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How can I tell if my SATA drive is running at SATA 2 speed?

Q: How can I tell if my SATA drive is running at SATA 2 speed?

New build...installed XP Pro and used F6 to install proper drivers from Mobo CD...How can I tell if it's running at SATA 2 speed...3 Gig xfer rate...all device manager says is

Preferred Solution: How can I tell if my SATA drive is running at SATA 2 speed?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I managed to get hold of part 01HY319 for my trusty T460 and all works fine. It looks like this and converts from an NVME M.2 drive (M-key) to SATA Express connection on the motherboard.  SATA Express is only x2 PCI lines (rather than the 4 you get with "full" NVME support) so I was interested in performance. Performance before with a 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD SATA drive was like this  Performance afterwards with the 01HY319 part and a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo NVME drive was like this  Hope this helps anyone considering the upgrade.

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I am having a problem (again) with a SATA drive: It is on a friends machine and has been running as a data drive for a few months with no problems.

Recently I tryed to install it as the master drive and loaded the operating system onto it, it initially appeared very slow and after a few hours it began to react strangely in that it would sometimes fail to boot, and also icons in my computer were slow to appear etc.

Now, admitadly, I did hook the old hard drive (OS still in tact) back up as secondary, and I disabled it in the bios - so when the computer boots it should not read from its boot sector, but in XP the drive is still recognised despite it being disabled in the bios (this used to work fine on a setup I used to have running xp and 2000). So maybe that is causing problems, I dont know.

To test the drive further I have installed it on my computer and loaded a clean instal of XP (using windows XPs dual boot facility). So far it hasnt given me any major problems, however it is still very slow to boot at about 1minute 25 seconds (from power on to the user logon screen)- and this is with only the minimum drivers loaded, and a firewall. Now that seems pretty slow to me, considering my SATA drive does it in about 58 seconds.

The only other problem I can see is that on the SATA drive, I have to have the "limit to 150MB/s" jumper connected - otherwise I cant get it to run at all, although I have read the motherboard manual, and Hi-speed sata is supp... Read more

A:Speed problems with SATA drive

I am having a similar problem with my WD Raptor. It runs at 10,000 rpm and it seems to be running slow. On the same system i previously had a WD 250GB and to be honest i cant notice much of a differencre at all between the two drives!!!

I limited the WD 250G to 150mbps to see whether there might have been a conflict between the Raptor at 150mbps and the 250GB at 300mbps. But still not much of a difference!!!

Recently i went into the BIOS and enabled 32bit Data Transfer and yeah I do see an improvement, but slight it is!!!

Maybe try enabling 32bit Data transfer for the SATA drive in the BIOS and see what happens???

How about running some Benchmarking software for the Hard Drive or Diagnostic software?

But yeah people i have a similar problem with my Raptor and another SATA Drive running slow.

SATA 150 or SATA 300 there isnt much difference at all. I did a similar question in another post and thats the advice i got. So i wouldnt sweat jumpering it to 150mbps. Also check out the motherboard manual and site and see whether your motherboard supports SATA 300 drives. Why not update the BIOS???

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I have the sata drive installed but when trying to check for Sata 2 Speed I cannot find a way to verify I am getting the full 3 Gbit/s? I have used differant programs but none seem to give me a direct answer. Is there a way to verify the speed without disturbing the current data?

Thank You

A:Checking Sata Drive Speed

Hello Rockit,

You could use the program HD Tune as in the first post at the link below to see what you HDD's performance is. I would doubt that your HDD is actually using the full 3Gbit/s bandwidth of the SATA 2 port. That's just the maximum speed (bandwidth) that SATA 2 provides. You'll have to check the HDD's specs to see what it's read/write speeds actually are.

Show us your hard drive performance

Hope this helps,

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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I have to replace my original hdd on my 9 year old Dell XPS 8100. The desktop  has an i7 chip so I'd hate to replace it with a new i7 PC because they are expensive.The bad drive is an esata drive. I notice that current crop of hdd's seem to be sata III drives. Will the old Dell PC mother board  on the desktop support the new sata III drivesIf I replace the bad hard drive would I be able to restore the W7 OS and all my data by using a macriumbackup file on the desktops external  backup drive?
Thanks for your help!

A:Can old oem sata hard drive be replaced with a new current generation sata III hdd on an 8 year old xps 8100 with an i7 chip??

Any 3.5" SATA drive will work.
As long as the system is in working order, and you purchase a SATA data cable for the additional drive, you should have no trouble cloning the existing drive to a new one.

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:






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Hi, i'm new to this site but very familiar with technology, i built this machine myself.
im currently running off my old HD but i want to reinstall windows onto my new SATA hardrive (160GB) this one is an IDE. The BIOS and Nvidia Raid config recognize the drive but the windows installation does not. I was reading this thread on this site that i foudn from google


because he has the same MB as myself but different hard drives. I am currently in the process of trying what he did but i do not have a floppy drive. I only have a 1 CD drive and a 16GB floppy drive. i'm going to try these routes first for the configuartion software but if not im going to see if i can find one laying around.

IF i cant find one and the CD/flash drive don't work is there another way to try the methods described in the previous web link?

*Hard Drives are Western Digital Caviar

A:Installation Problems of Windows XP onto SATA HD. SATA Drive not recognized.

Most newerBIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )

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Considering replacing the hard drive in my E0M30UAR (ENVY 15) with a solid state drive.  However, I'd like to match the drive to the notebook's potential.  What speed is the SATA interface in a E0M30UAR (ENVY 15)?

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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:






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I'm wanting to upgrade to a better mainboard. I don't know much about SATA, but I've been using a SATA I hard drive very successfully through a pci controller card.

My question: If I get a new motherboard with SATA II headers, will it readily accept my SATA I hard drive? I can see how the reverse might not work, that is, not being able to connect a SATA II hard drive in a SATA I header, but maybe I'm wrong on that...?

A:Will SATA II mobo headers accept SATA I drive?

Yes, sata 3gb/s ports(commonly called sata II), are designed to be backward compatible. I'm using a sata I hd on my sata 3gb/s port on my chaintech vnf4/ultra, so yeah, it works.

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The time has come for me to wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows 7 following a recent disastrous download that's effectively knocked out my Internet Explorer 11 and rendered Internet browsing difficult. My system has since become unstable and progressively slow and unfortunately, for some reason, I am unable to Restore to any previous installation. As I have loads of files I want to access, I've decided get a new Hard Disk and run the original H/drive (if possible) from a SATA drive Docking Station. So essentially, I would like to know if my Dell DXC061 will run and support a new Seagate 1Tb SATA3 7200rpm Barracuda. My BIOS is Ver. 2.4.0 dated 05/24/07. I have opened the CPU to see that the current drive connectors appear similar to those on the SATA Docking Station and think my old drive will fit it. However, it's now occurred to me that its possible the newSATA 3 drive may not be compatible with my BIOS or Motherboard. Any help or comments please? Incidentally I have most of my most useful files backed up on an external drive, so all, hopefully is not lost.

A:Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive

You need a SATA3 port to connect a SATA3 HDD to be fully compatible.

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I have a Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200rpm 160GB hard drive with 6.5ms seek time and an 8MB buffer that reads at 3.8MBps. This is driving me insane, it should read it so much faster than it is. Is there anything I can do to increase the read speed to what it is suposed to be at? Thank you to anyone who can help me wiht this.

A:Solved: SATA hard drive read speed at 3.8MBps

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Hi, I got W541 with DVD-RW but i am not gonna use it, at all. Want to add extra hard drive into caddy insted of optical drive.Called Lenovo but they couldn't answer me what is the SATA port version in Optical Drive connector. Anyone here able to confirm? If is SATA 3.0 then will go for SSD (512GB-1000GB) drive in caddy, if slower then thinking about regular HDD (1-2TB). Thanks for help in advance

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I just installed a Western Digital VelociRaptor 1 TB hard drive and did not gain any speed according to the Windows Experience Index of 5.9. I then purchased a HighPoint Rocket 620 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA III (6.0Gb/s) Controller Card thinking that since my motherboard is not SATA III, that was the problem. Exact same results. I have an Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard which is not AHCI compliant. Could that be the problem? From what I have read, AHCI will make the drive hot-swappable but not increase the performance that much. I thought the 10,000 RPM drive alone would make a big difference. Are there better (free) tests that I can run besides the Windows Experience. It bothers me that I have invested all of this money and did not increase the index at all.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Installed SATA III card & 10,000 RPM drive and no speed increase

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I have a couple of different SATA III hard drives, 3.5 inch form factor. i have them in an Icy Box USB 3 case. i believe they run very slowly, far slower than if connected to the normal SATA cables to the MB. I don't know if I am expecting too much, are there any tests I can do to see if there is a real issue please? OS is Win 7 64 bit pro, and the USB drivers are up to date.

caveat: I damaged a USB3 header for the front USB3 ports lead, on the MB and snapped a pin. So rather than buy a new MB I added a USB3 PCIe card and ran the front two ports to the card. I would *MUCH* rather use the front ports, and I have to admit I have not tried the Icy Box hard drive on a rear USB3 port yet. But I would like to determine if I have been a tight wad and should have just replaced the MB.... Thanks for reading, and for any replies!

Further, my MB does not have an eSATA port, would adding a card supporting eSATA give a speed benefit above a correctly functioning USB3 port?

A:External SATA III USB hard drive runs slowly, how to test speed?

Data transfers to USB drives do seem to be slower than transfers to internal drives and I also have slowness with the front USB 2.0 ports. I use this product in my computer:
4-port USB 2.0 High Speed Front-Bay Hub - Black | C2G
Power comes from the PC's power supply and the data cable plugs into a port on the rear.
Haven't gotten a similar product for USB 3.0 ports yet but this page shows several:
With Notebooks now including eSATA ports on some models I'm starting to think about that for my one Desktop that could use such a drive.

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I just installed a new SATA drive as my master drive, and I have another SATA drive installed as well. I have two IDE drives I also want to add, but everytime I connect them my computer sees the IDE drive as master and boots to it (XP is installed on it). My boot setup is like this:


I've googled for help and a couple of other places say you can't run anything on your IDE channel if you have SATA as master. Is this true? I need all the hard drive space I can get and wanted my 300Gb sata drive as master. It will suck if I can't use the two additional 200Gb IDE drives I have. Also, right now they're both set to cable select and running on the same IDE ribbon, to an Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo. I know nothing about Raid arrays and don't have mine setup for one. Thanks for any help!

A:Running an IDE drive as slave to a SATA?

Well, that's total BS, it's not problem with a modern MB to run the SATA drive as the boot drive and have one or more IDE drives. If that were not true, I couldn't be typing this!

The trick is to get the drive controllers properly configured in the BIOS. There should be a setting that allows all the drives to be active, then you have to make sure you have the SATA drive as the first boot device.

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Perhaps not a question for sevenforums, but I'd figure you guys would either have the answer, or be able to direct me to the answer. I purchased a Silicon SiI3512 SATA Raid Controller purely to have 2 extra SATA ports which I am using to connect to my case's external drive bays. I have flashed the bios of the controller and updated the driver to put it in "Base" mode so it is not using RAID. I did extensive research on this and it appears that I have this part right. For now, I am trying to connect a WD1600BEVT 2.5" SATA-II hard drive to one of these ports and am having some difficulty. I can see the drive, but when I try to format the drive in Windows, or a command prompt (using the windows recovery DVD) it hangs. I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue with a SATA-II drive on a SATA-I controller, however, most of the forums I have read state that if there is a compatibility issue, the controller won't even recognize the drive. I searched around to see if there was a way to force the HDD to SATA(150), but the jumpers on this drive are for SSC and RPS. Is there a way to fix this or do I need a drive that is capable of forcing SATA-I speeds? Perhaps even a controller capable of at least SATA-II since that is the minimum of all new HDDs?

A:SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller?

SATA II drives are typically not backwards compatible with SATA I ports, especially on add-in cards UNLESS they have what is called "autospeed negotiation". This determines the max speed of the drive and tells it to compensate if it's too high (use SATA 1 vs 2). Unless there is a jumper on your drive, which it doesn't sound like there is, then the add-in card does not have autospeed negotiation. This is taken from Problems encountered installing SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drives on SATA 1.5 Gb/s controllers.

I suggest finding an addin card that supports SATA II like this card: Newegg.com - Rosewill RC-211 Silicon Image 2 port SATA II PCI Express Host Controller Card(RAID 0/1/JBOD)

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I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

A:W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

Originally Posted by Ex_Brit

I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

A few questions come to mind: is the drive plugged into a eSATA port on the computer and its cable rated as SATA II? Or is it in an External USB drive case that is plugged into a USB 2.0 port or maybe a USB 3.0 port?

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I have a Seagate sata drive, with a Gigabyte K8NXP9 motherboard. One thing unsure about is whether or not my drive is running in sata mode or IDE mode.

I had the drive running on the sil sata controllers (ie, plugged into the red sockets) with no problems, but I read somewhere on the internet that the nforce sata controller (yellow sockets) ran at 300Hz as opposed to 150Hz. Figuring it would make sense to run the drive at the full capacity of the board, i switched the sockets over..

Straight off, my bios couldn't see the drive at all. The only way I could get it recognised was by disabling the 'RAID' option in the bios. Now the hard drive lists in the bios, but it has 'IDE' written next to it (although it is listed seperately from the actual IDE drives I have)

Since I don't have a great understanding of the bios, I'm not sure if this means that my drive is running in IDE mode or actually running as a sata drive. If it is running in IDE, then it would more likely be a step back instead of forward by switching the sockets about..

Can anyone shed light on this?

A:running hard drive in sata mode? or IDE?

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports


I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there

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Ok, so here's the layout. I have windows xp pro installed with 2 non-sata hard drives. primary being windows etc and secondary being just storage/games/music.

I now have a 160gb SATA hd. So i mount it, hook up the sata cable to motherboard, hook up sata power cable, and boot it up.

I go to my computer and see nothing. So i go to find new hardware and find nothing either. I installed scsi component and it showed the 2 things i just installed, the scsi component, and, of course, it shows/detects the new sata drive.

So i'm thinking it's now under 'my computer' i look there and it's not there.

Now what i'm doing is only having this for mass storage, i would even replace the second drive (non sata) i had for this.

(my BIOS under integrated periph has OnChip SATA enabled and OnChip SATA mode is "IDE" [the other option is RAID, but i only have 1 sata hdd])

So right now i'm thinking that I can't use sata and non-sata hdd's together.. but i could've sworn you could! I bet i'm just doing this wrong

oh, and one more weird thing, i ran 'everest' and went under storage devices, it shows 'drive 3' as EPSON usb storage 160gb .. and epson is my printer driver!

So i uninstalled the printer driver now it just says drive 3 (159gb)


I want to run my single sata hdd with my other 1 or both hdd's that are non-sata. Is this possible, and if ... Read more

A:SATA & non-SATA drive interlinking! Help!

You have to partition hard drives before they show up in My Computer.

See Disk Management.

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Can I hook up a sata II drive to a sata I port or will this not work?

A:Sata II drive to sata I port?

Yes this will work but you will just get SATA I speeds and not SATA II speed. But thats not big problem

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Hi, hopefully should be straight forward enough...

I have just bought one of these space saving Acer Revos which does not come with an Optical drive.

I have a Blu-ray reader (dvd writer) which is SATA, but the Revo only has USB or eSATA.
So... i was wondering what is needed to get this (SATA) drive to work via eSATA or usb?

Is it as simple as a SATA to eSATA cable or will this not give the necessary power to the drive?

Or do i need an eSATA enclosure, and if so what size for an optical drive 5.2?

Cheers for any help.

A:New PC with no optical drive or SATA connection (can i use a SATA drive in it?)

Ya no problem use it. For more details contact us at www.sacatech.com

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Please help.
I've been getting this message for about a month. However, after rebooting sometimes once, sometimes several times the computer eventually boots up. After reading multiple posts on similar issues, I went and got a new hard drive. I backed up all the files and was going to reinstall evertyhing from scratch onto this new hard drive. I took the old one out and put in the new one. I get the same message when it tries to boot.
At this point I swapped the drives again (the old one is back in).
I am at a loss.
Am I doing something wrong when I'm installing the new drive? Why am I getting the same message with this new drive?
System specs:
Inspiron 531
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.81 GHz

Thank you.

A:no boot device available sata 0: installed sata 1: installed sata 2: none sata 3: non

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Ok I'm new to the forum but have loved having the resource here, so time to ask some questions and contribute myself. So, after extensive reading I decided to upgrade my trusty T530 to the W. Just a little background as to use case: I needed at least 32gb of RAM for the GIS work I do, but more so for the remote sensing aspect where I'll have several satellite images open at once and man do they eat RAM.I swapped out the motherboard, got a nice quad i7-3740, SSD main drive, 2TB ultrabay spinner, and mSATA ssd for other quick access data. Before I swapped the motherboard from the T530, I benched the mSATA card at SATA III speeds. I know that it is only supposed to be SATA II, and I am sure that I didnt mislabel the drives or anything. Below is the test. It is basically on par with the C drive SSD. Does anyone out there have any idea HOW that is posible? Now wiht the W530 motherboard it is reporting correct speeds seq read at around 280 MB/s. What happened??? In the real world there probably isnt THAT much difference but I do a lot of seq reads of large (1-6gb) image files. It's just kind of a slap in the face, "here you go, super fast speeds, oh wait, now you cant have them anymore"  Before T530 mobo upgrade, mSATA drive:Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2657.903 MB/sSequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2728.618 MB/sRandom Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 302.123 MB/s [ 73760.5 IOPS]Test : 50 MiB [X: 67.1% (156.3/232.9 GiB)] (x1) [Interval=5 sec]Date : 2016/04/05 15:52... Read more

A:W530 mSATA speed oddity, was SATA III speed!

Something is wrong with your numbers. SATA3 max speeds is 600MB/s or 6Gb/s. You have that T530 mSATA measurement at 2657.9 MB/s???? That puts it in NVMe territory not SATA3 territory (where that is absolutely not possible.)

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Hello. I want an installed SSD, but the version of SATA is unknown. On the manufacturer's website there is no evidence of SATA bus. What's in this notebook Sata Sata 2 or Sata3?

A:installation SSD What's in this notebook Sata Sata 2 or Sata...

HI. Your computer comes out as SATA ... We can say that the generation of the equipment is SATA 3, being compatible on SATA 1,2,3. http://pcpartpicker.com/products/compare/MVWrxr,3kL7YJ/ Regards.

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Computer: Dell Dimension 5100. 6 years old.
Current hard drive: SATA 250GB (think it's SATA 1). Dell web site says its ATA-133

Looking to: Replace the hard drive due to faults

Question: Can I fit a SATA 3 hard drive in this computer? Would this just work at SATA 1 speeds because of the old mainboard? Most of the hard drives listed for sale are now SATA 3.

Thanks for any replies.

A:Solved: SATA 3 hard drive to replace a SATA 1 hard drive?

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Hi guys, was just wondering what kind of SATA I should buy for my comp.

I have a Abit KV8-MAX3 motherboard. I read in the manual that it supports SATA data transfer rates at 150 MB/s. (1.5G bps)

Does this mean that I cannot use the SATA 300 MB/s drives?
I was looking at some Western Digital drives and also browsing through some of the SATA II drives. Can I use these or do I need to buy a controller card?

I want to buy a quiet, fast drive, preferably cool aswell.


A:SATA speed?

You can use a SATA 300mb/s drive, it'll just run at 150mb/s in your system.

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I'm looking for the speed of the sata connection from a tecra S11.
I want to replace my ssd for bigger one and i am wondering if i could win somthing when i buy a sata-600 drive instead of the sata-300 that i am using right now.
i am using a OCZ vertex II now (120gb)
i would like to go for the OCZ vertex 3 (256gb) but this one has sata-600 connection.

will this work ? and does the sata-600 benefit my system?



A:SATA speed on Tecra S11

>i would like to go for the OCZ vertex 3 (256gb) but this one has sata-600 connection

SATA 600 means the SATA III standard which support the theoretical data transfer speed of 600 MB/s

SATA III is Backward compatible with SATA I and II.
So you could use the SSD 600 MB/s (Serial-ATA Revision 3.0 )in connection with SATA I and SATA II. But of course the speed would be limited to these standards.

As far as I know the Tecra S11 supports SATA Rev 2.5 (gen 2) which means that this is SATA II limited to 300MB/s

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I bought a new Sata II drive and it arrived today, looking through the reviews I found this message:

Something I have never seen anyone say is about the jumper on the hard drive, most hard drives come with a jumper which limits the data tranfer to Sata 1 (1.5Gb/s), so if you do want this to run as Sata 2 (3Gb/s) then make sure you remove the jumper first. But yeah this is a fantastic hard drive, so if you are looking for a new one, get this because it is second to none, top of the rangeClick to expand...
Does anyone have any info on this as I want the best performance out of my new drive.



A:Sata Speed Limiter Pin?

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In the HP ENVY 13-ab016nr, what is the speed of the RAM... is it 1600, or is it 1866?  Is the 256 SSD a SATA, or is it a PCIe?

A:What is the RAM's speed? Is the SSD SATA or PCIe?

Hi,Manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05356832Comes with:1. 256-GB, M.2 2280, PCIe, 34 SS NVMe solid-state drive supporting TLC CN�2. LPDDR3-1866 dual channel� RAM3.Not IPS:13.3-in, full-high-de?nition+ (FHD), WLED, BV (19201080), ultraslim-?at (2.0-mm), UWVA,eDP 1.3+PSR (DBCG) non-TouchScreen display, ?ush glass design, multitouch enabled, typical brightness 300 nits, 72% color gamut, 16:9 ultra wide aspect ratio�RegardsVisruth

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Hi all,

Does a sata 2 hard disk (jumper removed) configured as ide in the bios have 3.0 gbit transfer speed, or do I have to set up a raid to have that speed ?


A:Must have raid for Sata 2 speed ?

RAID is not necessary.

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Hello all, I just bought a 110-15ISK and it is not yet delivered; however, I would like to know if anyone can tell me the designated SATA speed for the 1TB mechanical hard drive because some literature states it is just SATA while other literature states it is SATA II. The reason I am asking is because I have seen many videos where individuals have chosen to install an SSD; however, I see no reason to do that if the speed is only going to be at standard SATA (150MB/s). However, if the 110-15ISK offers SATA II (300MB/s) or SATA III (600MB/s), then it might be wothwhile to go with an SSD. Thanks, newlaptop 

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I can't get required speed from upgraded system. motherboard palau-2gf on chipset Intel H170 all tested harddrives get only  about 120 Mb/sec read     drives (stock:seagate ST1000DM003 and upgradedSD Patriot Blast [PBT240GS25SSDR] )  I've tried last SATA controller drivers from microsoft and from Intel. Please answer is it normal SATA 1 speed for system bult in new chipset?

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Hi I purchased a new WD Caviar Blue WD5000AKX 500GB SATA 3 16MB cache drive to replace my burnt out seagate 320gb drive which was sata 1.

The seagate drive ran at 100mbps on hd tune.

I was looking on HD tune and the speeds are only 133mbps max 113 min (see attachments) This seems slow for a sata 3 (6GBps, (600MBps))

My motherboard (ga-ma78lmt-s2) has sata 2 (3GBps) ports capable of running at 300mbps.

The drives are both set up for AHCI. and i have the latest drivers for the ports.

am i doing something wrong? Im fairly sure SATA 2 can operate at much higher speeds?

IN a nutshell the SATA 2 ports can theoretically run at 300MBps read/write and with a SATA III drive the HDD and ports should reach that speed with ease!



A:New SATA III HDD speed slow!?!?!?!?!?!

It's a mechanical hard drive. I have a Seagate Barracuda that is SATA III and plugged into a SATA III port on my Asus Z77 Sabertooth motherboard and my hard drive seq read/write speeds are only 160 MB/s.......because it is a mechanical hard drive.

Those speeds are just a maximum theoretical "cap" meaning IF you have a drive capable of it, this is the fastest you can go. Mechanical hard drives will never reach the SATA II or III barrier. You need an SSD for that.

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I read an article stating there?s very little difference between SATA cables. So I tried it for myself.

This screenshot shows the slight differences in speed; likely most of you already knew this. In testing, an 11GB file transferred in 10 seconds using either cable. Vid link shows detail of test for those interested. May not want to toss old cables.


A:FYI Only - Discovered only slight diff betw SATA-1 vs. SATA-3 cables

I have noticed the same. MaximumPC magazine did an exhaustive test and came to the same conclusion, a SATA cable is a SATA cable. SATA III cables have a (sometimes annoying) latch on them.http://www.maximumpc.com/article/fea...c_investigates

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this is an ASUS X83V notebook - Setting the SATA operation to 'compatible' mode at installation, Win8 CP installed fine, no hitches. Switched BIOS to Enhanced/full mode and it fails.

I recall this sort of problem from XP installs where tricks were needed to support SATA, but I do not recall this on Seven. Will Win 8 not detect the right controller, fetch the right driver? Do I need to manually force-install, reboot, reselect enhanced mode, and go from there?


A:Are SATA issues like Vista?? Can't operate in full SATA mode

Is this so-called "enhanced" mode switching the storage over to AHCI mode? If so, you have to edit the registry first before being able to do that.

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Yesterday I had a PC technician around to see why my PC was not booting-up properly and also to change my SSD to a larger SSD. As I am visually challenged I cannot do hardware upgrades etc, so I got a Techie guy in.

We used Zinstall HDD by-the-way and I would highly recommend this application for such a job plus, it is extremely fast.

Anyway, while he was diagnosing my boot-up issue he discovered I had a malfunctioning network card; while removing this, he noticed all the SATA settings were set to SATA 2.

When he reset these to SATA 3, the PC would not start-up! When he set them again to SATA 2 there was no problem and it worked fine?

Can anyone illuminate me on this please?

Thanks for any/all imput

A:SATA 3 not working on Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with SATA III support

Many people have had issues with the Marvell controller on that MB.
You may want to live with SATA 3g/s. Easiest path, no real difference except for benchmarks, and no chance of data loss.
But in case you're not satisfied with that, here's something to look at.

AHCI-mode on Marvell 9128 controller in Windows 7 Ultimate x64


[Solved] ASUS P6x58D-E, Win 7 (64) Marvell AT 91xx - Asus - Motherboards-Memory
A fellow name Jaquith seems to know what's up.

Bottom line is you need the right drivers.

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This call for help is apply to any one could provide help about the jmb363 jumpers setting combination to make the 2 internal sata and 2 external e-sata work at the same time , THANK YOU
AND HERE IS THE LINK FOR MY JUMPER : http://sam-2014.weebly.com/

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I'm looking at a Sabrent EC-UEIS7 Hard Drive Enclosure - 3.5" IDE/SATA to USB 2.0, eSATA in order to use one of my now internal Sata drives as an 'external' backup device.

If I turn the external power off on the back of the external Sata enclosure with my extra old Sata connected in it...will that drive then be safe from any virus/malware attacks from within my system (or online) even if the external enclosure Sata cable is still connected to the main PC?

I'm assuming if I have the power switch switched off on this external enclosure with my Sata drive...then nothing can read/write to the Sata drive in this external case ?


A:Safety of internal 3.5 Sata IDE in external Sata case for backups

Yes, that is correct. The HDD must have power and data to function in any capacity.

If there is no power going to any drive then they can not read or write anything even if the data cable is attached.

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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

A:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.

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My PC refuses to boot. Diagnostics say SATA check smart log failedError 173520Failure 34EID RGG331-57S8H8-PXP82K-A80403

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So i found an old sata hardrive that was stored for about 2 years.
While the computer was on, i tried to plugged the Hardrive in the SATA power connector cable, as soon as i plugged it in the power connector there was smoke coming from the connection and my computer immediately shutdown.

Can someone explain what happened? I though you could connect devices while the computer was on without any issues?

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So then after I installed windows xp pro, I plugged in my 40g PATA IDE drive, and it would always select that as my master hard drive, as we know, my "should be master" drive is a 160g SATA drive. Any suggestions on how to have my 40g drive as slave, and my 160g drive as my master? My computer specs are listed in my signature. Thanks.

A:pata and sata drive, sata should be master, but pata is

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