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MFA requirements

Q: MFA requirements

Hi there,
I am looking for an official statement from Microsoft on what is the minimum requirement for MFA ?
Ideally, I would like to know what are the minimum OS versions that support MFA (for IOS, Android, etc.)

Thanks a lot

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Preferred Solution: MFA requirements

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have an alienware 14 and have received the new gears of war 4 as a gift, it says that I have to have   
2GB minimum video memory and recommends 4GB video memory and that I do not meet either of these requirements. how can I solve this problem. any help will be appreciated and as you can tell by my terminology I'm not very computer literate.

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I am trying to make an old HP Pavillion work. It came supplied with a 100w PSU, which I suspect has blown out. I will be running a Celeron processor, one HD, a 56k modem card, and one CD-RW. I see a lot of 200w PSU's on Ebay. Do I have to match wattage with the old one, or can I go higher?
Before you say that I should junk it all, I have to tell you that I'd LOVE to, except that I promised this box to someone who has no computer.

A:PSU requirements

You can use as much watts as you want. 1000W wouldnt matter.

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I just got my new HP HDX and surprisingly it has Vista 64 preinstalled on it (surprising because it didn't mention 64 bit anywhere in the description). I have a few questions regarding Vista 64.

Obviously all the drivers that came with it must be 64 bit but does all software I want to install on this have to be a 64 Bit version?

Or is it that 32 bit software will run as long as all drivers are 64 bit?

Will MS provide a 32 bit version if I request it?


A:Requirements for 64

Most of Win 32 bit applications should run under Vista x64 without problems.
That is theory. In real life many programs still have some compatibility issues and some does not run at all under x64.

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what is required to use SLI on a nVida SLI 4 Intel chipset motherboard. Do you need two nvida SLI supporting cards or just two identical video cards that supports SLI?

A:SLI requirements

they have to be two identical pci-express cards....that's the only requirement as far as i know.

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Are there any computer requirements for Mac desktop computers? Is it worth doing because I heard Mac was pretty good. Is it best just buying a mac computer from apple?


Bloodyskullz said:

Are there any computer requirements for Mac desktop computers? Is it worth doing because I heard Mac was pretty good. Is it best just buying a mac computer from apple?Click to expand...

You can only buy a Mac computer from Apple! Thats how it works!
Go to the apple stores near you and play around with them and see if you like them.

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What are the OS requirements to run WPA and WPA2? I know you have to have compatible devices, but I think I had a problem in the past with anything below XP SP2. Is there any truth to this? Also, if you have the software that came with the wireless card, does it matter what OS you have? Can you run WPA2 on Win98 if it is supported by the cards software?

A:WPA Requirements

Depends on the client software for Win98 or the SP level of XP. XP does support both is it has the correct updates.

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How much watt of psu is sufficient for the AMD radeon R9 200 series graphics card of 6100mb??

A:PSU requirements

It really depends on what other parts are in the system ie what processor [overclocked or not] how many drives [mech or ssd] how many fans, etc, etc, etc. Post ALL of your exact specs and we can tell you OR you can just input your specs here;
Then you can purchase the pw supply on the same site.

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i have 4 fans. all have two connectors one for fan header and one for rgb header to connect to the motherboard. each fan requires 0.37A . my motherboard has 4 fan headers so there is no problem to connect fans to different fan headers. but there is only one rgb header which supports 1A. i want to connect all fans' rgb connectors to motherboard's rgb header using 4-1 splitter cable.

my question is that each fan has two connector so fan connector and rgb connector both require 0.37A?? or only fan connector require 0.37A and rgb connector require less Amperage.

both connectors image attached.

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hey guys.

ive got a pretty good idea on most things to do with dekstop pc hardware except PSU's.

I was wondering what sort of power i would need to power this hardware

3200+ AMD64 Venice (Oc 2.6/2.7)
Kingston 2x512mb 3200/400mhz ram
1x200gb hd
1x120gb hd
1xdvd burner
1xdfi LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
1x6800GT PCI-E (Potentially upgrading to 2 in SLI at a later date)

Probably going to be adding a few more hard drives later. I dont understand how you determine the power usage of components, nor the power output of PSU's so i really have no idea what a suitable unit for my system is.

If somebody could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.

A:PSU requirements

give this PSU wattage calculator a try

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Hi i was wondering what the requirements were to have a computer effictivly run on a lan, I have a old pentium 133 mhz compaq in my attic and was gonna set it up for just surfing, is it even worth my bother?


That should work just fine. 133MHZ is fine for just browsing. What OS do you plan on running?

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I am looking at pc's to find one that will cope with the Sims 2. As I know little about pc's I would like to know if the game can run on a DVD or a CD-RW ROM? The game is a CD version. Also in reguards to video cards, would a 128mg Geforce 4 MX4000L ASP video card work? The prossessor is 1.7GHZ with 512 MB RAM AND 80gb HD or a Radeon highend P4 video card with a 2.8 GHZ prossessor with 512 RAM? Thanks for your help.


The wife plays sims2 on her laptop which is a celeron 1.8ghz with 512mb ram 20gb hdd and a lowly ATI M9000 @ 1024x768 without problems.

In answer to your questions, the game will install and run from either a DVD or CD-Rom drive, a 128mb Gforce4 MX card will be ok, the processor speeds you mentioned are both ok. So really the choice is yours, but faster is always better

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Have finally got an oldish Compaq SR5540AN sorted out - RAM was shot in one stick and I think the onboard graphics is dead however a spare HD 5450 (silent) card has got me back the graphics.

Now I am thinking maybe I can just update the driver for the on board but the Vista on the HDD is trashed and although I have it running in Ubuntu I cannot download the NVidia driver.

So if my mate can afford it I shall stick on 7 now as he is short on cash I have only been able to get 3GB RAM back in will the 64 bit OEM work with that much? I have tried Googling but I know I can get a decent and succinct answer here. Then I can download that driver and maybe save the cost of the HD 5450.

He is only a casual browser (Ebay Facebook etc) and emailer so no heavy gaming and I would prefer to flip in the 64bit if possible.

I think this machine is worth saving as it is running like lightning in Ubuntu

A:RAM requirements

With 3GB RAM its probably better off with x86.


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requirements for fat misfortune and advances the consuming of calories . It is a perfect train to get in shape as long as it is joined with great sustenance and an adjusted eating regimen . Divider ball, push ups, strides with weight, hop rope , ring plunges ... Every one of these activities will enable you to move

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Hi there

I have a Mac that currently has Tiger on it... I know that I have to have Leopard or Snow Leopard in order to have Adobe CS5... But I'm not sure I have enough space on my computer for the actual software and installation.

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac5,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB
Memory: 1 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz

Is all the above good enough for me to download CS5?

A:Mac requirements for CS5

How much hard drive space do you have free?

Here's what Adobe says... http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/photoshop/systemreqs/

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I have a dell optiplex gmt 5166, running Win 95b, 166 mhz, with 32MB Ram. It has 500 MB of room left on the hard disk. Installed a HP 9100 series cd burner(a 9150, actually), and it will only run at a 1X burning speed( which takes 75 min to complete!) System requirements for the burner ask for Win 95b, 200 mhz processor, and 32MB Ram. How can I get it to run faster without buffer underrun errors? (When the burner becomes starved for data because the hard drive can't get it to the burner fast enough) Would adding more memory help? Should I overclock the CPU so I can make up the missing 34 mhz requirement? Would a ATA cable help transfer the data more quickly? I should add that I disabled power management, all background running programs, ensured that the hard drive was not reading ahead, and that the cd burner has DMA disabled. It still will only do a 1X burn. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A:cd burner requirements

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How much more hardware requirements are for games on Win7 compared to XP or Vista? I'm thinking about upgrading, but want to know if it's a good idea.

A:Requirements on Win7

Here are the system requirements.
If you are upgrading from Vista you should be fine since 7 isn't as demanding as Vista.

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I was going through my add/remove list to lighten the load and found that mentioned in there, I do not remember installing it (date mentioned is 04/05/2009)
Does anyone have a clue what it is?

Thanks in advance.

A:System requirements lab

Not trying to be funny about your question, but exactly what entry are you asking about. I don't see a specific program name or am I missing something?

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does anyone know what the minimum broadband speed a belkin router will will work with. I have a belkin router F5D7632-4A and it will not connect to the net. when i check the settings they are correct (username password isp etc etc). the broadband speed is 576kbps is this too low

A:minimum requirements

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Hi, I am running Windows 98 right now. I would like to upgrade my OS to Windows XP. How can I determine whether or not my computer meets the following requirements? Where do I look for each asterick? What can I do if it doesn't meet them?

Here's What You Need to Use Windows XP Home Edition:

*PC with 300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233-MHz minimum required;

* Intel Pentium/Celeron family, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended

*128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features)

*1.5 gigabyte (GB) of available hard disk space.

*Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:how can I tell if I meet these requirements?

To save a lot of typing try running this xp readiness test online

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Do I need System Requirements Lab? I found it installed and don't know how it got there. So can I uninstall it? Do any programs need it?


A:System Requirements Lab

This is a free to use program often installed on systems.This is what the company claims:This site provides a One-Click solution that looks at your computer's hardware and system software to determine whether or not your current system can run a product. Each of your computer's components is evaluated to see how well it meets the minimum and recommended requirements for specific products. Recommendations are made on how to update or upgrade each component which does not meet the listed requirements. Sometimes, a simple, free software download is all that is needed. Sometimes you'll find that you need a different video card to fully experience what the game has to offer.http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtestI'd leave it alone unless you're having problems?Is this a used system you bought from another?

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Do you think my laptop 1.7 ghz dualcore processor and 2 gig ddr2 ram will handle windows 7 professional?

It runs great on all of my pcs, but the specs are much greater all around there.

Any advice? How much system ram does 7 take during idle? Also, you think 1.7 dualcore is too slow?

Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated!


A:Windows 7 requirements?

You running XP or Vista now ???


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Today i looked on add or remove programs and i saw this thing called "system requirements tab i dont know what it is or can do, i did not download nothing to get this, but i recently downloaded a better graphics card.I also downloaded Firefox/ the picture:

A:System Requirements Tab

Nothing to worry about.http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/ is the website that it came from.Its there so it is not to be installed over and over again.http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/ is a website where you can find out if you can play a certain game on your computer.

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I'm finally bringing my home PC into this decade by installing Win7 Pro x64 this week. The current XP x86 installation has been having some bad problems the past couple of weeks, I think partly because of some malware I got a couple months back, and also partly because I was dual-booting XP and Win8 for a bit, and Win8 screwed it up bad to the point of the computer not being able to boot at all (no boot device found). Windows 8 is now completely gone and will NOT be coming back.

*edit* I posted about the problems I was having a couple of weeks ago here: http://www.eightforums.com/bsod-cras...r-failure.html

The system currently has some older hardware, which I'm planning on upgrading in the near future. It's currently running a Core2 Duo processor, Intel mobo, on-board graphics, 3GB RAM, 250GB boot drive and 1TB storage drive, DVD-RW and card reader, all powered by a relatively newer Antec EarthWatts 430W PSU. This PSU went in after an older Antec 450W PSU died.

So anyway, I'm planning on upgrading to the following components:
- i7 2600K 3.4 GHz
- Asus mobo with HDMI and 6 GB SATA connections
- 16GB Gskill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 RAM
- GeForce GTX 560 1GB GPU
- possibly a 128 GB SSD to replace the 250GB HDD (less than 40GB is currently in use for OS and apps)

I checked out the eXtreme Power Supply calculator and put in everything, and even said I would be running both HDD's plus a SSD (will probably only run the SSD and 1TB HDD), and it came up with 396 watts.

I typically k... Read more

A:Can someone confirm my PSU requirements please?

Just looking at Geforce GTX 560's, I can tell you most, if not all, recommend a 450 Watt power supply with two 6-pin power connectors. Unless you found some ultra-low-power-voodoo 560 video card, you need a beefier power supply.

Buy a 600+ Watt power supply with an 80+ Bronze or better rating and you'll be fine. I can recommend some if you want. Also, I just wanted to tell you that for about $30 more, you can go from a 1GB GTX 560 to a 2GB GTX 660.......both require 450 watts. Those new cards are A LOT less power hungry than last generation's Fermi based cards.

If you need advice on parts, don't be afraid to ask!


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I'm looking at building/buying close to a dozen computers. All that they'll be running is Win7, Office 2007, Google Apps, and Symantec Endpoint Protection. 2GB should be enough to run everything correct?

A:Not sure if this is where this goes but...(Win7 requirements)

if you mean Ram (memory) then 2 gb should be ample for most applications in windows 7.

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What do you reccomend for minimun hardware specs to rum vista home premium on a machine not used for gaming or heavy multitasking?

A:Vista Requirements

My choice would be the requirements of Home Premium / Business / Ultimate in the list. Bump the processor up to 1.5GHz min.

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Hello guys,

So i am planning to upgrade into Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I just wanna know what are the system requirements for it? at the moment i have Windows 7 32bit Home Premium, 2GB RAM, and Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU 2.60 GHz (going to updrage the CPU soon.)


A:System Requirements

Hello there. This are Windows 7 system requirements for Windows 7.
Copyed from here

If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here's what it takes:
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

But this are just minimum system req. Of cource if you want to play games,work with big programs like Maya,SolidWorks,AutoCAD/CAM etc... you'll need more that 4gb ram memory and also fast cpu. (that also costs more money. )
Give us more info about what you want to work with your pc.

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Am in Julian CA, served by a mom and pop cable company....nothing comes here in the form of DSL or high speed DSL. I have Wileblue which has a T-1 downlink and though they claim a stunning 356K uplink...through their own Pulse...I have c/a 350 kbps.
I want to go on Skype with friends in Germany...
Read the requirements for Skype and they indicate that a 1MB uplink is required...
I believe I know I cannot use Skype on the existing links available..

Am on DirecTV but have no idea if they provide internet access with both up and downlink speeds of 1MB or higher..

methinks am SOL.

A:Skype requirements

Read the requirements for Skype and they indicate that a 1MB uplink is required...Click to expand...

I'm not there are many broadband services in UK with that upload speed - if you are talking about upload - I use skype and my upload is only 250K

or do you mean download speed ?

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This is a general question for a specific situation. My computer is about three years old and only has a 2.2 Ghz P4 processor. I've upgraded to a gig of ram and I have a 256Mb video card, however it's only PCI as I don't have AGP or PCI-E slots. Needless to say it's enough to run most games on the lowest settings. I nearly had a heart attack when I read that the new Neverwinter Nights 2 game that I have been waiting for forever requires a 2.4 Ghz P4 processor. My question is: What will happen if I purchase this game and attempt to run it. Will it be slow and choppy or will it simply not work at all? My only other options are a new processor or a whole new computer. This I can't afford. Thanks for your help!

A:System Requirements

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I have my pc bought at 2002 my system config was PENTIUM III PROCESSOR AND i have got a capacity of 40gb hdd my ram is 256 mb ram, is that enough to install and run winvista smoothly, if anyone knows about the config please post as a reply thanks in advance.

A:What Are The Pc Requirements For Vista?

Windows has a handy application called Vista Upgrade Advisor that you can use to determine if your computer can run Vista:http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...adeadvisor.mspxI would think, though, that you will certainly need to seriously increase your RAM and consider buying a larger (or additional) hard drive. Cheers,John

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What are the requirements for Windows Vista??? Any one know?

A:Vista Requirements

This is question was previously answered in this forum here.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...ndpost&p=196205

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Company recently switched from PAL to VPN. PC purchased without NIC. Am I correct in assuming that I will need one to set up the connection to the VPN?

A:VPN Hardware Requirements

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Hi guys

My brothers computer is running xp pro.He complains that it runs realy,realy slow-
I ask him to run Everest so i could see his system.Its quite old but i would like to know if you think this system would run Xp without problems?


Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Computer Name WRIGHT-FE237A60
User Name wrighty

CPU Type Intel Celeron, 1000 MHz (10 x 100)
Motherboard Name TriGem eMachines Imperial/Glendale
Motherboard Chipset Intel Whitney i810
System Memory 128 MB (PC133 SDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (09/13/01)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM10)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM11)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM12)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM13)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM14)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM15)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM16)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM17)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM7)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM8)
Communication Port Bluetooth Serial Port (COM9)
Communication Port Printer Port (LPT1)

Video Adapter Intel? 82810 Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation) (32 MB)
3D Accelerator ... Read more

A:System requirements

128 is Microsoft's estimate of the minimum amount of RAM needed for XP."Minimum" seems to mean that it will run but you won't be able to do much.More RAM would be the answer, IMO...but that's going to possibly be held back by the system/motherboard. And he also has a Celeron processor (which, in its early days, was deemed by many to be crippled).A newer motherboard and CPU...and better/newer RAM...would be my recommendation. Total cost of an inexpensive board/CPU bundle would be less than $100. A new motherboard/CPU and RAM basically give you a new, much faster/better system for a minimum amount of bucks.Example: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...08&CatId=14 AND http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231106Louis

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I got a CD Burner for Christmas (yay! ) and I have a question about the minimum requirements of it.

hp cd-writer cd16mi
minimum requirements:
Pentium II 350 MHz; 64 MB RAM
Windows NT, 98, Me, 2000 pro, XP

Here is what I have:
Pentium I 120 MHz; 48 MB RAM
Windows 95

So what are the chances that this will actually work? I haven't installed it yet, I need to know wether or not I'll need an upgrade.

A:CD Burner Min. Requirements.....

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does anyone know the system requirements for the older USB cards (im not sure what theyre called but not USB 2.0)

A:system requirements for USB

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Hey guys i just need some advice from someone whos good with understanding computers. I know i can run Arma 3 because I meet the minimum requirments but I dont think my CPU is very good and i will still be lagging or lose frames when i play. Do you think ill be good enough to run Arma 3 normally?

My system: Intel dual core 2.40 Ghz,9800 with Windows 8 pro, Geforce 9800 GTX+ GPU, 4 GB RAM, and with Direct x 10 or 11.

I'd really appretitate it if someone can answer my question asap!

Arma 3 Official Requirements: Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1 (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3830
Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX® 10
HARD DRIVE 15 GB free space
HARD DRIVE (BETA) 10 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible on-board
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

OS Windows 7 / 8 64-bit (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR Intel Core i5-2300
AMD Phenom II X4 940
GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
AMD Radeon HD 7750
DirectX® 11
HARD DRIVE 25 GB free space
HARD DRIVE (BETA) 20 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible soundcard
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

A:Arma 3 Requirements help

Hi bkjummpan23,

You have listed the minimum and recommended but I have no idea what you're running, could you provide your specs please. If you don't know what hardware you're running then you can use this to find out: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe

ArmA 3 is VERY CPU heavy, being a military sim it performs so many more calculations than your typical game. I'd also go as far to say that Bohemia have a habit of not fleshing out their games properly to ensure they run perfectly. Lower quality hard drives also bottleneck performance on games of this size, so you may want to look in to a solid state drive.

I'll be able to give you more info when you provide your specs.


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Upgrading my system and was wondering what PSU I should upgrade to.

My current PSU is 500w with 550w MAX. Dunno if I should keep mine or upgrade...
[x1] Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (with POSSIBLE oc)
[x3] Seagate SATA 7200rpm HD's
[x1] Seagate IDE 7200rpm HD
[x1] Samsung DVD+/-RW x20 Drive
[x4] 1GB Kingston DDR2 667mhz RAM sticks
[x2] SLI - BFG GeForce 88000GT 512mb OC2 cards (675mhz vs stock 600mhz)
[x3] 80mm Fans
[x4] 120mm Fans

Thanks for the major help guys!!

A:Need some help calculating PSU requirements...

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Alright well I'm sick of BF2 and I dont have any MMO's to play. Still waiting for Conan.
Anywho, I was in the crysis beta and I could play it with my comp. It didn't look the greatest... but it was playable. Anyways, after the beta I tried the singleplayer and I could run it a little better then before.
My question is, If I can play singleplayer with whatever settings, will it be the same online or am I going to need to tweak some settings?

A:Crysis Requirements.

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i just want to know if this setup will be able to play crysis.

4-6gb DDR2 ram
Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz Quad Core-- OC to 3.0Ghz
EVGA SLI nforce 680i mobo
2 nvidia 512mb 8800GT SC edition

what do you think?

A:Crysis requirements

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Hey you guys I recently purchased the antec 900 gaming case along with the p6t asus mobo and the i7 920 intel cpu. As I read through forums and comments I am repeatedly noticing people mentiong the cooling on the cpu needed to overclock it past like 3.0 ghz. I'm assuming theyre talking about the cpu heatsink... what do I need to purchase additional to the antec case (which I think comes with 3 fans, not sure though...) to have proper cooling so i can overclock past 3.2 ghz. Also I read a thread that said to properly overclock past 3.6ghz liquid cooling would be a must.. is this true?


A:Cooling requirements

First of all: i7 CPUs run very hot. Second: you may not even be able to OC to 3.0 or 3.2. Third: You should buy a few 120mm case fans, and propably a better CPU HSF if you can find one. Or then go liquid to keep it quiet and cool.

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If there's a game that has the minimum requirements of say "1.9 GHz" (the game doesn't use dual core; such as it is an older game) and I have "Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6320 (1.66GHz,1066FSB) with 4MB cache", do I meet the requirements?

Like if I had 2.0 GHz with one core, I would meet the requirements. But in the case of 2 cores with less GHz, I'm not sure.

A:Would I meet the requirements?

if you have a dual core anything. you can pretty mch skip the processor part of the requirement lol

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Sorry, I know there are alot of these... I think.

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron E1505 and I've been thinking of buying Oblivion.

My specs are...

1.60GHz Intel Core Duo Processor
ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 128MB
67.7GB of HD Space

Basically I just want to know if I would be able to play the game comfortably. I don't really want to put everything on Low but I wouldn't mind Medium though. I'm also curious if I could play F.E.A.R. comfortably as well since I may very well purcahse that in the future. I'm also well aware that Laptops aren't neccessarily ideal for gameing but I don't have the money for a Desktop right now.

I also have another question as I am not very computer savy. My question is since my processor speed says 1.60GHz Intel Core Duo, does that mean that it's actually more like 3.2GHz or are both of them combined make 1.60GHz.

Thanks for any help.

A:Oblivion Requirements

well, you have more than enough RAM, fast enough processor and the X1300 is listed as supported

Oblivion FAQ

so I would guess you will be fine

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Dear All,

first thanks all that i am given the chance to post my question. well i have a very simple question.I am planning to record Video from a webcam. I am planning to save it as
Video file on my hard disk. so for 24 hours of continuos recording how big my hard disk should be? which parameters i have to think about it?i heard frame rate, size of the frame(like half of the PAL resolution ), resolution of pixels(like 24 bit RGB etc) and compression methods one should keep in mind.is it correct? is there any calculator available that i give the required parameters and i get the final size of memory for N hours. or i would like to know if i record with certain parameters how much time or how much hard disk memory is needed.


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What are the requirements for the final print for headshots. I heard you have to have white borders and the actors name at the bottom. Is this true? What else? How big do the whote borders need to be? Does any other information need to go on the picture? Are there any resources I can look at to find all the details?
Thanks for the help.

A:Headshot Requirements

This isn't a technology question as much as an industry question.

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The system requirements for pcAnywhere include:

-Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1

Why is this a requirement and will I have problems if I do not use IE (I use firefox).


A:pcAnywhere requirements

If you have been doing the updates, thru Windows Updates, then you have IE6 SP1 and it is updated. The developers of pcAnywhere had to use a browser to make their software work and IE6 is by far the most used browser. It most likely will not work unless your system meets their requirements.

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I'm was seeing if my computer could run Grand Theft Auto 4 but the minimum and recommended say different apparently my CPU isn't good enough for required but good enough for recommended.


is really confusing me so help me out here are the screen shots of the recommended and minimum requirements
Can i run this game?

A:System Requirements

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