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Formatting external drive after dvr formatting

Q: Formatting external drive after dvr formatting

I recorded some saved programs on my Dish Network DVR 622 to an external hard drive that formatted it for that purpose according to their instructions. Can the external hard drive now be reused by being hooked up to my standalone computer and reformatted or have I lost it because of that use? If so, how do I do it? I do not want to save anything on the drive--just format it and use it for a different purpose. I no longer have the Dish DVR. When I connect the external drive to my desktop I do not even see an icon for it in My Computer.
Thanks for any help.

Preferred Solution: Formatting external drive after dvr formatting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Formatting external drive after dvr formatting


its possible it has been formatted using a non standard file system, use disk manager to view the drive and remove any partitions on it, then use disk manager to recreate parttions on the drive

Start >settings> control panel> admin tools >computer management >disk manager.

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Last night, I tried to transfer a video file as I've done dozens of times. It didn't work. I tried a second time and realized it was because the file was more than 4GB which FAT32 USB drives will not accept.

I successfully formatted the new USB drive to NTFS.

My question is can I convert it back to FAT32? Can I do this using the same method (right-click drive checked off and optimized performance then right-click and select NTFS) I did from FAT32 to NTFS or is something else required?

Is it dangerous to due this? I will only be using this USB stick on my Windows laptops, dvd player and not on my iMac.

A:USB drive formatting back to FAT32 after formatting to NTFS

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,

You are correct, you can just format the drive back to FAT32 and no it shouldn't cause any issues doing this.
I have swapped between file system types many times and never had an issue.


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Every attempt to erase, copy, or re-format this Maxtor 30 gig external drive has been unsuccessful.

It's got folders with lots of picture files, and a back-up copy of data files from a FAT 32 drive from my Dell; and it all needs to be deleted so I can start fresh.

NOTE: (That Dell has win98-and was replaced with a new smaller drive after upgrading to XP pro; and it's split in order to view files with NTFS and FAT32).

Both machines find the external drive ok (F dr) but neither will succcefully delete the files, reformat the drive, or even erase anything. I think it's corrupted, or has bad sectors, but I KNOW there's a way to clean-erase this disc and make it useful again as a virgin storage drive...but I don't know enough about creating new partitions or volumes, or whatever.

I refuse to run out and buy software to do this, if I can somehow get a step-by-step guide to fix this disk.

Maxtor's knowledgebase is a bunch of gobble-de-gook, mish-mash, and lame users who are for the most part, just as confused as I am.

ALSO: These little one-sentence answers like, "use win xp to reformat the drive" are just as useless, and I already tried that, unsuccessfully I might add.
All help appreciated;
Sorry for being long-winded.

A:Formatting External Drive (with win xp)?

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I have done extensive research on how to fix this issue but i am at a loss here...

The situation: My buddy used my hard drive for his new laptop and it erased everything on it and reformatted it so that my laptop and no one else's could read my hard drive... Well i have finally given it another go and tried to just "restart" it in other words, and it will not allow me to format it on "E" or any other letter for that matter. It is stuck on "RAW" file system rather than "NTFS" and a window appears stating that i do not have permission to format it.... Any advice or information that can help me out?

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I have an external hard drive that I wish to reformat. I have upgraded to windows 10 but cannot find the link to formatting an external drive.

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I purchased a Fantom G-Force 1T external HD for a friend. He has a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running XP Pro.

He live about 45 minutes away & wants me to format & partition the HD for him. If I do this with my laptop, running Vista Home Premium, will there be issues? Or, can these drives be swapped from computer to computer?

Thanks in advance for any & all assistance! Suggestions appreciated as well.


A:Formatting External Hard Drive

Finally got thru to tech support. they said formatting between operating systems is not a problem.

My friend is bringing his computer to the house this morning. We will see how it goes & I will report back.

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I have 1 gig left on my internal hart drive.
I have a new 80 gig ext hard drive
my sony laptop can not format this drive.
is this a computer error or the ext hard drive problem?

A:formatting external hard drive

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A few weeks ago my primary computer had mysteriously stopped working. When I put a Linux disc in, and looked at the hard drive, every file was still there except for everything in the Windows folder (I had XP Home installed). Then when I put the re-install disc in, it would never work. So my plan was to put my hard drive in an external enclosure, reinstall Windows via this computer (my secondary one), then put it back in to the primary computer. Unfortunately, when I try to open up the drive (Which is showing up in explorer), it tells me that it needs to be formatted. But I can't format it because i have about 100 gigs of important data on there, of which 90 percent is not backed up. Is there a way to get Windows to be able to see all my data without having to format the drive?

A:External Hard Drive Needs Formatting?

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I've tried to format some CD-RW discs with an external optical drive connected to my Vista computer via USB. The process fails about half way through, every time I attempt it.

I've tried the same discs in another computer with Vista and a internal optical drive...it works fine there.

Am I attempting something that is not possible on an external USB connection???

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I have searched the forums for this topic, but some of the posts were a little too technical for me!
Can someone talk me through how I can format an external drive for EXT3 to use with a Humax FoxSAT.
I use a vista computer.

A:Formatting External Drive for EXT3

Microsoft does not support ext3. There are third party utilities you can find that will do what you want, but I don't know anything about them because I don't and wouldn't use them.

Best way, IMO, is to boot your system using a linux live CD (such as Knoppix or the live CDs available from any of the major distro providers) and format your drive that way. Ext3, after all, is a linux file system.

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I have a 1tb external hard drive that I need to format to Fat 32, but when I try to it will only format to exfat or ntfs on a Vista computer. I have also tried to format it using a win xp comp, but it will only do ntfs. I tried using the cmd.exe on the vista comp but it pops up with "application not found". recently had problems with windows vista guardian, but thought i had fixed them. please help!

A:External hard drive formatting


this will allow you to do so...

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Hi all,
i am new here. I have recently purchased a new Toshiba 1TB external hard drive and wanted it to format to NTFS. I have Toshiba laptop L40 17M, 1.60 GHz, 2GB RAM and Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. I could do a quick format, but i want to check for the bad sectors and make sure the drive works good in future. Whenever i do a normal format it gets stuck at certain point. I have tried the following:
1) Right click on the external drive and choose normal format
Result: Formatted for 9hrs and it stuck at the beginning
2) diskmgmt.msc->Format
Result: Formatted for 17hrs and it stuck at 3%
3) Start->Run->CMD Format D:
Result: Formatted for 7hrs and it stuck at 2%

I am worried cuz its a new drive. Is there any way where i can test my external drive or is my drive faulty? Please someone help me?

A:Formatting External Hard Drive, Please Help?

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I have a seagate 2TB free agent desk that i reformatted to HFS+ using MacDrive 8 to use between my computer (windows 7) and xbox 360. currently the 360 is recognizing it just fine i can watch hd movies and everything as usual but where as before it worked fine on my computer, it now says that the disk structure is corrupted and unusable. normally i can figure these things out on my own, but there is little support information on this format. any ideas how i can maybe reformat the drive but keep all 600GB of entertainment?


A:Solved: External hard drive formatting Q

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I have a WD external hard drive and a few days ago it stopped working. The name under This PC turned from "My Passport" to "Local Disk" and an error messaged appeared when I tried opening/formatting the disk saying windows is unable to format the disk. I tried formatting it with Partition Wizard and EaseUS, but that did not work either...I tried creating a new partition using those software applications, too, but they always take a really long time. I waited overnight for a partition to be created, but when PW said it was finished creating the partition, nothing showed up.

Now, not even the "Local Disk" shows up under This PC or Disk Management. I don't know what to do to format the external hard drive...

A:External hard drive not appearing or formatting

I assume since you have tried formatting the drive that there is no data on it that you care about? Does it have any warranty left?

First try the simple things, try it on another PC. Also try it with another USB cable. If neither works then the enclosure or drive has likely failed. Depending on which WD you have you might be able to take it apart and try the drive by itself but some have a prosperity interface instead of standard SATA ports.

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ok i have an external HDD that is currently formatted NTFS i need it to be formatted to FAT32. I right click the drive got to format and make the approprite settings to FAT32. IT gets all the way to the end of the format and then says unable to format drive. same results with quick format. any ideas why this is?

A:Solved: external hard drive formatting

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I just installed a new unformatted 1.5 Tb hard drive in a miniStack v2.5 that I need to format to NTFS. Windows 7 recognizes the miniStack v2.5 but not the HDD. I went to Disk Management & it lists all my formatted HDDs but another window popped up that says; "You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Management can access it." Under a window "Select disks", Disk 3 is highlighted in blue & checked. Also there are 2 options for partitioning style; MBR (Master Boot Record) as default & GPT (GUID Partition Table). I will be using this drive on a XP laptop & GPT isn't recommended on older versions of Windows, so probably MBR is best.

I presume Disk 3 is the new 1.5 Tb drive but how can I be sure before wiping all data from a used drive? &

A:New external hard drive formatting question.

Virtually certain you are correct, but can you post a pic of Disk Management??

Your other disks are probably numbered 0 and 1?

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I am using a Dell laptop, Inspiron 5100, running Windows XP (Service Pack 3). I am using 1GB of RAM, and I have a 60GB primary harddrive. The processor is a 2.80 GHz Pentium 4.

A little over a year ago I purchased a 320GB Western Digital MyBook (WD3200AA) and created a single partition so that I would have two drives; one for crucial backups and one for normal media storage.

This arrangement worked fine up until about 2 weeks ago, when I started getting an enormous number of MFT read errors. I am not sure, but it is possible that this had something to do with my video creation. When the problem started I was using Windows Movie Maker to splice a large number of high quality videos (all of which were located on the external hard drive). I am not sure of the ultimate cause of the problem though.

All I know is that the problem was temporarily fixable by doing a cold boot on everything (including the external). However, the amount of time I had before the drive started experiencing errors diminished day by day, and I was unable to find any solutions for this problem.

I have purchased a new external hard drive (WD MyBook 500GB) and transfered what I could to it (my iPod came in very handy, since a lot of my media was also on there). However, before I could transfer everything, the WD3200 finally stopped working. The computer still recognizes that there is something there, but only reads it as a single drive, and cannot see the contents.

At this point, I have gotten en... Read more

A:Formatting a Corrupt External Hard Drive

Pull the drive out of the enclosure and connect it to a desktop computer that has the connection you need either SATA or IDE. If the drive works in the desktop unit then the problem is in the enclosure adapter.

If the drive works in the desktop machine download the Western Digital diagnostic utility and test the drive. If the drive tests good with the Western Digital utility since there have been some problems with the drive, the Western Digital utility has a zero fill option. If there is no other data you need, zero fill the drive, and when you resuse it in another enclosure and are ready to format it, Windows will find it as a new-unformatted drive and you should be able to reuse it with no problems.

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Hi there,

I have windows 7 and have just had my new WD 2TB external hard drive delivered.

It is currently formatted to NTFS and I would like to have it formatted to FAT32.

I have searched the internet and have been unable to find any software that works for windows 7 that will let me format my hard drive to FAT32 for the full 2tb.

Could someone suggest any software that would work on windows 7 and that will allow me to format my external hard drive to FAT32?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

A:WD 2TB external hard drive formatting fat32 help

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I have a small portable USB ATA External Hard Drive. It works fine with my Win7 32bit Laptop. When I try to use it with my Win 7 64bit Desktop computer, I get a message 'You need to format the disk in Drive J before you can use it.Do you want to format it now?' When I click on YES, I get another message 'Windows cannot format J' - Can anyone help please?
John B

A:External Portable Hard Drive - formatting

does it show in up in the list when you look in "my computer"? if it does you can right click it and format it from there.

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Hi all

I realize there is a large post below with a similar issue but I'm posting this on the off-chance that mine might require a different solution.

I was attempting to transfer a file from a dell laptop to MacBook via seagate external drive.
The drive said it was write protected. I then did the following to remove write protection:

"Open the command prompt box with right click and run as administrator

Type each of these commands one at a time in this order:
list volume
select volume n (where n = the problem volume)
attributes disk clear readonly
attributes volume clear readonly"

After which the drive now can't be read on either computer, both claiming it needs formatting/initialising.

The issue is that the drive had some EXTREMELY important files (yes I know they always do) and no, there are no back ups.

I did not format the drive...can I recover this data still? this is a time sensitive project and I'm at my wits end. Any and all advice is extremely appreciated!


A:External hard drive now needs formatting/initialising! Help

See what TESTDISK makes of that drive. It should be able to recover it for you.

But please read the instructions carefully as it is a powerful tool.

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I just got a Western Digital 1TB which was pre-formatted however i thought i would quick format anyways as NTFS. At the minute Windows seems to have trouble formatting (It just says Windows cannot format check the disc is writable), when i ran the quick format in DOS it came up with "All NTFS sectors are unwritable".
I have just quick formatted as exFAT and i can access the drive but i want to use NTFS, any ideas on what i need to do?

A:Problems formatting external hard drive

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Hi, I am in need of some help. I want to use my external hard drive to hook up to my PS3 for "media playing" purposes. I have checked out various forums and was told my hard drive would have to be changed over from NFTS or whatever it is to FAT32 as the PS3 wont recognise it. I downloaded swissknife and after I'd transferred the contents of the hard drive I reformatted it or tried to. The problem I now have is that where as it used to be drive G it is now gone. I have gone through the driver list and the computer knows it is there and says it is working fine but I can't transfer anything on to it until the registry can find it. Can anyone tell me how to reassign a drive letter to it? I am at my wits end.
Many thanks.

A:re-formatting of external hard drive to fat32

Hello Shaftuk,

Please open the Disk Management... right click Computer > Manage > under the Storage, Disk Management. You should see your removable disk there, as Disk 1, right click it and choose assign or change drive letter. You can format it again as FAT 32 there.

I hope it will help.


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Alright so heres what ive done. I have a Passport external hard drive that has 500 GB of space. I recently installed an operation system onto it because i needed to reinstall windows 10 onto a different computer and i didn't have a thumb drive. Somehow doing this has caused my Drive to act as though it only has 32 GB of space and will not allow me to use it as a storage system like it was. I have deleted the operating system from the drive and uninstalled everything that was loaded onto it from the operating system. But i can not seem to get it to format correctly to get it to act as a storage system again. Does anyone have any idea on how i might fix this or did i just destroy my hard drive?

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Hiya, i just bought an External Seagate 80GB HDD with USB 2.0 Connection. It comes in ready to use condition (preformated with NTFS file system). In the attempt of making this drive bootable, i tried to use the HP Drive Key Boot Utility to reformat it again, but to my surprise, after its formated the drive size shrunk into 2 GB only...??!! I have tried to reformat it again using my win 2K utility but always ended up the same. Is there anyway to get the original capacity back...? Thanks.

A:External USB Drive's size Shrunk after formatting..?

You formatted it to FAT, which has a maximum size of 2gig partitions.

Start, Run, diskmgmt.msc

In disk Management, remove all the partitions and partition it correctly and format it there.

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My laptop is a Dell Latitude D830 running Windows Vista.

I've bought a Freecom USB 2.0 Hard Drive XS 1TB (Model Code SSYBBA) which came FAT32 preformatted. I wanted to reformat to use NTFS so I plugged it in to my USB port. Opening Windows Explorer, the drive was picked up as G:\ and I could view files on there and copy and remove files so I knew the disk was working OK.

I started reformatting by right-clicking on the drive letter and selecting "Format" from the menu and select NTFS and kept the default settings. After an hour I cancelled the formatting (clicked Cancel) and a message popped up asking me to confirm, so I did.

Since doing this, the drive is now no longer recognised and doesn't get a drive letter assigned. I've tried rebooting, reconnecting and checking in Disk Management and it just doesn't appear (although is powering up when the laptop starts). Also, Device Manager doesn't show it. Screen shot of Disk Management attached.

Can you tell me, how do I get the drive letter back to restart reformatting?

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Cancelled external HDD hard disk formatting, now no drive letter

What options do you have when you right click on the drive?

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I can browse this forum for data recovery methods, but before I jump into that, I want to explain the events that led up to this terribleness.

I've been running this external hard drive on my XP desktop for a little over a year and have had no problems. I've plugged it into numerous other XP computers, several laptops running Vista, and even a few Macs. There have been no problems and I've been able to take files on and off with ease on all these different computers. Today though, my friend just bought a Sony Vaio laptop with Vista, and with my successful history I plugged it in without any doubts...

...got the "installing new devices" thing, then the statement saying that the device is ready to use. But upon trying to browse the device, we get a long loading process that's halted with a "This device is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?". I've read other people's posts of their similar predicaments, but it seems that it's more of a "I just plugged this into a Mac and now I can't access it" thing. I know Sony has a tendency of ruining everything, but I really have a feeling there's something else involved. Something seriously needs to be done about such a ruin-everything process.

If I was a freaker-outer, now would be the time. Years of work gone to waste.



A:500GB Western Digital external hard drive - needs formatting?

So, are the other computers saying it is unformatted, too? Go through this thread, there are quite a few solutions listed. http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/731880-1tb-hdd-unformatted.html

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I'm at my wit's end with this one, I can't seem to find the same issue discussed anywhere online and just tried Seagate's Help Centre who seemed far more interested in selling me data recovery services than even attempting to figure this out

Yesterday, all of a sudden my Maxtor Basics 500GB External Hard Drive started coming up with a message saying something like "E: is not accessible, access denied"

After much reading of forums and finding people with similar issues I tried a few things (the one that kept coming up most was going into disk management and renaming the letter of the drive). None of the stuff worked but at some point the error I was getting changed from the accessibility error to "You need to format the drive in E: before you can use it".

I should point out that there's quite a lot of stuff on the drive, I don't want to format it!

What interesting is that I have downloaded a demo of some recovery software and all my files are still there and appear to be fine. However I can't really afford 80 dollars for the license key and am desperately hoping there must be another way around this without resorting to data recovery?

Not sure what other info I can give at the moment - I'm on Vista. Also when I go into Disk Management it says that the type is RAW - I am reasonably, but not entirely certain, that yesterday up until the point when the error message changed it was saying that the type was NTFS... Read more

A:Solved: External hard drive issues: not accessible, now needs formatting.

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hello to all. i am a new memeber here and i have a quick question. i just got a new pioneer head unit and i want to use my external hard drive to play my music, pics, ect. im using windows vista and my hd is a firelite smartdisk. my head unit will not recognize the hd so i tried to format it to fat32, but the only option is to format it to nfts or exFat. neither format option works with the head unit so i want to know how to format it to fat32. please someone help me. im not a computer expert but i can follow directions well. please help, thanks.

A:(((external hd formatting)))help!


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Greetings. I have a WD 500 GB SATA drive I have put into a Thermaltake Esate enclosure. (Thermaltake EA3006 Aluminum External Enclosure) The first drive I had would not format in the enclosure, nor would it format internally. I RMA'd the drive and was trying to install it i\n the enclosure. It would not format using PM8. I have not used the Linux partitioning program a friend has. I tried formatting from a boot disk but PM would not format the drive. I tried PM8 from Windows to no avail. I uninstalled the drive, then reinstalled the drive in Dev Mgr. I tried formatting again and it gave me the BSOD.
I am running an Evga 680i, 2 additional hard drives, a 500GB WD and a 200GB WD. I wanted the 3rd drive a s a backup for my other computer that's dying. I don't think my board supports Esata natively. The enclosure attaches to an internal sata connection and the power from a molex connector.


A:External HDD not formatting

This might be a stupid thing to say, but I just got myself an external enclosure and was having troubles until I put the jumpers on master, after which it worked fine. Give it a try if you haven't already. Good luck.

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Hi everyone!

I am about to sell an external HDD and I am not sure how to completely delete all the files I had stored in it without them being recoverable on the one hand but without destroying the HDD on the other hand.

Basically, the disk was the HD of my previous PC that was almost blown up due to malfunction of its fan (a HP Pavillion it should have been...), however I was able to save the data by removing the HD and putting it in an external case. All the files, including Windows XP that it was running were saved on what became an external HDD.

So far, I have deleted all files from it (it appeared to be empty, but I was told this is not actually the case), then I wiped files from the drive using the CyberScrub Privacy Suite software and last I also formatted it.

However, when I connect the HDD to my PC, 2 drives appear instead of one, with the other one being called "HP recovery" with 1.4 GB of about 8GB used space.

So, my questions are:

a. Should I also format and wipe the "recovery" drive? If I do so, would that destroy the HDD?
b. Am I done with permanently deleting all files from the external HDD after formatting and wiping the deleted files, or should I do something more?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

A:Formatting an external HDD

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I purchased an external HDD from WD

I wanted to know if I should reformat it to NTFS from FAT32.
I will only use the drive as a backup drive for Microsoft RMS database backups.

And, is it better to to partition such a drive (120GB) or is keeping it as a larger partition better?

A:Formatting an external HDD

All my external drives are formatted NTFS, you don't have file size limitations, and NTFS is more robust and recovers from errors better than FAT32. Personally, I'd leave it as one large partition, why chop it up?

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I got a 100gb SmartDisk Firelite yesterday I got it hook up to my computer running XP.

I can't see the drive is formatted as I thnk Mac hfs filesystem becuase I plug it to my other computer which is a mac.

How do I re-formatted my drive back to NTFS fully no Partition is a clean drive no files on it.

I just want to write files to my drive under xp using NTFS filesystem.

A:External USB Formatting.

Go into Control Panel and Administrative Tools then into Computer Management. There you should see the Disk Management, right-click on your usb drive and select format..

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I would be grateful if anyone could advise on formatting Portable HDDs.

I want to format my Iomega USB 320GB HDD and have done internal HDDs before in Windows 7, but as it is a portable I have a few questions:-

Should I use the New "Simple Volume Wizard" in Disk Management, or simply right click on the HDD and select Format?

If I use the New "Simple Volume Wizard" in Disk Management:-
Allocation Unit Size - Is "Default" OK?
Volume Label - Is the default "New Volume" OK if I don't wish to name it?
Enable File & Folder Compression - Should I leave unchecked, so not enabled?
It will be NTFS. Many thanks for any replies.

A:External HDD Formatting Question

I think either method will work. Since they both ask for the same settings, though:
Default is fine for Allocation Unit Size, at least always has been for me.
If you really want the drive to be named "New Volume", I see no reason why that wouldn't work.
I've never checked Compression, and I've formatted NTFS partitions and drives many, many times. So it should be fine unchecked.
Hope this helps you!

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Edited: I find that the external does show up in control panel\device manager but not in Windows Explorer. I also "found" it using one of my laptops and even moved about 2gb of files to it. After I moved them, I checked and they did indeed show up. I then rebooted the laptop and now even though the external still shows up it is back to giving me this error message again (see below)
E:\is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable
I cannot see the directories nor the files that I just placed on the drive. I'm really confused on this one.
I recently purchased an external case for a HD. I removed a 60gb HD from a computer and mounted it in the external case. I formatted the HD in the external case and all appeared to be ok. Before I formatted I made sure that I could access the files.
Now, fast forward a week.
Today I was going to start moving files to the external but I could not do anything with it. I decided to reformat using Partion Magic 8. It starts and gets part of the way through then it gives me these error messages:
Error #1613 Directory flag set for non-directory, File 5
when I click on ok (my only option) it moves along for a second and then gives this,
Error #983 Too many errors found, Process halted
when I click on ok (my only option again) it moves along and then just returns to the PM screen.
Now the external does not show up on Windows, bu... Read more

A:Formatting external HD errors

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Do you have to format external harddisks (for instance LaCie USB 160 GB)? And if yes, which is preferable, NFTS or FAT32?


A:Formatting external harddisk

ummm yes normally they do. format them to NTFS if u are using xp and with only be using the hdd as somewhere to store files.

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I have an 80gig external HD (blank) that is formatted NTFS and want to use an Image program that needs FAT32, How can I re-format it?

A:Solved: Formatting External HD

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Hi guys, so my Acer Aspire 5315 series is really really hurt. Screen broken,Cd drive missing. And the registry is a tad messed up because i used to be able to click on the portion of the screen i can still see and click properties > and switch to external. Now i get an error trying to do that.
What i want to do is re install the OS so i can start fresh, but can it be done with an external monitor and a usb drive?

Main questions :
Where can i download Win XP or Vista or 7 to get it on a USB drive?
Can I do it with an external monitor?
Thank you, any other suggestions such as how to fix the properties error (Rundll32) would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Formatting my computer with an External Monitor

As long as the computer is capable of booting from USB - you can install Windows from a USB flash drive. You would need a genuine copy of Windows.

There is a simple program out there that can help you with this..
WinToFlash - Install Windows from usb - Home page

You should be able to hook up an external monitor - the laptop probably has a VGA output.

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could someone help me with this problem

A:need help formatting an external harddrive (my passport 320 gig)

Do you want the WD software that comes with the drive?

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Have a new 250 GB external Hitachi Drive connected by firewire to Dell Inspiron running XP home. Used Disk Management to partition and format new drive as storage. After a long formatting process XP gets to 100% and then reports thay it is unable to complete formatting. Driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated. :grinthumb

A:XP Unable to Complete Formatting of External HDD

Have you tried partitioning it into two equal pieces to see if those partitions would format? I would personally give that a try - and a Quick NTFS format shouldn't be taking a long time.

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Okay, so this is how it started. I had my Android tablet (Acer A500) hooked to my x64 Windows 7 PC, to transfer a file to it. After that, I tried to safety remove it, but since it uses MTP, it was not in the connected devices list, so I accidentally safety removed my Ext HDD, a Seagate 1 TB HDD with a power outlet. Since the PC said it's safe to remove the hardware, i removed the HDD, and my tablet, and hooked the HDD back on, but ever since, my computer says it needs to be formatted... while my tablet that has a USB port, and on Linux Ubuntu on my computer, it's recognized and it works fine. I've also tried another computer, running x86 Windows 7, but it doesn't work on that one either. I tried changing USB ports, no game, I also tried a reboot... no dice. I've also tried removing it in device manager list and installing it back, but it didn't help.

Please help me, I've got over 800 GB of precious data on my HDD I can't afford to lose. Since in works on Android and Linux, I don't think it really needs a format...

A:External Seagate 1 TB HDD suddenly needs formatting

How does this external drive show up in Disk Management?

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Basically im trying to use my hdd on my mac which wont show up in disk utility, desktop or finder.
but on my windows pc it shows so when I try to format it from NTFS to exFAT the message: unable to format comes up what do I do

A:External HDD is not formatting from NTFS to exFAT

Delete the partition and start over.

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I have two laptops (I'll try to give all the specs):

Dell Inspiron 1720, 320gig HD, 4gig RAM, 2.0 ghtz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, Windows Vista Home Premium

Gateway 400SD4, 2.0 ghtz Desktop P4 CUP, 256MB RAM, 30gig HD. XPpro SP2.

I purchased a Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB BUlk/OEM Hard Drive (3.5inch, 32MB Cache, WD10EADS) and a Macally eSata/Firewire/USB2.0 inclosure (G-S350SUA).

I installed the hard drive w/no problems. The HD itself did not come w/any software or instructions, but the enclosure had a disk w/pdf instruction files. I connected via USB2 and for setup, I used the Dell w/Vista and I tried following the instructions, but the “Write Signature and Upgrade Disk Wizard” did not show up. I went to control panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management and the drive shows up and the drive showed up. I right clicked on the banner next to the drive and clicked format. After about 14 hours, the disk was formatted. I chose not to partition it as I am only storing pictures and files from either computer. Letter F was assigned to the disk.

I connected the external HD to the Gateway via Firewire (it does not have a way to connect via USB2) and checked to see if the drive showed up. It showed up as an E drive on that laptop, but it wasn't recognized. I have since shut off the external HD and tried to connect it to the Dell again. Now the F drive isn't even showing up in control panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Manag... Read more

A:Putting together external HD: formatting, partitioning

Download the program Swissknife from the following link: http://www.compuapps.com/Download/swissknife/swissknife.exe

Then using the XP machine format the drive again in NTFS Format.

Oh and let us knw how you get on!

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For some reason my external 2GB OCZ "Mini-Kart" flashdrive claims to be Write-Protected. i assure you there is no toggle switch. Anyone know how to brute format it? thx in advance

PS: i need this drive for work.. and cant just "buy a new one"

A:Need help brute formatting external flashdrive

has a support forum


I would check that forum out..



is a list of all there help stuff

* I found one message that said if the first link i posted does not do the trick that the flash drive may need to be replaced, but you should search around yourself a little

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I have a WD 250Gb external hard drive that I tried to format and use as a backup. I unchecked the tick box that said 'quick format' and left it to format. It took over and hour before i got the message along the lines of 'formatting failed'. Now when I plug it into my PC I can't access it and it freezes as it constantly tries to find it. The external HD is working, and the little white light is flashing.
In Computer Manager, the disk is showing up in RAW file system, rather than NTFS, and says it's healthy primary partition. I've tried to do a quick format from there, but that fails too.
Any advice please?

A:External HD freezes after formatting failed

Additional info - when I unplug the HD now, i get the message 'device inaccessible, parameters incorrect'.

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I'm formatting my Western Digital My Book Premium Edition 250GB external harddrive, but before I do so, I wanted to know if there's anything I should do before the format to NTFS. I copied all the data from it and put it on another, I still have some data on it but doesn't matter since I for it all onto another harddrive, and I will be using this (My Book) to put data from another pc onto it.

So is there anything I should know before reformatting my external harddrive?

A:Solved: Formatting external harddrive

no just format it, unless you fancy having a partition on it for extra safety maybe

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I've just bought a 500GB Seagate Portable hard drive with a view to using it for watching movies on my PS3. I spent a good while transferring movies from my PC only to find the PS3 only reads FAT32 drives and the drive was formatted to NTFS as default. So I then formatted the drive using a tool from Verbatim to FAT32 only to then find my PC now won't read the drive!!

So what can I do, I need my PC to read the drive so I can copy films over to it, and I need the PS3 to read the drive so I can play them back.

Any advice appreciated.



PS. Sorry should add that the PC is running XP.

A:Solved: External HD Formatting advice.

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