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3000 N100 0768B9G. Touchpad not recognized after cleaning

Q: 3000 N100 0768B9G. Touchpad not recognized after cleaning

I had to open the laptop casing and used this to wipe the usually hidden edges of the sensitive surface of the touchpad with a damp cloth. After reassembling and starting, the touchpad seemed working as the pointer responded to the touch. I had to re-attach the keyboard. After that the touchpad was not recognized. The connection to the mainboard seems fine but I re-plugged it. If relevant or not (assuming the touchpad is responsible only for moving and clicking), if the pointer happens over a link, the URL is shown, that is the pointer is active. 1) The connection to the touchpad seems to have no plug, i.e. is soldered, and I didn't check it. Should I, even after a short intervention that I did? 2) There is a dark glossy bulging surface ca. 1x.5" on the bottom (back) of the touchpad. Just in case, should this be open or covered? 3) Should I need a replacement, how do I find compatible ones?

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Preferred Solution: 3000 N100 0768B9G. Touchpad not recognized after cleaning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have the 0768-a49 model which came with vista business. I downgraded to XP pro sp2 ever since then i've been having alot of problems. I even try going back to vista, but didn't help, so i just kept it at xp........1-finger print reader doesn't work. installed driver, installed software,nothing. 2-same thing with bluetooth. the wifi and bluetooth switch is the same. wifi works, bluetooth doesn't come on at all. 3-usb connect disconnect when i press any button on the keyboard-tried different bios like stated in the other thread, but didnt work. 4-sound works,but when i plug a headphone i get sound on from both headphones and laptop speakers. Can someone help me solve these problems, especially the usb. I been using alot of flash cards and i can't connect them to transfer files.....

A:Nothing but problems with Lenovo n100 3000

You should go to the Lenovo Driver Matrix, to download and install all drivers listed, using the text explanations exactly.
When done properly, your Lenovo 0768-A49 will work just fine.
As a shortcut, you can install the Systems update 3.14 by your model:
. C200
Or you can connect to the Lenovo site and let their system tell you what you need and install it for you.
Basically, you need the Chipset most importantly, being sure your BIOS is up to date.
The Matrix will show you exactly what you need... it can be as many as 35 download installs, depending on your exact model.
Or you can buy the Lenovo WXP Professional disk set by telephone for less than $50 including shipping.

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I recently had to restore my laptop to factory default settings because of a virus that i had caught on my computer. With doing that i installed all of lenovo software for my computer such as sound drivers, built in webcam etc..my computer works fine but the only thing im having problems with is the usb ports. They are not reading any external devices such as my microphone and usb external devices..

Ive been researching and i think its the bios but not sure i downgraded to the previous bios but with doin that the sound didnt work and the wireless internet wasnt read either..then i updated to the bios and everything works fine except the usb ports still.i also tried to update the ports and uninstalling and reinstalling but it still didnt work

if anybody has any ideas on how to get this problem please reply to this post please its very appreciated

A:USB problem with lenovo 3000 n100

See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers
See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates as well

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I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 (0768-2CU) and I can't seem to find the drivers here... My model doesn't show in the dropdown slection under drivers & downloads.  If did find the drivers for the N200 but I have the N100.   Anybody know where I might find them?

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A:Lenovo 3000 N100 Drivers?

Good day and welcome to the community.
Please visit the EOL driver site: http://download.lenovo.com/eol/index.html
Once you make your selections in the three dropdown menus, you should be presented with your driver listing.
Hope this helps.

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Hi.I've got some problems with my computer. 1. Due to some unexplainable reason, whenever I type something on the keyboard, all my USB ports stop working for the time I'm typing. When I stop typing it takes a few seconds to recognize the USB device currently attached and it starts working again.  2. Another problem is with my sound driver. It's kind of messed up. I can't hear any sounds from the speakers unless I've plugged in headphones. And while they're plugged in I can hear sound from both, the speakers and the headphones. At the moment I've disabled front panel jack detection and I can hear sound from the speakers without having to plug anything in, although when I do, I don't hear sound from the headphones, but still from the speakers. 3. I haven't been able to find any working drivers for my SD card reader. 4. The driver for the fingerprint reader does not work. The device manager shows that I have AuthenTec AES2501A installed but when going to Biometric devices in the control panel, it says that Windows didn't find any biometric devices. 5. I've been unable to get my bluetooth device to work. I've tried adding a new device and it can't find any, even when I have several working near the comupter. Also, trying to see all the devices I have connected to via Bluetooth, the window pops up and never stops loading. Without showing any devices. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Lenovo 3000 N100 0689. I would appreciate some hel... Read more

A:Lenovo 3000 N100 trouble.

did you try to perform clean windows installation by pressing one key recover button?

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Hello folks, I recently picked up some second hand laptops as projects for spare time and to learn a bit more. One of these is a Lenovo 3000 N100. I'm not sure of the exact model as the COA sticker is worn away. The laptop came without RAM, Hard drive, or battery! I'm aware this may be more effort than its worth, but wanted to give it a go..... With RAM installed, the white Lenovo splash screen displays (sometimes quickly, sometimes takes ages) - if i press Esc then the following info is displayed: Unknown Project ID!!! BIOS Version ??? 61ET32WWCPU = Intel (R) Celeron (R) M CPU 410 @ 1.46GHz1023M System RAM Passed1024K Cache SRAM PassesSystem BIOS ShadowedVideo BIOS shadowedCD ROM.....Mouse Initialized Pressing F1 or F12 does not do anything. The following errors are then displayed, which from Google I can see is a common problem. However, I cant find a fix that applies to me. PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cablePXE:MOF:exiting PXE ROMOperating System not found. From what I can see online, the laptop is trying to boot from a network/LAN. I tried an XP boot CD with no joy.I can't access BIOS to change boot priorities.The RAM appears to be functioning judging by the above messages?I tried putting in a blank HDD and removing it (tested HDD using novatech USB SATA adapter, appears to be working fine). Is my next option to reset the CMOS battery? I should add that on the first screen I initially received error codes 0271 and 0251 regardi... Read more

A:3000 N100 PXE Error, won't boot to BIOS

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I'm not an owner of your model, but in reviewing the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the N100 it notes that you must press the Lenovo Care Button when the computer is powered up.  You will then be presented with a menu from which you can access the BIOS Setup.  Page #104 of the manual will show you the location of the Care Button.  Here is a link to that manual for your reference......
As for clearing the CMOS, it is probably not needed.  If the time and date were cleared and you received a CMOS checksum error then all the information stored in the CMOS was likely cleared  when the battery lost power from sitting unused.
Once you are able to get into the BIOS you should be able to correct the boot order so that you can use the XP boot disc.

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Please tell me from where I can buy 3000 N100 0768 battery in India

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Greetings, This isa free laptop, Lenovo 3000 N100. I bought a power supply for it. It was running a Non-Genuine version of Windows 7 so I formatted and installed Puppy Linux. Problem: The fan runs for a couple of seconds during bootup, then no more. The laptop will shutdown randomly, I assume from overheating but I don't know that. The battery is dead so I pulled it out and am running straight off the power supply. I pulled the fan out and taped (3) 1.5V batteries together, hooked some leads to them and found that the fan runs fine and continuously. I cleaned out all dust found in the air vent. This has not fixed the problem. Something is telling the fan to shut off. Don't know if this is a motherboard problem or what? It is so far a free computer aside from the power supply. Any ideas? Thanks,Doug 

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A:Lenovo 3000 N100 Fan Runs 2 seconds

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
The fan problem maybe why the computer was free especially if you dumpster dived it.
With the fan wired to the batteries does the computer still shut down randomly?  You could also see if Linux has any apps or software for temperature monitoring to confirm overheating.  If overheating is an issue you should probably renew the thermal paste and see that the heat sink is securely mounted.  Either of those can lead to high temperatures.  If overheating is not an issue it just might be that the computer isn't getting hot enough for the fan to kick in for additional cooling.

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Hi everyone,

I have recently acquired a Lenovo 3000 N100 768-BXG and like many people with the N100 have massive USB problems.

Now I have read up and discovered that this is a problem with the BIOS which seems to affect all the available BIOS except the 1.08 version for machines preloaded with Vista - well I have the 2.06 BIOS for machines preloaded for XP.

I have read that I can flash the BIOS to an earlier version designed for the C200 (specifically that contained in the 63af02us.exe update, DL20102A.WPH) which is I think the 1.02 BIOS - then I can reboot and it will then allow me to flash to the fixed (ie: USB working properly!) 1.08 BIOS.

Now for the meat of the question: I have installed Win7 on the laptop as it came with no HDD thus no recovery partition etc. Do I have to wipe this install and install WinXP Pro in order to perform the BIOS flash? Can it be done from Win7 safely or at all?

I have never flashed any BIOS except my router although I am fairly confident that I have read and understood everything required. My problem is that I don't really understand the detail of BIOS and am only able to post this due to scouring other people's posts on this and other forums.

Can anyone out there confirm that I have the process correct, and answer my questions?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me


EDIT: The laptop has no battery at all - I know it is recommended to have a charged battery before BIOS flashing but is it essen... Read more

A:Help resolving USB problem with Lenovo 3000 N100?

If there is a downloadable Windows based bios flashing utility from Lenovo for your model laptop you should be able to use it to flash the bios without much trouble, regardless of the Windows version installed. Don't worry about having no battery installed. Bios flashing should never be done on battery power alone. If the laptop can boot from the CD/DVD you could flash the bios using a CD/DVD image. You will also have an option to back up the current bios to a file. If the bios flashing fails, the laptop may be rendered useless, so no recovery can be attempted

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I have an Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook, TYPE: 0768-04U which came loaded with Vista operating system. The battery that came with it was DOA so I ordered a new battery from Lenovo which is working fine.

The issue I'm experiencing is as follows:

After using the notebook where everything is working just fine. No devices with any issues, I go through a normal shutdown and leave the notebook off for a day or two with the new battery in (fully charged) and the power cable plugged in.

Upon trying to boot up, the Rescue & Recovery process kicks off automatically and Vista will not boot. However, if I take the battery out and unplug the power chord and leave it sitting for a day or so and then put the battery back in and plug the power chord in, it boots up with Vista with no problems.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this or what to do to remedy this situation?


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Dear all I have troubles with my battery on my old LENOVO 3000 N100 0768 I would like to reset battery , but power manager can not detect my battery, there is text" battery is not installed" Could you tell me correct version of power manager and HOTKEYS for that  model, which is working. Or is there any other possibility how to reset battery? Thank you very much Steve

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Hello community. I am owner of this old laptop. As I am a student i've gained access to free Microsoft software - including Windows 10. I've always used Xp on this laptop before but now i wanted to try out this new OS. The problem is, that everything works fine besides that i have no sound. In audio device tab i only have S/PDIF audio device which generates no sound from speakers(obviously). I have already tried drivers installed from EOL in compatibility mode but with no luck. Any ideas how to fix that?

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I have a IBM Lenovo N100 3000 laptop that keeps shutting down at random, it doesnt matter what you do it shuts off when it feels like, what i notice is if it is off for a while it will stay on longer before the first shutdown but once the first shutdown occurs it just keep on doing so as soon as around 5 minutes after bootup.
I thought it was having a heat issue so I opened the section where the fan and processor heatsink is and cooled it manually with an external fan, i actually had my hand on the processor heatsink one of the time when it shut down and it was extremely cool.
I reformatted my hard drive and installed a fresh copy of windows...same problem
I went into BIOS and left it there to see what happen...it shut right off just the same!!!
(I also noticed in the BIOS there is no power management nor temperature readings even though I have ruled out overheating previously I would have loved to see these settings)
so now i'm down to definitely a hardware issue!!
I replaced my memory to see if that was the culprit.....it shuts down just the same!

oops my battery is no good so I wondered if that was the influence so I removed the battery completely and booted it on just AC power...it shuts down just the same!
Could you experts please kindly advice me of what other possible hardware could be causing this problem?
I have tried my best, I really dont know what else to do.

A:IBM Lenovo N100 3000 laptop that keeps shutting down

Sounds like overheating. If the thermal paste has worn and/or is not making proper contact with the CPU heat sink and fan, your computer will overheat and shut down quickly, to prevent damage.

Also, the heatsink WILL appear cold in that case, because proper heat transfer isn't taking place, so the heat doesn't really transfer to the heat sink accordingly thus seeming "cold." If you can, re-apply the thermal paste or have a technician do it for you.

Another thing to do is make sure the fan and heatsink aren't full of lint/dust, etc. That can prevent heat dissipation and cause overheating.

If none of those work, you are looking at a different type of hardware problem, such as a faulty motherboard or CPU.

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My Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop, running Windows XP Professional keeps getting a message on the bottom right corner of the screen from the information message spot that says:

Windows - Corrupt File
C:\System Volume
(A8393674-085C-4723-B63E-39928C5F4C89) -\RP1206 is
corrupt and unreadable. Please run Chkdsk utility.

I ran the Chkdsk utility and it ran 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3.
It stated:
File type is NTFS
Warning: F parameter not specified.
Correcting error $ 130 for file 11593

then went on to repair many errors. But it didn't change the Window -Corrupt File note/warning. The computer runs for a while, then craps on me and freezes up. Any help appreciated. Bill

A:Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop has corrupt file

Try running system file checker


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Despite being plugged into AC power, my Lenovo 3000 N100 shuts down after about one minute. It boots properly but suddenly shuts down. I have not used this laptop much since purchasing it in 2006 and have seldom used it on battery power alone. Any suggestions before I buy a new battery? Maybe I am mistaken, but shouldn't the computer work on AC despite a depleted battery?

A:Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop shuts down after about 1 minute

Hi Charleydog and welcome to the community,
Take the battery out  and unplug the ac.  Hold the power button down for about 15 seconds.  Do it twice.  Then plug only the ac in and see if it fires up.

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Hello Everyone !

I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 0768FGG model. I'm facing a problem when I press any key on the keyboard any device connected to USB port disconnects and reconnects. This is really frustrating I've been searching for the solution on the internet for quite some time and I came across this board. So please can anyone help me with this problem? It will be a great help if anyone can advise a solution..... Thanks

Kind Regards


A:USB disconnects when any key is pressed on the keyboard : Lenovo 3000 N100

Yes Faisal,
a bios upgrade will fix this issue. Check for a bios update from Lenovo support

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My laptop was working fine last summer until the Windows Genuine Advantage kept popping up telling me it wanted to verify if my OS was valid. I tried to shut it down or disable it and windows started to behave strangely to the point that it would not load at all. I purchased the laptop in December 2008 from Micro Center in Houston brand new. I have the sticker on the laptop that tells me the OS is valid.

Lenovo did not ship with the rescue and recovery disks, instead it has a rescue partition. The rescue partition would not restore the laptop. So I tried the rescue and recovery DVD I created. Somehow it did not create the product recovery CDs. When I called Lenovo about this problem, they belittled me and then charged me $50 for the set of Product CDs. I thought my troubles were over, wrong!

After installing the CDs windows almost loaded and then it went to the blue screen of death. This happened a few times. I tried reinstalling the disks and everytime I would receive a different error message, it is missing drivers, it can't locate a file, etc.

Today it returned:
The application or DLL X:minint\system32\umpnpmgr.dll is not a valid Windows image, Please check this against your installation diskette.

Product Recovery could not find file Z:\UBREC.CMD

I called Lenovo and again, no help. I am at a loss. My laptop was fine until the Microsoft Genuine Advantage pop-up kept showing up. And Lenovo is not providing any support for the faulty CDs they sold me.
... Read more

A:Problems restoring Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop XP Professional

I don't think XP is sold any longer, but if you can find an XP install disc, you can use it to delete the old partition(s) and freshly format the hard drive and install XP correctly

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Hello, this is my first post. I am new member. I also am a very novice/amateur computer user and so I need some help from some pros or anyone that has experienced a similar problem and can help fix my laptop. I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop model number 0768 6EU. About a week ago I updated/downloaded a bunch of software upgrades from Lenovo's website recommended for this computer. Prior to this download I was able to connect to my wireless home network. But after the download of various required/recommended software upgrades it no longer connects to the wireless home network. my other laptops connect so I know that it is not my wireless router. I have tried various things recommended by the ThinkVantage access connection on my computer but I get the following on that: signal strength: 0%, status: disconnected, IP address: not assigned. I also ran the diagnostic tools and it gave me the following: connection status: disconnected, cause: wireless stack initialization failed, error code: 118, recommended action please check the wireless driver installation. I even went to the Intel wireless 3945 abg hardware properties window and pressed the tab to revert back to the prior driver for the wireless card. I would appreciate any help. I know this message/post is long but it is the only way I can explain what is going on 

A:Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook cannot connect to my wireless network

I think it could be a few possible thngs.1. try to reinstall your wireless driver2. Open up Access Advantage and check your wireless network settings like network name SSID.3. Power off/on your router and modem and then your wireless radio. Mike  

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Hi there,
Can anyone help me? I'm quite desperate here.
I'm having problem with my keyboard/USB.
When I press any key on the keyboard, that instant all USB devices are disconnected. And soon after I unpress it, the system will detect all USB devices like they were just plugged in. I say all USB devices, cause it doesn't matter USB mouse or USB drive, they all get disconnected.
It's frustrating me cause I can't use a USB mouse.
Please help

I'm using a Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA.

A:Solved: Pressing key disconnects USB Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA

How many USB ports does that have? and what are connecting them. If you could also please look in your event viewer (Start>control panel>administrative tools>eventviewer, and check the "SYSTEM" area. double click any item in that list for a detailed description. You should see some errors.

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I am using Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop. I can't able to open the windows as it shown the "Blue Screen Error Message". Whatever I do to try to fix the issue but its still does not work.
What should I do? Thank you
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.
                     Moved posting to it own thread

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I have this 3000 N100 laptop for over a year now with no problems (except the lousy battery which died in 6 months and I'm running on A/C since then). Last week I started laptop and this shutdown problem started appearing. System would start normally and then would suddenly power itself in 2/3 minutes (most of the times, but sometimes in runs for 2-4 hours before shutting itself down)I checked the fan and processor. Nothing is heating up.I changed processor. Even then it'd go down.I have made the fan DIRECT (always ON) but the system still shuts down.I tried hmonitor but it only reads HDD temprature which is 36-40C - I guess very normal. Now I wonder where the problem may lie. Is it motherboard? What part of board might be getting heat? Or is it actually heat? Or do I need to get certain parts (capacitor, I/C or something) on Motherboard replaced? Any help? Comments? Suggestions?     


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A:Lenovo 3000 N100 random automatically power off (complete shut down)

I have been having this same issue the past couple days. I power my Lenovo laptop up.. it will boot into Windows XP.. then after 2-3 minutes - it will shut down. If I try to boot up again, the same process repeats. It is running on A/C now and still does this ... could it be a battery issue still? This would be the third battery that I purchase for the laptop since I bought it new. Thanks...

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Hi. I was just given a Lenovo 3000 n100 (prod. i.d.# - 97684JU) laptop that had crashed. If I can fix it, it's mine. Yay!

Problem: Keyboard does not work. It has a fresh install of XP with Service pack 2 - which I believe was taken off a disk labelled XP Pro Svc pk 2, w/sata drivers for gateway - key preloaded - which was in dvd drive.

In device manager under other devices there is a list of devices marked as uninstalled drivers -
3 base system devices,
fingerprint sensor,
foxconn bluetooth 2.0 plus EDR,
Network Controller
PCI Device
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

The registered to in properties of My Computer has all the symbols for two lines. I have figured by trial and error that the keyboard is not working. USB keyboard and mouse do work.

I have a XP Pro cd, version 2002, unopened that I can use to reinstall the operating system - however this one I believe is for a compaq/hp pc.

My question: should I download all Lenovo drivers to a flash drive, and do I need anything special during install?

will computer recognize usb keyboard and mouse if i am formatting and reinstalling opsys?

I am thinking that maybe with the disk they used that may be the reason why the keyboard does not work.

Or can I just install the drivers needed from the lenovo site, and then fix the "registered to" and "users" in the registry?

what would be my best bet here?

thanks for the help here.

A:lenovo 3000 n100 bad xp install - keyboard not working, 9 device drivers missing

the model number you listed appears to be wrong

put the correct model number in here

Lenovo Support - Download Drivers and Software (US)

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hi, I'm trying to find a way to prevent my touchpad from waking up the computer from sleep. Anyone know how to do this? I have an Envy 17t-n100. thanks, Zoltan

A:Touchpad on Envy 17t-n100

Hi @Zoltan1, Welcome to the HP Forum!Thank you for joining the HP Forum community.  It is a great resource for information, tips, and solutions that have helped others. Here is a link to First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More as a guide should you have any concerns or questions about the process. I grasp that you would like to change the setting on your Touchpad so that it does not wake the computer. I am happy to help you with that setting.Right click on the Windows button in the lower left cornerChoose Device ManagerClick on  "Mice and other pointing devices"Right click on the Touchpad and choose propertiesClick on the power management tabUncheck "Allow this device to wake the computer" Click OK to save the changes.Thank you  for participating in the HP Forums! We want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as  "Accept as Solution?  to help other community  members!To say thanks for the assistance, please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon? below.

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Hello.I have a ( now ) ancient Lenovo 3000 N100.I don't like throwing things away and if I can get it restarted I would be pleased. Basically, it won't boot up.   I get a message: STOP: 0x000000ED (0x89B16858,0xC0000006,0x00000000,0x0000000000 ) Is there any SIMPLE way to just go to a factory reset ? .   I see posts saying 'press the Lenovo care button'  but where is that ?  what does it look like ?Others say stick a pin in a hole   ~but I cannot see any pin stickable hole anywhere ...... So what to do ?  I doubt if it is worth spending money on. 

A:Factory Reset for Lenovo 3000 N100 ? How ? Cannot see 'Lenovo Care Button' or pinhole anywhere

Hi jonblane1,1. May I know what Windows are you using? 2. You may try to access Lenovo System Recovery by pressing F11.3. If Step 2 does not work, you may refer to this link.
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A:notebook 3000 N500 touchpad doesnt work (touchpad funktioniert nicht)

Hi,  Today I bought this model and have the same problem. If anyone know the solution, please share it here. thx arghhhh!!!!  there, in a top right  corner of the laptop, is a sensor button. Just press it and touchpad becomes alive (it dosn't look like a button at all) ADMIN EDIT - There is now an official tip which explains the N500 trackpoint function and the button to enable / disable it.Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 03-04-2009 01:28 PM

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Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox. If this checkbox is clear, the touchpad works properly. When this checkbox is marked, the touchpad does not work at all.
I have tried both USB and Bluetooth mice, and neither one allows the proper action: the touchpad should be enabled without a mouse, and the touchpad should be disabled with a mouse.  That's how it works on other systems.  It just doesn't work at all on this system.
I suspect there is some interaction between the touchpad and the touchscreen that is interfering with this setting.  But I have another laptop with a touchpad and a touchscreen, and the mouse detection works there (it's not a DELL).
Yes, I have toyed with the idea of deleting the DELL touchpad control application and installing a "stock" Synaptics touchpad driver.  But I don't want the DELL  "update" app to overwrite it with the DELL touchpad control app every time it sees "the wrong driver" loaded.  And I don't want to take the chance that the touchpad driver and the touchscreen driver are somehow linked together, thus disabling one when I disable the other.
Any ideas on how to get the "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" action working would be welcome.  

A:Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

I would love to know where to find that checkbox ... Thank you!

Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox.

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I have been dealing with a loss of my touchpad\curser for awhile now, so have had to plug in a mouse. Yesterday I ran epsc pre boot assessment which took a good 1\2 hour I guess. After the program was completed, I was able to use my touchpad/mouse on the epsc program interface until I rebooted, than lost the touchpad\mouse. Thanks Keith
PS: In order to get out of the epsc program I had to reboot

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Just purchased a new Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and booted it up for the first time today.  I am having difficulty figuring out the touchpad, specifically the scrolling.  It worked initially during set up, but then once I had that done, I can no longer get it to scroll - at all.  I have looked through all settings, and it seems like everything is right.  The drivers are up to date as well.
What can I do?

A:Brand new Inspiron 15 3000 Series touchpad not scrolling

Thank you for writing us!
Kindly click on link below which will give you a few steps to check for the setting :

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I know these things are sensitive, would there be anything that would be a horrible idea for me to be using to clean the crud that sometimes builds up on my laptop's touchpad?

A:Cleaning Touchpad

This is from Synaptics website:

If your TouchPad is dirty, use a small amount of ammonia-based window cleaner on a clean cloth and gently wipe the surface of the TouchPad to remove any dirt or grime.
Click to expand...

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When I fold the screen back and use the laptop in "tablet mode", the keyboard automatically get disabled but the touchpad does not. I have tried looking in the mouse and touchpad settings to no avail and it is very frustrating!

A:Touchpad not disabling in tablet mode- Inspiron 11 3000 series

I had the same problem with the Inspiron 11 3147 2-in-1 and discovered that it was because a program called Quickset was not running on start up. QuickSet is responsible for this icon in the task manager that alerts you when the keyboard is locked and unlocked. Evidently, it is also responsible for locking the trackpad when the swivel hinge exceeds 180 degrees. You can check to see if you have it by clicking the arrow on the task manager icons, clicking customize, and scrolling through the icons. There should be one there called QuickSet that says "Keyboard Unlocked."
Even if it is there, just to make sure its installed properly, go to the drivers page here: 
Inspiron 3147 Drivers
Under "Applications (3 Files)," download "Dell QuickSet Application (14 MB)." Run this installer and it should ask you if you want to install, repair, or remove the program (assuming QuickSet was already installed). In this case, use the "repair" installation option. If QuickSet is not already installed, it will ask you if you just want to install. 
After the installation. the QuickSet icon should now be visible in the taskbar (click on the small arrow to show all icons if necessary) and should be locking the trackpad in tablet mode.
To make sure QuickSet runs on start up, go to task manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or just search for "Task Manager" in the charms bar). Hit "More details" and go to the "Startup" tab. QuickSet ... Read more

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Hey! I've got a Dell Inspiron 3000 series which just recovered from some boot problems--I had to reinstall a Windows 10 image from the Microsoft website; was having problems downloading the Dell factory image.
One thing is still bugging me; I'm convinced that before the troubles, I could tap with two fingers on the mouse touchpad to send a right click. I've grown very used to this and can't figure out how to get it back. I downloaded and installed the touchpad drivers listed for my service tag, and the touchpad is working just fine for basic operations, but I don't have any control panel options to customize the touchpad beyond what a generic mouse could do. Is there any way to get this option back? Thank you very much.

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I'm trying to clean up my StartUp (using the BC database) and when I click "Apply" I get a message that I need to log in as the administrator to make those changes. But I am the administrator and am logged in as such. Even double checked in control panel and my user account is the Computer Administrator. Any ideas how to make it recogonize me?

A:Cleaning Startup but not recognized as Administrator

What is the program...that produces this notification?

Are you saying that you don't have permission to change anything on your system?


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hii everyone,
I am using Lenovo Essential G505s Laptop, It came with DOS OS so i installed Windows 7 x64 in it, all the functions where working perfectly back then, even my touchpad was working fine, later i had a problem with my DVD writer so i took my laptop to the sevice center, they fixed the issue but accedently broke my laptop's upper body part and hence they replaced it ,but since the upper body part comes with touchpad so had to change that too. When i got my laptop back i found that multi gestures where not working so i reinstalled the drivers and i found that they were still not working. I called Lenovo customer care, they told me that its a problem of the OS so i even reinstalled windows, but still did not find my touchpad working. When i looked into the driver it appears that my system is recognizing it as a mouse and not as a touchpad. I googled alot but found no result . Can anyone plz help me. I seriously neend those functions. If not all then atleast scroll function.

A:Touchpad recognized as PS/2 Mouse

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. This is possibly due to a Driver related problem .. Go to the Device Manager select Touch-pad right click on it select Property's then Details Tab .. Please post the Hardware ID ..

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touch pad is not reeecognized. I have tried uninstalling and installing drivers, hard restart and even refreshing windows.

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Cleaning Dell xps 13 FDH - Touchpad - Palm rest - Keyboard - Screen FHD any tips and steps?

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Hi guys, been a while. I hope you can help!

I have a Satellite L350-210, it is about a year old and running Vista HP.

Out of the blue, the touchpad stopped responding. I have tried enabling/disabling it using the FN + F9 key, updated the drivers, nothing. So then I uninstalled the drivers altogether, and reinstalled them using the ones listed on the official synaptics site, and the one on the toshiba site, nothing. Uninstalled again, and let the laptop find the drivers. Nada.

I went to the device list and the Synaptics device isn't even listed under mouse and pointers where it usually is. The only evidence it even exists is it still seems that it is listed as a startup program and when going to the mouse menu in the control panel, there is a seperate tab with the synaptics logo on it, although nothing in the tab is clickable. Everything is grayed out no mention of touchpad at all.

Does anyone have a clue? I would be most grateful for any help!

A:Satellite L350-210 touchpad not recognized

You could try, in device manager, right-click on 'Mice and other pointing devices', choose 'uninstall'. Then re-boot. Windows should discover the touchpad again. I was asked to look at an Acer Aspire which had the same problem. I think I would lift up the keyboard, see if it's possible to find the plug from the touchpad to the motherboard. Unplug it. Re-boot windows. Shut down. Plug it back in, re-boot Laptop and if all is well it should force windows to find it again and install the drivers.

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Aspire ES1-711-P14W with Elan touchpad. Worked before the update now it does not function at all and is not seen by the OS. Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 Build 14393.10, Install drivers and issue remains:Chipset Intel Chipset Driver Drivers Intel Serial IO Driver 604.10135.1001.53001MBI Intel Sideband Fabric Device Driver 1.70.305.16316TXE Intel Intel TXE Driver ELANTECH Touchpad Driver 

A:Elan Touchpad not recognized after Anniversary Upd...

This exact same thing is happening to me as well.  I just bought the Acer Aspire V-15 a few days ago, and after the Windows updates, the touchpad would stop working a few minutes after start-up, or it would be working fine, but not work after it came out of sleep mode.  If Acer doesn't come up with a fix for this soon, I am returning the computer.  Thank goodness for Costco's generous 90-day return policy.  I am not tech-savvy enough to figure this out on my own!

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Okay, so I disabled my touchpad on my Sony Vaio laptop because the heel of my hand would always touch the touch pad and cause the cursor to appear in an odd place. Thus, causing typing problems and whatnot.

So I disabled the touch pad. I would just use my Microsoft wireless mouse.

However, recently I was having a major hard drive problem. So I bought a new SSD and reinstalled windows 7 with my Vaio restore discs. I figured the touch pad should be working since I reinstalled the entire OS on a new hard drive.

But during installation, the Sony Vaio restore wizard was asking me to point and click certain options to restore my system and I was not able to use the touch pad. It was STILL DISABLED!

I figured that a system restore would restore my laptop to factory defaults. Thus, alowing me to use the touch pad that I had disabled. But it didn't.

I was able to navigate the restore options via the TAB and ENTER keys.

But then I found out that somehow my laptop remembered the drivers for my wireless mouse during the restore process. I plugged in my mouse and it worked! What?! Why??

I also plugged in a wireless keyboard that I have. And it didn't even have to install any drivers for the keyboard nor the mouse!!

But I was performing a system restore. How does it remember my wireless keyboard and mouse? and still remember to disable the touch pad?

Is there some sort of motherboard memory that laptops have?

A:Sony Vaio touchpad not recognized

The Touchpad is disabled in Setup (Bios) a part of the motherboard, before Windows loads. A USB Keyboard and Mouse use the standard USB drivers inherent in Windows. Any USB device, keyboard, mouse, Flash Drive etc get recognized automatically.
If you would like to enable the touchpad, boot into Setup (Bios) and go to Integrated Peripherals and look for Touchpad and if it is disabled using your Enter and Arrow keys, Enable it. Save and Exit.

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This is my first post, and I hope i'm not just repeating an age old question, but i can't seem to find anything on how to fix this. I just changed my AR630e's OS to Win 7 64bit Pro, and I had no idea of the issues I was getting in to. Sony does not offer any drivers for win 7 (32 or 64), and only offers vista 32. I've tried updating and working magic, but cannot end up with any drivers that will work properly with my touchpad. Windows sees it as a ps/2 compatible mouse, but not a touchpad in particular. It works, but cannot scroll and I cannot edit any options. Trying to go through sony was awful, but I managed to get them to remote to my lappy and they ended up saying it was a corrupted registry entry that was preventing windows from using any driver or software. I'm not a genius with everything windows, but I'm pretty savvy with computers. I cannot find any info on how to fix this registry problem (mostly because i have no idea where the corruption is), but if someone has any idea, I'd be more than willing to try anything. I've tried the 32 bit driver from sony (says incorrect windows type or it installs and does nothing, i've been doing this too long to remember), and i've tried synaptic's driver for 64bit win 7 and it made my keyboard stop working and also did nothing (minus the aforementioned keyboard problem, which was fixed with a restore point).

A:Synaptic Touchpad Recognized as ps/2 mouse

Welcome to Seven Forums.
This is why Windows issued their Windows Seven Upgrade Advisor Free Download PC Upgrade Advisor Windows 7 Hardware Programs Issues

I know it's a little bit late for it but switching from a 32bit system to a 64bit system without doing some research is why we're in this pickle.
Plus you really only have enough Ram to fully appreciate a 32 bit Os you need More to get the benefits of the 64bit.

Here's one thing to try go to device manager>click on the device>properties>details tab>drop down menu>select hardware id>Copy and Paste the hardware id string and we see if we can find a compatible Alps or Snyaptics driver for your laptop.
Thanks. Fabe

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Aspire ES1-711-P14W with Elan touchpad. Worked before the update now it does not function at all and is not seen by the OS. Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 Build 14393.10, Installed all drivers from Acer and issue remains:

Chipset Intel Chipset Driver Drivers Intel Serial IO Driver 604.10135.1001.53001MBI Intel Sideband Fabric Device Driver 1.70.305.16316TXE Intel Intel TXE Driver ELANTECH Touchpad Driver

The only thing that shows up in the device manager is my mouse I have plugged in

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Upon reinstalling Windows 10 (64 bit) on my HP Stream 11-d010wm, the touchpad is not working. The touchpad is not even found in the Device Manager. I have tried installing both the Intel IO driver and the Symantec driver and it is still not recognized. Steps to reproduce: 1. Reinstall Windows 10 on HP Stream 11-d010wm--touchpad is not working--2. Start3. type  "Control Panel"4. Click on "Control Panel" app5. Click on "Hardware and Sound"6. Click on "Device Manager"7. Click on "Mice and other pointing devices"--only option is "HID-compliant mouse" (the USB mouse I had to plug in because the touchpad was not working)-- Again, I have tried installing two different variants of drivers, which doesn't work because Windows 10 does not seem to recognize that there is a device that needs the driver. Please advise. 

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My Compaq laptop no longer recognizes the touchpad. This began after I disassembled it to resolder the DC connector.

I did make sure to connect the ribbon cable, and tried re-connecting it many times to make sure it's seated all the way.

Could I have done some microscopic, invisible damage to the ribbon? Dislodged it at the other end (hidden under the touchpad itself)? Still not seated it properly despite dozens of attempts over several days?

Here's some further info and other possible solutions that I've tried:

(1) The LEDs for 'on/standby' and 'battery charging' no longer work. They are on the same circuit as the touchpad, i.e. normally they work only when the touchpad ribbon is connected. Strangely, the LED for hard-drive activity, which is also on that same circuit, does work!

(2) External PS/2 mouse works fine.

(3) Device Manager shows only the PS/2 mouse.

(4) Control Panel > Mouse > Properties shows that I have 'Synaptics PS/2 port pointing device"...this info being a weird mishmash of the nonfunctioning Synaptics touchpad, and the ~10 year old Microsoft mechanical ball type mouse which is attached.

(5) An attempt to reinstall the touchpad driver results in this error: "A serious internal error has occurred. please contact your touchpad supplier. (#-536870397 @10)"

(6) I went into BIOS Setup and reset everything to the defaults.

(7) the only way to replace is buy a new assembly that includes the fac... Read more

A:Solved: touchpad not recognized after reassembly; ribbon IS connected

I've been having the same error on an HP Pav ze5200.

The owner had a problem with the hard drive and I ended up formatting it.

Upon reinstalling XP and all updates, I noticed that the touchpad (Synoptics) is not working. I downloaded the utility from HP for it but upon running it - I get the same error message you reported...

The pointer will work while Windows loads but once it is loaded, it stops. It doesn't show in Dev. Mgr., I've tried installing it to no avail...

If I come up with something, I'll be sure to post...

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I have acquired a slightly used D620 however the touch-pad and track stick do not seem to be working at all. Neither of the buttons on the touch pad work either. My external USB mouse is functioning perfectly. I have reinstalled drivers from Dell Support, tried drivers from other models, and reinstalled Windows when I noticed the hardware manager wasn't even detecting the touch-pad at all. I also tried to change around the touch-pad options in the BIOS settings but nothing has led to success. My next step is to remove and reconnect the touch-pad and track stick/ keyboard. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a bunch, in advance, for your help.

A:Dell D620 touchpad/track stick not functioning and not recognized


I opened up the laptop lifted the keyboard and noticed the poorly designed touchpad cable attachment system. It is so closely stuck to the palm rest/ keyboard boarder that it disconnects from the motherboard with the slightest lift of the palm rest. My guess that an inexperienced Geek Squad member probably cleaned out the unit and didn't bother to check for the attachment of the wire to the motherboard. Anyway, my problem is solved.

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My 720s came with BIOS 6KCN28WW shipped. To stay in touch along the maturing of this still young platform, I upgraded to 6KCN29WW, which is available since last week.I am very pleased, especially about the improved fan regulation.BUT now the touchpad is no longer accessible.The F6/Fn+F6 trick doesn't change anything. And there is also no option connected to input devices in the BIOS setup.Windows doesn't show a mouse cursor at all, until I plug in a USB mouse. Invisible in the device manager, no complaints about missing drivers et al. Same under Linux. I'm puzzled because it has worked with the old BIOS. It is seemingly a firmware issue of the BIOS upgrade, unrelated to drivers. Falling back to keyboard navigation, of course, limits the mobile use of this handsome piece of hardware. So any help appreciated!

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My HP27-n100 Pavillon All in One with Touchscreen is having issues with the cursor jumping around and shutting down windows.  Sometimes it will behave and work ok but most of the time it will just jump up to the top right of the screen and either minimize the screen or shut it down completely.  I have tried doing a restore to before it started doing this and it did not work.  I have also reloaded mouse drivers, tried a USB mouse instead of a wireless but none of this worked.  Any suggestions? 

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i bought a new long range wifi adapter and i seems to work but with one problem. the thing is i want to connect to open networks in my area. there is one about 800 meters away and another about 1.3 kms away. i tried connecting to the building 1.3 kms away since i can see it but the network isnt there. i couldnt connect to the one 800 m away either since i couldnt see the network. anyone know if im doing something wrong?

A:leguang n100 question

skidward said:

anyone know if im doing something wrong?Click to expand...

I don't know, but I'm guessing that you are.

My first guess is that these open networks are provided by businesses for their customers, not for somebody half a mile or more away.

My second guess is that you are making a bad assumption that the providers are using long range antennas to make it easy for people a long distance away to connect.

How am I doing with my guesses?

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