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Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

Q: Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

Hello guys,

I have old Satellite U200-165. I installed windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation successfully after i changed the hard drive to SSD, but the sound did not work. Windows showing that the sound work perfectly, but it does not come out.

Any advise please.

Preferred Solution: Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

Satellite U200 is pretty old machine and not supported for Win8 or Win8.1. I think we don't have any report on this forum how this old piece of hardware works with Win8.

If sound card is properly installed, have you checked all sound settings?
I presume the same problem is with headphones, right?

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I'm having a problem with the sound after installing Windows 7 on a Satelite Pro U200 (PLUA1E). No Win7 sound driver found on the Nordic driver website. Please help.


A:Satellite Pro U200 - No sound after Windows 7 installation

Hi buddy,

Have you already checked the Toshiba website itself?

I found a sound driver for Vista 32bit and the most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7 so it?s worth a try!!! :)

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Hi all

Aas title states, I've tried a ton of things, been on this for about a week and nothing is working. I have sound through headphones but I can barely hear it. Nothing through speakers.
Sound was working fine before

thanks in advance for any help

A:Satellite Pro U200 - No sound after Windows reinstallation


If you can hear sound through headphones, make sure that the internal speakers are not muted and line-out is not your default audio output.
Therefore check the Windows audio settings!!!

By the way, what OS you have installed?

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I've just installed Windows 7 Professional on my Satellite Pro U200 10P.

It had XP Pro on before.

Sound has stopped working since the new install (which involved fromatting the drive - no partition), and can't find a fix. The SoundMAX Integrated Digittal HD Audio Driver v6.10.1.6000 is installed. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times, but this doesn't seem to be the right driver. I can't find any info to tell me what the right driver might be either. The Toshiba website is a little sparse on Windows 7 drivers for this model and doesn't give any clues what the correct driver might be either.

Windows 7 doesn't seem to think there's a problem, and just reports that "This device is working properly." in the Speaker Properties>Configuration Information dialog box. However no sound coming out, from either the speakers or the 3.5mm jack

Anyone got any ideas?



A:No Sound on Satellite Pro U200 after Windows 7 install


Please go to device manger and check what sound chip you have exactly:

Use this instruction:
[How to identify an unknown device?|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=78]

Then you should be able to find a right driver.
Additionally I recommend removing/deleting the sound card from device manager.
Just mark the sound card and press delete? then reboot the notebook

PS: Are you sure the sound is not muted? Please check this too!

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PLEASE HELP. My u200 speakers wont work and nor will the speaker jack on the front. Checked all volume levels and these seem ok.
Checked the drivers and they say they are working but still got no sound!! What do i need to do as have run out of ideas.

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro U200 - speakers not working

Hmm maybe the sound chip has gone faulty. This can happen if there is a power surge from the ports (such as bad weather or an overpowered device attached to the sound port).

I would send the laptop to an ASP for a quotation.

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Hello, i have a Satellite L850-1v3 Laptop and accidentally i destroyed my Hard drive

Now, i'm trying to install Windows 8 in a new hard drive but it always get stuck on 89% and this error code come up "0xC0000005"

I have tried with different Installation discs, through CDROM, usb etc

What should i do?

Another question that comes up, is "where can i find my Windows 8 serial key?"

Thanks :)

A:Satellite L850 - Error Code 0xC0000005 during Win8 installation

Do you try to install original Win8 64bit version that you got with your machine?
Have you bought brand new HDD?

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I?m looking for help with buying new battery for Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 - 182
Original model no. what I found on old battrey is PA3356U - 3BRS with parameters : DC10.8V - 4700mAh

When I tried search for it on web I found only this tip
http://smart-parts.net/bsearch.php?brand=Toshiba&name=Satellite%20Pro&ser ie=U200%20Series&model=U200-182

I would like ask if I can buy it (if this battery will be compatible) and also if its possible to buy battery with longer "life"

Thank you for help

A:Need new battery for Satellite Pro U200-182

I found info that for your notebook model there are two battery types only:

So if you use Google and put these part numbers you should be able to find online shop where you can buy these compatible batteries.
By the way: link you posted is OK and I don't see reason why you should not order this one. It is listed as compatible one.

For longer ?life? you need battery with more cells and capacity but it is unfortunately not available for your notebook model.

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Do you know if there is a program which would check my notebooks HardDisk and if it is working properly?

A:Re: How to check the HDD of Satellite Pro U200

Yes I know one:

Here you can find the tool called +?Drive Fitness Test?+
Download it, burn the image on the disk and then use this disk for booting.

The tools will check your HDD

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I cant even get hold of the user maual on this website nor do I own it anymore. I recieved my 1GB of ram this morning, last thing to do is install it!
Please would you kind people give me instructions on how to do so?

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro U200-128 - How to install 1GB RAM?


First of all the user manual can be downloaded here:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Download User Manual

The memory slots are placed under the keyboard. That means you have to remove the keyboard for installing and exchanging one or two RAM modules.

I would recommend downloading the user manual because it contains an exact description how to do this.

Good luck! :)

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I have a notebook (Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-00X007HU bios v3.70 win7 32bit), what I want to upgrade with a Samsung Series 830 64Gb SSD. I read that ssd drive need AHCI mode. My notebook supports AHCI mode? What can I change in bios before install the new storage?

Thanks for help!


A:SSD upgrade on Satellite Pro U200


I see you are confused?
First of all you have to know that the notebook supports SATA controller.
This means that you have to use SATA HDDs or SATA SSD.

Secondly: AHCI means SATA? some BIOS supports an SATA mode and you can switch between compatible (IDE)mode and AHCI mode (SATA) mode.

If such switch is not available in BIOS then the mode is set always to AHCI.

However, back to SSD drive question:
I don?t really see any problems using an SSD drive.
It should functions since the SATA controller should support it

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Hello, my DVD-RAM was damaged and now it does not write data, I wanted to ask if i can change the current DVD-RAM of model UJ-842 with one of these:

1- Panasonic UJ-120 Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW DL Notebook IDE Drive (Black)

2- Sony Optiarc BC-5500A Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW DL Notebook IDE Drive (Black)

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite pro U200 - Change DVD-RAM with a BD-ROM


I?m not quite sure if such drive will work in your notebook.
The point is that the drives support different master/slave/c-sel settings and wrong settings would lead to the IDE #1 error.
The BIOS would simply not recognize the CD/DVD drive.

Here in this thread has someone replaced the ODD with Blueray and it worked:

Check it

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Lately, I came to the need of opening backside of Toshiba Satellite Pro U200, you know the place where RAM and all other stuff is stored.

I tired my to do this, but I could not open, so I was afraid to break something.

Do any of you know if it is possible to open back side of this Notebook?

If it is possible, would it be possible to close it afterwards?:]]

A:How to disassemble the Satellite Pro U200?

What you do want to change on the notebook? The RAM?

As far as I know the memory slots are placed under the keyboard. Therefore you must remove the keyboard holder and the keyboard.
This is a little bit tricky and if you don?t have experience with this you should ask a notebook technician for help.

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Hello everyone

I was wondering if you guys can help me as i have broken the dc jack on my laptop, its only charging when the charger pin is in it at a certain angle and i can actually feel the jack in my laptop moving so its not the charger. I have tried looking for it over the internet but to no avail as i dont know the part number and even if i put the serial number on the website its not actually giving me the part number and maybe cause toshiba dont make them anymore :(
Now i am looking for power jack for Satellite Pro U200-199
Part Number : PLUA1E-01900JEN
Key Features
- Intel? Centrino? Duo Mobile Technology featuring Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T7200
- Genuine Windows XP? Professional
- 100 GB Hard Disk Drive
- 1,024 (512+512) MB DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)
- 12.1" Toshiba TruBrite? WXGA TFT display
- Slim DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ne last thing, i got some experience in hardware but not very good with soldering, would it require soldering or does it come with the wire which can be clicked into place.


A:Satellite Pro U200 - DC jack is broken

In the past I found several threads where people have reported about the same issue but on different notebook model. Obviously some of them have done good job and repaired it alone.
To find this DC jack is not a problem.

You can find it on eBay and it is not expensive. Put in google ?DC jack U200? and you will find it.

Problem is that whole notebook must be disassembled and new DC jack soldered in the right place.
Can you do this?
I mean if you don?t have experience with this stuff don?t touch anything and ask for professional help.

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Hello guys,

I own the above mentioned laptop and I would like to know the specification of this laptop. I tried Toshiba's website but I failed.

A:Satellite Pro U200-10I - Need the detailed specifications


Maybe I can help you buddy?
From my knowledge the Sat Pro U200-10I belongs to the PLUA1E series and it supports these devices:
- CORE2 DUO T5600(1.83GHZ)
- 12.1" WIDE XGA CSV
- 120GB(5400RPM) SATA
- Mobile Intel 945GM Graphic Chipset
- 1GB RAM (512+512MB DDR2 667MHZ)
- WLan card

I hope this can be helpful a little bit


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I have a Satellite Pro U200 which doesn't seem to support 4GB of RAM

Model No. PLUA1E-02702SZA
Serial No. 57820207G

It has the Intel 945GM chipset with the Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 CPU. It has the latest BIOS version 3.70.

Everything I've read about this combination says it should support up to 4GB.

I run Debian Linux AMD64 on it. I've also tested it with Memtest86+ booting over the network with PXE.

With the full 4GB memtest freezes after a couple of minutes (typically 2 or 3).

With the full 4GB the OS sometimes loads and then crashes, sometimes the boot loader won't even load.

All of this behavior does not happen when I load the machine up with one 2GB module and one of its original 512MB modules (i.e. more than the 2GB that some 945 chipsets support.) That combination is stable.

Can anyone confirm that this is expected behaviour or provide any suggestions in therms of things I should check?


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Model no: Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E
OS: Vista Business SP2
Current BIOS: v. 3.50

Trying to update BIOS to v3.70

When I execute P0044v370, I receive following Windows Script Host message:

C:\ProgramData\Toshiba\Common\_cabBDF1.tmp\autoExe c.vbe
Line: 2
Char: 1
Error: Could not create object named "WScript.Shell".
Code: 8007007E
Source: WScript.CreateObject"

I want to update the BIOS prior to upgrading from 1GB to 4GB memory. Also my Pro U200 keeps crashing and each time before it reboots I get a message saying something like "Try installing latest BIOS" (it's not on the screen very long so sorry can't be more precise).

I no longer have the recovery CDs, am trying to boost performance as it's running very slowly.

Think that's everything- I'm in your hands good forum people! Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro U200: cannot update BIOS to v.3.70-WIN

What Windows OS did you install.
Is it Win XP?

The BIOS update needs a installation of Common Modules? so be sure that Common Modules are installed or update this software.
The CM can be found on Toshiba European driver page?

Furthermore the P0044v370.exe unzips the package? I recommend creating an folder on desktop and to unzip the files in P0044v370.exe firstly. Then switch to this new folder and execute the exe file within the folder.

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Howto access / enter the BIOS setup from Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-02802QS4?

A:Satellite Pro U200 - How to access the BIOS?


I have checked the forum and you should try to press the ESC key.

Does it work? ;)


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I have problem - speakers don't work.
If I plug headphones into mini-jack socket - works perfectly.
I have WinXPPro installed.
Probably I need some driver, but I don?t remember the name of driver.
Any ideas?

Thanks for Your help

A:Speakers don't work on my Satellite Pro U200

If the headphone jack works, but the internal speakers dont, then it sounds like a hardware problem. The speakers may be faulty or not connected properly, or the mainboard may have a fault.

You should send the laptop to an ASP for repair.

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I have Satellite Pro U200 notebook, once by accident it fell out of my backpack.
After then I pressed ON button Windows did not start, even though I could hear hard-disk making a sound.
I got it my computer to Toshiba repair service.

It was very funny then I explained the problem to repair assistant and after he pressed ON button windows started to work like nothing really happened.
After some time I notice that sometimes Windows just freezes, like stop and thats it I can not move my mouse, keyboard doesn't work(Ctrl+Alt+Del included) all I can do is to hold OFF button for while and start Windows again...

Now it started to crash (freeze) in this particular way more often.

I was thinking if these two things are related to each other?
Maybe any of you have faced such a problem before, and know how to solve it?

I am thinking to buy new Hard-disk, but I am not sure if that would solve the problem, what do think?
If all I need to do is to buy a new hard-disk maybe any of you know some net store where I can find it?

Thanks a lot for you help,

A:Satellite Pro U200 crashes, freezes in strange way


As I understood this correctly, your notebook starts freezing and crashing after a several minutes of use.
Is it right?

Well, if yes then I have more questions;
Did you notice an high temperature?
If yes then this issue could be related to a high temperature and the windows would freeze because of overheating.
In such case I recommend cleaning the ventilators using the compressed air spray.

It could be also possible that your RAM module is affected too?

My notebook froze because of the modules was faulty?.
I tested the notebook with other modules and could solve the problem?

Maybe my hints and tips could be useful for you in order to solve the problem with the notebook.

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It happens from time to time when I try to start my Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-02802QS4, then I'm getting a black screen even from the BIOS.
What's wrong and howto solve this problem?

BTW I've already this BIOS version: P0044v370.exe installed.

A:Satellite Pro U200 -> Black screen after Start


This happens from time to time???
This means that you cannot replicate this issue???

Hmm? it?s not easy to say what this issue could be?.
Maybe BIOS update will help you? at the moment you can find the BIOS 3.7-win on the Toshiba European driver page.
If you have a lower BIOS version installed, then I recommend an update.

It?s also possible that this issue is related to an hardware part; motherboard, display, etc?
In such case the part should be replaced? but first of all it?s necessary to know what part is affected and I think only the ASP technician can do this?

What do you think???

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Hi to all,
I have and ancient U200-141, but for some use are sufficient. I take out from the long storage, and what's my surprise when the system bios request a password, when never you have installed.
I read some problems with some laptops, when they are not used for long time bios make some errors and protected by factory password.
Any have information abut reset this password?


A:Satellite U200-141 Bios Factory blocked

Hi to all,

I have and ancient U200-141, but for some use are sufficient. I take out from the long storage, and what's my surprise when the system bios request a password, when never you have installed.

I read some problems with some laptops, when they are not used for long time bios make some errors and protected by factory password.

Any have information abut reset this password?

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I try to connect a videoprojector as external monitor. I use a VGA to HDMI adapter, because the input in the videoprojector.

If I use an old laptop, it works OK.
If I use my Satellite Pro U200, Modelo PLUA1E-02301RSP, the screen shows only the initial screen,

I mean the landscape with the TOSHIBA logo, but it doesn?t change.
If, for instance, I look some picture, as I have both monitors running, in the laptop I can see the picture but the videoprojector doesn?t change, it only shows the landscape and logo.

What can I do?

Thanks and regards,


A:Satellite Pro U200 - Videoprojector as external monitor

I don?t know if I understand you right but maybe is option ?extended desktop? activated. You must disable this option in screen resolution settings.

Can you move opened windows from notebooks desktop to the pic that you se on the projector?

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Where can I obtain a new volume control switch for a PLUA1E-00700JEN?
I do not want the complete board only the switch.

A:Need volume control switch for Satellite U200

Contact nearest authorized service provider. Make a call and ask if they can order this small part for you.
Do you want to exchange it alone?
Have you already disassembled your notebook?

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then my Webcam doesn't work... I checked if I have the driver in device manager but I couldn't find it. I don't know how can I fix it I was looking for driver in thosiba website but I got any result.
Someone can help me?


A:Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update


Which notebook model do you have?
Webcam should be listed under “Imaging devices”. Can you see any entry there?
What happen when you try to start Camera application?

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Knows someone if DVD Writer from Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-02802QS4 support Double Layer option?

kind regards

A:Satellite Pro U200 - Does it support double layer DVDs?

What is the model number of the DVD Drive?

You can view the model number in Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager, under CD/DVD Drives

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Which Image Viewer will be preinstalled on Vista Business from Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-02802QS4?

A:Satellite Pro U200 - Which image viewer is preinstalled on Vista?


I?m not Satellite Pro U200 owner but I assume the normal Windows image viewer is installed.

But I don?t understand the reason of your question. You can install and uninstall what you want so doesn?t be worry about this! ;)

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:x Hi,

I have Toshiba Satellite Pro U200-10I and I want to disable the check system as it is time-consuming for the machine start up. Is there a way to diable that?

Nedd your help!!:D

A:Satellite Pro U200-10I - How to disable check system on start up?


What ?check system? you mean exactly?
Is this Windows based or BIOS based?

If you mean the ScanDisk on startup from Windows you can disable it in registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager
Change the BootExecute entry to: autocheck autochk *

After restart the ScanDisk is disabled and doesn?t appear on Windows start.

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I have bought this device as used from ebay. It is working fine except that the External VGA connection does not work. I am using win 7 and have it does recognize the external display correctly and I can configure it as an extended display. However the external display does not show anything. The external VGA monitor is fine as it works with other Laptop machines. I have tried using UBUNTU Live CD on this machine and tried to make the external display work (and it can also recongize the external display and configure it) but there is no picture. I also connected the external display to the vga port and then re-booted the machine but still no picture. I have tried changing the bios settings for the display as well but all my actions point to a hardware fault.

I am not sure if it is a manufacturing fault ? Do you know if this issue has been reported earlier to you. Is there a product recall issued for this?
Please advise as I need to connect this external display but am sure that it is a hardware fault with your device.

A:Satellite Pro U200 - External VGA monitor does not show any output

Hi buddy,

Have you already tested it with ?factory settings?? I mean the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba with all drivers and tools. If you have the Toshiba recovery disk you should boot from this disk and install Windows with all drivers and tools.

Furthermore you can switch between external and internal monitor using FN+F5 key combination. Does this work?

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Hey all,

I just bought a second hand U200-104 and am installing it now. My OS is Windows Vista Business 64bit & the 32bit seem to be working ok. Though i installed all there is to it on the driver page i keep having an unidentified "Mass Storage Device" in my device list.

In the properties, it says:
- Location: PCI-bus 3, Device 11, function 2

Hope someone can help me !
Thanks a mollion in advance :)

A:Satellite Pro U200-104 - Driver for Mass Storage Device

Hi buddy,

> Location: PCI-bus 3, Device 11, function 2
To be honest this information is not useful?
You should check the device and vendor ID in device manager of this device.

At the moment it?s hard to say what device it is but you should try installing the card reader driver. Check the Toshiba website for this!!!

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Hi people,

i have the above problem since i upgraded Vista to windows 8. my soundcard seemsto work ok. My webcam is also working. i made sure i chose the right microphone on the control panel etc. so theoretically there is no reason why it shouldnt work.. but its not working.

im guessing it has to do with my laptop being quite old, hence no compatible drivers ? i have a Satellite L350.

what should i do?
simly buy a headset?


A:Satellite L350 - built in microphone is not working after Win8 upgrade

I can understand that you want to use newest OS on this old piece of hardware but it can be problematic to use it if the certain notebook model is not fully supported.

I think you are the first one who has reported about this issue. Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but if possible ask some friend if you can get headset and test audio out and mic ports.
It will be interesting to know if you will be able to use mic on headset.

Please post some feedback.

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Brand new laptop running windows 8.1 Touchpad works for about 30 seconds after windows boots up then stops. Tried downloading latest drivers from Toshiba site but it didn't fix the problem. Tried the touchpad function keys but that is not the issue. Called Toshiba support and they suggested sending it in for a factory reset.

I also have a problem with AMD graphics going split screen after computer goes into a sleep state. Downloaded and installed latest drivers for this on advice of Tech support but not fixed either.

I'm a bit concerned as a search shows both these problems not uncommon and iv'e spent a lot of time copying over data and installing software, don't want to lose it and lose time waiting for factory reset if I have to send ot back.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Satellite L855 and Win8.1 - Touchpad stops working after login window

Factory reset is best way to fix this but have you upgraded your machine following step-by-step instructions from http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-message/ ?

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I just intalled XP and everything is working fine, just have problem with sound.
I instaled sound driver, and sound is high pitched with no bass, I didnt have that problem when I had VIsta or Win 7 installed, so It must have something to do with drivers.

My windows is up to date, have SP3 and everything else works perfectly.

What I should do?



A:Satellite A300D-14p - No sound after Win XP installation


I had the same problem.
But I could solve this installing the necessary Win XP patches.
Usually you would need 2 patches:
AUDIO Patch 1: KB835221
AUDIO Patch 2: KB888111

But these patches are also a part of the SP3.
Therefore if you have already installed SP3 then you don?t need further patches.
Bu the point is that SP3 should be installed before sound driver installation!

If you have already installed sound driver then remove it from the system.
Then go to device manager and remove the sound card from the device list and all the high definition devices.
Then reboot the unit and then install the sound driver again.

This helps because this helped me too.

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hello can you help me with this i have a toshiba satellite p70 PSPLPA-0LX040 i just done a clean install of windows 10 and now i have no sound with my HDMI can you help

A:Satellite P70 PSPLPA - No sound using HDMI after Windows 10 installation

Have you installed windows 10 in uefi mode (4 partitions) ?

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I just purchased a new S50-B-15N.

When I connect a monitor to the HDMI port its not being detected.

I'm running Win 8.1, but can't find a driver listed nor is there anything showing as missing in device manager.

A:Satellite S50-B-15N - HDMI is not working after Win 8.1 installation

If you use original preinstalled operating system that you got with your machine all necessary drivers are already preinstalled.
I don't know what is wrong there. Be sure that HDMI cable is connected properly and your external display enabled.

Test it please with your TV too. It must work.
I have S50-B-12Q and it works perfectly with my Panasonic TV.

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On my computer there is a pre-installed Windows 8 which works fine for
UEFI boot (Secure boot not necessary).

Now when I switch in UEFI setup at boot time the UEFI mode into the CSM (BIOS) mode
and restart then Windows 8 is not starting any more.

As far as I find out an UEFI-based Windows 8 can only boot with UEFI mode enabled.

So my question is: Can I turn an existing UEFI based Windows 8 installation into
an CSM/BIOS based installation (=a Win8 which boots successfully even when I enable CSM in UEFI setup) ?

If yes: How do I do that?


A:Can I turn a Win8 installation for UEFI into CSM-Mode Win8

What OS are you trying to install?

Your other thread is about dualing booting Windows 7 & 8,
Can I boot with one Bootmanager Win 8 and Win7?
Windows 7 & 8 will dual boot in UEFI mode.

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I have upgraded my Satellite Pro P100 laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7. I ran the Windows 7 custom install so that I didn't bring any problem from the Windows XP system and I used a seperate hard disk. This way I can reinstall the hard disk with XP and go back and use XP if I am not satisfied with Windows 7. One of the problems I am having is that I cannot ge the sound to work.

The speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen has a red cross on it. In Device Manager, the High Definition Audio Device has "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in the device status. The driver that keeps installing is the "Microsoft version 6.1.7600.16385 dated 13/07/2009" version of the driver. I tried installing the driver (Vista) recommended in the Toshiba "Upgrade your Toshiba PC to Windows 7" webpage. This driver failed to work. Windows also displays the error "Driver Installation Filed: Could not find the Media Device for this driver.".

I have searched the web high and low and all the recommendation I have found do not work.

Has anyone experienced this problem and did you find a solution?

A:Satellite Pro P100 (PSPA4A-005002) - No sound after Win7 installation


Maybe you used the wrong sound driver?. The error 10 always appears if an wrong or not compatible driver has been used.
I recommend checking the sound driver again.

As far as I know the notebook supports an Conexant sound chip.
There are some different notebook models which support the same sound chip.

Check the Toshiba European driver page and choose for example the Satellite P300
This model support Conexant sound driver and I recommend installing this driver!


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Hi I have just upgraded to Windows 10 on my L670-12J and the camera does not work any more. I have tried to search for a Win 10 driver but I have not found any.
Also some of the function keys do not work any more and of course the tab that used to open at the top of the screen has gone also.
I did install some software to check for driver updates related to Win 10 but it did not identify a problem or a driver for the camera.
Can anybody help please.

A:Satellite L670-12J - Chicony camera not working after Win 10 installation

I also had same problem with cam,

finally found solution -

go to device manager -> update driver software (on cammera, possibly shown as unknown device, so you need to actually figure out which one is cammera) -> browse my computer for driver -> let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer -> pick chicony usb 2.0 cammera, it will give you warning that driver might not be compatible, ignore warning, camera working...
(Unsure if camera was on list before i installed win 7 driver i got from

however, i recommend looking is there this option in available devices first)

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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if ye could offer me any advice, The sound is not working on my laptop. I have tried updating the driver, but no luck. I've done all the simple things like checking volume, basic settings etc etc, and I've tried to do a system restore, but the only restore point is from yesterday, (which I think may be another problem, but anyway) that's after the problem started, so it's no good.

Thanks for your help,


A:Sound is not working on my Satellite A200

What is the Model Number of your A200?

Do you have the preinstalled operating system installed or did you install a generic/different OS?

Do you see the sound card in Device Manager?

Do headphones work?

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Hi, I started up my laptop this morning and found that my built in sound isn't working. In my taskbar my volume icon has a small red circle with a white x next to it. And when I go to iTunes it says there may be something wrong with my sound and it may affect playback.
In my control panel I went to my device manager and clicked on search for drivers and it said it was up to date. Does anyone know what happened or what I can do to fix it? This computer is only two months old...

thanks in advance and have a great night/day!

A:Toshiba Satellite laptop: Sound suddenly not working?

May be it is disabled in Device Manager. Also check Sound/Audio properties in Control Panel.... also try to increase volume as it could be in MUTE.

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I have a toshiba satellite l300 - 229 model number pslb8e
windows vista 32bit service pack 2
acpi x86 based pc
intel ich9m-e/m sata ahci controller

Since installing audacity i have had no audio.
Audio is detected but does not come out of the speakers(if a play a sound the level bar reacts) this it what confuses me the most?
It has an inbuilt realtech hd audio soundcard.
What I have tried:
Volume Control
Mute settings - inbuilt and through the sound card (including function mute)
Headphones - Still No audio
Restore point - no change
Reinstalling the realtech driver
Bios - after looking within the bios setup could not find any audio settings as suggested in other threads??
All audio in device manager is enabled

This is driving me insane been trying for three days now and still no solution!
Please help.

A:toshiba satellite l300 - 229 realtek sound driver not working???????

Do you suspect hardware failure?

If so, can you remove the sound card or replace it?

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The sound control wheel in my Satellite Pro U400 no more works properly since last month.

Now I have to use the volume bar in Vista to adjust it properly. When I try to decrease volume by rotating the wheel as I did before, it constantly raises the volume after decreasing it just a few percent. If I rotate it very very slow, sometimes it decreases the volume a bit but other times increases it. Also when I am in a word processor, rotating the wheel to the right inputs character "c"' on the screen.
There is no problem when I try to increase the volume, it does its job.

Do you think it is related to hardware or can it be a driver problem or something. Is there a solution?

Thank you

A:Satellite Pro U400 - sound control wheel stopped working


In your case I would install a newer sound driver. Look on the Toshiba website and check it:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

I had this problem on an other Toshiba notebook too and after reinstalling with the recovery disk the problem was solved. I also tried to update drivers and so far but without success.


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So I've reinstalled windows XP on this machine and I cannot get the sound to work regardless of what I do. I've used the CD that is supposed to have the appropriate drivers and they install and everything appears as it should but still no sound?

A:Toshiba Satellite Sound not working Model 2455-S305

This might help you. I have a toshiba satellite M45 s-265. We upgraded something on it awhile back and had the same thing with no sound.

My laptop is not working at the moment so I cant go on it and give you step by step instructions on what I did.
but there was an option in the multimedia section that had a box checked for something like (Enable digital CD audio for this device) I unclicked it and the sound came back.

Maybe that will work for you.. I hope so good luck with it... Computers can be such a pain in the ***!!! They have a mind of there own..

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The sound wheel on my Satellite Pro U400-15l does nothing after the Windows 7 clean install from XP pro.
I used the recommended Software update tool downloaded from Toshiba. The VolumeIndicator.exe process is running and the sound works OK - just not under the control of the wheel! Also the Toshiba Power control is not there but this is not a problem.

Any suggestions welcome.
Bob Sheppard

A:Satellite Pro U400-15I - Sound Wheel not working after Windows 7 install


Have you tried to update the sound driver of your notebook? You can check the Toshiba website for an update:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Can you notice any yellow exclamation marks in device manager?

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I am not able to find any event legs showing conflicts, failures anywhere around the time I notice my sound has stopped working, making it that much more difficult to resolve. As of right now I can reboot and sound will come back for an unknown length of time. Sometimes a few days to a few hours. Since I haven't been able to point to something causing this to try and figure it out myself, I'm not sure what additional information I can provide to get help in return, so ask and I will provide what I can. Thanks.

A:Sound stops working Win8x64 CP.Build 8250 Toshiba Satellite L755-S5306


You can visit Realtek's site to download and install the latest HD Audio Codec driver.

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I am trying to install windows 8 64-bit on my computer which currently has windows 8 32-bit.

I realized I can't install it right of the bat, so I downloaded win8 64 and threw it onto both a usb and a dvd. I tried to install it by restarting the computer (this has worked just fine in the past with older versions of win) but for some reason my computer refuses to boot from either the dvd or the usb. I went to the boot options and made sure dvd and usb was prio, this however has made no difference.

What am I doing wrong?

How do I get my computer to boot from the dvd holding the new windows installation?

Thank you for your reply.

A:Installation of win8 64 on win8 32

Where did you down load Windows 8 64 bit from?

Did you just copy the downloaded file to the DVD, or did you burn the ISO to DVD?

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Hi, since I upgraded to windows 8.1 I can no longer burn albums on a blank CD. I'm on windows media player and burn normally happens to eject the CD but the CD is still a virgin ...

It is even so that the computer does not recognize the SD card port

Excuse me for my English I speak French as usual and I hope to be on the right topic

Thank you in advance

A:Satellite C850-1CN - Can not burn a CDs on Win8.1

> since I upgraded to windows 8.1

I guess you have upgraded the Windows 8.1 following the step by step instruction as recommended by Toshiba?
[How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

Furthermore I guess you installed and updated all the Toshiba drivers and tools to Win 8.1 version?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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