTO as it's 256mb, comes in AGP (be careful not to get the PCI-E version!) and can be had on NewEgg from $125 to $139 (depending on specials/sales, etc.). I've also gotten lucky and gotten full 16-pipe versions from Sapphire where GTO's are only supposed to have 12 (your 9800 is only 8-pipes to give you some measure of comparison).

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I was on my computer last night and all was fine. When I woke up this morning, my screen resolution had changed to a super low res, (I don't remember how low) and now Windows 8 lists my video card as a Microsoft Display Basic Driver. It is actually an Asus card with 1 GB of ram but windows shows it only has 256mb. Has this happened to anyone else?

A:Video card issue

Hi Titan.

Seems like you card misses its driver.
First thing you can try is reinstall the driver (latest one if available, try to get from ASUS download site)
But few question here. Did you do anything last night? Like updating, changing setting, connecting dual monitor, got powerline failure.? Or any event during running.
There is a routine I use to do, every few months I take out the Video card, clean it with dry clothe, and re-seating it firmly to the PCI-e slot.

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First I tried to update the driver for the onboard video, that failed miserably and I got a black screen. So I got a brand new GeForce 8400 installed it and tried to install drivers for it and it said drivers were installed . Yes I have directx 9 installed. But now upon reboot I have a black screen. I already disabled the onboard graphics in My computer/properties/hardware. Please help I'm pulling the little bit of hair I have out.

A:Video Card Issue

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Hello gang,

My Nvidia 560 stopped working so while I was waiting for the replacement I was using my onboard Intel HD graphics. After I installed the new card, my monitor would not display anything unless it was connected to the onboard graphics.

No big deal I thought. I booted into safe mode, removed all display drivers ( Nvidia and intel) and ran driver sweeper to remove the remnants.

The computer booted with the monitor plugged into the 560 just fine in the crappy resolution. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers downloaded from the website.

Now I get video through POST and the windows loading screen, but when it loads to my desktop the monitor displays no video.

I am trying to avoid reinstalling the OS. Any ideas?

Also keep in mind my motherboard does not have the ability to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
ASRock Extreme7 Gen 3
EVGA Nvidia 560 GTX SC 2GB

A:Video card issue

Update. I have tried driver versions 301.42 (newest), 295.73 and 285.62.

Now when I boot, I get video past POST into the windows loading screen and after the display goes blank the computer reboots.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1764 with Windows 7 Home

A few days ago while watching a video on ESPN.com an error message popped up saying I had an issue with my video card and then my computer froze and restarted itself before I can write down what the error message said. Now when I turn on my computer I get to the screen to type in my username and password and get to my desktop but before the computer is fully loaded it freezes. Everything on my desktop comes up normally with all the icons and background. I can start my computer in safe mode and tried a system restore to no avail.

Can anyone help with my issue or send me in the right direction?

I did notice that under safe mode when my screen saver is supposed to come on I get this message "The screen save can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D".. Don't know if that is related

Thanks for the help

A:Possible Video Card Issue

This laptop has Intel HD Graphics. It is called on-board graphics permanently part of the motherboard and it is not a video card. The graphics driver might have become corrupted or the graphics chip might have overheated

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i was told i have a device error but i don't know how to get a report or documentation on that. i have pinpointed it down to my video card because windows will only start normally if i unplug the video cable that goes to my tv. otherwise it only starts in safe mode. can anyone help?

A:video card issue

I'm just reaching here.... Is that port/plug able to run both ways?...
I mean can it be video out, or video in? Maybe windows thinks its a source for vid, and just won't start..

Or, ...... is your comp set to tv out as default monitor?.. Is your tv on when you boot? can you see windows on your tube?...
Perhaps on boot it sees that connected port first and just assumes that is the monitor your using.

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ok so i have a GeForce4 MX 440, and i am trying to get it to run on a 500mHz P3 Hewlett Packard 8565c. but i cannot find a driver set that will actually run anything besides a desktop app. every game a run freezes at the loading screen or just freezes up during the ad screens. i have tried the 56.72, 56.64, 44.03.....can someone point me in a better direction?

A:Video Card Issue

Might not be the video drivers. You may need to update the AGP controller drivers for your HP computer. They are typically GART drivers.

Surprise surprise, HP doesn't offer any updated drivers on their site (that I could find...) They do tell us that it is a Via Pro chipset, so we can probably just use the VIA 4 in 1 drivers; however, other sites claim that it has an ASUS P2B-VT with an Intel BX440 chipset.

Please verify which chipset is on your motherboard. Then I can suggest updating the chipset drivers and possibly the BIOS on the board.


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I'm hoping someone can help with some suggestions.

I have a Core2Duo 2.2GHz PC with 8Gb RAM running Win7Pro 64-bit. Motherboard is an MSI MS-7345. Nothing special, I know, but it is a work PC only!

Recently I bought a new video card as the old one was causing some minor issues. I bought a Gigabyte GT520 (nVidia) PCIe card (yes I know, again, nothing special) but after I installed it, my PC would regularly freeze and then come back with a message that the display driver failed and had recovered. Other times it would just freeze and then eventually start responding again. Funny thing was, that you could still move the mouse and you could use Ctrl-Alt-Del to try to open Task Manager, but nothing would happen when you did. Tried the latest driver, tried earlier driver versions (based on what I read on forums) but nothing helped. At the suggestion of a forum, I replaced the PSU with a 600w unit. This made no difference either.

Just last week I bought a new video card - this time an Asus HD 5450 (ATI) card. Same problems still occuring, although slightly less frequently than before.

So now I'm guessing it's either a motherboard or CPU issue. Before I replace either, is there any diagnostics (or inbuilt Windows tools) that might be able to tell me which it is?? I can buy a replacement motherboard and/or CPU, but if I'm going to end up having to buy both (because I'm guessing), I'd rather just buy the latest spec CPU and a motherboard to suit.

Any... Read more

A:Video card issue....or is it?

Have you updated/reinstalled the video drivers?

Also, as you have used both chipset types (ie: nVidia & ATI), you could have a driver conflict issue. Personally, I'd recommend a fresh install of the OS before any further hardware swapping. Just to rule out an OS/software/driver issue.

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I was playing Sims 2 (have had this game since the day it came out 3 years ago so I know for a fact it should be working fine on my computer).

When I had it paused for a second, the screen went black, then came back on with thousands of little multicoloured psychadelic verticle lines/bricks all over the screen... then the screen went to a purple colour (Sims 2 loading screen colour) with a little TS2 hourglass, and then my house came back on and I could resume playing.

Why did this happen? Bad drivers? Overheating (GPU is 80°C)?

My refresh rate on my desktop was lowered to 60Hz from my set value of 75Hz.

Wasn't an issue in the past......................................

A:Video card issue?

Has it only done this once? 80*C is warm but not baking for a 9800XT. My X1800's don't even consider 100*C hot. I do, they don't.

If this is a one time thing I would guess something caused VPU recover to kick in, or a driver that isn't quite what you need for your system. You can always try a newer or older driver.

I am guessing the fan on the card is working or your temps would have went out of range and caused a reboot.

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I'm having a problem with my laptop display. When it's plugged in the screen looks fine, but when I unplug it the display looks dim and sort of faded. Updating my graphics card driver solves the issue, but after I do that I can't open some programs like Skype and itunes. So I have to roll back the driver and deal with he display issues if I want to actually use my programs.

Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated.

A:Video card issue

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Hello Everybody,

I got a serious problem with my video card: Geforce 6600 GT 128 DDR3. Whenever I start a game, the game will start first. My LCD monitor then shows "No Signal". After that, my machine will restart itself. I don't have any problem with runing any other applications, such as: AutoCAD.

I tried two games so far. One "Nascar Thunder 2004"; the other one is: "X2". Both of them came with the video card.

The configuation for my machine is:
Inter PIV 3.00 GHz
Asus P4P800-E Deluxe
Kingston 1G Memory
Geforce 6600 GT 128 DDR3 Video Card
Dual LCD Monitor

I know this doesn't make sense. But trust me, it does happen to me. Would it be a conflict between the motherboard and the video card? How come the video card works fine with other applications but games?

Any comments will be appliciated.

A:Video Card Issue, Help Please!

Hmm...Have you tried getting the latest video card drivers from Nvidia?

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When ever i install my ATIRadeon express 200m graphics card driver it shows up with a window that says "No ATIGraphics Driver is installed, or the ATI Driver is not functioning properly, install the ATI Driver appropriate for your ati hardware" what you think is wrong? and i have the latest drivers from the site and i have uninstalled it 3 times and it still shows up. Please help if you can... i would appreciate it.

A:Video Card Issue - Please help!

Here is the site for Toshiba ATI driver:
Is this the driver you're using? Are you running XP? Why are you installing new drivers? Many times it is required to uninstall old drivers before installing new ones.
Windows Update (Custom) often has updated drivers for various Hardware devices. Have you checked?
HMMM-more questions -no answers yet.

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I've got a new card installed in my computer, and the video is excellent. The issue I'm having is I have no audio. I had a look into it, and my sound device thinks I'm using a HDMI cable (when I'm really only using a VGA cable).

As for the card, I'm using an ATI HD2400 card. I have the latest drivers, and when I install the only video card, I get sound back.

Here's a screen shot of my sound devices before and after I hooked up the new card.

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Okay, I just got a new mobo so I could use my phenom II. But the thing is whenever I plug my monitor into my 250 the monitor doesn't come on. When I lug it into the onbaord graphics it does come on. Any suggestions?

A:Video Card Issue

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Hey everyone,

I've been having on/off problems with (I think) my graphics card for about a year. It just recently went screwy on me again and I wanted to see if anyone could possibly tell me what's going on, since it's driving me crazy and it makes me all nervous when the problem comes back after a few months of "worry-free" use. lol

Basically what happens is the graphics on my screen will go all screwbally, all kinds of colors going on and it freezes my computer and eventually crashes and reboots itself or I have to manually reboot - it depends on its mood. I noticed it happened the most when trying to play Second Life, but it also happens when I'm not running a game like that, just not as often. Now, when I reboot... the BIOS screen (that's what that black screen is when you boot up, right? I'm sorry if I'm using the wrong term) has all kinds of funky characters on it. Words are misspelled, there are exclamation points and such. My computer does boot up, but once I'm in, my graphics card is no longer working and the device manager gives me that code 10 error saying the device cannot start.

It seems that if I leave my computer off for a few hours, I'm able to start up my PC and everything is normal again.

I've tried reseating the cables to and from my monitor/video card and I've reseated the video card itself. I have the latest drivers installed and I've even rolled back to a previous version to see if... Read more

A:On/Off again video card issue - I think?

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Well the thing is Im wondering if my computer can support a 128 MB Video Card, I know I need to check my motherboard specs and all but how do I do this? And also at the same know if my computer can or cannot support 128/256. Thank You.

A:Video Card Issue

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Hi everyone, my first post on this forum.
Hoping someone may be able to help me out.
I have a Dual Core 6400 with 2 gig RAM, 2x 250 G SATA drives, Asus p5nsli motherboard, 550w power supply and a 256mb Nvidia 7600GS graphic card.

My problem:
Last evening I was working away when the suddenly the screen just when black and came up as out of scan range. No restart, No BSOD, infact every thing seem to be functioning okay... although the hard drive light was on. Does anyone have any idea on what might be the problem? im thinking graphics card but the fact the hard drive light remained on also think maybe it could be a HD problem? I couldn't find anything odd in the event viewer.
This has happened a couple of times before but only ever when I have been rendering animations and had put it down to software problems but this time i was just using firefox to browse the internet.

any ideas would be greatly welcomed... many thanks,

A:Possible Video Card Issue?

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Hi guys,

I purchased a GeForce 7600 PCIe for my system. I loaded the card in the system and everything seemed to be ok. My computer froze while on it, it froze while it was just sitting there. So I made sure I had the latest drivers and everything and the card is still doing this. What could be the issue that I am missing? The card has SLI technology, does a motherboard have to be ready for that in a video card or does it matter? Very lost with this, as the card functions fine and then it just locks. Also, I have windows Vista, and alot of people keep telling me that is the issue. But I have Windows Vista on another PC that just got a video card upgrade to PCIe and it has no problems at all.

Thanks for your help.

A:Video Card issue

It sounds like a PSU (Power Supply Unit) problem to me. What're the specs on yours? Find the sticker on your PSU and either post a screenshot, or post the info off of it. This is how a typical PSU sticker looks.

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I just recently received a new Radeon 9800 Pro 128MBDDR card and swapped it with my old Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB card.
I'm running Windows XP Professional with SP2 and I'm receiving an error similar to one someone had here, but as I have no idea how to fix it using the troubleshooting he was given, I'm requesting aid here.

"INF error
Video driver not found.

Setup was unable to complete.
Install display adapter with a Standard VGA driver before running setup"

This was what popped up when I attempted to install using the provided Catalyst software disk. I attempted to reinstall Windows, but the problem was not fixed, and the card driver in hardware profiles is showing as "Radeon 9100 Family (Microsoft Corporation)", which likely means it's running on the Windows drivers...

I'm not great at software troubleshooting, and this driver thing worries me. Please advise.

Here is the Hijackthis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:49:53 AM, on 4/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
E:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe
E:\PROGRA~1\TRENDM~1\INTERN~2\PcCtlCom.... Read more

A:New video card issue

Edit 3:
Now it's not even showing in my hardware profiles and the installation disk continues to give me the INF error and I have not appropriate VGA driver. Tried finding a fix on the ATI website, but there isn't anything between catalyst 4 and 7.4

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Hello everyone I really need everyone's help with my issue. I have a 2-3 year old system, that looks like this;

AMD Athlon XP Duron (K7) Socket A
256MB, 40 GB HD, 4x AGP slot, Windows XP, Direct X 9.0c

I bought Madden 2005 but have been having a problem with the game freeze during gameplan 99% of the time, w/high pitch beeping noise

I was told that I needed a new video card, had a Prophet 4000XT 64MB. So on friday I bought MSI Nvidia 5500XT TV OUT 256MB DDR. I got home and uninstalled the old card, put in the new one, removed the old video drive and installed the new driver from MSI site, version 6711 and thought there would be no problem.

I was wrong. I tested it out on videos wo/any problem. I tried to play the game Madden 2005 and MVP baseball 2004 and both tried to launch and went to full blank screen w/hour glass in the middle and the locked up, had to rebot. I was told today to adjust the Chipset Features Setup in bios to, AGP mode 4x (max), AGP Comp. Driving AUTO, AGP Fast Write DISABLED and AGP APerture Size to 256MB. still didn't correct problem

I have tried adjusting the resolution, refresh rate, hardware accelation, etc. still can't determine what the issue is.

In Direct X 9.0c, the display mode said that my drive is not digitally signed, I did the Direct Draw test, first part-no problem, secound part-no problem, thired part (full screen mode)- it goes to full screen w/words "Direct X Tool" at top, rest is all white and locks up, hav... Read more

A:Video Card Issue


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So for the last little while, whenever I play WoW I am getting random shutdowns - sometimes with a BSOD stating "system service exception", sometimes not. I monitored the temperature and it isn't changing between when I'm playing and when I'm not. I've tried shutting down *everything* else when I play, that doesn't change anything. I tried cleaning off a lot of old programs and updating the video card driver and it got *worse*, to the point where I've had to use the repair feature twice tonight, the first time it did a system restore (but didn't tell me to *when*), the second time it didn't - this is getting frustrating! One note, I went to AMD's website for my card (http://www.amd.com/us/products/desk...d-4800/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-4800-overview.aspx) and clicked on "Support and Drivers". Under product type I chose "graphics card - desktop" - but I can't find the 4800 series in the list. At that point I looked at the next link in my google search for a driver (http://driverscollection.com/?H=Radeon HD 4800&By=ATI), checked to see what other people said of the website and couldn't find anything negative, so tried that. That's when things got worse. Everything else works fine, and I haven't had an issue with any other games I've played. Here's the system info:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premi... Read more

A:Video card driver issue... I *think*?

The drivers/support for the AMD Radeon HD 4800 is under the "Radeon HD" section. Try uninstalling the drivers from Programs and features in the Control Panel and install the latest drivers from the AMD website.

Please post what power supply you have in your computer, Acer's generally one with low wattage/quality power supplies. The power supply model/wattage will be listed on a sticker on the side of the power supply once you get the side of the PC off.

Also post the model of the complete system, such as Acer Aspire T710-3412.

Post the temps and voltages at idle and at load(such as when playigng WoW, post a screenshot from HW Monitor: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html

Also ensure WoW is fully up-to-date.

The problem may also be due to you running a game off an external drive. USB is not perfectly stable and massively slower then an internal SATA drive. You ideally should reinstall the game to the internal hard drive.

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Hi guys,

The guy I sit next to at work basically decided on building his own machine. He has bought a Jetway P4XFM Motherboard and this came with the PSU and a Pentium 4 Processor and Fan. He also bought DDR 333MHz. Now the Motherboard documentation stated it supports only PC133 SDRAM or DDR 266MHZ/DDR200MHz. Now I initially said I'm pretty sure this is not going to work but we tried it anyway just in case he got lukcy.

We put it all together and started it and the Monitor did not receive a signal from the Graphics Card. The CPU Fan is working as are the CD/DVD and Floppy drives. We have tried 3 different Graphics Cards to no avail.

Is this definatley a memory/motherboard mismatch scenario.?

I just want to double check beore my colleague goes out and buys another graphics card, memory or motherboard.

A:Video Card / Memory Issue

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Well, I got a new computer 8 days ago from Best Buy. I bought a graphics card for it and tried to make it my primary card. I found out that the computer is freezing whenever I hit a key during the boot up, this includes the keys to get into the settings.

So, I brought it back to best buy and took it to the geek squad. The guy hooked it up and tested it out...Everything worked fine....I thought okay, cool and brought it home and tried again. It freezes...

So, this issue is obviously something wrong with something at my house, but I don't know what/how to fix it.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't figure out where exactly to put it.

A:Issue getting a new video card working

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I have a M6700 had LCD issue and sent to Repair Center to repair under warranty. After received, the LCD issue is fixed. However, I found my AMD M6000 video card can not be detected in Windows 7 anymore. I check the BIOS and found the BIOS shown the Video card is Intel HD. I suspect the Repair Center did not properly install the video card when repaired the previous LCD issue. I emailed the Dell Support and they told me the BIOS showing Intel HD is normal and ask me to change drivers in Windows 7, but I did not believe them. My previous Windows 7 had proper AMD driver installed already. Anyone is this forum has M6700, please help to check if yours also shown Intel HD in BIOS. Many thanks. 

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I've been having video card issues for awhile now. The screen will go completely white. Upon sleeping and unsleeping the computer, everything will return to normal. During one of these episodes, my computer froze while watching a movie via the HDMI port, which is where my suspicion of the cause of the BSOD comes from. Right now I'm only able to use my computer in safe mode (with networking). If I start it up normally, I'll almost always get an instant BSOD crash dump.

I was able to create the zip file, but not the performance monitor report. Typing "perfmon /report" into the start run field gives me "Error: An error occured while attempting to generate the report. The system cannot find the path specified."

So far I've tried system restore, windows repair, and reinstalling video card drivers. None of which has worked. Attached is the zip file. Your help is much appreciated!

A:BSOD (Video card issue?)


At least 4 of 6 of these was Related to tmcomm.sys TrendMicro Common Module from Trend Micro Inc. I would remove it and replace it with MSE

Uninstalling Trend Micro program using the Diagnostic Toolkit

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

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I'm not actually sure what's wrong, but I can tell that something is and I want to fix it before my computer dies. About a month ago my computer started slowing down, I only started noticing because I play WoW and I was hitting pretty big lag bubbles.
Initially I thought it was my internet, but the connection was fine and connecting the modem directly to the tower didn't change anything. I defragged and did scan disk, ran a virus test, cleaned my registry and also ran malwarebytes and spybot. I updated my drivers, too. The problem hasn't gotten any better and it's starting to get worse.
Before, it only happened when I was playing WoW, and even then it was only every once and a while. Now the game is unplayable (it slows down to something like 6fps, can't even see myself casting...or moving. lol). Whenever I watch a video (whether it's online or off) it'll lag periodically (but only the video lags, the sound goes on fine) then it catches up with itself. Just now it took about a minute to switch from Sleep to awake, and then struggled to work itself out of the screensaver.
It's taking longer for browsers to load as well.

...eeeeh so, what do you think it is? My graphics card should be fine, I replaced it about a year ago along with the power supply.

A:Processor or Video Card issue?

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I have been getting parts for a custom computer that I have been building. I now have all my parts but I can't get the computer to work. When I turn it on, all the fans go on, including the fan located directly on the video card, however, the monitor remains black. Yes it is plugged in(I tried redoing it a few times), I removed the card and tried a different slot. It not the monitor or the cable as they seem to work on my other comps. Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

OS: None yet
Motherboard: NForce 570 Slit-A supports PCI Express, SLI ready
Processor: Pentium D dual core 3.0Ghz
Ram: 2GB DDR2
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1600 Pro PCI Express, Crossfire Ready, 512Mb
Power Supply: 600W dual 80m fans, SLI ready

A:New Computer, Video Card Issue

something, somewhere isnt hooked up right. it sounds like you arent even getting to the bios screen and memory check. Are you getting any beeps? If not, take that card out and place it in another computer or friends system and see if you get the same thing. if so, it might be a dead board =(

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I recently upgraded my video card from the GeForce 7300LE to the GeForce 8400GS in order to attempt to run a couple of new programs, but am having some issues. The first issue is choppy video an it still tends to lag a bit. The second is that when the program reaches a certain point it "blacks out" an even though I can hear what's going on, I can't see anything. I'm just tryin to run these programs without any lag, drag or occassional freeze. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm running XP Media Center, 4GB of ram, an an Intel Pentium 4.

Thanks in advance...


A:Possible unknown video card issue

Check Device Manager, make sure to click "show hidden devices".
Report any flagged devices.

Did you install the Video Card drivers ?

Check Event Viewer. Any significant/chronic errors mentioned ?

You said it "still" tends to lag a bit. Did the old VC lag ? The problem may not have been a weak VC, you might have had a different problem, and you still have it even with the new VC.

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I'm not sure what could be causing this problem. When I turn on my friend's computer the screen shows nothing, meaning that it doesn't show the RAM counting up and it doesn't power on.

Im wondering if this could be a monitor issue, video card issue or something else.

I've done some testing on this as well. This is what I have tried.

1) Friend's machine with my monitor - OK
2) My machine with friend's monitor - OK
3) Friend's old computer and his monitor - OK

Things I'm waiting to test are:

- swap my video card with his
- remove his monitor from Hardware list

Computer Specs off the top of my head:


P3 1ghz
GEForce2 32mb
Daytek 15" monitor
Any help is much appreciated.


A:Monitor or Video Card issue???

Had this happen before and it turned out to the the monitor cable. It happened to be a Dell monitor and a Phillips cable. When I used a Dell cable with the Dell monitor all was well. So when you say you are testing the monitor on other devices are you using the same cable or the existing cable?

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Hi, I am trying to replace my old Geforce 2 MX/400 with a Geforce 3 Ti 200 Pro D. The issue is that when I take out the old Geforce 2 MX/400 and replace it with the Geforce 3, my computer will start up but nothing will display on the monitor and it will remain completly black.

This video card was given to me by a friend and is not new, it however has been used in my computer before to play Splinter Cell.

My computer specs are..

Compaq Presario 5000
P4, 1.5GHZ
Windows XP OS

If anyone can help me with any infomation on how I can resolve this problem it would be greatly appricited.

A:Installing New Video Card Issue

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Hello everyone,

Alright, I think I am having some problems with my video card, and I need some opinions or suggestions on what I possibly can do.

Here is my problem:

I got home from my trip out of town today and came to find out that my monitor blacked out, nothing would show up, I hooked up two other monitors and the same result had happened so I know it was not a monitor problem cuz they all worked on my other PC's. Alright, so then I thought to myself it may be a video card problem, I took it out and put in my older card that I had before I purchased the one I have in it now and the screen showed up, I was very disappointed in that result. I had just bought this card recently and I don't want to admit that the card is faulty.

Other notes I want to add is that I noticed earlier that my monitor was turning pinkish and then back to normal sometimes. Also I checked if the card was secured in the slot and to no avail. So, is my card done for?

Here are my specs:

Motherboard: Biostar P4M80-M4 Socket 478
Processor: Intel Celeron D 350 3.20Ghz
RAM: 2GB Ultra DDR PC3200 400MHz (1 GB of each)
Video Card: eVGA GeForce 7800 GS CO 256MB
Diablo ATX Switching Power Supply 450W 115V/230V 10A/5A

Anything else you need let me know and I will provide in more detail

Thanks in advance

A:Issue that may involve Video Card

"So, is my card done for?"

That would be my guess

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