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Windows 7 Ultimate x64 doesn't detect Samsung SyncMaster 2043NWX

Q: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 doesn't detect Samsung SyncMaster 2043NWX

Hello everyone,

Recently, I've got a Samsung SyncMaster 2043NWX monitor. It's an used one, but it did work. My computer is an Acer Aspire M3920 (desktop), a more complete configuration can be found in my profile.

My desktop PC connects to my main monitor, an Acer P196HQV via an HDMI to DVI connnector, and my desktop PC connects to my second monitor, the SyncMaster, via VGA.

The problem is, however, the second monitor doesn't work. Win7 does detect a monitor connected via VGA in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalisation > Display > Adjust Screen Resolution, it says in the display box:

2. Display Device on: VGA.
In the Device Manager it only detected my Acer monitor, but after I downloaded the SyncMaster driver from the official site of Samsung, it detects the SyncMaster instead of the Acer monitor! This isn't the case in Adjust Screen Resolution.

The SyncMaster shows nothing at all, the blue LED, where I can tell the monitor is turned on from, flickers all the time, but the screen doesn't show anything.

I have tried reinstalling the driver, restarting my computer, installing the newest updates for Win7, making the SyncMaster my main monitor, turning off the Acer monitor, but nothing works.

I really hope any of you can help me, and thank you very much for the time you've taken to read this problem of mine.

I have connected an extra monitor to my laptop running Win7 Ultimate x64 too without any problems, so I am not completely unexperienced.

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 doesn't detect Samsung SyncMaster 2043NWX

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 doesn't detect Samsung SyncMaster 2043NWX

Nobody has a solution?

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Greetings. I am experiencing issues with my system and would like to post my system info for additional support.

INITIAL SYMPTOMS: while surfing the internet, Windows detected a malicious file (notified via pop-up in taskbar), followed by an immediate system reboot. Windows would no longer boot. Upon further investigation, my boot drive priorities in the BIOs were altered. Once I returned to original boot order, system would still not boot into windows. I then ran MBR fix and was able to boot into windows successfully. No files are missing, but internet connection is much slower. Kasperski (installed prior to initial system errors) will no longer complete a full scan. Hangs at 60%. Additionally, Windows no longer recognizes it's existence as protection or firewall coverage. Also, windows takes about 5-10 minutes to shutdown. Used to take about 1 minute MAX. Uninstalled, and re-installed Kaspersky ... same issue (reset WMI to see if WIN7 would recognize Kaspersky, no luck. Called NortonLive support and they were able to install Norton 360 and insist that there are no longer any viruses or malware. Upon checking windows error logs, I am receiving numerous errors that I never logged before incident. Windows reports an io error with DRIVE 4. physically removed drive. no luck. Same error. I also noticed that Windows reports different SATA port connections vs. BIOS. Example ... in BIOs C:\OS is SATA CHANNEL 0. In WINDOWS under properties, its listed as SATA CHANNEL 2.

W... Read more

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Hey All,

I have the above monitor and whenever I print a picture out of photoshop or MS word, the pictures look much lighter in print than when they look on the screen. Does anyone know how I can adjust this? Is there a natural setting somewhere I am missing?


A:Samsung SyncMaster 220WM

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I have had this monitor for a little over a year and I think it is starting to die, but I would like some second opinions. First off there are, what appear to be translucent black lines in a reverse sphere shape when looking at my monitor (hard to explain). They are easily seen against an orange background (if this makes a difference) and have only shown up in the last couple months. The text has gotten progressivly more blurry during this time and it is now at the point where it hurts my eyes trying to focus on words and small graphics. It started off with only the middle of the screen that was blurry but now it is the whole thing, with the middle being worse than the edges. I have tried changing monitor drivers, video drivers, degaussing my monitor, changing refresh rates. Nothing has helped.

I have windows XP, geforce2 MX, and Syncmaster 750s. If you know any solutions or causes for the problem I am having please help me out.

Thanks, Guy.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 750s

I would try and hook up the monitor to a Windows 98 machine , boot that machine into SAFE MODE and if the same anomalys ( hope i spelled that right ) show up then yes the monitor is on the path of dying.
On the other hand if that doesn't happen then it's the video card ( be that card itself or driver).
Might wanna try to boot into XP's Safe Mode and take a look

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I having problems when turning on the computer and my monitor takes longer to load and I have did all that they requested like unplugging monitor and unplugging motherboard and even unplugges power for the nite. But it still takes longer to load but today was not as long as was yesterday. Please help I even tried doing the resolution too.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 920WM

Monitors don't "load". They power on/off. And regardless of how long they take to power on, the PC should still function normally.

If the monitor is taking longer to power on, it's failing.

If the PC is taking longer to boot into Windows, then that is a different issue.

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Ive got a Samsung Syncmaster 943nwx but a few weeks ago i had to replace some bad caps and when i was assembling back the monitor i broke the touch on/off switch, screen configuration,etc. The only way to repair is to replace for a new one i cant send on warranty because allready passed 3 years and i was wandering if any one knows a way to buy a new touch board to replace for the broken one.

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Hi guys,

I am trying to get a Samsung Syncmaster 400DXN to work as a htpc. I've installed windows and everything but I just can't get the video card to load the drivers. They are custom made by Samsung for Ati Radeon X1200. Can anybody here check the installer or the cab file and point me in the right direction? The setup will not run. I also have all the extracted drivers from the installed windows xp embedded. I've seen many threads about this but nobody succeeded to extract the drivers. I did. But now I am stuck. Any help would be appreciated. I can send the archives by email.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 400DXn

You want to use the Syncmaster monitor as a Home Theater PC? Or as part of a Home Theater PC?

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ok, i got a 19'' samsung syncmaster 19'' lcd monitor, it sat in storage for about 15 months and now im having trouble with it. it seems to work just fine until after the XP startup screen disappears then nothing. the screen is black. my wife took it to geek squad at best buy while i was in iraq and they told her a bulb is burned out. its plugged into the same computer that it was previously used on prior to storage. please help me its a great screen and i really wish it would work

it is connected to a XFX 7600 GTX along with a cheap compaq CRT when it is plugged in the screen says "not optimum mode recommended mode: 1280x1024 60hz" but i have it set to that

A:Samsung Syncmaster 915n HELP!!!!

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Every time my monitor goes into standby mode, it will not fire back up. This problem started in the winter and I found that if I placed a space heater in front of the monitor, it would come back on in about 30 minutes. Problem still occurs with temperatures in the 80's. Could there possibly be a setting on my computer that causes this, or some sort of repair that can be made locally and inexpensively?

A:Samsung SyncMaster 940MW

I dont know maybe it is best to just buy a new one. Unless any one else has any ideas.

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I've had this second hand monitor for a while now and I keep on forgetting to post this but now I have remembered. My screen resolution is set to 800 x 600 and it cannot be changed, I've tried editing the display properties but when I set it to 1024 x 768 the main monitor resolution is fixed at 800 x 600.

Please Help!


A:Samsung SyncMaster 152v problem.

Your main resolution? Ar you using two monitors?

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I have the samsung syncmaster 959nf and can not find drivers for windows 7 64bit to put it in the sreen refrash rate 100Hz and has only 75 and 85

A:driver for samsung syncmaster 959nf

Welcome to 7 Forums! First go to user CP and fill in your system specs. There have been a lot of questions about sync speeds and i'm sure you'l get an answer once they know something about your system.


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Everytime i google this driver and even when i download it of samsungs website it downloads a bing maps 3d installer by microsoft this is baffling me does any one have any suggestions or even a link to the correct driver many thanks

A:Samsung Syncmaster 193V Problem

This driver is the correct one, i scanned the download for any viruses and it is clean, hope it works for you.

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My Samsung Syncmaster 220wm volume is not working. I am pressing the button on the monitor up but it still doesnt work. I keep putting the volume up on the task bar but that still doesnt work and the green wire is in on the pc and the monitor what should i do to get the volume back?

A:Samsung Syncmaster 220wm volume

what OS are you using. this matters. in vista u have to select the speakers as the default playback devices. i bought this same monitor it failed after less than a year.

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In short

I have a samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked fine. but from yesterday i can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If i made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .

any advice?
Thanks and best regards from Argentina


A:No picture Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX

Try the monitor on another computer, even a laptop and see if it operates normally. If it does, the problem is with the computer. Post back...

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Hey Folks
Can't get my Samsung Syncmaster 950p Plus running properly under Windows 7 64 bit and a Radeon HD 5770 card.
Any help or links to downloads??


A:Samsung Syncmaster 950p Plus / Windows7

Welcome to Seven Forums. By not running properly do you mean not having the proper resolution? Have you tried the manufacturers site for the LCD driver and installed it? Is your LCD model # listed correctly in device manager/ What ATI driver are you using? Also please go to your User CO top of page>scroll down on the right hand side you'll see edit system specs. Please fill them in. It will help others help you. Here is the driver rom Samsung Thanks. Fabe SAMSUNG=

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Hi folks

I just recently took my brothers old Samsung monitor last night since compaired to my Viewsonic monitor, the screen is much lighter. My Viewsonic was annoying cause it was just naturally very dark, and only way to lighten was threw ATI options..

Well I plug in the new Samsung Monitor, and it looks great for games, but when regular windows xp or web browsing, the screen seems blurry. The text itself is blurry on different parts of the screen and icons seem to be a little fuzzy.

I switched to clear type, I messed around with adjusting the focus settings, gamma and contrast with no help.

Any suggestions? There are a few options i can tweek in monitor settings such as Moire that i do not understand how it works , also the input levels,etc..
If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it.


A:Samsung SyncMaster 955DF blurry!

monitors have at times ciught fire and been hazardous ,so id wonder

but maybe its just something in display that needs to be adjusted

go to control panel and display
id try 680 -400 ? i think pixels first

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Hello I've purchased samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked for 1 year since I bought. but from yesterday I can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If I made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .

I'm really socked with these kinds of behavior from monitor. I've purchased in so more price but it worked for only one yr.. so boring.. Can any one say. what was the real problem.??

A:Problem with Samsung Syncmaster 943nwx

Samsung 943nwx problem

I also have a same sort of problem with my samsung 943nwx. All things are doing perfectly except the monitor.it goes black.i you take a closer look it has a very low brightness.i'm not able to get it.someone please help me.

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I'm facing issues with my Samsung Monitor SyncMaster 933. The monitor control is going wild. The brightness runs to 100% and it keeps displaying the brightness Window.
I have attached the Image below.
Any Suggestions on how to fix it?


A:Samsung Monitor SyncMaster 933 Issues!!

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Hi to all, i buy this monitor and can?t make it work in Vista Ultimate 64, any idea how to do that?.

Thank to all.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 2253NW driver

A computer monitor should not require a driver to "work". What are your problems exactly? Does it not turn on? Does it turn on, but not display anything? Is it on the wrong input (Digital vs Analog)?

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I'm hoping one of you here may be familiar with this monitor. I've got a great picture with the exception of a fairly small "sag" noticeable along the top. I believe this is called the Pin Setting. When I got this monitor a few weeks ago, I'm almost positive I saw a Pin Setting adjustment control, but now can't seem to find it. For $159.00 this is a great flat screen CRT, but probably the most difficult to adjust I've ever had.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 793mb monitor

You are looking for a Pin-Cushion setting...

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Ok, so I've owned my Samsung SyncMaster 906BW monitor for about 3 years now, and it's worked perfectly, no problems until recently. About three weeks ago, though, after returning home from a 4-day trip (left my computer at home, everything turned off), and when I next turned my monitor on, it started flashing darker and brighter, as if I were rapidly (20 or 30 times per second) turning the brightness from maximum to minimum, staying that way for up to 10 minutes or so, before returning to normal. Since then, I've found out that if I leave my monitor turned off for about an hour or more, it'll "flash" when turned on. Also, if I turn my brightness down between 0 and 10 during this, the flashing wears off more quickly, but if I turn it up as it wears off, the rate at which it flashes increases, and it takes longer for it to wear off.

Anyone got any ideas what this is? I don't believe it's overheating, simply because it only happens when it's turned on from being cold... Maybe a problem with the backlighting?

A:Samsung SyncMaster 906bw Flashing?

Bump - still an issue. I'll try using a different monitor and using a different computer with this one to test it a bit further.

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Hi, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 743 LCD. I've had this LCD for about 1 year. Suddenly yesterday, I was playing FIFA 13 and the screen went of right just before the match started. I thought it was only the screen, but then I checked my CPU and it was off as well.

After that I restarted the PC and got up to the BIOS screen and then got a message on the LCD saying "Not Optimum Mode Recommended 1280x1024 60hz". The system just restarted by itself. Then successfully got to the Windows Starting screen before getting a Blue Screen of Death. It restarted itself, so I decided to boot up with Safe Mode. It did go to the logon screen, but then the screen went off again with the previous message flashing this time the CPU didn't went off. I turned the PC off manually and tried to boot up from Safe Mode again. This time it successfully boot up to the desktop. After checking the display settings (on control panel) I changed the resolution to 1280x1024 and the kept refresh rate at 60hz. The problem still happens. I even tried changing the refresh rate to 70hz and it still happens.

I have looked up this problem on the Internet, most people experience it at any time during any activity on the PC. While mine only happens after I tried playing FIFA 13 both in full screen and windowed mode. Changing the display setting from fifa setting menu didn't solve the problem at all. Other than when starting a match in FIFA 13, my screen runs normally. This is unfortunately a co... Read more

A:Samsung SyncMaster 743 LCD: Not Optimum Mode

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so I buy this beauty new flat panel/LCD/analog/digital Monitor today, only to get it outta the box to find and analog cable but no DVI cable.

now, before I bought it the dude at the store showed me it had a DVI jack right beside the VGA one. "DVI Cable Sold Seperate" isnt anywhere on the box/website or anywhere.
just curious now if I am to venture out and buy a DVI cable so I can use this monitors digital qualities, how much am I lookin at spending? and are there different type of DVI connetions I should be aware of? (I hope its a standard thing and all DVI stuff fits)

anyhow, thanx for any tips.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 930b - No DVI cables?

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I have a samsung syncmaster 933 and am getting shadows on the right side of fonts icons and just about everything. This is especially apparent when working on a white background and on the net. These shadows are very disturbing and I am desperate to get rid of them.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 933 shadow problems

The issue may not be with your monitor, but instead may be related to Cleartype being turned on but needing adjustments, or Cleartype turned on but the monitor would work better with it turned off.

Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306527
Windows 7 and Vista: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Make-text-easier-to-read-using-ClearType

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pls HELP
recently instaled wista 7 32 bit home premium but does not work with sync mast 2333hd
enybody knows is there any drivers or infos about this...

tks in advance

A:Samsung syncmaster 2333hd drivers ?

Hi, Try Here, for drivers for your Samsung.


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My friend recently purchased a new computer, with the Syncmaster 750, and he'll often go on his computer to find the monitor's colours 'messed up', sort of like rainbow-ish colours around the sides.
Yesterday I built a computer for my girlfriend and attached another 750 we had bought, and now she is getting the same problem.
Usually a restart will clear it up, but not always.
I figured it was the monitor which is doing this, even though both machines have almost identical specs, down to the brand names.

Any idea what would cause a monitor's colours to go weird after being on for a while?


A:Samsung SyncMaster likes to Rainbow

Get the computer case and any electrical equipment away from the monitor. Monitors will often display that kind of distortion or flickering if there is any type of motor or electrical equipment near it. Usually the item causing interference is on the same side of the monitor as the distortion.

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Hello I've purchased samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked for 1 year since i bought. but from yesterday i can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If i made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .

I'm really socked with these kinds of behavior from monitor. I've purchased in so more price but it worked for only one yr.. so boring.. Can any one say. what was the real problem.??

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Hi everybody and thanks for reading this
I found the same problem i have in the forum, but now answer, please let me post it againg
The post is closed but it´s here:
So the idea is the same:
I have the samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked fine since i bought. but from yesterday i can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If i made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .
Does anybody have an advice?

Thanks!! and best regards from Argentina


A:Problem with Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX

Does it work properly on another computer? If you try it on another computer, say a friends computer, and it shows the same problems the the monitor is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced. Samsung monitors have a 3 year warranty if it needs to be repaired.

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Tried to hook up my old 21" crt monitor to one of my computers
and it sounded like there may have been a minor short when I
plugged it in.
It used to work.
Now,power comes on and it detects that it is connected to the
video card.
Monitor light turns green but no video and self test with cable
disconnected also show no video or cable warning.
Cathode heater does power up.
The power relay kicks when powered on and I can hear it
Power LED on the logic board is green.
Then a click comes from the motherboard which I am assuming is
the high voltage protection circuit.
The flyback transformer is not starting up.
No high voltage.

I dischaged the crt and took the whole thing apart.
There was no voltage present in the crt.
Usually get a pop when I discharge a crt to ground.

I have checked all the boards for burnt components and have
found none.

It's not worth paying $15 to download a manual.
Anyone know where I could get a free service manual for this?
I have done a lot of searching and nothing so far for this model.
I can use it if I can get it running again.
Samsung syncmaster 1000p
Basic model CGX1609L

Thank you,

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I have ASUS M3A78-EM motherboard and AMD Phenom x4
with onboard ATI Raideon HD 3200 Graphic,

suddenly after i reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate v6.1 (build 7601: Service Pack 1)
1440*900 high resolution.I also know that it must have that much max resolution,thats why i bought this monitor.But the problem is that in desktop->setting.There is not any 1440*900 resolution to select.

First there was resolutions 1440*900 resolution to select but now i don't see that option and all the resolution given doesn't fits the monitor

So can anyone tell me whats going on? I search the net for this problem but has no luck and i ended-up here http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic111502.html
the person in the above given link found the solution for intel based, but i had no luck finding it for mine,

Please help me to solve this issue.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX resolution problem ATI

I'm not super familiar with ATI graphics settings, but I had a similar issue with my nVidia 560TI, my monitor was 1080 x 1920 capable, but I could not select the resolution. In my nVidia graphics settings (in the control panel) i had to change the aspect ratio. For some reason it was set to something like 4:3, after changing the aspect ratio to 16:9 I was allowed the 1080 x 1920 reslotion.

Check in your ATI settings (Catalyst Control Center) for the settings to either change the aspect ratio, play around with the settings a bit and see what happens.

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I recently purchased a used Samsung Syncmaster 170mp. Despite the manual saying so, I can't seem to locate the Sleep Timer function on the OSD. The manual shows the menu but on my unit the option is not there. Does anyone else have a 170mp that can help me out? Thanks much.

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Hey dudes!
I just got a Samsung 27" monitor, and compared to my other monitor which is 24" the colors and contrast etc. on the 27" is a lot worse.
I have no idea on how to calibrate monitors as this is the first one I have had to calibrate.

Is there some sort of freeware to calibrate monitors which ACTUALLY WORKS?
I read a few threads about others who had the same problem, but the threads where old.
They ended up buying software etc which I can't afford.

Any help on this problem?

Thanks in advice!

A:Samsung 27" LED SyncMaster S27B350H Calibration Help!

The website linked below is pretty good for calibrating contrast and brightness, provided you know how to adjust it in CCC. It won't help you much for color through. For example, I have a 22" TV that I'm now using as amonitor with my laptop and I could tell the picture were very different. I spent the past 3 days trying to get them to at least look similar and it ended up coming down to color saturation on one screen and brightness on the other. Hope this helps.

LCD monitor test images

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I just got a new monitor to compliment the existing one I have, which is a Sycnmaster 930B. The new one [914] has a weird issue. It seems no matter what angle I view it at, I can see the grid between the pixels. I'm fairly sure this *isn't* what I'm seeing, but it is HIGHLY annoying. I've tried matching its settings to mirror those of my 930 as the OSD menus on the two are nearly identical, yet the problem still persists.

What particular setting would be associated with this? The only difference between the two otherwise is there connection type. The 930 is DVI, the 914 is VGA - which replaced the existing VGA LCD I had plugged in which did not share this problem. Both are set to 60hz refresh rates in the OS. Is there anything I can to do about this?


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LCD screen or video card ghosting (motion blur)

Video card: Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT

I've noticed when playing games that my monitor shows a sort of ghosting or motion blur. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 912n (19"). I'm not very experienced when It comes to these kind of things so if anyone has any fixes, please help me out. It's a brand new monitor + video card and a salesperson told me they were really good quality.

A:Samsung SyncMaster ghosting (motion blur)

bump (don't know if its allowed or not, if not, mods delete this post please)

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I received a Samsung SyncMaster U70 display as a gift, and after setting it up for the first time it worked perfectly. But, as soon as I restarted the PC, after the login screen when the desktop is displayed on the primary monitor, this small display seems to be stuck at the same color as the login screen background.

Upon clicking anywhere on the screen of this smaller display, I can only open the Win8.1 default start screen, and after I click the desktop tile, the screen reverts back to displaying the original background color only.

I have the Pro version of DisplayFusion installed, but I've verified that the issue persist after uninstalling that software, so that can't be the cause. Also, if I use the "Locate" button in the "Monitor settings" of said application, the original display is shown with the task bar and all other open apps under the overlay that's displayed:

I have no idea what's causing this issue, and it's driving me crazy. The only way I can get the screen to show up properly is by doing a System Restore to one day before I got the device.

Any and all help would be highly appreciated, and if I missed anything, feel free to ask for any details related to this issue.

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I have a dual monitor setup with two Samsung SyncMaster 2342BWX. I have had one for 6 months everything works fine resolution goes up to 2048 X 1152 the max. I just purchased a second one and it only goes up to 1920 X 1080. The issue I'm having is I cant get the new one to go to 2048 X 1152. Monitor driver on the site and disk only goes up to 1920 X 1080. Driver on the one that's working is called "SyncMaster 2343BW/2343BWX(Digital)". I cant seem to find that driver anywhere. And windows update thinks my monitor is the 22 inch model. So that driver wont work either..

Relevant Information:
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
-Both hooked up with DVI into a Radeon 4870 (Shouldn't have a problem running dual at 2048 X 1152).
-Driver on disk and web site called "SyncMaster 2343BW/2343BWX, SyncMaster Magic CX2343BW/CX2343BWX(Digital)" Only allows 1920 X 1080

Any help with be appreciated!

A:Samsung SyncMaster 2342BWX Driver Issue

Welcome to the forums Veritas32x!

What happens if you switch the monitors around on the video card? Does issue stay with monitor?

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My monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 933SN won't display at it's native resolution which is 1360 x 768. It will only display at 1024 x 768 which only takes up 2/3rd's of the screen real estate!

I have the most updated driver for the monitor, from Samsung, which says it works on XP, and VISTA 32/64, but for some reason Windows 7 isn't recognizing the native resolution. It was recognized easily on Windows Xp when I bought it a few months ago, so what can I do?

A:Samsung Syncmaster 933SN and native resolution

Have you install your graphics card drivers??

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This is a 22" screen and is fine after it is warmed up, but in the morning it takes 5 minutes of switching on and off before a steady picture occurs

It has 2 inputs - dvi and vga - no difference on which input

If this is a common problem and the remedy is a simple bit of soldering, I might be able to mend it !


A:Samsung SyncMaster 223bw flickering on Startup

Please clarify if the picture flickers, or you have to switch on and off before any picture appears?

I have a Samsung Syncmaster 704B that developed a problem with having to switch on and off before any picture appears. The problem got worse until eventually it would not turn on at all. I had it repaired under Samsung's 3 year warranty.

See if this support article helps: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/s...uide_seq=227&prd_ia_cd=N0000347&map_seq=33001

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Hello techguy forum,

I recently just bought myself a budget desktop bundle at Best Buy to upgrade from my 5 year old Dell.

New computer specs:
Gateway DX4640-UB101A Desktop
Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor E2200
4GB DDR2 memory
GeForce 7100 graphics

With the bundle they also included a Samsung SyncMaster T220 22" Widescreen.

My problem is that the monitor seems to flicker slightly when set to its native resolution, 1680 x 1050. I've downloaded the latest drivers for the monitor. What do you think is causing this? It is hooked up using VGA, analog. Could it just be a really week graphic card? Any advice would help seeing I know little about computers.


A:Solved: New Samsung SyncMaster T220 Flickers?

Solved my problem. Turns out the monitor was defected and had some frequency problems. My new Samsung is crystal clear!

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Hi everybody,

my Syncmaster 226BW doesn't seem to turn on anymore. Before calling it broken (I suspect some component is gone), I just want to make sure it's not a software issue.

Prologue: for a while, the monitor has been working fine with the exception of not turning on again after being turned off (by clicking the power button) for more than ~20 minutes. Note that I can access the system via TeamViewer, and everything works just fine: the monitor is detected in the device manager, and the computer just doesn't know the monitor is off. The screen just stayed black with the power button blinking blue, and the only way to make it work again was to reboot.

Today, the screen is not turning on anymore. It's still correctly detected by the systems it's plugged in, but even on other systems it will just stay with the power button blinking. I tried on two separate systems with both DVI and VGA cables. Any ideas before I go to a hardware shop? I suspect buying a new monitor will be cheaper than fixing this.


A:Samsung Syncmaster 226BW black screen

I have this monitor and have had the same issue. It's fixable and relatively cheap. I suspect you have bad capacitors. That's a known issue with this monitor. I've had mine for 8 years now and finally moving on to 4K

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I'm using Windows 7 RC Build 7100.
I have a HIS ATI Radeon HD 4770 graphics card and a Samsung SyncMaster 2243NW monitor (native resolution of 1680x1050 @ 60 Hz) and I can't choose resolutions higher than 1600x1200.
I've installed the latest ATI driver but I can't find a Win7 driver for my monitor... Any solutions?


A:Samsung SyncMaster 2243NW resolution problem

hi isacdan and welcome to sevenforums,

if you can find a vista one at the samsung website, go for that.

but be careful with windows update - it updated my samsung monitor profile with a buggy update.

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My LCD briefly turns black and comes back again. Usually black for 1-2 seconds. This happens off of various actions but never while just sitting there. For example, yesterday I was moving large numbers of files to an external hard drive. As they were moving the screen would black out temporarily each time I was to be warned of a dupe file and asked if I should overwrite. I was just downloading a small program and it blacked out again temporarily when I hit the download button. Thoughts?

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Hi to all!

I really hope that you can help me. I installed Windows 7 RC and after install my monitor resolution is set to 800x600. If I try to raise it, I get just one more option and when selecting it, I get a black vertical bar on the right of the monitor with still very bad resolution.

My Display Adapter is listed as Intel (R) 82865 G Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation XDDM)

and my Monitor is: SyncMaster 943 NW/943 NWX/ NW 1943/NWX 1943.

I hope you can help me find a solution to this problem.



A:Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX monitor problems

Lastest driver for your videocard:
Download Software, Drivers and Utilities Filters
supports only Windows XP,you may try to download it change compatibility to xp(right click/proprieties/compatibilty)!

Hope it helps!

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My samsung syncmaster 740bf monitor has developed a problem, a few minutes after start up the monitor screen just goes blank (white), but you can be able to0 revert back to the normal screen by pressing the power button or removing the vga cable and replacing it. This problem recurs every other 2 0or so minutes. Help

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I have a Samsung Syncmaster 2233SW 22" Monitor. Every time I turn on my PC my monitor turns off and on a few times each time switching between Syncmaster 2233SW and Generic non-PnP Monitor (as seen in the screen resolution setting window) eventually stopping at Generic non-PnP monitor...after a while it starts doing it again..I have tried removing the device from control panel and let it detect it again, only to see the same problem again..

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hi.today i bought a new computer.i.e assembled.i have a MSI G31M3 motherborad and Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX 19" inch monitor.The box in Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX 19" inch monitor says that it has 1440*900 high resolution.I also know that it must have that much max resolution,thats why i bought this monitor.But the problem is that in desktop->setting.There is not any 1440*900 resolution to select.

First there was resolutions from 800*600 to 2080*XXXi forgot0.But there wasn't any 1440*900 resolution to select.Not even in the range of 1440.There was only one 1400 range.Then i installed the driver came with the monitor and now the settings shows only resolution upto 1280*768.

So can anyone tell me whats going on?I search the net for this problem but has no luck.one guy was says to use Powerstrip tool but i have no luck.Though the powerstrip tools shows that my monitor has 1440*900 max resolution in its info section but the resolution doesn't show up in resoultion select range.So i guess my monitor is correct.

My question is that is it due to internal graphics that does support this resolution or something else.Please help me to solve this issue.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX resolution problem

If you are not using a separate HD ready video card, and HD video cable to run the SyncMaster, you will never be able to drive the monitor at 1440x900

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