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micro sd cards need help

Q: micro sd cards need help

help i have few micro sd cards a 32gb , 64gb sd card , well they worked fine for a while and now they show no media/ 0 data and i can not format but... they do show up on disk manager..so i really dont care about te data on them i just want clean and ready to use again but i cant really afford to take it in so theres gotta be someone out there that can help out afellow in need

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Preferred Solution: micro sd cards need help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Recently purchased several of these items off eBay and Amazon. when first inserted, they seem fine, system recognizes them, however when files are transferred they don't show in the windows. Properties says there is data there, but it is not recognized by say, my mp3 player., I have reformatted them and the same problem exists after I transfer files to card. any suggests other than not buying them anymore?

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Hi all
given the fact that some micro SDHC cards are already 32 GB capacity and it won't be too long before 64 and even 128GB one's are available -- is SSD technology --although still in its infancy already on its way out.

Seems to me that if Micro SDHC cards can reach this sort of capacity (64 / 128 GB) capacity and the electronics is fast enough --these cards will last infinitely longer than an SSD drive and won't have any of the attendant properties of these drives either.

(Having just spent nearly 400 USD on a 256 GB SSD I could have been jumping the gun).

While USB2 or even USB3 is still comparatively slow there is no reason why a micro SDHC card with the proper interface should not be faster than an SSD on an enhanced IDE / SATA bus.


A:SSD or Micro sdHC cards ??

It isn't just the memory capacity that matters. You are forgetting one very key part of an SSD....the controller. A flash memory card still needs to run over some type of connection that's inherently slower, even if it was an eSATA card-reader, or something of the sort. An SSD uses a built-in controller (Sandforce, ie) to provide direct access (and maintenance functions) between the SATA interface and the memory.

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they look cool but when i decide to put files on one of them (which are 2 gigs per card) the file transfer always stops midway and its always a different file it says that has an "error" can anyone help me,please? anything would be greatly appreciated.

A:kingston micro cards malfuction.....


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Iam having an issue that is relay starting to annoying.
The problem is that no kinds of storage cards are currently working perfect on my computer.

For an example no phones can be connected, have tryed 2 htc's with microsd cards, and a sony ericson with an m2 card, and same problem. Also if i try to open any SD cards, like camera it dosent work.

The thing is that it comes up as removable drive, but when i try to open it it just says please insert card. I have tryed deleting, installing reformatting drivers, and cards like crazy and its the same. I have also tryed changing the drive letters around but the issue is the same.

The only thing that makes the work is the following:

If i leave the card in the cardreader, or a phone connected, then restarts the pc whitout removing the card or phone, then it works when its rebooted. but asoon as i remove the card/phone and reinsert them the issue is still there "please insert card"

I have even changed the motherboard, cpu, and memory, and formated the computer 3 times but still same issue. So im thinking that windows is installing wrong driver or something?

Any new drivers to motherboard, phone or cardreader dosent help, It must be windows related?

Also all the cards and phones works 100% on my 3rd computer also running windows 7, But my old 1, and this 1 have the same issue.

The specs on current pc are:

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Deluxe
CPU: Intel I7 2600+
Memory: Corsair Vengance 6gb 1... Read more

A:No memory cards working (sd, micro sd etc)

Could you tell me the make and model of your card reader?

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Is it possible to get my 3 year old Touchsmart to use 128gb micro sd cards either via the built in SC card reader (with the adaptor), in a USB adaptor or a generic external card reader?Is there a special driver that I can download?

A:is it possible to use 128gb micro sd cards on HP laptops

Hi, From my memory and you can search this forum: members have had problems with 128GB cards: missing files, files corrupted. Knowing that, I would not risk to use 128GB cards, 64GB cards could be a safe bet. Regards.

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I was pre-testing a card that I got from china to see if it was what I ordered before trying to sell the rest of the cards on ebay, the card said it was 64 gigs (Fat32) when I looked at it on my windows 7 PC.

Next I put a song on it and it seemed to be working ok and then I tried for format the card.
While it was Formating it went to (Default exFAT) 64 gigs but I knew my MP3 player will not be able to handle exFAT so I tried to use a tool to change its format back to (Fat32).

After clicking format I saw that it was taking a vary long time to format but then I saw I did not check quick format so I hit stop and nothing happened. so I hit X on the tool and still nothing happened..

so I clicked ctrl-alt-exit and made it stop that way.. but after that it then said the card needs to be formated so I tried to format it back to (Default exFAT) but befor clicking format it now only says it will format to 8 gigs and not 64 gigs o.O.. so I was thinking maybe that is just a error and will be fixed after clicking format.

so I clcik format and it gives me a error...it says (Windows was unable to complete the format)

so how do I get it to format back to 64 gigs and back to Fat32?

And here is my 2nd question..

a month ago I sold a guy 1 of my cards on ebay..now he is saying this..

Dear Piratekitty,

When I installed the card in my Clip+ it gaves errors ... Read more

A:3 questions about fixing micro sd cards errors.

the card said it was 64 gigs (Fat32) when I looked at it on my windows 7 PC.

Next I put a song on it and it seemed to be working ok and then I tried for format the card.Click to expand...

Rule number one:- if it isn't broken then don't fix it.

The issue here is windows will not format Fat32 above 32gb, so invoking the formatter when all you needed was to delete the file was a major mistake.

Personally, your online handle Piratekitty and the fact that you are reselling on the net bothers me. I've pointed you in the right direction this time, but will not respond in the future to your postings.

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I recently had my files deleted from a micro SD card my phone said was damaged so i was looking to try this program, but i haven't seen anything on it relating to recovering files from micro SD, i know it was brought up on this site so can anyone maybe let me know if they can, and if it is really effective? thanks

A:Does anyone know if Puran Data recovery works for micro SD cards?

I went through several of the infamous Samsung SG3s, and one after another trashed SD card after SD card. So, I frequented the various Android forums looking for solutions. There were threads where folks CLAIMED to be able to recover files, so I tried their products -- but nothing worked at all.

You should check the forums, perhaps the data recovery apps are better, now.

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I am experiencing this problem for quite a while and in fact it is so weird that I was unable to replicate it. I will try to briefly describe it.

My system is
AMD FX 6300 3.5ghz turbo 3.8ghz.
Gtx 760 ASUS 2gb in a 16X PCI-e 2.0 slot.
2x4Gb 1600mhz DDR3 kingstom hyper memory
Gigabyte 970A D3 REV 3.0 motherboard.
VS 650W Power Supply
CPU temps never exceed 40C
GPU temps never exceed 70C.
Using latest drivers.

The system is not overclocked. Everything is running at optimal settings.

Each time I play a game for a longer period, two or one hour or so It starts lagging and stuttering. I have these annoying micro-freezes each time I walk a few meters. The frames are solid when I stand, or move around a certain area. Lets take Alien Isolation as an example since I play it now. It would be a great example.

I am getting perfect frames, around 80 frames average. After 2 hours of gameplay terrible stutters start to occur. For instance each time I open doors the game freezes for 1 second and then frames jump back to the said 80. I think it happens because new section of the map starts loading, but I fail to understand why it starts "Stuttering" after a certain amount of time and does not happen for the first time the game is launched. After I turn off the game and launch it again the problem "MAGICALLY" goes away and the stutters reoccur after the said time.

Of course this is not the only game I have noticed to have this problem with. It happened wit... Read more

A:Gtx 760 Micro freezes | Micro stutters after few hours of gaming

Hello? Could anyone help me? I am still unable resolve this.

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Any tips on solving this issue and locating the source of this issue?
It happens at the most unpredictable times when not gaming but when gaming, I sometimes get huge freezes whenever I turn around in GTA 4 like textures and models are still trying to load. Happens in other games too but it's less annoying and obnoxious.

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz w/ Cooler Master 212 Evo
AMD Sapphire R9 270 No OC
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
Kingston HyperX Blu 2x8GB 1333MHz
Corsair CX500
TP-LINK TL-WN851ND Wireless N300 PCI Adapter
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB

Currently using 14.4 for my GPU, the newer driver causes artifacting.

A:Micro-stutters/Micro freezing issue

In the past it's usually been the AMD Overdrive/CCC/Fuel program that causes the problem(providing it's actually not the video card failing), try uninstalling the CCC package including the driver, Fuel/Overdrive and installing the driver only.

To install the driver only when starting the install select custom and un-check everything that is not the driver.

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Hi i was thinking of purchasing a MP3 player from newegg.com <http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16855705012>

it says the expansion slot is for micro sd, but i was wondering if it would recognize a micro sdhc, because the biggest micro sd i can find is 2gb and i want at least a 4gb, which would mean i would have to use a micro sdhc.

Please post back if you have any suggestions or know if a micro sdhc would work in a micro sd slot


A:micro sdhc compatiblity with micro sd mp3 player

SDHC, µSDHC and miniSDHC will not work in their "regular" counterparts. Whether the slot is only an µSD, rather than just not being marketed as HC capable, ask the manufacturer.

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hi guys,
for those who can help me...
i hava a sony vaio pcv-rx470ds and it comes with a 260 watt power supply and first i went to check out some ATX power supplies in a store but, it almost fit inside the metal box the vaio brings so you con neatly put the Power supply in there, well anyways it didn't by little.. so i guessed it had to be a MINI or MICRO ATX that it uses.
anyways the only thing that changes is the case size, right??
so in any case to be sure here are the specs of the 260watt PS and the 450watt(the micro atx one of course)

the 260watt says:
AC INPUT: 100V-240V~4.2A

+5V 25A
+3.3V 13A
+12V 15A
-12V 0.2A
+5V, +3.3V TOTAL 145.3W MAX

and the 450 watt one says:

(look at the pick)
now what i am not 100%sure are the other specs not shown on the 260watt PS? i guess it was to waste less tint...
well you tell me, and thanks a mill..
(all the info on the new one is here: http://www.plinkusa.net/webAPMP4ATX45)

A:260watt micro ATX to 450watt micro ATX

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We have a Dell 390 tower that has 1 pcie x16 port and 2 pcie x1 ports. We have 3 additional videos cards other then the onboard but we are having difficulty getting all the video cards to work. The mutiple option only comes up when you add the video card in pcie x 16 slot but will not come up if you remove that card and put video cards into the other slots. Need help getting all video cards to work at the same time.
Additional Video Cards ( all 3 besides onboard) are : 
 EVGA GeForce 8400 GS DirectX 10 01G-P3-1303-RX 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card
We have converter cables converting the pcie x 16 to pcie x 1. We've seen where other people with this same setup have gotten them all to work together but we just can't crack the code...any suggestions?

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Hi there,

My computer came with a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP card, which is apparently a Graphics/Video Card with onboard video (or the other way around, video w/ onboard graphics) Now, this is a terrible card- it can barely play any modern games. I want to get a new graphics card, but I'm concerned if I install a new Graphics Card, that because of the onboard video, it will affect this greatly, or if I actually need a video card instead of graphics. What do I actually need, and will it adversely affect anything on my PC.

I can provide more information if you want...

A:Installing New Graphics Cards with Onboard Video/Graphic Cards

We need to know what mobo you have and what slots it has.

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Hello, I have to work with special PCIe cards (x1 up to x16), usually connected in a tower. I want to replace my old tower (E31) with a ThinkPad P51. I was looking for solutions to connect PCIe x16 cards over USB3 and found some do-it-yourself tutorials, but I didn't find a kind of cloed box for 1 to 4 PCIe cards that I can connect to the ThinkPad Dockinstation. I found a lot of threads concerning the extension of grafic cards for notebooks like:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/External-GPUs-on-P50-Mobile-Workstation-... But I don't want to connect grafic cards. The PCIe cards are used to connect other 3rd party hardware. For example I need the card "ADLINK PCIE-GIE64" because I only got drivers for this device and I can't use the onboard network card. Looking forward for advices how I can connect PCIe cards to the docking station in a "clean and not self-made" solution. Thank you in advance.

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Has anyone tested it out or heard anything about it?

A:Trend Micro Web Security and Trend Micro Kids Safety for Playstation 3 and PSP

I've got it, I don't really use it though, Do you want it, it's better than Norton, but it brings in a lot of scammers, so we had to get a new credit card.

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Hi.. So my psu got messed up so i have now sent it in and using a old psu without pci-e power so i had to change out my GTX 660 to my old ATI Radeon 4650
Though the gtx 660 kicks donkey in gaming the Radeon is running flash games smoother and some other stuff to
Also a bit of a OpenCL vs CUDA war
When rendering with my AMD A8 laptop with intergrated gpu the rendering times in Sony Vegas 12 accually was shorter than the video with OpenCL gpu acceleration on But with
Cuda acceleration on with my GTX 660 with around 950 CUDA cores the rendering times are about dubble the video lenght

This is soo confusing??
Did i do a very stupid move buying a 660 instead of a R9 270x card for Gaming and video editing and rendering

A:AMD cards Vs nVidia cards? Got very confused by a thing

You didn't mess up on anything but to be honest AMD has gotten better with encoding speeds over the years

I just recently bought a new GTX 780 ti I have not done any video yet i have been doing benchmarks but i will find out soon enough

the time it normally took me to render and burn with 2x7970's were about 20 minutes depending on what it was doing some took longer then others to about 30 minutes but actually cut down to 25 minutes

Direct Compute and Open GL are on fire right now with AMD cards they use it very well and Bitcoin Miners seem to love how much over Nvidia they run

For me it's doesn't mater as long as it suits my needs but other people may differ with the way AMD has been changing GPU Architecture people have been going red and also the prices have gone up so if you are looking to change now you need to look for a card worth the coin because they gone up 20% matching Nvidia prices

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I am going into my fourth year of architecture school and I am building a desktop. I plan on using my system for Adobe cs5, CAD, Revit, 3ds max, Maya, Ecotect, Virtual Enviroment, Rhino, and Grasshopper. I am having trouble deciding on a graphics card. Is it necessary to have a workstation graphic card to do 3d modeling with these programs? If so, what type of card would you reccomend, Nvidia or ATI?

List of requirements given by the school:
Intel® Core? i7
12 GB+ Memory
2TB Hard Drive
Dual 20"+ monitors
DVD±RW Drive
Dedicated ATI or nVidia video adapter with at least 1-2GB memory
Wireless Network Adapter
Windows 7 ® Home Premium (64-bit)

A:Workstation graphic cards vs. consumer cards

The last question is the easiest - I would go with nVidia because their CUDA processing engine accelerates many of the applications you use. I know Adobe CS5 and Maya take advantage of it but don't know about the rest of the applications you listed.

Adobe CS5 added acceleration for multiple applications with the Mercury Playback Engine which is designed specifically for more recent nVidia cards with the CUDA feature set.


Third party review and recommendations for use with CS5 (the card list starts about half way down the page)


CUDA (see more info below about CUDA) supported graphics cards (note that the GeForce or mainstream and gamer cards (for desktop and laptop PCs) are listed near the bottom of the page:


nVidia provides information touting how much their cards accelerate Adobe CS5, including general description about CUDA with internal links to more info for advanced users:a


Here are a couple of reviews on workstation cards you might find informative:

Workstation Shootout: Nvidia Quadro 5000 Vs. ATI FirePro V8800

AMD FirePro V9800 4 GB: Eyefinity Meets Professional Graphics
http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/firepro-v9800-eyefi... Read more

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Hi. I got a 2-3 year old Lenovo Yoga 500-14ACL laptop, Machine Type Model: 80NA002MMX, with the newest BIOS firmware from Lenovo, in which I got a Linux distro installed to a partition.  My only problem is, the WiFi does not work, as there are no drivers available for this card on Linux systems. I tried as a last resort to use a program called "ndiswrapper" to install the windows driver in my Linux distro with the help from Linux professionals, sadly it did not work. Now my only chance is to purchase a new WiFi card compatible with Linux distros (not a USB WiFi plug), so my question is, where is that "whitelist" which Lenovo has implemented into the BIOS online? I have searched online, but I cannot find a list containing compatible cards. I see many users has purchased cards previously without being aware that Lenovo reject certain cards, and that is exactly what many users report, the card is rejected by the BIOS, and the users are left with a card they can not use. Before I order a new WiFi card, I want to make sure the card I order is compatible in my laptop. I came from the store I bought the pc today, and the techicians there were very surpised that Lenovo in fact had such a list in their BIOS, and they were not aware about it until I informed them. They told me that all they could do is to contact Lenovo directly by mail, so they recommended I did that myself, in which this forum post is all about. What WiFi cards are in the BIOS'... Read more

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I was wondering what makes NVidia's quadro cards so much more expensive than even the high end gaming GPUs? I know there more for the "workstation" PC and are used more for 3d modeling and such with programs like 3ds max and maya but what exactly do these quadro cards have that the high end gaming GPUs don't? More cuda processors? Higher Memory bus width? The reason I am asking is because I recently purchased a GTX 780 SC and was thinking of getting into either 3ds max/maya in the near future. Would purchasing another GTX 780 and putting into sli configuration help with programs like max and maya? Thanks for the any help!

A:Difference between quadro cards and gaming cards

boagz said:

I was wondering what makes NVidia's quadro cards so much more expensive than even the high end gaming GPUs? I know there more for the "workstation" PC and are used more for 3d modeling and such with programs like 3ds max and maya but what exactly do these quadro cards have that the high end gaming GPUs don't? More cuda processors? Higher Memory bus width? The reason I am asking is because I recently purchased a GTX 780 SC and was thinking of getting into either 3ds max/maya in the near future. Would purchasing another GTX 780 and putting into sli configuration help with programs like max and maya? Thanks for the any help!Click to expand...

To answer your question, the Quaddro series of cards or FirePro for AMD are different from the gaming cards because they re-purpose the cards for straight up compute. The software included with them and drivers along with some additional features make them poor at gaming but better in the fields of compute/cuda dev/opencl/etc. Also those cards in most cases also cram more RAM than the standard card models for higher rendering among other things.

You will be fine with a 780 for the basics of 3DS max and maya and adding another would be somewhat beneficial later down the line but you can definitly use your superclock GTX 780 for this and get decent performance for these programs.

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I have an RCA Kazoo RD1000 MP3 player and I am looking to buy a memory card for it but I'm not sure which one to get. In the manual, it references Multi Media Card (MMC) but in the stores, the only ones I can find are the SD cards. All of the memory card readers have one slot for the SD and the MMC cards.

I am wondering if SD and MMC are backwards compatible or not.

any help would be cool.

A:Are Multi Media Cards and SD cards the same?

Not sure how accurate this statement is:
MMC Card
Weighing less than two grams and taking up the area of a postage stamp, MultiMediaCards are ideal for use in portable devices like digital audio players, digital cameras, and PDAs. In addition to its distinct size advantage over other removable memory, the MultiMediaCard's low power draw makes it highly suitable for battery-powered mobile applications. MMC cards will fit into devices that have an SD slot - MMC cards are the same size, and are often much cheaper than SD cards, because they're an 'open' standard (SD card manufacturers have to pay royalties, and MMC card manufacturers don't!).


I didn't think they could be interchanged though......perhaps someone else can shed some light. I use SD Cards.

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I'm trying to run a game in High Def and it says I need to upgrade to GEFORCE 3 or better. Is this a video or a graphics card and what is the best choice to fix this problem.
I've read posts on graphics card and have it down to a choice between GEFORCE and ATI Radeon 3870 that Im having a hard time making since I don't know much about this yet and my comp is at least 5 yrs old. Running an EMachine 3400, 512 mb with windows xp and extra membory added. And which is better the 9600 Geforce or the 3?

A:Graphics Cards and Video Cards

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Dear All,

A brandnew VERBATIM 8GB Micro SDHC Card is only recognized as 1GB in my T130 / WIN 7 - funny enough: A brandnew SANDISC 8G SDHC Card is recognized as 8GB
Anything I can do here to use the VERBATIM Card ?

Any Feedback is much appreciated

Ciao Gerhard

A:Re: 8GB Verbatim Micro SDHC card recognized as 1GB Micro SDHC Card

Where did you buy that 8GB SD Card? Are you sure it's genuine?

If you got it from eBay or similar, it may be a fake SD Card that is physically 1GB but reformatted and re-badged as 8GB.

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Hi, we had a network card, but we returned it cause it wouldnt even be detected, but saw a new deal for a card, 10 bucks. my dad went to the store, and got a USB Wireless adapter instead, same thing (802.11b) and was 10 bucks too...I am wondering, is a 802.11B USB Adapter Wireless and 802.11B USB adapter the same speeds? Also, I have a 54G router, will my connection be fully utilized on my computer (not the laptop)? I think my cable company gives me 4mbps speeds.....

A:Network Cards: USB and Cards?

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Hello all, here's what I'm trying to do. I have S-Video input through means of my Geforce FX5950 however, the combonation of decoding that signal and having it converted, suffers great quality loss. I'm looking to namely play progressive-scan console games on my LCD monitor and, have the ability to take high quality captures or stills. Here's the thing...I have a Y,Pb,Pr to VGA converter for playing on my monitor however, this does not help me with capturing stills. Also...my LCD's native resolution is 1280x1024 so 640x480p on my LCD looks kind of nasty. I'm looking for a card that is capable of either component (Y,Pb,Pr) input or, VGA/DVI input so I can capture stills and run my LCD in it's native resolution as it decodes 480p signal. Cost really isn't too much of a concern as long as it's in the 200-250 dollar range which, I know items like this can often times exceed. I am just having trouble finding this sort of setup yet...I know they exist somewhere on a professional level. I can either run component straight to the card or, I can run component to VGA and, if needed put a DVI adapter at the end of my VGA output on my transcoder so, either VGA, DVI or, YPbPr input is acceptable.

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will the 9 series make the $220 8800gts drop to something like $100 or will it still be $200?

A:Will the 9 series cards make the 8 series cards cheaper?

eventually, and then the 10 series will do the same to the 9 series, rinse and repeat. basically as long as its one of the fastest cards the gts will be expensive, when it becomes obsolete (relatively) its price will drop.

from the question i assume you are looking to upgrade, if you want to only spend $100 then i'd say your best bet is an OCed 7600 GT, lotsa bang for your buck, i can run FEAR with pretty high settings with just one of them.
but really, what are you looking for?

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Hi My zen micro is screwed i bought it off my friend...I hoock it up to my computer except it doesnt reconize it...It shows its charging but when I unhoock it i cant turn it on or anything??? Can anyone help me

A:Help with Zen Micro

well about the charging, mine takes about 30 min of USB charging to be able to turn on. The best way to do it is to plug it into an outlet. Mine also only has about 2 hours of battery life, not sure if thats normal or not..

About it not being recognized, you may need to upgrade its firmware at creative.com, i had to do this. Now computers are able to detect it, and is able to detect it as a removable disk without any drivers installed on the PC. (that is, if i set it to have some removable storage).

I also had to install the Media Explorer program off of the zen micro CD, then go to creative and download the newest version. For some reason the file on creative.com was not able to recognize the zen. Tris might be because its only a web update, although im not 100% sure.

Good luck. :wave:

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Q: Micro

I've been having issues with microphones for a while and I am not sure what is causing it. I ended up thinking it was the mics and bought 2 more:/

First was my logitech usb mic it was just very low people would always have issues hearing me even with the microphone levels at 100.I did some google searches and there seemed to a common consensus that there was soldering on this mic that caused issues. So I went and bought the zalman clipon same issue I have to yell in this thing even with levels at 100 and +30db. I thought okay this was a cheap $5 dollar mic so I went out and bought a samson go and i'm still having issues with low input.

I've got no idea what to do at this point. Could it be my motherboard/drivers?

*sorry hit enter by accident and didn't get a chance to finish typing my thread title can someone rename it Low Microphone issue?


You should be able to change the title with the Edit.

USB microphones do not use the PC's sound card. When you connect the USB mic, go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel, Recording Section. The USB mic should be shown and you should be able to set the mic level (Right click on the icon). If that helps, that is the "easy" fix.

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There's a link on how i did it.



P.S. if this gets helpfull please STICK IT, so people can see it right on top.

A:How to fix your micro.

Thanks for posting this hopefully it will help others. Fabe

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i need ten characters

A:Micro ATX

For what...!

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I have a dell dimension 2400 and i need to know if it is atx or micro atx, can anybody help??? I need to know this so i can buy a power supply. Non of the parts have been replaced or changed, so they are still default, just as how it came.

A:ATX or Micro ATX???

The Dimension 2400 is a micro-tower computer.

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Hello there. I have lost my zen micro CD and the drivers from internet are somewhat not working... Can anyone please upload the CD or is there another way?

A:Zen Micro CD

Look at the Zen Micro support site and click Downloads

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I am limited by case dimensions to a micro-ATX motherboard when I upgrade. Is there any real difference in the performance of one form factor versus another, aside from less PCI slots for expansion?

A:ATX Vs Micro ATX

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I have recently got an old zen micro that we found lying around the house and i have windows seven on my laptop and i pluggeed in the zen and found that it would not run because windows could not find the correct driver software.
any help would be great thanks

A:Zen Micro

Hi if there are drivers you should find them here Creative Worldwide Support

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Given the now "Beyond GODLIKE" prices of AMDs, I'm thinking of buying a nice power packed SFF comp. One which packs the biggest CPU I can afford. Also, since this is a "cost cutting" exercise, I'll be reusing my Corsair 550Mhz DDR1 RAM. And I'll probably get myself a good ole 7900GT.

Now, I've got a problem. I'm not sure what m/b would be good for such a system, or the case thatl'l fit all these in. Can someone help?



mATX Motherboard(Single Core & Dual-Core support)
Hope it helps

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Is m-atx another name for micro atx? are they just the same thing?

A:m-atx, micro atx

the case, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147010 , the motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128043

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hey all i have a brand new 1 GB micro sd memory card but the problem is my computer wont format it as it is using the RAW partition any help or input would be appreciated cheers.....James

A:Micro Sd Help Please


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Hi, I'm new to this forum and actually joined to for a software question that was already answered in an old thread it turns out so I decided because I'm registered anyway to ask something that's been bugging me.

My system right now is

amd XP 1600+
One cdr drive
40 gig hard drive
KM266 mobo
2 stick of 2100 ddr 128 and 256
Ati 9600 pro from sapphire
ethernet card.
I just bought a new cpu fan with 2.4w power input and 0.2 amp current

The reason I am asking is I want to get a 80 gig hard drive (as slave and keep my 40 gig as master), a new stick of ram and the 2500+ (so a mobo upgrade as well) and maybe a dvd combo drive.

My PSU right now is 250 watt that came with the case.

Anyway here's the question: Just how much of the above could I get and still be "okay" I pretty much know I can get a new ram stick.

But can I upgrade the processor or add a hard drive or both (I have no case fans because it's a mini so that should help right?)

I realize this is a pretty subjective question but just in general non quality PSU 250, could it even have a chance of running the added hard drive and new processor with mobo? IE: have you seen someone do it with similar specs? Or how good of a chance do I have

I have no idea how much any of the components draw in terms of power so I'm pretty much in the dark about all of it, any suggestions would be helpful.
Including where I can buy a cheap micro atx psu that's 300+ and quiet because I can&#... Read more

A:Micro ATX PSU?

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When it says that the form factor for a case is: ATX Micro ATX does that mean it still would be able to fit a regular ATX Motherboard in it? I saw this at newegg for some cases I was thinking of getting for putting my new gigabyte ATX mobo in.

A:ATX and Micro ATX?

Here is some insight into the differences between ATX and ATX Micro:
Current trends in the industry indicate that users require a lower-cost solution for their PC needs. Without sacrificing the benefits of ATX, this form factor addresses the cost requirement by reducing the size of the motherboard. The smaller motherboard is made possible by reducing the number of I/O slots. The overall effect of these size changes reduces the costs associated with the entire system design. The expected effect of these reductions is to lower the total system cost to the end user.

Another area of improvement is the reduced size of the chassis as it sits on the user’s desk. This reduced size improves the aesthetic value for the end user and promotes higher satisfaction with system ownership.

Through careful designing of a microATX motherboard, an OEM can capitalize on the benefits of a reduction in total system costs. These cost savings come from a reduced-output power supply (see the separate documents SFX/SFX12V Power Supply Design Guide and TFX12V Power Supply Design Guide), reduced chassis costs, and minimal redesign of existing ATX 2.1 or later compliant chassis for backwardcompatibility.

Where possible, the existing mounting locations in the microATX form factor are aligned with those that exist in ATX 2.1. This alignment reduces the possible changes to existing ATX 2.1-compliant chassis and
encourages the rapid adoption of the new microATX form factor. See Section 2.2 for ... Read more

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I have a mobo I'm not sure which form it is.
Is there an easy way to tell?
If i post a picture can someone else tell?

A:Is it atx or micro-atx

An atx mobo will be rectangular about 9 1/2" x 12" where a mATX mobo will be closer to square about 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".

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I want to biuld my first computer but have one question...
This motherboard http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2253297&Tab=0&NoMapp=0
says that it is ATX (scroll down on the link page adn you'll see a diagram of the back of the mobo).
This case says it is also ATXhttp://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=186336&Tab=1&NoMapp=0
(look at the i/o shield in photo gallery)
Some of the ports (preticularly the audio ports) don't seem to line up.
What am I missing here?

A:ATX or Micro ATX?

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Hi, I have a Surface and only a single USB but I'd like to use a USB thumb drive in the micro SD card slot for making backups to. Backing up to the micro-SD is abysmally slow even using Sandisk Extreme as it gets throttled as the card heats up. I found this for micro-SD to full-SD but nothing so far for a USB drive on the other end. Amazon.com: B00KZIBLWS Anyone seen what I am looking for? Thanks

A:Looking for micro-SD to USB

Not sure there is such an adapter. It appears the best you can do is go from micro to standard SD.

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I have been searching for a new PS b/c the one that comes with my PC only has a 200w PS. So i will need a new one for when I get my new Geforce 6600. Here is the link to all my specs. I was searching and I seen some places say its a micro and some places say its just ATX. any help would be great. thanks

A:ATX or Micro ATX?

ATX is ATX, micro means that it is just smaller than a regular ATX MB.
Any new PS should work.

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