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error 0x800703EE "The volume for a file has been externally altered such that the opened file is no longer valid"

Q: error 0x800703EE "The volume for a file has been externally altered such that the opened file is no longer valid"

this error comes up on my screen when I first start my computer and also when I try to open skype. How do I fix this?

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Preferred Solution: error 0x800703EE "The volume for a file has been externally altered such that the opened file is no longer valid"

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


"The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid."

This error shows up when ever I try to open my Lenovo all in one PC I got in 2012. It has the simple error message and then a black background. When I try to delete the error by clicking the x, it just pops back up again. If you keep pressing x for maybe 20-30 times, the message goes away but the black backdrop stays and I can't use my PC. So less of a blue screen of death and more like a black screen of death. I just need to extract some old files from it, so I don't mind if it isn't a perfect fix. Please help.
P.S. The "file" in the error is my wacom pen display tablet driver.

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Hey Gang,

I'm using Norton Ghost 9.0. I'm trying to back up my C and D drives to an external drive. Its a WD Caviar 250 GB. Its Brand New. I got it today from Tiger Direct.

I've Fdisked, Formatted and Scandisked. However when I try to create a backup with Norton Ghost 9.0 I get the following error:

I have Goback on my machine but I've disabled it.

Can anyone help me out?


A:"Externally Altered" Error on Brand New Hard Drive

It sounds like something running on the system has changed a file that GHOST was trying to copy. I don't believe this has anything to do with the new drive, it's something running on your system. Try using the bootable CD to do the backup, that precludes any files being open and/or modified during the backup.

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I've tried quite a few free softwares on the net and also tried the recommended methods to try and open my excel file, but it just wouldn't open! :'(

I've attached the file so can someone please please please help me out?

Thanks in advance!!!!

A:Excel error: "File format or file extension is not valid..."

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Get this every time I try to install it...whats going on here?

The only things I have which contain the word "QuickTime" are just some random audio codecs, a prefatch file in WINDOWS and a Photoshop file...

What could be causing this error? Registery issue? Argh, I need my iTunes back and to watch Apple Trailers! Grrr lol

Thanks in advance.

A:""QuickTime" is not a valid short file name" Error :S

I'd attempt a clean reinstall, again:

Go into Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and hit enter.
Remove these applications:
1. Apple Software Update
2. Apple Mobile Device Support
3. iTunes
4. QuickTime

Restart the computer
Download & Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility:
Launch the Utility: Start > Programs > Windows Install Clean Up
Select any of the above mentioned applications, and click Remove

Restart the computer again
Download & install iTunes again from here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

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I am having a goofy problem with .doc and .xls files. If I attempt to open them from either Windows Explorer or My computer, I get the "This file is already open" error but then you can then change the file and save it.
However, I can then execute the application and open the file from within the app, it works fine and doesn't give the error.
Any help would be appreciated. I have found traces of this error on the internet but have not found any satisfactory solutions to it. Thanks

A:"File Already Open" when Word or Excel file opened with WinExplorer or My Comp

Have you tried closing word then clicking start/run and typing

winword /regserver

Type this one for excel.

excel /regserver

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I'm using version 2004. A friend sent me two files (generated by someone other than him).
When I tried to open the files in version 04 (which is what I use)... I've got the same error message (drawing file is not valid).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Solved: Error message: "drawing file is not valid"

Hi LesageJo, and welcome to TSG.

There is no guarantee I will have an answer, but it would help if you told us exactly what software you are using. A version number, without a name doesn't help us much.

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I am still using Excel 97 on Windows XP. I have been keeping a daily log in Excel for two years now. Yesterday I tried to open the file to make an entry and I received this message; "2006-07 Log book.xls: file format is not valid." Any idea what could have happened and how to retrieve the file. I checked all the forums I could find on the subject, but none helped. I have a lot of valuable info in that file and would sure hate to lose it. Thanks for any help.


A:Solved: "file format is not valid" error message

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how to fix error when trying to open videos "this playlist is not a valid xml file"

A:how to fix error when trying to open videos "this playlist is not a valid xml file"

ok tell us, we are ready,we can take it,go for it!

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on my sisters laptop, shes had a bunch of stuff go wrong with it (spyware, virus's Trojans worms, anything else u can think of...)

I've gotten rid of all that crap..i think

but now were getting a "The application or Dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/__c0095b4.dat is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskettes." error coming up.

any help would be sweet (she didn't run recovery disk creator when she first got the laptop, the icons still on her desktop also, so i havn't got those :"( )

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I am using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have been keeping a daily log in Excel. Yesterday I tried to open the file to make an entry and I received this message; "Expense.xls:: file format is not valid." Any idea what could have happened and how to retrieve the file. I checked all the forums I could find on the subject, but none helped. I have a lot of valuable info in that file and would sure hate to lose it. Thanks for any help.

For ur Refernce, am attaching the file.

A:Solved: "file format is not valid" error message in excel 2007

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Win XP Home SP2, with all critical updates.

I have searched the internet about error 1325. Most entries reference Microsoft Office products & using the Office Installer Cleanup utility.

I am trying to install a program that has never been installed on the computer. It is not a Microsoft Office program. It is a utility / driver setup.exe for a wireless NIC.

I installed the Office Cleanup utility, but the program I am trying to install is not listed.

I searched the registry & found 2 keys, with references to "my_file_name"
HK_users\S-1-5-21-12. . .\software\microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\user shell folders
My Music Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my music
My Pictures Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my pictures
My Videos Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my videos

HK_Current_user\software\microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\user shell folders
My Music Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my music
My Pictures Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my pictures
My Videos Reg SZ F:\my_file_name\Desktop\19_oct_tcs\my videos

"My Music", "My Pictures" and "My Videos" are in
c:\docs & settings\user\my documents\

At 1 point, I had connected a different HDD to the computer, via USB. Then, I transferred the contents of F:\docs & sett\user_2\desktop to C:

Thanks for your help.


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Hi, I have created a excel file few months ago to prepare my tour planning. But now when i tried to open it, it cannot be opened with the error "Tour Plan.xls : File format is not valid".

I had online search for solutions but it does not work. I really do hope someone proffesional can help me to recover the excel file. Attached is the zip file consists of the excel file.

Thanks and appreciate your friendly help a lot.

A:Need help on excel file recovery - "Tour Plan.xls : File format is not valid".

I tried to repair the file but it did not work. In my experience only a very small percentage of corrupt files can be recovered.


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I am getting the following error when moving files on the same drive or from one to another:

"Error Moving File or Folder
Cannot remove folder (insert folder name here): The directory is not empty."

This is fairly common (once or twice a month) and it occurs usually with folders containing many subfolders when being moved by explorer gui "Move the selected items", or ctrl-x, ctrl-v . Repeated attempts through the same process seems to move the folders, but the errors increase as the concentration of stubborn folders increases.

There are no event viewer logs corresponding to these errors. (eventvwr.msc: system, or application)

I would have thought this would be a common problem, but extensive searches came up with nothing... so either it is rare, untroubling to others, extremely easy to fix, or my search queries suck. =)
I am going to run Checkdisk to make sure all is well there, and I will repost the likely failure.

A:"Error moving file or folder" "directory is not empty" one file left

Occasionally when I am deleting a file, it is difficult, I have to go through process explorer, search for the thread that is strangely(?) associated with that file in explorer (no reasonable dependencies could be linked, nor is the file being viewed), and kill the thread before deletion.

any thoughts?

Thanks =)

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I am trying to install a C++ Redistributable package and am encountering the following error dialog:

I am also encountering a similar dialog when I try to install the latest Silverlight plugin for IE9.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit.

Can anyone please assist.


A:"Unable to find a volume for file extraction" Error Message

I found one fix:

Update: I was able to figure out a hack to get through. If I enable the UAC, and then explicitly run each program with admin rights, it asks for permission, then the programs run without a hitch.

So... Since I hate UAC, how do I fix this?

Found here: Installers failing... - Tech Support Forum

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re-sending this message (4th time). As 1st time user of this web site, just
realized I've been entering wrong info for "Title"....sooooo...sending again..

System: Windows 98 4.10
Excel version 7.0

Problem: getting error message when try to open 2 Excel files...2 other ones
open just fine! Never had this problem before!!
ALSO....when click on Help on tool bar in Excel, same thing...
can't open the selections in the drop-down box!!

ERROR MESSAGE: bill list.xls: file format is not valid
PLEASE HELP!! What has changed OR what have I done to cause this to
happen all of a sudden??

A:Excel file won't open.."file format not valid"


I replied to your original posting on this.

It sounds like the file is corrupt.

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Windows 7 Professional Dell Vostro Desktop

In short, paint is refusing to open a file and it's baffling me.

The file is a 14400 x 9662 8.62 MB black and white cemetery map saved under the .jpg extension. We have a bunch of other maps that are exactly the same setup; .jpg extension, black and white, and roughly the same size (some are larger some are smaller). All of the other maps open in paint perfectly fine, and - additionally - they open properly in every other picture viewing software we have. The reason we like paint is because it's black and white and basically all we are doing is typing names into boxes and drawing lines here and there; it's extremely simple and straight-forward, and, until now, has worked exceedingly well, and it's free.

The file is not corrupt. It opens properly in all of our picture viewing software. I have tried resaving it as .jpg, .png, .tif, and .gif in ms office picture manager and windows photo viewer to no avail. I have even tried importing the picture into MS Word, then copy and pasting the picture into a blank MS Paint window. From that point we can view and edit as needed as though the file had been opened properly to begin with without even experiencing lag. Then I can save it...as .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, etc. (in order to use the .bmp extension without quality loss it winds up creating a HUGE file that paint won't open anyways. so .bmp is out). Then after paint itself has resaved the exact same file to a file... Read more

A:"Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file..."

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I am trying to mount an .iso file about 13 GB in size, however, the following error pops up every time. 

"Make sure that the file is in an ntfs volume and isnt in a compressed folder or volume."

The volume where the file is located is surely NTFS. There is no compression of any kind performed on the file, so I am kinda clueless about this error message. All this started recently after one of the automatic updates. I had no similar problems

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Please help. I have seen a few post about this error but nothing I have tried has helped.

Each time I open outlook a balloon pops up my task bar with the following message:

Microsoft Office Outlook
A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and is being
checked for problems. Performance might be affected while the check is in

Then the message quickly dissapears before you can even read it properly and outlook closes automatically.

A:"A data file did not close properly" when Outlook 2007 is opened

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hi all - something kinda wierd that i just noticed......
say i have a have a microsoft word document file on my desktop.
when i open it up to view or edit it - i notice another one shows up on the desktop that seems kind of transparent - not totally but kind of a ghost image of the one im viewing or editing.
another thing is that the name is different than the original.
say the original is 1MY Letter2Sellers
the 2nd one is ~$Y Letter2Sellers
whats all this about?
any thoughts / ideas.
thanks all.

A:Solved: Duplicate "Transparent" Word file shows up when opened ?

Hi there:

That's actually just a temporary file that Word automatically creates. It's nothing to be concerned about! There's a great post here that explains what it's all about (I won't bother regurgitating it):


Hope that helps! Have a great day.

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Just a few days ago I noticed a strange problem. I was downloading a program with Firefox (latest version) and the download dialogue froze up when I opted to save the file. I thought Firefox was being buggy, so I closed it and reopened, but the problem persisted. My next step was to reboot. No luck. I ran a full virus scan with Norton, and downloaded AdAware to see if spyware could be causing a problem. I was clean. I later found that if I just wait a really long time, the dialogue box to choose the file's location eventually comes up. After this, the problem seems to be gone until I reboot. In other words, once I wait forever for the box to pop up, the next time I download something it pops up instantly like it should. I unfortunately noticed that this problem wasn't unique to firefox. I clicked to add a file to my Winamp playlist, and the same thing happened. Winamp froze and a few minutes later the Open File box popped up and everything was fine. It also happened with AIM when I tried to send a file to a friend. This problem was very annoying to google because the combination of words describing the problem comes up with irrelavent hits. I'm very computer literate but this problem confounds me. I'd appreciate any help or insight. Hijack This log available upon request.
EDIT: I'm running WINXP SP2 fully updated to my knowledge, and my computer specs are listed.

A:Programs freeze when "Open/Save File" dialogue is opened.

uninstall the program you downloaded...what was it ?...see if that straghtins out the problem...no joy uninstall firefox and reinstall it...somehow in the download it got corrupted

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I opened a email on my msn on Monday and I started to download the file when I realized something was wrong and it wouldn't let me cancel so I turned the computer off in hopes that it would stop it. Starting Wednesday I get pop-ups through out the day that read, at the top "winntr1" and then below "the specified file can not be opened". Today I have started getting a similar pop-up that won't stop that says, at the top "winntr1" and then below "Not enough storage space is available to complete this operation". I found this site by googling my issue and found a similar thread, Infected email ('fotos 27/06'), apparent trojan, bulk resending of itself to contacts, from August 1st. I read the advise and followed along and now I need more help.

OS: WindowsXP

Here is the HJT scan and my Kaspersky Scan Report:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:08:07 AM, on 8/6/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16876)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetM... Read more

A:Trojan by email- get pop-ups "winntr1, the specified file can not be opened"


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Ok, so I had the "file recovery virus." I was using malwarebytes and Another malware removal program (can't remember that name) to get rid of it. I remember one of them listed a file name with "boot" in it as infected so I deleted it as suggested. Well now I can't boot windows 7 64 bit on my HP Pavillion laptop. It said no bootable device was found.

My husband made me a repair disk from his work computer but Under the system recovery options, it is blank. It says "if your operating system isn't listed, click load drivers". When I click load drivers, there are a ton of files listed and I don't know which one to choose.

If i dont boot from CD, I am also getting a windows boot manager screen that says to insert the windows installation cd (which I don't have) and restart.
File: \boot\bcd
status: oxc0000098
"the windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry."

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

A:"win boot conf data file does not contain a valid OS entry" oxc0000098

Hello NancyF, welcome to Seven Forums

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media.

Have you tried the factory recovery option built into the PC frm the factory, I believe it's the F12 key (for HP) at PC startup, that will over-write any date you may be trying to save though.

There is also the option in this tutorial linked below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
Clean Install : Factory COA Activation Key

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Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me with this annoying problem, I've tried to search the internet for a solution but all my efforts failed so far I have a Word document which I saved for the first time not giving it a specific name, so it automatically named itself by the first line of the text in the document. The problem is that since it is in Hungarian, it contained a Hungarian vowel that was not recognized by the program, therefore this letter got replaced by a ? in the file name. This caused the whole file to get corrupted, neither can I open it anymore, nor delete it from the disk or rename it.

Here's what I tried to do so far:
- rename or delete it by right-clicking on it - I get the error message "The filename you specified is not valid or too long"
- remove it with Move on boot - after restarting Windows, the file is still there, nothing happens
- repair the document from MS Word: File - Open - Open and repair - I get an error "This file could not be found"
- move all the other files from the folder containing the corrupted file, then run the following command as admin: del\\?\D:\Users\Bori\Documents\*.* - after confirming I want to delete the file, I get the following message: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"

I don't want to format the disk for this one annoying little file, is there any chance to get rid of it somehow?

I'm running Vista 32-bit, service pack 2, home edition.... Read more

A:Cannot delete .doc file: "The filename you specified is not valid or too long"

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Hope this query is in the right section -tried to use my LDS 1881 England Census CDs last night - but having problems with the Viewer.

I have V4 which up to now has worked perfectly - tried to re-install it
and I keep getting "Failed to extract file "Dll_ini" from binary table"
error message.

BUT no problems on my laptap which has the Viewer installed from the
same CD.

Have had a few problems with computer of late - it was in the workshop
3 weeks ago because of some corrupt Windows files - could that be the

Grateful for any advice, suggestions as to what to do!

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My first time on techguy! I have a year old Gateway laptop PC running on XP (I think) and have Excel 2007. I have been working on the same dbase for months now and all the sudden it won't let me open it, saying ".xls file format is not valid." I've read through many threads on this site and know enough to say that: 1) My bad, I don't have it backed up 2) I've tried renaming it 3) I've tried opening it in Word and through explorer -- all to no avail. 4.) I went http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/xls-repair.html but found NO free software only to purchase. 5) I tried
http://www.cimaware.com/main/product...FR1Bggod4mHz2Q and it costs too much. I'm a volunteer for Children's Hospital in DC and my excel database is for them. I'm trying to find out a way to fix without having to incur expenses. Many thanks in advance for you advice!

A:"xls file format is not valid" Help a new member!

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Hello. I am using a POWER USER account, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 /w all the latest patches availible via microsoft update. I was trying to create a .zip file of a folder within the primary directroy of a backup hard drive I use.

For Example:
D:\stuff - I wanted to make a zipfile of the folder "stuff."

Then I get the following error "Cannot Create Output File."

However, if I move the folder to the destop or a subdirectory i.e. stuff/more stuff, then the .zip file is created with no problems.

Also, because user accounts [at least in my experience] have a tendency to decay, I created a freash power user account and the same problem persist.

Is this a standard security feature for power user accounts? Is there anyway I can "disable" it if it is?

Thank You.

A:Windows .Zip file - Power User Problems - Error: "Cannot create Output File"

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I have been trying to setup a postscript printer on port "File:" so I can print anything from a webpage to a file for running through Acrobat 8 Distiller. When I first install the print to file, it works fine until I reboot the computer. Every time I print to this printer after the reboot, I get a pop-up box titled "Local Port" with the message "Cannot Print to File: Access Denied". I gather it is a permission problem of some sort as I can log onto the Administrator user-id and it prints to file fine. Any ideas on what permissions I need to set this printer to in order for it to work under a standard user-id?

Using Windows Vista Ultimate X64.


A:Error "Could Not Open The File: Access Denied" setting up print to file

I have given up finding a solution to the problem. I no longer use Adobe Acrobat Professional full as I have tried both updates 8.0.1 & 8.0.2 to no avail, and is now unsupported as Adobe is up to version 9 of this software. I have opted for a freeware solution, so I have uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Professional and installed the freeware CUTEPDF Writer at www.cutepdf.com. It works beautifully on Vista X64 on all documents, including Microsoft Word and Scanned Images and Photos. I'm very happy with the results.

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How can I work around the following rror message "cannot copy file. cannot read source file or disk". I'm using Windows XP on a Gateway GT 4016

A:error message "cannot copy file. cannot read source file or disk"

Get a new disk or provide a whole lot more details about what you're trying to do and what program(s) you are trying to do "it" with.

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Wanted to resurrect an older thread, but its closed :

Please read completely before responding.
I am a 30 year IT pro, most of it as a programmer. I am the geek in charge of a tech non profit org in Hawaii. www.HawaiianHope.org
so yea.. i have at least half a clue.

Here is the deal.
In doing drive copies, data recoveries, etc... when we are moving a mass amount of data from one drive to another we run into this problem a lot.
"Error moving file or folder" -- "directory is not empty"
If you restart the move, it will continue on and keep going, restart enough times and eventually it will move all directories.

I think its a programming issue with windows and wonder if anyone has a work around ?

I have a suspicion that the copy process is getting out of sequence. That it is trying to move a folder before it actually emptied it. Possibilities are :
1) windows forgot its place in moving through and navigating numerous sub directories and it is having a problem with “recursive calls.”
2) Computers with hyper threading or dual core processors are spawning the movement of files across multiple processes, and some are getting ahead of the other.
3) It did actually move the file, but the cache or something in memory has not updated, or the full data write has not completed yet before it tried to move the directory. (delayed write)
Yes, you can copy and then delete the old... Read more

A:"Error moving file or folder" -- "directory is not empty"

This is a known issue. It is by design.

As you may know, moving is in its essence an unsafe process. It would be better to use the actual sequence of copy and then delete.

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I'm not positive exactly what I did, but I can no longer open locations through "Open file location" or "Find location" dialogs. To clarify, there are no errors or notifications of any kind, just a momentary busy curson and then nothing.

If I use the searchbar in explorer to do a search, right click on a file and choose "Open file location", explorer jumps to that location without any trouble, but I cannot open download locations in Firefox, or any other related application. I believe the problem may be related to my changing the target of explorer from "libraries" to "My Computer" using the following instructions from http://www.thewindowsplanet.com/1162/stop-explorer-showing-libraries-launched-taskbar.htm:

To change it to open to “My Computer”, change the shortcut to:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

I reverted the shortcut back to %Systemroot%\explorer.exe after noticing problems (and it now opens the libraries again), but now I cannot open directories.

I have also tried all the instructions from:
Please help.

A:Solved: "open file location" no longer opens explorer HELP

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When I try to add a 4.29 GB file to a disk image I'm creating it says "ERROR: Added file is too large." Registered Magic ISO is supposed to support up to 10 GBs. What's the deal?

A:Magic ISO "ERROR: Added file is too large." when adding 4.29 GB file

Just for burning I use this
CDBurnerXP: Free CD and DVD burning software
despite it's name it's fully compatible with win 7.

Sorry but other than it being set for cd-r I can't think of why it won't burn that.

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I use both Mac & Windows 7 & want to convert some Mac's dfont to Windows 7 ttf. I straighten out some my earlier permission issues I had with the C:\Windows\fonts folder but now get the dreaded "Not a valid font file" when trying to install the converted fonts. I used Dfontsplitter to do the conversion. Can't seem to find help doing searches here & at Google.

Any ideas?

A:"Not a valid font file". Huh?

I'm not familiar with Dfontsplitter but does it create OTF or TTF files? How are you trying to install them?

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Lately I have been getting emails which when you "run" them, give the message "Not a valid exe file format" - Are the senders doing someting wrong, or is there something my computer is refusing to identify?

It says the "type" is Internet E-mail message and these are the ones I cannot open for some reason. Scary thing is I sent one of the messages over to my laptop, and it opened


A:"Not a valid exe file format"

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how can I change this?

Some background - this may not be the issue I need to solve at the end of the day:

I believe the location is causing crashes, since I blew up lots of Library registry values (in an attempt to remove them from the OS), and I think it defaults to the library page.

eg, 2shared - file upload and sharing
[edit: stupid editor auto href'd the text... bah]

crashes IE and Firefox (not Chrome for some reason... possibly because it uses its own code?) when I click the browse button (same for any "browse" button that spawns a native find-your-file thing).

It may be something else, but anyway...

edit: If I disable "Expand to Current Folder" in Win Explorer, the crash does not occur. So perhaps it is trying to expand to a folder that is broken?
I want to keep "Expand to Current Folder" on, though, as I like the feature.

A:Default "Browse for file" location in web browser "choose file" box

Hello Silmeria,

It may be best to do a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before you blew up the registry to see if that may sort this for you. Afterwards, you could use the tutorial below instead to remove libraries without blowing up the registry like that.

Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Hope this helps,

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I am running Windows 7 SP1 x64 (all latest updates auto apllied) and have recently moved to a EFI RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 system based, i.e All virtual volumes are initialised as GPT

On all volumes there is the standard 128MB partition (in the first sectors of volume) for the GPT header however; on the system volume, as the very last sectors, there is also a 105MB partition called "NO NAME" with a file system of "(OEM Service Volume)", what is this partition, how did it get there and can I delete it?

I used Intel Rapid STorage Technology to create the volume and Win7 Disk Manager to create the partitions and initialise the volumes

Any help for this reasonably computer literate amateur would be most apreciated

A:105MB partition "NO NAME" File System (OEM Service Volume) - whats it?

To give us a better look at the partition, search Disk Management in the Start Menu search and take a screenshot of what you see.

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I'm trying to install an MSI-file and get the error message "Error reading from file. (Then location of file) Verify that the file exists and that you can access it." How do I fix this? Thanks.

A:File install failure "error reading from file"

Hello, an .msi is a windows installer package and there is usually an error number when something like this goes wrong. It would also help if you provided the path to the 'missing' file and the location of the original .msi.
The Cleaver

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This is an FYI,  I have resolved my problem but want to let others know the solution. 

I have a Win 7 Professional, SP1 box that has a fileshare on a 2008 Enterprise server 64 bit SP2 where the user has been trying to create a folder.  Randomly she receives the "unable to create the folder "name of folder"  Too many files opened
for sharing".  This seems to be causing by the syncing utility for offline folders.  I have a fileshare on the 2008 server labled "share1" which has many folders and levels.  The allow offiline files on the fileshare was enabled and on the win7
box the fileshare was configured to synchronized.  Here is what I did to diagnose the issue.  I ran the program that creates the folder from the win7 box, then checked the UNC path from the win7 box to confirm folder is created, which it was. 
I logged into the server and went to the mapped drive to that directory which the folder as not present (F5 did not show the folder)  From the server I typed the UNC path to the folder which did not exist.  Went to dos on the server to the layer
above the created folder and did a "dir" which did not show the newly created folder.  I then turned off the allow files to be available offline on the fileshare of the 2008 server.  Then I disable offline folders on the Win7 box.  After disabling
both of these the application is quickly creating the new ... Read more

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I'm trying to install Windows XP Home on a computer, but when I get to the screen with the little green dot moving in the lower right hand corner, after a few moments, I get a box that says "Setup cannot continue" and mentions something about an "Externally modified file" or something. What's going on? I've used this disk to install XP before and never had any problems with it. Please help me.

Computer Stats:
Don't know processor size (but it's fast enough to run XP)

A:Windows XP Installation-Recieving "Externally Modified" error

YOur best bet would be to google for the exact error message you are getting. Saying "externally modified file or something" does not help because that is not something I can google and see how others have resolved. Google is your friend. Take advantage.

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I have accidentally clicked on an associated Windows Media Player file, so many times, destroying the list of songs on the "now playing" list? How do I go back to the previous playlist (unsaved) if I accidentally select a WMP file? How many playlists does it go back?

Actually I found a way to step back, but I can't seem to find it consistently. How do I do it?

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I just upgraded my Windows Vista 64x to Windows 7 Ultimate 64x.

Everything went smoothly. I installed all the programs I use but I now receive "The file name is not valid" error when ever I try to save something. Whether it is a notepad file I am trying to save or an image in PhotoShop I always get "The file name is not valid".

I did run some secuirty software including IObit Secuirty 360, Glary Utilities, Advanced System Care, and a few others so I am not sure if they altered the system files or not. I used them before on Windows Vista and I never had this problem before.

Please help.

A:Always getting "The file name is not valid"

Hello MoeAlza,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

You could try this. System Restore

Hope this helps.


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I am trying to uninstall Yahoo Messenger using Add/Remove Programs. It won't let me and this error message comes up.

Can someone help?

Thanks...and have a great day! Note: Just registered and first time poster.

A:Solved: Error: "Could not open "INSTALL.LOG file"

You have most likely run a Cleaning program that has the option to delete LOG files.
Some LOG files are just that. Files that "log" activity.

But some, like the one you reference, contain information about how to UNinstall that application.

In this case, I would reinstall Yahoo Messenger, and THEN uninstall it.

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As the above title describes ""Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

I've tried every possible fix. CMD -> ipconfig /release - ipconfig /renew - reboot computer, nothing happens.

On the Network Sharing Center - I get my Network shown as "Unidentified Network."

I tried Uninstalling and Re-Installing the NIC, no luck. Updating the Driver didn't help either as it says it's up-to-date.

I've tried manually assigning the IP address, but I don't think I did it correctly, as I am quite new with Networking problems and especially with all the IP addresses', DNS, DHCP. etc. So I need support with that and try it out whether that fix will work, although I doubt at this point since I tried everything.

I tried disabling the IPv6 as well that did nothing too.

I also RESET my router, which also had no affect. I am using the VIRGINMEDIA SUPER HUB ROUTER. It's a Fibre Optic Connection.

I also called my ISP, they suggested the Internet is all stable and has no connection problems. The Technician I spoke to over the phone said that there is something at fault with my computer itself and not the Router or Internet connection. In other words, my NIC.

My wireless connection works without any issues, but when I plug-in my Ethernet Cable on the back of my Computer (Motherboard) it does not detect any Internet Access and I get the " Unidentified Network." When I troubleshoot it gives me that error whic... Read more

A:"Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration" Error.

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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I am building a website. I have many ".doc" files that I need to convert into ".html" format. Is that possible?

Thanks, {redoak}

A:Solved: Can a ".doc" file be converted to a ".html" file?

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XP Home (installed SP2 recently, which MIGHT have something to do with this?).

Just saved two word docs and a bmp file, all separately. All three times I saw that a new location has been added to the Save As drop-down menu. It didn't open to My Documents folder but was in the general folder list of the whole computer. The location was called "FTP File Locations." It's never appeared on the Save As menu before. This made me think of the file/print sharing control, which is now located in the Windows Firewall, but I don't use that Firewall, I turned it off to use Norton. What was FTP Locations? And is there any way to disable file/print sharing without using the Windows Firewall? (These may be the same thing, I don't know.) Also, in Network Connections, I thought I'd find file/print sharing control there, but now XP wants me to run a whole Network Wizard thing..I'm afraid I'll somehow set up a network instead! or enable all kinds of things..I don't want to create a disaster here.

(My son installed an FTP program months ago for work he was doing, but the program was removed. I just searched for it, it's definitely gone.)

This is a stand-alone, non-networked home computer.

P.S. I saved another Word doc and now it's back to opening to My Documents folder as usual..now I can't find the FTP Locations anywhere.

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Hi every one,
I have Intel "DG31" and "core 2 do"
Program hangs, when i try to open or save as a file In "excel-2003" and "corel draw9" and "WILCOM Es9"
and in task manager it shows ?not responding?
But when i try to open it by clicking on the file using windows explorer it works quite well.
Earlier i used same programes on the "865glc" and "2.4" there was no problem,
I have also tried many Intel computers to trace the problem
i found the problem on every computer that was build on the motherboard later then Intel 865
Now what to do?
Mohammad Imran

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