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9360: 4K monitor flickers w/ graphics load and internal display active

Q: 9360: 4K monitor flickers w/ graphics load and internal display active

I have a 9360 with the 3200x1800 touch screen and 16 GB of RAM.
When I connect an external 4K monitor and also use the internal laptop monitor, the external monitor flickers on and off every few seconds whenever the laptop is doing something graphically intensive (just zooming in and out of google maps is sufficient to trigger it, but lots of other things can too).
So far, I have tried two different 4K monitors, two different 9360 laptops, two different docks, connected directly to the laptop w/o the dock, a bunch of cables, and different intel graphics driver versions. Currently running the Dell driver ( but they all have the same problem.
I can avoid the flickering if I disable the internal laptop screen when using the external screen - but that's not exactly optimal - I'd love to be able to run both simultaneously. I can also avoid it if I use a lower resolution monitor, but, according to the specifications, this laptop should be able to run 2 4K external monitors at 60 Hz simultaneously, and here it is choking on one + the internal display which isn't even 4K!
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Preferred Solution: 9360: 4K monitor flickers w/ graphics load and internal display active

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have 3 4K Monitors connected to a TB-16 docking station.  One monitor blinks erratically and has been an issue since my first purchase in May of this year.  I am on my 3rd replacement laptop and since it arrived 6 weeks ago, it has the same issue and DELL PREMIUM support says they are working on it but I have not heard back from them for now 6 weeks.  
I've seen many posts on this similar issue.  Is this just a defect that cannot be resolved.  If so, issue a refund and this will be returned.
And Yes, I've updated every driver in the order that was recommended by the DELL technician and they also did the same.  It has gotten more erratic and ridiculous that I have to pay this much money for a laptop that is unstable.  Help me escalate this to Mr. Dell and get this working or refund me. 

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Hi,  My HP EliteBook 840 display flickers. I used also monitor but the issue remains.I tried to update the drivers but it didn't work.Could you please suggest what shall I do to fix the issue?  Thank you! BR,Ivo  

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With fn + f5 , i have limited option and nothing with internal plus 2 external ...

Perhaps there is ? new driver to do so ...

Which driver ???

Thanks ? lot !!!

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For 6 weeks I have had no problems driving my 30" dell from the W520 displayport at its native 2560x1600 as the single "projector" display. Today, I aroused the laptop from sleep as usual, and was greeted with a blank Monitor and the laptops internal display on, with a fixed unchangeable resolution of 640x480. after about 5 reboots (includring removing power and battery), I found a way to get the W520 panel back to 1080p,but it wont display anything on the external monitor.  The monitor works fine connected to the displayport of my dell laptop, so I dont think its anything to do with the monitor. Interestingly, If I have the monitor plugged in, and do "Detect Displays" in he windows Display->Screen Resolutoin dialogue, I get this: 1. ThinkPad Display 1920x10802. Display Device on: Mobile PC DisplayAvailable Display output on: Nvidia Quadro 2000MAvailable Display output on: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family what on earth is a "Mobile PC Display?" If I disconnect the DisplayPort and detect displays, the "Mobile PC Display" goes away.  During the many attempts to fix this issue, twice I saw the message "Nvidia user experience driver component has stopped working", but I cant find specific steps to reproduce this. I have done no sw updates, nor installed any SW or changed any configuration in the last 2 weeks. I have tried all the combinations of connecting an external Projector:Show desktop on 1Show desktop on 2ExtendDupli... Read more

A:W520 internal 1080p display stuck at 640x480, and freaks when connected to my displayport monitor.

Did you hit Fn (Function) + Spacebar ?   That seems to put the screen in some wierd zoomed in yet low res mode)

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The active window toggles or flickers for the lack of better term; about every ten seconds the active window flickers and while this is happening all control via the keyboard and mouse stops. The mouse forgets what it was doing, and if I was typing it stops and sometimes the text becomes highlighted when I start typing all of the highlighted text is gone.

I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Here is the system information:

Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit, Service Pack 1
DirectX runtime version 11.0
Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Nvidia Quadro K4200

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This is a reasonably late model Vista-vintage HP Pavilion desktop system with no model number I can see front, back oir sides.

The active window flickers at regular (appx) one-second intervals. Each flicker removes what was typed into any address bar in IE, Firefox or Windows Explorer, making naming a new folder or renaming an old folder impossible. Each flicker will also cause MS Word to skip characters at each flicker. I've updated video drivers, replaced the video card, scanned with Malwarebytes, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials and found nothing.

Suggestions please?

A:Active window flickers at appx one-second intervals

I have more information on this problem and a work-around but still no solution.

The 'more information' part (things I tried that didn't work):
I disabled all items in the MSCONFIG start-up group. I changed the monitor's refresh rate to the only other available rate -- from 60 to 59. I disabled TMM in scheduled tasks. I tried another monitor. I tried safe mode.

The work-around:
I created a new user who has admin privileges. I moved everything from Documents, desktop items and favorites to the new account. The flickering did not follow to the new account; but, this also introduced network and VPN log-in problems so I fixed the flicker but broke the network so this is not a satisfactory solution.

The work-around tells me this is an OS/user-related Windows problem which at least narrows the scope; but, I'm still lost.

Maybe this will give someone with more smarts than I a clue about where I should look for a real solution.

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I installed a NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX\MX 400 card yesterday. After installation I could not see my task bar/start menu. Could not access display properties. Any ideas on how to get these functions back? I've uninstalled/reinstalled hardware and drivers. much appreciated.

A:Windows could not load the installer for display monitor

Welcome to TSF.

So even after removing the drivers and restarting, the taskbar is still not back? Or could you restart at all since the taskbar is gone? Try removing it in Safe Mode and see if the taskbar comes back on.

If it's still missing, go to Start->Run and type in sfc /scannow and hit OK. See if it finds any missing files.

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Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me with a problem I'm having with my computer. A couple weeks ago the computer screen went blank and I've not been able to figure out why or what the exact problem is.
When I start the computer I don't get a boot up or splash screen at all. I think their there, but I just cant see them. The weird thing is that the computer seems to be loading. I get the normal beep at startup and after about a minute I can hear the windows startup music play. I can also play dvds. I can hear them playing. I just cant see them playing. The monitor seems to be getting a signal. The power light comes on and stays on (until I force shutdown). The screen isn't pitch black as if it wasn't getting a signal. Its actually a brighter black if that makes any sense kinda like its trying to show something, but it cant. You can even see the screen kinda flashes a little like its changing screens during the normal loading process. I'm not able to go into Bios or safe mode because I have no display at all.
Things I've tried,
I tried a different working monitor with same results.
Tried taking the memory out, cleaning it and slots. Putting it back with no luck.
Tried resetting Bios by way of removing the cmos battery and also clearing through the jumper. No change.
Checked all my power chords and connectors. Everything seems to be hooked up and good. All fans running.
Hard drive is good. Took it out and tested on another computer. Wor... Read more

A:Monitor getting signal but no display? Computer seems to load but cant see anything?

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My Monitor Doesn't Display Anything After Graphics Card Upgrade
Please help me to resolve the problem............
Motherboard: Asus H61 M-K
Processor: Intel Core i 3 - 3250 CPU 3.50 GHz 3585 MHz
Memory ( RAM): 8 GB DDR3 DIMM
PSU: Powerlogic Magnum Pro 475X
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Current Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
I want to upgrade it to GeForce 9600 GT ................I bought a new 1 GB 9600 GT and installed it.................
But my PC monitor doesn't display anything and it goes black and going to sleep.
I don't connected its PCI 6 pin connectors as my PSU haven't one.
But I correctly connected to my PCI - E x 16 3.00 slot.
The graphics card fan is spinning it is getting a normal hot assuming it is working..............
But my monitor is still black.......................
I know my new graphics card working well because I checked and bought it.
I know my monitor is working well because it displays with my old graphics card.
When my computer booting after installing new graphics card, the beep sound hears once and BIOS is not showing................
I thought it is a RAM problem and inserted and reinserted those but monitor is still black..............
I used one DIMM and monitor black.................
I disabled my intergrated graphics before installing the new one...............
So what went wrong?
My PSU haven't 6 pin PCI connector.So is it the problem?
I will buy a new PSU soon................So what should be the p... Read more

A:My Monitor Doesn't Display Anything After Graphics C.Upgrade

Check if the power cords are attached correctly.
Probably your monitor does not support the GeForce 9600 GT or it needs some drivers to work properly. Check through the manufacturer's website.

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hi when i install my new graphics card which is an ati x1950 pro i get no signal on the monitor I have a 650 watt psu, so theres more than enough power. i have a new mobo which is an asus one. the fan on the card spins so power is getting to it..... i just don't know what else to try ... any help would be greatly appreciated..... thank you!!!!![/B]

Also i did have it working once it booted up with the graphics card in and it then read the full 2gb of my ram so i began installing drivers... but when i restarted it didnt come back on.. i have uninstalled the onboard vga driver but still no luck....

Pleas Helpppp!!!

A:No display on monitor when instaling graphics card.

This sounds as if it is either a failed card or incompatible drivers. Remove the card and boot using the on-board. Uninstall all the drivers and the reboot.
Visit the ATi website and find the latest driver set for the card and download it.
Power off and then refit the ATi card. If it boots and you have the default 600x800 image then install the drivers. If it fails, then I reckon it is dead and you should take it back.

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Well here goes the best explanation to my problem:

Home-built computer
Motherboard ripped from Compaq Presario
Intel Celeron 2.80 GHZ
1 gig RAM
Radeon 9200 Pro
(I can get more specs if needed once I download Belarc Advisor)

I recently purchased a new Dell 20" monitor, upgrading from my POS. Everything worked great for about 3 weeks, then one day the screen started to go scrambled, seemingly-randomly. When a restart did not fix the issue, I hooked my old monitor back up. With the old monitor it didn't scramble, but instead kept flickering to black as if it was attempting to adjust the resolution or something. It would show the screen for random spurts and flicker to black in between. Sometimes it would happen as soon as I started the computer, and other times it would take 5-10 minutes or so. The flickering happens in both bootup screens and in Windows screens. I then removed the video card and tried both monitors directly through the integrated graphics on the motherboard, to no avail. Getting desperate, I deleted the drivers for the graphics card and went through the motherboard again.

On to System Recovery... Attempted system recovery using the option that came with the Compaq (where some components for this computer came from). First tried non-destructive, which doesn't delete user files and information and such. Everything seemed to be going good until I hooked up the Dell monitor, and again there were issues. However, the new monitor works fine on my o... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor/Graphics/Display Issue!

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I have a Gateway FX Gaming computer (Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883113075 ) and I try to plug in the video card given in the graphics description in link; "NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Over-Clocked w/ 512MB on board memory and DirectX 10" Which as far as I know the video card was made to fit the computer. When ever I try to plug the graphics card into my computer, I dont get any display on my monitor at all. Also, The power button-light flashes. Both fans (computer and video card) turn on and work, But after a minuite or so the computer turns off. My onboard normal graphics work normally but obviouly arent very good for gaming. If there is any way possible to fix this problem please reply I am very eager to resolve this issue.

Additional Details:
My computer hasnt worked with my graphics card before, therefor I decided to Restore my computer to factory settings and still didnt work and thats where I ended up now.

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Hello Everyone,
I have Dell N5110 which had recently Display DIM issue.  I have contacted the local repair store, they've diagnosed and said it had issue display IO controller and needs to be changed.
They've replaced it and display was working fine for few weeks. After few weeks, I had my battery changed as it's health was in bizarre state after running diagnostic test and it prompted for replacing the battery. 
I have new battery installed and the display started flickering. The battery is original one as I have purchased it from dell store. I want some one to help me out in fixing this issue. 
I have installed Windows 10 recently, could that be a problem. If nothing can be fixed by troubleshooting, please help me out with nearest authorized service center so-that I can have the laptop checked once.
Thanks & Regards,

A:Dell N5110 Display Flickers and DIM display

Attach an external monitor.  Does it display a good image, or also flicker.
You might also want to ask the shop that did the repair what a "digitial I/O controller" is -- it sounds like they simply dismissed you with a techno-babble term.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum/site, and would like to pose a question. Recently I received a Samsung 943BWX 19" LCD monitor. It has 2 screen image modes (Auto and Wide). The Auto setting's display does not "fill" the screen (black borders on L & R sides). The Wide setting is like kind of "stretched" looking. My main concern is the graphics, mainly text. Lettering is not completely "black". My current display settings are 1028 x 728 @ High (24 Bit). Maybe I need some guidance in dialing in the proper display settings or would a switch from analog signal to DVI make my situation better I should mention all my machine has is the integrated video (VGA) connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Win XP SP2
Gateway 300SE (2002),1.2GHz, 512MB RAM
Intel 82815 Graphics Controller
Intel Celeron Processor

A:New Monitor display issues..Settings or graphics card?

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Greetings! I'm experiencing a problem on what appears to be HP Prodesk 600 G2 computers exclusively.  Intermittently, when the computer wakes from sleep or standby, the computer loses its monitor drivers. When the computer wakes the monitor is now in 640x480 resolution and if you look in the Screen Resolution window it shows the current driver is the "Generic Non-PnP Monitor".  These computers are hooked up with dual HP displays of like model and when it happens the fix seems to be to simply restart the computer. While this is easy enough it is extremely disruptive to the work of our users and so I've been tasked with finding a real fix to this problem. To that end I have updated the computer with the latest BIOS from HP as well as the latest Intel graphics drivers from HP's website (Intel Graphics 530 chipset) but to no avail. We have also tried using different monitors and it continues to occur intermittently. Also, we have many HP Prodesk G1's in the building and none of these have this problem. This leads me to suspect that this is a problem exclusive to the Prodesk G2's and not with Windows or the monitors we are using. It should also be noted that both monitors are connected using the on-board display ports. My hunch is that it is the Intel Graphics 530 (onboard) graphics chipset that that's the problem but I don't think we should have to buy a seperate graphics card to get two displays to work on these computers especially when it's so clear th... Read more

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Before I bought my His Ati Radeon 4670, my other graphics card (Geforce 8600 gt) had fried itself and had caused images to not appear correctly on my monitor. The screen had millions of vertical and horizontal lines on it and the screen also displayed broken images. After I replaced my old graphics card with my His Ati Radeon 4670, my computer ran smoothly. I had uninstalled all of my former graphics drivers and installed the corresponding drivers for my His Ati Radeon 4670. However, occassionally, the images on my monitor start to break up and horizontal lines appear. If I restart my computer the lines go away and everything runs smoothly.

Attached is a screenshot of the problem.

possible causes and background info:
-I have an Nforce 780i Sli motherboard (Though I read that nvidia motherboards DO support Ati graphics cards)
-I had updated my drivers (Though I do not remember if the problem occurred before I updated my drivers or not)
-RAM for some reason?
-Something else entirely?

A:Graphics Card Display Problem/ Lines on Monitor

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I just put in a Laser S315E-32p (by Kaser) graphics accelerator in my computer which runs win 98, and which has been to this point entirely satisfactory. It replaces a Jaton 9685PCI video card. The graphics accelerator seems to be doing its job except now everything on the monitor is double-sized, or is increased by some other multiplier. How do I get it back to normal size?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Giant Size Display on Monitor Due to Graphics Accelerator

Right click on your desktop and choose properties, then settings. You should see a slider that lets you increase your resolution. Move it up a notch. click OK or apply and exit. (This is the set up on WinXP so what you see might look a little different) If this doesn't work there is always the possibility that your card is not installed right and you are just using "generic" windows vga.

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Hello - Just bought my system brand new from HP in November 2016. Running also brand new dual 4K displays (LG 27UD68-W) via Display Ports in 60Hz, using Intel HD 530 graphics with the latest drivers from HP. After the system recovers from sleep mode (and sometimes after hibernation), one of the 2 screens displays "chopped" graphic areas.  The Intel graphics properties interface (right click on desktop > graphics properties) shows that the both monitors' display frequency has been changed to 59 Hz instead of 60 Hz (which is the recommended frequency of the dual identical monitors).  Once I change the setting from 59 back to 60 Hz, normal (and not "choppy") display is restored. I have tried to research the issue on the internet.  While it iseems to be a somewhat known issue, there doesn't seem to be a working solution available. Even though the problem does not happen all the time, it occurs frequently enough to be annoying, especially since it is compounded by another display issue about which  I have posted another message on the HP Discussion Boards (re: open windows shrink and move to top left corner after sleep in Win 7).Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Dimitri

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Issues again with laptop monitor.  Passes all hardware tests.  Did a complete reinstall of Windows 10 using MS Media creator.  Laptop monitor worked with 2006 MS Generic Graphics driver but when updated, laptop monitor went blank but external monitor started working.  Believe this is a driver problem but each one I try has the same result.  
Had same issue in January.  Was under warranty at the time and ultimate result was to reinstall Windows from Microsoft, motherboard was also replaced although the tech didn't believe it had anything to do with the problem.  Laptop monitor worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when new Windows updates were installed.  I have seen several other posts that are describing the exact same issue.  
Currently, I have latest drivers for the graphics -, Windows 10.0.15063.  At this time, my nice expensive laptop is just a desktop.  Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Hi, about a year ago I had a problem with my pc where I would get the error message "display driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" and the occasional BSOD. I solved this problem by simply flashing my bios. However a similar problem has now arrived ( note I have not changed any hardware since the last error) where:

- There is a constant buzzing from my monitor ( NOT a problem with the monitor as it works fine in safe mode with no buzzing, which is why I suspect a gpu problem)

- I get random "display driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" messages, but no BSODs. OR the display just goes black and I have to hard reset my pc.

I believe all my specs are in my sigs. Please help.


A:Graphics card error - Monitor buzzing and display driver failure

Sounds like a case of GPU failure to me. The buzzing spontaneously appearing out of nowhere is never a good sign.

Sounds like your 5850 is toast - I'd try and run a demanding 3D application such as 3D Mark to put the GPU through its paces - if it encounters even more drastic errors, etc - then the card is bin fodder.

A GPU upgrade will rectify your issue - or if you don't really use any 3D applications that require GPU power (Such as games, CAD, etc.) then just remove your faulty card and use the onboard graphics of your motherboard.

Hope that was some help.

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I have the power settings to turn the display off in 10 minutes but to never turn off the computer when plugged in . Yet, when I have music playing and the display turns off the sound stopsthe. Player continues to run but there is no sound.. Tapping the start button or any key and the screen lights up and the music resumes. Sound driver rolledback to windows native. Nothing changes.

A:Xps 13 9360 My music pause when display goes off

My 9365 does the same thing and it isn't just music.
For some reason when I would use the Windows Media Player, the display would not turn off so the music continued.
I asked some other 9365 users and they stated their systems operated normally so I am at a loss as to why it happens or what to do about it.  I even checked the operation on a clean Windows 10 install, so it might be a Bios situation.

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Hi Guys I had to take my laptop apart to remove the CMOS battery.   Ever since I got it back together again, at certain angles, the display will flicker totally off and on again (perhaps off for a quarter of a second at a time.) Also, it often does not notice that I have shut it (put the screen to the keyboard.) I can't see anything obviously wrong when I take a look inside again. Any clues? Many thanks.

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I have an HP Stream 11-r014wm. The screen flickers after it has been used for a while. I believe the driver for the display is the latest. Anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?

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I have an HP Touch Smart and everything was ok until this morning. When the computer gets to the blue Windows 7 screen it just flickers and never loads. Tried it in safe mode and it does same thing but the flicker is much slower. Help! Thanks!

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i've got my new XPS 13 9360 (i7 16GB ram and 500 SSD) that replace my "old" 9350.
Sleep is not working, updated all driver and bios. The settings for lid close is ok but the laptop remain up, also if i press the power button (that was configured for sleep). The monitor turn black but the light on the power button is lit.
Another question, the new 9360 have a different panel from the 9350, because i can see a different color (is more "hot").

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Hello,I would like to submit my problem installing the Intel HD Graphics 620 card driver.Here is the situation and history:PC DELL XPS13 with Intel I7-7500 7th gen processor, integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 620. Windows 10 Pro OS license.Everything works fine except the graphics card.I tried to install drivers from DELL (several versions including the latest time Windows indicates a problem of activation of the graphics card and puts the device KO (Windows stopped this device because it presents problems. (Code 43)).I uninstall the drivers and use the default Microsoft driver.
DELL thought of a hardware problem and changed the motherboard, same result.
In short I am a little dry now on the options to solve my problem.Your ideas are welcome.Thank you in advance !

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Just got my new XPS 13 Developer edition, the 9360 model (2016 New) with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Intel HD Graphics 620.I did an apt update & upgrade, then installed Steam and tried else heart.break(), Brütal Legend and Hotline Miami. After a few minutes the whole system hangs when playing either of the games.I downloaded intel-graphics-update-tool and when it did its apt update, it can't access dell.archive.canonical.com and aborts. Removed it from apt's sources and it could update the drivers, but the result is the same, the systems hangs after a few minutes with 3D graphics.Anything else I could do to try to make the system usable?I've not been using 3D graphics on Linux for the last seven years, is this how bad it is?

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I have the latest BIOS (1.2.3) and audio driver update (7989) and am having this problem. Not sure why. I can end the Service Application and the CPU consumption stops, but this makes it such that the Waves MaxxAudio software can't detect a headphone being plugged in. 
The huge CPU consumption only occurs when I'm using the internal speakers. No problem with CPU consumption if the headphone jack is used normally.

A:XPS 13 9360 - "Waves MaxxAudio Service Application" consuming 30% of CPU while on Internal Speakers

Mine doesn't seem to do that.  Very little difference between external speakers and internal speakers.
Perhaps check the settings, namely enhancements, to see if there are differences in settings which might be responsible.

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Okay, so my problem is that my screen flickers everytime i type ANY charactor, have ANY mouse movement, or ANYTHING is being loaded. I have already reloaded my video card drivers and that did not help. I see horizontal lines every time i type, then sometimes the whole screen goes black untill i stop typing for a few seconds. I assume this has something to do with refresh rate because i only have a problem when something moves or new is added like a new letter to this paragraph. I would also like to mention that some letters seem to be jumbled for a moment, then when i type again they are fixed. I am not editing my thread because when i submitted this i was givin a message on a black screen that said "2 Digital input cannot display this video mode."

Thanks for your time, and hopefully someone can help!

FYI it is a Dell LCD monitor of 17", approximately 4 to 5 years old.

A:LCD display constantly flickers

Sounds like the backlight is about to go out. There is a fluorescent tube inside the monitor that has only so many thousands of hours of life,like fluorescent lights at the office. My friend used to repair LCD monitors. When you buy refurbished LCD monitors,they are used monitors with a new backlight inside. You could replace the backlight now or buy a new monitor since prices have dropped.

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Hi, first time poster on the forums, great job you guys do here

My problem is probably related to having just moved my computer to a new apartment, but I'm trying to isolate the exact cause.

The Problem: My monitor flickers at various Screen Refresh rates except the lowest one available (which hurts my eyes to begin with).

Things I have tried: I instantly thought my old CRT was on the way out when it happened, so I switched monitors to no avail.
- re-installed display drivers.

What I just recently noticed (since I rarely restart my PC), is that the screen flickers even on the Memory/BIOS screen before I even enter windows. Which leads me to believe it is not a problem with my OS or drivers.

So, I'm wondering if there is a fix or if my mobo/graphics card might be broken.


A:Display Flickers after moving

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I have a problem with a display that occaisionally flickers on and off to a light blue tone. This happens at no consistent time, sometimes as soon as I turn on the computer and sometimes after an hour or more. I have a viewsonic G773 monitor and a Diamond Viper II video card with 32 meg of memory. Both drivers are the most current available, and I have swapped out both the monitor and the video card alternately, and still have the problem. It seems this is a system problem not related to either the monitor or video card. What do I try now??

A:display flickers and changes color

I think your videocard's refresh rate isn't quite right. For a non-flickering display, it should be set at 75 or above. TRy that and see if it works

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Printer is new out of the box, the installation went smoothly: prints well, wireless connected no problem. Here's what I need a fix for:  LCD screen comes on strong, but within 4 seconds fades out and begins to flicker.  Almost unreadable.Have tried reset and restart several times with no luck.  

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I have uploaded a video of my laptop to better show the problem:

I am thinking something is wrong with a connection or some cable just don't know which. Never fixed a laptop. I broke the panel before I figured out the screws were hidden behind tiny black covers. Also broke the metallic part of the screen on the right side but I guess I will crazy glue it somehow. My most important issue is the flickering.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know I would really appreciate it.

At certain position the screen doesn't flicker, mostly if it's set back at a greater than 90 degree angle.

A:Laptop display flickers

It's sensible to check the connectors to the screen but unless you find a video of how to get inside your particular laptop and study it you are highly likely to break other pieces too. I worked out how to take mine apart thanks to Google but although I was careful I still broke a connector. Putting that right took me ages.

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I can start up the computer, it gets to the windows screen then the screen flickers on and off then the whole thing dies and I get nothing.

What could this be? I can't press anything or go to any diagonstics because I can't get past the windows screen.

I haven't installed anything recently.

A:Display flickers then dies

Can you provide us with some more information? What kind of of system are you running? Windows screen displays after bios, can you access bios setup? It could be so many vastly different things at this point, that's probably why you haven't gotten a lot of answers yet.

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Hello, I connect my XPS 9360 to two external Samsung monitors (one at home and one at office) with a Cable Matters USB-C HDMI adapter.The brightness is excessive and contrast is low, so I must heavily change the controls on both monitors to get acceptable results.Before I was using an ASUS UX32VD with internal HDMI port and the monitors were ok in their default configuration, and brightness and contrast were better than the one I get with the XPS.Is there anything I can do on the Dell to change the brightness output on the external monitor?Thanks,Mattia

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since I installed Sevice Pack 2 for Windows XP Pro, my monitor keeps flickering. I downloaded the updated drivers for my video card, but it did not help. What seems to be the problem?

A:monitor flickers

Your refresh rate may have changed.

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I have a one year old ViewSonic VA1912wb lcd monitor. It's been working great but the last couple of days I've been getting some flickering now and then - especially while playing Scrabble. I looked into upping the refresh rate, but it's locked in at 60 Hertz and can't be changed - no options available. Screen resolution is 1440 x 900. Any ideas on what's going on?

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I have 17 inch Samsung 753s monitor. My monitor flickers sometime for a few minutes and stable after 3 or 4 min. I set a refresh rate of 60HZ maximum this is only shown there bcos i m running on maximum resolution supported 1280 x 1024. Please help me what's the problem. I have updated drivers for monitor and MSI geforce4 mx 440 agp card and properly installed.

A:Monitor Flickers

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I have a new box running win xp.
The flat screen I bought at PC club is a Realsync 17 inch
It has just started to flicker slightly, and at first I thought we were having a small earth quake.
It has a set of buttons on the face that are for adjustments, but I can't seem to get rid of the slight flickering.
It it set at 60hz.

Any help is appreciated


A:Monitor flickers

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Hey, my monitor has recently started to flicker with white lines flashing across the screen and sometimes the whole screen just goes white for a minute or two, anyone know what may be causing this and how to fix it?

A:Monitor Flickers

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My computer's monitor is flickering or something. The monitor turns off for a split second while watching a movie on DivX, but I haven't had any problems with anything else yet. It gets some what irritating. Does this have to do with my video card or my power supply? I have a GeForce 3 Ti200 and a pretty big power supply. I can't tell you what it is right now. Any suggestions would be good because this is irritating the crap out of me. Plus this has never happened before..... Oh, yes I already tryed to redo my refresh rate and it still does it.

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I am using AMD Athlon processor 1.3 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP SP 2 desktop computer. The problem is if I scroll my web pages or watch full screen videos, there is a visible line moving at the centre of monitor and it reduces quality of video and slows web page scrolling. And lot of white small lines flickers when my pc boots, My mother board equipped with nvidia nforce videocard, when I reinstall my nvidia drivers the problem become worse, monitor turns itself off and on and sometimes not responding. So uninstalled nvidia drivers. I checked physical connections, everything seems fine, When I checked device manager, its not showing my monitor and video adapters. I need some help to resolve this, Thanks to everyone whoever gonna reply.

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This recently just happened today, but my monitor started flickering and it's gotten worse as the day went on. The monitor flickers between brightness. I've tried turning up the Refresh Rate and updating GPU driver, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

GPU: ATI Radeon X800

Moniter: Samsung SyncMaster 915n

Resolution: 1280x1024

Refresh Rate: 75 Hertz

I know it's the monitor itself because when I used another monitor, it worked fine.

A:Monitor Flickers

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I've got this monitor -- LG 29UM65 Black 29" 5ms Dual HDMI UltraWide screen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS Panel 300 cd/m2 5000000:1 Built-in Speakers - Newegg.com

All of a sudden, my screen flickers and goes nuts.

I have to shut down the comp and reboot.

I heard a crackle the last time it happened coming from the monitor.

It's only a month old.

Bad monitor or something else?

Could the PSU be failing?



A:Monitor flickers

If you mean the Power Supply built into the monitor, that could possibly be it. The computer's PSU has nothing to do with the monitor itself. I've had monitors do what you describe and it was the monitor power brick (or internal power) which was usually the culprit. Being brand new, I'd look into an exchange. Before doing that I would hook it up to another computer. If it does the same thing you will be sure it's something to do with the monitor.

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Hey everybody. Recently, about a month ago my monitor backlight began to flicker and would sometimes just stay dark for a long time. If you shine a light to the screen during one of these "episodes" you can faintly see a display. So I figured at the time that it was a monitor issue and since it was pretty old anyway I bought a new one off Amazon, but now this one is having the same exact problem! The backlight will either flicker continually, go black completely or go black for 2 seconds and come back. Sometimes it won't do this and work properly until I shut the computer off, but the problem will resume when I start it back up.

I've had the same problem with two different monitors and used two different cables. I checked the inside of the computer for loose cables and such. I seriously have no idea what's going on. Right now it's working fine, but this morning was flickering like crazy. Is this a graphics card problem? I do remember when this all started that I accidentally bumped against the tower with my knee, possibly making something loose inside.

It just seems weird to me that a graphics card would have anything to do with a monitor back light.

A:Monitor flickers due to GPU?

Have u tried plugging the screen into another computer?

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