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Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Q: Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Hi. I have a lenovo y50 running windows 10. It did some automatic update, shut down and when I powered it up again, I got the update being prepared screen then after a while it rebooted and was stuck on the lenovo logo for a long time. I force shut it down and again it froze on the lenovo screen. After powering it up again, i got a bsod and it again rebooted. Now, when i power it on i dont get anything on the screen, its totally blank with the leds powering up and also the keyboard backlighting. Any help guys?

Preferred Solution: Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Hi nikar15 ,

Welcome to the Community Forums.

Would you have the machine number? Check on the machine number from the sticker or check it from here ,just keep your serial number confidential.
Was it previously on Win8.1 ? Did you manage to create a recovery media ?

It would have to power drain the machine by removing the charger , battery and harddrive and to press and hold down the power for 12 seconds.

Without the harddrive and battery , try going to the BIOS by FN + F2 or use the Novo button to start. If you manage to get the BIOS set up screen , go to the Exit Tab and load optimal defaults and save and exit. Turn off and put back the battery and harddrive and check.

Update us how things go.


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Trying to access the BIOS to upgrade the Western Digital Drive. I use settings to reboot to the BIOS and it reboots but the screen remains blank after rebooting. How can I access?

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the problem is when i boot up the computer, the busy light is constantly on and it will not show anything on the screen. i changed monitors and the same thing occurred, something is not allowing my computer to boot, maybe a virus, but how do i do a virus scan when the computer wont boot? i changed hard drives and the same thing occurred. i am sure that the problem is not monitor related but something else. all the wires and cords are connected and nothing seems obviously wrong. i put in a boot disk but it wont recognize it. any help would be great, if you guys need more information just ask, thanks

A:XP: computer wont boot, will not go to bios, blank screen

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Hello everyone, Yesterday I got a brand new B570. After first power on I got access to Bios (F2) and Bootorder (F12).Today, after installation of a win7/64 the B570 refuses to enter BIOS and Bootorder table.I found this :  message in this forum BIOS Access B570 i5 Sandybridge but it didn't work:He suggested: remove battery, remove BIOS battery and press power button for 30-40s.Has anybody an idea? I think BIOS rememered a wrong state of windows shutdown situation?May BIOS thinks that Windows in hibernation?Are there any suggestion or a way how I could reset BIOS this wrong situation ? Thanks in advancedWolf

A:Lenovo B570 (F2)NO BIOS ACCESS, no (F12) BOOT order Access

I have a circa Nov 2011 B570 that is now showing this problem.  It's out of the extended warranty as of Nov 14.History:  on Mon 3/16 while doing typing after a suspend I heard the awful "tink tink" similar to a HDD crash, got a blue screen and then nothing, just sat there for over 10 minutes trying to load the error data.  Powered off/on and now after PO and holding F2 it goes into the Please Wait .... with the blue task bar on the right at about 50% and nothing else happens.I removed the HDD and same symptoms.  Borrowed a known good 320G SATA drive from my son and same symptoms.  Disconn/reconn the BIOS battery on motherboard (I think that's what it is, small white plug accessable with large back HDD cover off near HDD compartment) no change. Tried the disconn and hold power button for 30 seconds shown in this forum, then reconn power and same symptoms.   I'm not going to pay for a new motherboard but it's frustrating a never-had-a-problem system goes "casters up" and isn't quite 3.5 yrs old.  Anyone got other ideas on what to try?  I do have both the recovery CD and a recent windows/system backup to a USB external drive if it turns out to be the HDD but I cannot get far enough to tell and am not enough of a PC expert to know how to force the way into setup or BIOS.

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Hi, My G460 wont boot after i tried to update BIOS. There was an error message during the BIOS update and bad that i failed to note down the error code. After reboot, the system is not starting. The RAM light is not blinking. System starts with 3 led and then shuts itself. No display and I am not able to enter BIOS setup too. 

A:Lenovo G460 - BIOS update failed - wont boot

Default BIOS settingsGo to BIOS and press F9 save and exitUnit should boot to the OS

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! I dont know what Kudo does but anyway xDThere is nothing like

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Hello all, first time poster although i often come to the boards to find solutions. You'll have to bare with me as I'm not that computer savvy (even though i think i am). Basically I have a Fujistu Esprimo Mobile v5505. I got fed up of Vista and thought i would install my old XP pro. I partitioned my drive and installed XP, i then formatted the drive that Vista was on. I came back and when i turned on my computer i got the NTLDR is missing error, now i would be able to deal with this but I cant even enter the bios to change boot options (which were set to flash, cd, HD). Before I fiddled with my laptop I had the options on the Fujitsu load up screen to enter BIOS/change boot options etc not anymore. I hope someone can shed some light on this matter.



A:Laptop wont boot + Cant access bios after changes

remove the bios battery if you can get to it.
on my laptop it is located when i take off the hard drive cover on the bottom.
If yours is not check the other covers by unscrewing them.
The battery is a small circular battery like a watch battery.
Leave the bios battery, and notebook battery out, for about 5 minutes, and dont forget to remove the charger plug too.

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Hello,I'm trying to clean install Windows 10 on my laptop but I'm having some problems.My laptop is an old Lenovo Z580 i7. Initially it had Windows 8 but then I somehow managed to clean install Windows 10 on it.I said somehow because I'm trying to do the same right now, but I can't manage to do it!The problem is I can't find any way to boot from USB to access to the Windows 10 installer. It's a well known problem with Lenovo Z580 that many people had. When I clean installed a couple of years ago I managed to boot it from the USB, but I tried so many things now and I can't do it!I tried clicking the Lenovo button (which is how it's supposed to work) but nothing happens. I tried to access the BIOS but it doesn't let me go on it, whatever button I press on boot. I tried to reboot from Windows 10 going on Settings -> Recovery, still I can't get to boot via USB.Does anyone have a suggestion about what to do?Thank you.

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My Lenovo Z410 came with v37 BIOS dated 2013.I went to Lenovo website and downloaded and ran 8DCN40WW.exeInstead of taking normal time to flash, Windows started rebooting after only a couple sec. No bootup. No beep. No Lenovo logo. Power light comes on. Blank screen (no backlight). After 50+ bootup attempts I sometimes get the blue error message at bootup:InsydeH20 invalid firmware image. After changing RAM positions, and trying the Lenovo "rescue" bootup button, I got a bootup.CPU-Z still shows the BIOS is V37 (ie it didn't flash). I know I have Secure Boot enabled. So, to fix this I believe I need to force flash the old v37 BIOS image. SUGGESTIONS?HELP?

A:BIOS v40 flash failed on Lenovo Z410. No boot (screen blank). InsydeH20 invalid image firmware!

Forgot to mention.I already tried "draining power". IE disassembling my laptop, and disconnecting the battery and AC adapter, and holding power button for 60sec+ many times.It doesn't fix the issue.Also, the RAM position etc, obviously has nothing to do with anything. I was able to bootup with exact same 2x DIMM config as originally.

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I have a AMD64 3500 CPU
512MB DDR Ram
Geforce 6800GT
420W PSu
However my pc recently would not boot. As this is my second day of owning it i am somewhat perplexed. The hdd and dvd drives spin the power led lights and so does the HDD access led yet nothing happens and my monitor registers no signal. I have reset the CMOS and still get the same problem.
The HDD led remains constantly lit as if the mobo is trying to constantly accessing the hard drive.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


A:Pc wont boot into bios or OS HDD access led remains on constantly

exact same problem

I am having the exact same problem with a new computer.


AMD64 3500
ATI Radeon video card (but also tried an older ASUS GeForce)

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I seem to have a very weird problem with my laptop, I am normally a linux user, and have due to work been needing win10.  I decided to install win10 on a second internal ssd by unmounting the cd , and mount a caddy with space for another ssd. I removed my linux ssd, before I installed windows, so no os would be able to interrupts the installation procedure, or atleast interfere with it. After completing the installation, I have been unable to turn on my laptop, the only response i see is the power led blinking twice, and thats it.  The weird part here is,  if I leave it for a couple of days, uncharged and with the batteries out, it will either startup by itself, or start up when I press the power button.  And then go back to the previous state, when I turn it off. It should be noted that I have previously done this, without no problems.. So this is a bit weird for me. 

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Hello, I can't access to the boot menu to repair the problem : bootmgr is missingWith my Lenovo G500So i tried to boot or enter bios with F1 key, F2, F3, .... F12, i tryed all F keys, with FN and witout, i tried also with an external USB Keyboard, same problemI also tried to remove then replace the hard drive, remove and replace a battery ... I tried too with the novo bouton , it dosnt work  

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I have an hp g72 and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt and I am unable to to anything with my computer now for the most part. In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files (I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without). If the HDD is plugged in, I cant do anything at all. I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of "press f10 to enter bios" where it had said "press esc for options", then it goes to a black screen where I can not type. When I remove the HDD I can acces bios and I changed the startup delay to 5 sec (to possibly give me more time to enter bios) and i changed boot order to boot from cd (my truecrypt recovery cd) but neither helped. Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in. I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for 5 min. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have an hp g72 and I encrypted my hard drive with truecrypt and I am unable to to anything with my computer now for the most part. In truecrypt setup i chose to not encrypt the startup files (I ask asked if i wanted to encrypt them and it said some computers need theses to be unencryted and some work fine without). If the HDD is plugged in, I cant do anything at all. I tried to get into bios and it recognizes that i press the key by saying something along the lines of "press f10 to enter bios" where it had said "press esc for options", then it goes to a black screen where I can not type. When I remove the HDD I can access bios and I changed the startup delay to 5 sec (to possibly give me more time to enter bios) and i changed boot order to boot from cd (my truecrypt recovery cd) but neither helped. Now my computer will boot from the cd if there is no HDD but I have the same problem when I put the HDD back in. I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for 5 min. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Computer wont boot or access bios with HDD attached after encryption

It seems very odd that a hard drive would prevent the BIOS from operating in the way you mention. It does sound like an error has occurred with truecrypt and the boot loader section has been damaged.

I suggest you read through the truecrypt rescue instructions and see if you can restore the drive.

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Ok so i have 2 months lenovo ideapad z580 laptop..i am unable to access UEFI BIOS menu and boot menu anymore these were the steps i tried with my laptop
1)i have windows 8.1 tried going to pc settings and selected uefi settings on restart But the problem still persist the laptop is just doing normal windows 8 boot
2)tried pressing/hitting F1,F2,F12,DEL keys
3)i have also used lenovo one key recovery button there it showed "bios setup" when i selected it and hit enter it is just doing normal windows 8 boot still i can't access uefi bios
4)tried updating BIOS for the laptop but unfortunately there was no bios update for this model
5)tried resetting Laptop by removing battery and ac adapter and pressing and holding power button for 30 seconds but still no use i can't access BIOS yet
6)i tried removing the internal hard drive Out of the laptop and this time one starnage thing happened " before with internal hard drive i used to get lenovo splash screen when turning ON but after removing hard drive and when i try to access bios i can't see the lenovo splash screen at all" still i can't access BIOS!!!
7)i even have tried holding down Shift key, letter B when starting up the laptop but still didn't work
seems like windows 8.1 makes changes to BIOS?
please anybody help me with this particular issue....thanks

A:can't access UEFI BIOS and BOOT menu on my lenovo z580

I own a Lenovo G700, and I have heard that Shift + F2 will get you into the BIOS. It might work if all else fails. You can also call Lenovo support or search around a bit more. But in my case I have to use the hardware OneKey Recovery button to access it.

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I have a Lenovo G51-35 80M8. It was configured with multiple partitions consisting of Windows 10, Linux Mint and Elementary OS and a shared partition as NTFS. Grub controlled access to all the OS?es. I tried to clone the drive to an image file with Clonezilla then loaded that image to the new SSD drive on the G51. Now I can no longer enter the BIOS or bring up the menu for alternate boot methods. On boot up I tried pressing F2 and F12 when the Lenovo logo appeared. All that would happen is the screen would go black as if a reboot took place and then boot into Windows. I tried going through the Windows route to the BIOS with Start/Settings/Update & Security/Recovery/Restart Now/Troubleshoot/Enter BIOS. That did not work either. I received a black screen after the Lenovo logo appeared and then it rebooted into Windows. I also tried Fn F2 and Fn F12 but nothing happened. I reinstalled the original drive and had the same problem. As a last ditch effort I reinstalled Windows on the SSD to see if that would have an effect. The result was still no access to the BIOS or alternate boot menu. The new drive is a 1 TB Sandisk SSD Plus, model SDSSDA 2.5 SSD Drive (SDSSDA-1T00) Help,Barry 

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I had to replace my HDD in my other laptop, well I put in blank HDD, well I try to start it up and I dont get bios or post. needing to install OS and software for the laptop. I tried the Ram trick, the hard system power reset and everything I could find that people suggested for the blank screen and bios problem.

A:Blank HDD, Blank screen, and no access to Bios

I don't know that much about laptops but when you replaced the hard drive, how did you know it failed and how do you know something else hasn't failed?

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Dear All,

I'm unable to access BIOS on - Lenovo IDEPAD 100-80MJ? I tried from Windows 10 by going on:
Settings-Windows and Security-Recovery-Advanced Startup-Restart, but after restart I'm not getting that option saying UEFI? Regards

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HI, Please skip to paragraph six for the actual issue I am having--the preceding paragraphs include info that may help to identify how to fix this. I am posting this using my HP desktop running Windows 7 as my Lenovo Ideapad 110 cannot connect to internet as explained below: Firstly, Sorry if I am breaking community guidelines in any way with this post. I did multiple searches but only came up with "forgot my BIOS password-how can I reset it" type posts. I am looking for urgent help to get back into the "BIOS" of my Lenovo IdeaPad 110 running preinstalled Windows 10. Everything was running fine until yesterday. This is when I made the mistake of thinking I knew more about the system than I actually seem to lol :/ So, yesterday--I entered the "BIOS" screen upon startup using F2 (function key+F2). I went on to disable wireless connection ability (to test something unrelated), and also switched Boot from strait UEFI boot mode to legacy/UEFI boot-with UEFI being the default boot option.  I don't know if any of the above have to do with the issue I am now having but I wanted to share it just in case. Here is the real issue as of now: Also yesterday at the same time while in "BIOS", I also went on to set an "admin password", the one you must type in before you can even get to the lenovo splash screen to enter "BIOS". Basically I believe this is referred to as a POST password although I am not an expert cleary (hence asking for the experts' he... Read more

A:Lenovo Ideapad 110-Set an Admin PW in BIOS, Now I can't access BIOS after entering the correct PW?

Sorry for the double post but I just saw this information and thought it might apply to me, please let me know what you think: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht500216  

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I opened the PC case, I can see that everything is ok, the fans are running, the graphic card fan is running, there is a green light on the motherboard which I assume is ok. But it shows a blank screen on the moniter, plus the keyboard doesnt power up.

The mointor isnt the problem as I've had it tested it on another PC

Im hoping anyone would know a solution to this.

Thank you

Running Windows 7
Geforce GTX 260
6.00GB RAM

A:PC wont start, blank screen (no bios, etc)

I suggest you try the diagnostic test posted here:
Blank screen on boot, fixes it once.

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Hello, My Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 is barly 5 months old, this morning when i tried to switch it on. it is stuck at the lennovo screen.I treid accssing the BIOS screen but even if the press the button it still wont go past the lenovo logo screen.Please help  Thank you,Shyam Jampala

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-08 at 18.08.07.jpg ?80 KB

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Ok, it all started when i was dloading a program to make windows setups.(.msi). Then i decided i didnt like it and uninstalled it. After tht was done. I decided i was going to stick with Inno Setup. I have used it before and liked it. But then i noticed all or most of my desktop icons were missing. And all the start menu ientries were missing. So i figured i had a virus. SO i went to do a system resotre. But found that i oculdnt find it...due to to missing folders. So i decided i would then try to boot into safe mode. When i tried to boot it said it cannot find a file(same with normal mode). Ubfortunely i dont remember what it said. I think it said windows cannot find NRDL press ctrl alt delete to reboot. or somthing like that. Any ways i tried a few more times and it all failied. SO then i tried the windows recovery console. Nothing. I really didnt know whre to go with it. Then i decied to go into the bios and reset. Or i thought i was resseting them. I seleteced. "fails proof settings". But then i rebooted and things got worse. My monitor is now getting no signal, it says it is ocnnected though..... So i cant see what i am doing. Please any ideas. I have a Programming project that i have been working on for months now. i dont wanna lose that. And a Lang arts project. I am very computer savvy but i have tried everything. and yes i tried a differ monitor. No Dice.


Xp Home
Nvidia 6200 TC
amd 3000+
Standard Monitro.

Plese help i need my computer i cant go on... Read more

A:Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode

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So, after updating the BIOS in this laptop it says the update is succesfull and complete and it go to reboot, but after rebooting its not going to Windows. It go to this Boot Menu but I can't choose any option, when I press enter it only blinking once and get back to Boot Menu, I've done trying to boot from my bootable USB but it happens to be not work. Spoiler (Highlight to read)Boot Menu PictureBoot Menu Picture 

A:Lenovo U41-70 Wont Get to Windows After BIOS Updat...

HI.. I have same problem, but finally I can fix it.  follow this link, I have try  and then fix it http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd-on-usb-disk you use hiren's boot for fix boot or restore boot menu. Good Luck..

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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Im working on a Toshiba Laptop A105-4284, Model #: PSAA8U-0FH02K that froze while trying to flash the BIOS, so I didnt know what else to do but shut it off. Now, when I try to boot it up, it gets stuck in the same place it did during the flashing; on the Toshiba splash screen with the status bar at the bottom showing about 20% complete. I cant get into the BIOS and cant boot into Windows. Other options available on this screen are Press F2 for System Settings and F12 for Boot Menu. Pressing F2 results in a beep and the status bar changing to "Please Wait..." but nothing else happens no matter how long I wait. Pressing F12 doesnt do anything. Pressing ESC takes me to a screen that shows the typical system info -- Phoenix Technologies Version 6.00; Intel Calistoga CRB.T3A Reference BIOS; VERSION.MAK 1.53; (looks like its running POST and recognizes CPU, Cores, No TPM or TPM has a problem, and system RAM and stops there. What is my best course of action?:

- shorting out the CMOS battery (I've tried this on the solder pads marked C88, with no laptop battery, with and without the wi-fi, ram and hdd installed; Im either doing it wrong or its just not working )
- trying to reflash BIOS chip (I tried this; turned the laptop on and held down the 'c' key to boot from cd, but still got stuck at the same place)
- replacing the BIOS chip
- something else?

Any guidance or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free t... Read more

A:Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot

Im trying to figure out why I've had no replies yet.

Have I asked a stupidly easy question that everyone is rolling their eyes to and cant bear to tell me the answer? Or have I stumped everyone?

I have a hard time believing this is a stumper. I've found the same question posted elsewhere on the net and shorting the CMOS seemed to help. That or removing the battery altogether (its soldered to the board), but I dont think Im doing it right. Can someone give me directions on that?

or is this just a lost cause? :-/

Thanks in advance

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Hey guys, ok here's the gist of things.

My girlfriend recently moved in with me, and brought along her POS hand-me-down computer. Eventually, the thing crapped out and I had to reformat it. After that, I couldn't get my router card to recognize because she had a USB adapter plugged into the mobo and I couldn't get drivers.

Soooo, I replaced her old mobo with my old one (it's a mid-line Asus 800fsb, forgot the model #) and got her a 2.6 P4 533fsb along with a new 400w PSU and 1gig of Kingston ValuRam PC3200. After finally piecing it all together, I get the fans spinning and the mobo light on, but no picture on the screen. I tried a different monitor, same thing. I tried the monitor on my computer and it worked fine. At first I thought it was her video card (an All-In-Wonder 9000) because it was DVI only and required a DVI-VGA adapter. I bought a new card (GeForce 6200) and popped it in with the same results.

I honestly don't know what could be causing this. I've taken it apart and put it back but to no avail. The CD-Rom boots, the hard drive spins, all the fans spin, and the mobo light is on. I'm worried that maybe it's a bad CPU, or would that prevent anything from working period? It's urgent that I get it working since the second computer is essential to us (basically need both for our work). If anyone needs more information let me know, I'll post what I can.

A:Computer wont boot, monitor is blank

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When i boot up my satellite c50 laptop it starts up fine but then i just get a blank screen, i can open in safe mode fine

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Hey Guys, I have an issue with my BIOS, I used to be able to access my BIOS no problem, but I recently went into it to try and change the boot order so I could boot from a USB drive, anyway I figured it out, but now when I try get back into my BIOS to change the boot order back, I'm met with a black screen and a white line in the top left corner and it just stays there, nothing happens! Any ideas on what might be causing this or any soloutions? All help is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance! OnionJuice.

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Hello guys!

I thought I would start to describe this issue by telling you what I screwed up on and how I made it happen: I accidentally set my backup drive as my primary (set the partition as active in CMD, it has no installation on it). Then when I went to boot my device, it would tell me that Windows was not installed. I put my C: (main, primary) partition as my default again (with CMD on installation disk) and I was able to get Windows to boot. Then I messed with the MBR to try to fix it and now this happens:

Current problem: When I boot Windows, it give me the old Vista-looking boot scroller (Not "starting windows" with the traditional animation). This animation only lasts for about 3 seconds, then it goes to a black screen with the cursor. That is all. Nothing loads, yet no error message. I tried using a few bootrec commands to fix it using the installation CD's CMD but no luck.

If anyone could help me I would GREATLY appreciate it. You would save my life and I would love you LONG time! Thanks guys

A:Windows wont boot up - Blank screen with cursor.

Why don't you just do a clean re-install of Windows 7? It would set everything in order. You can install your third party programs lost in this process all over again.

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I'm horrible with computers so I don't really know anything about my computer except that it's a Dell Dimension E521 and has Vista Home Premium..

My problem is that when I start my computer, after the BIOS loads and where it would normally go to a log in screen it just stays a blank screen (no cursor or anything.) I tried loading it in safe mode and it just freezes at "crcdisk.sys" and I also tried using system restore which says "the disc OS (c:) has errors) and tries to repair it (to no avail.) I also tried the "Repair Your Computer" thing and left that running for about 12 hours and that didn't do anything and so I finally tried to reinstall Vista but I couldn't even do that (the disc loads and lets me click install but it freezes after that.)

I guess I should say when my problem started.. I clicked a youtube link and then some error came up saying (I don't remember but it did say something about C (not the disk but the code)) well after that error Firefox froze so I tried closing it (through the task manager) but it just said access denied so I tried to restart my computer but explorer was frozen so I had no choice but to use the power button after which my problem started..

Also in the system settings error log it says there's a POST error Keyboard error every time I try to restart my computer..

A:Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS)

try another keyboard

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Hi, I am experiencing some problem with my W530 and I really hope that experts here might be able to help me to find a solution before I sent my laptop to repair.This laptop is runing windows 7 pro,  NVIDIA Quadro K2000M, Intel Core i7 3740QM, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD and DVD Optical Drive.Recently I decided to upgrade the RAM and I added 3x4 GB RAM then the laptop won't boot. After I press the power button the screen was blank and it beep 1-3-3-1. So I unplugged the 3x4GB ram and It still won't boot.Hopefully someone can help me find what the problem might be.

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I'm trying to boot a UNIX distribution from an USB stick, but I can't. I think, my problem could be in the BIOS settings but I can't access to the configuration menu.
I've tried pushing F2 alone, pressing F2 with the Fn key pressed, ESC+F1...

I need to get into that menu or another way to be able to get my laptop to check the USB to boot from it.

Thank you!!

A:Satellite PRO L70-A wont access BIOS

Ok!! I've found a way around to the first issue: I can enter the BIOS (UEFI) menu following these instructions:


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Well, the title says it all.  My Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is refusing to boot, and I cannot even boot from a USB, run recovery, or enter the BIOS.  Please help me.

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After I press Fn+F2, the message in the bottom left cornor changed from "press fn+f2 ..." to "waiting". But then it goes to windows system. I also tried with F2 with no success. Fn+F12 doesn't even change the message at startup screen. I suspect there is something to do with Windows 8 installation in UEFI mode. Since then I have this BIOS problem. Trying to disconnect BIOS battery along with all other power source. It shows a checksum error and message "press F2 for boot options." So I press F2, but it just goes back to Windows again. After that, there is no more error message but the problem is still there. Nothing changes basically. Is there any BIOS recovery method for this laptop available? There is still no BIOS file in the official website though.


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo U410 - Cannot access to BIOS

Hi ,
Welcome To Lenovo Community

For U410 the default option to enter Bios is Fn +F2 if it is set to hotkey mode under bios
If it is set to legacy mode you need to use F2 ,
Since you have tried both the options , now other way of checking will be to disconnect hard drive and ssd  from the system and check by pressing Fn+F2  or F2
It is recommended to visit nearest Lenovo local service center to have system verified  
Hope This Helps


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Hello everyone ... I can not enter the BIOS menu or BOOT selection during system startup. (In case: Windows). I press the sequence Fn + F2, Fn + F1, Fn + F12, Delete, Esc and nothing happens. Any suggestions for this problem? Some configuration is made so that the key combination option is available the next time for entry on Boot Selection or BIOS access? Thank's.  

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Is there a way to get to the bios or boot from a thumb drive? I dont want to mess with my install but I would like to boot linux on a external drive. Samsung makes some large thumb drives that have a 300mbs read and 50mbs write that would be great for runing linux on my C630 from external storage. 

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Hi all, I recently bought Lenovo G500s laptop. Initially it came with DOS. So, i took up partioning the HDD for installing Windows 7. So i changed the boot order to USB drive. Partioned my HDD and went on to install Win 7 through USB Disk. But now it says "Missing Operating System" and i cannot access the system BIOS using the Function keys. I guess, i had also messed up UEFI/Legacy settings in BIOS earlier. But now i cannot access the BIOS at all. Can anyone provide me solution to undo the same or reset the corrupt BIOS. Probably by uploading the G500s BIOS file, so that i can flash it in my laptop. Thanks for the help in advance.

A:Cannot Access Lenovo G500s BIOS.. please help

hi starfire1801,
Welcome to the Forums.
During boot-up, if pressing Fn+F2 does allow you to access the BIOS, can you try to:
1. Remove the AC adapter and battery then press the power button for 20secs.
2. Reconnect the AC adapter and press the OneKey Recovery button. If a menu appears, choose BIOS Setup.
3. If you get the same problem, download a free copy of Windows 8 Enterprise (90day trial) and install it on the system. When you get Windows 8 up and running, try accessing theBIOs via the UEFI Firmware Settings.
Hope this helps

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My computer has been running normally for quite a while now. Just the other day though, it started having a weird problem. I will turn it on, it will load the BIOS screen, then it will dislpay a blank screen for about 10 seconds before loading Windows XP. Windows loads normally and works fine after that. I think that this problem may have started after I installed and then uninstalled Dameon Tools, but I am not sure; that's just an idea.

A:Long blank screen between BIOS and Windows XP boot


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I'm trying to reformat my computer, but I can seem to boot to the cd or get access to the setup bios. When I try either one i get a blank black screen. I can boot into windows fine or safe mode.

Thanks for any help!

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Last boot message on screen "AHCI BIOS not installed", then blank screen.

non branded
XP Home
intel LGA 775 965 motherboard
adata 512 ddr2 ram
DVD ide burner
WD ide drive

A:Last boot message AHCI BIOS not installed, then blank

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Hi everyone i have a laptop Lenovo y40-80Intel core i7 cpu 2.40ghzMemory 15gb ram hdd ssd 256gbPlease i need some helpWhen i press power button laptop. Is open keyboard function screen function but nothing showing. No text. No logo Lenovo. No bios access ..help me to solve this problem ....
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I have a ThinkPad T430i running Windows 10. I want to enable virtualization, so I need to access the BIOS to enable the feature.When I reboot my laptop it asks me to press Enter to interrupt the booting and once I do it asks me to press F1 to enter the BIOS setup. However, when I press F1 it just shows me a blank screen.I tried updating my BIOS to the latest version (from https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/nz/en/downloads/ds029252) but it still does the same thing.How do I get access to the BIOS or how do I enable virtualization without going into the BIOS?

A:Can't access the BIOS in a Lenovo ThinkPad T430i

This is what the user guide states:To start ThinkPad Setup, do the following:1. Turn on the computer. When the logo screen is displayed, press the F1 key. The ThinkPad Setupprogram main menu opens.Note: If you have set a supervisor password, the ThinkPad Setup program main menu will be displayedafter you enter the password. You can start ThinkPad Setup by pressing Enter instead of entering thesupervisor password. However, you cannot change the parameters that are protected by the supervisorpassword.

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Hello Everyone, Its a much discussed yet embarassing problem. I have a G580 with intel i3 processor. The machine is quite old (5 years i think) and has been subject to various OS upgrades, changes, flashes, dual boots systems like ubuntu & windows. Recently to upgrade the machine i bought an i7 processor (yes it is compatible, i checked the hardware manuals). Once installed  the display wont come on, i figured i needed a BIOS update. Thats where the terrible stuff started. I tried using the BIOS update tool downloaded from the official lenovo website with windows 10. As soon as i launched it, the command prompt like window opened and my computer froze. That happned a few times. Figuring, it might resolve itself I left it alone for 3 hours but it was still frozen. Also figuring that the tool is for windows 7 i ran it on compatibility mode. Still the same result. I read on some forum a guy had the same issue and it was resolved by reverting to windows 7. So i bought a new copy of windows 7 (yes i really want that i7 processor). Installed it and tried to run the tool. Still, it froze the minute the window opened (another 3 hour gesticulation time was given to he machine to unfreeze itself but in vain). So i tried to access the bios to see if there was a supervisor password preventing me from entering. Thats when i discovered that i could nnot access the bios at all. Ive attached some screenshots in the end to explain. Startup... Read more

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Lenovo G480 i3 Seriesunfortunately after 14months of service the HDD crashed.I bought another HDD, sad to say I can't access the BIOS on any of the keys.F1, F2, Del, Esc, Fn+f1, Fn+f2,The novokey(instant recovery buitton beside the power button) just prompts for the choice of the following:Normal startup -no display after selectionBios Setup -no display after selectionBoot Menu -no display after selectionSystem Recovery -no display after selectionAny other suggestions to access the BIOS?Already removed & installed CMOS battery. Removed the HDD and RAM.NO SUCCESS.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, The Problem:Recently I installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS  to my HDD in UEFI mode. Soon I found out that I could not access the BIOS using F2, but F12 allowed selection of boot device. Reinstalling Windows, I found out that the boot menu still had the Ubuntu entry and I still could not access the BIOS. I searched on the web for a solution and before I could manage to find a proper one, I managed to delete both the ubuntu and windows boot manager boot entries, still locked out of bios. This time I could not boot into any OS, could not access bios using f2 nor access boot menu using f12.  The Solution:There was one last hope, during boot I noticed that PXE (Boot via ethernet option was still showing).Note: This solution requires you to update the BIOS. This is a very risky procedure, so proceed with caution. This will also probably void your warranty. If you can access boot menu (F12) and want to regain access to the BIOS (F2), boot into Windows 7. Install a bios update for your laptop (specifically for your laptop) available at The Lenovo Support Site. The oldest BIOS (probably for Windows 7) is preffered. If you donot have access to windows 7, perform step 2 and boot into the created ISO by creating a bootable CD or pendrive. Then goto step 11.If you can't access F12 and F2, cannot boot into OS, but can boot via Ethernet (there should be a message about trying Atheros Ethernet PXE Boot during startup), start from step 1. Perform the following steps on a s... Read more

A:Lenovo G580 cannot access BIOS after installing Ub...

Update: Even in the newest BIOS Update 62cn97ww (for Lenovo G580), Ubuntu causes the same problem. I came across a solution on the internet, that works without having to update the BIOS if Ubuntu can be accessed. To fix it, boot into Ubuntu (should be installed on the system), start Terminal and type in the following commands:sudo grub-install
sudo efibootmgr -b 0 -BReboot and F2 should work. BIOS should be accessible through F12>Tab>Setup also. Ubuntu will boot no more but can probably be fixed.

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Hi  is there anyway i can get my bios working again I had linux installed on my laptop and after updating it, i could no longer access my BIOS.When i use the nova button on the side and click BIOS setup i get a black screen with a white line in top left. I have tried booting into BIOS without the HDD in and no luck. :/I also tryied updating bios but it just says it has latest version installed. Thanks

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