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Are my GPU Temperatures, Core Temperatures and Clocks values normal or not?

Q: Are my GPU Temperatures, Core Temperatures and Clocks values normal or not?

Hi there;These are the values approximately forty minutes after running the system, no heavy load, only browser works and some settings. https://i.resimyukle.xyz/PexzaP.png

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Preferred Solution: Are my GPU Temperatures, Core Temperatures and Clocks values normal or not?

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First of all Hello!

I Have Intel Pentium E2200 core 2 duo
running at its standard speed/not over clocked speed

my problem is that few moments ago my pc video card was running at temps 60-65C
with load and 40-55 in idle so i was getting worried in getting my video card fried so i off my pc and started removing the video card and cleaning the fans of it

after cleaning it i decided on cleaning the CPU fan( the fan that is on the top of the processor ) but i cant access the sides so i removed it and placed it back after it i opened my pc and started at doing my games ( i opened 2 wonderland online windows) and it consumes 100mb of ram each when i started it suddenly my processor temp gone into 60-80C" usually it was 45-50 C" so i turned off and made sure that my cpu fan was placed perfectly it was placed perfectly so im inquiring here on what to do with my cpu temps should i buy cooling fans that can be put additionally inside/outside ?
btw cpu idle temp after cleanin was 37C"
before cleaning it was 40C"

A:CPU core temperatures

Sounds like the cooler didn't seat properly and/or too much heat sink compound. Remove, clean and reinstall is the first thing to do.


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Hello all. One of my case fans died so I bought another. Same size as previous but I have noticed that my system is running hotter now than it did before. Before hand it at idle it stayed around 52c to 55c at idle, probably a little high I know. Now it idles around 55c to 58c. I also noticed my cpu voltage had increased as well from 1.32 to 1.39. Other than wiping out some dust from the case and putting in the new fan, nothing else has changed. Shouldn't adding the new fan make the system cooler instead of hotter?

I'm running.....

Asus M4A79 Deluxe
AMD Phenom II x3 720 BE
2gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 gtx

A:Core temperatures

You should try lowering the voltage back down to 1.32

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After trial and errors, and cleaning out the dust filters of my case, the none-OC-d core temperature for the i5-760 settled down in a relatively good range. In general use of the system, including playing games, the temperatures for the cores are:

The cores have different temperatures, 0 and 2 cores running at around the same temperature and so do core 1 and 3. This split is pretty much the same when running P95 load test:

The difference between the two core groups is steady and about 3-4 degree Celsius. Is this normal and anyone else noticing the same "grouping"?

The Artic Silver 5 had been applied by the vertical method, instead of spreading the thermal compound manually. Using this method resulted in much better temperatures than the manual one; so much for my steady hand and vision for spreading the stuff.

A:Core temperatures...

That is normal for Intel processors, mine does the same, in fact mine are exactly the same.

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These are from Everest, not during heavy 3D applications. The GPU looks kinda high. I'm wondering if it's overheating.

Motherboard 38 C (100 F)
CPU 48 C (118 F)
GPU 79 C (174 F)
GPU Ambient 72 C (162 F)
Seagate ST3120026AS 46 C (115 F)Click to expand...

A:Are these temperatures normal?

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Hi, I have one machine which is a Quad running Windows 8 and the peak temps are 122-131 deg F. Another machine which is an i7 on Win 7 the temps are peaking at 165-156 deg F.

What should be normal? The room they are in is running 75 F. The loads on both machines are similar < 10%

Thanks for your help.

A:Normal CPU Temperatures?

It depends on what causes the CPU go high.
ie. for heavy gaming 165 F is about normal I think.

130 F when idle is OK

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I just ran my Asus probe (I'm using an Asus P4S333 MB) and I saw some strange things that made me a little concerned. Under the monitoring tab, under Power Fan, the status was blinking saying that the power fan was running below threshold. For the Chassis fan the same thing was happening.
I went to the BIOS and under both the headings it said N/A. Does this mean that I don't have either and have nothing to worry about?
My CPU temp is 40 c/ 104 f, and my MB is 28 c/ 82 F.
The CPU fan is running between 3026 (in Bios) to 3082 (now).
Does anyone know if these temps are normal and if they are why the Asus probe is giving me a hard time?
Thanks for the help.

A:Normal CPU and MB temperatures?

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My core 2 duo e6600 is idling at 65 C according to the bios. I turned it off and left it off overnight. I power it on this morning and it starts at 30 C (which is deffinitally hotter than my room temp) and climbs from there to 65 in minutes, with no load at all.

I'm using stock cooling, in a thermaltake Armor case (with the 250mm fan).

A:Unusual Core 2 Duo temperatures

Your heatsink isn't attached properly.

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Hello,I bought a brand new yoga yesterday. W?th this price I expected top quality product but I had really bad wi-fi adapter issues. Slow speeds, disconnects, data loss. I had applied some suggested fixes. It seems better now. But other problems still persists. Perhaps i am just a bit over-concerned. but better be safe than sorry. Anyway straight to the point, my Yoga 4k, 512 idles at around 42 to 45c . It is not that bad. But when I plugged in immediately loud fans kicks and device idles around 65c to 75 c (sometimes going over 75c for a second then drops) Light tasks 65 to 85c and if I do heavy taskings it can go up to 94c as you can see in my screenshot.   Are these temperatures normal? It is so annoying for me to use this device on lap. Especially when plugged in. While charging, the bottom of device is really hot. By the way, battery designed capacity is 70040 mWh but current full charge capacity is 69820 mWh. Is this normal even though it is brand new device? And one more thing. There is also some cracking noise when I put my right wrist on the laptop. It is annoying as well. I really want to hear your thoughts. Should I send it to service and ask for new device? Thanks in advance.

A:[Yoga 920] Are these temperatures normal?

look in the task manager and see what is using all the cpu.

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Hi everyone, i've just bought a lenovo yoga 920 uhd 16gb ram and I'm a bit worried for the temperatures especially when the computer is plugged to the charger where the idle temperatures never stay under 55 C (134F) and they reach even 92 C. I've istalled the last bios and unistalled mcafee antivirus that i read was creating to someone this issue but the behaviour didn't change. what do you think? Are these temperatures normal or could I have a faulty machine?in a lorg term period these temperature can damege the cpu? Thank you very much for your time and supportWithout chargerWith charger

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Hello, all. Now that I've crossed the 6-month mark with my T480s, I can safely say this is a wonderful machine. However, I'm a little bit concerned about temperatures, and after reading some Reddit posts about users that replaced the thermal compound right after buying the laptops and having very positive results I'm wondering if I should do the same. My avg. temperatures: Room temperature: 24CWaking up after idling from some hours with the monitor shut down: 32~35CIdling: 40~45CLight browsing + YouTube in the background + 2 idled VMs: 45~50CUnzipping a 1G zip archive filled with small files, or booting up a VM: 65~80C Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks,Jotenko

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When iI try with"Speccy.V1.30.728" and CPOID HWMONITOR 1.30.0",the CPU  temperature nof my nlaptop,with S.O. Windows 10 64-bit,also arrives over 90C,using <2<core Temp 1.5",comes maximo to 46C:Is this normal?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

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Is there any specific way I can reduce my core temps? They seem to get hotter and hotter every day.... it's getting really bad now. My CPU keeps throttling (my CPU is throttling as I am typing), my Thermal Junction max keeps reaching 0, CPU temps going up to 80+ degrees Celsius. This is not good, can anyone help me?

A:Reducing Computer Core Temperatures?

Hi Storm Eagle, You might be better served to post this one in the Internal Hardware Forum her on BP.

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Here is what my computer says my temperatures are at:

CPU: 38 C / 103 F
SYS: 31 C / 90 F
HD0: 42 C / 108 F

A:What should normal operating temperatures for the computer be?

The temps look normal. Please post your system specifications - instructions here

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Hello everyone,

Just thought I should try a support forum as a last resort before I turn to the company from which I bought my PC (service is usually horrible in computer retailers in Israel, :|).

Well, my problem, is that I get graphical artifacts in every game and/or 3D application with average to high requirements (Half-Life 2, Far Cry, that HDR rendering demo, etc.). These glitches often are briefly flashing lines and shapes (which, for some reason, correspond to the player's perspective... but that's understandable I suppose). These things appear mainly in the more demanding areas in the game map, though they sometimes appear everywhere. Again, this is recurrent in every game.

I am aware that over-heating in the card may cause this sort of problems, so I checked the temperatures. On idle mode, my card tops at about 40c. In max 3D processing (Half-Life 2 - Episode One with all settings maxed and after about 30 minutes of gameplay) it tops at around 60-65c. However, performance-wise, the game(s) run perfectly - I usually get an average FPS of 60-70 and it never drops below 30. Also no sound problems, no crashing, nothing.

My drivers are, of course, up to date and I even tried downgrading them. Didn't help.

Here are my specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3500
Albatron GeForce 7800GT 256MB
1GB DDR Dual Channel RAM
WinXP Pro with SP2
Every driver imaginable up to date
I would GREATLY appreciate any help.

P.S: If screenshots of the weird glitches are needed, I will pos... Read more

A:Graphical artifacts despite of normal temperatures

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Hi to all,I would like to overclock my Y-700-15 ISK 's Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR5 GPU ,so I would like to know which are the safest and maximum overclocking values for the memory and core clocks? And also which value for adding voltage would be optimal? Please tell me!Thanks in advance!Best regards!

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I am looking at some dual core processors. Im not planning on buying them but I cant find any reviews that list their average running and idle temperatures (I found Tom's Hardware Reviews but they only list average wattage use)...

Does anyone have a chart or something I can see???

A:Dual Core Processor average Temperatures..

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Hi guys,

I just recently built a new computer with a Quad Core CPU (Intel Quad Core Q6600), 3 GB RAM and the ASUS P5N32-E motherboard.

Because the DX10 cards are so expensive right now I decided to wait off getting a new graphics card for a while and use my old ATI Radeon X850XT PE from my old computer.

It's been running fine for about two weeks now. But recently I've been crashing a lot while playing games (some of which are pretty old and shouldn't be that hard to run).

I decided to check out what temperatures its running at so I downloaded ATITools and Speed Fan.

While running KoTOR my GPU core temperature was sitting around 79-82 degrees celcius. After 20-30 min my computer crashed. The CPU temperature was around 45-50 degrees celcius.

I tried Counter Strike: Source as well and the temperatures were sitting around 85-89 degrees celcius on the GPU and 47-50 on the CPU.

I've tried taking the GFX card out of the case and cleaning any dust out of the fan and heatsink. I couldn't figure out how to unscrew the the plastic casing accross the top of the fan and heatsink, so instead I just sucked as much dust out as I could with a vacuum clearner. There's still some dust built up around the fan blades and in between the vertical elements of the heatsink. I think that I could probably do a better job clearing out the dust later with an air gun.

In the meantime I just wanted to know whether these temperatures were something to worry about or a... Read more

A:Solved: Question about normal GPU/CPU temperatures and overheating.

Hey guys, bit of an update for you:

I was messing around in ATITools and I discovered the Fan Controls section. I set it to override the driver fan control and aim to keep the temperature at about 70 degrees celcius. I think booted up HL2 with max settings.

Now, I know that my gfx card can handle HL2 with everything turned up and on high resolution because I played the game from start to finish on my old computer with no problems and no overheatings.

Keeping an eye on both the fan speed and the GPU temperature I played the game. It maintained a 70 degree temperature easily, without using the full 100% fan speed. In fact in most situations the fan speed was about 80-90%. The highest I see it climb to was 98% during the whole time.

It crashed again, but only when I started changing the sound options around.

This got me thinking about all of the crashes I've had. The one consistent factor was sound irregularities. In KoTOR I couldn't run the game with sound working properly unless I forced it to run through software. On any other mode there was really weird distortions.

Thinking that it might be the sound card I openned up the case took it out. I cleaned away a lot of dust from the back of the board and also moved it up to a different PCI slot. I haven't installed the drivers yet; however, it seems to working fine.

I'm going to test it now to see if it crashes anymore.

Wish me luck

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Hello, I've been having a problem with my Core i7 temperatures.

First off: I fully understand that Core i7's run notoriously hot, however these temperatures are unacceptable considering the aftermarket heatsink + fan, CPU revision (D0), and VCore voltages I have setup for my system.

After lowering my CPU's VCore voltage to 1v, STOCK Clocks (2.66GHz~), reapplying Arctic Silver 5, reseating the Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 heatsink, I still get temperatures of 65c load! I should be getting MUCH cooler temperatures with this setup, around 50c or below load. Please help, i'm racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with this.

My case airflow should be fine, though my wiring isn't as organized as i'd like.

(Note: In that picture, the left fan is pointing so that the air would be flowing inward. I have since turned back so it is exhausting hot air to the rear exhaust fan)

My system specs are as follows:

Case: Lian Li 7B Plus II
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 LGA1366 Revision D0
MOBO: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
RAM: OCZ Gold 3x2GB DDR3 1600 (7-7-7-25)
VGA: Visiontek ATI Radeon 4870 X2
HDD: WD 250GB (Upgrading to 2x SSD's in RAID0 in Dec.)

A:Excessively High Core i7 920 D0 Temperatures - /w Noctua NH-U12P

Hi Type,
assuming that you applied the thermal compound correctly, make sure that all the corners(fastening points) are secure. I have seen a number of instances where one of the fasteners was not secure and with the weight of these HS/F's, if it tilts, or pulls down just .001" from the CPU heatspreader, it will cause problems. I laid one machine on its side and the temp went down 18C.

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Hello everybody I wonder if my temperature values are normal.I took a screenshot about an hour after opening my computer. I opened few tabs in the browser and listened to music with winamp for some time.Briefly, for a general use, are the following values normal?(Thank you in advance)  CPU: Intel I7-4700QM 2.4GRAM: 8GSSHD: 1T+8G

Go to Solution.

A:Ablout core temperatures Y510p single GPU (755m) ?

Completely normal. For web browsing with 10 tabs or more plus mp3 / flash player music, mid 40s is completely normal. I get the same readings for my 2.2 year old Y470. I'd be concerned with Full load temps when encoding videos that use all threads such as Handbrake because my Core Temp reaches to 90 - 93 degrees Celsius (Turbo Boost is always ON).

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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I was being driven crazy by a high-pitched ‘chirping’ noise coming (as I could see, well, hear, on opening the PC case and investigating more closely), from an area around the CPU (i7-4790K, not overclocked (i.e. @ 4.00GHz. & 4.40GHz turbo)

Googling finally lead to this thread:

high pitched noise coming from cpu area [Solved] - Motherboards - Motherboards

and I followed through on these instructions there:

1. Execute: "regedit"
2 .Locate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Power \ PowerSettings \ 54533251-82be-4824-96c1-47b60b?740d00 \ 5d76a2ca-e8c0-402f-a133-215849?2d58ad
3. Change Attributes from 1 to 0.
4. Then, through the control panel - power - in the settings mode select power management processor. There will be an option disabling idle processor and high pitched noise immediately disappears.

It worked a treat, no more annoying squeaking.

But if the “All CPU Meter” gadget on my desktop is at all accurate (how close do these gadgets get to the real core temperatures? They can jump up and down ten degrees or more between one second reading intervals), as also explained in the same thread – and logically enough – the core temperatures, when running MS Flight Simulator (which is what this PC mostly does) are about 15 degs C higher than when Idle Processor is enabled. (When MSFS is running, I get core temps between 45 degrees & 70 degs (usually a... Read more

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Hi to all,
I would like to know which are the normal working temperatures for the Intel i7-4500u and the AMD Radeon 8850M graphics card of the Dell Inspiron 3537,while normal working, and while playing games with huge CPU and GPU usage?
And which are the normal RPMs of the fans?
And which is the most reliable and precise program which could show me theirs temps (and the fans RPMs)?
Please tell me!
Thanks in advance!
Best regards!

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What are the normal operating temperatures for a Lenovo Y510? I am getting operating temperatures sometimes over 80 degrees C. Specifically, I can monitor temp1, core0 and core1. Right now I have two YouTube videos that I am running in my webbrowser just to stress the PC. The ambient temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While these two videos are running temp 1 peaked at about 79 C and is running about 75 C. Both Core1 & Core2 peaked at about 75 C and are running about 57 degrees C. How can these temperatures be kept low? By cleaning the fan duct? Lubricating the fan? Changing the thermal paste? Are there one or more links that describe how to do these procedures? Thanks,BIOS1  

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Hi to all,
I would like to know which are the normal operating temperatures of the  Intel I7-4500u and the AMD Radeon 8850M --- the CPU and the GPU of my Dell Inspiron 3537?
And which are the normal temperatures of these CPU and GPU while playing games with huge usage of these CPU and GPU?
I would also like to know which is the normal range of the speed of the fans,while normal working on the laptop , and while playing games with huse usage  use of these CPU and GPU?
And which is the most reliable program for monitoring the CPU's and GPU's temps and speed of the fans?(SpeedFan or HWiNFO64 Program or MSI Afterburner for an eg. ??)
Please someone answer to me!
Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Best regards!

A:Which are the normal operating temperatures of the Intel I7-4500u and the AMD Radeon 8850M(the CPU and the GPU of Dell Inspiron 3537)?

What is the current OS installed on the system? Is there any issue on the system while playing games? Does the system overheat?
The maximum  cpu / gpu could go from 75 °C - 100 °C and the fan usually kicks in when there is excess heat being generated.
If the system overheats and the fan makes a lot of noise, firstly update the BIOS and reinstall the video drivers from the support site - link below. You could also reinstall the video drivers from the vendor site - Intel or AMD, depending on the issue on the system.
If the overheat is not reduced, then there might be dust accumulated in the air vents and the fan assembly. This needs be cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. Download the service manual here - http://dell.to/29DfXXz
The SpeedFan is a good utility to monitor the fan and cpu temperature levels.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Do I need to learn and/or do something about "temperatures"
I run a lot of programs at the same time (I have been restarting only if the machine complains or the screen won't redraw or something) and someone just told me that I could overheat and kill the computer, so I just ran a program called AIDA - Personal System Information.
Can you tell me if my computer is "normal". Once I start working on applications the temps climb and don't really go down much if I close them. Is this normal or should I be worried about frying this computer?

When I do a normal boot (Norton AV/FW, Adsgone and the AIDA program), I get:
Motherboard - 49 C (120 F)
CPU - 45 C (113 F)
Aux - 37 C (99 F)
Cooling Fans:
CPU - 2411 RPM
Chassis - 3245 RPM

When I open Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint/AnimationShop, MS ImageComposer, Outlook and IE running, I get:
Motherboard - 51 C (124 F)
CPU - 66 C (151 F)
Aux - 37 C (99 F)
Cooling Fans:
CPU - 2377 RPM
Chassis - 3245 RPM

I don't know if you need this info, but this is a short summary:
Operating System - Microsoft Windows ME
CPU Type - AMD Athlon-PECM, 1000 MHz (5 x 200)
Motherboard Name - Asus A7S-LE (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
Motherboard Chipset - SiS 730S
System Memory - 304 MB (SDRAM)
BIOS Type - Award Medallion (05/09/01)

Thank You

A:how to tell if temperatures are "normal"

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Hi all quite new to posting . but i got everest and temperatures are reading cooling fan cpu 2.3 ,, h/d temp 29 ... gpu tempreture 61 gpu is Nvidea Gforce00GTS ,,, cpu core1 36 ,,, temp cpu 26 ,,, motherboard 46 motherboard is ASUS PK5PL ...
please could you let me know if these are ok as not to sure on gpu cpu and motherboard temperatures , thanks

A:Temperatures for PC

The spelling errors and or typos and lack of decent grammatical structure make your post pretty tough to follow.

If I'm interpreting everything right it looks ok, except maybe the GPU, if it idles that high something isn't right.

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hi all, i have the following issue, when i start windows 7 ultimate my cpu in idle is 34 to 37 celcius , 2% cpu use, full load goes up to 50 celcius (games like fear series, cod 2 4 and 6,crysis etc) , 65% cpu use ,ok, idle again goes to 34 as stated, but when it comes out of suspension the temps in idle are 49 celcius, 2% cpu use and never go down, if the cpu was in use after suspension ok that could be a reazon , but is only 2% use .
i checked all the processes and they are the same as before going into suspension. then in full load(after coming out of supension) it goes up to 65 celcius(gaming).
i restart windows and again in idle is 34 celcius , what is going on here?
can anyone help me?
why i suspend it? , cause i have an htpc, it takes 2 seconds to be ready again, with gygabite ga-ma780-gpm-ds2h amd 5000+ be (overclocked to 3ghz for my games) 2g ram, maxorb fan (full speed) , 3 back fans, another over integrated hd3200 graphic card, mozart htpc vfd and remote control case and vizio 42 inche hd tv as monitor.
any ideas?



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Good Evening,

I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice on a strange CPU temperatures.

The basic sum up is this, while playing Borderlands on my computer a couple of days ago after replacing the motherboard ( The cpu + heatsink were already installed ) and everything was normal and it just switched off, just turned off and would not turn on for a few mins. I thought ok, something probably over heated or what not!

So installed CPUID hardware moniter to watch my temperatures.

I idle around 50C on all 4 cores ( Intel Q6700 )
I play borderlands and the first two cores have gone up to 83C before I turned the game off and INSTANTLY dropped in temperature back down to about 50/60, even if I alt tab the temperate starts dropping right away.
Yet when I play heroes of Newearth all cores average 60C and go no higher ever.

What i find odd the heatsink is stone cold, there is no heat in the case at all. But why is it showing the temperature being so variable and so high without reason...

Could it be the heatsink isnt on right or there was something else wrong?

Any advice would be most appreciated!


PS -I ran heavyload and it pushed my temperature up to the mid 80's in seconds!

A:Odd CPU temperatures

Have you run your antivirus and malware scans recently?

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I have a custom Athlon 64 3000+, 1 gig ram, radeon 9800 pro, and an MSI k8t neo fsr. The problem is that my cpu temperature keeps switching drastically (by about 20 degrees) every now and then when i turn it on. For example, today my cpu temperature is at around 47 degrees C, and it will idle in the high 40 range for the rest of the day. However when i turn it on tomorrow it may be in the high 20 range all day. It has been switching off between these ranges about every other other day. Is this a misread or is there something seriously wrong with my computer?

A:VERY odd cpu temperatures

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Hi my computer has been crashing with the BSOD and I notice it happens after my computer is on for a while and im running a lot of programs at once. It think it might be the PWM temperature but the maximum it gets is about 56-58 degrees celsius. My CPU and System temp always remain at around 40. Could this be causing the crashing? or is it just a coincidence that I think my comp crashes after its been on too long? Please give me some answers these BSOD are getting really annoying.

A:PWM Temperatures

what does the BSOD say

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Hey guys,

My (stock speed) Intel Q9550 @2.83Ghz is running at temps of 105 degrees Celcius or 221 degrees farenheight (for those not from my country)

I dont think this is normal, am i right?

I think this is the sole reason for my constant computer freezes?

Im guessing Im right and I have to get a new CPU fan/heatsink and some top quality thermal paste.

Any suggestions for socket 775? I want the absolute best fan solution available with the best thermal paste known...

A:CPU temperatures

What are you using to monitor those temps? Because that is insanely high

No, those temps are far from normal. I'd check that your HSF is properley attached. ie all the pins are firmly pushed in.

Some good CPU Heatsinks are the TRUE 120mm, or either the Noctua NH-U12P or NH-C12P. There are a few others that are good too.

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Looking to test my CPU, GPU, Motherboard... I heard Speccy isn't the best program for this and I already use it. Thanks!

A:Best for PC temperatures?

Speccy is perfect. Who told you such a rubbish. There were some problems with AMD CPUs. But that was not a Speccy problem.

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ok, I'm running an athlon xp 1800+, just bought it a few weeks ago...and from what I've been reading around here...we have some heat problems...I got the retail, so im using the heatsink and fan that came with the cpu.

the cpu is running at 52 degrees celcius, this seems to be the max it hits...what is a good speed to have the cpu running at? and will a system fan help to cool the cpu down also?

A:Cpu Temperatures

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Hello people,

I have been checking into cpu temps and voltages just to keep an eye on things when I noticed one of my TMPIN temperatures is high. This would be TMPIN1 at 127c. I took a screen shot of Cpuid hardware monitor so you can see. I'm still not clear what they are for. Can someone let me know what I have to do to bring this temperature down? and or, what these are even for?

See attachment:


eMachines Support - Specifications

They don't even mention what the normal temp should be on their site. Seems high at 127.

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I have no idea if im in the right section of the forum, or if this forum even helps with this kind of problems but ill try. (feel free to move my thread/delete it if im in wrong section or entirely wrong forum).

Computer: Acer Aspire V3-771G with i5-3230M (internal HD 4000) and external Geforce GT 740M. System model: NC-V3-771G-53238G75MAII.
I have now been watching my computers temperatures with the SpeeFan program becouse my computer is getting hotter than usually (Its very hot season here where i live and it propably has a part to this). Still, i know what all of those temperatures means (GPU, HDD, Core1, Core2) but i dont know what Temp1 means. When i checked it out it said ACPI under the chip section. What does that mean ? Is it my motherboard or what ? I has been going between 70-80Celcius. Id just like to know what temperature is that so i can find out more information about it and see if its too hot. (I tried to google it alot and some ppl said it is a motherboard and some ppl said it is related to my cpu/gpu temps).

If im in entirely wrong forum, can someone suggest me some forum where i can go to ?



If you do not have air conditioning and running the computer in hot ambient air. The readings are going to be high. I use Core Temp on my son's laptop. It does a better job then Speed Fan in reading the temps. A lot of heat comes from the hard drives alone. Next is the GPU if you are pushing it really hard.

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Hi all,
Just out of interest could anyone tell me what sort of temperature an AMD xp1600+ chip should be expected to go up to without problems. Or indeed any of the newer chips out these days
Just wondering thats all

Thanx in advance

A:cpu temperatures?

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The system in my signature has both, W7 and W8 installed. The dual boot is managed by the EUFI/BIOS via the "F12" key, instead of using Windows for this purpose. As such, both OSs run on the same hardware; the only exception is the system or "C" drive, each OS has it's own SSD drive.

Despite the same hardware that obviously have the cooling capacity, there's a temperature difference between the two OS. This has been verified by HWMonitor:

It's a sort of mixed bag, in W7 the CPU runs cooler while in W8.1 the GPU runs cooler. The latter one is probably due to utilizing AMD Eyefinity, or offloading the multi-monitor setup to the GPU.

In either case, W8.1 seems more power hungrary than W7. Did others noticed the same?

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At what temperature is considered "normal". Im running a pentium 3 933, and my case temperatures are in the late 30's (celsius), but my processor is at right about 50. Is this normal, or should i take xtra measures for cooling?

A:CPU temperatures

50 is a little high in my mind idling. I am running an P3 850 @ 1054 with an idle cpu temp of 38. I believe intel says 70 max but the machine will lock up well before that. Are you using retail fan/heatsink or another combo. If you installed yourself did you use thermal paster or even better arctic silver paste. My opinion

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5 questions

Which Temperature is normal for memory ram?
Which Temperature is normal for Motherboard?
Which Temperature is normal for CPU?
Which Temperature is normal for hard disk?

Is there any good hardware temperature viewing/watching program?


I think it all depends on the type of hardware you have.

RAM - not sure

Motherboard - there are so many components on the board, I don't know how you would measure the temp. Where would you measure it? The air around it? The northbridge? Some other component?

CPU - it depends on your CPU. Mine is a Quad core intel and the HIGH is 71.4C but there are two sensors inside it. Here's a great guide on this.
Sticky: Core i7 and Core 2 Temperature Guide

Hard disk - not sure. My "normal" one (not SSD) is 35C(95F) right now and it's not even being used so hotter than that.

Good programs are....Real temp, CPUID H/W monitor, everest, SIW.

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Well i was using my new computer for about 6 hours or so and the case seemed pretty warm so i decided to check the temperature through the bios... by the way is there an easier way to check temperature? so i restarted and my cpu was at like 124 degrees and my system was at like 102 sorry bout the non celsius lol but is that too much do you think? i just put on the heatsink and paste and im not sure i did that right so that might be a problem?


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idk if this is the right spot, but here i go: (http://computerforums.org/showthread...779#post561779)
you can read there for everything cause i don't want to type it again...sry for the laziness. on page 2 there are some pics of my mobo's menus.


Since your CPU is sitting at 59C and your system is at 33C I would have to say that this is more of a CPU HS/fan issue. You may want to remove it, replace the paste and reseat it.

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At what temperatures for the CPU and MB should I start to be concerned about overheating? Do graphics cards overheat or are their built-in fans usually sufficient? Is cooler always better?


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Hi all,

Just wondering: what is considered a "high" temperature for a CPU and GPU? I downloaded a program called SpeedFan which tells me the temperature of my processor and GPU. It tells me the temperature of each core and 3 of them are about 28-35 degrees while idle, but core two says -128 degrees. I don't understand why, could that be an error or does it mean something?

Also, is 60 degrees a little hot for my GPU while idling? SpeedFan displays icons next to the temperature: blue arrow means cool, red arrow means heating up, and fire means hot. My GPU displays the fire icon. I think I'm going to have to add in another fan or two.





Those temperatures seem very normal. A high temperature for a CPU is 70C. nVidia GPUs can safely get up to 100C, but I believe in reality, they could go hotter.

60 for your GPU is actually quite cool.

I can't say I understand why one core is reported at -128. Try another program, such as Real Temp - CPU temperature monitoring

I have always used Speedfan, so I can't actually recommend another specific program.

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I was wondering if my CPU temps were alright because I am a little concerned. I am using motherboard monitor to keep track of my temps at full load running my CPU fan at a low speed. (Have it at med or max makes me not sleep )

The reason it is at full load when I leave it overnight while I sleep if because I am encoding videos

CPU = 48*C
MOBO Chipset = 45*C

Does anyone think these are high? I was also not sure if motherboard monitor was configured right but since the CORE temp would be higher I thought I had set it up right.

CPU is using "LM90 local" sensor
CPU CORE is using "LM90 remote" sensor
MOBO chipset is using "WinBond 1" sensor

A:CPU Temperatures???

What are your specs? knowing the CPU would help put the temp into perspective.
Personally, I prefer mine to be a bit cooler than that, even at full load, but you are in no danger with those readings.

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I have a laptop Msi FX600. It has:
Msi MegaBook FR600/FX600 motherboard
Intel Core i5 460m - Intel? Core
nVidia GeForece gt325m - The NVIDIA? GeForce? GT 325M GPU hits the sweet spot for mobile users who demand great performance and an awesome multimedia experience.
Western Digital 5200rpm sata 2

This laptop has been a hottie since I've got it. I bought it about 2010 mid-December. Maybe this laptop was designed for these temperatures? Even notebookcheck.net says that during stress test this laptop reached 97C CPU temperature (Review MSI FX600 Notebook - Notebookcheck.net Reviews).
In this laptop bios I can change performance level. LV1, LV2(recommended), LV3, LV4 and LV5. Since this laptop is running hot, I use LV1 level.

Please, dont recommend for me to clean this laptop, or buy a pad for cooling it.
I can't clean it because of a warranty sticker, so i cant open this laptop.
I can't buy pad, because I use this laptop in different rooms, it would be very uncomfortable.

I think that it would be great if you would recommend any program, which would start stopping my CPU when temperatures would reach 80C.

This is laptops sensors shown by AIDA at IDLE:

This is when CPU/FPU was stressed for 1 minute:

And this is when CPU/FPU was stressed for 1 minute with MSI TDE (turbo drive engine) enabled:
[IMG=http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/4329/trecias.t... Read more


Try using a differnet program like hwonitor.

Software temperture monitoring is not always accurate, try looking in the bios to see what the temps are like there, hw monitor says my cpu is idleing very low, sometimes like 14c, which isnt right at all, speedfan says that one of my componants, that isn't there, is at -128c and that i have a massive volatage drop on my 3.3 v, whihc i know it hasnt.

Laptop cpus do run hot, the i5 450m has apparantly got a max temp of 105c and ive read people palying games with the cpu at 85-90c for hours without problems, cpus have safe guards in place to protect against overheating, try bencing for at least an hour and see if the system remains stable.

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