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ThinkCentre M90p 5536 Windows 10 Build Upgrade Issues

Q: ThinkCentre M90p 5536 Windows 10 Build Upgrade Issues

Hi everyone - I am having one heck of a time with these ThinkCentre M90p units when trying to upgrade to the latest (Creators) build of Windows 10. They keep losing the MBR and thus show the primary partition as "RAW" instead of NTFS as it should be. This happens about half way through the upgrade when the system reboots. It comes up to a BSOD 0XC000000F immediately upon attempting boot - this is, of course, because the primary partition is unreadable. Now, I have seen at least 8 of these systems do the exact same thing. All hardware passes diagnostics with flying colors, so I know it's not a failing hardware issue. I have done some Googling and have found where other people are having a similar issue, but none of them mention this particular model of Lenovo ThinkCentre. To test further, I did a FRESH install using an Anniversary build (1511) and then ran the latest upgrade to Creators (1607) from inside the freshly installed 1511 build. The same problem occurs every single time. Any ideas? I know some of the posts I've found online state that running Windows in UEFI mode with GPT takes care of the problem. The issue is that these units do not support UEFI (at least from what I can tell...) Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide!

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Preferred Solution: ThinkCentre M90p 5536 Windows 10 Build Upgrade Issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i'm planning to get a new processor for my pc. would the latest processors be compatible with the motherboard as long as it fits a lg1156 socket? edit: its a type 5536a cpu. one with i5 660 dual core 3.3ghz

A:m90p thinkcentre 5536 cpu upgrade suggestions?

edit: its a type 5536a cpu. one with i5 660 dual core 3.3ghz

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So recently I've gotten my hands on a used Thinkcentre M90p 5536 (i3-540, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD, ect...), but I wanted to upgrade the graphics, so I managed to get a gtx 745 (OEM) from a friend, as that was the most modern card I could reasonably get (That would fit, and not consume too much power) . This is where my troubles started. The M90p in question works perfectly on it's integrated gpu, and the GTX 745 works flawlessly in other computers (I tested them), but when I put the GPU into the m90, all I get is the motherboard not POST-ing, and then after waiting a little beeping 5 times. I've updated the BIOS, reset it, reinstalled windows 10, replaced the RAM, to no avail. The computer just wouldn't turn on. When I removed the GPU, however, everything went back to normal. Is it possible that the GTX 745 is simply incompatible with the M90P, and if yes, can I do something with the Bios(es) to solve this problem?

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I have a graphics card (rx 460) that needs a 350-400w power supply, and I want to replace the PSU, since the stock only had 240w.Is there any other power supply compatible with the stock case?If not, and if I am able to buy a case, is there any compatible case with my system?Thanks in advance!

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Hello i have Lenovo Thinkcentre M90P whith Intel Pentium G6950 250GB HD  and 2GB of 1066mhz DDR3 RAM i think its Hynix? Recently i bought a 4GB Crucial DDR3 stick 1600mhz  . http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/ct51264ba160b  I took out the old RAM and put in this new one but the PC doesnt get into windows anymore and just keep rebooting if I install the old RAM back everything works perfect. I tought that MHZ shouldnt be a problem and that the new ram will be downgraded to 1333mhz (max supported i think). Maybe any BIOS update would work or what should i do?  Thanks for help!

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I have an M90p SFF, 5536-A76 and when it is turned on the fans speed up and do not send any signal to the screen. What can I do to fix it

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I have a ThinkCentre M90p on Windows10 Home that no longer sees cd's or dvd's in the drive. I've been searching for fixes for a couple days now, and none of those worked. The Device Mgr sees the drive, drivers are up to date. I've uninstalled the drive (through Device Mgr) and rebooted, it reinstalled but still does not detect a DVD in the tray. I've tried a Driver collection program (1-click find and install) but it didn't find any problems with that particular driver, I've tried a Registry fixing program but it didn't find any problems to fix there. I know it worked when I bought it because I looked at a couple of old picture cds then(July/17), but haven't needed it again until yesterday. I did find a post about cleaning the lens, but I have no clue about taking the drive apart to get in there to do that so I thought I'd ask here if there were any other ideas first.

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Help. at the moment i have win7 ultimate installed and its not genuine. Lenovo has send me 3 cd's1 (disc 1 of 2) - Application and Drivers Recovery Disc1 (disc 2 of 2) -  Application and Drivers Recovery Disc2 (disc 1 of 1) - Operating system recovery disc - Windows 7 pro sp1 on the cover of the cd that Lenovo has sent me only covers M83, M93/p, M73p How do I downgrade my operating system from win 7 ultimate to factory setting win 7 pro?

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HiI have tried to install a AMD ATI Radeon R7 250 2GB graphic card in my Thinkcentre M90P Desktop. (AMD ATI RADEON R7 250 2GB PCI-E DVI DISPLAYPORT VIDEO CARD 9C8C0 7121A00400G USA) But the PC doesn't boot with this installed.I have tried with a bigger PSU. I have updated BIOS to latest version. But nothing helps. How can I make it work? 

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I currently have 2gb sticks of  PC3-10700 ram in my M90p even though the Lenovo website thinks I have one 4 gb stick. Speccy used to detect them.   How much capacity doe the M90P have?  Will it take two 4gb sticks?  BTW, I'm running Windoews 10 Home. I've read conflicting stories.   Thanks.    Gary

A:Thinkcentre M90P 3853 ram capacity???

8GB max.  Detailed specifications - ThinkCentre M90p (3269, 3257, 3557, 3853,, 5296, 6673)

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Good day  Issue with 100% cpu and system fan which started happening yesterday.  Combined fans sound like a small Jet Engine Things that may of caused this issueUpgrade Bios from 5JKT64A(ithink) to 5JKT65A (02 Sep 2014)Put in a 1050TI video card to test withReloaded bios defaultsplayed with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)Power off at wrong time Things I've tried to solve the issueRedone the heat sync cpu paste (was dried out)Used one stick in Bank 1 (closest memory blue slot to CPU)Have tried different memory sticksTried the M58 reset steps (Power down, yank battery, set cmos jumper to 2/3 etc - had a M58 which had the same issue and was able to fix) but no luck.played with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)Has anyone else had this issue, and been able to succesffuly fix the issue? Any assistance is appreicated as this is driving me NUTTS! Paul M90p Desktop (ThinkCentre)  - Machine Type Model: 5498RS2

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Puchased 2 Think Centres from a local university. No operating system on either. Tried installing Win 10 with media creation tool on flash drive then the ISO on DVD. The Windows logo comes on the screen and freezes. After about a min, it says something went wrong and restarts only to the same result. Someone said I need drivers but can you install drivers without an operating system installed? the units originally had Win 7.  
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A:ThinkCentre M90p: clean Win 10 install freezes

Your systems may not be supported for Windows 10, you can check here:  Windows 10 Upgrade - Supported System List

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I'm working on an issue with a Lenovo M90p desktop running Windows 7 64bit. It's connected via cable to a router that works for other devices. the cable has been tested with other devices, so I've narrowed the issue down to this physical device. The Windows troubleshooter is unable to fix the problemI tried to disable and reenable the network adapterI've tried to restore to a point in time before the issue started which didn't change anything.I've tried to uninstall the adapter via device manager and rebooted but Windows couldn't find the driver by itself. I've downloaded the intel ethernet driver from lenovo site manually from a different computer and installed it but it didn't change anything.Do you have any suggestions to possible next steps?   

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Dear community, I found a M90p USFF system board in the garbage, fully functional when tested. But without the case or anything else. Repairing, especially old hardware, is something I really value: make something work without having to buy new stuff. I was planning to build my own home-theater mini-pc, and already have standard USB-Audio Front I/O panels, and power buttons, and almost all the rest.Lucky me, so I only need the heatsink, power adapter, and the pinout for USB, Audio and power (the system board was set to restore power automatically, so I could test. But eventually, I want to switch it on with a power button like a normal computer). - I found https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/ThinkCentre-front-panel-connector-power-audi...but the number of pins is not correct.- Pictures I found of the Front I/O 45J9567 are not good enough to really see anything. All wires are within a plastic tube, so no luck either. Can somebody help me out? Are there schematics of the system board? Nowhere I found information of the pins. AC97/HD audio headers look differently, and USB headers normally have a 5+4 pinout (with the M90p USFF it's only 4+4). The hardware manuals I found, only describe the set of headers, but not the exact pinout. kind regards,Tim

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I want to upgrade my Lenovo m90p usff eco with a graphics card, but it's just PCI Slot. I bought a SPARKLE geforce 8400gs PCI low profile and BIOS did not recognize it. I installed OS X Yosemite and I need the graphical acceleration. Which card can be compatible?

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this new release work better than any other version.also been able to put 3rd party software on it.

A:Vista Pre Rc1 Build 5536

what antivirus program do you use

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Hi,I have two 4gb PC3-10600 1333Mhz modules. When I place them in my motherboard, one of two things happen. The Windows 10 logo comes up for about 5 seconds, then it shuts off, or two dots from the loading circle come up and then the top half of the screen is blue. I have tried with dual rank and single rank modules and have updated to what I believe is the current BIOS. The page for this PC on the Lenovo site says it is capable, so why isnt it working? This is on a Lenovo M90p 5536CTO.

A:Cant upgrade RAM on M90p?

Which slots are you using?  If you number them starting from the one closest to the CPU, they should go into slots 2 and 4

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I have an Acer Aspire laptop 5536-5883 with an amd Anthlon x2 dual-core QL-64 2.1 ghz processor and want to upgrade the processor to the fastest cpu that will work in this laptop. What would it be called? What type of socket is this? Also I upgraded the OS awhile ago to sys 7 but I got 32 bit . I believe this is 64 bit. Any recomdations on how to fix this?

A:upgrade my laptop cpu Aspire 5536-5883

Hi,You will not get any noticeable performance improvement by upgrading your CPU but if you get a SSD your system will benefit, however, I have enclosed a link for upgrades and a video for switching to 64 bit from32bit, HTH.http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/AMD/Athlon_64_X2_for_Notebooks/QL-64.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI_UwJoFcU0

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Need to verify what PSU And GPU Would work together in my system. Currentlly have i7 860, gtx 1050, 2 hard drives, 1 ssd, 1 dvd, 8gb of 4x2 sticks. Windows 10 64 bit. 

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 I have a m90p 5498F2M tower desktop I was wondering if my motherboard would be compatible with a GTX 1050 Ti ,specifically ( INNO3D GTX 1050 Ti X2)- in terms of BIOS and being able to supply enough power through the PCI express port.I think my mother board is a iq57m (not sure on the bios but I know it is from 2010 and that it is legacy) I have looked at the support page and under the nvida drivers readme, the 1050 Ti was listed. I know the card will fit, as i have already fitted a Asus Radeon HD7750, also i have put in a new 450 watt PSU already.Thanks    

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Hello,I got hold of a cheap Thinkcentre M90p Type 5864 recently and I've been wanting to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card as I currently only have integrated. I've been doing loads of research but am really struggling to work it out so I thought I'd ask here. I'm looking at a low profile NVIDIA GeForce GT420 1GB card and was just wondering if this would work in my machine? I've seen that there are driver downloads to support this card on the Lenovo support page, however they're only available for Windows 8.1 and 7. I'm currently running Windows 10. If this card does work where would I be able to get the drivers?  Any help would be highly appreciated as I'm in a bit of a pickle!Cheers

A:M90P Graphics Card Upgrade

You can get (incl. the latest) drivers direct from Nvidia.   Suggest you get one that is WHQL certified. 

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Hi all!I've recently got an used M90p USFF 5296-W1D which I'd like to upgrade with RAM and HDD: In the HMM is stated 4GB RAM limit - is this still true or was it only at the time the manual was printed? If not: what is the max RAM possible? 8GB or 16GB? There is no mention of max HDD size - what is the limit? I have seen in the past different limits with some controllers (137GB, 2-3TB) and would like to know if a 10TB 3,5"HDD is useable without ID11 disc controller error. Cheers

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my laptop started by blacking out shortly after booting which has gotten worse with time until when the screen now is totally black though the power light when poweredi though the problem was to do with the fun but i found out that it was not the issue after seeing it black out after 2minutes when given a rest of about 72 hours.This has made me think of  bios upgrading please send me full steps for my specific model (acer aspire 5536).incase there is a better solution other than the bios upgrade i will be greatful to know itthanks 

A:bios upgrade acer aspire 5536 steps

i have same problem...how do you download the bios update and create usb flash???

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Hello guys , i really need some help with this.So i got this pc about 2-3 years ago and it still working fine. Problem is that i'm a gamer so i added a few "twiks" on the way.So i just got the news that nvidia discontinued the driver update for video card  , GT730 and there will be no more updates.What can i do about it?Is it worth getting such an expensive card ?  Can i get a better video card as GT 1050 ?Will it work ? Here are my system specsWindows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1CPUIntel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz 36 °CClarkdale 32nm TechnologyRAM12.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)-------------------------------------------------MotherboardLENOVO Intel Q57Brand LENOVOVersion 5JKT49AUSDate 8/27/2010-------------------------------------------------GraphicsH-9005L12-ND ([email protected])2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (ASUStek Computer Inc) -------------------------------------------------Storage298GB Western Digital  ATA Device (SATA) --------------------------------------------------Optical DrivesHL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH60N ATA DeviceAudioHigh Definition Audio Device

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Hello everybody! This is my first post. I apologize for any misunderstanding (especially with my bad English). My PC: Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p 5864, running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, updated with the latest BIOS available (5JKT65AUS). My problem: I want to renew this old fellow to the max, and I wonder if anyone has tried (and/or got) install SSD (M.2), i7-880 processor, video card and RAM. I thought about the following: - an M.2 adapter card connected to the available PCI-Express x16 slot. In that case, would the system be bootable? - a video card (256 MB would be great!), but connected to the PCI 2.0 slot (legacy)! Because of the small cabinet, it would need to be a low profile and relatively small board. I saw that there are some boards in the old PCI standard on eBay. - an Intel i7-880 processor, which would need the most efficient heatsink (to be purchased - part number 43N9815) found on the top-of-the-line M90p with i7 OEM processor; - RAM (in this case, would fit more than 8GB?) This upgrade would be the ideal situation for me.  Alternatives: - Buy a "normal" SSD, SATA 3, and install it on the SATA 2 port of the PC, losing performance or, at best, install an SSD on a SATA 3 card connected to the PCI-Express slot. In both cases, would it be possible to boot with Windows 7, no problem? - Do not change the processor and keep the video card integrated. In this case, it would not be necessary to buy a vide... Read more

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I currently have the desktop not the tower. I would like a midtower so I am not limited with psu or gpu choices.

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I have a m90p 5498F2M tower desktop I was wondering if my motherboard would be compatible with a GTX 1050 Ti ,
specifically ( INNO3D GTX 1050 Ti X2)
- in terms of BIOS and being able to supply enough power through the PCI express port.I think my mother board is a iq57m (not sure on the bios but I know it is from 2010 and that it is legacy)
I have looked at the support page and under the nvida drivers readme, the 1050 Ti was listed.
I know the card will fit, as i have already fitted a Asus Radeon HD7750, also i have put in a new 450 watt PSU already.Thanks
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Go to Solution.

A:M90p Tower: GPU upgrade to GTX 1050 Ti? SOLVED: installed GTX 1060

@Fungi999 wrote:
I have a m90p 5498F2M tower desktop, I was wondering if my motherboard would be compatible with a GTX 1050 Ti ,
specifically ( INNO3D GTX 1050 Ti X2) ;    I have looked at the support page and under the nvida drivers readme, the 1050 Ti was listed ;   I know the card will fit, as i have already fitted a Asus Radeon HD7750, also i have put in a new 450 watt PSU already. 

The graphics card white list is not so explicit that certain makes of card will work and others will not.  
So, if the card model is on the supported card list (or from a search here is known to work), you have enough power for it, and it will fit in the available slot length, then 99.9% chance it will work (all baring that the x16 slot is defective, which has happened here before, once or twice.)

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I have the specs to the processor in this machine which says 64 bit. With Windows XP I do not have full use of the 4GB Ram installed.  Has anyone succesfully installed Windows 7 64 bit with full use of the 4 gb. Also will I be able to find the drivers needed?      PROCESSOR / CHIPSETCPUIntel Pentium 4 531 / 3 GHz64-bit ComputingYesData Bus Speed800 MHzChipset TypeIntel 945G ExpressProcessor Main FeaturesHyper-Threading Technology, Intel Execute Disable Bit, Intel Extended Memory 64 TechnologyProcessor SocketLGA775 Socket 

A:Thinkcentre m52 8113 Upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit

https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkCentre-A-E-M-S-Series/ThinkCentre-S50-8183-support-for-64-bit-OS/t... I found this thread and I have the Pentium 4 Prescot. I would still like to hear from someone that has done this upgrade to Windows 4 64 bit. Thanks.

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Has anyone had issues with wireless mouse/keyboard connectivity? Recently obtained a new ThinkCentre workstation and have tried two different mouse/keyboard combos. It seems there is a glitch of some sort. The mouse never tracks efficiently and often freeezes, keyboard is doing the same thing with not recognizing characters as I type.  Thanks!

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Hi When we try to update Bios to 1.52 from WinPE - then afuwinx64.exe fails with error: Child process failed. Return code: 55 When we try to update ThinkCentre M720q and M720s to 1.29 in WinPe afuwinx64.exe fails with the same error.  If we update from full OS (Windows 10) the bios update is succesfull Anyone got some ideas? ... wait for new bios :-) Best regardsLennard

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 I recieved my new ThinkCentre M920s and noticed two defects shown above in the photos:- 1. The headphone jack appears pushed to the side with a sharp copper wire sticking out of the hole 2. The vent to the right appears bent and misshapen My question is, am I being too picky about build quality or are these legitimate issues? Are they even issues at all actually or is there a legitimate reason that a sharp copper wire should be to the side of the headphone jack? Is the vent to the right bent and misshapen or is it supposed to be "curved" or something? I spent over £1250 ($1630 American) on just the tower alone, so I expected a premium product. Thoughts appreciated!

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I've updated my M90p to Windows 10 (free upgrade via MS) It's asking me to activate the system I thought the Windows 10 license was buried in the UEFI of these systems ? Can someone clarify the license status of an M90p for me Thanks, Steve

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Apologies if this is reprising and earlier question on this topic. I have recently acquired an old-ish second-hand ThinkPad X230 [2325SWK build with a G2ET91WW (2.51) BIOS], accompanied by a ThinkPad UltraBase Series 3 docking station [P/N 0B67692] which has an empty 2½" bay.I need advice on the following issues:1    The X230 currently has an SSD installed [Samsung 128GB MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1] which will not be large enough for the programs and program data that I have planned to install.  I would like to upgrade to a 1 1TB SSD, and I propose to clone the contents of the existing 128 GB drive to a 1 TB Samsung 850 Evo [MZ-75E1T0B].  Are there any SATA or other firmware issues that I should be aware of before acquiring the 1 TB drive, arranging for its cloning and for the replacement of the current 128 GB drive?2    I would like to populate the empty 2½" bay on the UltraBase Series 3 docking station with an HDD, and the model I have in mind is a 2 TB Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive [ST2000LM015].  Again, I'd like to know if there are any hardware, firmware or other issues before acquisition and installation.I'd be grateful for any help on either of these two issues in an Australian context.

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Thinkcentere M90 Tower, Model 5852-C15, Ser# Mxxxxxx, BIOS Rev 5JKT65AUS 8/5/2014 Win10 64-bitNeed help so my system can see the additional hdd that i installed. I ran Lenovo Solution Center Hardware scan and it shows everything is Good. But it does not see the 2nd Hard Drive.
When I look in the BIOS the 2nd Hard Drive is there and identified correctly.2nd Hard Drive is plugged into SATA 2 port on MB (SATA 0 is C drive, SATA 1 is DVD drive)Best I can tell the BIOS is up to date ( BIOS Rev 5JKT65AUS 8/5/2014 ) for this machine.In Win10 "This PC" does not see the drive.The drive is working and has a drive letter assigned, I moved it from another PC.Not sure what I am missing to make this work.
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A:M90p: How to make Windows see an additional HDD

Have you tried the new HDD on SATA port 1, and DVD on port 2? 

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how do i do so? will i have to completely reinstall it? or is there a simple way to do it?

A:upgrade windows 7 build

Hi Riley,

You can run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see if you might have any issues before upgrading. And here is a tutorial on How to do an Upgrade Install with Windows 7

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I am currently running insider preview build 10162.

Do I need to upgrade to a full version of windows 10 and if so will I be notified by microsoft or should I look for an upgrade myself?

A:Windows 10 upgrade from build 10162

What was the original version of windows
You cannot upgrade XP, Vista for free

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when trying this upgrade I receive, "C++ runtime error; Program C:\windows... BT\Sources\SetupPlatform.exe".
I reply OK and it reverts back to Windows 10 before the upgrade.

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Any one have the same problem i upgrade my pc build a new i7 shylake 6700k build my specs yea i7 6700k asus Maximus rog ranger motherboard 16gb ddr4 asus matrix 980ti Platinum 6gb video card 900watt 80+ psu i was runing win 8.1 pro retail ran fine i wanted to use dx12 on games so i upgrade to 10 pro now my pc crash idling or watching netflix crash to white screen so i test my gpu ram nothing worng crash when keyboard and mouse not touched unistall drivers install new drivers up date to latest bios same crash

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I am having free Windows 10 64 bit version 1511 Build 10586 which I got by upgrading my Windows 7 and is having no problem at present. Should I upgrade to new Build if any has come and if yes then why and how to upgrade?

A:No issue is Windows 10 but should I upgrade to new build

The build you are running right now is the latest one
every few week there is new update coming make sure you keep system up-to-date even if you don't notice any current issue in your system, security issues are regularly identified by Microsoft and other in various parts of the Windows,
It is critical to install security updates to protect your computer from malicious attacks.

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I am trying to prep a computer to give to a friend. Last night, I reformatted it using the recovery discs that came with it. It is a Tosh Satellite A105.

Today, I have been finding and installing updates to the system, trying to prepare it for an upgrade to win7, which is no easy task since I have had to go out and find some of the drivers and service pack 3.

I am using the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and need input on which of these 11 issues really are issues, and which I can skip and just install new once I upgrade.

Adobe issues -- I uninstalled it.

Toshiba Blue Tooth Stack for xp version 4.0 -- I downloaded and installed version 7.0, but have not uninstalled 4.0. It doesn't make sense to my feeble brain why I would have to uninstall 4.0 if I installed 7.0 unless it is because I downloaded the 7.0 instead of upgrading to it?

Here is a list of the rest:
MS .NET Framework 1.1 --I downloaded and installed a later version, so which version do I need to find?

Toshiba ConFigFree -- No clue what this is.

Intel ProSet/Wireless software -- ZeroCfgSvc Application -- No clue

Toshiba Utilities -- I have updated everything available from ms, so is this another one that I have to go find, and if so, what version?

To be uninstalled unless someone suggests otherwise:
Realtek HD audio driver
Sonic Record now
Yahoo music engine

Thanks a bunch in advance for any help!

A:XP to windows 7 upgrade incompatibility issues caught by Upgrade Advis

1st, you can't upgrade from XP to Windows 7, you have to do a Clean Install which means boot the DVD and format the drive, so nothing you do to XP will have any effect.

Having said that, you can cheat

See here: Upgrade Install - XP to Windows 7

My recommendation would be to do an image backup of the XP system then do a Clean Install (with format), apply all updates then start restoring your data from the backup. All software will have to be reinstalled, it can't be copied from the backup to Win 7.

Good tutorials here:

Clean Install Windows 7
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I'm building a system for some friends back home in the Houston area and started yesterday. Here goes:

chip: AMD Athlon X2 3800
ram: 2 Geil 512MB PC3200
vid: eVGA Geforce 6800 GS 256mb PCI-ex
HD: 120 GB SATA Western Digital
ps: Antec 450
opt: Lit-On DVDRW

ok...I bought it all from newegg plus a case & some misc. stuff. It all came shipped well except for the HD, which didn't have alot fo bubble tape (the floppy drive did though...they probably confused the two) Had some time yesterday, so a friend and I got to working on it. We got it all put together, turned it on, set the BIOS to optimized defaults, and proceeded to install WindowsXP Home. All seemed well - all was recognized properly except for the 3800 X2 which was seen as a Clawhammer CPU that was unknown. System installed Windows great, and I left to go to a study session and left my friend installing drivers. I got back and looked at the task viewer to see the dual cpu cores working - and saw one. No problem, simple BIOS flash will fix it. We got the latest bios from DFI's website (10/19/2005) and flashed it through Windows. System rebooted and we went into the bios to set defaults. Save, exit, and back to loading windows. XP installed a new processer driver and the machine rebooted again. Everything came back up and we saw the dual cores working properly under the task manager. All seemed well except I was worried about the case ventilation. The crappy temp read... Read more

A:New build having issues getting windows to install

ran a chkdsk /r in the recovery console and it found and fixed some problems. Restarted and still the same problem - so I'm using WD Lifeguard tools now to write zeros to the entire drive.

So now I can suspect: Hard Drive, Motherboard, and Chip - although chip is looking fine and stable for a long while. I wonder if just the second core could be defective...

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Hey there.

I'm about to take a sledgehammer on my new PC that i built.
I'm having massive issues regarding a few things.
I can't install updates, they fail every time.

Also, after they failed to install when i boot into Windows again i loose signal to my screen and i need to force it into safe mode to remove any and all drivers for the GFX and then i can boot into normal windows again.

I'm going insane here.

MSI x99 Gaming 7
Intel Core i7 5820K


A:Massive issues with new build. (Windows 8.1 x64)

Hey mate,

From what I can tell, MSI provides drivers for two motherboards similar to the one you named: X99A Gaming 7 and X99S Gaming 7... which one is yours?

What I would do in your situation, is to make sure you have the right board in mind, go to the MSI website and only install drivers from there: (US) MSI USA - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more

You may need to update the BIOS as well, and they should tell you how, or have a program that installs for you.

This is a handy little repair tool on your computer: SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums (works for Win8 too - use Option three in the tutorial, it is easier)

Let me know how it goes to that point

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Hello! I've bought a new video card, an SSD and a RAM. I  installed all of them and I realized that I don't have enough power to run my PC properly. This means I have to buy a new PSU (old one has 180W), but i don't know what size it should be: ATX, SFX, TFX or other. Please help me! PS: I know that the PSU will have a 24 pin connector and the motherboard has 14 pin but I found an adapter so it's ok

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I have a ThinkCentre M81. I want to upgrade my CPU from an i3-2120 to an i5-3470/3570/3570k. I have checked the motherboard of this system, and it seems like it's a Lenovo Mahobay. I can't find any more information about it other than that it has an Intel H61 chipset. My BIOS version is Lenovo 9SKT58AUS and the date is 12.24.2012.My specs:Intel Core i3-2120Nvidia GeForce GTX 10508GB of 1333Mhz DDR3 RamWindows 10 Professional 

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