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Windows 7 Restarts from Forced Sleep Mode

Q: Windows 7 Restarts from Forced Sleep Mode

Hello all,

I would just like to start off by saying that this is my first post. So, thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

As the title suggests, I am having issues waking my computer. I have read through numerous threads with this same problem, but none of them seem to be having the same issues as I'm having.

Upon trying to wake my computer from sleep mode (forced sleep mode), it will either freeze and has to be reset or it has already reset itself and is sitting on the start up screen where it says something like, "Continue with previous Windows session," or "Reset and start a new Windows session."

If I choose "Continue with Previous Session" it says, "Loading Windows," but before it gets to the username welcome screen it freezes and has a blinking hyphen in the top left corner of the screen. When this happens I need to reset my computer yet again and choose the "Reset and start a new session" option.

Any ideas what might be happening? I have updated my drivers and checked my ram with Windows Memory Utility.

Oh, and just today I was testing Sleep Mode. I put the monitor to sleep but couldn't wake it back up either. I could hear the computer running but the display would not turn on. So yet again, I had to reset the computer. Not sure if this was a coincidence or if it is related (which I'm thinking it is).

Now just some FYI's:

I can only use forced sleep mode because from day 1 of building this PC, automatic sleep mode has never worked. I have always used Windows 7 Ultimate since building this PC and have read on many people having this same issue.

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1
Memory - 8GB
OS Hard Drive - Corsair 60GB SSD
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Restarts from Forced Sleep Mode

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 Restarts from Forced Sleep Mode

Do you still need assistance with this issue?

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After a recent clean install on a new SSD connected with ESATA rear port(and powered by a usb adapter),
ive been having this problem.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit Professional w/ SP1
Keep in mind this computer has no internet so the only update ive installed was SP1 standalone installer. No updates past SP1....I've looked into the hotfixes and none of them seem like they would fix this specific problem.....

I leave the computer overnight

I hit the mouse or keyboard to wake the pc up.

Everything seems normal, The login screen comes up and it says locked. I type password.

As soon as i click to open a program or anything. Windows freezes and Restarts within 10 seconds. ( restart cycle, 1. Bios Splash screen 2. esata connected drives are shown 3.Resuming Windows 4. Login screen - locked)

I've noticed that instead of "Starting Windows" is says "Resuming Windows" while it restarts.

I've tested to see if a document stays open after restart and it does. So realistically the sleep is working.

It's not a major problem. It's just been annoying me for awhile. My old install did not restart itself after resuming from sleep.

I can say one thing, it's not the bios ( i did some research on the settings)
The bios is set to S3 (suspend -to - ram)
Power Settings are
Allow hybrid sleep (on)
usb selective suspend (enabled)
hibernate (off)
turn off hard disk after (20 mins)
require a password on wakeup (yes)
allow wake timers (enabled)
put the computer to sleep ... Read more

A:Windows 7 64 bit restarts after resuming from sleep mode

Very odd. Do the event logs reveal anything?

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Hello and sorry for the intrusion or any inconvenience.

I am running a "Windows XP home edition version 2002" Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4CPU 2.80GHz, 2.00GB of RAM

The problem persists after a while on the computer. My computer restarts, and/or freezes and sometimes when I try to restart my computer screen acts as if it is in sleep mode and never turns on, only after a while that I have my computer off does it start normally. Only recently have I had this problem where my anti-virus doesn't want to start up. Also when I tried to run a "GMER Rootkit Scan" my computer automatically restarted itself, so I can't do one.

I have a windows XP installation disk, would you recommend me to send my computer to a fix shop?


DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Brian at 11:46:39.64 on Tue 01/19/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.2047.829 [GMT -8:00]

AV: PC Tools AntiVirus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {832E7172-E406-4bb2-8B19-6D29F2C93A98}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k rpcss
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool... Read more

A:Windows XP (restarts,freezes, screen in sleep mode)


Please do the following:

Download ComboFix from one of the following locations:
Link 1
Link 2

VERY IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop

* IMPORTANT - Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. If you have difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, refer to this link here Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.
As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.
Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:

Click on Yes, to continue scanning for malware.
When finished, it ... Read more

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I have WinXP and my computer restarts or enters sleep mode (if sleep mode: computer can not be 'woken' from sleep) with out warning every 15 mins.

Also when it restarts it comes up with 'Windows Has Recovered from a serious error' with some files that are effected...

I have been told it could be the RAM...

Any Help?

A:XP - Windows restarts or enters sleep mode without warning

Hello Adam. It appears to be a Power Management issue in Windows XP. In that case, you might find the following article useful.

Configure Windows XP power management

Hope that helps.

-- Goku

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This is more of an intrigue than an issue but I'm still curious as to why this happens. Issue: When placing a T480s on top of another T480s both machines will be forced into sleep mode.  How to reproduce: Line up a T480s on top of another T480s (or T480) and the device will go into sleep mode. I've Stacked T480 units and this does not happen this seems to only affect the T480s line. (These test were preformed on the latest bios/driver revisions) What I think maybe happening is that the T480s when stacked are triggering the lid closed sensor of the other unit. Since this is not the case for the T480 units we have I think it may be because of the thickness of the s models. Is this something that will eventually be fixed via bios update? or is this just a flaw in the T480s design? Thanks for in advanced for your response!  

A:T480s is forced into sleep mode when in close proximity to T480/T480s

I've seen this happen in the past, it was due to how strong the magnets are that keep the lid shut.

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On windows 8.1 updates up to date as of a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes when it's time for the computer to shut down and sleep on the auto timer it clicks off and resets instead of sleeping.

Only started happening the past week or so.

Any ideas?

A:Computer restarts instead of going into sleep mode

Try Restoring to an older date, prior to this starting to happen.

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Occasionally during Sleep Mode, the laptop restarts for unknown reasons. But I just noticed that it has restarted when I log in.I'm not sure whether this is caused by background updates of Windows 10, because I don't see a screen with updating or anything. AFAIK, the random restarts happened when the laptop ran on battery mode, but maybe that happens by accident.I already configured in Energy Manager that the hard disk never gets turned off, but that apparently doesn't work. What suggestions do you have to solve this random restart issue, without disabling sleep mode after X minutes?

A:Yoga 910 sometimes restarts during sleep mode

Windows will not update while in sleep mode, since your system is effectively turned off, so that is not the issue. Normally when you system is in sleep mode for a while, it eventually goes into hibernation (writes the data from memory to the hard drive) and shuts off.   This is to preserve the battery, and to prevent data loss should the battery die. The data is written to a hidden file on the root of the C:\ drive called hiberfil.sys, which is usually pretty large, about 6GB or so, and sometimes that file gets corrupted, and cannot be read when you try to resume, and thus the laptop reboot since it has no saved state from which to resume.     To fix that problem, you need to disable hibernation, and then re-enable it by following the steps below.. Disable/re-enable hibernationRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Command Prompt (Admin) window, type:  powercfg.exe /h offIt will take a minute or so for the command prompt to return as it deletes the existing hiberfil.sys fileOnce the prompt returns, type: powercfg.exe /h onThe prompt should almost immediately return, and the new hiberfil.sys file has been created.Close the Command Prompt (Admin) window Hope that helps. Cheers,

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I have a Surface Pro 3 running W8.1 with all updates installed. When I wake the computer from sleep mode, all my open programs are closed and the computer has restarted. In looking at system event logs it indicates that a Kernel-Power issue occurred and the system has restarted. I know of two others in my office that have similar problems. Thanks for you help.

A:SP3 Restarts randomly when in sleep mode.

What do you have in common with the other 2 systems? I'd especially look at wifi enabled programs.

Looks to me like a networking problem, most likely with something related to the wifi.
Please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings
I suspect that something is interfering with the wifi, but it hasn't left any traces in the memory dumps.

Be sure that you have ALL available Windows Updates for this system.

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Wed Mar 18 14:00:15.208 2015 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\031815-7375-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9600.17668.amd64fre.winblue_r8.150127-1500
System Uptime:0 days 2:55:00.802
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for pci.sys
Probably caused by :pci.sys
BugCheck 9F, {3, ffffe00101f9b060, fffff80218221960, ffffe001019ae270}
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: ffffe00101f9b060, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: fffff80218221960, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7 and higher, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: ffffe001019ae270, The blocked IRP
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_3_wificlass_IMAGE_pci.sys
CPUID: ... Read more

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hi, since a few days ago i have this weird problem, my latpop Y50-70 restarts everytime it enters sleep mode and I want to wake it up.I have windows 10 installed and I've uptated all the drivers.any solutions?

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My computer has been little weird lately. When I'm doing almost nothing, and computer is basically under 0% stress ( reading FB for example ) it's okay, but soon as I start some program, and the computer goes under stress ( fans start to go faster ) it kind of 'freezes' for sec, then continues.

This hasn't really bothered me so much until today.

I Was playing League of Legends and the game ( match ) was loading. My fans were running very lightly, even thought it was loading ( I have putted the fan speeds to slowest from Asrock autotuner about 3 months ago, not a one problem has occurred until recently this weirdness ). Anyway the moment when the match was about to start, first my fans went crazy, then the screen went black, fans slowed down, and it said " computer going to sleep " or something. Then few seconds later it shutdown and restarted. This same thing happen'd 2-3 times in row, when I was trying to get back to the game. Now I'm here writing this and running a virus check. It seems like it doesn't crash until I open up some heavy program.

Anyways, I got some Minidumps. I'm hoping you could analyze them and check if you can find any reason for this.

My specs are in my profile.

Thanks in advance !

- BenQ

A:Computer goes into sleep mode, then immediately restarts.

I can't read rar. It does sound like a overheating problem. Use a program like this.
Open Hardware Monitor - CNET Download.com

Remove the over clock and see if you still have the same problem.

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When I place the laptop in sleep mode (regardless of method of doing so), it restarts after coming out from sleep mode. Any sugestions for how to correct this would be appreciated.

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Whenever I put the screen down for the night, or after classes, when I open it up again, it informs me of an automatic restart due to a problem it has encountered with files in the Minidump folder and a Local sysdata.xml file. I have attached the file.

A:BSOD after sleep mode. Constant restarts after hibernate.

Please check to ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates. It may take several trips to get them all.

Please uninstall the MotionInJoy program and physically remove the controller from your system (it's blamed in 2 of the memory dumps).
The xusb21.sys driver that dates from 2009 is known to cause BSOD's in some Windows systems. Unfortunately, there is no update available for this driver - so the only "solution" is to get another later-model controller (with the xusb22.sys driver).

Please uninstall the Paragon Software Group Apple Partition Map Driver as it is blamed in 2 of the memory dumps.

If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Tue May 13 02:46:54.447 2014 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\051314-14406-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16628.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130531-1504
System Uptime:0 days 7:23:45.189
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for win32k.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for win32k.sys
Probably caused by :ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiSwapContext+76 )
BugCheck 9F, {4, 12c, fffffa8010d554c0, fffff880009f4810}
Arg1: 0000000000000004, The power transition timed out waiting... Read more

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After upgrading from windows 8 to windows 10, the laptop wont wake up correctly and just restart.

I have an Asus Q551LN

* Upgraded the latest drivers of everything, including the intel hd graphics, the same with the nvidia integrated ones and then downgraded.
* I did a clean install of my OS.
* Checked and settled many options in the power management, recommended from other users/forums/etc.
* Disabled and Enabled again the Intel Management Engine
* Flashed new BIOS firmware.

Nothing worked for me.

If someone can help me clarify the problem, I would be very grateful.

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Hello this is my first post and I'll try to describe the issue best I can

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
Memory: CORSAIR VENGANCE 2X 2gig 1600mhz ddr3 2 X 4gig 1600mhz ddr3 1.50v = 12gig of Ram
Video Card: Powercolor Radeon HD6950
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 R3 Socket 1155 USB 3.0 Bluetooth 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
Power : Antec TruePower New 650W Modular PSU
The Issue started to happen after adding more Ram (extra 8 gig of ram on top of 4) and Replacing Fried GPU (ASUS HD 6850 )
all at the same Time)
so what happens? when I turn on the PC it switches off after 3 seconds (blank screen) I repeat the process 1-3 times (for some reason its random. Rarely it switches on straight away)
like 1 in 10 I'll get message that that over clocking failed on top of that (everything is on stock settings) mostly after sleep mode

after all of that to proceeds to boot and everything works fine. it does not stop me in normally using the machine but its definitely annoying and I would like to fix it since I'm not planing on reinstalling system from scratch anytime soon

A:Solved: constant restarts reqired after sleep mode

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After restarting, or after awakening from sleep mode, the M90n-1 is extremely slow, even in basic operations like using Windows Explorer to list files, or in loading websites in any browser. The problem does not occur if the PC is shut down and then turned back on. This was the issue immediately after receiving the computer, before any additional software was installed. Vantage, System Update and the Lenovo online support scan all show that no drivers are waiting to be installed. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hello All,  I really hope someone can help me with my issue as i have tried calling HP support but i keep getting bounced around which is really disgusting. I have an Elitebook 9480m which i recently purchased. I noticed when i put the laptop to sleep it works fine BUT when i try to wake it up, it automatically reboots which is annoying. I need help on this.  Thanks 

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Hi! I am new to the forum but I hope that you will help me with my BSOD problem.
Last week I got the first BSOD when I was working and testing VB/macros in Excel, and the laptop (Asus U46S SSD) restarted itself afterwards. The same thing happened this week, but now as it was when coming out of sleep mode the bluescreen came.
From the instructions on how to post the BSOD threads, these are the info files:
Attachment 230449
I apologize that the text in the files are in Norwegian, but I did not manage to change the installed OS language.

Thank you for this lifesaving forum.
Best regards,

A:BSOD d1 when coming out of sleep mode, + possibl excel. Lapt restarts.

Welcome aboard, Vega.

► Your webcam is somehow behind the crashes.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck D1, {fffff8800ac0cf2c, 2, 8, fffff8800ac0cf2c}

Probably caused by : usbvideo.sys ( usbvideo+4f2c )

Followup: MachineOwner
You may either use any third party program to run the cam, or How to Reinstall Usbvideo.Sys | eHow.com is some instructions to reinstall it.

► Another thing is your nvidia display driver.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 9F, {3, fffffa8009874a20, fffff8000454b4d8, fffffa8007685cf0}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error... Read more

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I have been having problems with XP not responding. The first symptom, for example is trying to open Internet Explorer and nothing happening. Then I try a restart and it won't restart. There are times I try to force quit a program and it won't force quit. Finally I have to manually shut off the power and restart the computer. The only thing I notice in my system log is this:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: DCOM
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10005
Date: 1/5/2004
Time: 6:54:20 PM
User: VAIO\Bill
Computer: VAIO
DCOM got error "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. " attempting to start the service ImapiService with arguments "-Service" in order to run the server:

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
Is this related? This almost sounds too complicated for me to tackle myself. Other errors I receive are as follows:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7023
Date: 1/5/2004
Time: 6:54:19 PM
User: N/A
Computer: VAIO
The Application Management service terminated with the following error:
The specified module could not be found.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
Do you think that these have anything to do with my problem. Is there a way... Read more

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Hello tech folks.
Could use some help here.
My PC reboots every 2-3 hours or so when I'm gaming (relatively low-end games like Fallout and farming sim) and sometimes even when I'm watching simple YouTube vids. Temperatures were completely normal even when running high-end games like Far Cry 4 maxed out only some 2 months back when this problem apparently didn't exist (neither GPU, CPU or motherboard ever crossed 70C on Speccy). I also ran Windows Mem Diagnostic since I recently removed a Kingston 2 GB RAM stick to fit into another PC but it found no errors. Also updated all my drivers except BIOS, with no results. My PC still 'cold reboots' every few hours. Only thing I haven't checked is the PSU because apparently it's a bit complicated. Scoured the whole internet for answers, but couldn't find any.
My specs:
OS: Windows 8.1 Ultimate
Power: Corsair VS650 - 650W PSU
CPU: Intel i5 - 3570 @ 3.4 Ghz
GPU: 3072MB PowerColor ATI AMD R9 200 series (Radeon R9 280X OC)
M'board: Intel - DZ75ML-45K
Storage: 117GB SanDisk SDSSDP128G (SSD) (Primary boot drive)
931 GB Western Digital WDC SATA HDD and
931 GB Seagate Expansion External SATA HDD
Memory: 2 sticks (4+2GB) 6 GB Single Channel DDR3 @ 666 MHz (9-9-9-24)
Display: Samsung 1920 X 1080 supported HDTV.
P.S. The problem only started a month ago, before which the PC ran just fine. It's a new build and hasn't been OC'ed. Plus I'm a tech noob.

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Strangely, This has been occurring.
When I'm playing light amount of gaming from Ragnarok Online, sometimes my PC instantly turns off without going through the Shut Down process.
Then it starts up back again normally.

I'm baffled by this.
My current CPU and Motherboard temps. are below 50 C so I'm not sure what's the problem here.

Anyone can give me some insight?

A:Unknown Forced Restarts

Have you checked for viruses and spyware?

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lately, I have had more than my share of instances requiring a forced restart, because of one thing or another locking up the system, so that none of the usual methods of restarting are available. I think that I already know the answer, but nevertheless, I will ask...is there any hardware/software that can perform a NORMAL restart on a frozen system?

A:A Method To Avoid Forced Restarts?

If a system is frozen to the point of not being able to interact with system clicks or commands, then nothing can help you other than your index finger on the power button.

If you are having forced restarts because of things you're testing, have you considered doing so in a VM instead?

Otherwise, it might be time for a clean re-install.

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We're currently running into an issue with an older Yoga ThinkPad model 20C0. Specifically when these devices were upgraded to Windows 10, they've encountered issues sporatically when users would shutdown or sleep the device. The system's screen will go black, but the LED power indicator on the palm rest "ThinkPad" sticker and atop the laptop itself. This behavior continues until the battery is fully drained. Here is what I've gathered so far. Early false positives led us to believe the Intel Management software was at issue, but a colleague eventually found that if Chrome and/or Firefox were running at the time sleep was initiated, the problem would be triggered. The behavior is inconsistent regardless of which driver is installed for Intel MEI or Intel HD Graphics. Currently using the following driver versions: Intel MEI:'s latest version is and Intel HD Graphics is Lenovo's current version Windows 10 1703 Enterprise OS Build # 15063.540. Anyone else encounter this issue? I know it is something plaguing Windows 10 users accross multiple hardware vendors and the only things that seem consistent is Windows 10 and Intel Gfx thus far. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated! JH  

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Hello! i've got a problem and was referred here. My brother's 12 and so is not fully aware of the dangers of the internet, let alone how to take preventative measures. as a result, he's visited a malicious website and it has given me some adware/spyware/malware. The problems i notice are popups in firefox (ver. 3.0.4), and also frequent crashes. Oh, i'm running winxp Pro sp1. also, when i initially attempted to scan for the problem with ad-aware, my computer restarted. after giving up on adaware, i decided to try it again, and it worked, but didn't fix the problem. When it came time to restore my settings, i found that i could not go back further than this month (i could not view the calendar for october or september, etc.). restoring the settings to the beginning of this month (i think the bug came on last month) has not fixed the problem.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:28:39 PM, on 11/28/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
D:\Documents and Settings\trung\Desktop\Stuff\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
D:... Read more

A:adware popups, forced restarts and system restore disabled

Hi,I understand that you need help in order to get rid of the malware that is present on your system - But you need to help us first..I notice that you never scanned with an Antivirus previously before starting this thread - because you don't even have an Antivirus installed!This is somewhat suicidal in today's digital world.That's why I want you to install one first!!* Please install Avira Antivirus: http://www.free-av.com/This is a free Antivirus.Perform a full scan with Avira and let it delete everything it is finding.Then reboot.After reboot, open your Avira and select "reports".There doubleclick the report from the Full scan you have done. Click the "Report File" button and copy and paste this report in your next reply together with a new HijackThislog.Then we'll start from there, because it really makes no sense otherwise that we clean this up manually if an Antivirusscan is not present which should be able to deal with most and prevent further reinfection.

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Hello ,
I cant really describe when the problems started. However, when returning from a trip to help move my grandparents into a nursing home my wife called. She said that my computer was acting strange and she couldn't do the bills.

When i came home .. It was worse than i thought.

The computer will boot up everytime.
The mobo screen will pop up and show all its related info with no errors.
Now it will either decide to force restart... or continue on with booting.
when it force restarts it d/c's my monitor. like the screen says no input.. while ,my computer continues to run.
If it boots up all the way normally... i will get to the login screen. i enter password and it will either Blue screen or let me through.
The BSOD are different, i have the last two photographed on my phone that i could post.
if i get on the pc. it will run fine for about 10 minutes avg. then it will force resteart. Always....

Now my wife has told me the only thing that has happened... is that she plugged in her alfa wireless usb adapter thing to get better signal.
and that she installed dishonored for me. However whenever she launches it. it will lockup and end in a force restart.
Those are the most recent things that have been done to my pc.
I dont know where to start or how to get much done. ANY help is welcome, i will try as much as i can.

A:Random Forced Restarts, BSOD's , and instant lockup on Dishonored

If you can get in, do a system restore. If not do it in safe mode.

A better signal then what ? What is dishonored, a game ?

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Hello everyone,

I have a 5 months old Asus ux32vd. Here's the problem: this morning I found the laptop extermely hot and unresponsive after resuming from sleep. Forced restart with power button resulted in a 15-min boot and normal work for the next hours. Until the lid was closed. After resuming from sleep on the next occasion, Win8 froze (became unresponsive with no error message) in a few minurtes. Restart with power button -> looooong boot -> normal work again. No mini-dump files created. Event viewer mentions Bluetooth-related issues (see attachement for the log file and screenshot of Device Manager). I am not using any Bluetooth devices, only wireless combo (the only usb port used on the regular basis). "Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)" in Device Manager was disable the whole time (it's enabled on the screenshot).

I tried standard Windows Startup tools - debugging and automatic repair - no result. I didn't do the hardware test yet. If the event file makes any sense to you, please, let me know. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. OS: Windows 8 64-bit, version 6.2.9200.

A:Freeze after sleep followed by 15-mins forced restart

UPD: New event log and finally a crash dump (laptop restarted while at sleep mode) that says:

On Fri 23-Aug-13 8:28:02 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\082413-272234-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x5A440)
Bugcheck code: 0x9F (0x3, 0xFFFFFA80067C31E0, 0xFFFFF88000A2B7F0, 0xFFFFFA800673B5B0)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.

On Fri 23-Aug-13 8:28:02 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\memory.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntkrnlmp.exe (nt!KeBugCheckEx+0x0)
Bugcheck code: 0x9F (0x3, 0xFFFFFA80067C31E0, 0xFFFFF88000A2B7F0, 0xFFFFFA800673B5B0)
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caus... Read more

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I've just installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit edition on a 600gb VelociRaptor hard drive, Asus P6X58D Motherboard, I7 950 cpu my bios is up to date if that matters. The system runs ok except for several times i notice it freezes and then restarts after waking up from sleep mode / hibernate. I have read other post with the similar issues but were resolved with different fixes. I have attached the W8 File Collector results I hope you can help Thanks

A:Windows 8 crashes and restarts when returning from sleep

Welcome to Eight Forums.

Usual causes: Insufficient disk space, Device driver, Video card, BIOS, Breakpoint with no debugger attached, Hardware incompatibility, Faulty system service, Memory, 3rd party remote control,
This is a very common bugcheck.
OVERLAPPED_MODULE: Address regions for 'nvlddmkm' and 'nvlddmkm.sys' overlap
EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s.
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: AV_nvlddmkm+ed8db
5: kd> .exr 0xfffff88009baa508
ExceptionAddress: fffff88004f728db (nvlddmkm+0x00000000000ed8db)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 2
Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000
Parameter[1]: 000000000000008c
Attempt to read from address 000000000000008c

This is blaming your graphics card driver, possibly RAM either system RAM or graphics card RAM.
We have been seeing a lot of crashes from nVidia graphics drivers.
Rollback or download a driver from before the 310.xx drivers.

From your System Event Logs:
There are a lot of these.

Log Name: System
Source: Ntfs
Date: 2013-01-15T20:09:24.540
Event ID: 55
Task: N/A
Level: Error
Opcode: Info
Keyword: N/A
User: S-1-5-18
Computer: Garry
A corruption was discove... Read more

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I believe I have somehow gotten some virus.
So the story is pretty short, I have just finished building this computer not even a week ago. And ever since the second day I've had it, Windows will popup with an error saying "windows must now restart because the DCOM service process launcher has terminated unexpectedly." I also may sometimes get the error but instead with plug and play service. I've been searching all over the web but cant seem to find a solution, I saw that many people with this problem ran combo fix, so i tried it after backing up my system.
 Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! 
Heres the combo fix log:
ComboFix 14-01-08.03 - Kyle 01/10/2014  18:16:32.2.4 - x64
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.8099.6310 [GMT -5:00]
Running from: c:\users\Kyle\Downloads\ComboFix.exe
AV: AVG Internet Security 2014 *Disabled/Updated* {0E9420C4-06B3-7FA0-3AB1-6E49CB52ECD9}
FW: AVG Internet Security 2014 *Disabled* {36AFA1E1-4CDC-7EF8-11EE-C77C3581ABA2}
SP: AVG Internet Security 2014 *Disabled/Updated* {B5F5C120-2089-702E-0001-553BB0D5A664}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((   Other Deletions   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((((((((((((((((   Files Created from 2013-12-10 to 2014-01-10  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
2... Read more

A:DCOM server process launcher service terminated unexpectedly, Forced Restarts

Nevermind, you may close this thread if you want the problem is solved!
I ran a scan with Malwarbytes anit-rootkit and it detected a patch in my rpcss.dll and removed it.

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hai.. help needed.... i am having the exact problem as op.. when i press sleep button, screen goes black (as usual).. but fan, and other keyboard lights are still on... it just freezes... i have to force shutdown to again use my laptop...

i am attaching the msinfo32.nfo, driverview.txt...

and one more thing... i dont have problem of bsod... thanks..

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Original Thread

Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

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I've had this problem intermittently on my laptop for the past 2 years however it has been occuring more often recently.

Basically sometimes when I click the sleep button on Windows 7, the screen fades to black as usual. However the fan keeps running (sounds like when it's on full load) and the power button light stays on endlessly. I always have to force shut it down and restart it.

What can be the issue?

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Hi joseph10444.

Such a situation may occur when some driver (mostly the PnP device drivers depending on the ACPI configuration) fail to response within a stipulated time period during the power state change.

Let us see some data. Upload your MSINFO32.nfo file.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instruction.
Upload the list of all the third party drivers Using NirSoft DriverView :
Download and execute Driverview
View > Hide Microsoft Drivers
Edit > Select all
File > Save Selected Items
In the Save dialog, Set the path to desktop, Put "Driverview" in the name field, and save.
Zip the .txt file and upload it.
Those files will give us a closer look to the issue.

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I just had the fan replaced, and now when I use F4 to put the laptop in sleep mode and then close the lid, it remains in sleep mode when I open the lid.  Same thing occurs when I close the lid (no F4) for sleep mode and then open the lid.  However, when I select Sleep on the Windows 7 Start Menu and close the lid, the laptop does resume when I open the lid. NOTES:- Before replacing the fan, I used F4 for sleep and resume, because when I close the lid I would sometimes find the fan running the next morning- BIOS is up-to-date- Keyboard and mouse are set to wake PC- Power Options Settings:   - Allow hybrid sleep set to OFF and Hibernate set to NEVER (As they always have been)   - USB Settings > Disabled USB selective suspend settings  (These were enabled) While this isn't a huge problem, I would like to have things working as before, preferably without having to go back to the Lenovo certified shop. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeff

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I've read about this problem in several other post but no solutions that have worked for me.

My problem is that whenever I close my lid, allow my computer to go to sleep/hibernate, or even go to start->shut down, my computer restarts.

This past weekend I had my computer reformatted, thinking this would solve the problem, but the problem still persists.

The only way I can make my computer turn off is to hold down the power button for several seconds.

I have minimum computer knowledge, but I have been trying step by step solutions listed on other forums.
I've been through all of the power management steps and have all of my settings on the suggested settings for this problem.
I've deactivated almost all applications from opening on start up.
I've checked USB, LAN settings and I believe those are not the problem.
Still kind of unfamiliar with BIOS

When running the command powercfg -a, this is what comes up
C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -a
The following sleep states are available on this system: Standby ( S3 ) Hibernat
e Hybrid Sleep
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S1)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Standby (S2)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.

This is all of the information I can think of to include that may be helpful.

I am just wondering if anyone knows of a different solution that may work.

A:Windows Vista Restarts when it is suppose to Shut Down/Sleep

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Take a look at this tutorial, I think that it will solve your problem. The usual cause is the NIC, which requires that you turn off the ability of the net to wake your computer. Other causes include the mouse and the keyboard. You may have to turn off the ablity of one to wake the computer.

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I've just installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit edition on my Dell XPS L502X, overall the system runs ok but today i notice strange long restarts after waking up from sleep mode / hibernate and then it when back to the logon screen. Windows then will display a memory dump error.

Please help, could this be a driver issue?

A:Laptop restarts after sleep / hibernate in Windows 8 Pro 64bit

anyone? please help..

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When I choose "SLEEP" it only turns off the monitor , normally when the PC sleeps you can hear everything turn off and the power button glows... it does this if i leave it for 25 minutes (as thats how long its set too wait before sleeping) - but when I manually force sleep it seems to simply turn off the monitor? you can hear alll fans and hard-drive still going, when i wake it its at the login screen

can anyone help me with this?


A:Wont sleep manually forced (turns off monitor only) but sleeps auto?

The key is to type "powercfg -requests" at the command prompt. This command will list the devices that are keeping windows awake. In my case it was giving me the name of my audio driver. I thought it was up to date, but it turned out that there was a newer realtek audio driver. Once I downloaded this file, all my issues wtih Sleep mode went away.

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Hello! I'm new to the site, but I hope my problems would get resolved somehow. Thank you in advance for those who'll be helping me.

Okay to start off, some specific descriptions of my computer. I use a laptop with Windows XP SP2 and I use Avira AntiVir Desktop as my main Anti-virus software. I use the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware as an external scanner / alternative. Then I use Spybot Search and Destroy as my Anti-spyware software and Windows Defender as an alternative.

I think my problem (though I'm not sure) is somehow related to what I've been experiencing the past month, which I've posted at TechSupportForums but received no reply from. Although I think the problem is more serious now, after experiencing forced shut downs during a scan in safe mode.

The problem: Recently the laptop has been acting weird, lagging for about 3-5 minutes every 8-10 minutes in continuous intervals. At first I thought it was the typical problem where I just need to free up some space or uninstall some unused programs. However, even though I've tried freeing up space, defragging the computer, and other methods used to maintain an XP OS running smoothly, the performance never really improved. So I did not mind not getting an answer from the security section of TechSupport because It probably might have been only a simple problem not related to any security issues. However, since the last time I've done a scan, I tried it just today in safe mode. An... Read more

A:Forced shut down during Safe Mode

Hello, Cherubim Please subscribe to your topic so that you will be notified as soon as I post a reply, instead of you having to check the topic all of the time. This will allow you to get an email notification when I reply.To subscribe, go to your topic, and at the top right hand corner by your first post, click the Options button and then click Track this topic. The bullet the immediate notification bubble. Then press submit. We Need to check for Rootkits with RootRepealDownload RootRepeal from the following location and save it to your desktop.Direct Download (Recommended)Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorZip Mirrors (Recommended if you have a slower connection or if the Direct Download mirror is down)
Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorRar Mirrors - Only if you know what a RAR is and can extract it.
Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorExtract RootRepeal.exe from the archive (If you did not use the "Direct Download" mirror).Open on your desktop.Click the tab.Click the button.Check all seven boxes: Push OkCheck the box for your main system drive (Usually C:), and press Ok.Allow RootRepeal to run a scan of your system. This may take some time.Once the scan completes, push the button. Save the log to your desktop, using a distinctive name, such as RootRepeal.txt. Include this report in your next reply, please. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate downloa... Read more

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Hello, whats going on with my pc is every time i go into safe mode i get to the logon screen but it doesnt get passed that it just restarts.
Things i have tried are, forcing safe mode through msconfig which lead to a loop had to use a old windows 7 upgrade disc i have to get into cmd with recovery console where i used bcdedit /v and then used bcdedit /deletevalue {GUID} safe mode. i have tried running maleware bytes and eset nod32 both in depth scans both picked up nothing. i have also tried system restore which did nothing. i have tried chkdsk and sfc in cmd both came back clean.
I do not have a full retail copy of windows 7 nor any means to obtain an iso. other then not being able to boot into safe mode my pc runs fine like theres nothing wrong with it. also currently do not have any funds to purchase anything so i need a free fix currently. its not too important since my pc runs fine outside of safe mode
specs are:
i7 950
6gb xms3 ram @ 1600mhz
580 gtx

A:windows 7 restarts when i try to go into safe mode


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We have a computer where IE10 is forced to run in 64bit mode
Even when following options are off needed to run 64bit IE10:

- Protected Mode
- Enhanced Protected Mode

Is there another option that might explain why it's forced to run 64bit?

A:Internet Explorer 10 is forced in 64bit mode

I'm not able to reproduce what you described.

What plug-ins does that IE10 have?

Try SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that fails, uninstall and reinstall IE10.

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I have a site that was built for me (I am not a programmer) which displays best in IE7 not IE8 so have put the force meta tag in the default page layout header which works fine for IE7 and IE8 however I noticed yesterday looking at the site on a friends computer in IE6 that the force is causing a distortion in the IE6 page display.
Question: is there a simple code I could put into the header to say "if browser IE6 render display in IE6 mode" which would work in conjunction with the IE7 force?

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Hi, hopefully you can help me. I'm thinking I may have a virus of some sort, but it could just be mass corruption instead. I am on windows 7 home premium. Here's the situation.
About a month ago, my hard drive seemed to be crashing. I leave it on at night so I can listen to music as I sleep. Sometimes, when I would wake up, I would be greeted with a black screen telling me to insert the right boot device. Restarting my computer always fixed this though and it did not occur often. Most times, I could leave my computer on all day without any issues if I wanted. So I just assumed my HDD was having some sort of occasional fault, and was not long for this world. As such, I have been saving up for a new HDD.
Last week, I started noticing slow downs and decided it was time to clean up my old programs. I was uninstalling some old printer drivers when the uninstaller froze. I ran my computer through a Avast! anti-viris scan, which picked up nothing. So again, I thought it was just HDD issues.
Last night, I was playing ARK (a game on steam) with a friend and kept noticing lockups that would occur for a few seconds at a time at random. These lockups always seemed to resolve themselves, so I figured it could just be server lag from his end or my computer having a hard time with the game. But this morning it was worse. My browser was freezing up my whole computer for a bit longer and more often.
Deciding to see if it was my browser (which does have some script blocker apps on it) or my co... Read more

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Hi guys,

I wanted some advice, as I'm getting sick and tired of these issues I'm having with w7 and I've been at this issue for hours.

Basically, I left my desktop on overnight as always, and I woke up thismorning to find that the taskbar, windows etc are all forced into a classic theme.

I've checked the sys logs and the only change was a windows update that was performed was a security update for IE8.

I've attempted the following:

Running the 'troubleshooting' for aero through control panel, receiving the following errors:

Desktop Window Manager is disabled.
The current theme doesn't support aero.

The theme I am using is the same one i have been using for months. As a test, I have switched to a default w7 aero theme and deleted my custom theme, and it still gives the same error. Also, under 'colours', it is currently set to classic and will not allow me to change it.

The desktop window manager service is started, and is set to 'auto' under services.msc so I'm unsure why it is stating that the service is not running. I have tried stopping and starting and still no joy.

I have also checked to make sure that there is not a conflict with the uxtheme.dll file, which can sometimes be duplicated in c:\windows from it's correct location at c:\windows\system32

The performance settings under the advanced sys properties had been changed from 'let windows choose' to 'custom' and 'use visual styles on windows and buttons' had been disabled. I've changed it back to... Read more

A:Forced classic mode and aero problems

Well if it found integrity violations you should do the sfc/ scannow and let it fix them.
Then you can redo the uxtheme to enable your custom themes again.

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Hi guys,
So basically i got a virus somehow and i think it was from my brother torrenting recording software. Norton, (which i've learned is a bad antivirus program and since it got me this virus it shows), quarantined the program, so i though i had nothing to worry about and did not unistall or delete the program. About a week later, my laptop was having difficulties loading a youtube video on 720p, which never happens, so then i set the resolution to 240p and it was still not responding. After about 3minutes of the blue wheel of death, i get an error message reading something in the lines of; Microsoft windows explorer has crashed. After i shut it down, (by pulling out my charger; the battery on my laptop is broken so i have to keep the charger plugged in or it dies on immediate removal of the charger, so i shut it off the incorrect way), anytime i boot regulary it takes about 40mins to get to my desktop and then another 10 for the icons to load after that, if i even click on something or try to bring task manager up it gives me the blue wheel of death and then the same Microsoft Windows explorer has crashed error.

P.S; as you can tell by the battery being broken, this laptop is very old, about 4yrs, some hardware pieces have broken on it and i've had it repaired, like the hardrive or screen. So may it be a hardware problem?


DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.2.1
Run by User at 22:12:10 on 2012-02-... Read more

A:Forced to Run in Safe Mode/ Logs Included.


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Hi,I really need help with a problem that started the other day. Originally thought this was the cause of the Mcafee problem, but after following the directions on this forum to restore the svchost.exe file from recovery console, it did not fix the problem.It started with a BSOD but gave no specific information on the screen about what the problem was. Virus scanning after that with mcafee and mbam did not reveal any problems. Then is started doing a continual restart over and over. Cannot get into safe mode. Was able to get into the recovery console from an xp install disk and ran chkdsk /r. This reported that it found / fixed problems, but the problem still exists.Seems like there are ways to troubleshoot this, but need to be able to get into safe mode at least. Any help would be greatly appreciated.pretty much stuck right now. Thanks!

A:Help! Windows XP - Repeated restarts - Cant run in Safe Mode

Whats the STOP Error code on the BSOD?

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I've tried many different things such as disabling auto restart when theres a failure and disabling drives with caution symbols in device manager hidden drivers. I've also tried system repair and restore to previous date. The system repair found no corrupt files and the restore failed to work. Here is what I think you need to know:

In device manager:
-Caution symbol on "Security Processor Loader Driver" (code 24)
Driver File Details: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\spldr.sys
-Caution symbol on "Base System Device Properties" (code 28)
Location: PCI bus 8, device 1, function 3
-Caution symbol on "Base System Device Properties" (again) (code 28)
Location: PCI bus 8, device 1, function 2

In event viewer:
Error Code: 0x80004005
Error Code: 0x8007042c
Event 7000 "rimsptsk"
Event 7026 "avgldx64"

Please help I've been at this for days ha. Would love to have my computer back and remember I can ONLY run it in safe mode. Not even safe mode with networking.

A:Windows restarts 1 minute after desktop. Can only use safe mode please help.

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As advised I am attaching the 2 Zip Files.

? OS - Windows Vista Home Premium
? 32-bit
? Laptop came with pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium
? Approximate age of system (hardware) : about 7 years
? Approximate age of OS installation : Almost 7 years. It had expanded to about 90 GB.
? Have you re-installed the OS?
Yes. Since Windows was restarting. I reinstalled the OS using recovery DVD that came with my laptop.

? CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.10GHz; 3GB (2+1) RAM.
? Video Card : Not Aware
? MotherBoard (if NOT a laptop) : Not Aware
? Power Supply - brand & wattage (if NOT a laptop) : Not Aware

? System Manufacturer : Lenovo
? Exact model number : 7757

Laptop or Desktop? Laptop


My Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit works only in Safe Mode with Networking.

If I try to start Windows Normaly; it crashes and restarts with the message that Windows has recovered from an expected error. It's a blue screen with some memory dump message... I can't really read it as the screen disappears... It keeps happening.

It had C: & D:
(i) I have taken backup of my Data.
(ii) I have tried to run on both the RAMs (1 GB & 2 GB) to see if the problem was with any of the RAM. It still restarts.
(iii) It runs fine in Safe Mode with Networking
(iv) I have formatted D:
(v) I run chkdsk to check any error on C: it didn't find any error.
(vi) I re-installed Windows Vista Home premium (using lenovo product recovery DVD) & upgraded ... Read more

A:Windows Crashes & Restarts... Works only in Safe Mode

Attaching Another file as advised.

Appreciate the suggestions I have received to resolve the problem.

Please help fix it.

Thanks a lot in advance !

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I've tried many different things such as disabling auto restart when theres a failure and disabling drives with caution symbols in device manager hidden drivers. I've also tried system repair and restore to previous date. The system repair found no corrupt files and the restore failed to work. Here is what I think you need to know:

In device manager:
-Caution symbol on "Security Processor Loader Driver" (code 24)
Driver File Details: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\spldr.sys
-Caution symbol on "Base System Device Properties" (code 28)
Location: PCI bus 8, device 1, function 3
-Caution symbol on "Base System Device Properties" (again) (code 28)
Location: PCI bus 8, device 1, function 2

In event viewer:
Error Code: 0x80004005
Error Code: 0x8007042c
Event 7000 "rimsptsk"
Event 7026 "avgldx64"

Please help I've been at this for days ha. Would love to have my computer back and remember I can ONLY run it in safe mode. Not even safe mode with networking.

A:Windows restarts 1 minute after desktop. Can only use safe mode please help.

Hello mikeyh90,

It seems as if you have some drivers missing, can you please provide the Make/model of your system or, if custom or any changes made, a full specification of the system, thank you. This is so we can find out what drivers you need.

Are you the only user of this system? If not, is your user an administrator?

When was the last time you run a scan using an anti-virus and/or an anti-malware program?

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Hi friends,I am facing a serious problem.I have 4 computers in my office.Out of 4,3 of them has a problem for the past 2 months.They all run windows 7.

They keep working for about 30 mins to 1 hour after which they suddenly goes into power saving mode.The monitor goes dark but the CPU light and the fan still work.Then after 10-20 seconds it automatically restarts.

When logging in after the restart,It shows "The system has recovered from a serious error".This happens every 30 mins and for these 3 systems.(I bought it from the same shop last year),But the other one works perfect for about 4 years.

Due to this problem,I am losing out office files and work of other guys.

I have tried cleaning the fan,sink and even reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7.Still the problem persists.

What could be the problem? I will be very happy if this problem is solved.

A:Windows 7 PC Randomly Goes into Powers saving Mode & Restarts

What it the make and model of these computers?

How do you have the Power Option in the Control Panel set?

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